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The Power of Greens

Milton Teske



  • January 17, 2019
    8:15 AM


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My objective this morning is that when I'm done you will understand that Greens fresh greens are an essential food group and you will be so convinced that you will have greens every day for the rest of your life here on this earth and the 2nd part. Is the simplicity in ease of growing preparing those greens and will come continue some of that in the breakout session later this morning in one of the things about how easy it is to grow these assess this essential food group that God has given us. Now thinking of essential food groups when I grew up I was told there were 4 essential food groups. Many of you may have den a 5 This has started was 1st put out by the government in 1956 and these food groups continued on for decades this was the official not only government position but this was taught in the schools in nutrition classes from grade school up through you know very much higher levels of education did you know that this isn't the 1st time the government told us what we should eat. Back during World War 2 was actually the 1st time the government officially told us what we should eat and back then they had 7 food groups. And this was in one was before my time so but I find in as they had the green in yellow vegetable group then they had oranges tomatoes and grapefruit group here there was potatoes and other vegetables and fruits group there was milk and dairy products group meat poultry fish and eggs group and there was the Greens your bread flour and cereals and then there was a whole separate group just for butter and margarine. And and then at the bottom you notice they added in addition to the basic 7 eat any other food you want so it's a pretty wide open advice right here but they wanted us to be healthy and this was the consensus that they came up with but shortly after that they came up with the 4 food groups and summarized it down and we see fruits and vegetables was one of the 4 grains was one of the 4 core cows they made up 2 of the food groups. But that continued on for when I went through medical school this was still the official nutritional advice. 1st time they realized that probably that wasn't the best plan 1992 we came up with the food pyramid No many of you may have remembered see in this now they realized there was a hierarchy and what we should eat and that the bread cereals right the grains made a foundation of a healthy diet we build our diet around greens fruits and vegetables and make up the next level and meat and dairy products got relegated to a more reduced a minor role in the diet and of course sugar in oil refined products you know junk food got pushed way out here eat sparingly only group right here and so this became the more balanced food group you'll notice something else they added at this point which had not been recognized before in the official advice and that was that dry beans and nuts were included in now what they called the protein group in other words meat in and of itself was an essential protein was essential and they recognize now officially that beans and nuts you can get all the protein you need in beans and nuts you don't actually have to eat don't meet in the fish share. Now but even with that the dairy industry in the meat industry here were not pleased being relegated to a more minor position in the food pyramid they wanted to be the basis of a healthy hearty diet and political pressures being what they are in lobbying efforts they modified the food pyramid here in 2005 Now we had a pyramid and it was all divided up in these little wedges here so now everybody could be at the basis of the food pyramid to be the foundation of a healthy diet and so now dairy products has a little wedge here and protein notice notice even in the full label now it says meat in beans so they realize that hey a plant based diet is a very acceptable form of protein here and of course but still Greens got the widest wedge of the pyramid here and your fruits and vegetables and this so together fruits vegetables and grains got a fairly large chance somebody says Well we certainly about exercise they put steps on the side of the pyramid and I even saw one that had a glass of water here over a float in the clouds here so I know they were trying to throw everything they could to give us the best advice while still meeting the pressures of the dairy lobby but. Certainly you have to do that. This is the most recent official advice and you may have seen these posters around they came out 2011 and here they have now just put it all on your plate and sort of divided up portions sides and notice they've given grains a pretty good sized protein vegetables a good sized fruits a good size and you notice the word meat kind of drops off and they just labeled it what it really is protein is essential and dairy still insisted and they got a glass of milk on the side of the plate here so that is the latest official government advice many of you may be of familiar with P.C.R. am Physicians Committee of refundable medicine Neal Barnard out of Washington D.C. He came out and has published his own version of the my food plate and he's increased the proportion of vegetables and whole grains significantly he's relabeled protein league goons and. Glass the milk has disappeared there so those are the official ones. I like the last line of your song this morning. Eden's plan something really special in Eaton's plan the Ask a group of Adventists What's the official diet that they would recommend what do they have you know they POINT is back to the diet and and what was the eating diet that God gives there is given as all the fruits and trees and everything with seeds and stuff there all of these things are to be our food and we probably accept that that probably is the official diet you know it fits pretty close on that food plate that P.C.R. him came up