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Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • January 18, 2019
    9:30 AM


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Our dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord we're so thankful for this conference and for the ability to come and meet and share ideas and Lord we know that you want us to not only share gardening and food but to share the gospel with the world around us the Lord just guide us and teach us in which way we should go be with all our endeavors May the goal be to bring that last message of mercy to a sick and dying world and we praise your name for what you're doing and what you're about to do in Jesus' name in it so I'd like to just kind of start out with a little bit of. Just a little. History of why I. Have gotten so into food packaging in just kind of a passion of mine for a little while. And so. Kale chips wheat grass fruit leather another fun farming projects who here is doing some sort of value added processing or a great great so I'll try to leave some time at the end that we can share a little bit if I can get through all the different slides that I have here why farm why food you know I think a lot of us realize why that is important. But really the ultimate goal is not just to make money right the ultimate goal. Ultimately is to share the health message which really is that right arm of the Gospel reaching out to people around us and so. I really kind of got serious about this when I stepped into a church I was actually given a bout of the Hollywood presentation in Arizona and the host that I was staying with said hey let's go to this church for Sabbath there's this guy Rico Hill how many of you heard of RICO Hill. All right. The Beehive ministry I'd never heard of this gentleman before I sat down in my friend and my wife I think we were the only white people in the church it was. A very lively service and it was a lot of energy in the room and Rico has a lot of energy and he speaks with passion and with love and if you want somebody to come and share the health message he has a whole series called The Great food controversy and it's incredible I mean lining up the whole great controversy with the issues in food today and farming and and all that and at the end of his presentation he read this quote here from the chapter the knowledge of health principles from Volume 7 of the testimonies for the church page $62.00 and this just kind of hit me square between the eyes we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of the medical missionary work and I was I was really she said that. The world is a Lazarus house filled with victims of both physical and spiritual disease everyone everywhere people are perishing for lack of knowledge of the truths that have been committed to us the members of the church are in need of an awakening that they may realize their responsibility to impart these truths and the entire congregation went down to the altar call you know his but his is altar call is basically Are you going to take hold of the medical missionary work in some way I mean doesn't mean you have to be a doctor or nurse and there's very simple things that we can learn to share the health message with people I had been making this little cold and flu remedy for a while and I had no label or anything and so when I got home I got really serious about. Promoting this on a little wider scale and and my whole motto was. Let's who'd be that medicine and medicine be that food and the famous a property's quote which you know the all physicians and physicians here. What did you take that did you take the hypocrisy. Take some oath right poverty's oath or whatever was this in there yeah I've talked to a few people and I think that they kind of skipped this part so anyway I did a Kickstarter campaign so I just want to put this up there to share with you guys have ideas or whatever Kickstarter is a very good platform to just kind of put something out there see if people are interested in it basically pre-sell a bunch of product it's a it's a crowdfunding website so I basically put this up on the website and it said in 30 days I need to raise $4000.00 to start a website. Create a label by a 1000 bottles and fill in with this tonic and if you back the project I'll send you a bottle I had all these different rewards that you build into the into the back end of it and kind of hard to read there but $81.00 people backed the project and they raised about just over $44527.00 for the starting of my website and getting my label out there and everything that was a real it was a real help and basically ice ended up mailing out 200 some bottles and I've. Raised enough to fill a 1000 so the nice sitting on 700 some bottles that I then could get this thing started and it's been a great side gig for me and my family and it always gives me something I can I can give out by the way is anybody here have a sore throat or basically in here I juice some ginger and garlic and hob an arrow pepper white onion horseradish. And. I learned this I learned this formula from Dr Schultz. How many of her milieu with Dr Scholtz do you. I always promote this guy stuff I'm not paid by Dr Scholtz I just have used his products and they're really powerful. He talks he writes a book there are no incurable diseases you and he every disease that is a disease of the fork and the sooner you start cleansing your detoxifying organs the quicker disease will leave the body cleanse the bowels cleanse the liver cleans the kidneys and a couple times in my life already I've done his 30 day cleanse which is a 5 day about Clint's 5 deliver a 5 day kidney with a 5 day bow. And then I've done his Bal cleanse the 5 day Balcones a number of times and that's where I 1st came into contact with bentonite clay and so I've started to repackage and and sell bentonite clay as well. It's a very good gut cleanser it has it's mildly alkaline and like charcoal it will detox and draw to itself but it's working by electromagnetic charge versus surface areas the action that charcoal is using and so in that way it kind of picks and chooses it will take the bad and leave the good so it won't rob from the vitamins and minerals and and those sort of things out of your system. Just a quick personal testimony my wife and I were at our cousin's birthday party and and there was a little talk of a cart there and and so we had veggie talk O's but this is our top our tortillas were cooked on the same plate that all the chicken and everything else was and 80 percent of the party went down the salmonella and I never had salmonella before we realized this about 72 hour 72 hour incubation period later