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The Cross and The Sanctuary- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • October 18, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We said that John brief word to Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away sin and you remember last week we mentioned that the only way that the Jews would understand what John was talking about was through the paradigm or the framework or the lens of the saying sure where you remember that from last week we said that the lens for understanding what John was saying would have been impossible without the context of the saying should the sanctuary service of the Lamb taking away sin was a common phenomenon in the 1500 years since the institution of the sacrificial service by Moses the sinner would come into the same shit where the next passage is on the screen and this is what would happen when you committed sin in the times of the Old Testament prior to the coming of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ's Leviticus Chapter 4 verse 3235 in the Jews practice this for hundreds of years if he brings a lamb as a sin offering then he shall lay his hand on the head of the sin offering and kill it as a sin offering at the place where they killed the burnt offering the pre-show some of the blood of the sin offering with this finger put it on the horns of the altar of the burnt offering and pour out the remaining blood at the base of the altar this is what happened in Old Testament times during the time of the mosaic and Solomonic and Herod's Temple the sinner would bring the offering the lamb into the sink she wary he would put his hands on the head of that animal. He would confess all of his sins on to the animal the wages of sin is death is the lamb now became the Sin bearer was taking away sin this is a graphic illustration this all pointed forward to Jesus he with his own hand with slit the animal's throat from ear to ear and as that innocent lamb was dying of the priest would be there and catch the blood in a bowl he would take the blood and do one of 2 things you place it either on the horns of the altar or he would take it into the sanctuary and sprinkle it before the veil the sin was being transferred it was being taken away from the sinner to the lamb to the blood to the sink sure where and here in the beginning of John's epistle John the Baptist says Behold the Lamb of God The Lamb had come the and to typical Lamb had come all of the types of the Lamb had pointed forward to this moment and Jesus had come to take away the sin of the world and we said last week that the only way to understand what Jesus did at the cross. In taking away sin was in the framework of the saying she wary The sanctuary is the interpretive key we call this hermeneutical key hermeneutical lends the interpretive key to understanding Christ and because the Jews did not use this lens when they looked at Jesus they mis interpreted and missed the purpose of the Messiah if they were using the saying where we hermeneutic the saying should worry Lenz they would have understood that Jesus is not coming as a king he's coming as a lamb as a sacrifice Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world the transfer of sin from us to the Lamb is only understood in the context of the sanctuary this was to be the framework for understanding what Christ did at the cross we come to today's passage so if you read it just a few moments ago John Chapter 19 verse 30 this is one of the 7 pronouncements that Jesus made at the cross he said it is what it is finished and bowing his head he gave up the spirit just as apparent that some people have wondered what this means to give up the spirit the word spirit there is a new ma when we get the word pneumonia it literally means breath is the same root as pneumonia or pneumatic it has to do with air and if you were to read this literally it's were to say he gave up his breath. Notice that Jesus here is actively giving up his breath someone is not taking it from him and in John Chapter 10 Jesus says I lay down my life and take it up again Jesus laid down His life on the cross he made the decision and gave up his breath and the point that I want to focus on this morning are the words it is finished what does that mean what are the implications of this statement There are several things that when happened when Jesus died on the cross one of them is the other gospel says that the temple veil was rent from top to bottom meaning that the sacrificial services were no longer valid because Jesus had died the real lamb of God had died there are several things that happened and one of my favorite books the desire of ages 758 commenting on this phrase it is finished says that several things happened when Jesus died and I quote Jesus did not yield up his life notice the language here yield up his life till he had accomplished the work which he came to do and with his parting breath he exclaimed it is finished John chapter 1000 verse 30 the battle had been won praise God. His right hand and his holy arm had gotten him the victory as conquer he planted his banner on the eternal Heights was there not joy among the angels all heaven triumphed in the Saviors victory Satan was what is to say was defeated and knew that his kingdom was lost so one of the implications is when Jesus died on the Cross Salvation was assured our dead was paid and Satan knew that the end of the story was