with so science is kind of catching up to what gave us their. But I'd like to bring our attention to something else that happened in Eden the fall and things change then they left the perfect garden and they went out to live the life and we continue as their descendants to live the life in this world that is now greatly marred by sin and. The horns and thistles came up. Farmers are more aware of that than anyone else in this world. Spent a lot of our efforts fighting weeds. Physical exercise became a much more essential part of life by the sweat of your brow you will eat bread for the rest of your life and so hard physical labor became out there. It's not really a curse there is a blessing in the physical exercise we get. And there was one other thing as they left the garden God instructed the angel to pass on the instruction to them eat the green herbs eat those herbs of the field eat the green herbs. And that wasn't just a punishment you know yeah you used to have cherries and peaches and now you just got to go he's some leads to here you know life's a little lower and worse Now there was actually a reason for that and we'll come around to that. And as we come to it before we finish this right here we now can understand some very unique metabolic reasons why God added Greens then and I think you'll see it will be very helpful to you to add those to you. He who created man and understands his knees employed in Adam his food upon leaving eat in man receive permission to eat also the herb of the field these foods prepared in simple natural mantles possible are the most healthful and nourishing they impart a strength a power of an Durance and a vigor of intellect you know that these greens are there for a purpose and they really are and imparting a blessing to you the next big change came at the time of the flood and the landscape was changed much more drastically than it was at the fall and when Adam came out of the Ark and agricultural lifestyle growing his food of fruits and vegetables lagoons and greens was going to be exceeding difficult on the bare and dirt and rock that was left for him now to start farming here and God said you know used to live on fruits and vegetables and greens but now I just give you everything in anything whatever it takes to get the nutrition you need. And he reminded them back to that event at Eton he said as I gave you those green plants when you left he says Now just go ahead and eat anything. Of course even though he told them to go ahead and eat anything even then he tried to restrict them to the more healthful The animals went into the ark how to buy 2 right and the clean animals went in by sevens and so they had the opportunity to start developing flocks and herds of those that were a better so you know if you're not going to be a vegetarian at least eat the animals that are vegetarians that's going to be better off for you than eating some of the carnivores and scavengers that are out there so he even then tried it out but he recognized that you know there are many places on this planet even today with all of our advances and things that you really just can't walk outside your door and get all the food you need very easily you can't get the mangoes and strawberries and whole of the stuff that would make a nice healthy diet there but the cows they can go around and munch on grass all day a gold on a barren hillside can get what it needs and you can eat the goat or the cow and you're going to pick up the nutrition that he has extracted from chewing grass and leaves his whole life there so goddess practical means is where we're at and passes those blessings on to he causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herb for the service of man that he may bring forth food out of the Earth we'll talk some more about this in my other session but. And your backyard these are from my backyard it's a real easy to grow greens so much easier than some of the other gardening enterprises we take and you know to bring a plant to full fruiting get lush healthy fruit out of it takes a lot more effort than just getting some green leaves started and you'll know that if farmers you know you can get the Greens coming up and I'm going to convince you of the value of those greens here this morning and this picture is red Russian kale it was known as hunger gap kale you know in olden days in Russia you know those long Russian winters when food wasn't available you were supplied with the food from the summer before and as you had harvest your harvest brought them in and canned and stored preserved or put in the root cellar the various things you had as you ate those through the winter when snow covered the ground by spring you often ran low or ran out of those items and as soon as that was the ground was workable you got out and started planting your gardens again and sowing the field but before you got your 1st harvest and were starting to harvest stuff you could eat out of the ground there was often a gap there where you run out of food it was known as The Hunger gap kale this red Russian kale very cold hardy while there's still snow in the Great stuff as can sprout and grow and take off and. Months before you're harvesting anything you're pickaninnies greens and eating them and amazing the nutrition This was what brought much of the Russians through that hunger gap in the early spring when they ran out of their last year's food before the next year's crop came in. Tremendous amount of nutrition in greens. The. Cattle here have a message they would like to get across to you they have a vested interest in this they're lobbying for this. You really don't have to eat meat to get your protein I mean look at all the muscleman they built protein they build up they're just eating some greens they're. A much protein is in greens. Beef this might surprise a lot of people there's 9.4 grams of protein in 100 calories of meat there is a leaven point one grams of protein and 100 calories a broccoli things that are dark green