and the families call in each other and every spew can involve Medina and diarrhea and you know and. We my wife and I both we would throw up take a dose of clay throw up take a dose of to happen about every hour and within $24.00 hours it was completely out of our systems we were fine in 24 hours everybody else was sick for 2 weeks 3 people were hospitalized because they couldn't keep down water. So it's a very powerful just home remedy just in and of itself and you know with his Balcones he mixes it with charcoal and Apple pectin marshmallow root psyllium husk flaxseed all those real tactile things that just basically of the roto rooter just go through your intestines some just clean you out is. It's a good thing so I was buying super tonic from Dr Scholtz in a little 2 ounce bottle like this here for about 24 bucks and I find something my 24 bucks and start going experiment and that's when I started just kind of making it on my on my own and my whole endeavor was to make it twice as strong and sell for half as much so my 2 ounce bottles 1224 and then for the last 6 years this will be coming up on the 7th consecutive year that I've operated a coconut water wheatgrass bar at so cal can't meeting. And I started doing that as a result of meeting Lin OK I mean this is all not me I did not go out and seek this guy out these things just happened we moved back to paradise when little light moved up to Paradise and Lynn was living in Placerville and I had already heard about the Ellen White method but had not never met Lin And so I went and started following him around basically to all the gardening seminars he was doing locally and then he ended up calling me and asking me and paying me to come and help him. And so I got a got a good. Base there for agriculture and one of the things he handed me was this article written by Dr Don Jensen who was the research. Doctor who bought Maynard morays farm who was the 1st one to research sea salt in the garden. And Mayor Ray was you know he's 1st started out in the ocean he was looking at the creatures in the ocean and and why he was cutting them apart and there's no cancer there's no heart disease there's you know but yet there tissue could be filled with mercury you know you go into a freshwater situation and you've got you know fish grown a 3rd eye and I mean it's you know so there was something about the sea and so then he focused on what is in the water itself and he found out that there were these you know $92.00 minerals 1st it was they thought there was only 90 so see 90 is when they thought there was only $102.00 more have have come as a result of that. Research but he found that he turned his entire research focus to wheat grass when he found out that the we cross plant would take up all $92.00 minerals out of the ocean plus a handful more and become a fully mineralized plant no other plant does that and so if you water your wheat grass with dilute ocean water you get not only a better tasting wheat grass but you get a fully mineralized weak grass and his claim in this article was that you could survive on 8 ounces of wheat grass juice a day grown this way eat nothing else and have perfect health and so he said I haven't tried it. So to make it a little more palatable I mixed it in there with coconut water I believe you know the coconut in the week rats are kind of cousins in the sense that the coconut tree is drinking straight sea water a coconut tree will drink straight sea water with coconut Paul right on the beach stringency water and the coconut water in that coconut is way better than one you'll find up on the side of the mountain not far from that tree that's grown in the ocean. It's so close Lynn mentioned in his class I heard this from him as well you know how they would take coconuts and they were given him straight out of a coconut as an I.V. in the South Pacific in World War 2 They were filtering double filtering seawater diluting it out to the salinity of human blood and giving it as a blood transfusion so those $92.00 minerals be nearly identical to the $92.00 minerals in our blood is I think one of the best evidences we have for creation right I've mentioned this at farmer's markets and stuff where I've sold the salt and people go off C.F. because we're from the sea. And I go wait a minute. I didn't say you were like the sea I said your blood is like the sea I said you know what you're like and I sit there. You know what you're made of well Bible says you made what you made of the dust of the earth you made a dirt and when you balance the soil to the human system you get fully mineralized plants and that's what we're really trying to achieve in the garden is that balance of minerals and that is similar to that in in in the human body so the carrot hotdog. Is something that I also learned there can't meeting the lady right next to me was doing a soft serve you can soft serve and she had to speak in a restaurant she told me that her best selling item on her menu her vegan restaurant in Fairfield was a carrot hotdog to which I thought that sounds disgusting I don't I don't think I would order that if I came to your restaurant and so that just kind of was there for a year and the next year she made me one and I was instantly hooked and I was like walk this is how did how how can I mean I just couldn't fathom a carrot really tasty anything other than a cooked carrot was just I don't like cooked carrots I love carrots but I don't like cooked carrots. So. Without further ado here here is here's the recipe I want to just give this out this is what we did before we came here. So if you. You steam about 5060 carrots in this the times different I'm doing 120 to 130 carrots in my big steamer at a time so it takes me about 22 minutes to get him you want to steam them down to the softness that you initially desire barbecuing them later is not going to soften the mini any further it's just going to warm him up so get him down to a nice softness that you like and then drop them in this marinated 4 cups of water quarter cup involve a cost of oil half a cup a liquid smoke and we're buying liquid smoke from living Nutritionals a Web site that's making it out of mosquito wood and it's it's an actual just smoky water it's not not emission G. or something. 3 quarter cup of molasses a couple a quarter of coconut a Minos and use coconut meters don't use brag if you use brag it's going to be way too salty so this is this is this whole recipes designed around coconut M. You know you can get it your health food store you can coconut Amino. Yeah it I actually kind of have gravitated to more it's a little more savory it has a little sweetness to it. And I've heard some reports of of the bragging Minos the way they the way they make that so I'm not I haven't done the full research on that yet so so look into that some more a quarter cup of honey half a cup of fresh lemon juice. 