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Farming for the Prophet: The Story of Iram James

Dale Galusha



  • January 18, 2019
    8:15 AM


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Ellen White is very important to our church and to each one of our lives and there are so many wonderful statements that Ellen White makes and people ask me what is your favorite quote from Ellen White Well there's ones from steps to Christ and there's ones from desire of ages there's ones when we were discouraged there's ones when we need encouragement There's ones that promise that the church is going to go through but I've got to say selfishly this is my favorite statement from Ellen White she says I would not be willing to exchange my farmer for any other person that I know of. She was referring specifically to I remember James who is my great grandfather so you can see why that was special to me but let me also suggest that as I have studied Ellen whites writings as I have talked to people who actually knew Ellen White I think that that statement is much broader than just to one individual Ellen White was passionate about farming and gardening and I think that she was meaning that passage for all of those who appreciate and are involved in the art and the work of farming and gardening she says you and I that believe in getting our hands dirty she says we have a special place and she can relate with us I had the privilege of growing up in the Napa Valley this is by the way my great grandparents James and his wife Christina I had the privilege of growing up in the Napa Valley. The church that I attended was then known as the sanitarium church it's had a couple of name changes since that time but you would look out the windows of the church and you would look down into the valley where elms Haven was and you can see on the far left is where elms Haven was I have a little picture and bedded down on the right side but that is the valley where Ellen White spent the last 15 years of her life I grew up just about 2 miles away from there and it was a real privilege going to an Adventist elementary school and having people come and tell us stories who actually had known Ellen White one of them was Grace jocks Grace was Ellen White's granddaughter now as she would tell people she said you know Ellen white grandmother wanted her to have the same initials E.G. W. So they named her Evelyn Grace White and then she would chuckle and say but I didn't keep the white for very long. But Grace Jock she was she went by her middle name Grace jocks who would come and tell us stories J M V How many went to an Adventist Elementary School J M V me excellent fantastic she would come and Grace Jock's was one of these people that had a perpetual smile on her face she was an older lady obviously at that time and she had this deep gravelly voice and she would tell us these wonderful stories about her grandmother I didn't think much of that at the time I just wish now I had been a brighter kid and ask more questions. But we would go over on Sabbath afternoons to elms haven for a tour to look at things and she was the 2 or guide there and if we would stop by during the week you would often see Grace jocks sitting out in the middle of a flower bed pulling weeds and she would always look up and enjoy the opportunity to talk about her grandmother and tell a few stories I didn't think much about that tell many years later when the issue in the church was about the inspiration of Ellen White and could we really trust Ellen White and I discovered that some of my contemporaries who had not had the privilege of growing up in that type of an environment they only knew Ellen White as a person who had a whole lot of things we shouldn't be doing they had read carefully books like messages to young people Christ. Child guy some of these that are good material but sometimes compilations out of context can give a distorted view of the author and so they grew up with a very different picture I grew up thinking of Ellen White must be a whole lot like her granddaughter Grace Jock's because as a little kid I knew a couple of things Ellen White had lived in elms Haven Ellen White was an old Lady Grace jocks lived elms haven and Grace jocks was an old lady so they must have a lot of similarities and I knew that Grace jocks love the Lord loves children or always had a smile on her face and so I grew up with that picture of Belle and white. Also grew up with a man that came to our school by the name of Ernest Lloyd Ernest Lloyd had been the editor of our little friend for 25 years he lived to 105 years old and he would come in tell us about all the times that he had heard Ellen White preach and how moving that was and how impressive it was we'll see a little picture of. Ernest Lloyd a little bit later this morning but I grew up with the understanding and the idea that Ellen White was a real person enjoyed real things like the rest of us do she had a special gift from God for the church but I also knew that Ellen White would be the type of person that we would enjoy working with and being around now I also had my grandmother who grew up at ELMS haven and that's where we'll get into the story of James but I want to tell you about another one of my great grandparents 1st on the other side that was also from Australia that never became a 7th Day Adventist in the 19 or in the 850 S. He moved from Austria to the Sydney area and at that time the wine industry was just getting started and he planted a vineyard started a winery and started a family the winery is still there today not in the family's name anymore but the grapevine said he pretty planted in the 850 S. are still there. And they produce a Y. called old vines wine and you can get I've never tasted it but it is still available there but the other great grandfather I remember James is who we want to talk about for a few minutes this morning his background was interesting his grandfather got a free trip to Australia