have protein leaves have protein if you just think of the biology of the cell and I know some of you have looked at the biology of these things you grow and these plants every cell in the plant is full of pins imes and proteins that carry on the work of that cell every enzyme every structural protein is protein as you digest that it's broken down into the Mino acids absorb and your body uses to build the various proteins you need green leaves are full of protein. And as far as a balance thing here is a list of some of the essential amino essential amino acids or one that really need to be in your diet now there's like 20 some amino acids in your body can make some of those out of other ones but there are certain ones that really need to be in your food source if you don't have them you can end up with food deficiency certain protein deficiencies things are not going to work as well if you don't put all the raw materials in there as gardeners you know that if you don't have the right nutrition in the soil it can't get up into the plant and same for you if you don't have the right elements in your diet you can't get the right full functioning of your body as it was meant to be here in this 1st column here's the recommended daily allowance of various of these essential amino acids and this next column here is 100 grams of kale I mean that's a small serving actually 100 grams if you weigh it out there but in a small serving of kale Look what you've got that one small serving of kale had all your protein in it practically right I mean this isn't adding lagoons for your protein This is just having a bowl of greens for your protein here and you had a couple of servings in your way over the top here. You'll know what Lamb's quarters are. As farmers you should know there's the use they considered weeds they're one of those things you chop out and remove from your gardening area because they're crowding out the plants you want to grow but they're an excellent green and there are many we that have green leaves these lambs quarters just pick the leaves off of there steam them up like a spending it's a great source look at the. Amino acids and 100 grams of limbs courters leaves I mean it's amazing the amount of protein you can get there. We are connected with the rest of the life on this planet earth did you know that the genome between humans and chimpanzees is only 4 percent different somehow God coded in that 4 percent everything that makes us human compared to some of these primates that walk around here. And if you think about it you know what makes you human is some of the abilities that are developed into the brain and coded into the making of the brain but as far as every bone and muscle all of the various in zines in every cell that carry on metabolism those are conserved throughout nature I mean we do studies on rats and mice and even on bacterias and all these things because they were so much concern in other words God found a way of doing it and so he used that over and over again and we find all kinds of animals have the same sort of ins I'm systems and metabolic systems and so we can do research on them but these are probably the most closely genetic related to of the forms of life and planet Earth right here take a look at the diet if you just study chimpanzees in the wild what do chimpanzees eat we find that fruits and vegetables here make up a large point of their diet here and look at greens green leaves their pick a little green leaves and shoots another that makes a huge part of their diet here's the typical human diet here in the United States and a very small Moller wedge of fruits and veggies here and look at Greens it's gone down to a microscopic sliver of greens in the typical American diet we've added a huge amount of grains here and. Huge amount of meat and animal products and we added a bunch of fat to it here. Could this lack and difference here in the greens area be contributing to much of the disease that plagues to day now we're going to do an experiment follow this I think you're going to like this we're going to pick some beets from our garden and we're going to analyze these beets and we're going to take the beat right here and we're going to analyze what's there and then we're going to analyze the Greens the leaves on top of the beat here and see what's in the leaves and compare those so if you start off here protein how much protein would you find and these are weight I think these are standardized down to 100 grams of you know of rotten 100 grams of leaf here but in the bee roots protein 1.61 the B. greens 2.20 that's 138 percent more protein in the leaves then in the IT sugars and now we know why the plant makes threats 9.76 and 0.5 All of the sugars that were being made with photosynthesis plant sent him down to the right and stored them there and while I tout the benefits of greens I'm not saying it's the only thing we should eat we do need the fruits and vegetables these rights they store the energy the fuel we run on and and central part of the diet but going back up to the leaves I want you to go through and look at some of these other nutrients here calcium so essential here the beets are 16 the B. tops 117731 percent more calcium. 