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Bootstrapping a Farm

Matthew Dealy


After working at several different farms since 2008, Matt and his wife, Deidre, are currently in the start-up phase of their own small farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Their primary goal is to establish a lean farm, enabling them to homeschool their four children and make time for family and ministry. 



  • January 17, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Your larger so thankful that you have brought us all here we know that you have a plan for each and every one of our lives and we ask that you would. Help us all to learn more about you through this process I pray and use name human. Right so this was probably the hardest presentation I've done because there's there's no formula for bootstrapping a farm you know what is Bruce trapping. I got a definition here in a 2nd but why would you be strapped. These are some of the reasons that I came up with because you're poor you don't have much experience you like having control of your business can't access money from friends or banks you don't like that you want to play it safe you want to learn on a smaller scale so when I say like you like having control your business if you borrow money or you get a partner then you lose a chunk of your business or you or your controller you know what you want to do. You don't have much experience I'm going to talk a little bit about our 1st farm we didn't have any experience and that was a great place to not borrow money because we would have made huge mistakes we're still making mistakes they're just getting smaller so this is from Investopedia on You Tube an individual is said to be a bit is said to be bootstrapping when he or she attempted found and build a company from personal finances or from the operating revenues of the company so that makes sense basically strapping and again there's lots of different definitions of variables but is trying to start a business or do something with the resources abilities the money that you have so one of the goals of do strap in a business is to live to fight another day. As a business and personally so you know the goal you know if you're trying to hit a grand slam and you strike out. It's not going to be good which is kind of what this says you cannot grow a business to that does not exist so avoid trying to hit a home run if striking out will have a major impact on your business. Again bootstrapping is trying to use what you have so if you think you are to a spot and you need to borrow money and you fail it's not going to be good this was a bonus that I didn't put in the thing but I have a formula. For how to make money farming. And it works if you're starting a farm with lots of money it works if you're starting a farm with no money little experience required this is been tested over time and prune by many and guaranteed to work most of the time depends on your willingness to try harder so. You might want to your picture because Asus it's good. So what you do is you have your value that you desire and earn you times that by 2 and that's the amount you need to start to make the value desired by so if you want to earn a $1000000.00 You have to start with 2. It's a joke I didn't write it. I thought you guys are giving. Anyway it's not really a formula it's just kind of the reality sometimes you know especially when you're trying to start a farm it seems like it takes away more than you have and. It feels like you're just putting everything you have into and you're getting not much out of it OK so some of the challenges to starting a farm is a has a high capital outlay as a steep learning curve you need to create a market. Requires a lot of work upfront with no income for potentially months or years he talked a little about this last night like. You can't just go out to the hardware store and buy a lumber build a deck and get a paycheck you have to put lots of work in before you can make money sometimes and there's a pretty slow learning curve so you know if you made a mistake on your potatoes. You know you don't get that chance again until next year. So helpful steps that I've found is. Focusing on true success and that's what this conference is about but if your focus is on just making money you know you have a hard time. So this is the next 1 May God your boss and take direction from him this is. The best won and sometimes the hardest one and sometimes you don't know what his direction is but this is the ultimate goal is that. You're not just making a business to make money but you're operating you're a steward of God's land that he has given you and as a steward you take direction directions from the boss and sometimes you don't like those directions but there's a reason you've been given them right. So the next one is you're a steward pay God 1st. So this one to the world doesn't make sense but to me it makes the most sense of anything so on our farm. Basically all the farms that we've had we've always paid God we've always paid tithe out of our gross which is hard right but. We've always been blessed more than that we can imagine so we have in our we have an L C N N or operating agreement we have it set up so that all the money goes into a bank account and we pull that money out and pay God before we get anything so. You know if you. And I'm not telling us how you have to do it but this is work for us because especially starting a business you know there's always expenses you need a greenhouse you need a tractor you need a seed or you need that and there's never any money left right so that's how we've done it and just for example this year you know we've we got donated back to us we weren't expecting but almost the same that we we paid in ties so. Find free land to practice on and grow from there. A