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When the Spirit Falls

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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I think we have had a couple minutes before we start but as we welcome each of you here and die so the group became little earlier if you have a Bible in the pan and a paper and notebooks you will get the most out of this class if you want to run this time be sure to bring it next time because we are going to spend a lot of time studying God 's word so many acids via PowerPoint presentation my comment was in my evangelism and much my DJ use PowerPoint I think PowerPoint should never be a substitute for the Bible and this is a time that I'm not getting his PowerPoint were to come and open the word of God I think there is something about seeing the text in the Scripture yourself you can see on the screen and that's wonderful I use PowerPoint my evangelism largely because people that are coming through the doors don't know the Ezekiel the difference between the book of Ezekiel in the book of Hezekiah and I tell you to turn to Hezekiah they're all flipping and looking in the Old Testament they have no clue that Hezekiah is not a book in the Bible amazing Sodom and Gomorrah with two twin sisters so as a result of that I need to start them with the PowerPoint presentations that I like to meet people away from that is much as we can because I still believe that there is something powerful about opening the word of God about taking attendance underlining attacks the circling attacks there is something that tell you see in Scripture leading don't see if you are looking at on the screen so and him when you see in the Scripture he becomes personally yours you you write a note to it you write down a text so if you have your Bible great if you don't I hope you bring it next session look on with somebody next year we were to wait just a moment or two I need somebody to help me because you know these preachers they get taken off in the wind as they start preaching and any some reason helping with timing we need to go from nine thirty to ten thirty summary of the front row you guys planning on watching young and what time is it now nine thirty one wow we can start right is your cock right I'm sure it is on the guttural ten thirty and this is a six part class on the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit if you come one class it's like going through breakfast and taking one of these of Silver Hills Moran and you will get some nourishment but it's a lot better legal breakfast so if you are certainly free to go to whatever seminars you want but I do want you to know that I built this seminar is not as repetitive but every class of being a different class and I'll tell you a little bit about what were going to do then my prayer in one trademark last there are six classes on the Holy Spirit I am convinced that one of the great issues in the unfinished church today in the finishing of God 's work is the reception of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers as I travel the world and you take Mexico City twenty million people one of the largest cities in the world the largest city take Tokyo in Japan you travel through the cities of Europe and Asia unless there is a dramatic outpouring of God 's Spirit the work of God on earth will not be finished no human genius is capable and no methods are capable of reaching this world so leave the key that stands between us and the coming of Jesus is understanding and receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives personally so that we can be those people that God longs for us to be that's why this seminar is so vitally important and I'm praying that not only will we learn something in the seminar but their hearts and minds of the change that this seminar will being this something that you can take as young people and use it in small groups in your school when your church from the notes that you have and that it can be life-changing than a few hundred people here in this room can go out and you can share this material without there is and that's why I encourage you to underline your Bible cross-reference it and take adequate notes there are six presentations and I'll tell you about each presentation Franklin for first presentation in the first presentation on a talk about the promise the personality and the power of the Holy Spirit of promise the personality and the power of the Holy Spirit that's in our first presentation will talk about the promise that Christ gave the Holy Spirit will talk about the personality of the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit any influence is the Holy Spirit the third person of the Godhead what difference does that make if you understand the nature of the Holy Spirit and we'll talk about the power of the Holy Spirit are alive since the first session the second session I will talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit if somebody came up to you and said have you experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit let's suppose you have a path for still friends in the Pentecostal friend says have you experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit Pentecostal friend is thinking have you spoken in tongues but what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit out what is the baptism of fire and how do you know if you have been baptized by the Holy Spirit does it make a difference in your life and witness if you've experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit what is that and we're going to discuss that in the second session in the third session this afternoon and we have one session from nine thirty to ten thirty then we take a fifteen minute break with the second and forty five till you eleven forty five two thirty and two thirty on a talk about the true and false manifestations of the Holy Spirit working a look at the gift of tongs were looking for miracles were little signs and wonders what is the gift of tongues what is the Bible mean when it talks about the gift of tongues is the gift of tongues evidence