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The Sealing: Probation Closed

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • September 2, 2017
    11:30 AM


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You have not already I want to invite you to open your Bibles with me to Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 as we reflect on this script sure we each has some challenging overtones for us Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 he who is unjust let him be unjust still he who is filthy let him be filthy still he who is righteous let him be righteous still he who is holy let him be holy still Bible scholars have reflected on this text and come to the conclusion that this refers to a final probationary closing right before Jesus comes the 2nd time and I want to add that there are 2 types of a closer probation you have an individual close a probation that is a probation that closes for us individually when we die when we pass away that's it our eternal destiny is sealed in every single day there are people dying one 151000 people die each day $6300.00 die each hour $105.00 people die each minute and nearly 2 people die each 2nd it's a startling thing to ponder when we recognize it every single day people's eternal destinies are essentially field. Now probation is typically thought of in a negative sense when you are told you're on probation you don't think oh wonderful but Biblical probation is actually a good thing we would not have probation at all if it wasn't for Jesus so it's actually grace that gives us time to decide our eternal destiny. So we are living in a time of probation our hearts are beating our lungs are still taking in air and we are given a finite period in which to choose our eternal status. Now there is something called a corporate close a probation and that is when Jesus before he comes says you know what probation is closed and he stands up. Daniel Chapter 12 and he comes in the clouds of glory and this statement found in Revelation chapter 22 columns from a perspective of right before he comes the 2nd time my brother up there could you turn on the screen for me so I can see this lines from the back and I want to read this here Revelation chapter 22 verse 12 he that is unjust let him be unjust still and he that is filthy let him be filthy still and he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be wholly still now the repetition in this verse this pronouncement from heaven declaring not just an individual closer probation but a corporate clothes a probation not for the dead but for the living indicating that there is going to be a group of people that are walking around not knowing that essentially time is up the books have been closed and the ominous part of this statement is the repetition of the word still in other words if you are righteous you will continue in that pattern of righteousness if you are on righteous you will continue in that pattern of unrighteousness Now if you're like me and you read a statement like this it fills me with a little bit of anxiety doesn't it because I am the type of person that typically likes to procrastinate I thrive under pressure last minute it's a habit that I'm trying to break but what if probation closes. And God says the books are closed I'm coming and if he would have just extended probation 5 more minutes I would have changed my mind I mean this is the dilemma I have when I read statements like this does God arbitrarily close probation and say time is up ready or not here I come and I'm down here is a WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY 5 more minutes if I would had 5 more minutes I would have made the right decision and so this paints a a dilemma in each one of us when we look at statements like this from scripture indicating that probation is close Jesus is getting ready to come and we are all stuck in the moral status that we were in before now as I reflected on this a couple years ago in 2015 they had the 40th anniversary. Of the fall of Saigon 1975 April this is a picture of the embassy there in Saigon the American embassy some of you will remember this time I don't but this is that haunting picture of that helicopter on top of the U.S. embassy and sign gone was about to fall the North Vietnamese had crossed over into South Vietnam and they were right outside of sign gone a couple years before 973 Henry Kissinger had signed the Paris Peace Accord and everyone knew it was just a matter of time before South Vietnam fell and they put into operation Operation Frequent Wind. It was an evacuation from the U.S. consulate there in Saigon by helicopter the Marines on that helicopter bravely went into that city back and forth back and forth 7000 people were evacuated many of them Vietnamese that it helped the U.S. forces there in South Vietnam and I read a fascinating account of individuals that were there and they said that around the U.S. embassy compound there were literally thousands of Vietnamese that were putting their children over the top of the wall trying to climb up into the compound saying please save me take me with you because they knew there was a death list for anyone that helped the Americans and once Saigon fell everyone was afraid blood would flow like water through the streets of Saigon thousands around the US Consulate hoping to get on the last helicopter outside of South Vietnam $7000.00 were saved and the U.S. ambassador his heart went out to the Vietnamese and he wanted to save as many people as possible and he lingered behind finally under orders from Gerald Ford they took him by force and post put him on that helicopter and the Marines wanted to save everyone as many people as possible but they couldn't save everyone if we use this Sajjan evacuation as an analogy for salvation there is a fundamental difference here God wants to save everyone a man. If you believe that and he can save everyone he is not limited by circumstances and resources so here we have a text from scripture 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 9 Instead he is patient with you not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance Gaunts in the business of saving individuals that's the whole plan of salvation he wants