731 percent more calcium in the leaves then in the roots here iron. $200.00 and I mean 321 percent more iron magnesium over 300 percent more magnesium up there in those Lees and we're going to come back to that to get a little more depth a look of the importance of the Greens we're going to come back and we're going to spend much of the rest of our lecture taking a closer look at the green the magnesium and what magnesium actually does and why it's so essential and why so many Americans are deficient in magnesium and what it's causing here but potassium over 200 percent more copper vitamin C. 600 percent more vitamin C. in the leaves than in the beets thiamine 300 percent riboflavin over 500 percent more riboflavin up there in those leaves vitamin a while now it starts to go off scale here 19000 percent more vitamin A in the least there vitamin E. over 3000 percent and the top winner here. 200000 per cent more vitamin K. if you want vitamin K. It's in them D.S. and I have another lecture which today we're going to really go into magnesium but have another lecture we spend an hour going through vitamin K. and how essential and what it does maybe maybe next year we can throw that one in here but let's take a look why are leaves green I know as farmers you know the answer to this the chlorophyll molecule which captures the energy from the sunlight it absorbs the blue light spectrum here and absorb some of the red light spectrum but doesn't absorb any other green light and so as the sunlight shines on the leaves and it sucks all the blue in the red out of that Sunbeam what's left green and so the green reefs shines through the leaf it reflects off the leaf and you see green leaves because that's the plants not utilising that but this molecule chlorophyll that's absorbing this red and blue light has right at its center a mag knees e a molecule every molecule of chlorophyll has an atom of magnesium right in the center of it so you can see why green leaves are full of magnesium we're going to take a look at what how essential Magnesium is and life and how essential it is to eat these greens to get a good dose of magnesium here did you know that 75 percent of Americans do not consume the minimum daily requirements of magnesium in their diet. So if you think what everybody eats that does not have enough magnesium minute only a quarter of the country actually intakes and the magnesium but even of that quarter that intakes enough magnesium there are many magnesium depleting practices and we'll take a look at those that are depleting our magnesium levels so even if you've got enough magnesium in the diet you can lose it where does magnesium go when your body will ego's inside of the cells you see the cells up here it's used an ol kinds of life processes and we want to take a look at some of those right here today but all of these different parts of the cells Magnesium is an essential element that is needed in so many of these. Life processes here. You compare that to the amount that's in the serum in your blood only 0.3 percent of your body's Magnesium is circulating in your serum of your blood and yet when we the doctors order a magnesium level to see if you're deficient in magnesium let's draw blood tests they check their measuring a serum magnesium level Well they're not looking at the other 99.7 percent of the magnesium in your body and you can actually have a very normal serum magnesium level and the cells can actually be running quite depleted they can be down 10 percent 20 percent 30 percent they're still getting by on what's there but their quality of function goes way down you know when your plants and when you start losing certain nutrients things don't work quite as well and it's what we in the human body if you're not having enough magnesium with these cells on home all the magnesium they need they're not going to be working properly. So there is a test that the doctors can do and it's never done regularly but it can be ordered if you're really concerned about your magnesium level and they actually take a blood sample and they pull out the red blood cells and they do an R.B.C. magnesium level and in that case they're actually checking intracellular level inside the red blood cell and we're getting a much better measurement of what is your actual total body magnesium your interest cellular magnesium levels and that can give us a much more accurate and that's where we start realizing that many people that have norms normal serum levels are actually quite deficient in the magnesium stored in their body OK the chemistry this is the fun part the lovely part here but when you start looking at everything in life runs this catalyzed by in zines in zines do this do this every life is a chemical reaction a series of chemical reactions and every one of those reactions is catalyzed by an in Zion it adds an atom here takes an atom off here transfers an atom from here to there all of these things and many of these protein in zines need other atoms in them they need a Xen they need chromium they need a magnesium they need these different things in them what does the body use magnesium for well God in His wisdom has realized that if you take 2 mega needs in atoms like this they're just perfect to pull the electrical charge on a phosphate group just to the point that you can easily electrically add it on or pull it off of something else and so every In Zion in the body that handles phosphate groups has to magnesium atoms in it. And. We're do we use phosphate groups well the D.N.A. and they are in a the codes of life every cell is as replicating and dividing and making is building new strands of D.N.A. as it divides the cell it's making new strands of R.N.A. as it's reading the code to make the R.N.A. That's the blueprint it sends out to the rubber zones that are then going to build whatever protein in this cell make so we're continually building D.N.A. and R.N.A. in this cells and this latter you know you've got your and in various cross things here that have the code but the rungs of the ladder the rails of the ladder here that hold them together in their place there's a little sugar molecule that's attached here to the I trudge in this molecule that has the code and then the sugar molecules which are right here on each of these are bound together by a phosphate group and so as you build the chain and add the next piece on there to build the code you're linking it together with a strong bond a very strong bond and every enzyme that's working here on building repairing making R.N.A. and D.N.A. every one of those must have magnesium or it's nonfunctional you make the enzyme and if you don't actually have enough magnesium to stick in it that piece isn't going to work its might as well not a made it it's not going to