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Acts: Baptized By the Spirit

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • September 16, 2017
    11:30 AM


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Today we begin a fall series of messages from the Book of Acts focusing specifically on the working of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament church and I wanted to share with you a quotation from Michael Green He's senior fellow researcher at Oxford University in his compelling book 30 years that changed the world and I quote 3 crucial decades in world history that's all it took in the years between 803380648 new movement was born in those 30 years it got sufficient growth and credibility to become the largest religion the world has ever seen and to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people it has spread into every corner of the globe and has more than 2000000000 putative Ed hearings he goes on it has had an indelible impact on civilization on culture on education on medicine on freedom and a course on the lives of countless people worldwide and the seed bed for all this the time when it took decisive route was in these 3 decades it all began with a dozen men and a handful of women and then the Spirit came these men and women didn't have any money. Pour penniless on educated for the most part they didn't have Harvard M.B.A.'s in Business Administration or marketing. And they gathered together in that upper room and prayed for the promise of the Holy Spirit and from that upper room experience they went out with the power of God and literally change the. They did it they changed the world in one generation how did they do it how did this group of ragtag peasants move the entire world that the Roman Empire had to deal with this group called the Christians and here it is in the book of Acts and I have been reflecting on the journey of the early church and I've come to the conclusion we can't do it any better or any differently than the New Testament church Amen here we are in the 21st century fancy programs he electricity resources education but we need to go back to the Book of Acts because there is something there in the early rain that is critical for us to grasp and understand if we're going to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which I believe will happen before Jesus comes the 2nd time our scripture reading Acts Chapter one Verse 8 says they were baptized with the Holy Spirit verse 5 and A.W. Tozer says this provocative quote in reference to the Holy Spirit if the Holy Spirit were taken away from our church today. 95 percent of what we do would continue and no one would notice the difference if the Holy Spirit Spirit the Holy Ghost had withdrawn from the early church the 95 percent of what they were doing would have stopped and everyone would have noticed the difference friends eye him coming to the conclusion that. The issue for our church today in the 21st century is not more resources this not more fancy programming Now don't get me wrong I'm all for programs I'm all for resources please continue to give to church budget don't misunderstand me that's not what I'm saying we need all these things but if we don't have the Holy Spirit we are just empty shouts just going through the motions and the rituals and the programs of church maintenance. In the book of Acts if the Holy Spirit had with been withdrawn everything would have come to a screeching halt. Acceptor one verse 5 here it is in our scripture reading and today I have a study guide for you because these attacks in these quotations were so compelling to me that I did not want them to be lost and pull it out of your bulletin it is an insert there and if you did not get a study guide raise your hand we have a few individuals with some extras raise your hand I want to make sure that everyone has one someone needs one here in the front anyone else you will want this study guide because all of the compelling quotations and they are compelling are found in this study guide and I read an interesting statistic that was quite disheartening as a preacher because believe it or not I spend hours in preparation for each sermon because I take seriously the time that is here but I read the statistic that after a sermon 90 percent 90 percent of what a preacher has painstakingly crafted is for got to come to the conclusion one of my doing here what am I doing I might as well preach the same sermon every Sabbath Mark I mean I mean isn't it all people the reason repetitions maybe a few percentages would get in but well that's why we need the Holy Spirit because it's through the foolishness of preaching that anything is accomplished and so I'm hoping that some of this stuff will stick and that's why I have this study guide here for you. Fill in the blank just like elementary school. You have to perhaps stay engaged but here it is our scripture reading Acts Chapter one Verse 5 for John truly baptized with water but you. Be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days from now the Book of Acts is called the acts of the Apostles but in reality it should be called the acts of the Holy Spirit because it begins with the Holy Spirit everything in the book of Acts flows out of the indwelling empowerment of the Holy Spirit and Jesus says look you were baptized with the baptism of John but many days from now or not many days from now you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit I looked it up it's the Greek word Beppe teaser that Jesus is using in a comparative way you were baptized with the baptism of John you will be baptized with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit the Word Beppe T 0 literally means to be immersed when you are physically baptized you cannot consider yourself to be baptized