huge thing is to have a passion and calling for what you are doing. A good one is to enter on a farm or work on a farm and then jump and enjoy the ride so when you start a 1st farm we had 6 months of interning experience which. You know we've got the idea is that you need to plan image straight rows and maybe 100 feet and. Whatever we did have a church garden before that but we didn't know nothing about anything. So important things to remember it is hard to turn a boat that is not moving so. This one kind of goes back to the Lord being in control so you know if you get if you're in the stuck like I don't know to do I don't know what to do I don't know what to do what's going to happen. Now that right so even if you go in the wrong direction you can turn around and go to different direction. Do all that you can in a situation and you can't go any farther than just back off and wait on the Lord and maybe he has something else in store. This one always be on the lookout so I'm always on the lookout for. Anything right so if I'm driving down the road and there's an old something there that I might need some time make a note you know or. If you have a conversation with somebody to say I might sell something how much you want you know and never be afraid to ask. Never be afraid to ask a stupid question. This goes a long way isn't bruised up and because you know there's lots of experts and to them it's a stupid question but to you it's not and I have no problem getting on the phone and asking somebody anything you know if my. And even you know sometimes you've got to do it you got to do so like I'll call from looking for a part or I need something I'll call somebody a different state that you know 3 hours behind a different time zone because they're open you know to find the answer that I need for something. When stuck in a corner OK So this is a good one when you're when you're stuck in a situation you don't know what to do. I just go through my phone and start looking for names right and then I'll jog your memory and you say oh I can call this guy right so these are all just things that can help you when your parents are having. OK so we're going to talk a little bit from a talk a little about our farm when we 1st started so God was and is still bootstrapping our characters so when we started our farm. We had 6 months of inturn experience we had a working start up capital of $3000.00. I wife was a nurse to school we were paying as we went so we didn't have debt. We had 2 small kids we had no debt other than our mortgage we had a good network of friends and family we had 0 farming equipment nothing we had nothing. I quit my job before doing and turned shit and this was I was doing commercial construction and making good money and when we left we went to $600.00 a month and we had no end to farm so this is how we started our 1st farm is that encouraging to guys. OK so this was our 1st farm. We actually went so our 1st farm was we started church garden and when we left and turned him we came back and there was the church that was like 5 minutes down the road and they had this nice 3 acre flat piece of grass and we're thinking well I'll just go talk to them and be a great fit you know and we went talk to the board and we knew everybody except where I grew up and guess what they said. No And guess what the reason was was because they were afraid that it would attract birds and the birds would poop on the roof so. Anyway. So you know we were doing everything we could to find something and what came from that was another friend that I'd grown up with and he called and said hey I got 5 acres of land I'm now using one you can have and use it and I'll give you a 5 year lease with no rent and you can get started so as not knowing anything about now then. So I I did some work on the barn but it was what we could do we could modify the barn or do whatever we wanted to do so it was a good it was a good thing. So we went up and looked at it and it was an old Christmas tree farm and there were still some Christmas trees and we thought well we'll just rub them out no big deal soil looks great you know we took a shovel and dug it it looked great. And it was horrible actually. It was like but I did I called Bob Gregory and said it was all sample and he said this is the worst oil of ever saying from somebody who's trying to make a living. And this is like a year later so that was encouraging to us because. You know. Oh yeah so so I don't have a tractor and there's actually 3 tractor sure so it's. The one I'm on there is I ran into a guy on a job and he said I've got a tractor I'm trying to sell So immediately my brain starts workin and I said well maybe we can trade some work bar or whatever and 11 like 5 minutes down the road so we just drove down there and I started using it and that's how we had a tractor and the unfortunate thing was we were there for 2 years and every time I went to work he was like well I don't know what I'm going to have you do so we never actually bothered because he couldn't make up his mind but we had it there for 2 years and. So we I come from the construction building whatever and I had some. Of the trust ties there that I had and I didn't know. I mean we didn't really know anything about we're doing so we're building as a greenhouse we don't have money for a greenhouse so we bought some lumber and we built this thing and we you know we just dug for in the mud and you can see as much this is my brother his wife and you know up top your boots we're just pound these things in the ground on this greenhouse and we've built this thing for like less than $500.00. And I actually drove by not that long ago and they're still part of it up there and this was 89 years ago so for $500.00 greenhouse you could have grown a lot of produce that could have bought you a