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  • February 2, 2019
    4:00 PM
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They're gracious Heavenly Father as we open up this topic we pray for your presence here we pray for your words we thank you for the rain and we hope that everyone makes it here safely and makes it home safely as well we love you in Jesus name Amen. So how shags selfie we live in a world that it is unrealistic probably to avoid it 100 percent and I say that because I can't stand personally social media I literally don't like to post things then I just have a real slow time at doing that but I use social media for our ministries sake because it is a absolutely beautiful tool for us to reach people in other countries and other churches and to be really honest I am literally surviving because of social media so I want to kind of as well preference this with that. There is a good use and a bad use of things and I hope this is what you guys learn from this presentation today as you guys probably are aware of social media is a lot of ME ME ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT THE SHOES I just bought look at the clothes I wore look at the cool vacation I just went on a lot of times people post and use social media in a very self reflected way not everybody but it seems to be how the general population uses social media now you crazy as these $19.00 says the thing that has been and that which Shelby and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun Now if you could look back in the wake of time and you could see what every single culture has struggled with what they've dealt with you will find a very common denominator between all. The history of humanity and all of the ways that the devil has gotten us tripped up throughout the history if you could kind of see what tools he's used it's like he uses the exact same things but he changes the technology and how he gives it to us and so I believe that US struggling with some selfish means is not anything new There's been nothing new under the sun People have struggled with the old ancient self since the beginning of time so how do we deal with this whole social media and just give you a kind of some statistics here in the beginning to just give you a ballpark of how grand This really is I speak to a lot of youth I go to a lot of high schools academies and I'll tell you what you start talking to youth it is a rarity when I meet teenage or college age people that don't use it whatsoever I mean literally a rarity everyone seems to be engaged in some sort of social media platform out of the 3700000000 users. There is there is there's about Internet users there's about $2300000000.00 active social media users 91 percent of US retail brands use social media 2 or more sites the internet has an average of about. 6 social media accounts 68 percent of Americans use Facebook to Facebook Messenger whatsapp it handles 60000000000 messages a day and it's just in staggering amount of people that in gauge with these kind of pieces of technology and so with that we're starting to see some very interesting trends this report came from C.N.N. that said they have found now that there is a mind blowing report that teenagers are using social media for upwards of 9 hours a day 9 hours now if you come in plate that and you think about that they're checking it when. They wake up they're looking through at it through all through school they're checking it all in the afternoon 9 hours is an incredible amount of time I mean just think about what you could actually accomplish if you spent 9 hours a day you might become a doctor at Loma Linda. Right no I'm just kidding because you guys spend 18 hours a day I'm sure but 9 hours is an incredible amount so here's a little news clip that they're talking about this. So that's an incredible amount of time someone to play a little funny video for you here maybe you guys will see some humor in this but this is generally how people use social media maybe you guys have some friends that use it in this way I don't know we'll see. Yes. It's. OK. So maybe perhaps you've seen people use social media in this way maybe you've seen the funny ways that people seem to take pictures of everything I heard a really interesting funny comedian one day he was illustrating the difference between the older generation and this new generation that's coming up right now they said you know if you ever sit down with with someone who is elderly and you ask them about their previous life when they were a kid and they bring out a picture and if this picture of their uncle that flew in an airplane across the Atlantic and they have this really crazy story and it's really me because they have all this these memories tied into this one little photograph and said one of the old people going to be like today you know they're going to be like so this is what I ate on Tuesday in 192019 and you think about the massive amount of pictures and everything that we have and we don't even look through them anymore we just store them on to a hard drive or like my wife she lets her phone fill up and so she can even take another photo. But. Listen to this James $316.00 says for where envy and self-seeking exist kin fusion and every evil thing are there now this is the opposite of another $316.00 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe on Him should not perish but have everlasting life the opposite selfishness opens the door for every evil thing or confusing thing Jesus of course was not self-seeking Jesus said to himself I seek not my own will but the will of the father which he has sent me. Jesus also said If any man come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me be selfless like Jesus was selfless and when Jesus was in the garden of just 70 I find it very interesting that here