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Outdoor Education - Part 1

Angela Boothby



  • January 16, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Vilar I praise you so much for this day and I thank you for giving a safely life I thank you for everyone that you have got here and Lord I did ask that you inspire them and that you encourage them and Lord that you fill them with what they need to be filled with because Lord we we long to be filled with you and we long to be filled the knowledge that you long to instill us we give you this time let me Spirit be here in your name Amen So today what I'm talking about is how to get your kisses to fall in love with nature and fall in love with the Lord because I think in the world that we live and it doesn't matter what circle I've run but everybody is on these no matter if I'm around homeschooling people or 5 around conference people are self-supporting people Christians non Christians they're just everyone's on these and for the longest time I said I was never going to get one of these in fact I just got one a year ago and I thought it really hard because I said I refused and it was so cool because people with me and I don't phone and they be like why do you have one of those models like let me tell you and I could I was also witnessing conversation because I was in airports or chains or travel and and they never see me with why these but then after I became a girl's DEAN I was like Man I need to figure out how to link my children with their parents so I would take pictures of my children in this event appears like also use child that today that when they call home parents have something to say oh I heard you did this compared to what you know school I don't know what's going on I don't know because you know supporting Academy How do they connect with their parents so that's why I finally. And let me tell you abstinence is not teaching self-control I thought I'd be so good I have these like rules like will not show smartphone in public will hide it in my purse at all times like I had really like a list of crazy rules about how I was going to be like really different with my smartphone just like everybody else. To my great dismay All right so with this 1st question. Many of us here that nature is really good for us many of us have heard you know and Ellen writes and biblical writings that it's really good but I don't know if you know but there's also a lot of science out there so before I talk about a lot of ideas I want to back you up so when you have conversations you're not just saying Yeah I know it's good no you know it's good that's why I start out with a so there is if you're interpreting Richard Louve wrote these 2 books I don't know if you ever heard of them but it's called The Nature Principle and the last child in the woods they're incredible they cover losses factions they don't just cover education they cover the business world on the importance of how business people need time in nature they cover the medical world how people who look at net nature scenes heal quicker heal faster. When they look at something more nature based than if they just look at a brick wall so these books are really awesome really inspiring I got a lot of my information from his research and then he also wrote a new one called vitamin in and that it just has ideas tons of ideas tips to figure out how to take your students and your children outside so excellent author but he's. Describes the human cost of alienation from nature among them diminished use of the senses attention difficulties and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses and you see in those at a race at a rise yes this is order can be detected individuals families and communities and he calls this the nature deficit disorder. They're calling it a disorder now so what is the way to counteract this well vitamin A in so you can start asking your kids you know have you had your vitamin C. Have you had your vitamin N. today have you had Nature today by way of the consequences of the disorder you we can also become more aware of how blessed our children can be biologically cognitively and spiritually through that positive physical connection with nature. So I will I want to focus on the fact that you know a lot of times you hear that all this is happening in our children have such a more difficult time to be raised in and it's really discouraging and overwhelming the different things that our kids have to combat but what I want you to see is how much rewards there are and like where every say in creates a contact the Lord create something to help you to get through that and so whatever your kids are facing nature can give you many answers through God's creation that's what's so incredible. So in 1972003 is really when there was a big decline of 50 percent the proportion of children 9 to 12 who spent time in activities such as hiking walking fishing beach playing gardening so we really started to move from a more like an A Garion society to definitely in our houses I mean if you think about it these days how can parents come up with actual chores for their kids to do if they live on this little half acre plot you know like what can you come up with for your kids to do and so it's very difficult for many parents and in many areas to be able to be like yeah let me have my children have nature time or help let me help them have help let me help them get off of this well there's really nothing to do let's be honest if you live in this tiny little area what can they do but get on these things. So the studies show that children's freeplay in discretionary time a typical week the clientele of 9 hours over a 25 year period so this is what our kids around the world not around the world but definitely in America are facing So this is really awesome term that I love called containerized kids if you think about it our kids spend more time control than ever before right watched watching airports or watch walking around and apart kids are in a stroller kids have those little things tied around their waist and the parents have a little leash right and I'm not knocking any of it it's just their containerized they're just they're not free plane baby seats now have T.V.'s back of cars now have T.V.'s There's even baby play maps that they look up and you can put the i Pod there I mean this just everywhere it's like let me not have to figure out how to entertain my child let