4 tablespoons of the quarter cup of sea salt and 10 cloves of crushed garlic and then drop all those carrots in that marinate for at least $48.00 hours if not longer and and then you're ready to pull them out and and and marinate those. So I'm leaving it in the fridge but there's enough salt and lemon in there like you know it's it's it's pretty pretty safe but I keep it in the fridge in Romans 122 Paul tells us to not be conformed right to the things of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God So there's a transformation of the mind that needs to take place and we know that the mind is synonymous with the heart right and. So last year's conference title was something better right and it came from this quote here where it says something better is taken from the book Education Page 296 something better is the watchword of true education the law of all true living whatever Christ asks us to renounce he offers in its stand something better now I believe we've come to a time when every administers needs to lay down the Franken link. All right and pick up something better and really like for me I'm talking to myself I loved the Franken link and you know grew up eating him right it can't mean in there the hot dog stand is right next to me and. I have been tempted every year to get one of those but I'm like I can't get one of those I'm the guy selling the we craft you know. And just my position there has actually helped me to stay away from that that temptation but really I mean this is really you know what God is offering he's offering if he asks us to renounce something in its day he he offers us something better and really care I mean really it's better right I mean I've heard even people say that that these veggie lot of these veggie dogs. You know they're using G.M.O. soy and this and that in there so processed that in the end for your body to digest that it's harder than if you just ate a real hot dog. So. But this is a plate that we serve at farmer's market and they're in Moab. People are starting to pick up steam people are writing articles in the local paper and and it seems like every week someone else comes by the booth and is like or I don't want to try this care hot dog I've been hearing about and we'll have you know single people come in and or a couple and the buy a single dog in the back we want to try it and they take a bite turn right around yeah we'll take 2 more whatever you know. How it's been going. The Actually there was 2 guys we'll take a funny story 2 guys showed up and like yeah we'll try when your hot dogs. And I'm not sure I would you want on in their lives whatever you think is good and so in my car I put everything on it you know so I put everything on it give to him they turned around they would take another one and turn around take 2 more and they sat there and ate 4 hotdogs to him. And then they said you know we're from Chicago and you would never put ketchup on a hotdog you know just mustard but that was really good you know so here's 2 guys from Chicago eating street hot dogs and they thought it was good so. You know you take one of the most unhealthy American foods right and you try to do something better with it. And we've all heard. The song let's write oh oh taste and see that the Lord is good bless it is the man that trust in him so the Lord is inviting us right to step out in faith and to try him and to taste and see if he's good and his methods and his methodology you've heard it said right the way to a man's heart sue a stomach right I mean that's literally true we know that from the from the very be a Satan knows that right. And he's trying to affect us that's all Rico's whole premise through this whole great food controversy is that Satan is literally trying to kill you with your food what you're eating. Here we are making buns at home we we make all our own homemade buns when we do it at our farm local farmer's market the kids got to get some experience well being in and building we built a little cart that you see out there couple years ago. Says Brian's oldest son Dublin he he's living in the area now working as a mechanic at the local airport and so we had a lot of fun pulling this old barrel out of the trash and making something out of it basically. But you know if you really look at. The root of the issue and hear the whole story this is a story of our food right I mean the Fall of Man food. The plan of salvation food right we were talking about the right hand of the Gospel this connection with the 3rd angels message. Even if you look at Adam Adam a means literally earthling he was made from the earth and our bodies need to match that mineral proportion that is the Earth this is this is by design it's a fundamental principle that by beholding we become changed you've heard you are what you eat you know and what you eat you are so every every thing that we take into our being not just through our through our mouths right through our eyes through our ears these things are changing us and we are becoming what we are beholding So if we're not beholding Christ if we're not beholding his plan and his his word and everything then you know what are we looking at when we focus in on it was our that was our kind of underlying principle and we're all about of the Hollywood presentations was. You know people say oh you know I watch more movies but I'm not I'm not going to become a killer you know but you know how do you really think about your brother you know. Is that really beneficial to you we know that God placed Adam and Eve in a garden and God created everything by speaking it into existence but when he came to the garden what did he do did he just speak it into existence it was a Bible saying he planted it right the Bible says and God planted a garden eastward in Eden so God has really got the farmer I mean he got down and he I don't know how he did it but it says he planted he didn't just go while option and there was. He intimately was involved in that process and he put Adam and Eve in there and the translations that we have the job that they were given says to dress and to keep right but if you really look up the original words there's the Strong's numbers the original Hebrew a bed and Shem are really are better translated as to serve and preserve they were called to serve and preserve the garden and in serving and preserving the garden they would learn better how to serve and preserve those around them and it was God's plan that they would learn of God and His