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The Afterlife- Part 1

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • August 23, 2014
    11:30 AM


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Father in heaven we thank you for this Sabbath and this opportunity that we have to come apart from the cares of this life to worship you on this beautiful Sabbath and father as we study this important topic especially as we approach the final moments of Earth's history we pray that you would speak to our hearts we pray that we would ground our beliefs upon the Word of God and that I would be hidden behind the cross and that Jesus would be uplifted in Christ would be seen for me as these things in Jesus name Amen it was about when I was 10 years of age one of my friends father was diagnosed with cancer it was a little bit after that about a year later that he passed away and as you can imagine the family especially the son was devastated as you can imagine losing his father at such an early age a week after the funeral the family was gathered downstairs. Eating and they heard up stairs at the front door open and close and footsteps go through the foyer they were quite alarmed and surprised because they had locked the front door and so they rushed up stairs to see who it was and no one was there except in the middle of the floor was. His father's shoes his father had passed away his shoes were right there in the middle of the floor and the question lingers in the minds of numerous individuals that have had similar experiences after the passing of a loved one is it possible for a deceased individual to come back to visit their loved one. As I've gone door to door after I graduated from high school and into college I met countless individuals that claimed to be visited by their loved one whether it be a grandmother brother sister husband they claim that they come back and visit and talk with them many times face to face and so we begin today a new 2 part series of messages that we've been titled the afterlife and we're going to be studying what the Bible says about what happens after we die and so I invite you to turn with me in your bulletin or open your bulletin you should have a study guide in there if you don't have one do you raise your hand. If someone can get one for Sophie could you help us out and get some people that have raised their hand a study guide at this time I don't think she sees me out there could you slip out and tell Sophie to pass out some study guides for us are you keep your hand raised we want to make sure that everyone has a study God I'm going to read the top part of your study guide this morning and this is a brief outline of today's presentation as we study what the Bible says about what happens after we die the question of death and what happens when one dies are questions that have intrigued mankind since the very dawn of time even today with significant advances in technology medicine and science the question of the mystery of death remains entirely unanswered truth be told science is ill equipped to deal adequately with the issue of death death is more than the ceasing of physiological functions and activities it has mental emotional and certainly spiritual ramifications both the dying and those who remain in the Bible. The Holy Scriptures contains the keys that unlock this mystery the Bible can provide the kinds of answers that humanity is seeking for concerning the question of death the Bible alone can illuminate the dark door of death and so we want to go in our Bible study this morning by going to the beginning of the Bible asking ourself this fundamental question you can see it there in your study God wot does the Bible teach about the idea of the immortal soul you've heard this notion of the immortality of the soul and the 1st place in the Bible where the word soul is mentioned in is is Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 I have it there on the screen you can fill it out in your study guide it says the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul there it is there in your study guide feel free to feel it out as we go through this verse it says that man breathed in to the nostrils of Adam the breath of life and man and became a living soul want to read on in our study guide in seeking to unlock the mystery of man's spiritual and physical make up it will prove exceedingly helpful to note how mankind was 1st created in Genesis chapter one in 2 according to Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 gone for Man of 2 elements dust and breath and these 2 elements converged and man became a soul note that the Bible says that he became a soul not that he was given or had a soul this is utterly essential like a light bulb which needs both the physical housing and the electricity to create light man. It is a coalescing of the physical body and the breath of God Now we understand creation here it is in brief So if we were to summarize Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 this is what the Bible says dost plus the spirit or the breath of God and man became a soul so these 2 entities is what makes up a soul if you want to see a soul look at the person next to you the soul is not a part of us if you were to look at a car you don't open up the hood of the car and say Where is the car the car is the whole thing and so here is a misunderstanding that many people have they say our soul is a part of us when the Bible says The Soul is the coalescing of these 2 entities the dust plus the Spirit of God or the breath of God equals a living soul so this is one simple one plus one mathematics as you see there in your study guide Now listen carefully death is simply creation in reverse so upon death the reverse of this equation happens the dust returns to grant the ground as it was and the Spirit are the breath of God the creative power of God returns to God who gave it this is what happens at death. Now the Bible uses the word soul $1600.00 times and never once does it use the words immortal to describe the soul this is simply not found in the Bible now when we think of the term immortality you