not with the lottery but in the 18 or in the 1700s I roomed grandfather Samuel stole a silver coin he got caught the official records say that he was 17 years old and was tried as an adult when you look at the birth records he would have been 13 years old when it happened and he was convicted and sentenced to be hung Fortunately his conviction was commuted and they sent him to Australia quite a trip over there there are some records tell little bit about the trip it wasn't a smooth sail but he got there settled in and to show the power of God within about 15 years of his arrival in Australia as a convict he became the constable of the town maybe they didn't have too many people to choose from but that's he became the constable that was I room's grandfather Iram came onto the scene. And he grew up with strong religious conviction when he was in elementary school his teacher Mrs Miss Alice fornace had written on the board this Bible verse behold the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth much more the wicked and the sinner and that made an impression on the young IRA What does that mean what what does the LORD have in mind for our Earth I remember grew up got married started a family he had a little farm but his income was a stage coach driver he was a friendly person and made friends with a lot of people and right about that time coming into the area just outside of Sydney was a young evangelist that had just moved to Australia from Healdsburg college his name was Robert Hare Now some of you may know the name Eric B. hare the story teller in the ad going to stir this was Eric B. Harris father Robert Hare had just finished his theology degree at Healdsburg came to Australia to begin holding a Vangelis think meetings but could not find a place to hold them so he met this young stagecoach driver I remain James and I remain said well if you can't find a place to hold meetings picture can't in my backyard and so the evangelistic meetings got under way in the backyard of the James family but Jeff. That this Bible verse that he had seen as a young child was one of the banners that Robert Hare had up front. And so he was riveted night by night they came to the evangelistic meetings 3 weeks into the evangelistic meetings Christina said to her husband I room we need to keep the Sabbath I room said I'm convicts convinced of it too I have been praying about it and if I can sell my stagecoach business I will accept the Sabbath and join the church Christina looked at I remain said you need to step out in faith don't put a condition on the Lord sometimes wives can nudge their husbands and I remember said but we already have 3 children what are we going to do Christina said I don't know what you're going to do but I'm going to join the church and she stepped out in faith and so did I room at that time and they began to keep the Sabbath Ellen White met them not long after that because I remember James lost the stage coach business he was penniless he started trying to farm but he couldn't make the interest payments on the mortgage so they lost everything but they kept going to church Ellen White was in the area she came to church on Sabbath morning and as she often did she would get acquainted with the various church members she wrote about the family she said they are destitute of food and clothing he keeps up good courage in the Lord Brother James I understand has 4 children and some days has had nothing to eat but wild berries but we have sent them flour beans peas corn starch cabbage turn ups and potatoes enough to last them for a little time perhaps help will come up. Ellen White was a big believer in helping people and she used the bounties of her garden to help people and so she sent food over to the James family because a lost everything they had not only lost their livelihood but Christina's parents who were strong Lutherans who own the winery not too far away they disowned the family because how could you join a group like 7th Day Adventists now to put it in context this was about 893 the church had only officially been around 30 years so you look at it and you say what kind of new religion is this they were strong Lutherans and they have a long heritage but here their daughter with the grandkids in the son in law have run off with this new religion so it wasn't easy for them I remember it's trying to raise money enough to feed his family he even offered Ellen White the opportunity to buy one of his calf 6 he offered it to her for $22.00 and said the cow produces 8 quarts of milk a day. There's no record about whether they bought rather Ellen White bought it or not but they continued on Ellen White invited them to come to Sunnyside to current bung to be by her home Helen White had written to Willie asking if there were some tents that might be available that the family could live in if they came and worked helping to start the new calling each. I really learned a lot during that time spending at ELMS haven or at Sunnyside you can see on the left is sunny side which was Ellen White's home and to the right is a little cottage that became Iram and Christina's home there at Sunnyside there in front of the house posed the picture down on the ground level with a shovel in his hand like a good farmer is I room standing on the left there at Sunnyside it was at that time that I room grew to love. And respect the work of Ellen White very much because he saw 1st hand how she put her faith into action one of the stories This comes from Guide Magazine a few years ago there was a drought I room was to be the farmer there Sunny Side growing all the vegetables growing all the fruit that they needed for their little community there but it would drought came and they watched the plants begin to wilt the ground getting drier and drier and I remember went to Ellen White and he said if we had a windmill we could always have water and keep this farm flourishing they talked about it a little while they prayed about it and Ellen