his humanity is crying out saying after is another way God can you please take this away from me but he says you know what not as I will die will he was so complete and utter selflessness that's the model of the God that we need to have inside of us now this is this quote from spirit of prophecy Jesus had been earnestly conversing with and instructing his disciples but as he neared to 70 he became strangely silent his disciples were perplexed and anxiously regarded his countenance hoping to read some explanation of the change that had come over their master they had frequently seen him depressed pause pause Have you thought about Jesus depressed. They sprit quickly saw Jesus depressed that really struck a chord in me and I went that's a really interesting picture I know he was a man that was stricken with grief in it and aware of it but depressed is not a thought that I thought about but never before so utterly sad and silent as he proceeded his strange sadness increased yet he dared not they dared not question to him as to his cause his form swayed as if he was too about to fall in his disciples looked. For using it is usual place of retirement that their master might rest now I brought this quote in here because I'm going to show you a correlation there is a deep correlation with there our use of social media and depression and many people have struggled with this when you look at oh look at all the fun that my friends have in look at the fun life that they have look at the boyfriend or girlfriend that they have a man they seem to have much more interesting experiences than I do that in turn makes people depressed and so think about that next time you want to post in kind of keep showing people all the cool stuff that you're doing there's somebody looking at those posts that doesn't have that exciting life and they be are becoming depressed but I want you to think about this Jesus identifies with your depression and he was not unfamiliar with it Philippians 2334 says do nothing in rivalry or or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others as you read through the Bible it's constantly trying to promote this others focused idea now I recently spoke in. A place in Florida and the lady that invite. Did us she actually counseled with young people and who were severely depressed a lot of them had suicidal tendencies had had all kinds of issues and so I'm a very naturally curious about this I have had people in my close existence that have battled depression and I asked her I'm always curious what's the cure what's the thing that gets them out and she says well there's a lot of different factors that happen but she said I'll tell you one of the best remedies that I found is to get that young person to think about other people she says I take them to soup kitchens and I do things with them so that they can serve other people because when you are deep pressed you cannot see anyone else around you it's all about you so I know that the devil knows what he's doing by causing us to be depressed causing these devices that are causing everybody this anxiety and everything because when we are self focused and self loathing we don't see other people and that's what we are as as a people are supposed to be all about now to give you some interesting facts. Did you know that there are 600000000 more people who own a mobile phone compared to those who are a toothbrush. People care more about their social media accounts than they do their own dental hygiene I found that very interesting research reveals that there's 4800000000 mobile users but only 4.2 people actually have a toothbrush I think we as a people have our priorities a little bit wrong. So all of the social media is starting to impact the way that we learn and so I want to show you a little video into which they're discussing what is all of this information gluttony actually doing to us this is framed in the context of the Internet so the way that they're going to talk about is how we how we look at the Internet but we look at social media in the in the almost the same way and so here's a little video that talks about what this is actually doing to our brains. Yes. Wise. Words. From. What it is is an information age in our. Next lives for us and. Worst attacks by those who is. Also the cost of our lands and our in the last really disturbing smash. Big. Crowds have more. On the. One in the article with somebody that planned for the age. You are. And. Will need information. That you can eat connection. From the nation and. Is often like the food. And there it. Is T.V. and we. Are asking why. But I. Think the lose it all mean leave it is. That ends. Are is X. X. when you see. Her on. Your net you only see. The one. That are you. Saying. That. I. More than really it's. All. The guys. In. The Senate. The. Good. The best warmongers on the phone. On that. So this kind of gives you a little bit of an idea of what's going on as we're constantly bombarding our brains with interruptions constantly interrupted constantly interrupted constantly check the mail and if you've observed this in yourself it's like sometimes you just feel exhausted because it's like all these communications coming from every which direction so there's been some people that have started coming out and saying listen is there actually real dangers with social media is it really rewiring our brains or is it hurting our real relationships in life and so here's a doctor from U.C.L.A. that's kind of discussing some of the the interesting things that social media is rewiring in our brains. The. Hope. So if you can. Kind of wrap your head around what he's basically saying is because of the nature of us being very social What we're now starting to see is messages and things that are sent out collectively into society that are collectively being observed are then we in