of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit what about miracles should we expect miracles of healing today and will than to have a work miracles will God worked miracles with the devil works miracles of God works miracles how can you tell the difference is it possible that were so afraid of the Devils miracles that we miss God 's miracles and is it possible that we want miracle so much they were willing to accept the Devils miracles so what you tell either criteria in the Bible of the rings know might help you to tell so that's the second that's the first session this afternoon what about the signs in Mark chapter sixteen of the Bible says these signs will follow them that they believe they will drink poison they won't be killed and they'll take up serpents and they'll speak in unknown tongues what does that mean and so were to look at the manifestation of the Holy Spirit the true and false manifestations that will take us both sessions this afternoon those that is such a comprehensive presentation there was a dispossession so today presentation one the personality power of the Holy Spirit in the person and and then the promise of the Holy Spirit then session number two today the baptism of the Holy Spirit baptism of fire this afternoon counterfeit signs and miracles of healing and tongues and how you know the difference between true and false that's a second tomorrow morning we're going to deal with the early and latter rain when God pours out his spirit the church is God 's work and how to participate in the finishing of God 's work that's nearly a lot arrange Martha needed and then build our last presentation to deal with the sanctuary and the Holy Spirit what relationship does Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and his intercession in the heavenly sanctuary have to be Holy Spirit in each of our sessions will now usually make two presentations that give you a chance for questions what I find is if we do questions through the presentation many of those things I may have the answer intimated take us in different directions so will have three question-and-answer periods like I'll do two presentations this morning to be in the end of the morning I'll set aside ten fifteen minutes for questions and your questions will be answered but if you would be so kind to just jot down and we can take questions in the block because they were to get a lot more done in our studies we live in you listen as he will he he he he he will is in the night as he is in a young lady I know young people well and there are plenty of spots on the floor it has been an evangelist sister I get everybody my meetings again I see the evangelist never shuts the door and another to love Jesus the doors open the sanctuary doors not shut yes it don't shut my door assist him to a high believe in the open door and him alcohol this forward affray and our first presentation is on the power personality in promise of the Spirit together our father in heaven we just ask you right now that he would grace our assembly with your spirit made the Holy Spirit be something that we not simply talk about but we experience latest seminar draws closer to you in ways that we have not imagined would happen may we sense the moving of your spirit upon our hearts as we open the word of God convict us of Satan show us who we are and show us who you are with the promise that you gave two thousand years ago in your spirit be fulfilled in the church today may we see the glorious climax of your work in the soon return of our Lord in Christ's name on Sally was living in a poverty-stricken her husband died about thirteen years before and once he died she became so discouraged that she never wanted to leave the home but you can imagine that if this column had been in disrepair for thirty years by now the water wasn't working well and the pipes were leaking by now since she didn't have any money they had turned off the lights and turned off the heat by now she wanted to cook meal she took him on a little Coleman stove her clothes were threadbare and she was living in a very terrible situation her neighbor is hardly ever saw her go out of the house because why would you want one of the house if you are so discouraged if you had very little money to spend occasionally should go out my morsels of food chain live a subsistence existence one of her friends from thirty years before who had seen Sally for thirty years decided to drop by the house and actually dropped by this woman that was living in another senior name is Mary and she came by to see Sally as she came in she saw the house deteriorating she sought that Sally was in on me she ate it and she was desperate and so he said cellular I'm here to help to burn some food and use it let's start getting this place cleaned up and as they were cleaning it up they came to an old top desk that Sally's husband Jim had thirty years ago Ms. Mary rolled down she saw final inning the file there was a folder that said for Sally and EMS folder there was a letter from Sally's husband would died three years before the letter said something like this there's Sally I don't have much time left interest but I have made all the provisions necessary for you I will be leaving this world shortly because I know that my cancer is terminal but he will not be wanting for anything there is the bank booked in the folder to take that to the bank believes there is a key to our safety deposit box and there is selling what's this in fact I don't know I've never seen it before I was at the start deputy and I never looked in the desk this is what they discover they discovered that in the savings account that was deposited thirty years before there was about fifty eight thousand dollars but with compound interest was worth during fifty four thousand now they discovered that it was a coin collection when they took that he went down to the safety deposit box but discover and collections with forty seven thousand dollars they discovered stock certificates that had matured over thirty years of five hundred fifty thousand dollars and I discovered has thirty two thousand Sally was one of