White said yes I have a little bit of money I will set that aside for a windmill I room went home praising the Lord that now they were able to keep the farm going but that evening Willie White came over to visit his mother and Willie looked discouraged that evening and Willie said Mother. You know we're building the new sanitarium in Sydney and the plasterers who are not Adventist have not been paid we need money and Ellen White said well I've just promised the money that we have to build a windmill and Willie said but these are not an Adventist plasters our faith is on the line and so Ellen White changed her mind and said OK we will take the money and give it to the plasterers but I need to tell Ira The next morning she broke the news and it was one of those moments that I room begin to question a few things why you know he had the skill to be a farmer he could go work for people who could afford windmills but he knew that this was a special job that he had a special task that he had and he too prayed that day and that afternoon the clouds came in and the rains begin to fall and the crops were saved it was at that time Ellen White wrote these words she says I invest everything into the work necessary to be done in order to advance the cause of truth May the Lord bless you for this donation we thank the Lord that it came at the right time to pay some debts that we could not have settled without this gift I remained saw firsthand that God's prophet could see things that the rest of us couldn't see and make decisions that would be the right decisions and the Lord would take care and the Lord would provide when Mrs White got ready to leave Australia to come back to the United States she had 2 horses. Now there's got to be a story behind this because one of the horses she named Sister White. And the other horse she named Sister Haskell some of you know may know Stephen Haskell one of our pioneers so his wife got a horse named after her so there's 2 horses sister white and sister Haskell and Ellen White left James with Sister white as she said it was so that brother James could do missionary work when she left there needed to be an auction to sell a number of the items and so I room became an auctioneer and he sold off the items from Sunnyside that Ellen White did not take to saving Ellen White moved to elms haven she found this beautiful spot that was completely furnished and paid $5000.00 for it and after they got settled in Willie White wrote I relent or let me read you parts of that letter that he wrote he said there are 35 acres of valley land about half of this property if properly and rich would raise vegetables or almost any other crop one quarter is especially good for fruit and about one quarter is only good for pasture there are 11 acres of prunes and about 2 or 3 acres of a house or toured that is an orchard with all kinds of fruit for house use there are some something more than 5 acres of Vineyard the prunes in the house orchard are in their prime we should be pleased to plan an acre more giving us a larger variety of fruit. The Vineyard is largely wine grapes but there's an acre or 2 of table grapes some portions of the vineyard are dying showing results of disease we still want to pull up about 2 acres of the old vines one acre because they are not healthy and one acre that is among the trees and needs to be cleared away we shall want to plant new vines giving us greater variety of cable fruit and putting Isabelle's Concords Delaware's and other kinds of grapes that will give us unfermented wine of the best flavor mother would like you to come to be her farmer occupying a similar position to that you had in current bog there are no lack of farmers and fruit growers here but we desire the old associations and think that it would be a continual comfort to us if we could have you take charge of our outside work you have learned a hell mother wants work conducted and you know how to relate yourself to her work outside and inside mother would expect to pay you $40.00 a month and she would do her best to help secure a place for your family Iram got the message and in November of 1900 he sent a cable back to Ellen Why would just 7 words sell now cash advise cable James Now if you can figure all that out I guess back in the days when you would send telegrams. That it was more understandable but it meant he was on his way and in December of that year the family started out by ship to San Francisco. Iram had only been in the elms haven area for 3 months and on March 25 he wrote a letter to Willie White telling what had accomplished so far and here's what he wrote to Willie says Dear Brother white I thought you would like to hear how we're getting on now we have your fence finished except putting up the slats in it and I thought that could wait until other things more important were done I have your lamb plowed a foot deep and harrowing up fine as ashes it's much better land than I thought it was I have staked out all the holes made and part of the trees planted I'm going to plant the rest this afternoon it will take 75 trees I could get no currents or gooseberries at this time I have a fence run around my piece and a dairy to put in 20 trees we also have the berries all planted on Sister White property they're all sprouting nicely the pruning in the prune orchard went slow I put brother Parker for a couple of weeks on it he did very good work we have most of the grapes pruned except the patch trade in front of the house and brother Hicks said he would come and prune that they're beginning to sprout we also grafted about $300.00 but the worst thing I see are the suckers that were allowed to grow from the bottom of the vines last year every vine will have to be gone over dug around with the magic which is almost an endless job it will cost a good deal but it must be done and then he tells a few personal things he talks about the fact that part of his family is still living in a tent 3 months after arriving. His daughter