turn in shaping people's brains and the way that they're actually thinking so in order to test this. Actually before I get to that illustration there's been some people that have left Facebook I don't know if you've paid attention to the news and some of the guys that have come out vocally and talked in the news what what they believe Facebook is actually doing to our brains this was one of the engineers are the former president and he's left Facebook and he's kind of talking a little bit about the damage that skinny is aware of that social media is actually doing to the brain so Misha play this for me. And. Oh. You know you will and then there's enough on or on on. My right. When you're on the subject to that woman and you know none of this is a. And while. Homeowner the X. axis of our lives. He is the number one. Of us on our records when you call and. The rich use your real. Side Show. You on. The ground only knows with these 2 words it's the. Oh yes. He says you're of exploiting vulnerable human psychology because they ultimately make money off of keeping your eyes on their device so if they can prove to the advertising companies hey look these teenagers are spending 9 hours a day in front of this device this advertising is now worth this much so he's saying that there was a thought process that went in to develop this technology is they knew it was addictive they've created it to be addictive that's why they came up with the little like button and the and the more you post the more you feed and all of this together is actually changing and reshaping people's brains so I wanted to show you this article. About where they started to test this they said we really want to test like really what is the influence that people are having in social media like who really cares about what people are posting and so listen to this at U.C.L.A. the Brain Mapping Center they used an F. M.R.I. machine scanner to image 32 teenagers as they used. A B spoke social media app resembling Instagram so they created a fake. Instagram that looked much like the real Instagram this is an F M R I was Shane so they could test what parts of the brain are active when when they're observing this and this is what Instagram kind of looks like you can post a picture there's likes on it and what they were testing was if we post 2 pictures that are literally exactly the same there's no difference between those 2 pictures except for one has a ton more likes than the other one there's 25000 likes on this one there's only 11 likes on this one and they want to see are you more susceptible to like it just because everyone else is liking it and they found time and time again this was true peer influence is what they kind of started coining it and they said as part of the experiment the participants were shown to remain range of neutral photos things like food in friends and also risky photos like cigarettes and alcohol but the type of image they had no impact on the number of likes given given by the teens they were instead more likely to like the popular photos regardless of what they showed and this could lead to a both positive and negative influence with their peers online meaning if everybody is posting pictures of everybody drinking and partying and they're all have been so much fun and everybody is like you in that photo guess what that does to you you're more likely to like that photo as well so these kind of things are they're finding are influencing based on how everybody's liking these things it's causing a little bit of everybody to kind of get on the same train of thinking now there's been some news crews that have kind of gone around and interviewed a few people this one I think specifically came from Los Angeles and they were asking kids what some of their values were I'll show you some of these things and listen to what they say. Were. That. Was. What. He. Was. Or. So if you think about what the doors that social media has began to open up is now you can share post and there are these young kids that are actually becoming incredibly famous simply by posting so it's causing them this desire now where they see all these other people that's what they're posting about all the money all the success all the fame and this is what is is all of these kids are now being interested in so I want to share with you some statistics here Facebook adds 500000 new users every day that's 6 new profiles every single 2nd these are a lot 68 percent of all the US a lot online adults use Facebook at least for one month and the average mean of friends is $338.00 now how many of you have more than $338.00. I'll be honest I have like I don't know 234000 online Anybody got a lot of friends like that do you really have 2 or 3 or 4000 friends no you can hardly talk to Candy people right why do we feel like we're all connected to everybody and. We live in this funny age where now because we have this kind of activity we say are well I now more social with my friends and becoming much more connected to them. How many of you heard of a Gallup poll. Anybody So they do different studies on different things and Gallup did a study back in the ninety's to 2000 and they started asking people how many friends do you actually really have I mean we're talking if you got a divorce you got into a car accident something tragic happened to you who's going to show up and cook here food and take your. Trash out and so I got what kind of a real friends are going to be there what do you think the average mean was that people actually said it says on the screen if you're actually reading the screen 10 friends that's what the average amount of friends were then all of a sudden I've seen studies that have popped up where they've really done this and they say now today that there is an actual average of about 4 friends that most people have so we're going