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With Such a Heredity

Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • December 26, 2009
    10:00 AM
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morning were to be on holiday break reading as well and they have to be adapted twenty fifth and so long as you look at some things are related many people are thinking about the birth of Christ and here at home as well let's see if my test this test is working somewhere in the father we thank you for the Sabbath that you given us in prayer this morning that you would make our hearts and foods to choose that you and the rest are intense and direct our attention so is a Scripture for the Savior we pray Lord that you look at your son 's birth is a look at incarnation we would green shoes I would help us to view more like him we would better understand the workings of righteousness by faith you better ask me join you come again in thank you for the promise of the forgiveness of sins we ask for that we would have an abiding presence of you that is to remove this morning thank you for each member that has come here to this morning NASCAR for the forgiveness of sins and previous on Jesus 's name share files to the book of Revelation may be looking at that's the twelfth chapter Revelation chapter twelve is attending this event quotation from your prophecy that a significant him here is the phone and then you look at on the screen and you notice it says this to the man name of the end that even the best of the cross said all the humanity of the son of God is one as everything to us towards the some detail that will look over the status of topic this is a you must give the son of God is everything to us is a golden link chain which minds or souls to Christ and do God is to be our study crisis a real man and he gave proven this humility becoming a man and he was God bless you and Revelation chapter twelve looking at verse one is and that hit a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child cries for billing and birth and pain to be delivered so for your bio students here this woman represents the church this will represent the church and it did the pictures she is in a state of giving birth to the child you look for more detailed on this childbirth by the Bible says and she brought forth a man child who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up unto God and to his film now who is this how talking about was a child is a Jesus Christ filled the church year is giving is like if giving birth of his child Jesus knowledge and noticed that right next to juxtapose right next to these this text here in verse three so we talk about this child who is Christ 's humanities in everything to us in verse it says that here another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns I was born it tells you that there are the stars of heaven and intestine to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was made to be delivered to devour her child as soon as it was born knowing a look at this Dragon according to Revelation chapter twelve is talking about Satan right here in the great controversy station works through pagan Rome but in this case is the side of the house represents taking and it says that his tail into what part of stars that a third so we would nine in review you notice the detail represents a lot and he took the third of the stars with these his lives with you and Revelation chapter one the stars are told to be representing Angels in so this is consistent so when that's happening is we know the story in heaven Lucifer got jealous and he kind of full live to get one for the Angels on aside and we think about it just by looking at the text in order to get one through the angles on this side he has to be telling lies about who they were serving in the first place which is God 's event in order for him to get one through the Angels to his side he had to be telling lies about God about God government about God 's law and so here in Revelation twelve we have a picture of the great controversy and it to be more specific is the great controversy between Christ that manchild that we read and fate is not a big controversy between you and Satan is a great controversy between Christ and faith now let's look at another here okay this is a really very important quotation notice what it says here after adamantly after Satan tempted Adam and Eve and Adam you had fallen not only did she not discharge that God 's law is unfair God is unjust he now made another charts notice what the quote since year fun at times it says Satan declared that it was impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam as important impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam to keep the law of God and thus Aga Khan got a lack of wisdom and love if they could not keep the law and there was fault with the lawgiver manual are under the control taken me a few new accusations against God in a setting that man cannot keep the law God Jesus humbled himself holding a divinity with humanity in order that he might stand as they had a representative of the human family and by both FISA an example condensed in the flesh and give the lie to Satan 's charges so Satan made another claimed the first e-mail is like look no God your government is not just is not just in-laws unfair and then when Adam and Eve had fallen he made this claim he said it's impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam to obey the law is everyone see that it's impossible to the sons and daughters of Adam to obey the law and