if you get one toe into the water you have been baptized I would say you're not even baptized if you get in waist deep the only way that you can consider yourself to be truly biblically baptized is if you are immersed you are so you are drenched you are saturated by the water so Jesus here is using this comparison of baptism and he says that you are going to be baptized with the Holy Spirit in other words. This is not just getting your feet wet this is not just a sprinkle of the Holy Spirit this is talking about a saturation and immersion of the Holy Spirit and today in the 21st century we get droplets of the spirit I've experienced it you've been in a service before I believe that every Sabbath when we get together we have the Holy Spirit but it's not a baptism of the Holy Spirit It's not an immersion of the Holy Spirit It's not a saturation of the Holy Spirit we've been getting little drafts or sprinkles of the Holy Spirit I appreciate all of those but in the book of Acts there was an experience with the spirit that was fundamentally an immersion in experience with the spirit this promise of the Holy Spirit was given earlier and I have this in your study guide Jesus is giving his farewell words to the disciples he's about to die he's foretelling his crucifixion his death to the disciples and he says in John Chapter 16 verse 7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your what. It is to your advantage that I go away let's stop right there why would it be advantageous for Jesus to leave. I'm thinking to myself when I read this text that I can't find an advantage in that I would much rather you here then a way why is it to our advantage because I can't find any advantage from a superficial level why is it to our advantage that he goes away for if I do not go away the Helper will not come to you but if I depart I will send him to you we have a compelling quote from the desire of ages. Page 669 the Holy Spirit is Christ's representative but divested of the personality of humanity and independent there of compered with humanity Christ could not be in every place personally let's stop right there in order for the plan of salvation to be accomplished Jesus had to become human and in order to become human he had to divest himself of a certain attribute of what it meant to be God he divested himself of the profound ability to be everywhere at once omni presence that was a limitation that he chose to take on in the Incarnation and that was the only way that the plan of salvation could be accomplished if Jesus chose to limit himself to be at one place at a time. Therefore the call goes on it was for their interest that he should go to the Father and send the Spirit to be his successor on earth no one could then have any advantage because of his location or his personal contact with Christ by the Spirit the Savior would be accessible to how many to all in this sense he would be nearer to them than if he had not ascended on high I want to follow the rationale of this Jesus says look it's to your advantage that I go away because Jesus physically was limited to one place at one time but once he left he sent his spirit and it is through the Spirit that we have the profound presence of Jesus with us no matter where we are Amen you could even be in Alaska and God through His Spirit is here let's go back a skip this one in your study guide John Chapter 14 verse $16.00 to $18.00 in summary says the Holy Spirit will bring the presence of Jesus in to us in this sense Jesus is with us here through His Spirit the presence of Jesus can be anywhere in the world because of the omnipresence of the spirit the presence of Jesus can be enough through his spirit no matter where you are in the world Jesus through his spirit is with us the power in the book of Acts was made possible. Because of the Holy Spirit and the presence of Jesus that was moving through the Spirit how do we have the presence of Jesus with us today is the exact same way through the Holy Spirit we can have Jesus with us in a profound way as he was literally walking with us 2000 years ago I invite you to open your Bibles to Luke Chapter 11 Jesus is in prayer I wish I could have heard a tape recording of. That must have been some profound communion with God and Jesus is praying and the unction the gravity the depth of his prayer is so moving the disciples are there and he's praying out loud and they overhear Jesus praying and they are so all struck they are so moved they have never heard anyone pray like this before and that they after Jesus has done this profound Union communion with God They may come to Jesus and say Jesus teach us to pray. Help help us to pray like you pray we have never heard anyone pray the way that you prayed help us to pray and then Jesus goes into what is the most famous prayer in the world the Lord's Prayer and let's repeat it together off Father which art in heaven hollowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven and give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for the Zion is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen notice in the Lord's Prayer there is a repeat or a repetition of the posture of asking asking asking asking forgive us our debts as we forgive us so what our debtors Lead Us Not Into Temptation these are all requests in the Lord's Prayer and then after this Jesus tells a parable in verses 5 through 8 of a man that is sleeping soundly in his home with his family his children and at midnight there comes a knock at the door and the knock is persistent It is not going away and this man is in a deep profound REM sleep I long for those days. I forgot what sleep is like. Profound deep REM sleep all. Few months ago my wife and I were awakened at a. Terrible time in the morning 12. So actually my wife that woke up 1st and