from remember in the 2000 social media was not invented yet so it's funny to me that all of this set in only one or 2 decades later we've gone from a half the amount of friends that we can actually count as real friends you see what's happening is the research is starting to show us that when we think we're actually being more connected to each other guess what we're actually becoming more disconnected with each other families are becoming disconnected friendships are actually not becoming real long lasting friendships and listen to this Mark 2412 says and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold I find it interesting that this was speaking of the end of the world and here we're starting to notice literally the love many is beginning to wax cold we are becoming a disconnected society so here. Is a really interesting little clip I found from Denzel Washington and he's talking about social media he was asked the question. What would you say to young people about the use of social media and listen to what he has to say. So he's asking the question as well what is the long term effect of this are you aware of the fact that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates severely limited the tech use for their kids have you read those kind of articles this came up in Inc magazine and it said that in this interview Gates explained that he and his wife Melinda strictly limited their kids' Texaco spose you're bending them to owning a cell phone not owning a cell phone before 14 and and whipping out their dinner devices during dinner time and even Steve Jobs who is one of the biggest people that is the reason why we have these technologies and devices he's basically was limited in how his kids you were using it and when someone asked him if his kid was going to likely i Pad He says they haven't used it we limit how much technology our kids use at home because they understand the bare very basic foundation of the addiction level that we all have with it it is an addiction in addicting thing we are addicted to information and the way that we get stimulated is with new information so when we constantly think that there's new information that we're having whether it be an e-mail or a message or. Picture that someone posted that releases a kick of dopamine which gives us a little natural high and we get addicted to that and then that's what brings us back over and over and over again and you can you guys can look this up on your own time there's tons of of research out on the Internet that talks about this this is a problem. But here's another thing that's kind of happening as well Instagram specifically speaking is one of the most. Heavily used by young people and Instagram is a very interesting device because everybody posts only the best pictures right ever notice that I mean have you ever seen how some people go through 304050 pictures to get that one picture that they put on there and they're even doctoring it so this isn't a video is illustrating how people use Instagram and how they're actually showing people a whole different world than what's really going on in their lifes. My. I. I. I I. I. I I I. I. I I. I I. I. So it's kind of a stark reality but this is actually how a lot of people post that's the reality of it you don't know what's really going on behind closed doors in that person's life but what you see is only the good part only that I'm look at how much fun I'm having Look at all these things that I'm doing and yet their life could be a total basket case or they may not be that person that they're posting all of the time and if you only look at their posts they look like the happiest people in the world and I came across this that I found this very interesting these girls are at a baseball game and as they're at the baseball game. Yeah. So this goes on for a while and they keep cutting back from the baseball game to these girls who are not paying attention to the game at all they're literally laughing at them going there aren't even watching the game why would you pay for a ticket to go to the game what's the purpose of that because of what they can show all of their friends look at where we are look at how much fun we're having think about that when you spend so much time trying to take the photo of the of the exciting walk that you're having that you really aren't even engaged in the people you're walking with this is a phenomenon that's happening all the time people are more interested in the technology than they actually are how many of you have been to a party like this. I mean this thing is a happening party that a man is going off right I've been consciously observing this I like to go out on dates with my wife and how many of you have seen this. Right you go on a date you look around and I want you to observe other people and I want you to observe the couples that sit there and don't even have a conversation together they're so fixed on to their technology and emailing and texting that it's like they can't even see the person that's directly in front of them they're so busy communicating with someone else how many have you seen this. Oh it breaks my heart I am the type of person that like I don't like to go grocery shopping at all in fact I never step foot in a grocery store again I would be a happy camper my idea of shopping is going to Amazon putting it in my cart clicking in I'm good to go but I've noticed going shopping with my wife other parents that I will observe their their interactions with their kids and they're just literally walking around the store picking stuff off of the shelves not paying attention to the kid at all and my heart just goes oh my goodness that poor child all they want is attention and love from their parents in fact TIME magazine picked up on this and they said hello my parents are Melinda. What a minute it is. This