character and how he set up this garden and then leave the garden and start other gardens of Eden that was the original model right and basically still is so. From 1st Bible Commentary page $11120.00 and White writes men were to cooperate with God in reste or even the disease land to health that it might be a praise and a glory to his name that's the ultimate goal with what we're doing with anything agriculture right is to bring glory to God and as the land they possessed would if managed with skill and earnestness produce its treasures so their hearts if controlled by God would reflect his character constant. Synonomous parable of the heart in the soil so winning farming is a great analogy for us as we learn. The Bible also tells us that you are the salt of the earth right and it's a lose lose its savor its good for nothing it's henceforth cast down the road trampled under the feet of men and I mean I read that and thought nothing out of Sultan's it savor what you mean it's not so lucky anymore but after meeting Lin and understanding the thing about the ocean is there's these $92.00 minerals in the ocean I really believe the Savor part of the salt or the mineral is the mineral content there and if you remove all that you have a poison straight sodium chloride put into your in your veins basically through the process of eating your body now has to rob 92 minerals from your tissues to bring homeostasis back into the blood that's you know the reason eating just regular old Mortons you know or whatever salt is not a good thing so what it's all have right has a flavor there's the savor the 92 minerals and it was used for preservation I mean this is what this was the original refrigerator was salts right. I mean you pack things in salt you you make a salt brine. You create an environment for the beneficial bacteria to thrive and all the spoiling bacteria to die off and we'll talk about that making sauerkraut here. This is this is the the weight ratio here that we've been using one of 3 quarter pounds of cabbage to one tablespoon of salt and a lot of salt but just a little bit and you don't need to add any water when you make sauerkraut you just shred up the cabbage we pack it into crocs like you see there in the back and mix in the salt Sometimes we will do it plain sometimes we'll just mix in some caraway we've done red cabbage we've done beets we've done all the vegetables out of the garden you can make a salt brine and and pour him over your vegies and there's tons of tons of resources online if you just look up. Lacto acid fermentation is what it's referred to as so this is where the bacteria that are naturally in the cabbage on the cabbage are consuming the carbohydrates there and creating in zines and actually increasing the vitamin C.. So there's Mary time records proving captains that demanded every single crewmember on their ship eat from the sauerkraut barrel I don't care if you don't like sauerkraut eat the sauerkraut they would make him eat it all the way down to the last they would be drinking the brine at the last and there's a lot of companies that are actually now pressing the brine and selling sauerkraut brine as a as a gut shot they're calling it you just just an ounce of it. As a few companies come across one down. By Santa Cruz they're in Watsonville. And they have a number of gut shots and it's a 10 ounce bottle and you just take a little while shot and you get this probiotic basically within you know we're letting it sit in the in the crock for 6 weeks or so and within 3 weeks you have this whole slew of bacteria that a full kind of all started up but then within 3 weeks it's predominantly lactobacillus planetarium bacteria that's the one that will make it through your your stomach acid and into your gut and you need lactobacillus planetary bacteria shoulder to shoulder. Lining your gut and we have gone away from these types of foods and we've everybody's gravitated to just basically vinegar for that craving of a sour condiment a pickle these sorts of things but the way it used to be done was was actually highly beneficial another great quote from Spirit of Prophecy here again and again I have been instructed that the middle medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the 3rd angel's message that the arm and hand bear to the body under the direction of the divine head there to work unitedly in preparing the way of the coming of Christ the right arm of the body of truth is to be constantly active constantly at work. And God will strengthen it but it is not to be made the body at the same time the body is not to say to the arm I have no need of the. The body has need of the arm in order to do active aggressive work right can imagine going around just trying to everything you did with just one arm would be difficult both have their appointed work and each will suffer great loss if worked independently so our endeavor here with all I mean we're just starting out these this is not the final labeling or any anything here we just did a class the beginning of the year and put all this product together and in the in the all the end end goal is how can we use this as a means of sharing the gospel you know we got all this real estate right we could put Bible verse on the bottom of this package you could tuck little things inside you know we could cut to make our own little oxygen absorbers with Bible verses on I don't know you know there's the sky's the limit right with labeling I mean you can pack that label with information and Q.R. codes to links to this and that and so we're. Looking at that but look at this quote here from councils on diets and foods page 263. But more important still is the art of preparing food so that it is both healthful and appetizing this art I love how she calls it an art right this art should be regarded as the most valuable of all the arts Wow it should receive more attention for in order to make good blood the system requires good food the foundation of which keeps people in health is the medical missionary work of Good Cooking So if you're a cook if you cook at home your medical missionary. Your medical missionary to your to your family or medical missionary to those who come and eat at your table and were instructed to have restaurants and outposts right. And you know restaurants hard to do. So think outside the box you know maybe brick and mortar isn't the best option for that get a trailer we have been talking about this care hot dog thing for a while and a neighbor who's not even had been issues hippie with dreadlocks and and moved there to that valley because when they came to Castle Valley the school was just 170 they were just starting out they pulled onto the