new nice greenhouse right. These are some of our starts and we lived 5 well actually of 10 minutes away which is really hard because you know sun comes out hot greenhouse gets hot back and forth and. So we had to try and do everything we could so we built these benches and we flood here a gated them a drowned them. And anyway. We had our our Stark's we started our house and a building we called The Shack and agro lights just like the for all our fluorescent shop lights and. You know we had to start everything they're loaded in our car drive down the road but I'm in there. Swamp tank and. You know everything is what you can see there we didn't have money for anything we had a sawmill so we'd Millwood. OK So this is a really cool picture because there's lots of little patches of greenery there right and we didn't have a cedar right so we had everything by hand which is a it's hard work more of the brain than anything but. So I devised a way I had some other stuff from an old business I had these baking racks with all the sheets you know so instead of bending over I decided that I would design my own system so I made I cut a bunch of quarter inch strips and I made just jig that I'd put on the cookie try the big baking tray and hold them all up right and then I'd fill it with soil and then I could you know see by hand standing up. They would grow and then I would punch the 2 pieces of wood together and then put them in my furrow push the dirt up. And then pull the wood out. So I would transplant rose at a time so that's what all these are I see them on the tray and then I transplant and I can have a crop in like 2 or 3 weeks so this is like. I pretty much invented the paper just with wood. But anyway you got to you know use what you have get creative. Or some more pictures OK So this is another Sweet Invention here we have a bunch of compost that we get for free but it was huge chunks of everything so I made this is just a jigsaw I have to chain up to the part that goes up and down to the metal grate there and it would just shake it. So I could pretty much shovel as fast as I could and it would keep up and you could dump it I may dislike it done but with the bucket too but. So there's a picture of finished symptom compost because my $3.00 but jigsaw puzzle we're never. Sure how to get the idea that you just use what you have right I could have bought a fancy setter but. When I would have moved away it would have done much so these are. Some hoops that I built and. There's you know this is this is the next year so I'm like we're moving light years ahead or it is still not growing any fear so the 1st year I think we made $2500.00 and we both years were there we ran out of fear and in September just like enough and. So these are some hints that I just I went down and bought some steel to me knowing that they would rust but they were WAY cheaper than galvanized and. Made a bender so I could better myself. I painted some and I still use these teams today and those are 70 years old so there's a contraption we can pull it down the rows and shovel out compost onto the bed. This is still the prototype phase we're working on these are some of the experiences we had out there so for income I didn't have a job. I had lots of work I could do because I I grew up there you know I did a lot of commercial construction I knew lots of people I could get a job and you know 3 seconds but I felt the Lord was calling us to agriculture so kind of what I did you know like tell learned things but I said Right we know you call this agriculture of this is what you want to do then you need to provide the work so this is what happened for the 2 years were there and I did look for it people would just call me out of the blue and they would say we have some work for you there I go over there look out and they say what you want to charge and I say I don't know the Lord told you call me so you guys figure it out. And then they would think about and pray about it for a couple days and call me back and it was always what we needed. To cut me out of getting myself into trouble because you know if I got to build a house or some that I wouldn't farm. We had a Geo Metro that we drove everywhere and we lived 10 minutes away so we'd have to pack the dog and the kids and. Extra clothes because it's rainy and starts and I have a picture somewhere the dog like in the back with it's like packed up and stuff and it's like head over the. Back seat but. And we didn't have any money you know so there was times there was one time in particular that we didn't have any money and. We had to deliver fairly and the gas tank was on empty you know and so what do you do and what does go and we drove it on empty for over a week and when it finally died it died right next to the gas station so. Sells better I know you guys have probably seen lots of fancy sells papers but we had a little you know kitchen one that's what we had that we used we don't recommend that it seemed we also you know we seeded by him so again this is doing everything that we could and so we had you know we didn't OK Comfrey fertilizer. This was more of an aha moment for me because I thought you know as a man whatever I could describe there and build an ample meant I could. Do what I did with the tractor and plants and stuff and it would grow and I could sell it and nothing was working and I had come free in my field but I didn't know what was there I don't know what it was I don't know anything and it had been like 5 times and eventually had this patch like this tall of Comfrey and it was horribly awesome. And I didn't know what it was so I started looking Comfrey and I took I found out it was a fertilizer and. This was the moment that I was really know why it was like just ground in nature and observe and I'm like I know I don't know how to do that