can see it there in your study guide that the Bible says and 1st Timothy Chapter 6 verse 16 that only God is in more mortal Furthermore in chapter 18 verse 4 it says Behold all souls are mine as the soul of the Father so also is the soul of the Son is mine the soul that sin it what does it say it shall die so the Bible says very clearly that a soul is mortal not immortal but the soul that sin it shall die it is subject to death that is what the Bible sends Let's move on in our study God Very quickly what happens at death we alluded to this earlier and this was our scripture reading actually was out of Ecclesiastes. But this is from Ecclesiastes these 12 or 7 then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the Spirit shall return to God who gave it 12 or 7 Now some people assume that when the term spirit is use this is talking about our spirit. On the contrary when you look at the Hebrew This is the Hebrew word Ruach and Ruach and spirit are the Hebrew terms that are use or rule is the Hebrew term that is use it literally means Brad you can see another part of scriptures Psalms one o 4 verse $29.00 it says that it is thought i face they are troubled that take a stowaway there what their breath they die and return to dust so you can see that this is creation in reverse the breath of God The Spirit of God the creative power of God is what returns to him at. How much do the dead know now quite naturally if you assume that when we die we go to heaven many people assume that the dead know more than we do but the Bible is very clear in Ecclesiastes the Schefter 9 verse $5.00 and $6.00 but the living know that they will die but the dead know many things is that what it says How much do the dead know it says the dead know not anything or the dead know nothing neither have they any more reward for the memory of them is forgotten also their love and their hatred their envy is now perish neither have they any more portion for ever in anything that is done under the sun the Bible is very clear it says the dead know nothing 0 zilch they know not anything now we want to base our beliefs upon the Word of God Amen and this is a plain text in Scripture the dead do not know anything now how about this question we started it with our sermon here this morning can the dead come back and visit us. In the dead visit me after they have passed through the portals of the tomb Here's another clear passage Job Chapter 7 verses 8 through 10 you could see it there in your study guide the I of him that has seen me shall see me no more than our eyes are upon me I am not as the cloud is consumed and vanished the way so he that go it down to the grave shell come up no more he shall return no more to his house neither shall his place know him any more the Bible is very clear it says look when you die you don't return to your home you don't come back to the place of your original residence the Bible says he shall return no more to his house neither shall his place know him any more now I've been to many funerals where the blessing pastors stands over the casket and says that the deceased individual is up in heaven praising God Now I believe that there's many sincere people that love the Lord with all their hearts that believe that there bless a grandmother or grandfather or relative is up in heaven praising God but what does the Bible said Psalms $115.00 verse 17 the dead prays not the LORD neither any that go down into silence the Bible is crystal clear on this topic that the dead praise the Lord they know not anything now what did Jesus have to say about death. Jesus said that death is asleep and the Book of Job actually correlates with what Jesus said will come to what Jesus said here in a minute so man lie down and rise of nothing again though the heavens be no more they shall not awake nor be raised out of their what is why I will say out of that out of their sleep oh that would have hightest me in the grave but that would just keep me secret until I rap be past that that would disappoint me a set time remember me if a man dies shall he live again all the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come here job gives the implication that we are awaiting the resurrection in a state of sleep it says we will wait till our change comes implying at the resurrection Now Jesus was very clear about the nature of death Lazarus was dead and here Jesus is talking to His disciples He says our friend Lazarus sleeps but I go that I may wake him up the disciples assumed that this was a literal sleep so they asked him the question then is a cycle said Lord if he sleeps he will get well they made the statement however Jesus spoke of his death but they thought that he was speaking literally about taking rest in sleep Jesus called death a sleazy. Now Logically speaking if upon death Lazarus went to heaven for 4 days it would be very cruel for him to come back to this earth wouldn't you agree yes or no can you imagine an angel comes up to Lazarus he's walking on the streets of golden eating from the tree of life and suddenly the angel says taps him on the shoulder and says you've got to go back down because Jesus is resurrecting your body it just doesn't make any sense Furthermore after Lazarus was raised from the dead he did not go on a C.N.N. circuit talking about what happened while he was dead he didn't know anything Jesus called Death asleep. Now the Bible teaches that death is a sleep that lasts until Christ 2nd coming Bible writers declare death asleep more than 50 times now this year I'm reading through the Bible with a complicated series and I've just finished the kings and the Chronicles and I found something quite fascinating after the king dies you know what the Bible says I'm not going to go through every text but I just want to read some of them indicating that the Bible is consistent with Jesus claiming that death is like sleep here it is bursting chapter 2 verse 10 so David slept with his fathers and was buried in the City of David 1st king chapter 11 verse 43 and Solomon slept with his fathers and was buried in the city of his father 1st Kings Chapter 14 verse 31 and real bone slept