campus looking around for probably driving all over the country looking for property and they came on the campus and there was this big table food spread out they were having this big meal maybe it was Sabbath I don't I don't know she didn't say but they walked up and they will assess and oh welcome we've prepared a place for you and they sat them down and they fed them a meal and they said we're moving here because that's there and they moved to the valley and she's been intimately involved with the school she comes over all the time and you know there's a there's a she's there for us and we're there for her and you know there's a lot that we can learn in sharing with her but anyway she's been here to talk about this care hot dog image that one day I was over there helping her mower her front lawn and she's got a 9 hour moaning job in her yard and each week and. She goes she goes have been here and you talk about this care hot and you want that little trailer it was a little antique trailer that they moved to the property on and lived in when they 1st moved there and it's it's nothing to be you know it's gutted and it's old and but it's not all banged up I mean it's a solid little trailer and only Yeah I'll take that So if you just clean it out you can have it and so when we get back from this trip that's we're going to go over there and get that thing and start here this is the end of the winter here starting to remodel that and you know food trucks. We should be the people the food trucks. Really I mean how do we get the message out there I mean this is a great way to do it meeting people getting a message to them right getting to their heart through the stomach I mean is is is a great method this is a picture just of our 2 acre market garden here 10000 bulbs or so of garlic and. We've got. 11 different plots in this 2 acres there's a half acre greenhouse on this side we have an acre of asparagus up across the road here with another acre that we expanded into and then there's this is a 100 acre pivot field in the back that the pivot broke the year before I came in so it's been fallow for a number of years and we're looking at what we can do there. But our whole goal there is really to grow the most nutrient dense food that we possibly can so we're constantly taking soil samples and leaf analysis and. Trying to better the soil and make more grow not more nutritious food I mean that's that's really the goal and in the end goal with this that I was thinking it would be really nice that we put nutrient dense foods on the label to actually have on the back what was the bricks of this pair you know what was the actual value and start being transparent about that put some charts on here you know that comparison like Lynn was showing how you know you have to eat. 40 Apple 40 some apples to get the same nutrient value is one apple for 150 I mean we are in a we are literally in a full stomach starvation situation in this country everyone stomach is full and we're all starving. We're starving of nutrients we're starving the vitamins minerals and the things that are essential to our health and to our life so we're doing a full v Gannicus fertilizing regiment using This is hammer milled we were using as a fertilizer we use seaweed meal and rock dust like Fox rock phosphate in asm I and this is our start house where we start all our tomatoes and everything in here is in the greenhouse plant in our tomatoes. Last year and you know just trying to do the best we can and grow the most nutritious food we can taking bricks of the fruit and keeping records of that because what I noticed before getting there no not really kept any records of anything you know like. So really trying to make a model for that and then of course involving the students in that process and trying to give them more and more ownership of the farm and make than not feel like they're just you know laborers there and we're all you know OK you guys work the farm so I mean we're all wanted to come down there we're really trying to get all the faculty to come down and to work with our students on the farm to make space for that from the book education page to 15 the use need to be taught that life means earnest work right I mean oftentimes we don't know how to work. On chief lazy man like I grew up I did not know how to work and my dad was laughing I was telling about some of this stuff and he's Latham away laughing oh he's funny here and you say this because he knows how lazy I was when I was a kid he could not get me to do any work you know in the my my younger brother learned it I just want to go and run down to the river and ride my skateboard or whatever you know so. But you know. Learning that that that earnest work and responsibility caretaking. They need a training that will make them practical right we need a practical train men and women who can cope with emergencies because that's what it comes down to I mean we know this is all going to come to a screeching halt here in a minute and we're all going to be stuck wherever we're at and what are you going to do with what you have in your pocket I mean that's literally what's going to happen right they should be taught that the discipline of systematic well regulated labor is essential not only as a safeguard against the visit to the of life but as an aid to all around development. Another thing that we've been processed seen in the kitchen is kale chips kale chips are really easy to do how many of you have made kale chips All right good so we're all kale chips makers right you just make up a 6 smoothie of anything poured over kale and and dehydrated we actually we ran out edgy Y.C. but we had a mix we had a salad that we made our Christmas party and. Had a really good garlicky lemon dressing on it and it had not sinned and cranberries and we put it through the freeze dryer and he gave us the whole idea let's make a whole line of trail mix and we call it kale mix and and have this you know backpacking food that that we're in backpacking country our local There's a there's a guy that owns a kind of a secondhand outfit or store in town called gear trader and he's like I could set up a stand of bars and I could sell thousands of bars I don't want to sell because bars is all but if you come with something like this I'll put up a stand I'll sell anything you bring it's local you know we have we have this this committee 1000000 and a half tourists coming through Moab every year going out hiking biking backpacking G.P. and so. We know just from just from sharing some of these with people in town they're like yeah bring it bring it you know so that we've gotten a good response so far. Gives our students opportunity to