you know so I go out there and I'm look and I'm like what's this and you know I found was a good fertilizer so I just started cutting and dumping this stuff and big like huge tanks and then it would sit there and go down and rot and this black tar would come out and it delivered it but it smelled like a sewer. That's what I had so I used it so there's another picture. I threw a couple case studies in here so you guys can kind of. Visualize what I do when I get myself in a tight spot. Because really Bruce trapping a farm is bootstrapping your life you know like some people have a good job and they say oh men take a lot of money and. Invest it but for us it's our whole life so we had a big truck we still do and we're driving down to Utah and the whole truck just like started dyin like running out of gas and I didn't know what it was so i'd I change the fuel filter were in the middle of Wyoming somewhere and I'm going up this hill and it's just like. You know some guy coming up next to me and pulled me over so I pull over and he gets out he tells me it looks like your vapor lock on and I don't know what this is you know and. He told me to do some stuff and he said there's another filter on the on the carburetor you might want to check of the real careful because aluminum e don't want to strip it I took it off and I was real careful to put it back on I was real carefully and I really carefully strip that. And where I run the middle of nowhere right and cell phones don't work nothing works I got one from this May So. You know I don't money to call him a truck I can call in any way and. He has a $24.00 foot moving truck loaded full to the gills so you know to get a big moving truck or a tow truck is not going to be cheap so what do you do you start looking around trying to figure out where you got it right I got a whole truck full of stuff so I open it up and in the back there's like a box full of tape and painting and stuff and. I had some tools that I put on the back so Mike Well sometimes you can put tape on thread and it'll. Get it tighter so I got some duct tape which. It's horrible I found out because it just kind of melts just dissolves in gas. But I put it on there and I got it nice and tight and whose whole process I just got to strip it worse but what he did so I melted the duct taping gases for now so I went back and I found some blue painters tape and I thought this is going to work so I just kept one painters tape on there until I had a nice snug fit and then I found a zip tie and zip tied on there so I couldn't move and I started up and run out there and look you know make sure it wasn't We're going to. Do that a few times drove down the road 5 minutes anyway I drove all the way to Utah and it works fine so. You know what you've got to use what you got right. So this is our new farm and we were going a couple other farms in between and. So those are the farm we moved in with our friends from else and and they had currently dear friends seen who House area geisha and beautiful soil to go to market and we had a we weren't there before so we knew the market we had 70 to 72000 square feet a greenhouse and we had $15000.00 and it was in Kentucky and we were in South Dakota and this was all the money we had we just sold our house and spent all the money to buy that green house and. It was we still have stuff out there actually but it was like 5 semi loads so I could spend all my money should be in which we did. We had lots of faith drive and desire to make it happen so the 1st thing. This was. You know this big green house you got to put like 4 foot. Pilings of concrete barrier comment and it was a lot of money and it was winter and it was frozen and I wanted to get it going so this is my patented greenhouse anchor system that I designed and I did not do well but I welded it and. We took it out and. So this is our our prototype we've got it in the ground so it's basically the top of a TB or something so you know the harder you push down the tighter it gets. Tighter gets so we decided to buy a welder we decided our prototype was good for moving forward so I bought the nice as well or that I could with the money and this one's a miller and it actually does like Meg taken stick and everything and I got on sale for like a $1000.00 which is amazing. So I had to figure out how to get more serious now and then the whole these pieces to weld into the pipes I could put it on there and this is the welder for the bender that I made and I have a video somewhere else but it's pretty cool actually you can put it in there and figure out how to bend it in like 10 seconds and it was a perfect fit and you know I'm not a wood I'm not a metal worker I'm a one worker so the 1st one I've built was out of wood which is a horrible idea because steel is stronger than wood and I basically broke it in like 3 seconds but again this is a show I'm trying to show you that I don't know what I'm doing right. I'm just doing it so that's my finished product. So I drove all the way to Minnesota to make me all steel and bought this and well that all learning as I went and then I drove all the way to Nebraska and had it all galvanized which is a whole other learning process and and there's my finished products so. You've got to have a. A plan or a vision so this is our our greenhouse patch in January and. So we started putting the anchors then and we had to actually get out there with a jackhammer and jackhammer the soil so we can get it down in there and. Put these in but we've got them all and in a couple weeks we can have we started building trusses there are so much that we're leaving out here but because we had to get in here we had to ship them we didn't have money so this is we're big and. The ground out for work on our start out and we have that night and these are good men there and