is a picture of the world that we are engaging into and growing into so there is a solution and I found the solution very interesting there's actually a device and I think this is actually a real technological a device that someone was trying to develop for fresh treated parents who have kids who they can't unplug them here is a solution for you. Have you ever observed that I've traveled around the world and I've been in a lot of different places and I was in Brazil one time and I was at this family's house and I even gave this presentation to the church and I went back to the family's house and I don't think their kids. Said a word to the entire family the entire time I was there they were literally on their phones not engaging into family time at all and so you know there's there's a blessing to have this technology but there's also guidelines and things that we can do to help us have that family time I grew up in a household that I was not allowed to eat by myself in fact our family had to eat together and as a teenager I was always like No all I want is a sandwich I don't want to eat a whole meal with the family and every single time my parents were like nope the family eats together and we're going to share a meal together and I tell you what as an adult it is some of my most favorite memories of my childhood and even with my children today Family time is a sacred time for us to be together to talk so what my wife and I do is we turn off the technology if you call me during dinner time I will never answer the phone if you text message me during dinner time I will never answer the phone because I want to set a precedence with my children that there is a time that our family operates together and all technology is aside so there's things that we need to kind of implement if we're going to have these technologies in our life and what we need to do listen to this quote from Mrs White that comes from gospel workers page 185 the work of many ministers there is too much sermonizing and too little heart to heart work you know we live in a day and age where we have sermons coming out the was do you can listen to anything you want to on audio verse I love audio verse by the way you guys are awesome you can listen to anything on audio verse that you want to but listen to we are not lacking in information I want you to think about that for a 2nd. The information is not our problem Listen to what Mrs White says there is need to do more personal labor for souls in Christ like sympathy to minister we should come close to men individually to seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life their hearts may be as hardened as the beaten highway and apparently it may be a useless effort to present our Savior to them but while logic may feel to move an argument powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed in personally ministry may soften the stony heart so that that seed of truth may take root brothers and sisters do you realize that the best way to reach someone best way hands down is you work a relationship with them so do you think it's by chance that we now have all of these devices in our world that are literally ripping us apart they're separating us they're making us not as close to each other. Listen there is some beautiful things that we can do with this technology I'll give you some solutions here we go if you've ever been to a restaurant and you've seen everybody that's literally on their phones the entire time no one's even engaging in the restaurant take everybody take your phone out put it on the table and stack them up on the table the 1st one that grabs the phone off of the table has to pay the bill. You better want to answer that text message because it's going to cost you right in gauging to the conversation put your media down don't don't be so caught up in what's going on out there if you take the time to go out to dinner with your friends or with your family be present with your friends and your family because that relationship is important makes sense here's another piece of practical advice. There is this little thing inside of your phone called Airplane mode now I speak to a lot of young people in fact I was speaking to a university and I will not name the new university but it was all university age range kids and I'll tell you what the speaker can see who's paying attention I mean we can see when people are pulling their phones out and texting or playing around and not even paying attention and stuff like this right I have never seen in any of my time speaking all over so many people disengaged to what I was saying and usually it was like if you show a video people would sit there and they would play like this in the you play the video and you'd watch all the heads look up at the video 2nd the video is gone they go right back down to their phones right and this was the 1st time that it didn't matter what video I played they did not look at the screen or anything that I was same they were literally majority of them engaged in their media so I say that because listen when you go to church there's a blessing that God wants to give you at church be present and listen to. The sermon that is coming if you're constantly engaged in route there trying to communicate with everybody else it's a distraction tool and you might miss something that God needs you or want you to hear so put your phone on airplane mode I realize some people use the Bible and stuff like that in church that's fine that's what I'm talking about another way is I don't want to discount using social media as a very positive tool and I'll give you an illustration like this I have a friend of mine he's a very well known speaker fact many of you in this room have heard him speak many times and he was having some struggles in just their ministry and wasn't quite making as much money