so in order to mean that shocks Price had to come down and give the lie of Satan 's charges now on the above flowchart here we see the charts fallen man cannot keep God 's law we saw that in the previous him so were talking about the birth of Christ here denies incarnation let's say Christ to this type of unfallen nature right a nature before Adam had fallen free fall is what some people call when the dust life agents charged according to the point would not correct so let's see what would happen here Satan started being suspended taken unfallen nature even if you lived perfectly with the unfallen nature Satan shocked to be sustained but if you have taken a fallen nature and nature of the sons and daughters of Adam 's application of mentioned what happened they can Scott talks could be refuted visibility that artfulness look at the sentence was the desire pages this book right it says here maybe know the location is it would have been an almost infinite humiliation for the son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in his innocence and eating noticeable but she has accepted humanity when the race had been weekend by four thousand years of sin like every child of Adam of the time to write the children Adam cannot keep the law like every child in Adam he accepted the results of the working of the great law permitting what these results were shown in the history of the ancestors he came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptation and to give us an example of this in the fly that means this type of heredity when the race had been weakened for one thousand years this was a the difference what does it really matter eleven the book of access happens when you have your Bibles to look at something within the ten Commandments Exodus chapter twenty consider with me verse one five Exodus chapter twenty verse one five the Bible says he is also not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that of any but I thin the water under the earth thou shall not bow down myself to them nor serve them fly the Lord thy God am a jealous God visiting that you need to see of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate you we give you ever struggle with a certain sins in your life everyone in this room does is very very biblical that your father and mother your father 's father grandmother struggled with the same thing because of this tech shows us is that spiritual genetics are passed down from generation to generation to generation and when you look at the ever notice when you read the story of Jesus when you look at not the capitalists in Matthew chapter one the Bible says I was shaped in iniquity is the spiritual genetics are passed out and is the same with Jesus those who associate Matthew chapter one just survey verse one through sixteen these genealogies that are long to find a movie as well genealogies and you scratch your head and say why in the world when the world with this writer mention all this for accuracy is from the the we know that spiritual genetics are passed down from generation to generation we know that Jesus inherited the tendencies of these people this is the medicine would invest want to improve the book of the generation of Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob you can use his brother and usage of Perez and Sarah Martin president as shown in SMB a RAM and a run to get them in and out and amended that to get Nissan Nissan begin Solomon get all as of late young man is not a member slimness is saying that occupation was conveniently left out of the Barthes bottles but yes she was in Christ's genealogy Abraham Isaac by the line about their lives at Jacob 's well correct so when you look at all these names you can look in the book of Luke as well you see that Christ inherited inherited the end and they pulled on his wife says the greatest enemy is not Satan was so the Bible says the heart the solicitor and their Jeremiah chapter seventeen in the article exists etc. Jeremiah chapter seventeen spiritual genetics are passed down from generation to generation verse nine bottles of the heart is deceitful above all things and definitely would you know if the people above all things reported that I will more disabled and taken the merciful to them we think of fighting against me to come on Satan 's goal you myself I like this she had to not get this as yet as it do these tendencies that were pulling at the correct in this event along your topic if you turn designing the book Ecclesiastes chapter eighteen so just because these entities are passed down from generation to generation does that mean that you are born a sinner Ecclesiastes chapter eighteen Ecclesiastes DEQ Ezekiel Chapter eighteen verse twenty the Bible says here the select Senate it shall die the son shall not bear the iniquity of the father mother saw the father bear the iniquity of the sun of righteousness of the righteous shall be upon them and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him to all not going to the fact also that the spiritual genetics are passed down from generation to generation we do not inherit the deal of my father when you look at ways in his possession a longer to other definitions are fond of that definition right Bible christening the name of another one if you do if you know if you know what's right and you don't do it according to James chapter four anything I thought whatever is not of faith is since all of these definitions describing action transgression is a verve and action is not a nature right you're not just wow I can just help it because I had all