we didn't have any money for rental but I found this guy and. He was willing to let me rent and he was like well I'll just pay whatever you've got it money because it was winter and it was just sitting there and. So he brought it out and he brought out a little skin steer and. Again you just got it you know push the limit and see what you can do you know so I said Right what I need this thing but I only need it like a day here in a day there but I can't pay for delivery. You're slow Can you just leave it here and I can use it you know here and there. Said sure. I'll use this day and then this day and he said Right but then I needed things in between so I'll just call him and say hey I need to feel like half an hour Oh sure to use it and. He was great you know but if you don't ask you don't you'll never find out right and it was when for me and him. So there is just but those things then and I actually put all those in wrong and had term all back out. Which is not an easy endeavor improvising when we had solid rock so we had to bring these things then and build it differently and this is the this is in February and that's the next day. A big thing of Bruce rapping is no matter what the situation you just got it you know I'm paying for equipment so I can sit in there by the fire and enjoy the winter so I think that was you know we got like 5 inches of snow that day and we're putting the gutters together was calling and mastic and not the best day but we did it our greenhouse was on and on a hill like a 3 percent grade so we had to cut each and every single one of these columns and you know 1st I'm like well this is drill I'm hard can that be right but you can't just drill like a 58 hole with a drill bit like 2008 things so I had to go through the whole process. Yes So we built we have currently about a half acre so it's a lot of was still had to cut each column individually so I had to go through the whole process of learning how to drill holes in metal. It doesn't seem that hard right but when you have that many it is you don't need to call them has 4 or 5 holes and they want to line up and so I did buy a drill press and figured it all out. That's just a reckoning at and we had. We actually had some friends that come out they came out and we didn't know they were going to come out until not so long before but we again we're just we're just moving full steam ahead as fast as we can through his We've got rental equipment and that's summer's coming. So you know there we had improvise a make a safety 1st device to get the trusses up there so there's kind of the finished well unfinished greenhouse but and there are workers. Going to kids. Over peoples and younger people who got that put up in a week OK so here's another case study if you were called and this is with the big yellow truck again. And we went out to Washington this last year from South Dakota to get some windows and doors and garage doors and for a house that we're building. And I did not check the transmission fluid. And I burnt out the transmission on the side of the freeway on a mountain pass and it started snowing and. So again now I have a $24.00 foot truck with a trailer loaded which is going to be even more expensive Ditto. So what do you do you just start turning part of the transmission right so we're on the side of the road we're pulling it apart and we're doing everything we can and kind of come to a point where we realize we can't we're not going to rebuild this transmission on this other road. And again you know I didn't I'm not a mechanic so I went to my phone and I started looking through there and I found a couple guys from Telemann they both said the same thing employer transmission because. Anyway and. So I determined that it would be the cheapest to get a turd to a friend's shop and. I took it there I tore the transmission assume I got there and tore it off and it was. Shavings and I basically froze the reverse gear to the shaft because it didn't have fluid. And so what do you do we didn't have any money. So we just started looking junkyard and it's an older truck they don't make them anymore hard to find transmissions. And. The cheapest one I found was like $2000.00 it was in Michigan and I didn't have any money so but I did want to rebuild it because I've heard all kinds of horror stories. You know just tear apart your transmission so. The next best thing I could do was I started driving around back country road looking for an old farmer that had an old truck and I found some old farmer that had a lot of trucks but he didn't have the right one so I just go knock on their door you know it's a hairy transmission all truck you don't see if it was the right one but I didn't find any but through the process. I got my phone again and remember that there was a guy from my old church that used to work on school buses so I called him up and he said Well bring it over so I took it over there and he looked at it and he's like well it's not going to fix it so so we pulled out some sawhorses and put it in backyard and we tore it apart and I went I found a place and they overnighted the parts and we had all the parts there the next day for I think a $600.00 and put back together and we're on the road. You know most people can't do it you know and I couldn't do it either you know it was prayer and it was. Just one step at a time the Lord leads you. And I drove all the way home and works great. So here's a picture of my walls. We don't have money for the greenhouse walls and this is old plastic from the roof. That we just turned sideways and use on our walls so again using what we had were build a box here with some steel and this was a little heated box that I talked about last year but there's always Stark or tomatoes in everything. And we can keep this story 4 feet long 6 feet wide we can heat