everyone in Heaven not only that he has put into operation all the resources of heaven to save you and me that's the beauty of the heart of God He is not limited by resources so how do we reconcile Revelation chapter $22.00 verses 11 where God says you know what I'm going to close the books ready or not here I come or it seems and everyone is stuck in their moral status versus this picture of God where we see that God wants everyone to be settled and the only way that I can reconcile these 2 aspects of our eschatology the heart of God and the reality that there is going to come a time when probation closes for the human race is that ultimately God only shuts the door on probation when every decision is finalized as the only conclusion you can come to in other words the lengthening of time will not change anyone's decision every decision is finalized. So in reality Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 is not a. Creating of a new reality it is 8 description of the current reality in other words God comes to a point in place where characters have mature and individuals have made their final decision and no matter if God extends probation 100 years or even a 1000000 years every person will make the same decision and it is that that point that God says probation has closed every person has made their final decision the characters have been set now I want to back up a little bit and go through the end now to me of how a person's moral character is developed and this is a quote from Stephen Covey says so a thought or even action so action Riba habit so a habit Ripa character so a character reap a destiny and have you ever heard of the term that man is just set in his ways this is not indicating that the person is incapable of changing. But basically that the habit patterns in the neural pathways through not just one decision but through a series of decisions have mature the characters is another illustration from agriculture that we can see you can see the 3rd seeds of thoughts and actions the habits the character in the destiny come to the full maturation of a person in moral character and in the Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 14 verse 13 Jesus is coming in the clouds of glory and you'll notice what he's holding in his hand and I looked and they saw a white cloud and seated on the cloud was one like the son of man with a golden crown on his head and a sharp what is to say sickle in his hand this is a something from agriculture and when you come to a harvest are you coming for a plant that is in its infancy or in its maturity those of you that are gardeners when you plan it you pull out the sickle and they are going to reap no you wait till the plant has matured and borne fruit that is when you come with the sickle for the harvest this is indicating that when Jesus comes a 2nd time he is coming for individuals that have not just made one decision that is their final decision but a series of decisions that have led to a certain character a character that is just not mature but fully blossomed and borne fruit to a certain point of maturity that is what the Bible is indicating characters are fully developed now a clear indication of this is when you look in Revelation chapter 20 after the millennium after the 1000 years. The New Jerusalem comes down from heaven the Saints are inside the city the dead we are resurrected and this is a pivotal opportunistic point because you would think or imagine that the we could once they get up and are resurrected and see the New Jerusalem. I would think perhaps that there would be at least some individuals that say oh sorry I woke up in the wrong resurrection I'm on the wrong side please give me a 2nd chance that would be a logical conclusion that you would have you get up on Resurrection morning oh no I'm outside the city not inside please give me a 2nd chance but you can see that this is not the way that the characters go they went up on the breath of the earth and surrounded the camp of the beloved saints and the blood of city in other words they are marshalling their armies to kill everyone inside this indicates that probation even if it were extended would not change the trajectory of the individuals that have developed a certain character they want to kill everyone inside not say Lord save me even after the millennium Now this is from the book great controversy page 663 they are to have no new probation in which to remedy the defects of their past lives. Nothing would be gained by this a lifetime of transgression has not softened their hearts a 2nd probation were it given them would be occupied as the 1st innovating the requirements of God and exciting rebellion against Him In other words these individuals by demonstration clearly show that even if they were given a 100 years or a 1000000 years their final decision was their final decision the character is unchanged they don't say Lord please save me they said I want to take the city and kill everyone inside this is a remarkable statement from the great controversy because. She indicates that when the New Jerusalem comes down the gates of the city are left open by implication when you read this statement In other words it's almost implying that when the New Jerusalem comes down the gates of the city are left open just in case people will change their minds but no one changes their mind and the gates are only closed. When Satan's army comes to the wall of the city to kill everyone inside look at this very conversely $64.00 Satan the mightiest of the warriors leads the van and his angels unite their forces for the final struggle with military precision the serried ranks advanced over the earth's broken uneven service to the City of God Look at this part of underlined here on the screen by command of Jesus the gates of the New Jerusalem are close to implying that they were opened before and the armies of Satan surround the city and make ready for the yawn sent in other words there is given opportunity for individuals I read this by implication even after the millennium the gates of the city are left open indicating if you want salvation the gates are not shut you can still come in but this demonstration shows that the characters have been settled and every