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  • January 17, 2019
    6:30 AM
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To Father in heaven we are grateful to be here we are grateful for your work in our lives we're grateful that in the morning is a special time to connect with you and. To be ready to face the day thank you Father for the many blessings that you pour out on us and for your desire to teach us and instruct us and to bless us in every way please father this morning. I don't have the ability to communicate well but you do and so I pray that through me you will communicate what you want to be said and that it will bless everyone here I pray in Jesus' name mean so I kind of titled The Smalling what I'm presenting beyond Diest farming is kind of a strange title but. What is the definition of a deist we can have a familiar with what a deist has from William Miller who was a deist and it's basically the belief that God has created the universe but remains a pot from it and permits his creation to administer itself through natural laws and you know as a thought about it that it's very easy for us to approach our farming. Endeavors as a deist because a deist basically just works with the laws that God set in motion and created and we ought to study those laws we ought to be very intelligent fact in the book education we can have success unless we pay attention to the laws that are involved and that compliance with the laws governing each is the condition of success so it's very important that we understand and we work with those but does it just stop there is it is that all there is to it does God have more that he wants to do. That goes beyond just the scientific realm. So there is a movement out there. And. I'm going to talk a little bit about it but is there a supernatural dime ancien or a dynamic to agriculture that. Nice people don't not aware of there is out in the world there's a practice cold Biden Amec. How many of you heard of that before a few of you quite a few of you and it's very interesting I didn't know a lot about it I'd watched a few presentations on it and. Kind of seemed like there was something strange about it I didn't really know what it was but it didn't didn't all add up to me and so I did a little research into it and as I. Became a you know knowledgeable about what it was all about it's really really amazing that it's I believe it's a count of feet to what God really wants to do through his people and so by the name of Agriculture is a form of alternative agriculture a very similar to organic farming but it includes various concepts drawn from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and initially developed it in $1924.00 and it was for the it was the 1st of the organic agricultural movements it treats soil fertility plant growth and livestock here as. Interrelated Tyrus emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives Biden Amec agriculture Lex strong scientific evidence for its efficacy and has been labeled a pseudo science because of its over reliance upon a satiric knowledge and mystical beliefs. And I've heard of some of the things one of the presentations that I heard from there's a school in New Zealand that teaches agriculture inspired and hammock based and part of a pest control was to if you have you know an animal that's eating on your crop you take a male and you sacrifice it and burn it down to ashes and take those ashes and sprinkled over your field and then the pace went calm and you think well how on earth does that work so there's a lot of real strange stuff that goes along with it and that's just you know a small part of it so I waited Rudolf Steiner to get his information by the late 1860 S. Rudolf Steiner had seen his 1st ghost many years later he revealed that as a kindergarten age boy a female's specter appeared to him in the waiting room of a railway station he claimed one of his father's female relatives had killed herself on that very same day from this moment on Steiner believed he was able to communicate with the spiritual realm we had not only external trees or external mountains speak to the human soul but also the beings that lived behind them later in life he would not surprisingly urge his followers to read to the deed so the biodynamic system was essentially delivered whole in 1924 and Rudolf Steiner a self professed clairvoyant and a cult philosopher from Austria who conceived of Biden a mixture in his telepathic visits to the realm of the spirits he claimed existed behind our material world. Today if you go online and you Google Biden Amec see you will find that there are products available this is one of them and notice that it says on the bottom of the bag made from an untapped source of power and majesty and. In California there's quite a movement into Biden Amex factor so around the world not only was Rudolph Steiner a proponent of bought an image every culture but he initiated a lodge educational system. The 1st ward of school opened in 1919 and still stuck Germany in a century later that the number has grown to 1150 independent Wardo schools 800 kindergartens and 600 $46.00 inches for special education located in $75.00 countries there are also a number of order of place public schools charter schools and academies and home schooling environments and comparing that with our Adventist movement they claim they are the largest in the pain and educational system in the world but apparently we operate $8500.00 schools in over $100.00 countries in comparison so could it be that Stein is message and system is a count of feet of God's message about true education I believe that it is and it's very fascinating to me that as you look at the very timing of when it came into existence that what was happening in the administration that