the richest women in the city she was worth liquid cash eight hundred and eighty three thousand dollars but she was living in abject poverty she was limping as if she were a popular and had no money to buy closed the money to provide the money for electricity for the house no money to buy food yet she was incredibly wealthy crudity is it possible that our Lord who left us left us extremely rich and extremely wealthy on but could it be that we are living at times poverty-stricken Christian lives have you ever felt powerless to overcome those immoral thoughts that flow through your mind young man have you ever felt powerless young lady to deal with that critical have you ever felt in your life that you sailed on the same day I can and again and again and again and you have set yourself why this is the IQ get what I believe in my head into action in my life am at the latest method tell me it's wrong I don't need more reinforcing steel that what I'm doing is wrong I need power to change and have you ever felt that way in your life and I think all of us at times in our lives have been frustrated when the devil has attacked us and all in all unless at times in our lives have felt powerless have you ever felt the time that you wanted to say something to that non-Christian friend and you quite knowing what to say what you started and you felt powerless and you witness there are times that we feel powerless in our personal lives we feel powerless in our witness the answer to that is the ministry of the Holy Spirit living in dwelling in our lives so we want to take a look this morning at the beginning at the promise of Jesus is there anything that Jesus cannot do is there anything that God cannot do as I force are well like there is something you can do here is the Bible tax thievery chapter six there is something the Bible says that seemed possible for God to do Hebrew chapters six conversely the Hebrew six receive the there is something impossible that he cannot do that by two immutable things what's immutable what something is immutable yet anyone is the one of you will be unchangeable by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie why is it impossible for God to lie it goes against his character because he is the way that one truth and the life he is truth and he cannot go contrary to who we years so we cannot live so it's impossible for God to lie it says by two immutable unchangeable things why are the two unchangeable things according to the just result in his company is old and his company are the two engageable things it's impossible for him to lie what God says is true because he is the truth what God says is always true because he's always true so if God 's promise and it is impossible for him to lie in the reception of that promise means it depends on our deleting the promise are you with enough so since he cannot lie since he is the truth when he gives a promise I don't have to question the premise being promises not to be questioned the promises to be accepted so Jesus gave a promise Luke chapter twenty four the chapter twenty four and again we have chosen not to use PowerPoint because I is I believe that you are mature students who want to look at God 's word and study carefully the chapter twenty four and we're looking here in verse forty nine two twenty four verse forty nine were looking at promise in the first presentation promise the personality and the power of the spirit first wielded the promise Luke chapter twenty four verse forty nine behold I send the promise of my father upon you to tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you reviewed with power from on high so Jesus says in Luke chapter twenty four verse forty nine I send the promise of my father so the father gave in the sun a promise that when Jesus ascended to heaven that Christ would be welcome to my father and as the told him that he was welcomed by the father from the sanctuary in heaven he would send his Holy Spirit to his early followers so the reception of the Holy Spirit on the day and a cost by the disciples was the signal that Jesus sacrifice had been excepted by the father now the proof of that is annexed to verse thirty three acts two verse thirty three this is a truth that is often overlooked by many Christians and Seventh-day Adventists why are was the Holy Spirit poured out from heaven yes but specifically where was it for help from in heaven Jesus yes but what location was the point of the sanctuary that's the point and the only holy spirit that I am interested in is the Holy Spirit becomes a sanctuary to follow me closely Jesus gave a promise to his earthly church that as he ascended to the father and enter the holy place of the sanctuary that the Holy Spirit would be borne out from the sanctuary on the early Christian church to begin the work of God on her the early Christian church believed that Jesus was going to establish an earthly kingdom they thought for example Peter James and John one the Senate as rider one percent in his last thought that Jesus would give them a place in his new kingdom and remember that when their mother they said Doctor Jesus that when he comes into the kingdom Wilson won the right one of the last the early disciples thought that Jesus was innocent and earthly kingdom that he was the vanquish the Romans Israel with the problem when Jesus died on the cross they were bitterly disappointed in those disciples have prophecies in the Old Testament telling them that crisis may be crucified they did Isaiah fifty three for example but they were bitterly disappointed so they study prophecy they misunderstood prophecy they were disappointed after the disappointment they look to where Jesus was in the sanctuary excepted his promise of the Holy Spirit it was for it out and they went to preach the gospel to the world according to Paul in Colossians one industry to every creature under heaven in that time now fast-forward two thousand years was there another group of people in the eighteen hundreds the study prophecy is a word they did they also misunderstand prophecy and when they also disappointed in and what happened when they