Elma took to scarlet fever and then he tells about his children and about my grandmother he tells that the fact that she was run over by a carriage she fell over it in the wheel went right across her body said she jumped up and was able to run away and we praise God for His goodness So here's the farm as it was laid out when the. Family arrived there you can see the various homes then one of. Jobs was to get the carriage ready for Ellen White Every morning you can see Ellen White in the carry there with her nurse Miss McInturff or and in the background as I remember James getting the Carrie dreaded because most mornings especially when it was good weather Ellen White would take a carry dried through the countryside but not just to fight C. she would stop and talk to the neighbors she would take fruits and vegetables to them she would take books to them she would talk to them she would visit like any other neighbor would one of the stories my grandmother told about one of these carry dry goods is that my great grandfather I room got to carry dread one morning Ellen White in Miss McInturff or got in the Carried they had out they would go for several miles on their raw and when they carried came back and I room was putting it back in the shed he realized that one of the pins had come out that held the wheel in place and that the wheel could have come off at any time. But they knew that it was God's angel that had kept that wheel on for the ride that day and protected Ellen White and Mrs McInturff or. Iram James as family grew to 13 children which is remarkable because after Christina's 1st child the doctor in Australia told her she'd never have any more children I guess you should noise listen to the 1st. Doctor's opinion. But 13 children and so when they would get ready to eat they would have a food line Christina would make great whole we Brad and they would make peanut butter and they just love peanut butter sandwiches and they would make an assembly line for this long table there and some of the kids were pull in the bread and slicing the bread in putting the peanut butter on and Grace Jock's tells about the facts that they white children love Mrs James's bread and so the white children would always try and squeeze in to the James family food line to get some of the good whole we bred and enjoy being with the James kids my grandmother used to also tell about being a child they all worked around elms haven the white children the James children all the children were put to work and especially when it was harvest season there were so much to do and as I mentioned in the letter here there were a lot of prune trees. Even when I was a kid growing up in the Napa Valley there were still a lot of prune trees and as far as I was concerned too many prune trees because if you have to pick up prunes at hot hard work. And so all the children would be out picking out prunes and on many occasions my grandmother would tell that as they were out there in the hot sun picking up prunes here would come Illinois you know Ellen White was not young at that time she was getting up there in years but there was Ellen White God's prophet down on her hands in these helping the kids pick up prunes and then they always look forward to that because she would say whew No it's hot why don't we go sit under a tree and why don't you let me tell you a story. Now can you imagine where there are kids like Ellen White or not they loved it much rather listen to a story than picking up prunes but she was right out there with them working with them. This is the James family as it begin to grow there it elms Haven Ellen White also records that somebody offered them some cherries she says I am Sarah McInturff are 2 of brother James his children and I rode 7 miles up how mountain to get cherries Now if you been Tell me haven in heading up the hill towards Pacific Union College that's a steep climb up there an especially if you're in a carriage here they are there going 7 miles up the hill small black ones which were given to us for the picking. Several others beside us were picking from the trees the platform Drac wagon was drawn under the trees and Sarah and I stood up on the seat and in this way we reached the cherries you can just picture this here's the wagon pulled under the tree and here's Ellen White standing up on the seat picking cherries and she says I picked 8 quarts she enjoyed the process of farming she enjoyed all that was involved with that one of the stories says I roomed with one of his grand kids and he's up pruning my aunt was very small at the time and she went to visit her grandfather I room and he had a wheelbarrow and he was pushing chicken manure and as he was pushing the chicken manure my aunt looked at it and she wrinkled up her nose and she says Grandpa what are you going to do with that dirty old smelly stuff and he smiled and he says why I'm going to put it on artichokes and she looked up at him and she says Why grandpa we put mayonnaise on our R.T. chokes. I think the whole chicken manure is kind of a genetic thing because when I was a kid my mother was determined we were going to have a large garden every year and I don't know where they found it but we would get truckloads of chicken manure and after school for weeks my brothers and I were spreading chicken manure on the yard and still to this day in my back yard which is very small I grow a little vegetable garden and at Lowes you can buy small bags of chicken manure. My neighbors always know when I am getting my vegetable garden reading because I still use chicken manure Ellen White was interested in every part of her farm Grace Jock's would tell about the fact that one night one of the cows gave birth to a calf Ellen White heard about it the next morning and she wanted to go out to the barn to see the new born calf but it was raining and her care giver her side kick Miss Sarah McInturff or was always very protective and she always called her mother now they weren't related