do graphic design you know how do you come up with a label what you need to put on that label is all these problems now that you face in coming to packaging something you know efficiency how do you make this more efficient how you make this more streamline because. Doing everything by hand takes time right and eventually you're going to have to go to some sort of mechanism if you're going to if you're going to really upscale and so we're literally in just the testing research phase of all this but there's times when we're just you know the asparagus starts coming and so I go oh boy here it comes and we've got to get out there every other day and pick that whole field the whole acre $1.00 acres otherwise it gets beyond us and then now we've got to mow it down and reset and you waste a bunch you know is a bunch of waste there and so. One thing we start do is to clean the asparagus and doing a brine and pickling it and I can't wait we didn't have the freeze dryer the spare Gibsons 1st or 2nd we could June and we didn't get our freeze dried till the end of the summer so I can't wait to this next season we get to try freeze dry and some asparagus because that's the great thing about a freeze dryer is you can do things that you wouldn't normally do you hydrate we have an orchard that's got about $600.00 trees in it and it's. Then that really in between size where it's it's really too big for a personal orchard and it's not big enough to be anything commercial and so it makes it it makes it very difficult work where. It took us we the 1st year I was there we did a thing called the 60 X. Day Star 60 Minutes extreme work force the whole group everyone from the president down we would go into the orchard and for an hour a day we would prune and we got it pruned weeds we did it in the time that we needed to get it done and. We had a bumper year a bumper crop that year it's kind of hit or miss sometimes we get a late frost and we lose pretty much everything so orchards are are hard in our in our area but when we have a tonne what do we do well we. Freeze it and get it ready to go into the freeze dryer we make fruit leather we've been making lots of fruit leather. Well we're just blending it up we're adding nothing to it but ended up with the peeling you know throw an apple in there with the peaches just for a little pectin so doesn't crack out as much and then dehydrated and we've calculated we're we're basically nearly doubling the value of the peach as it was fresh selling it as a fruit leather and you're and you're locking it in you know the shelf life that you have for a while you know number of months after that the 1st year I was there I was taken wheelbarrows of heirloom tomatoes the compost pile you know that had cracks in a little blemishes the 2nd spins that just people you know didn't buy all the seconds and I was like Now what we do these heirloom tomatoes and so I started to hydrating them and making these really chewy. My wife called the jerky. Has a jerky type texture to it and they're really flavorful because they are heirlooms are really really good heirlooms and so. You know trying to find some to do with with all the tomatoes were experimenting with labeling here and I calculated with the tomatoes we're taking I have just 2 little too little Excalibur is a difficult situation with we we've now bought a 24 rack little glass door to hydrate as well but do the 2 Excalibur Zz 9 trays in there I could fit. About 20 pounds of tomatoes in each one so I would take 60 pounds of seconds tomatoes lop off and throw away 20 pounds and then the remainer 40 pounds put in these 2 D. hydrated and sell that de hydrated fruit for the cost of the $60.00 pounds of seconds at the seconds price so basically we just kind of put a pause on the situation and now it's got a shelf life and we can roll those tomatoes out over a little bit when you know they're only going to be good for about a week if no one buys and you know you're throwing him out so you know our whole endeavor really is to to be less wasteful on the farm with our our food preservation and. Provide things for the backpacking trip and the other camp trips that our students go on you know good healthy food that they can take on on those on those trips. Another thing that was there when I got there was this 30 acre it's not very big is only about 27 rows or a little more 100 feet long of lavender and there's about 17 or 18 different varieties of lavender growing there and their plan was to just this was a seed bed that they were then going to propagate into a 20 acre field right next to this do 20 acres of lavender but that farm manager and his family not and everybody of those. Involved in this project moved on and so when I got there I mean in a nice big healthy Bushes and the irrigation broke the 1st year I was there and this field didn't get watered for 3 years we just turned it on last year for the 1st time and I thought oh man we're going to I was so surprised at how well those plants bounce back and we lost some that we definitely had some die off here and there but they really took off and at one point the farm manager that was there when I was it 1st came he was I got a no do this lab nervous going to I'm going to rip it out where do something else going on the rip it out and there were boxes of lavender all over campus like in different attics and this made tried bundling it and selling it and you know wasn't really working out saying no to do with it so I don't know to do it well I'm the steps would how do you make lavender essential oil you know so I just did a little research and went online and I look I can get to this little glass chemistry set distiller the same one over here in the States it's 400 bucks I can get it straight from China for 118 free shipping and so I have I bought a couple of those now and just that's one of them there over at our booth you can check out later. And we just slowly through the winter we just kind of put the lavender through it and it's the kids get an opportunity to see that process and how that works very simple process boiling the water water's boiling it to 12 the oil in the lavenders vaporizing at $190.00 and so the steam picks up the oil and comes over into the condenser all that oil and water re condenses you're running cool water through that condenser down into it what's called a separate Tory funnel and you gather this oil and and lavender is actually a very high produced seen plant in comparison to other plants we're getting anywhere it's from a 3rd to a full ounce of oil out of a pound of flour so there's a lot of oil in the lavender flower whereas like you know you put Juniper in there and I mean literally there's