were to look to the most holy place of the sanctuary received not the early reign of the spirit receive why I left a range of finished guys for so it becomes vitally important to understand why here are the genuine Holy Spirit is for abstract in the latter days just as in the New Testament is for the sanctuary and what you know about the most only place in the sanctuary what is there God 's presence is there but there's also something out there called the Ark and the one of the company net art what is there is this ten Commandments one ounces in the art as parents Ron what else is in the on demand why those three things are there one or areas rod body represents leadership Israel rebelled against the leadership of God through Holy Spirit always leads you to be faithful to the leadership of the administered and organization errors Rod but it secondly the man that health reform message the genuine Holy Spirit never comes down to work miraculous healing is a continuous help strengthen this are the body of the temple of God that's what a man is that the tenth amendment law 's layer in a sanctuary in the most holy place so that genuinely fairly rigid obedience see the counterfeit manifestations the Holy Spirit will going to visit this afternoon may lead you to want signs and wonders in faith healing and miracles but the genuine Holy Spirit the genuine promise leaves you to sense that your body is the temple of God and lead you to respect authority and not rebel against the leads you to want below trying to your heart so that you cannot live a life of godly obedience and touch people with the gospel so back to wax the second chapter acts chapter two were looking very first thirty three what happened when Jesus was exalted at the right hand of God accepted to verse thirty three therefore being exalted to the right hand of God and having received from the father what did Jesus receive something from the father what was the promise of this Holy Spirit you remember we read in Luke chapter twenty four verse forty nine notice the comparisons between those two checks to twenty four verse forty nine behold I send the promise of my father upon you tarry in the city of Jerusalem until your dude with power from on high receiving the promise you receive what power is the promise of the father so when did Jesus receive the promise of the plot when you send it to the sanctuary they are in the holy place when he ascended to have it says in Luke chapter two rather accepted to verse thirty three therefore being so the right hand of God and having received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit report out this which you now see and hear so according to Peter when he is describing in acts two what happened Peter says the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost that outpouring is a result of disease a sacrifice on the cross being accepted by the father and is the fulfillment of the promise of God God made a promise you it's impossible for God to do I lie to God always fulfills his promises of God poured out his era upon the disciples Y makes any interesting observation about the promise of the Spirit Ian acts of the apostles page forty nine she says the promise of the Holy Spirit is not limited to any needs you more rings Christ declared that the divine influence of the Spirit was to be with these powers to the end the lapse of time has brought no change in Christ parting promise to send the Holy Spirit as his representatives in the fulfillment of the promise is not seen as it might be because the promise is not appreciated as it should be the last time has brought no change in the promise is Christ's promise just as real for you as it was for Peter James and John a has that promise changed in any way arguing your own personal life on your knees praying for the fulfillment of that promise in your life are you setting aside time to pray in groups of two or three as young people think that you are promised that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will come your latter-day church this is a promise that he was given and with all promises there are conditions in one of the conditions of this promise is that we ask Jesus said in Luke chapter eleven verse thirteen it healed being evil Luke eleven verse thirteen if you being evil know how to keep good gifts to your children how much more will I give the Holy Spirit to those that do what ass ass one of the conditions of the reception of the Holy Spirit is asking if saying Lord I am powerless but you are powerful the I am we went you are strongly high amine derivative but you are wise Lord we cannot do something about this unless your spirit is port out that I have seen times in my evangelism where we had been in situations that seemed to be the lewdly situations that no human being could ever solve situations that unless the Holy Spirit was poured out powerfully and dramatically we would be in deep trouble I remember I was holding evangelistic meeting preparing for one in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea and one just before we went to Port Moresby the government of New Guinea vote in the parliament voted to nationalize the land and what that meant was that one of the greatest resources of the new Guinean government would be sold off to multinational corporations the University students recognize that this would damage future generations so they marched in the streets to protest while they were marching in the streets to protest the government the police and the army overreacted they shot into the crowd and they killed seven students once they killed those students the university students began to riot in the streets the dissident Aletta elements joined with them and to the criminal elements they began to burn cars and shops in the whole place was in an uproar the government trying to control that could occur if you are the city of Port Moresby from the Senokot night until seven o'clock in the morning know what that meant was that we would not be able to hold our evangelistic meeting it would be absolutely impossible because we could not hold it during the day we had filled