time administrates was going through educational reform our schools were starting to bring agriculture an industry and more Bible and and so on and so there was a. Reformation that was happening and the power of that reform ation was so much that I believe the devil was trembling in his boots and so what did he do he raised up a count of feet movement just like the counter if I'm a sion. You know back in Martin Luther's time to try to stop the influence and to divert those who would be interested in the truth into something that was was false. So where might the fallen angels who Steiner communicated with have gotten the knowledge of agriculture this is really fascinating in the book paychecks and prophets page 50 we're told that the Angels with the husbandman who under God educated Adam and Eve to cultivate the soil and to care for the fruit trees provided and great Friday for the use of mankind so where did that take place at took place in the God of Eden right and so they were taught Adam and Eve were taught by angels how to cultivate the soil how to fire and we are told also that Adam had seams for contemplation in the works of God in Eden which was heaven in miniature so they were teaching Adam and Eve in Eden how to cultivate the soil where did they do it they probably didn't heaven because Eden was a little miniature of heaven and you know Ellen White's in his visions. And when she was shy you know was taken to heaven and she saw the temple and such for she saw fruit trees growing there so heaven is a real place that has real soil that has real just like not well better than this earth but. It's not some kind of spiritual realm where. These things don't exist and so the knowledge I believe that the angels had of Agriculture was from heaven and say these fallen angels I believe must of had that knowledge. From their time in heaven before they were banished from that place so what is the difference between the count of feet and the genuine Both methods have been communicated through spiritual means. In the laws that which God gave for the cultivation of the soil we're told in the spur prophecy he was giving the people opportunity to overcome their selfishness and become heavenly minded so there is a redemptive dynamic to the true that the count of feet does not have so God had a jewel purpose in teaching agriculture agricultural practices it was part of a. Life transforming experience and if these roles were followed what would be the results. Adam and Eve lost Eden and because of they ascend the land was could just eat of God's people obeyed his requirements and followed his directions in regard to tilling the soil the land would be brought back to a prosperous and beautiful condition main would cooperate with God in restoring the disease lane to health that it might be a praise and glory to his name and as the land they possessed would if mannish with skill in a sniff produces traces so the hots of controlled by God would reflect his character and I believe that's the key component you know the purpose of education the purpose of our Christian experience is to reproduce the character of God in us and so agriculture provides a means for that to happen. And I believe that sway the genuine shines out above the count of feet so what are these laws that have a jewel result. Well Time does not allow to go through all of the biblical laws but there are some key ones that I think that are very relevant as week think about agricultural endeavors in general enemy 2419 to 22 it says when you reap you'll have a sit in your field and forget a sheaf in the field you shall not go back to get it it show before the stranger the fatherless and the widow that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands so why did he say the Lord say he will bless you in all the work of your hands if you leave something for the poor in the stranger So in other words you care for others in your work and those who are less fortunate and so there's one of the laws that would change the high because naturally we're selfish and we want to hold things to ourselves and. God wants to change that. In Exodus $342016.00 days you shall labor but on the 7th day you shall rest in ploughing time and in Harvest you shall rest and so on the Sabbath and keeping of the Sabbath we actually have time to Spain with Al created to get to know him so that we can reflect his character for we just work and agriculture so demanding that we would work 7 days a week like a lot of families do just because the work never rains it's always there that God wants us to stop to pause to have that time with him and to get to know him so that we can know how to cooperate with him learn his his ways his laws his read into a plane and be able to reflect his character so the Sabbath is a tremendous blessing I believe for agricultural India as I think what it does is it creates a trust in us because sometimes you think if I stop if I keep the Sabbath if I don't do what needs to be done something's going to happen something's going to die some you know and and yet the Lord never latest down Deuteronomy 1422 you shall truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces year by year so the support of the ministry through tithes and offerings is another way that we through our agricultural day have is that we entering into the work of God and what state too is hot and that's one of the agricultural laws. In jitter on me 157 through 11 it says if there is among you a poor man of your brethren with any of the gates in your land which the LORD your God is giving you you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother but you shall open your hand wide to him and willingly lamed him sufficient for his need what every needs be where place there be a wicked thought in your hot saying the 