and and he couldn't pay as car payment and he was literally just like doing everything he thought God wanted him to do and he literally could barely survive did not have food in his refrigerator couldn't pay his cell phone bill and was literally in the grocery store crying out to God going God why a I'm doing everything you want me to do why are you not taking care of me and all of a sudden he gets a text message in his pocket and he pulls it out and somebody texted him and said you know what I was just thinking about you today and I came across this Bible verse and I thought I would encourage you with it and it was exactly what he needed to hear at that moment what a beautiful use of the technology when you don't see someone at church have you ever gone home from church and texted them Hey I didn't see the church today you all right can I bring you something are you sick going to bring you some soup What a beautiful use of the technology I went to a church out in in Los Angeles when I came back into the church when my wife and I started going to church we lived in Los Angeles for the 1st year of our marriage and I started shopping at the different churches in Los Angeles and I went to this one particular church and right when I walked in the doors of the church the pastor came up to me and he said Oh I haven't seen you here before can I have your phone. Amber. And I went. So I kind of gave him my phone number and I went that's weird never it never have happened I'm leaving church he calls my phone on the way from church Hey just really appreciated you coming by today and just wanted to know if you had any questions or if you if you wanted to you know talk or anything like that it is really great to see you and your wife I'll tell you what I stuck at that church because he called me and was interested in saying hi to me so think about that your friends we're all seeking love and attention and and you know if somebody is not around or having a bad day use the technology to reach out to them and use it in a positive manner here's another thing I love technology have a lot of it trying to convince my wife to tell you for that I need an apple I watch it's not going to happen but if you ever notice when you talk to somebody who has a smart watch and this is nothing against smart watch and they do this to you the entire time that you're talking if you notice this ever right and I immediately go Oh my goodness I'm totally boring this person they've got somewhere else they need to go and I'm obviously not interesting enough to them but that's not what people mean by it at all but think about it it's a cycle sort of psychological thing that you relate to people when you're constantly like I've got to I got to go so you know hurry it up pay attention to that you do not need to check that text message or that phone message mediately you can wait until the conversation is done You Tube is a wonderful thing 13 to 24 year olds all watch You Tube and nothing else if you ask anyone between that age do you watch any T.V. they'll tell you I watch You Tube So here's some interesting to specifics about you to let your mind kind of find fascinating 300 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every single minute it's incredibly a lot of content $3250000000.00 hours of video are watched every single month the average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes. And before you get to this screen right here well you can kind of see it I was going to ask you what the most popular You Tube video is anybody don't look anybody want to guess they didn't look now desperate SEATO do you know what this is. Raise your hand if you know what this is OK now how is it that about 50 percent of this room knows what the most popular music video is right and it's not a very live kosher music video in my right. How many of you have ever looked through You Tube and not meaning to you see some little youtube video on there that's a music video and you click on it and you've seen the music video right you see I remember the days in age when I was growing up in my my parents' age it was always I don't want you to M.T.V. Don't don't watch M.T.V. guess what brothers and sisters people are still watching M.T.V. We just don't call it M.T.V. we call You Tube Look at the names on here desperate see to. See you again uptown funk Gangnam Style sugar Shake It Off the top videos that are watched on there are all music that's what a lot of kids are watching so I tell people listen You Tube is awesome that you know people have learned to build a house watching You Tube to Tori I have changed the brakes on my car I have literally done wild things that I never thought that I would be able to do sitting there watching a You Tube video right what a blessing but also with that blessing you can find yourself watching things that you normally would not watch. So I want to read this verse to 55 to 17 then see then that you walk circumspectly not as the fools but as the wise redeeming the time because the days are evil therefore do not be unwise but understand what the will of the Lord is I believe that we are given a talent of time we are out of time but literally Time is one of those things that I think you're going to regret wasting when we get to heaven and I'll phrase it like this I don't think anyone is going to get to heaven and go I'm so glad every single night I looked at an hour's worth of Instagram. I don't think anyone's going to ever say that I don't think anybody is ever going to say I'm so glad that I did an X. amount of hours of video games or watch X. amount of hours of movies do you know what they are going to say when they get to heaven why didn't I talk with my neighbor Why didn't I spend a little more energy with this family member who was not in Christ why didn't I spend a little more time don't