work if you don't have magnesium So when you're magnesium levels go down a little your phone your ability to read the code goes down and your ability to divide a cell and duplicate the D.N.A. goes down. Another place you know inside cells was we break down the sugars and stuff to get A.T.P. energy and your plants you're actually making A.T.P. with sunlight and in the human body we take the course the glucose from the plants and now we break down and get the high energy bonds out of the glucose but we make it into A.T.P. inside of cells whether you're plants or humans we use A.T.P. as to take the energy to whatever various reaction in the body needed it and we often think of adenosine triphosphate but digital magnesium properties here those A.T.P. molecules do not run or bound by themselves they actually have a magnesium molecule key lated to them they're actually an A.T.P. magnesium Keil 8 here sometimes it will mine on these 2 positions and sometimes on these 2 positions but it actually needs to be in these confirmations to be used properly by all the various enzymes that are getting the energy so if you're magnesium level is down and you don't actually have your A.T.P. is even if you're making A.T.P.'s to get the energy to what it's not up to the magnesium is not being held in the right shape so can I say we picked up and used if you want energy you're going to need to have enough magnesium there and of course how many molecules of A.T.P. are in one cell and in millions and so you need a magnesium molecule for each one of them so you can use it properly. And idea of looking to sing a little bit this is just a teeny piece of the metabolism of glucose how you get energy out of a molecule of glucose so the glucose was in the food you ate in the various starches and stuff or sugars and it was broken down separate to get glucose Here we go to the sets we add a phosphate on here we move the phosphate to there when we keep moving around and many of these you see these little there is phosphates here and this is only what we call the anaerobic a glycol is this is just breaking it down before it even gets into the mitochondria or goes to the Krebs cycle and is further brigand out every single one of those steps that uses a phosphate is going to need magnesium and if you look here at each of the little arrows and you see the name of the enzyme buy it there you see that little green magnesium symbol there this in zine has to have magnesium to work properly the enzyme for this step needs magnesium to work properly this one needs magnesium this one needs magnesium this one needs magnesium this one means magnesium and if these enzymes don't have magnesium Anam it can't actually work you can't extract the energy from the food you eat when you actually have all the magnesium your energy machine is so much more efficient they ran some experiments with some athletes these are all. An athlete or on a regular training program eating a balanced healthy diet for their training they were careful about their food and had their exercise routines they put them on a program where they add a quarter of green smoothies every morning. Green smoothies great stuff fill your blender halfway full of fruit fill it the other half way full of green leaves a little water our juice blended down drink down powerful energy in there definitely they all had increased energy increased in durance the point at which in the marathon were the exhaustion sets in the amounts like they could just keep going and go on they suddenly had this other thing and these were people that were already doing the best they had and were good athletes in doing it and suddenly they had all of this increased energy and in durance just from that rapid recovery times not only are we going to rebuild the glycogen stores in the muscles those all take phosphate they'll need these magnesium ins I'm Cindy that but remember you're repairing and rebuilding the D.N.A. you're building these rebuilding these proteins you need to the LOS phosphate bonds to build the Iranian D.N.A. very rapid Another is how many days after a marathon can you go out and start exercising again you know you really deplete the body there's a recovery period very rapid recovery decreased inflammation I'm not sure exactly to explain that but remember we're talking about one molecule magnesium There's a lots of other nutrients in there and we're not even beginning to mention the 00s for you know chemicals bioflavonoids and all of these other molecules we don't talk a lot about them because we don't know a lot about them but you know God knew a lot about him and he designed metabolic pathways to make all of those that was a reason for that and just because we don't know the reasons doesn't mean it's not an important reason and when you start taking the food as he advises it now we come back to that even. Plan including you might say the Eden exit plan you know on the 1st things as I left the garden what he say eat greens Yeah the 1st advice he gave to the fundraiser as they left was eat greens. How about the heart. Muscle cells need to make medium for proper contraction in proper relaxation of the muscle they need it there we need magnesium in the Lek trickle circuits these magnesium have electrical properties as they move in the cell membranes and the electrical currents in the heart that conduct a heart beat that we measure with E.K.G.'s and electrophysiology Magnesium is essential for those to work properly. With If you've got a deficiency in magnesium your C.H.F. is going to be worse many people with congestive heart failure and lots of meds and nobody's putting them on magnesium supplements give them one serving of greens every day. Cardiomyopathy coronary vessel spasm again remember spasm ing you know you can go into vessel spasm there's a whole syndrome it's like a heart attack only it's not related to atherosclerosis it's just add nerves expands the mean of the muscles their. Chest pain myocardial and you can see that all of these