there was this. And I wife wakes me up and says Honey someone is here someone is tapping on our window in our living room 1st thought that one across my mind was I didn't say it but I said. I thought I knew my wife should've let me get that shotgun. Just being real so we go out there in a terror there's this tapping on the door and there was this dog. Foreboding figure I was standing outside of our living room this is the truth tapping on our window within us incessant annoying persistent tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap and I look over there and I'm like whoa. This is not good so where is that bear spray you know this is. Praise God. It was a friend. Or should I say a former friend. Nice still our friend he had a very important request that he had to make and there was an emergency I don't want to get into all the details but here it is this parable is similar there is an incense and knocking at the door a tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap and it doesn't go away and finally this man in a fog go to the door and in my sanctified imagination I imagine the man goes to the door and he says Who is it and maybe it's like those little sliding doors that with a little window that opens up who is it and he can see out there and he says the man on the other side says it's Bob your friend the man inside says Up Like what do you want he says I need bread if you like Are You Kidding Me Do you know what time it is I mean you need bread I mean what do you think this is 247 Wal-Mart I mean like come. He says no no no this is Bob and I need bread I have friends that came over and and I and I have nothing read the text he says I have nothing and the man inside goes goodnight shuts it goes back into his bedroom tries to get back into that REM deep sleep but that knocking just keeps going. Coast back out there opens the door and says Fine you can have all the bread you want. That's the parable that Jesus gave Now just so you don't misunderstand the goal class on parables at the seminary you need to be careful parables this parable is not saying that God is reluctant to help us. It's clarified in the verses afterwards we'll get to that in a moment the point of the parable is this notion you have it in your bible of what is a yet because of his what Persis tints he will rise and give him as many as he needs so I say to you ask and it will be given to you the point of the parable is this notion of persisting in asking that is the point of the parable just like that man was out there. They and I ve actually says shameless audacity. And that that's the point of Jesus he says look we should be persistent in our prayers that's the punch line that's the point that Jesus is trying to get across to us that in our prayers we need to be persistent and I looked it up in a speech Saurus a synonym of persistence and here it is I have it here on the screen constantly continually 10 nations slee on relenting Lee perseverance only repeated the tire list Lee stead of fast Lee that is the. Way that we are to pray persistent Lee Jesus goes on after this and uses an analogy of the way that God relates to us just so we don't misunderstand him and think that he is reluctant to help us he says parents how many of you fathers if your son asked you for a salmon fillet are you going to throw at him a venomous Viper. How many of you parents fathers if your son ask you for a slice of bread are you going to go out to the parking lot and grab a rock and throw it out them it's a rhetorical question of course not and Jesus says how much more if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will you Heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him that clarifies in any semblance of reluctance on the part of God But I want you to notice the repetition in Jesus's analogy Luke Chapter 111213 after he tells this parable he says so I say to you ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock you know be open to you for every one who asks receives for you he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be open if a person asks for bread from any father among you will they give him a stone or if he asks for a fish will he give him a serpent instead of a fish or if he asks for neg will he offer him a scorpion if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more would your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him 6 times Jesus says Ask ask ask ask ask ask Jesus tells us to ask ask ask ask just like the person knocking on the door was persistent was persistent was persistent Jesus is implying through this repetition that in order for us to receive the Holy Spirit the greatest gift that God can ever give. He invites us to ask Furthermore when you look at the nuances and you do some X. a Jesus of Luke chapter 11 verse 13 how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him that ask rank there is in a particular tense in the Greek it literally means to keep on asking in other words receiving the Holy Spirit is not just a matter of getting on our knees and say Lord please give me your spirit but in order to receive the full measure of the Spirit God says stay in an attitude of continued asking I want to tell you as a pastor and believe it or not. I put my pants on the same way you do we are very very very human and this notion of continuing to ask for the Holy Spirit because when you're asking for the Holy Spirit you're really asking for the presence of Jesus has had a profound effect on my life because sometimes you can get so into doing that you haven't really been being. And I am so convinced that if there are 50 individuals 20 individuals Blore doesn't care about numbers that make a covenant personally and corporately to ask for the end of the Holy Spirit not just once not just twice but repeatedly