7th year the year of release is at hand and your eye be evil against your poor brother and give him nothing and he cry out to the Lord against you and it become a sin among you you shall surely give to him and your hot should not be grieved when you give to him because this is key for this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your works and an all in an altar which you put your hand for the Paul will never cease from the land therefore I command you saying you shall open your hand wide to your brother to your poor and your needy in your land so isn't there a direct correlation if we. Do what the Lord has said here in taking care of those who have needy and poor that he will bless in fact really based beyond what we think we're going to lose you know the proverb says he who gives to the poor lanes to the Lord and he will repay so the Lord is faithful in doing that very thing and I've I've been blown away by how he does that one short experience of going to keep a track on time but I think I've got enough time to Shia. One of the things that that we did on our. We had a lot of seconds and for those of you who follow you know seconds a hod you can't sell him we're conditioned in this country that everything needs to look picture perfect and inside out late retail outlet wants to buy an ugly looking 2nd and unfortunately 50 percent of what is grown I believe is is just wasted and until it into the soil and and. And yet there are needy people around and so. I you know in my thinking initially I was trying to find markets for it because it's such a large volume and the Lord impressed me that we need to be giving to the poor I called Food banks and we started giving to all the food banks and giving to the Staffa and anybody who could use it and we still had plenty left over and. This last year the Lord really blessed because without me even looking I had a someone contact me and ask for if they could buy seconds and it was a deli quite a large daily at a co-op and over the course of the season they bought $12000.00 where the seconds just blew me away you know and so the Lord is really faithful in blessing when we work with him to to meet the needs of others. In Leviticus 25 vs 234 when you come into the land which I give you the in the land shall keep a Sabbath to the Lord 6 years you shall so your field and 6. Vineyard and gathers fruit but then the 7th here this show be a Sabbath of solemn raced for the Lord a Sabbath to the Lord. Just last year we kept we raced of the land as a supply sabbatical and while we could have rested portions of the land in N.Y.C. actually talks about at school farms that that can be done wrist potions of it God's intention for the family was to give him rest and have time for recreation time for education and time for mission work and I thought you know that's really God's design is really good because it's easy to get burnt out you know you do hard work overnight you know year after year season gets tired of it but in God's plan and his design you don't get Boy event out you have a break and then you come back with enthusiasm to get back into it so I thought that's really cool and I want to also get involved in mission work I have does a lot more I need to learn say education sounds good to me. And I talk a little bit of recreation sounds good so this last year was absolutely phenomenal because the year before the 6th The Lord said You know if if you think what you know how my going to support myself through the 7th year he said I will bless the 6th year and so we had been if I was to show you a graph of Al you know family income. Quite a few years it's been very even it hasn't really gone up and down much and but in this 6 year. Our income jumped up from the 5 by about 50 percent and it wasn't any planning the crops were yielding far more than they had in the in the previous years and I was blown away by that because I thought the 6 year you need to risk the lane because it's tied they for it should produce less but just like the manna in the wilderness for the for the children of Israel God gave an extra in the 6 day to carry them through the Sabbath and so that was a blessing and then through other. Work an income through the offseason the Lord gave me extra work there and so when I was doing my taxes. And looked at the amount of money I did by tax on it was exactly double of what. What my income had been pretty pretty static through the previous years I was absolutely blown away by that inside a lot provided the means whereby through this last year we were able to have the year all and do the things that God had intended so I really feel blessed to have had that experience so Zabel to travel to Africa and get involved in some mission work the. And the year has gone by so fast it's incredible I thought Man it's going be a long time and I was eager to get back into agriculture again but it has flown by and. So I'm really really grateful for the experience and I believe God still will bless anyone. Who follows these laws even though I've had people say to me isn't that like keeping the feast days well now I don't think so I think it's in the category when we do the things that God has said how to find how to follow these laws that. It's similar to health laws the our health laws in the Old Testament you know for our good and God knows how to look after the health of the soil and resting the land as part of looking after the health of the soil. On Sunday before I came here I took my soil prior to take some soil samples to send off to get the results and. Normally when I take the private push it into the soil you know I have to push it a little bit and it goes down maybe 46 inches into the soil and I take that sample out this time when I put the probe and to the Slan that are being rested I just had to