me just let this entertain my child. So this is what's what's crazy they did a study on Toddlers and they show that they're physically active for about 20 minutes a day. So I mean that that that was in Scotland by the way they put West wristbands on 78 toddlers and they found out that these hollers were 20 minutes active a day that's really scary and really sad and as you can see there's a problem because you know we're just we're just like kids are high maintenance let's just put them in a stroller and have them you know see the world that way and not even like you the strollers now they come over and there's the i Pad thing right there it's not even like you know in a stroller used to watch the world around you the child be excited just to observe and watch no let's put something down there to entertain them. You know there's this funny thing called looking out your window right and there's going to be a time I'm afraid where your child going to ask so Mom what did you do when you're in the car I looked out the window where you did what with your window no because we can just buy back seat television monitors. Why do so many people no longer consider the physical world worth watching and something interesting the highways edges may not be postcard perfect children's early understand how cities and nature fit together was gained from the backseat the empty farmhouse at the edge of the side of asian the variety of architecture here in there that was in field and want to be on the seamy edges all that was is still available to the eye this is the landscape that we watched as children it was our drive by movie there is a real world beyond the glass for children who look for those whose parents encourage them to choose the sea. So why why is this nature not being pushed because there's no commercial incentive who gains by your child watching out the window you know not some businessman is going to make big money and so sadly our children are a great way for people to make money right all across the board and so there's not a lot of push out there to get your children connected with nature because there is no huge financial commercial incentive to be gained from it. Also like the unstructured play I'll talk about that later but unstructured play is crucial to your child's development is just letting them play and explore is absolutely crucial. I just think it should be a complete wake up call to every parent educator policy maker business person and tech industry person that the reshaping of our media tech landscape is 1st and foremost affecting young people's lives and reshaping in childhood and adolescence. I really like this quote. Quality of Life isn't measured only by what we gain by Also what we trade for it quality of life isn't measured only by what we gain but also what we trade for it. All right teen media usage on any given day T.V. a state spend about 9 hours using media for their enjoyment tweens identify as children 8 to 12 spend about 6 hours on average consuming media the report found I think that the sheer volume of new technology that kids are exposed to a daily basis is mind boggling it shows you that these kids live in the massive 247 digital media technology world and shaping every aspect of their life they spend far more time with media technology than any other thing in their life this is the dominant into media in their life. The report the 1st large scale say to explore tweens and teens use of the full range of me according to the Common Sense Media is based on more than $2600.00 teenagers ages $8.00 to $18.00 so what's happening is our schools and that's a big push I don't care if you go to a public school or a Christian school it's a big push to use technology you feel lot of pressure as a teacher to use technology and if your kids you know if you don't have that Apple Computer and that smart board in your costume and you're not using it you're not a very successful teacher there's there's there's a lot of push even. Mention I was there this year in Chicago speaking about this and one of the biggest sessions where there was like 300 plus they use the big oratory and was how to use technology. And it's just it's a big push that we should always be using technology on a few guys that are homeschooling parents get that that pressure to to make sure that you guys have i Pods or i Pads or tablets in your kids' hands but face your hunger. Stay strong they will figure out how to use this without your help we're going to tell you I watch toddlers I watch babies have no problem you know figuring out how to move and get the screens small and big and old people are still trying to figure out you know little kids you know like this they'll be fine you're not teaching them at all. Adult media usage another thing that we have to recognize that which I am really recognizing as a teacher is a monkey see monkey do rights of my kids see me on this then of course they're going to want to be on it right you have to practice what I preach and so honestly it might sound crazy but if you haven't made rules for yourself about when you pull this out it's worth taking that time to sit down before you started being like I'm going to be really begun to nature you have to realize that you are fighting against this OK And so I started making the rules that like I just don't have this and when I'm teaching in my classes and I know that sometimes faculty need to get a hold of me while I'm teaching the class I can't help them at that moment anyways so I hide my my phone from now on whenever I'm teaching a class and I don't take it into the cafeteria Yeah that means they are supposed to meet the media and I missed it or somebody needed me but it's important to start making rules for how often your child is going to see you pull this out because whatever your child sees you doing they're going to do a little bit more right you know like whatever they waddle after they're going to push a little more my mom did this so I'm going to do this you know and so start thinking about this because adults are using media just as much the average American spends nearly half a day staring at a screen and if you look at the jobs these days of course they do I mean everything's on a computer screen that's that's finances that's business you know it's all on the computer screen the new Nielsen Company audience report reveals that adults United States devoted about 10 hours. $39.00 minutes each day to