even my time and energies to the things of the church or the things of God Those are the things that I believe you're going to say I wish I would have done that with my time so think about that because I've observed this and I'm being 100 percent honest with you guys I work in ministry all the time so I'm constantly kind of communicating with people and sometimes when I would go home I have to communicate with certain people from Facebook and people message me all the time about speaking engagements or whatever but I notice something when I would lay there next to my wife looking at Facebook and our world would go by and I never said a word to my wife and we would literally be like OK good night and I was like Do you remember the days before this that that we used to talk and lay in bed and have conversations and stuff like that and so we both really noticed that and we started observing the time that we waste doing these kind of devices in it is breaking us away from our own personal relationships so think about that in your own personal relationships I believe that the days are evil and we need to do the best that we can with the time listen to this this comes from testimonies of the church page volume 2 page 499 success or failure in ministry depends much on one's use of time some might now have been thorough workman had they made a good use of their time feeling that they would have to get give an account to God for their misspent moments that's a solemn thought right there they have displease God because. They have not been dust Reus self-gratification self-love and selfish selfish love of ease have kept some from the good and withheld them from obtaining the knowledge of the Scriptures that they might be thoroughly furnished unto all good works some do not appreciate or value the value of time and have idle did away in bed in the hours that might have been better employed in studying the Bible I can testify to this problem and so I want to just share that with you and say listen you know what it's a great thing to communicate with Kate with people but if you find yourself literally just wasting hours away you would be better to spend that time in reading the Scriptures so that you can turn around and share that with someone else I hope this was a blessing to you I know there's lots of of the young college kids that maybe are married just getting married maybe thinking about having kids you've got to start making these decisions of what kind of choices are you going to allow your children what kind of technology how much how much you need to limit this with them because I'll tell you what I've done a pretty good job in my household with the T.V. no T.V. Don't watch this my kids are very well on that train and I'll tell you what the next wave of the war is. It's called This right here and too often this is handed to the kids as a pacifier and it is a while of things that you do not want your children to get involved in whether it be addicting video games or things that that they don't need to to engage into so think about that put some parameters on this technology there's a lot of research out on the Internet that talk about some of the things that this is Doing to Our Brains and how it's changing and rewiring us and I want you to remember if you don't member anything else that I said this tonight I want you to remember this we are cold to be friends with everyone out there in this dying world we need to to reach them and that takes a lot of hard labor of one on one relationships it's not the fictitious virtual relationship that's going to really Windows people over think about that spend quality time with people and don't just rely on the technologies of this world is there any questions before we close out tonight anything over any of the material that you've seen you have a question on some of this stuff I don't want to I don't want to leave you guys with more questions. 5 G.'s interesting isn't it so I've looked a little bit into it where we're or do working on a couple different projects right now that deal with technology one specifically is in the topic of AI and where they're going with a lot of this technology that's that's leaving out it is really fascinating and they're so far advanced and there is a lot of technology that is just becoming more and more invasive into us 5 G. I think is one of those that I don't really quite understand quite what it's going to do to us and these technologies are being released and then it's kind of like we're testing it on the population so yeah it's a topic that I feel passionate about talking about and giving some people some information anyone else. So you know you. Oh yes so he said What is the dangers of a lot of these big companies that are collecting big data on you and they're selling your data and they're targeting you have you ever heard of the Facebook sorry. The selfish ledger so in Simi Valley or Silicon Valley they release videos internally with a lot of these progressive forward thinkers and some of these videos are to test the waters to see how people would react to this type of technology that's coming out or something like this and there was a video that was quote unquote leaked that was called the selfish ledger and what they were discussing was all of this personal data that you are now putting on to the Internet there is a digital version of you on the Internet everything that you taste touched like by they literally have a copy of you digitally is it yours and this is what they were discussing and so they were saying that that if they needed to know a piece of information about you there is everything is now becoming connected to the Internet that's what the whole 5 G. thing is literally everything is going to be connected to the Internet so your toaster oven your microwave your vacuum cleaner all of that is