already written Jesus won the war we know that at the end of the Book of Revelation that this is going to turn out in God's favor and that is because of the cross when Jesus exclaimed the words it is finished we know the end of the story praise God God is going to win the war and Satan knew that it was over it is finished the fulfillment of all the messianic prophecies came to fruition in that moment when Jesus died on the cross Now here's the question if indeed Jesus said the words it is finished which he did and this meant that everything had been accomplished what year is it right now 20 or. We are right now over 2000 years after Jesus said those words it is finished now if you're like me it begs me to question I'm like What did that mean if it's finished Why did in Jesus come much earlier this is a long time just in the last century we've had terrible wars. World War One World War 2 the Korean War Vietnam right now we are experiencing a time in earth's history with epidemics like Ebola and ISIS in the Middle East our world is in a mess people are dying every single day and Jesus said it is finished something was accomplished at the cross but here we are 2000 years after the cross and this is the question I have what is Jesus doing if it was done at the cross and Jesus went to heaven then Then what is the point of all this time that has transpired some people have said you know David God is waiting for the Gospel to be preached in all the world and that is true in a sense but you remember in the 1st century Paul wrote with his own finger are with his own pen he said that the Gospel had been preached to every creature under heaven in other words the Gospel had been preached to all the world in the generation of the Apostles now God is waiting for that moment yes but God got to come in the 1st century which leads us to this conclusion that in order for us to understand the term it is finished there is something that we're missing if we say that everything was finished at the cross because indeed something was finished but not everything was finished Are you following yes or no otherwise God is just sitting up there watching all the suffering here on Earth when it was really finished at the cross he could have come a long time ago but he's not now this is where the question of our thesis comes to in our presentation today you can see it there in your study guide our thesis question this is what we're hoping to answer here today in our presentation if it was finished at the cross why are we still here 2000 years after the cross and the answer really comes using the same lens that the Jews were supposed to use we are to use. It's the same show where when we look at the saying she wary you will notice just from a elementary stand point of view that there are 3 compartments in the sanctuary you have the courtyard the outermost portion of the sanctuary you have the Holy Place the inner court and then you have what is called the most holy place we see that when we look at the sanctuary there are actually 3 different phases of Christ's ministry that are illustrated by these 3 compartments how many 3 Christ did something in the court Christ did something in the holy place and Christ is doing something in the most holy place this is the map that God gives us for us to understand what Christ has done is doing and we'll do the same where it's all about Jesus friends in order to understand what Jesus has done is doing and will do we must follow the sanctuary Otherwise we're going to like the Jews misunderstood stand what the purpose of Christ is we must follow Jesus wherever he is in the process of salvation this is the plan of salvation it's a process it's a plan and this is the means the sink should worry is of how God deals with sin and he does it in 3 distinct phases you can fill it out in your study guide the sanctuary illustrates that there are many 3 phases in the plan of salvation there are 3 sanctuary illustrates that there are 3 phases in. The plan of salvation the courtyard phase the Holy Place phase and the most holy place face now I will point out this morning very quickly that our evangelical friends have a beautiful understanding in many respects of what happened in the courtyard I believe in Justification by Faith I praise God for forgiveness but Jesus right now is not hanging on the cross friends Jesus has moved on to another portion of ministry now he's applying the benefits of what take took place on the cross but Jesus has moved on and we must follow Christ from the court to the holy place to the most holy place and you'll see the courtyard experience a bit because Chapter 4 verse 3235 we read this earlier but I want to note a few things here if he brings a lamb as a sin offering then he shall lay his hand on the head of the sin offering and kill it as a sin offering at the place where they killed the what is to say where they burnt where they killed the burnt offering you will note that the lamb was slain at what article of furniture the altar of burnt offering that is where the lamb was slain So if you put it in the context of the sanctuary what part of the sanctuary did Jesus accomplish when he died on the cross the altar burnt offering which is in the courtyard Jesus finished phase one of the plan of salvation now I want you to remember that if Jesus does not die on the cross the rest of the phases of the sanctuary do not happen the cross is foundational in other words if the lamb is