a little skim oil on the top you know and mint I mean it's almost it's not even a full layer it's just a little rhythm inside the glass and you have to do it 6 times to fill one little bottle that's like a dram you know. And so we're looking at building some distillers just welding up our own stainless steel the Stillers to kind of streamline this process and make it a little bit more efficient. But I did some research on lab going to know anything about lavender and it's known as the mother of all essential oils if in doubt use lavender is what one web site said and I just put together her 67. Uses and I won't belabor and read all this but you guys can get the slides for me later off the the Web site from at Agra a sore muscles. Bug an insect bite minor minor burns cuts and scrapes it's an it's an antiseptic I actually put my finger in the chop saw one day in the shop and like you know it's a grinder blade to Cannot shadow my finger almost to the bone and I was like oh I'd read this out laughter All right I'll try it on like and. It was soothing I sat there and just ran lavender oil and blood and I was like oh I mean it took the throbbing away and I was I was amazed you know and I put a little sliver of al of air and I just wrap that up it never got tinder around it and I was amazed at how quickly healed up so we have a number of bottles of of lavender in a little. 10 mil essential oil bottle over there and so good thing to have in your in your medicine cabinet ration itching. Lack of sleep motion sickness chap live sinus congestion dry skin. And reside in fears very Call mean you know just to just to breathe it. Tension aches and pains tired sore feet scar reduction block tear ducts natural deodorant stop minor bleeding. Post waxing and hair removal ear ache fever acne nosebleed hay fever cold sore sunburn relief leg cramps sadness headache diaper rash relieve stress repel Mohsen insects the in actually mice don't like lavender put bundles of lavender around and they they don't like to they don't like the smell of it for whatever reason nail cuticles treatment dandruff menstrual cramps natural perfume smelly feet naturally tangle or sore throat. Natural body cleanser reduces stress at work crying those kind of funny. Gas and flatulence poison oak and I B T T V in pain stretchmarks wrinkles addictions poor concentration and focus hair hair care blister. And the list goes on ring worm respiratory relief Steve grinding shingle relief. You can send dried or silk flowers with it. Make a better atmosphere in your office. Natural dryer sheet. Carpet refresher. Refreshing Popery. Calm an anxious dog. Give the gift of lavender. So this is our little distiller here and and this is the oil that's building up on the top the water will flow through the bottom and then overflow in this tube here so the level never goes above this breather to here and the oil just keeps building up and building up until you fill this funnel and then you can separate oil from water it's very simple process similar to. Basically that's the way they make all essential oils is a steam distillation type process so we've had fun with it with the lavender and we've sold every drop every year so it's not sitting around anymore you know we've done something with it created a shelf life for it and and it is is helping us out so here's a here's the freeze dryer that we ended up getting. From harvest right now I'm not paid by them at all I'm just this is just what we're using so I'm just here mentioning it and I took these photos off their Web site. It's a pretty decent you did they're still in the beginning phases they've already made improvements from when we just purchased our 6 months ago so. If you're looking at getting one of these this is. A good starting point I mean we've got it just as an experimental thing we're not this is not our end all be all process we're looking at stepping it up as well and on their website here says Wife freeze dry. Taste flavor and freshness as it is really interesting like the bananas you eat a piece of banana and once it kind of hydrates your mouth it just takes a get a bite of banana I mean it's different than that flavor you get from a dried banana you know. And you can do things that you wouldn't normally do you hydrate like zucchini and you know different vegetables and things and not put anything on them I mean if they're good tasting you know zucchini and asparagus or asparagus is so sweet I've never eaten Ross various I eat tons I rock all the time now when I'm out there picking it just eating it it's so sweet and so good. It maintains 97 percent of the nutritional value free Strine they're claiming here so. It's a good way to to save and you've got a shelf life of to put it in a Mylar bag and not let me light in the package like this here you can put this in your shelf and give it your grandkids 25 years later if I don't think we'll be here 25 years from now but. It's a good way to to preserve food so here they're caught their prices have come down there they're medium size unit is about $2400.00. It will fit about 7 to 10 pounds of food which isn't a whole lot we bought this larger one here it's now down to 3200 it was like almost 38 when we 1st bought it he gave us a discount and we bought it for $35.00 and then paid an additional $350.00 for the pump where it's included here see of an oil pump included in that price for 3200 and then we we bought this oil free pump and when we bought it it was 1500 bucks and it's now down 221295 there. Because if the oil pump you got to change the oil or filter the oil every batch and as just kind of a messy job and I've got this whole greasy area over there by the pump where I'm messing with the oil because our Actually our oil is pump had a failure and we had to send it back so they're working on that as we speak but it's pretty much this unit that we have has been running $24.00 seventh's since we purchased it at the end of the summer we just keep putting another batch through it takes anywhere from $30.00 to $50.00 hours depending on how much water is in the food and basically there's little heater plates underneath each of these and the way it works is it's a freezer and it freezes the chamber for about 10 hours and brings the temperature down to negative 40 and then it kicks on a vacuum pump and draws a vacuum on the on the chamber and then these heater plates kick on underneath the trays and thaw the food and I sublet mates it goes from ice to. Straight to vapor it skips the water stage and then it condenses instantly on the walls of the chamber so in the end you have all the water frozen on the inside of the chamber and the food is is completely dry when you pull