things respond in the emergency room I frequently will add a. Couple of grams of magnesium to somebody with any rhythm e and addition to the other drugs and stuff I'm using to try to combat that rhythm in an emergency situation there. Are high blood pressure how many people suffer from high blood pressure did you know you need a good magnesium to allow the arteries to relax properly and if they can't relax properly and there scrunched down more than they should be what's going to do the pressure you're going to increase the pressure and you go to the doctor what's the 1st thing he's going to give you for hypertension. Yeah he's going to give you a pill and what's the most common pill we give hydro course as a diuretic a water pill do you know what hydro course I as I does to magnesium levels it's dumping magnesium out in the air to says let's get this magnesium out of here and it's dumped on magnesium out in the urine so if you're on a diuretic Lasix hydrochlorothiazide Spyro and you're dumping magnesium out into the urine right here depleting your magnesium supply will depleting your magnesium supply is going to make your hypertension better or worse. How does dehydration help I mean yeah diuretics will be hydrate you will if you get your dehydration if you are your pressure will drop it would drop to 0 at some point if we keep dehydrating you right dehydration is not really a strategy for Health the. Each of greens. Someone's got to stand up and say an answer is not another Pelley answer span it's you know if you got these greens right here diabetics type 2 diabetics are universally low in make the Z. in there and again if you think about all of the energy things they have to do with glucose metabolism when your glucose metabolism is that far off how much of that is being contributed by a magnesium deficiency from our diet. To greens here fiber my Alger they did some studies magnesium supplement actually reduce the pain and tenderness associated with fibromyalgia their. Muscle cramps spasms again for the muscle contraction there what do we need you know let's get that magnesium back there was muscle spasms are frequently electrolyte imbalance as whether it's magnesium calcium potassium something like that but magnesium certainly playing a role in there in a something that if you're deficient as so many people are is a real problem the Prain all of those neurons the complex electrical circuits to carry on your thoughts your thinking this is what takes you above and beyond the animals this is what allows you to not only communicate with those around you but to communicate with your Creator we commune with God in the neural circuits of the brain Magnesium is acts absolutely essential for the proper electrical conduction down the axons down from one neuron to the next as we carry out the various complexities of the human thought. Insomnia. Human beings spend one 3rd of their life asleep asleep is not nothing as sleep is actually a very important part of the brain's activity where actually sorting organizing and cleaning the brain when we do that fascinating we could spend hours talking about sleep in that sense all stuff there magnesium actually helps you fall asleep faster helps you stay asleep longer it helps restore some of those deep sleep brainwave patterns. Can resolve restless leg syndrome which keeps a lot of people up and many find that just with magnesium supplementation the brain their sleep patterns can get back to normal here. Each agree memory and learning they started doing studies by giving magnesium supplements to people in tech in the brain at the to learn their short term memory there and stuff like that the various other brain functions they were using this magnesium out 3 an 8 it's a but that's just a magnesium cue lated to an amino acid there is a passes through the blundering barrier but what they found is start adding more magnesium people were smarter they learn faster they recall better everything was working better when there was enough magnesium in there and of course so many of these things work better with magnesium because everybody was kind of magnesium depleted going into these. In the emergency room any of you O.B. nurses here. Eclampsia What's the number one treatment we do for a clamp C.-A and we've got to get the mag sulfate going right we've got to pour the magnesium in there get the magnesium back up silly and we do to stop the seizures and the hypertension that goes with that claim C A there. Asthma Bronco spasms these airways all have little muscles and then as the months C.-O. Pedia stuff they scrimped down really tight right there one of the drugs that I add to every asthmatic in my E.R. And this isn't just me all the E.R. docs across the country are doing this besides given a Bronco dilator drug and a still drug I'm going to run some magnesium in it really makes a difference and allowing them to again remember the arteries or talked about relaxing the same with the air relax those airways open up really makes a huge difference are low levels of magnesium have been in so shaded with increased risk of developing asthma in both children and adults osteoporosis did you know that 60 percent of the magnesium in your body is actually incorporated into the mineral structure of your bones Well think about calcium but it's not just calcium it's calcium and magnesium and bore on and the farmers you put may want to check the boron level in your Allman leaves to know how much Boron you need to put on to get the nuts to come out the rest. Your body needs it to so we mentioned already 75 percent of Americans do not have the required amount of magnesium in the diet but even if you take in the required amount of magnesium you can deplete it we already mentioned one thing the directing drugs. There's another. What's the number one deplete are of magnesium and America today it's the syllabus and it's not the sugar. The caffeine well but it's the phosphoric acid all these sodas have cost for a cast said well