not slain the plan of salvation is over. It doesn't happen so this is not to negate what happened on the cross but the rest of the process of the plan is applying the Ballade of the Lamb there is no blood there is no mediation there is no intercession there is no cleansing of sin Phase one is vital because none of the other phases take place it took place in the courtyard when Jesus died on the cross he completed praise God the sacrifice where in the court yard this is what he finished on the cross when he exclaimed those words it is finished and he died as our sacrifice Jesus paid it all our debt was paid salvation was assured that moment became a pivotal foundational moment in human history but it was phase one in the process of the plan of salvation now this is the question what compartment of the sink surely did Jesus enter upon his ascension Now if you're following the structure of the sanctuary you would come to the logical conclusion that the next part is the holy place so Jesus transitions from the courtyard he dies and goes to heaven then he enters another phase of ministry in the holy place now how do we know that. Revelation Chapter one Verse 13 to 18 this is after the resurrection remember John is on the island of Patmos shortly after. The resurrection of Jesus Christ this is after 8031 this is after the ascension of Jesus and he sees a vision in havin of Jesus and notice the location of Jesus in Revelation Chapter one Verse 13 through 18 then I looked to see the voice that I spoke with me and having turned I saw what is say 7 golden lamp stands in the midst of the 7 lamp stands one like the son of man clothed with a garment down to his feet and guarded about the chest with a golden band do not be afraid said the man I am the 1st and the last I am he who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forever more who is the person that lives and was dead it's Jesus Christ so here John sees a picture of Jesus and He is standing in the midst of what the candlesticks which is in what compartment of the sanctuary in the holy place so you see that Jesus has moved at the time of John from the courtyard from being the lamb to our High Priest and he's standing in the midst of the candlesticks there is a transition now Jesus has moved after $8031.00 from the courtyard to the holy place and this gives us an understanding as to what Jesus did upon his ascension we have to look at the map Otherwise we're lost when it comes to understanding what Jesus has done is doing and will do. We see it right here Jesus is moved from the courtyard to the holy place where he is interceding on our behalf as our High Priests he receptor 9 verse 11 through 12 gives the imagery here but when Christ came as what does it say as high priest this is sanctuary language of the good things that have come to be passing through the greater and more to perfect tabernacle not made by hands here Paul is saying that Jesus has entered into a sanctuary implied in heaven not made with human hands this is not Moses or Solomon's or Herod's temple this is not made with human hands he is our High Priest in have in that is not belonging to this creation he has entered once and for all into the where into the saying she wearing not what the blood of goats and calves but with his What own blood obtaining eternal redemption here is the imagery here Paul is stating that the sanctuary is not the only hermeneutical key that we're supposed to use for being the Lamb of God It is the lens we are to use to follow Jesus into the sanctuary in order to understand Christ we must understand the sanctuary Jesus takes his own blood as our High Priest into the sanctuary in heaven this is what he did upon his ascension according to Paul this is New Testament Hall using the same hermeneutical key the lens to help unlock what Christ did upon his ascension when Christ went to heaven in your study guide he entered the holy place in the saying sure to continue in the plan of salvation he went to face 2 to continue in the plain. What is he doing there in this process in the courtyard as the Lamb of God Jesus paid the penalty for sin the wages of sin is death Jesus became our sin bear the penalty for sin was paid Now let's say that I have a gambling addiction I don't but let's see I do just so you don't misunderstand me this is for the sake of illustration Lindsay said Sure all right now let's say I have a gambling addiction and I have racked up quite a debt because of my gambling I can't help myself suddenly I get called in front of the judge the judge says David Shinn you own 50000 dollars because of gambling you need to pay your debt or else you're going to suffer the consequences I am under condemnation I am a debtor IOW $50000.00 someone comes in and says I have $50000.00 I'm going to pay your debt for no strings attached you need to ask me in a cell can you pay my debt so he pays the debt zeroed out I stand before that judge just as if I have never owed a penny justified right praise God So I walk out of the courtroom oh lord man I just. 0 it out this guy paid my debt but there's a problem I still have a gambling addiction you following me yes or no now unless this guy is going to continue to pay my debt now listen in this situation he is going to continue to be my dad because he's a billionaire and every time I know it he's going to pay it but at some point this guy's going to be like hey have you ever thought about getting some help right I