it out and you need to package it up as quickly as possible and seal it because it's like a sponge just sitting there I mean you walk away for an hour or 2 and you come back and oh it's all squishy so I got marshmallow. The great thing about the freeze drying process is you can get a Q started and we have a number of freezers in the calf that we just load up and this is our lineup that's slowly making its way through the the freeze dryer so you can just freeze dry our off freeze everything in bags and then you know later get into the into the freeze dryer when we pulled out all our pepper plants after they froze there was and you know they got wrinkly a little bit and they're not anything we can sell but we can save what was otherwise going to the compost pile right here and put it through our freeze drier and if you guys have a try To me I think they have some samples over there as well but the the pepper chips are our one of our our one of our. Hot I guess you know people are like in this one out of out of all the stuff we're doing you dip it in some harmless and it's crunchy like a chip see have that texture but then again it's just it's just a pepper it's not a snotty processed in any way other than presented we had so much okra red velvet OK how many had red velvet okra Yeah OK I hear you of course all people from Daystar there is no. This is a no cruise seed that Brian Dunn had grown for Baker Creek seeds when he was in Tennessee he grew the seed for there this last years catalogs all the seed that you bought for. Red velvet okra was with seed that Brian had grown and so he came with a whole bag of the seed he put in a few rows and man these plants were politike they did they did really well I mean they were just pumping out okra and Flora this neighbor I was telling you about she was over to call you crowing Oakridge she starts snapping them off and eat them raw and I was like I don't like okra you know slimy thing in. And I go Is that good in that. It's amazing it's amazing raw It really is and. I mean just the symmetry of this pot is beautiful is it not I mean look at that there's 7 Pods and they're all in the shape of a heart. And guess what Oprah is good for the heart the slime in the okra actually cleans out your arteries and it's I mean a super food it's a new you know the dissonant food on that level. It's mildly slimy that and the. But nothing like it is when it's cooked I mean it's like the slime just gets thicker something you know it's there's just a mild slime when you're eating it raw and it has a really good flavor and so freeze dried it's really good just as a snack by itself as well. Yeah. Yeah it's not a slimy when you freeze dried but I love how how God has put that those designs in there and that you know here's a here's a complete heart remedy you know I mean right there in the okra and then we put it when we come back from farmer's market with our extra carrots will chop them up and then I'll take the marinate and mix them up with some okra and onions and peppers and and dry that out make this barbecue use a little snack out of that it's nice and healthy and has some has a decent flavor. You know one of their. Carrot hotdogs mix it was called the carrot hot dog man. This is the tomato soup that we made for the backpacking trip and the kids were amazed you know pull it out and then I mean the the the way for was just it's like nothing you know it was nothing and. Almost like a piece of Styrofoam you know this was 6 pieces that are foam. I took some peppers We grew some serrano peppers and supply problem oh and a bunch of sweet peppers and tomato some onion lemon salt and freeze dried it and then I powdered it and made my own team you know lemon lime in Chile seasoning so you can do seasonings you can do herbs there's I mean the sky's the limit were we're just starting to kind of break into what's actually possible with what we can do with it you know it's therapeutic you go in there and it's like Sure it's a lot of work but you know make a design while you're doing it. I mean why not you know make a design take a picture share that with someone so you know I've had I've had a lot of fun oftentimes you feel kind of discouraged you know you're the only one in there working or whatever but you just have fun playing with your food and and can be therapeutic This is our hot dog stand in farmer's market this trailer in the back here is where we have all our produce and then we did that we've been doing the coconut water we cross bar there at our local farmer's market and selling our sauerkraut and kale chips are in those bags there and then the care hot dog is is picking up steam and people are are really starting to enjoy that. It's fun to end with this this verse here and Isaiah 55 to you know seeking the Lord while He may be found call you upon him while he is near Let the wicked for sake his way in the end right his man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our Lord for He will abundantly pardon for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither your ways my ways say if the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain coming down in the snow from heaven and return if that's not so there but water thiers and make it bring forth and but that it may give seed to the solar and bread to the eater what a promise. And really our focus on food and on on food preservation I mean it's just another way to extend that right arm and enter into someone's life in a really powerful way food is a very is a very connecting thing I mean we are connecting with our local restaurants our local market and these are straight just you know people that are out there in the world. Very hippie movement there in Moab. And we're gaining those relationships we're starting to work with US soil so that when the time is right when the seasons right and the Lord impressed upon us we can start to share and plant those seeds that will eventually turn hearts towards towards the Lord Amen. I was close the word of prayer our dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord we thank you so much for our time together and that we have this opportunity to share with like minded believers or just toys put before us your plan and and the goal that you would have for us which is to share the 3rd angel's message in these last days so Lord help us to just integrate that and weave that into every project that we do and Lord we know that you've promised that if we follow you the successful fall and so Lord were we're asking for that. That wisdom that only you can give and we asked in the name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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