the things felt I'm just saying I can all I can do is just to its an action it's a choice because it's in his letters is that his nation right then Jesus prevented by taking the same falling heredity is that correct because then she did Jesus Emerson and also he couldn't partake in the same type of nature that you and I have a sinister nature you can choose to sin or not solicitors that will be in the chart is Botox and adventure Christmas of taken on pollination and would sit inside the refuted nor I would be sustained but if there was swelling right although we inherit and the genetics of our father in his choice and that correlates with Christ taking the fall nature which then would refute Satan cyclist visibility that clear right she continues in the desire of ages this is interesting the very words which he himself had spoken to Moses for Israel he was now top of his the Bible says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature he grew that means he didn't know before when she is wanting on that he was the son of God now he has to learn about his divinity to humanity to learn about his divinity says here every child we gain knowledge is even if it is a heavy responsibility from others right says here he gained knowledge as we made you didn't have this type of advantage were only just knew everything is performed miracles and let its vision go away she continues there were just looking at the desire of ages right a book that was written for the nonbeliever notwithstanding the sin of the guilty world were laid upon in price a humiliation of taking upon himself are all in nature the voice from heaven declared to be the son of the China same book if we had any sense a much fine conflict and I price that he would not be able to progress but with our savior of humanity by saving fifty nine C with all liabilities he took the nature of man with the possibility of yielding to temptation we have nothing to there was yet not endure same but Satan had had Hayden Christ for his position in the quantum dot he hated him more when he insulted the throne he hated him who plays himself through the mores of sinners get into the world were thinking claimed dominion by permitting his son to come and help us stay subject to the weakness of humanity some of us dislike was scared to send their kids to college and worked paying the people at the college to teach our kid yet gone he said Satan hates my son son ascended into his world the anonymous God loves you you know that it was difficult for God to give his sons he do it she struggled he had been is it worth the hello are you enough food here he permitted him to meet life hell in communion with every human soul to fight the battle of every child humanity must fight at the risk of failure and internal loss the model says that Jesus was tempted in all points just like as we are and to be content to be tempted means is a possibility of sin you know what would happen if Jesus was and wants with the nature that he took he would be in subjection states can you get Sega by the word happiness to say goodbye goodbye so enjoy all these words that we used during this holiday season you could just say goodbye to it is a priceless in one risk of failure and eternal loss so that you would have you would have the chance of salvation not so that you weren't that he would have the chance of salvation because that's how much says here Satan is pointed out as soon as proof that not all unjust and could not be obeyed in our humanity crisis to redeem at his failure but when Adam was a failed attempt and none of the Texas electronic East in the strength of perfect manhood possessing the full big on mind and body he was surrounded with the glory that union and was in daily communion with heavenly beings describing Adam felt that it was not Jesus when he enter the wilderness to cope with taken for four thousand years the race had been decreasing in physical strength and mental power and in what were and Christ took upon him the infirmities of the generate humanity and the work that underlines his only son that he rescued that hello Melissa that's a great degradation other women have taken a different nature will have to redemption it says only my husband that generate demand the rescue amount of the lowest depth of degradation you remember them first luckily look at his humanity is everything to us once again but this flowchart here repetition deepened same book these are coming from you know these obscure manuscript releases thirteen special testimonies volume a desire of agents in our own strength is impossible for us to deny the comment of our fallen nature it is channel sake and will bring temptation upon Christ knew that the enemy would come every human being to take advantage of hereditary weakness and by the false insinuations to ensnare all those who trust not in the mistrust is not invited by passing over the ground which man must travel our Lord has had the way for us to overcome it is not his will that we should be played at a disadvantage in the conflict with bacon he would not have it intimidated and described by the thought of the certainty of the case that I overcome up I have overcome the world so says here is nature also has prepared the way for us overcomes that you identified again is if I taken on on on the nature he could not have prepared us the way for silver correct men can overcome sin and an extensive because it must be in a nature so no matter what I do smoking for ten years I want to quit but I just notice kind of it doesn't make sense but if I said that upon