we just talked about what's the relationship between phosphate and magnesium they kill $8.00 they stick together they've just got this at Vanity they've just got the right electron pattern to get together they're into mind together and so let's say you went out and you went out and you had this delicious big green salad full of all of these dark green baby greens of all different kinds you know it's high and magnesium and then you finish off your meal with a Pepsi. What did you just do well on the phosphor of acid in that soda went around and bound up every magnesium molecule in that meal and now they're all key lated and bound up and guess what now you can't absorb them it is going to pass right through your gut so you just sucked all the magnesium out of that wonderful salad you just ate with the soda you followed it with so even There's you can measure your diet and say look at all the magnesium I ate today but if you had a soda with it. It's gone is that out there. God minister drink water right yeah and what do you feed your plants you water your plants they need water is the universal solvent of life we need to water the human body as well not. Philip full of phosphates that bind up our. There's another clatter Gauri of drugs that is a real problem. How many Americans are on various types of stomach acid blocking drugs. Magnesium needs high level of hydrochloric acid it needs that acidic ass and Vironment to separate to pull it off and release it from the various places it's bound in the food we've got a real break up those chlorophyll molecules break up these other miles where Magnesium is bound in the different forms of food and release it so it can be absorbed when you shut out the acid production here you remove that a city can Vironment we're not actually digesting steam properly I mean God designed the cells and the lining of your stomach to make concentrated hydrochloric acid for a reason we actually have to digest the food we've got to go in chemically in just break these molecules apart to get the nutrients out so we can absorb them and the more good for us calcium supplements lot of people are recommending calcium supplements for your bones and the people are taking calcium pills and stuff well in your intestines there's little receptor is that actually grab a calcium ion and pull it inside out of the got inside work and go into the bloodstream Well the way God decided calcium and magnesium are very similar in size and so he designed one tool does 2 jobs and so this receptor grabs calcium or grabs magnesium into one it can just grab calcium or magnesium and all the a calcium and magnesium that is absorbed is absorbed with this one thing now if you just squint and took a big calcium supplement with your meal of some kind and now what's the percentage of calcium to magnesium if they're assuming there was a magnesium in your food that you just ate. Now suddenly you know we were a $1000000.00 to $1.00 more calcium molecules than magnesium So which molecules going to come up to the receptor as the food passes by well it's almost always going to be a calcium because there are so many millions more of them then there is of the magnesium because of the supplement we took so calcium supplement Taishan will just come ahead of the of inhibition it will just crowd out and you'll get very little magnesium absorption because they're using up all their absorbing ability on getting calcium and cause are so much calcium there if you're going to take a calcium supplement there realize now and you can get ones they've got calcium and magnesium in a one to one ratio there there are some that put out a one to 2 ratio but either way and then some more if you think you need to take a cow sim supplement for some reason what's the ideal calcium supplement Oh yeah splash calcium was actually really high levels in greens So if you're eating your greens you're getting your calcium and your magnesium in the right amounts and the right proportions God knew what he was doing when he designed food right yeah he did yeah your song says Eden plan is a lot better than anything else right now come back to plan that it's a calcium and your magnesium caffeine. America runs on caffeine and cars as a lot amount of magnesium to be lost in the urine remember caffeine is a diuretic molecule so like the hydrochlorothiazide and stuff. In the caffeine hits the kidneys you know it's a diuretic type thing it makes water come out but it's making water coming out by pulling magnesium out of your blood so the caffeinated drinks are pulling the magnesium out of your body here. Empty calories just plain old sugar I mean look at here we've got white flour and white sugar I mean there is so much need for digestion of the white flour in the white sugar to get that process remember every single atom of sugar there is going to need magnesium in every enzyme of that chain to process it and now if we're given this much more processing to do and we don't actually have the magnesium to go with it well we've created a relative magnesium deficiency here so you're now pulling some eighty's into this there's not going to be enough for Billy in the D.N.A. or something else their. Stress. Here we come full circle back to where we started our lecture here stress is not just a thought in your head stresses not just anxiety worry fear grief guilt it's expressed in a very real biochemical way in your body if you're under stress you're epinephrine level your adrenaline level is up your cortisol level is up the stress hormones are produced by stress fear anxiety were e guilt grief these are the results of the fall God did not intend that to be a part of Adam and Eve's experience in a perfect world but now in the world we live in today we can't get away from these Even Jesus you know when you think about it he. Had to deal with grief and sorrow and pain here he became one of us. And he experienced everything we experience and it was deplete now his magnesium as well while he was here. And so