mean you're in your every day. OK Now he gladly pays it but he's like he wants to get me out of my addiction All right so this is the other 4 part the Holy Place frees us from the what from the power of sin so as it is as if someone comes along and says you know what David you've got a gambling addiction now that Dad's been paid now I want to come along and give you the victory over again billing so you don't have to get called into court every single week now this is the beauty of the Gospel friends not only does God clear your past he says look your debt is pay justification you stand before God as if you've never seen instantaneously you can go to God say Lord I'm in debt I'm a sinner I need your Grace Boehm justified but God says look I want to do even more for you I want to bring you to the place where you have Jesus is love in your heart written by God Himself so much to give you the victory over that addiction in your life can you say Amen so by the grace of God I can go to that person that is struggling with immorality and say God paid it all but in phase 2 he wants to give you the victory I can go to that heroin addict and say Look Jesus forgives you for all of the past but he wants to give you power in the present you can kick that heroin addiction because we serve a God that is. We speak we serve a God that can create just by speaking the word and he gives you as our High Priest in the Holy Place power over that addiction in your life and the beauty of this is that both justification the penalty of sin and sanctification is by faith. Let me say that again both of them is by faith righteousness by faith in Putin righteousness the penalty of sin imparted righteousness both of them are by faith Jesus gives his life on your account in the present to give you the victory over whatever habit whatever addiction that you may have in this life he may last face the most holy place he frees you from the presence of sin the presence of sin all of the effects of sin I'm short because of sin friends it's the effects of sin that's all right I'm going to tall one day when I get to heaven so all of the effects of sin are going to be taken away we die because of the effects of sin you know we lose our hair because of the effects of sin all of the degeneration of the human race is because of the effects of sin and in the final work of glorification God is going to remove every single staying of sin of the effects of sin on planet earth God has a process he has a plan and it's illustrated in the saying sure the courtyard Jesus is the Lamb takes away the penalty of sin Jesus as our High Priest takes away the power of sin Jesus in the final work of glorification takes away the presence of sin and you see. We serve a wonderful God and all of this is scrapes all of this by faith in what Jesus can do. I want to read the statement from the book the great desire of ages noting the concept of the great controversy I want to read this there are issues in the great converse that we need to recognize desire of ages and 761 in the opening of the great controversy remember those a great controversy in heaven between Lucifer and god this controversy went from heaven to earth Satan had declared that the law of God could not be obeyed that justice was inconsistent with mercy that his law be broken it would be impossible for the sinner to be pardoned when man broke the law of God and defied his will Satan exalted it was proved he declared that the law could not be obeyed man could not be forgiven there was a battle in heaven and this battle had to do with etiology Satan said he had a better way and he attacked the very government of God and the foundation of the government of God was the very transcript of his character it was the law of God the foundation of God's law is love if you love your neighbor you're not going to kill him you're not going to steal from him the foundation of the law is love and Lucifer had this accusation against God He says you know what that law which is the foundation of your very government no one can keep it it is too exacting it is impossible for anyone to keep the law and when Adam and Eve fell he said Ha it proves my point that your creation on earth cannot keep the Law of God This was the argument that Satan used in the great controversy the sanctuary is a response to this argument. She goes on in the chapter the desire of ages in the desire of ages intitled it is finished the law requires in righteousness a righteous life a perfect character and this man has not to give he cannot meet the claims of God's holy law but Christ coming to earth as man lived a holy life and developed a what perfect character these he offers as a free what free gift to all who will receive them his life stands for the life of man this is the beauty of the gospel that the perfect life that Jesus lived when you accept Him as Savior and Lord stands in your place thus they have the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of God but she goes on more then this god says look my life stands for your life so when Jesus looks at you when you're justified he does not see you he sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's the beauty of the Gospel she goes on more than this Christ imbues men with the attributes of God he builds up the human character after the similar to that of the divine character a goodly fabric of spiritual strength and beauty Thus the very righteousness of the law is fulfilled