each other we just read in the dark ages it says you prepare the way for men to overcome within the book of Romans chapter eight many gigabytes look at a few things always have a this consider verse one is reiterate this point there is now no word and read all the way to risk for there is not therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh not the spirit for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me really a velocity that knows verse three for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh of the law cannot save us so God has a plan God sending his own son in the likeness not be on likeness in the likeness of sinful flesh and for seeing condemned sin in the flesh how can he condemned sin in the flesh and he took on all nature even takes less it says here why why would God take this likeness of sinful flesh in verse four that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh back to spirit the seeds of a certain nature that the law might be fulfilled in us maybe so while what is actually talking about your paths the answer is that Adam was tempted by the enemy any ballot was not doing enough content to you for God made him pure and upright in his own image he was as follows of the Angels before the throne there were any and no corrupt principles Nemo and Paul has had black when Christ came to me that the patient is taken people are within moments after a the likeness of sinful flesh in my clear he was not only makes talking of Christ but he was made in the likeness of sinful flesh distinction right so were not looking at these locations to point out in detail but it wasn't a surprise this kind of thing we study Christ's humanity so that we can understand righteousness by faith that we can understand how we can live so they must be in a maybe a line through these types of things reflect well known to bring up these corrupt channel clothes and make a letter on the screen on the stuff that you just together when we do it quotes quotations like this be careful exceedingly careful of how to you dwell upon the human nature of Christ do not set him before the people as a man with the propensities of sin he is the second Adam the first Adam was created if you're soliciting without enhancing upon him he was in the image of God who find it odd and stressing effective because the thinnest posterity is one living hair and feelings of being Jesus Christ is the only he took upon him he himself human nature with and in all points is human agent attempted he could have standing for the fallen but not for one moment with you there in human evil propensity he was assailed the temptations in the wilderness is adamant to fill the positions in eating so you know so there must be this quotation seems to suggest that there must be differences between us and Jesus and there are different since I saw this within the start here if between off the number one is crisis we are not like Christ was not born it would price is one hundred percent manner one hundred missing them until we came to live on a 50-50 hundred hundred we are not God Christ has superior character because he is God he has a superior character the value of this character is higher than I care Christ had inherited tendencies inherited tendencies was anywhere we talk about the spiritual genetics inherited Mansi nice for instance he inherited those but not only do we have inherited tendencies but we also have cultivated tendencies I weather was cultivated tendencies so his father was an alcoholic his father was an alcoholic his father 's father was an alcoholic you have your Internet was your line you have now that inherited tendency but let's say now you partake in alcoholism you're just now cultivated that tendency to make sense cultivated tenancy means you have participated in the sin and cultivated in your own life Jews never send you do not have cultivated tendency I'm hazardous cultivators he says here another difference is in Christ then the great controversy is lost if we sin we have a savior the different Sarah but after the nature him saying the same equipment is there between Christ as a human and you as a human being the other differences I was not exactly exactly like the differences it says here okay so I don't want to be close because of this kind of kind of thought process that might well you know we don't really know I don't know if this court that supported dark closet supported segregated Monticello manager in its following conditions must be going on you who do not believe the infinite abundance of our nature in that year a condition it was a order by take upon himself the form and nature of fallen man think of price affiliation he took upon himself while in tapping human nature integrated on price okay you know this is what we want religious those with this quote quotation since he why my selling all these quotations in our conclusion we make many mistakes because of Arrhenius views of the human nature by law when we get is human nature a power that is not possible for man to have conflict with bacon we destroy the completeness of his humanity so let's listen to the book of second for the second livers for Paul is speaking noticed this text here says for if he and I can't make features another one season is it possible to preach another Jesus whom ye may have not preached or if you receive another spirit which you have not received another Bob who would you not accepting you my love affair with the notice how the preaching of the different uses connected with the preaching of a different gospel in the jointly submit to