person has made their final decision because nobody outside of the city makes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and says I want to be saved quite the contrary they March on the city to destroy the inhabitants inside and it is then and only then. That God says OK we're going to close the gates well so here is a practical consideration in terms of character development because this is talking about the N.B.S. Katon. How do we practically distill this down to our day to day living that's the important part is in how our characters develop in when is the best opportunity for us to make a decision in this is from he roots Schefter for verse 7 using some nuances as to how our characters develop he rejected for over 7 today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart it's now the term hard and when you look it up to become firmer solid to solidified to become sat to callous of fide to make inflexible or unchangeable to become some meant it in other words our characters are not all ways malleable that when we make a decision a series of decisions in a certain trajectory we become more settled in that pattern in that way of thinking this is not to say that we can't reverse that but a continuation of a life time of series of decisions causes us to be settled in a certain pattern now this is a reference to the quote of Pharaoh hardening his heart in Exodus Chapter 8 verse $32.00 but this time also Farrel hardened his heart and would not let his people go. Now we've heard this statement before the same son that hardens clay melts to wax the sunlight is not the entity that changes the nature of the wax or the clay the sunlight simply reveals the character of the way and of the clay. And so when God reveals to us Line night the love of God There is an element of transformation that takes place and the byproduct of that is we can either get softened or hardened by the illumination of Light God is trying to save but it when we don't respond there is something that happens to us in our character it is the natural byproduct of the exposure to light I will add this the more Line night the more accelerated the character development why did Pharaoh go through this Excel aerated hardening process because he was given an illumination on precedented of the power and the majesty of God so before Jesus comes in Revelation Chapter 18 The Bible indicates that the whole earth will be lit with the glory of God I believe that before Jesus comes a 2nd time there will be a demonstration of the power and the love of God that is never before seen in human history a man God is going to give everyone ample opportunity the whole earth is going to be lit with the glory and the majesty of God this accelerates character development in the softening or the natural byproduct of the hardening process and so before Jesus comes there is going to be a maturation of Christian character and on the other hand a maturation of a character that is not Christ like. One has the signature of God We talked about that list week the seal of God The other one has the mark of the beast both are mature characters reflecting their respective creators and when those characters have matured and every decision has been finalized God says time is up because every decision has been made for eternity. Important part of he was Schefter for verse 7 it says to day if you hear his voice harden not your hearts the best time to make a spiritual decision is one right it's always Today the devil loves tomorrow because with with character every decision or every delay changes us when you walk through a door of a decision you are changed by that decision you are a different person tomorrow because of the decisions that you made today this is this is how we change and and some people are like oh no they worry about the whole journey. They worry about how I'm I going to ever get to a certain point God says don't worry about that make decisions today every day and I said look you make one step it prepares you for the next this is your changed make another step it prepares you for the next decision and you are a different person at every stage of the journey conversely it's true as well I have had Bible studies with individuals. I showed them stripped sure the love of God as it is in Jesus and they are convicted they know they they need to make a decision they hear the voice of God speaking to their hearts but they said David not today and I meet them a month later same Bible study but it's a different person the conviction as passed away. This is from review on Harold if the voice of Jesus is not heated at once it becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices the world's care and business engrossed the attention and conviction dies away the heart beat calms less impressible and lapses into a perilous on consciousness of the shortness of time and of the great eternity beyond the Bible says the 2nd Corinthians Chapter 6 verse to behold and to say now is the favorable time behold now is the day of Selma. The Bible the Holy Spirit speaks to us in have you ever been convicted before. Unmistakable conviction the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and says. Make a decision step through the store and it's by grace we can say Lord I'm weak woman but you are strong. Help me help me willing to be made willing and it is only in that place of helplessness yet. The most powerful posture you can be in saying Lord help me because I can't help myself Let us pray. Father in heaven we thank you that you have. Given us the power of choice. No one can decide for us it is a gift of grace and Lord today while our hearts are still beating we pray that you would help us to respond to your clarion call upon our hearts. Today now is the day of salvation and I'm wondering if there is someone here that wants to say Lord. Please save me I want to raise your hand this is something that we can say and we know that God never refuses to follow you see these hands you know the cry of our hearts and we thank you that all the resources of heaven are there. To bring us home Priya sees things in Jesus name. Him in. This media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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