in during the evening we couldn't get the stadium and we work with planning for over a year for this series of meetings we organized the house and prayer warriors in that city people that would be praying to God a thousand people that would be opening their hearts to Jesus and asking for the ministry of the Holy Spirit and asking God to work in the hearts of government that was prayer groups is more accurate to say and so we organize people in dreams into three or four they began to pray when I got there on Monday the turkey was on currently one Tuesday curfew on Wednesday burned out cars and strengths was very tense and dangerous Thursday night and went to bed and I told her status and get the stadium prepared I believe the spirit 's work on the heart Parliament and I believe in God through his Spirit can change things that night Thursday night Parliament met and we were praying for the outpouring of the Spirit on the nation we were praying that God would change the hearts of Parliament they met till two o'clock in the morning there was a late addition in the newspaper that was printed early that morning and when that newspaper came out they had lives in the newspaper were Parliament meets till two a.m. curfew lifted and then he said Seventh-day Adventists will have their meeting tonight is the headlines of the newspaper then went on to say the president or prime minister of the nation 's will address the nation at the Stadium tonight the entire nation is invited and he himself will introduce pastor Finland after the president speaks Pastor Finley will speak we could not have bought bad advertising for hundreds of thousands of dollars in hosing people came to the Stadium that night it was larger than any soccer 's daily ever had in the Stadium it was larger than any political rally and larger than any rock concert it was the largest meeting in the history of that country in addition to that television carried the live through the newspaper printed my sermons twenty some sermons of the newspaper every night they were on TV every night radio we estimate that some place between two and three million people in the nation watching and listening a few that over two million plus four listening to the meetings the Holy Spirit can do in a short amount of time what we can ever possibly imagine what that Ellen White say what was our statement the lapse of time has brought no change in the parking promise of the Holy Spirit God wants to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think for you for the same that you have struggled with for years the parking promise of the Holy Spirit visual arts and God must do something in us before he can do something through us we must do something for us before he ever can do something by us so God 's longing is it is Holy Spirit in the promise is for now in our lives Jesus gave that promise to his disciples in John sixteen percent John sixteen percent and is the promise to the disciples and we read it here in John sixteen in person Jesus gives to us the promise of the Spirit that this is a fascinating promise that his eye if I were one of the cycles like this I wonder Nancy Lord how could this be true and for a number of years in my ministry I wrestled with this passage I wondered about John sixteen percent Jesus says nevertheless I tell you the truth what is Jesus telling us what is and why is he telling the truth because he cannot I because he is the truth nevertheless I tell you what true the easier advantage that I go away wait a minute what I can see his supervisor Peter James John and Jesus says to you it's to your advantage of going away Lord I know you tell the truth you admit a mistake on this nicely five thousand four I isolated the iPod line of their open leaders with you there with you and you're saying it's my fantasy can go away Peter says Lord when my mother-in-law died he raised from the dead on you are going to minute now obvious to my advantage we are personally present with you we have sat on the amount of violence and listen to your sermon on the end time events we've we've blogged it this whole time we've been there in the Galilee was the sermon on the map nursing is at legal way if you understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit now this is powerful if you really understand this the Spirit of Christ dwelling in your heart brings Jesus closer to you that if he were sitting by your side my there are two reasons I want to show you this from the Bible I want to show you this from the Bible to write down what what if I said to you at this G Weiss city Jesus is not a walk through those doors and easy to sit here and teach this audience do you think that we have a lot of young people if we absolutely knew that Jesus was here what Jesus said that same group is your day Gonzales and Holy Spirit be with you are you now there are two reasons why Jesus made that statement is to your advantage that I go away for a long time I understood the first I am just beginning to probe the depths of the second I want to share it really does want to introduce it to you the first reason it was to their advantage that Jesus went away is because when Jesus was here he could be visibly present with one person or group of people at one time when he went away he would send his Spirit which is the personal presence of Christ to be visible with everybody to be present with everybody wherever they are angiography would not limit his presence now that's an obvious reason and Ellen White makes that point to for example in desire of ages page six hundred sixty nine she says five this is the same here would be accessible to all in this sense he would be nearer to them that if you are not ascended on high so the accessibility of the Savior wall but here's what I'm wrestled with Jesus said it's to your advantage that I go away because if I go away I want if I don't know why once and Holy Spirit the and then Jesus said in the text that we read twenty four forty nine he said I'm giving you the promised the Holy Spirit then Jesus says in acts chapter one verse six through eight Harry here and try singularly spirit but here's