you this the majority of Christianity is worshiping ideas that never existed the majority of Christianity is worshiping Jesus that never existed a serious ideas that was a different type of nature that you know he is a good man and he just power through those temptations you know by performing all these miracles and he can never sin and use buddies my example have you noticed this before this goody-goody religion that makes light of thin and that is forever dwelling upon the love of God Center encourages us to believe that God will save him while he continues in thin and he knows it to be said it was their policy says goody-goody it's a good description is a serious photo right and wrong conceptions of how Christ lives that changes according to sacred except for the type of gospel that we believe in my changes into the gospel well well you know all sinners so we just knew the love of God to look at Luke chapter two which is the love of God and no we just can't stop you chapter two verse forty two forty oh good but the Bible says that only the Holy Spirit can give that love to you and the Holy Spirit convicts of sin the connecting the convictions of September forty five Jesus and the child grew and waxed strong in spirit filled with wisdom and know what grace of God was upon the price ever since so why was he needing grace these you know the grace of God was upon him never said because grace not only come it takes away the sin right it gives you the power to overcome that's why Jesus had grace on this here goody-goody religion talk about righteous by faith in what contrast the second Adam as he entered the gloomy wilderness to compensate single-handed since the fall the race had been decreasing in size and physical strength and thinking lower in the scale of all what up-to-date I haven't our in bowl and in order to elevate fallen man Christ must reach him when he was Chris and I feel like you do not assume setting in Christ cannot steal what you do not assume when the Romans chapter five says this we are saying by Christ's life in other words Christ lives a life on earth in falling nature so that he could give that Mary got you to earn enough all the nature to you the currency must be the same young boy Trader Joe's and pull out your green one right Filipino pesos pounds and it might be the currency must be the same Christ's merit must be one in a ball and humanity so he can give that Mary to you in fallen humanity you see that it doesn't make sense for him to win in unfallen humanity and now know so what is happening is that safe Sabbath keeping is a great example is like you break the Sabbath no crisis okay I'm going to give you the America I had in my liking I kept the Sabbath she now I'm going to give this matter to you as the forgiveness of sins exchange happened I'm going to give this back to you and now I'm going to live in you could use a obedience that grabs onto that merit that's how I suspect it works lives in Aussie child he cannot reproduce his humanity and I think it was unfallen nature he lives in a to grab his own merits manifesting the same currency that's what this quote is how this quote on the plate this year another one and all and the humiliation of the Majesty in heaven with her guilty in the man he went lower and lower in his humiliation until there were no lower death that he could reach in order to let Matt Hoffman 's mother found that a clear quote she couldn't go any lower flat investments demanding the son of God came down the level of those he wished to say in him with Novalis implement few would ever appear in the file that he took upon him Americans the cut currency must be a just another quotation on a direct your attention to inspiration because this topic is very enough this type of taboo -ish tread lightly in topic we know so I want to direct your attention to the Scripture onto the director attentions inspiration for you don't have to believe this person a few looks like a fifteen note being to fight his father was the same obedience that is required same obedience as required he came not for our world to give the obedience of a lesser God to a greater but as a man to obey God 's holy law unless it got to the greater he was in Junior God and in this way he is our example the Lord Jesus came to our world not reveal what Bonnyview boat when a man who do if they cannot help in every emergency management of faith to be partaker in the divine nature to overcome every temptation in Christ not as provided in person doing every simple trade and resisting every temptation however strong the Bible you know some text even though some of them even as do twenty four rights of another once second Corinthians chapter seven in Bible says in verse one is having therefore these promises dearly beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all the units of the flesh spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of them we can sense others the second one more Revelation chapter three the reason why Christ manages everything to us is because the same way that Christ overcame the same way that we are open to overcome relationship verse twenty one the no difference in the methods overcome verse one twenty one says thinking that overcome that I will grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne not even by the video the temptation so it may be with us for its physical right thoughts begin overcome yet fully entirely viewed and I can make a way of escape for us that we might overcome every fall through this every temptation and sit down at last within this article and you