it was a little tiny heater. So we're starting our stuff on the ground it's not ideal I'd like to have you know rolling benches with heat Nomen all kinds of stuff but I don't got it there we're working on dry winds. Actually had a piece of bearing explode and hit me right in the safety glasses right there so you learn all kinds of new things to try and so it's a good one. When you do have equipment or you have anything you take advantage of it so you know I print all the trees I install those clothesline. You try to get anything and everything out of anything and sometimes it gets you in trouble because I had an extra last year and for a day and I started like 5 new projects but. Again like pretty much everything we've been doing our farm for the last 2 years since we've been there has been not ideal so. We had one irrigation spot in the corner of the hydrant and this greenhouse is 150 feet long in 120 feet wide and we had hoses that were running all over the place and by the time you get to the end it's like a trickle. But what we had so what we used there is. A picture how many farmers use these sprinklers. Right eye this is horrible water patterns to get a good water powder now that you have to pull it like every 5 feet long are every 5 minutes right so it overlaps. Us so we had the so used. This is what you get when you're starting a farm because you're too busy. Irrigation I didn't have money for big fancy irrigation so I dug this detritus like this but the even put in the cheapest thing I could find. And eventually off the report a lot of and redo it because we're in South Dakota and it freezes. But I designed it so that it would all run downhill so I can open a valve and drain it again that's a lot of work that would get in the Fall Spring hard freezes and I'm going to be out there all the time I took a picture of this because we were excited that it was $37.00 and the other store we were looking at it was like $47.00 but our irrigation budgets are some you guys know where I'm coming from some of you guys will know where I'm coming from our whole rock we built using what we had we built a little germination chamber and I went to the scary part of town and there was this lady that was like you I had a friend he's like I know where I get a fridge so we went out there and she's like well you're not supposed to have one but no one's here so to go and take one life on the best when I could It was like a recycle place and. We made this germination chamber we had most of the electric parts on so we can start now because our baby is all out there and her unheated greenhouse in February. So I bought a paper punch ranch planner and the little tray you know to make the Devils was $250.00 so I made my own with wire making that is. So I drill the holes and then you push them through and I took the grinder and ground off the back and I'm not buying you want to enjoy it but for now it works the thing to me probably 3 quarters of the day to build because you get all that you have to have all the holes perfectly aligned you know so it's not always fast to bootstrap. This was a pleasure sine. You know we we use our column rows for trellis named base and we try and use everything that we can to get what we need I had a mortar mixer from a couple businesses ago so we hoisted a bill to the bank so we can make her own soil so this is a we're trying to get better germination so I thought I'd get a a roller and I couldn't find the roller because we're in Rapid City in this small town but I found someone that rented it and you know he wanted you know $30.00 some for the day to rent it and I said Well can I buy it he said no we don't sell them and I said well so you go further I said What if I don't bring it back how much will that cost me well let me look you know so he left things like well actually it's only going to be my thing about buying a new Anyway it's all sell to you for $80.00 so you know I got that roller for $80.00 and so sometimes you just got to know the right question to ask. Again were were watering things with those hose it's you know it's not ideal. So this is a good one this is a man and you guys noticed the boxes there was a special about those not of a match and they're not ours so basically when we go to Sam's Club or anywhere we. Take the boxes with us and you know we go to Safeway you go to boxes so we actually have one boxes now that we're in the process of finishing but those boxes are furry So we have and this here is extreme bootstrapping. Because when you're going to glasses break any needs or you just bar your kids. Not really but. So is the picture of some of our tomatoes and. They're beautiful they're more beautiful and then they're not so beautiful. We went to church one day and we have a opening and closing the roof that's not automated we have to climb up a ladder with a drill to do it and we love that open like what I have and went to church and we came back and there was like 6 inches or hail in the ground and it wiped out every tomato we had in there those are our strawberries when you're right we have fun and I don't know who remembers. Laura Ingalls but when they when this happen to them what they do they made ice cream so. And you guys are thinking what does that have to do abou stripping right so this was also a benefit and we got to hate our room was destroyed and the same heels are and our paint was destroyed so this is what actually got us through the winter was the insurance claim. So. You know you'd have to just kind of go with what happened and do the best you can and so we redid our room and everything in the money that was extra and got us through the winter. Here we are putting walls on the big greenhouse and this was this is a blessing Americal because. I had a friend that had kind of the same dream house and they sent him