we come back when God say must eat the green herb of the field there the last night that Jesus spent before the crucifixion the Passover supper besides the Passover lamb and the unleavened bread and wine there was something else that was part of every Passover supper the better herbs by the way are herbs better I've eaten dandelion greens embrace says I know we can eat dandelion greens have eaten them. Yeah herbs can be very better and even some of the like a regular I mean a regular is great I like a regular salads but in all you had to pick an adjective to describe or get would be closer to better than most other flavors Yeah they are can be very bitter. And God sent and he put that there he said that was to remind you of your sojourn in Egypt in the bitterness of your bond deeds and in a spiritual sense you know we realise the evil that sin has brought all the emotions of bitterness and pain grief and sorrow but God has provided the remedy and yeah they're going to be depleting your magnesium and so as Adam and Eve left the garden each of greens each a Greens they're going to help you through this. God was very wise very loving. The green herbs of the field how do you eat the Greens. Anyway you want. Salads are an excellent way to take greens you can cook them up and steam Um I love that Russian kale just chop it up and steam it up it's to listen for me that's one of the best flavored Greens out there is the Russian kale but you'll find it green smoothies through the Greens in the blender with a little bit of fruit and I think take a little of that bitter urbanists out of them and by the way one thing I've discovered on the side right here if you put in a lot us chart our spinach that's really strong I take a limb and throw the Limon off my lemon tree in there somehow that limb and that together close together and the really stringent hardness of those particular inch scar on it's great drink it down it's delicious take a green smoothie every morning like those athletes you know fill your body with energy and power God has given as a health message for a reason he wants this to be healthy he wants us to be able to make it through the stresses of life and he gives us His love we have faith in him and he brings us through these things but part of it we show our faith by following his advice and if he said eat the greens I mean if you think about it that's one of the 1st health messages ever given here after they walked out of Eden they had the course the ideal diet indeed and but on Leaving Eden before any of the other health messages down through the ages each or greens that hasn't changed it's still there. And I highly recommend it to you I hope I've done enough here just and we just looked at one molecule the magnesium we can go back and look at vitamin A vitamin K. and on and on with all of these other things. God told us the greens for a reason and we probably don't even know all of those reasons yet because we don't know what all of those bioflavonoids do and all of those fighting chemicals and all of those other molecules in there but. This is. His legacy to you his gift to you and as farmers you're in a unique position to take advantage of that and to pass it on to all the others to whom you supply food. And my breakout session Later here I'll talk more about growing greens and how easy and simple they are anybody that hasn't been growing their own greens greens lose a lot in storage even in the best story it's going to market they are depleted of many things you want to just grab those fresh greens out of the garden every day as you need them it's really really powerful there. As he mentioned the beginning I work with secrets unsealed closely. And I write a article a column there every time they put out a newsletter and if you want to take this down secrets and seal dot org You can go in there and just subscribe there's a place to subscribe you'll get on their mailing lists they can email you or send you a paper mail every time they send out one or both you get the paper one and look at the e-mail one and you can read my articles in there been doing that for several years now all of that my past health articles have been archived and put on the website there so you can go on the website look under the column which has resources and look for health articles and you can find you can pull up the articles I've written they're always trying to share some of the. Chemical and Biological and health knowledge that God has given as and bringing us back we have a health message because God wants to heal us any wants to give us the wisdom to heal others and it is through the simple plant nutrition that he plans to work you know in Christ was here he went about healing. By just touching somebody and a miracle happened in work and we are told in the spirit of prophecy that we cannot now work in that way because there are false healings Satan goes about working false Americans and we don't want to be confused with those and so passages in the medical ministry so God has marked out and other way for us to carry on the same miraculous work of healing and it goes on to describe the sanitariums the health message and these type of things as we come back and do what God asked he can work through that faith when you show the faith in God by doing what he asked if he said eat the Greens and you go eat your greens every day and then you come and pray to him to relieve your various ailments that you're suffering from can't he work through that does he still work miracles today but he works them through this new way that he has marked out for us here in the last days that's his gift to us that's how he's assisted carry on his miraculous work of healing and you as farmers and gardeners and closer touch with the essence of that than anyone else to realize the blessings that come in the food as you grow in passing those on to everyone else this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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