but they had worked together for so long and Sarah McInturff or was part of the family and Ellen White said I'm going to go out to see this cast in Miss McInturff 1st said Mother it's raining outside Well White said That's OK I have my umbrella and Miss McIntyre for said but mother it's mighty out there and yellow white smiled she said That's OK I have my galoshes I can put on and everything that Miss McInturff or tried to convince Ellen White not to go out to the barn Ellen White had an excuse for because she was interested in seeing the calf she was interested in what was going on on the farm. Admin is far Murs this is by the way this was the home of the James family with a little water tower just up the hill just a little ways from Elm save it and add going to is much more than one who simply grows fruits and vegetables. An advantage farmer is an Adventist 1st they're involved in every part of the church and so was I room. He was an elder in the local church and in that local church there was a problem there were 2 sides now sometimes we think that divisions in churches are something new they happened way back then as well and the 2 sides were fighting and they wouldn't even talk to each other and I room as one of the elders he prayed about it he wanted to bring unity to the church and so he got a hold of the conference President and said to the conference President you need to come and talk to these 2 groups and get them united again in the conference President came in the fight continued and so I room went up to the same Alaina hospital and he talked to the chaplain any. You need to come and talk to these 2 sides in the chaplain came down and talk to the 2 sides and they still kept fighting and so one Sabbath. Stood up and he read several Bible verses love your enemies you're good to them persecute you God is love by this will all men know that you are my disciples and then he looked at one side and he says Do you want to go to heaven and they all nodded and he said do you want to go to heaven and he looked at the other side and they all nodded yes and he said Well none of you are going to go unless you love each other. And a revival broke out that day because of a farmer's faith a farmer can be one who unites the church and works with people I room was involved in soul winning he gave Bible studies in the community 13 children at home but still going out and giving Bible studies and he was involved in starting a new school. Ellen White looked around after the community begin to grow and she said we need a school so I am games because he had the most kids was the school board chair and they had a school board meeting to organize and as a group gathered together to organize the. Ellen White was there I don't know about you but I've chaired a whole lot of committees I've never had a profit sitting in the meeting I was trying to chair but there got to be quite a discussion going and as a chairman you're trying to keep things balanced here and with Ellen White sitting there in the room people begin to quote Ellen White Now think about that for a little bit now what would people have shared that new Ellen White is Ellen White was not a dominate person sometimes because of the volume of material that she wrote in the employ and she's had in the church you would think OK she walks into a room and takes over she didn't take over she was a very mild meek person almost shy in fact her grand kids who would talk about family worship time she never dominated family worship they loved family worship because the kids were all involved in family worship and Elm saving Ellen White would take part but she didn't dominate and so here she is at this board meeting and a very interesting discussion came up how old should a child be when they start school that's a simple one right because Ellen White had written a decade before exactly they should be 10 years old that should settle the issue right well the discussion starts going back and forth. And people are saying yes but and then they'd say But Ellen White sat and she's sitting there. You can picture that it's starting to gnawing at her a little bit you can read this in selected messages Volume 3 by the way she finally talks and here she is and IRA is chairing the meeting and Ellen White finally addresses the issue that she's being quoted about she says this is how it is and my mind has been greatly stirred in regard to the idea then she puts in quotes Why Sister White has said so and so and Sister White has said so and so and therefore we are going right up to it she said God wants us all to have common sense and he wants us to reason from common sense Circumstances alter condition. Circumstances change the relationship of things. Interesting perspective that came out of that board meeting that I room was chairing He also spent in later years of his life going around to churches lecturing about the beginnings of the work in Australia I have a few of the notes that he had made during that time I wish I'd had I wish he had made a manuscript because it's hard to make sense of some of just notes but on the dale and white died the nurses knew that Ellen White's time on earth was coming to an end and so they called those who were especially close to her to come to say their goodbyes and one or 2 at a time were allowed to go up to the 2nd floor were Ellen White's bed was. And I remain Christina were invited to make their way up to the bedside to say goodbye to not just an employer but to a friend someone they had known and been associated with for 21 years they knew her as a friend as a profit as an employer reasons Ellen White was passionate about farming gardening for the family she believed in food to eat for the family Ellen White was a 2 male a day person in her later years but she knew that everybody wasn't a 2 meal a day person she knew especially young people and people who were out working needed a little more than 2 meals a day and so she always had in her pantry an abundance