come across a pirate I didn't hardly have to put any weight on the probe and it sunk down to about 8 inches and you know without any effort it was amazing so I know the soil is really improved by that raced and I believe that he's a great failure in that notice what it says here in this quote from the Spirit of Prophecy. It says you are not working alone when you attempted to become discouraged remember this angels of God right around you they will minister to the very earth causing it to give forth its traces this is the instruction I am trying to give our people I want them to understand what could be accomplished if they would work the will of the Lord it is the Lord who has given the instruction let us follow his directions and this was at the school that Ellen White was was very supportive of and they were really trying to follow God's plane which included agriculture and she says here and the Lord will help you in making the see if it not merely because of the good that may be accomplished in the school but because of the many others who need the experience you are having the work you do here may result in the salvation of hundreds of souls and so I believe that as we work with God as we follow His laws for agriculture they go away beyond just the science just the deist approach to agriculture that God has tremendous placings not just for us but in reaching out as through the experience he gives us and they see the genial and the superior way of Agriculture not the count of feet and people who will glorify God through it we are told we each have a work to do for God Whatever may be our occupation those who are on their farms are not to think that it would be a waste of time for them to plan to go out and visit their neighbors and hold up before them the light of the truth for this time for even if it does seem difficult to leave the farm work yet we shall not lose what financially because of spending time in helping others now that's the temptation we have with so busy the farm work is ongoing and it seems like if we stop something is going to fail. But there is a God in heaven that will bless Al Labour's. Short experience it just really underscored this for me there is there was an opportunity for me to go and visit a main it was it was a doctor who was in jail and the circumstances were that I could only visit him on Sunday and there was a set time and everything that I could visit him and Sunday I didn't have my normal work crew but I still had to harvest for delivery on Monday and so Sunday would be a very busy day in fact after the Sabbath on Saturday night I go out harvest in the dock with a light and then get up early in the morning and work all day on Sunday till dark to you know to get the work done but I knew that the Lord want to me to go and visit this man. And I'd never met him out and talk to him on the phone and it's to these too many details to tell you all that you know the the whole story but I thought how on earth am I going to get everything done so I just said Lord I know you want me to do this. I don't know where the help going to come from I'm just going to trust that you will you will help me get this done so I went and visited him I went to visit him and actually the 1st time I had to drive in Alan to get there Al back I lost half a day for hours and but when I got the I ended up not being out of see him that Sunday because I only allow one visit and so he already had a visitor side to go back the next Sunday and so I lost 2 Ha Sundays but on each of those days I don't know how the Lord did it but we got all the harvesting done and there was no loss it just blows me away how the Lord does that because humanly speaking I could not see any way for that to happen and and the Lord really blessed in visiting this man and and. Talking to him about the Lord and his need and how the Lord could help him in his circumstances so I believe these laws they're not just because God wants us to work with them to reach others and then we will suffer a loss he says we won't suffer loss we will be blessed and that has been my experience and I'm so grateful that card wants to rejoice and him rejoice in the work and not feel like it's a burden and so may God bless each of you in your endeavors as you follow him in this let's pray defogger in heaven thank you so much that you are so I was and in the spiritual realm you work beyond what we can see but you blessed in ways that we can comprehend and thank you for giving us laws that are so much so more superior than any other practice there is on this earth Thank you that there is a God in heaven who loves us and works with us and thank you that you are fitting us for heaven so that we can live for eternity with you and the angels we will see physically with our eyes and you will teach us better methods of agriculture than we know here and we are excited to learn about them and so father now as we live out the rest of our time before Jesus comes may we learn to trust you more and more when when it seems humanly speaking that we. Can't see a way to obey you. And that it will cause us loss give us the faith that it takes 2 to trust you that you will never fail in doing what you promised. And then as a result of that the excitement that comes from from seeing your your hand a quick may it be contagious to others and may through your true form of education in agriculture may it rise to its prominent position that you designed it should be in this world and attract people who know there's a spiritual dynamic and even and haven't been exposed to the truth. That are being drawn away to account of his father may they be saved and drawn to you through what we do thank you in Jesus name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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