keep on asking for the Holy Spirit that God will turn the city of Anchorage upside down. That's how I read the book about when we look at price object lessons page $145.00 God does not say ask once and you shall receive He bids us ask on wearying only persist in prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and gives him an increased what is to say desire to receive the things for which he asked God is not in this game where he's like you know a pastor David has asked 50 times I guess I'll give it to him now that's not the point of why God says Ask ask ask ask ask your continually ask because it's simply this the the mode of asking increases our desire and with an increase in desire there is an increase in capacity to receive the Spirit in other words praying does not change the heart of God The asking the petitioning changes my heart because I don't have the capacity to receive what God really wants to give me and in order for us to be prepared for that God has formulated this dimension of the Holy Spirit in a way so that when I ask I desire more I wanted more I thirst for it more I keep on asking I keep on receiving what he's able to give me and as I do this my capacity I begin to change I yearn for more of the Spirit increased asking increased desire actually Apostles page 56. Another reason why we need to continue to ask to the consecrated follower of Jesus there is wonderful consolation in the knowledge that even Christ during his life on Earth sought his father how much how often days only for a for fresh supplies of needed Grace Jesus saw the Father Davy for fresh supplies of needed grace and here is the question if Jesus needed daily fresh supplies of grace what about me what about us on one morning by morning Jesus communicated with his father in heaven receiving from him daily a fresh baptism of saw Holy Spirit Jesus every day a fresh supply of grace a fresh supply of the Holy Spirit a baptism of the Holy Spirit that is why Jesus was able to change the world in 3 and a half years of ministry and friends I am coming to the conclusion that sometimes my prayers are so focused on physical blessing and physical needs and don't get me wrong the Bible says give us this day our daily bread that is a physical me but in reality there is a gift that I if I am honest with myself in my spiritual walk with God then I have simply not been asking for God and not. And that is the Holy Spirit because look in your study guide page 672 of desire of age is this promise blessing the Holy Spirit claimed by faith brings how much all other blessings in its training it is given according to the riches of the grace of Christ and he is ready to supply every soul according to notice this is the capacity to receive In other words you get one gift you can. You get the MO never go shopping I mean can you imagine a department store you go in and you don't know you buy this one thing and as you going out all bills go on balloons come down confetti comes down and people come out with a microphone and say you have picked the right. Because you have got to give it that includes every store. That's what this is saying the gift of the Holy Spirit brings all other gifts in its train every blessing what kind of gives are we talking about if you struggle with being patient someone says something to you sits in there. And you lose it tell them off have you struggle with self-control have you struggled with being a kind and loving person all of those gifts the fruits of the spirit or. With the Holy Spirit. You shall receive power of page $221.00 with the reception of this Gift of The Holy Spirit all other gifts would be ours for we are to have this gift according to the planet today of the riches of the grace of Christ and He is one he is ready to supply every soul according to the capacity to receive friends we need this we need this because if we don't have the Holy Spirit. We're just playing church. We're just going through the motions beating the air as Paul says and Lord has placed it on my heart too by the grace of God ask repeatedly every day say Lord I don't even know exactly what receiving the Holy Spirit entails but by faith I wanted increase my capacity to receive last quote. Price object lessons 149 all that Christ received from God we too may have think about the implications of that statement all that Christ received from God we too may have then ask receive with the perseverant with the perseverance faith of Jacob with the unyielding persistence of Elijah claim for yourself all that God has promised friends I we need this human Don't you want the presence of Jesus in here in here that's what he wants to give us. And when we ask for the spear and we go out into the community just like the Apostles people will step back and say that person has been with chases Let's pray. Father in heaven we come to you today marveling at who you are that you would come to this or. Dying to reveal your love to us and Lord today we need the presence of Jesus more than ever before this world is falling apart at the seams confusion and Lord if ever we needed the Lord before we sure do need him now. And so we corporately as the Body of Christ want to ask for the Holy Spirit we want to continue to ask for the Holy Spirit because we believe that the Holy Spirit bring us the presence of Jesus and all other blessings in its train Lord we need you and father I'm wondering if there's someone here that with me that wants to say fill me is my earnest plea fill me with your Holy Spirit and you want to ask I want to invite you to raise your hands. Quietude of your own harnes Lord please I want to ask. Seal our hands our decisions with your spirit. Glasses we pray in Jesus name. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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