the question why make those statements you make the statement wasn't pillaged their presence in the days of Noah was no spirit presence of days in Daniel wasn't the Holy Spirit present with the disciples to draw them to Jesus in the first place any of all that is true what sense does it make to say that I'm giving you the promised the Holy Spirit if you have my computer if I given you ten dollars already and I say on a promisee then I see what he didn't than arginine ten dollars more busy what sense does that make as I have wrestled with this let me give you an explanation for the Holy Spirit strolled on hearts in the days of Noah when you look at the old testament and white makes an interesting statement in which he says the dispensation that we are now living is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit that's very fascinating when you look at the Old Testament the major emphasis in the Old Testament is on a loving God leading his people Israel when you look at the New Testament major emphasis is on a loving Christ maintaining his people when you look at from New Testament today the major emphasis is on the ministry of the Holy Spirit empowering and transforming lives as believers the Holy Spirit takes everything that God did in the Old Testament and everything that Jesus did in his life and makes it a reality in the life of the believer so just as God was in the forefront in the Old Testament and Jesus was in the old test than the forefront in the New Testament the Holy Spirit takes what God did what Jesus did and makes it a reality in our life to let me go a step beyond that and here's the step beyond that Jesus said it's to your advantage that I go away Jesus would sit by his side but could not dwell in them except through his Holy Spirit Jesus consists like Peter 's side Jesus can teach Peter through but Jesus at Armageddon the great advantage because no longer a minus six by your side in teach you drew now through my Holy Spirit I'm been entered into your life in three fields in your truth and change your life how describe what is the function and work of the Holy Spirit and how does Jesus live within us now let's look at that from the Bible one of the functions and works of the Holy Spirit and if you take your Bible and look for example at John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen there are many functions of the Holy Spirit but if you look at John fourteen you'll notice one of the major functions of the Holy Spirit John the fourteenth chapter I have the first voice John fifteen rather John sixteen verse twenty six John fifteen verse twenty six but when the helper comes and was the help of the Holy Spirit the word for helper there is directly paying another worker that he is partly it is one who comes alongside of one who gives you support storing instructions but when the helper comes whom I shall send to you from the father the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the father he will testify of me so the whole function of the Holy Spirit in the heart like the believer suggested by the Jays is so the Holy Spirit makes in Jesus real in our lives any emphasis on the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit revealing the Jesus is a false emphasis to the Holy Spirit and testified himself nothing so we are not jumping up and down thing for Holy Spirit we say praise Jesus Yves Holy Spirit is placed within our hearts desire praise Jesus when I say Lord Jesus come to the cross and I see Christ dying for me and I see the forgiveness of his sins and I see Jesus transformed my life who is leading me to do that if Holy Spirit so the true and genuine manifestation the Holy Spirit is when we're talking Jesus in our lives is the Holy Spirit is just like Jesus now how does Jesus dwell within us welcome back to look at John fourteen and first twenty six but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring you remembrance that I sent to you of the Holy Spirit testifies to Jesus the Holy Spirit reveals to us the things in our life the things that Jesus teaches in the word about the text that I want to look at his Ephesians three verse sixteen and seventeen Ephesians three mercy you sent me why is it an advantage for Jesus in a way well one because now the Holy Spirit is accessible to all two through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us in ways that are closer than we would have if he were present Ephesians three fourteen fifteen sixteen for this reason I thought my name by needs to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians three fourteen to sixteen from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory Ephesians three sixteen to be strengthened with might through the Spirit in the inner man so how are we slowing to face the devil through the Holy Spirit that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith how does Christ Lockhart Thursday through the Holy Spirit living within us in the inner man that you being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width length depth and height to know the love of God that passes knowledge that you may be filled with the fullness of God so God wants you to be filled with his fullness we are filled with his fullness have the Holy Spirit lives within us and that's Christ within us the hope of glory so Jesus said to his earthly disciples of your advantage I think is where I go I was in the promised Holy Spirit was the Holy Spirit presses the Old Testament yes but he was lyrically fresh snow he was there on special occasions but now he is not simply that when pressed not simply there a special occasion he said he is resident in this world because the promises of Jesus that he wants to dwell in us and change are so that we can reveal the fullness of Christ in the world him so on my knees I say Jesus Jesus the only with your love and knowledge of Christ and through the Spirit and I want you to grasp the reality was that the through the ministry of the Holy Spirit you can be closer to Jesus and if he were here in person through the ministry of the Holy Spirit Christ to fill your hearts look at Ephesians again don't