know you get this type of works related question well is it required your that before you have to overcome to be saying what do I need to do the same is it the question actually is what needs to happen in order for God 's character to be vindicated but there's this type of works related question well do you know yes this is possible but do I have to let no one in Christ object lessons let no one say I cannot remedy my defects of character if you come to this decision you'll certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life impossibility life with serious quotations and you know you don't want that you feel we best position you must also be the Bible says Christ uses the week to confound why the status of the house I have to let you know I cannot do this without God it's like we wanted the Senate and also we can do it then it must be high so that price you charge Chrysler can do this right continuing once again the charts I will read before they declare that it was impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam notice how sons and daughters of Adam is plural uses one of the chart includes sons and daughters Laura and so now the purpose of the one hundred and forty four thousand comes with a clear in order to answer the charge that is okay I'm I I set a pattern my son is on all those who believe in my son those who follow that pattern I will work through them in order to answer safety charges one hundred forty four thousand and fifty and honest friendship is evidence that these characters right that is lost correct enough it's like you know you need me have these questions about okay well this is guy who doesn't know about anything but he gives his heart to God you know he's got I don't know he's on drugs or uses extreme examples but he's on drugs and he's addicted he gives his heart to God and the next moment he died right willing to say your answer will he be saying yes right he gives his heart to God 's deep dive so Satan is like this is not fair if you are you he was alive I would've gotten to do it again right when you say that you were kind of arguing you'd say he was alive man I but then I think they are because number one of one hundred and thirty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine didn't you see one hundred and forty four thousand a day yes he did this is not adding hidden along the line but the evidence is as one hundred forty four thousand person did the slightest thing the slightest increase the house and we were everyone you see how the same extent that it avoids a thousand literal number is not just allow a good group of people in a however many an innovative group okay this is pretty good size is good at it but as to the fifty one hundred forty four thousand think evidence of the last quotations as his leg five patient himself and his church when the character I shall be perfectly reproduces people that he will come to clean the notice provision okay we see how this leads to nineteen overcome sin have been invited out how can you feel it's like I can do this in one how can you cleanse the sanctuary is a mix will go over the necessity of Christ the last close stage of employee finally join giving giving love and I thought it all that have fallen heavenly beings move the hearts of men they bring this to the to the doctoral life what about identical inpatient ministry they move upon the human spirit to bring Hamas into fellowship with Christ which is even closer that they themselves can Angels are trying to get us into positions that are hard we don't we don't even do that with the reduced we don't even do that with each other a Angels who are harming us they do that with us why they would likely be in a call to they can because the humanities by his life death achieve even more than his life life that Christ has achieved even more than recovery from the root of these it was Satan 's purpose to bring about an eternal separation between God and man but in Christ we become more closely united to God and if we had never and she connected with his nation in taking our nature the Savior has found himself humanity by Todd to be broken the federal agencies linked to the bottom of the world that he gave his only begotten in the ball says but in Christ we become more closely united to God we never saw last Sabbath of the you know there has to be an appeal should know that might be some of you who study pray but it's like mad I really feel like I could be close I really feel like there's in this distance a kind of feel distant from there for like he doesn't disinfect the planners but in Christ we become more closely united to God you never fall that's his plan for you if the cause of the Leslie a decision don't let that don't let this addition to Cisco by believe that this promise is true even now for those of you who is a serious type of the few him feel as though made by me I pray I just feel that his death in this distance between me and God I want this type of relationship you want to send not everyone feel that you might be if they feel that the order for their father we thank you for Christ Menefee and we assess if you come so close that you take away the sin that separates man from you we know that you've done that you made provision for the feast Jesus we thank you for the risk that you thought no plan B we thank you that you display of love and we are very working we asked father that your son 's life would become real in our own we might be completely thank you for this timely payout missing pricing


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