going to be sending information at one point in time to these major companies and so they said if they don't know your weight like let's say the company or whatever doesn't understand your weight what they can do is they can advertise to you through Amazon or whatever like this but to buy a scale and the 2nd you buy this scale and you step on the scale it sends your information to the to the computer and it learns about you and what they found is that they can completely manipulate you based on how they know human psychology works and they can corral you to do whatever they want you to do you look at this video up it's a little alarming when you watch it you can see it on You Tube It's called the social ledger or and and so. There's there's there's some technology that's coming out that is. Very interesting and all of this is time back and getting closer and closer to the topic of AI This is literally a piece of AI and we now carry it all the time you ever lost your phone anyone how did that make you feel when you lost your phone right where you like I feel like I like those dreams I have been a kid and I went to school with no pants right if you like that right you feel like there's something missing out of you do you know that's that's a crazy thing because they're getting the technology literally this is almost on us the next step is to get it on you the next step is to get it in you and the next step is to get it connected to you and the whole mess of the tech world we're talking Larry Larry Page from Google all these guys who are trance humanists and they're all trying to transcend humanity with technology and all men it is getting out of control where they're actually wanting to take this so I think also as a people we need to understand the limitations of of this to basically help safeguard our ourselves and of course our children that are growing up anyone else. Through. That's right. So to reinstate the question she's saying that our attention span is getting smaller and smaller and smaller in fact some some some of the people they joke about it they say a goldfish has a 9 2nd attention span and we now have an 8 2nd attention span nice we have less than a goldfish and so literally it is becoming surface skimmers is what we are we're not deep searchers anymore remember you have to really if you want to get a piece of information from a book I don't know this is probably the wrong audience to say this from you guys probably read deeply into books and stuff like this but the average population does not just reads the the bold prints and they're just surface skimming all this information and just taking things in and they're not really doing these slow long process is where That's how we really need to learn and and yeah our attention is just going out the window videos are getting shorter and shorter and so yeah I think it is is is an unfortunate thing also another thing to do you notice how we use a lot of powerpoint and a lot of pictures and a lot of video clips and things like that in sermons Now if you've noticed a lot of different speakers that come by They'll use this technology whatever happened to a guy that could just stand here and preach from the Bible all of a sudden it's like you know you got a guy who's just reading from the Word of God and people are like. Because they're not changing colors and you know there's no music and there's no stimulation so aside product as well as we are getting addicted to the stimulation and the change of rapid information and all that kind of stuff and we are literally rewiring our brains to not have that attention span so so for what. I believe that yes we need to unplug we need more time where we don't engage in this Have you ever done a media fast. Yes it's a beautiful thing isn't it it's a wonderful thing and you know I encourage that all the time if you ever really want to test yourself and see if you're addicted to the technology turn it off for a bit and really recognize what your body does does it think about it fantasize about it constantly want to check it are you are you withdrawing from it those are classic signs of addiction so if you have those symptoms. You need to know that there is there's a real addiction to technology that we can engage and suffer from so I think that disengaging from it is a is a beautiful thing and we need to do that more often anyone else. I don't I think you guys for coming out of stay here if you've got any other personal questions let's bear heads for a word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father. We want to thank you so much for of all for you being our friend we know that you know we don't deserve any of your attention or anything from you and yet you have just employed all of heaven to save us and I want to thank you for that personally but I also Lord want to pray a prayer of encouragement over Advent hope here because this is a special group a special beacon of light that you have called down here into southern California into Loma Linda into into this whole area and lowered We need to be friends and really build those relationships there is a lot of hurting people out here and the Lord I want to pray for this church today to open our eyes on how to become friends with these people and how to engage with them so that we can bring them into the fold and bring them to you and bring them ultimately to your feet and so we just pray that. A special blessing over the work that Advent hope is doing here and all of the the information that they're learning Lord may not just be information but may they apply it to their lives and Lord we know that you're coming soon and we want to be a people that are ready for you so we thank you for everything that you do for us in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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