the wrong stuff so I was able to get this material for cheap and we still were going to winter and it cost all the money we had to get walls on this thing to rent the equipment to install it to get it delivered but we knew that if we didn't have walls our greenhouse was kind of useless one big thing and we're striving to get I do is if I look at something and I know that I get my money back out of it than I usually try to do it so I got this. Fabric and it was like a 10 degree protection and it cost me I think $400.00 and I was able to cover all my tomatoes I made like a little tent over them and I got all my money back because I was able to extend my season for 3 weeks and keep selling tomatoes so. If you can do things that are risky that you know you're getting your money back I invest. So this is a really important thing is you want to find somebody in your in your area that can do anything and everything there's always some guy that you know he's like been a machinist he's a welder he's built how this like these are the kind of people that you want to embrace because they know everything and they know everybody that has everything and you know I've called them and I've built it when it's for pulse of 1000 trees out of the woods and the hand you've got a gear box and I just said Well yesterday you know I got it for $75.00 bucks and they would build up a crane for a truck so now we can move stuff around. This same guy also had this. Water tank and boiler but I got and. Actually didn't even know the benefits but this makes a really good bubble or for salad and it's all stainless steel. This year where I paid for Model T. last year and was able to get crops out a month or more sooner so trying to use the same space. We we hooked up our boiler to this greenhouse that we put inside of our greenhouse trying to heat it and the point of this is basically trying new things you know if you don't know it's going to work just right anyway because our logo that my wife made and we had it burnt I found a place in town the water jet it and he did it for like 75 bucks or something and so and I welded it all to a thing and now we can brand our box of some of our kids. So they're packing sure this is the box office and from this truck that we had. That are packing so we took it off and set it on the ground and as our package said it's way too small that our cooler. Was 8 feet long and it's like you know every day we harvest we fill it up and we emptied out we filled up we emptied out there's no room you know we're stuck in tomatoes everywhere we can. That's what we got there we had a crawl space that was a foot tall and one corner so we cut a door out so we can put a cooler something in there trying to use again what we got. Was a good one so my wife and kids were driving to Utah and. Hellhole or something. That's really clone came anyway when she turned and she's like 12 hours away and we don't have money again common theme. She says What do I do and I say well get under there and fix it I did I did but I kept my end and I got on You Tube and you know ties in band clunking noise turning whatever and kind of figured it out so she had to get under the car you know and find a jack and tools and and she expects that it was like this way of our land her sons for us our current needs are. Our packing shed is too small our coolers used MOL our delivery vans too small for your gauge and system is undersized when we used too much on the farm we have no water in the house we have no heat for early tomatoes or starts we're lacking hand tools for better weed management we need more covered space for growth because. We get a lot of hail and we're currently in the process of getting a loan for the house. That's a whole nother story so this is a question that I've been wrestling with is debt or no debt and I didn't. Think this is an individual thing but for us we've decided again that we're going to keep the farm debt free which is way harder. And worry they expand with profits and resources that we currently have we're going to put our money into our biggest potential probs. And we're trying to start earlier this spring. You know that Proverbs 226 travel child the way should go you know the next part nobody ever talks about. The parts or the part after that the next verse you guys notice. The next verse is the borrower's slave to the lender right. So that's the part that we're trying to avoid and. But as a business goes we're in a great spot to borrow money and build a new packing shed put a cooler in and buy a new van and all these things but we decided that's a little too much to mistrustful for us for short term growth we're going to take the cooler out of the shed and try to build like a small A by cooler we found some cheaper helmet in that we're going to try and get. We're going to try and find maybe had small enclosed trailer take the market. I got behind the neighbors. We're going to try and find some timers so that we can hear a good night more so that we have water and you can kind of any problem that you have here you can try and make it better with not much money if you want to make priority less list and check them off and be flexible throughout the season. You know so for us one of our big challenges right now is that we're trying to get heat for the greenhouses to get early tomatoes. But that's not a priority come June. So. You want to pray over the list of things on the list you want to move at the pace of the Lord opens the doors again you want to always be on the lookout. Have faith you take controlled risk so bootstrapping as a non-sterile exciting ever changing grow your pace way of living. Occurs meant here that the journey is the process not the end result this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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