with this Fathers and was buried with his fathers in the City of David are here the next slide all right and Joram slept with his fathers and was buried with his fathers in the City of David 35 and Jay who slept with his fathers and was buried with him in some area 2nd Kings Shepherd 13 versus 9 and JOHO as slept with his father's and was very in some area now I could go on and on and on through all 50 references to death being a sleep but you get the point the Bible is incredibly consistent about this notion that dad is like sleepy meaning that if I were to die today driving down the highway. Morbid God bless them driving down the highway for 96 something happens a semi cuts me off ah flash OK and let's say the Lord doesn't come for another 30 years. I'm going to pass into what the Bible. Alludes to is like sleep meaning that in that moment I pass outside of experiencing time I'm not in the grave waiting and saying oh I wish the Lord hurry up and calm so that I'll be resurrected in that moment I'm driving on for 96 if I were to pass away the next thing I would know flash the next moment would be I pray by the grace of God the 2nd coming. What just happened oh Jesus come in the clouds of glory the Lord I'm on the right side that's how it's going to be all right I miss my funeral praise God OK I missed the funeral and all the wonderful things that you would I hope say about me all right all of those things all of those things I miss I'm at the resurrection that's why the Bible calls it a sleep it's like you're extremely tired at night and you hit your pillow and you wake up 8 hours later that's what death is like according to the Bible it is like sleep you pass out of consciousness and the next moment is the resurrection one of 2 resurrections which we'll be talking about more next week which is a solemn thought because none of us in this room unless you have a terminal disease do not know even the approximate time of your death which is why today is the day to accept Jesus amen because you just don't know when you're going to pass now there are a couple passages that seem to indicate to the contrary. Now this is a biblical principle that is important and it's called hermeneutics this is the principle of how you interpret the Bible just a fancy word now when you interpret the Bible it isn't Porton to go to the clear passages 1st what kind of passages that clear passages valid shout not kill that's clear it's not any ambiguity to that thou shall not bear false witness clear now there are other passages that are not clear and what you want to do is go to the clear passages 1st the other thing that you want to do is go to the majority of passages in other words if there are 50 texts that point this way and there are one or 2 that are not clear that seem to point a different way you want to go with the burden or the weight of evidence this is what we call proper hermeneutics Now some people what they do is they go to the Scriptures and they go to the most controversy or the most unclear passage and they build a whole theology on one or 2 passages to the negation to the overwhelming weight of evidence of scripture This is not proper Biblical interpretation now this is a passage that is a little bit ambiguous because of the punctuation of it I've covered this before I want to cover it again repetition deepens impression Luke Chapter 23 verse 43 N.G.'s assent to him assuredly I say to you comma today you will be with me in paradise this is the thief on the cross Jesus is about to die he turns to the thief and he says today you will be with me in paradise I had the privilege or the agony of studying Greek in the seminary. One thing you pick up very quickly when you're studying the original languages is that there is no punctuation the punctuation was added by the translators by the bible scholars and I'm glad they did it but in this case the bible scholars chose to put the comma after you and that makes a huge difference on the meaning of this passage now some of you may say a comma such a little thing big deal you're making a mountain out of a molehill but a comma makes a big difference as you will see by this illustration of a woman without her man is nothing now I don't think it's probably over 50 percent of you that would not agree with this statement a woman without her man is nothing now let's add a couple commas a woman without her man is nothing now the commas have reversed this this statement All right a comma can make a big difference upon this punctuation makes a difference now where do we put the comma there is one of 2 places you can place this comma and it will change the meeting Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today you will be with me in paradise and the other place that you can place it is Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today comma. You will be with me in Paradise Now the previous one seems to indicate that he's telling the thief you will be with me today in paradise in heaven the other one seems to indicate that use a saying while I'm hanging on the cross today at this moment I want to give you the assurance of salvation now which is it we just flip a coin and determine which one it is we want to go back to the Bible and see where Jesus was that day did Jesus go to heaven in that moment you can see this by cross referencing it with another passage in John Chapter 20 verse 15 through 17 I'm going to be the last verse there Jesus sent to her this is Mary on Resurrection Sunday do not cling to me for I have not yet ascended to my father I have not yet send it to my father indicating he had not gone to heaven at death now just think about this a little bit if Jesus Christ the Son of God did not go to heaven at Dad Why on earth would we assume that we go to heaven on death if anyone is qualified to go to heaven on death it would be Jesus but Jesus Himself said look I have not yet ascended to my father so Jesus was telling the thief look while I'm on the cross today I want to give you the assurance of salvation and so this is how we logically go through and divide scripture the 2nd passage is a little bit more troubling. And