hurry by verse fifteen verse sixteen that he Jesus would grant you Ephesians three the riches of his glory will what are the riches of his glory on knowledge of his racist mercy his law 's goodness is the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might through one of his spirit in the inner man that he might dwell in your hearts through what they that you being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the win and wine and depth and height to know the love of Christ that passes knowledge that you may be filled with the fullness of God on our knees with our Bibles opened we pray dear Lord I want to be filled with the fullness of God dear Lord I want to know the love of Christ that passes will not touch I want to be able to comprehend with all the saints verse eighteen old believers what's the with depth and height for I long for that even filling of your spirit in other also spirit of the living God fall afresh on the singer for most some a start to see the you and is all as a whole need me helped me foaming will he he and he and is promise of the Holy Spirit is real promise of the Holy Spirit is for you now before the session hands we want to look momentarily coming time at the personality of the Holy Spirit there is a move in some quarters of the finished church today that want to look at the Holy Spirit as an influence rather than the third person of the Godhead and what that move guys 's attempts to take the statements made in the eighteen forties late eighteen forties and eighteen fifties by some of the earlier act that Pioneer is an Ellen White and say that Ellen White saw the Holy Spirit as it in the Adventist pioneers did and not a person there are two ways to address that first what does the Bible say is secondly in understanding the gift of prophecy deal with the second issue first is the gift of prophecy the gift of omniscience is the gift because Jeremiah one receive the gift of prophecy god did you know everything did Ellen White what know everything that was truth when she began her role as a gift as a gift of prophecy was there a time that Ellen White did not understand the issues regarding for have you ever read some of her statements early on regarding for cheaters then remember when she told the brethren don't put this in the review because it's not time this is not an issue eighteen forty four thirty and then later when God gave a help message the revealed truth to write a century unfolds what gradually over time some of the early at this point here's not understand for example malicious beliefs and are short so you can be a true servant of God that you may understand all the truth and God reveals it okay so I wouldn't want to take some of Ellen White statements in the eighteen forties regarding four five to nineteen hundred because God gave revision right once you look at the writing of desire pages Ellen White's full he understood that the Holy Spirit was the third person of God if you look at some of the earlier statements that truth was unfolding as many others for his or unfold so that's the answer that question he'll go back and take something in the eighteen forties and eighteen fifties when there is an unfolding of truth that God is giving her because God can't reveal all through that one time and I will show you but first let's look at the Bible about the nature of the Holy Spirit and why is this so important if the Holy Spirit is influenced that I may want to use that influence the village there is a divine person I fall on my knees and say this spirit of the living God fresh on me there's always this influence I will use the influence of the prince of power I want the power the Holy Spirit is a divine person that I want to open my heart to let the spirit revealed the fullness of Christ in my life and I want to spirit the news may not review the spirit and is a big difference between the two okay now we're a look at the evidence from the Bible and in the evidence don't like the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead John chapter fourteen we will look there at verses fourteen to sixteen firstly look at the evidence from the Bible John fourteen versus fourteen to sixteen fifteen and on what John fourteen and death verse sixteen and I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever notice the emphasis on the divine personality the Holy Spirit to give you another helper that he Christ may abide with you through the influence of the Spirit now if you go over to John chapter sixteen John chapter sixteen verse seven nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your advantage that I go away for my go not away the helper will not come to you but if I depart I will send one CM to you verse sixteen verse eight and when he has come to see will convict the world of sand and of righteousness and judgment any influence can't convince you any influences on personal only the third person the guy can bring conviction then it says if you look for example at these four texts about the Holy Spirit and obviously have to write them down Ephesians four thirty the Bible says in Ephesians chapter four verse thirty it says grieve not the Holy Spirit you thought you Kelly Grable a person on Genesis six versus radio says the spirit shall not always strive so the spirits dry since this is so a Ephesians four thirty don't grieve the Holy Spirit Genesis six three the Holy Spirit will strive with you if you look for example at role on what you look at the passage in Romans Romans chapter eight Romans eight and were looking at Romans eight verse twenty six really think verse twenty six likewise the Spirit Romans eight verse twenty six likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself makes what intercession for us with groaning and cannot be uttered I never sleep with my life it groaned right and the Bible says the Holy Spirit makes what Russ intercession so the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead now here is where our problem lives we are quite personality with visibility we encourage a quick personhood with visibility if I can't see it it must not be a lot person but Wendy