in the believer in Christ we've heard this analogy of the robe of righteousness that is justification when you come to Christ as a sinner he says Look take my robe it's a free gift he covers you with that robot righteousness that is justification his imputed righteousness but he goes on he says I'm not only going to cover you I'm going to work in you and fill you with my spirit so that the righteousness of Christ might be reproduced in our character as well by faith. If any man being cries he is a new creation God does not only cover he transforms friends and that's the beauty of the gospel so that in the argument of the great controversy that the law of God cannot be kept God says yes man cannot keep the law in his own strength but if they depend on me by faith I will work in and through them so I will write my law in their hearts and bring them back into harmony with me that is the beauty of the Gospel friends there is wonderful grace at the cross of Christ 1st John Chapter 2 verse one into my dear children I write this that you will not sin God hate sin he died so that we might not sin and this is the trajectory this is what God list before us but I'm so glad there is the next verse but if anyone does sin we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense Jesus Christ the righteous one he is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and not for ours but also for the sins of the whole Or Here's Grace in the process of Oregon makes you more like Jesus if we stumble and when we stumble God says look I'm here to pick you back up Jesus died he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and he says continue to walk with me because there is grace all along the way one invite you stand with me as we prepare to close this morning every head bowed and eyes closed I praise God for the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and I want to make a specific appeal here this morning there is someone here and you know in your heart of hearts that if you were to die tonight you would not be saved you don't have the assurance of salvation I want to encourage you to not leave this saying surely today. Without knowing that you are saved the Bible says that we can know we have to accept Jesus as our Savior and you can do that right now with the symbolized raising of hand is there someone here today that wants to say Lord I want to be saved I want to accept you as Savior I want invite you to raise your hand this morning is there someone here that wants to say God bless you in the back there's someone else God bless you someone else can bless shoes or someone else eternal decisions are being made today someone that wants to say I don't know if I'm going to be say but I want to walk out of this room God bless you with the assurance of salvation God bless you God bless you God bless you in the back God bless you don't walk out of this room without that assurance Jesus paid it all God bless you he's already paid the price he's already paid the debt on Calvary you'd have to accept that reality and it can be credited to your account right now won't you accept and today there's someone else. My 2nd appeal is this perhaps you've accepted Jesus as your Savior perhaps you've even been baptized but there's something in your life that you need the victory over. You believe in God's provision of the penalty of sin but there is an aspect of your life perhaps you've been hanging on perhaps it's been a challenge perhaps it's been in your family for years but there is an area of your life that you've been struggling with and you want to say Lord I can't do this on my own please I want to accept your in parted righteousness the power to overcome in my life for this area of my life I want to you to come forward for special prayer at this time you want to say all to Jesus I surrender God bless you all to him I freely give and you want to lay this area before Christ all on the altar and say Lord I can't do this on my own pulling help me and Jesus are advocate in the heavenly sanctuary will give you the strength to do what's impossible for you to do on your own God bless you God bless you Jesus saves saves us from the penalty and the power of sin and you're coming forward saying Lord I need help I can't do this of my own power as pray together our Father in heaven we thank you that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world we thank you that upon your resurrection you ascended into the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to be our advocate to apply the benefits of the Lamb on our behalf we thank you that you save us not only from the penalty of sin you save us from the power of sin I pray that you bless every single person that's come forward today lord we have an area of our life that we want to surrender to you Lord nothing is too hard for God. We recognize that you can speak the world word and it will be done and that's what we're asking today we ask that you would create in us a clean heart and Renu our right spirit within us do for us what we are incapable of doing for our self help us by your grace to depend on Jesus because it's only by the blot that we can have freedom from so bless every person cover us all with your robe of righteousness fill us with your imparted righteousness free us from the power of sin today we asked in Jesus' name. For his. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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