I want to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to 1st Samuel Chapter 283 through 14 and I had the privilege of reading this book for Samuel not too long ago in my morning devotions 1st Samuel Chapter 23 through 14 this is a fascinating account 1st Samuel Chapter 28 and I want you to read this in your own bible of the Bible that's moved by for you Page 345 in the church Bible this is near the end of Saul's life. 28 verse 3 now Samuel had died what had he done. He had died and all Israel lent did for him and buried him in Rama in his own city and Sol had put the medium's in spiritist out of the land in the Philistines gathered together and camped at Unum so solid gathered all Israel together and then camped at BOA when Sol saw the army of the Philistines he was afraid and his heart trembled greatly when Sol inquired of the Lord the Lord did not answer him either by dreams or by your own or by the prophets then Saul said to his servants find me a woman who is a medium but I may go to her and inquire of her and his servant said to him in fact there is a woman who is a medium endorses saw disguised himself put on other clothes he went with 2 other men with him and came to the woman by night and said please conduct a same yawns for me and bring up for me the one I shall name to you then the woman said to him Look you know what Saul is done how he has cut off the mediums and the spirit is from the land why do you lay is snare for my life to cause me to die and Saul swore to her by the Lord saying as the Lord lives no punishment shall come upon me for this thing then the woman said to him said Whom shall I bring up to you and he said bring up Samuel for me and the woman saw Samuel and she cried out with a loud voice and spoke to solace saying you have deceived me for you are Saul Then the king said to her Do not be afraid what do you see and so the woman said I saw spirits ascending out of the earth. So he said to war what is this form and she said an old man is coming up and it's covered with a mantle and Paul salt per see that it was Samuel in stooped over with his face to the ground and balanced down now you can read the rest of that account they have a little conversation in this saying I want to make a few observations before we conclude what is taking place in this passage 1st Samuel Chapter 21st 13 which we just read now Samuel was dead and all Israel mourn for him and buried him in his own town around like this is actually burst 3 Sol had expelled the medium's and spirit is out of the land now why did saw expel the medium and and Spiritus out of the land was he just doing this on a whim Actually this came from a direct command of God You can find it in Leviticus Chapter 19 verse 31 it says give no regard to mediums This is from the Book of Leviticus Book of Moses and familiar spirits do not seek after them to be defiled by them I am the LORD your God here Saul earlier when he was following the Lord had put out the mediums and spirit is out of the land now it is interesting when you look at 1st Chronicles Chapter 10 verse 13 The Bible gives the account of why Saul die it says Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord how was the unfaithful Lord he did not keep the Word of the Lord and even consulted a why a medium for guidance indicating that God did not approve of the seance that took place and the reason one reason why Saul died was because he consulted a medium. Another indication you can see in this passage is the Bible says in 28 verse 14 and Sol perceived that it was Samuel he look like Samuel it was his perception that it was Samuel now the natural conclusion that we have to arrive at is that if the individual that people are talking with or having communication with all of their loved one is not the person because we know that the dead know not anything that the dead do not return to their house who is it that these individuals are communicating with and this is a quote from great controversy 552 he Satan has power to bring before men the appearance of their departed friends so solemn when we read that again he Satan has power to bring before men the appearance of departed friends the counterfeit is perfect the familiar look the words the tones are reproduced with marvelous distinctness the pretended visit from the world of the spirit sometimes uttered cautions and warnings which prove to be correct then as competence is gained they are presented doctrines that directly undermine faith in the scriptures I believe friends that this notion of the immortality of the soul becomes the medium through which the devil uses to communicate with countless individuals that think they are communicating with their loved one when they're really communicating with a demon. Some people would say DAVID It really doesn't matter what I believe about what happens after I die I would say that it matters greatly what you believe because if you believe that when you die you don't know anything then it leads you do this natural conclusion but if you believe that when you die you go to heaven it's not too far of a jump to assume that that person can come back and visit you and the devil exploits this belief advantage on a read this statement this is actually from Mark Finley He says One night I was in like S.P. city the lovely islands of the Philippines the base of the Mayan volcano lecturing in big university and that night I talked about spiritualism that night I read the Bible texts they will never return to their house when they go down they shall not come back I warned them about spiritualism that night the lieutenant one of the army of one of the army divisions there battalions went home went to sleep terrible rain storm shutters began banging on the side of the house woke him up he looked above his bed and there he saw the form of his wife who had died a few months before she reached out to him she said I'm here darling it sounded like his wife it looked like his wife but he remembered the text of Job Chapter 7 verse one through 10 he that goes down to the grave shall come up no more he shall return no more to his house and believing the word of God He