Divine things to try to limit the personality of the Holy Spirit which I cannot see to my mind is trying to put the ocean in a potato is not possible it is not possible somebody said to try to understand the Trinity the father son and Holy Spirit in their divine nature is delusional mind to deny the father son and Holy Spirit in their eternal nature is to lose your soul is a him so because I can understand something fully doesn't mean the thing that I don't understand doesn't exist I know infinite things infinite things Mimi you constantly studied in a study that is not enough but the more you study them the more you realize that you never know everything about Robin a lot I know about the Holy Spirit and not relevant I don't know the know why don't no one not know what I know and that's the truth Ravenel all I know about the Holy Spirit is revealed in the Bible and leave the things that I cannot know all I don't know the know all the things I don't know and I know the things I know right is because God has made most important most clear what's most important are you with me and so I understand everything about Holy Spirit is God a man so be it I think I believe it is now the Bible says Matthew chapter twenty nineteen and twenty Bellevue therefore in teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the one father the son and one Holy Spirit who is the Holy Spirit the third person of the Godhead that reveals the character of God the way that enables Christ dwell in my heart now here are a couple statements from the writings of Ellen White on this very topic of who he is the Holy Spirit these are so clear testimonies to ministers page three ninety two people had been accumulating for centuries and could only be restrained and resisted by the mighty power the Holy Spirit evil is accumulating for a while 's injuries do not think that without the Holy Spirit living indwelling in your life you are sufficient to match the temptations of Satan he will send recessed restraint evil has been accumulating for one centuries it reminds me to know down in Florida digital artist known for his oranges we Floridians here today I wonder wonderful they came up to get weight in gold whether you say something that I think you Floridians don't know you may you don't have to mark later he knew this you'll often see going down the high four in Florida or other places great big trucks with oranges and using these as the all hundred thousand oranges and yarn seasons out November December when their oranges around it thinking re: the company 's big trucks will they think those are just a large warehouses in these warehouse that can pay your balance in these sorts of the oranges now let's suppose that I was in orange I am not let's suppose I was I would say I'm going on the truck as it is a nice ride like hanging in the trees in the Florida sun anyway into something that I think that me and to this warehouse they put me on a conveyor belt and I think this is orange Disneyland and I'm on this conveyor belt and I'm going to counseling along the conveyor belt and I think this is wonderful one thousand around all this is going now those conveyor belts have you slaves resizable the first seven holes is big enough to let the smallest oranges through but not big enough to let medium or greater yardages through the argues of bouncing along this conveyor belt and it will go through these holes and then there squeezed in a orange cubes so if I were in orange I think that those little guys they just went through and I'm going through to the end and I go around another corner and there are holes big enough to let the grade B oranges through little blood being once through all those guys much too bad those guys went for over there through the holes picked out of the church too bad development they listen to rock music too bad there out into the back of these guys went partying but on the BR is a militant groups to fight for those holes on the origin still when you go around the corner and here all the G1 's the origins and in and around the elders hold what happened to the orange used to live in GUI seamlessly because I get you through the end only is our hearts are broken and the Holy Spirit lives and wells in our hearts and it's only as our lives are filled with the Holy Spirit there is a hole and a temptation for you and only God can get you through and only the spirit filling your life and get you through but here's links from endlessly good news the weakest child of God 's field with the spirit is more than a match for all the angels of hell the most ignorant child of God is once the men of this world and the women of this world filled with the spirit here's what it says eliminating waiting for how long centuries and could only be restrained resisted a restraint resisted but only what the leaning only restricted by the power of the mighty power of what the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead who would come with no modified energy but in the fullness of divine power so a evil is thinking that is centuries is not going to attack this generation of youth airfield without Holy Spirit what if that will be the piston accumulator down through the ages he is not going to move this generation say are going to touch the world witness for Christ why because the power of the Holy Spirit to the third person of the Godhead see is going to come with no modified energy and in the fullness of divine power we will see the world and one for Jesus Christ what you say is identified or in heaven we thank you for the promise of the Holy Spirit we thank you that through the Holy Spirit we can be closer to Jesus than when he was personally here sitting by his R side we thank you that a generation of youth will be sealed with the spirit and allowed to dry out father we love her that's there and breathe his breath upon us in Jesus name amen this is my audio is working fine generation of Christ you might learn more about you might see please visit www. when not working like this more free online sermon please visit www. done on universe more


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