of fresh dried canned fruit from her garden that people could come in in the evening and have something to eat from the garden so she ate widely from her garden gardening for other she shared food as she shared with the Irishman Christina she shared with so many people over the years she instructed I remember times take food to this family because they are in need. Gardening for income may not have thought about the Prophet raising money growing food for income Willie set up quite a business and I room was his partner with fulfilling these orders Willie White was on every committee that this church had hospital boards and school boards and wherever he went and when he would go to these places he would talk to the cafeteria and he would send back home to IRA an order form of send them dried fruit send them grape juice send a whole list of things and that was part of the income for the elms Haven property gardening for health better and fresher food actively involved in gardening. There's 2 studies that just came out in the last 3 weeks the 1st one was from Reuters people who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces may have less stress healthier blood vessels and lower risk of heart attacks and strokes and residents of communities without many outdoor recreation areas and then this one just last week people who eat a diet sitter high in fiber which is fruits grains nuts have lower risk of death in chronic disease such as stroke or cancer compared with people with low fiber intake a new analysis found a fiber diet was linked on average to 22 percent reduce risk of stroke a 16 percent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and KOHLER rectal cancer and 30 percent reduce risk of death from coronary heart disease practical ways to increase fiber intake is to base meals and snacks around whole grains vegetables pulses and whole fruits and it should remind you of the statement Ellen White made long before the study came out last week grains fruits and nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our creator so she knew that having a garden is going to make us healthier people gardening as a missionary endeavor she shared food with others she shared the gospel at the same time she also taught people to be self-sufficient I mentioned earlier this man elder Ernest Lloyd who lived to 105 years old knew Alan White Very well he was editor of our little friend he's on that little D.V.D. that I mentioned. Yes I remember Ellen White listen to a little clip of what he says about the neighbors of Ellen White Now I want to put it in context. Ellen White said a whole lot of things about don't drink alcohol and yet some of the people who loved her the most were the people in the valley who owned wineries because she was kind to them and finally gardening to train children to work I think my mother took that one very seriously. In the 1909 edition of ministry of healing there's a chapter on the parent's duty and teaching children to work and they needed a picture for to show children working now these are the James children that in the book there are my grandmother used to tell the story and laugh about it that they had all been out working in the garden and they heard that this picture needed to be taken so they all had to come in and get bad and get dressed up in their good clothes so they could have a picture taken to show them working and as soon as the picture was taken then they put their work clothes back on and went back out to work. But underneath that picture let the mother plan the light work to employ active hands and minds so Ellen White had a lot of reasons that gardening and farming were so important and finally gardening to show and Keech spiritual lessons if you go out this morning there's a little handout we just 6 lessons there's many more in the spirit of prophecy but 6 lessons on what you can learn from gardening a number of years ago Paul Harvey the radio commentator received a note from somebody about farmers and he tweak it and then Elder can hall and the editor of these Times magazine picked it up and reworked it a little further. And it says on the 8th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a caretaker so he created a farmer God said I need someone willing to get up before dawn milk cows work all day in the fields milk cows again eat supper and then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board so God made a farmer I need someone with Armstrong enough to wrestle a calf yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild someone to tame cantankerous machinery come home hungry and have to wait lunch and tell as wife's done feeding visiting ladies then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon and mean it and so God made a farmer God had to have someone willing to ride the right to double speed to get the hay in ahead of the rain clouds and yet stop in midfield and race to help when he sees the 1st smoke from a neighbor's place so God made a farmer God said I need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales and yet gentle enough to wean the Lambs and tend the pink combed pull it and who'd stop his motor for an hour to split the broken leg of a meadow lark So God made a farmer it had to be somebody who'd plow deep and straight and not cut corners somebody to seed weed feed breed and rake and disk and plow and plant and tie the fleece and string the milk and replenish the feeder and finish a hard week's work with a 5 mile drive to work so God made a farmer so we come back to the statement to Dell and white made I would not be willing to exchange my farmer for any other person that I know of. Ellen White was passionate about working the ground about working the gardens about working the farms and she looks at each one of us today who believe passionately in farming and gardening. She would give that promise to us to this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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