said You are not my wife and he said Pastor before my eyes the light turned to darkness when I said in the name of Christ be done from me. This is happening friends all over the world and as we approach the end of time this notion of the immortality of the soul is going to be even more by the devil himself to mastermind to masquerade and to deceive countless individuals that are sincere and we need to base every belief upon the Word of God I believe that in the very end of time there is going to be a deception so great that if you're trusting your experience. You're going to be deceived because here the lieutenant had to make a decision it sounded like his wife it looked like his wife and if the conversation would have gone further I believe that this woman could have told him that only him and the wife knew and based upon that he could have concluded that his wife had come back to visit him but basing it upon the Word of God that this was not his wife and friends we need to be so grounded in scripture that even though our experience is telling us one thing we need to say we live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Amen. 2nd verse 14 but I am not surprised even Satan disguises himself as an angel of line the devil does not come with a pitchfork and horns he comes many times even quoting Scripture as you see in the 1st temptation and the rest of the temptations of Jesus when read the last paragraph of your study guide as we conclude our message today our study the 1st line recorded in the Bible was told by the father of lies himself the last paragraph of your study guide Genesis chapter 3 verse 4 find Satan whispering those enticing and Dangerous Words to Eve You will not surely die 1st lie out of the mouth of the devil you shall not surely die what a lie God has said in the day that you eat is there. Surely die Genesis chapter 2 verse 17 who told the true God of course Yet today there are many even Christians who would rather believe the Devils entire than the plain teachings of the Word of God The pagans laid hold on this immortality concept the Egyptians the Babylonians the Greeks the Romans all believed in the natural immortality of the soul yet it is not Biblical as many of today's most prominent and respected theologians freely admit so then where is Mary according to the Bible in the grave awaiting the resurrection once again he has transformed itself into an angel of light yes God has a solution to the problem of death and that solution is the resurrection at the 2nd coming don't you want to be in that number When the saints go marching in won't you make that decision right now today 1st current. Or former 16 for the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and it is here that the dead in Christ will rise 1st then we. Who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we show ever be with the Lord that is going to be the moment that you will have the opportunity to have a reunion with your loved one with the person that you laid in the grave one of the wonderful on that Resurrection Day invite in Stand with me as we prepare to close this morning every head bowed and eyes closed I want to give the opportunity for you to respond to the message this morning Jesus is coming again and I want to ask this question if you were to die today would you have the assurance of eternal life would you know that you are saved the Bible says we can have the assurance today that we are saved and I want to give the opportunity this morning if you are unsure where you will be on that resurrection day if you were to die today and you want to be sure this morning you want to say Lord Jesus I want to accept you as my Savior I want to be sure of salvation and your hand this morning and say Lord I want to be sure I want to accept you as my Savior is. My final appeal is this when Jesus comes a 2nd time we don't want to be the only one in our family. We want our family to be there we want our children to be there. We want our parents to be there. And perhaps there's someone here today you have. A family member. That does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. And you want to say Lord Jesus I don't want to be alone. I'm a burden for this family member maybe it's a son maybe it's a daughter maybe it's a parent a brother or sister or whatever it may be new it's in lower G.'s. I don't know how but I want you to use me. I want you to use me I want Jesus to shine through me so that that family member can be say in your kingdom that's your desire want you to come forward for special prayer this morning if you want to say Lord. I want you to use me to reach my family member that doesn't love the Lord God bless you God bless you this is the most important thing in the world where are you going to be when Jesus comes the 2nd time. I want my entire family to be there and you want to be used by the grace of God to reach that individual for Jesus gone blush. Blush. Since Heaven's agenda to say civil. Rights to those we pray. Father in heaven. We thank you for the Bible truth about death. We thank you that you have not left it ambiguous you have made it crystal clear what happens to those that die we thank you that death is a sleep. But our loved ones are not watching us suffer here on Earth but rather they are resting in the tomb awaiting the resurrection. We look forward to the 2nd coming of Jesus. And today we have a burden for that family member in our line. That does not know you. Lord we have come forward today asking that you use us as a vessel for your kingdom. Lord do whatever it takes to save our family for your kingdom and for your cause. Let not one son or daughter be lost. Let not one father or mother not be there on the resurrection day and today while there is a breath left in our body we pray that you would help us to be open to your spirits leading to reflect the character of Jesus to our family members so they they can be drawn to the foot of the cross use us by your grace by your spirit and by your. We ask the same in Jesus precious. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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