consuming media during the 1st quarter of this year the report which was released Monday included how much time was spent daily using our tablet smartphones personal computers multimedia devices video games radios D.V.D.'s D.V.R. and T.V.'s So if you're saying 10 hours and 39 minutes what else does your day I mean where you eating and from the T.V. you know and just be honest with yourself and ask yourself how much time are you spending on this or on a computer on a T.V. in your own house. The report include that one out of $150.00 hours in a week we spend more than 50 with devices the work week we're still takes up 40 of those hours sleep S. 7 hours a night is 49 and if we assume all personal care such as eating bathing Jessie and preparing food is 3 hours a day then we have 50 hours a week left over for all other things this includes hobbies sports spending time with children spending time with friends and romantic partners reading learning exercise participate in safe community volunteer work house maintenance if people are saying over 50 hours a week with media for entertainment purpose then there's really no time left for in the other things that we value. So it's really really quite scary so I encourage you I don't know where you stand and I'm not there in judgment but don't use it for your Bible because your kids don't know you're on your bible they need to see you in your word they need to see that you're you know how to flip through the pages they need to they they will model everything you do you know make a goal you don't bring this into church period you leave it in the car you know if you really need it what's would be even more awesome is you just leave the phone at home for church when you leave for sure she leave the phone I mean is it so bad that we can't get a hold each other right away I mean 2020 years ago we lived fine without needing that instant response you know. It doesn't mean someone's hurt or something's wrong just because someone doesn't use it right away you know and so I honestly like employees take time today to make a list of how one of the things you can do you know when you're in meetings are you going to have your phone and when you're in you know whatever parameters you need to set set them and I've made a new user loose on that I'm going to make sure I do I love New Year's resolutions. I'm sorry. So I just realized one thing that's really interesting to me is the fact that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates they will not let their kids go to a tech based school at all that should be a major red flag if these guys their kids do not go to a school that even uses technology. So there's something called Brain patterning patterns mean where you chain yourself because of experiences that's what you pay attention to in the world so what's really sweet is the place that I'm staying they have all of 2 little boys and whatever the south phone goes being or reading they in Sligo have it and they bring it like oh they're being helpful and to be like your mommy and hear and see hey I got this we all think you think you but you know are they are they brain pattern in training where they hear the birds sing where they notice like there's no there's no frogs chirping you know like are they know to see those things or are we not putting them an environment where they can even notice that there's an absence of them or that they are there you know they're very trained to hear this go off because they're used to it you know the person who invented the like button on Facebook says that he forever changed the map of society and he regrets it he was he's never had done that because the expectations that come out like that and cannot be Mitt met face to face with a completely different icon and they can't figure out how to make the 2 worlds fit and so he says that's one thing that has gotten undone society is the like button on Facebook but I just think it's very interesting that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates I would like to know what their rules are in their own home if they won't let them go to a tech school I wonder what their rules are on and their own home base you know. The system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for me and throughout all after time in illustration of its principal as a model school was established in eat in the home of our 1st parents the Garden of Eden was a school room nature was a lesson book The Creator Himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family were the students that's what's so incredible when you take your kids out Nature's God is the instructor God is the teacher you know not not the publishing house it's all right so you get the point I can go on and on but this is not a similar not about the dangers of technology just please you and me both Let's hold ourselves accountable let's make that list of how we're going to use this how we're going to monitor it because I don't know about you but like I'm like check I don't watch T.V. hound on pretty good check I don't even own a T.V. I'm doing fantastic. Check I have You Tube. Here in the hole like I don't know what your weaknesses are but it's worth honestly self reflecting for our family's sake. All right so here we go this is the exciting part really exciting 5 reasons why we need to make a strong connection with Arnie Children and Nature academically physical emotional well being creativity and spiritually All right so here's some positive things to encourage us now that we're depressed about our society and the direction that it's going realize that there's hope and what's really awesome and that's kind of sad to me is the fact that we're actually as a church behind the times and the world is recognizing there's a problem the world is on the fore front of like there's something's gotta change for schools are developing around the world nature pushes are becoming stronger and stronger when I googled curriculum I found a plethora of things and it's not from our church even though we have the council for education how to do it right 100 plus years ago for some reason we're the ones behind the times and so as it is kind of status exciting to me too because the fact that we don't have to just completely reinvent the wheel and be the crazy ones that we can actually be an attractor to other students simply because parents are like yeah I want to go to Tornado tech school that's important to me to send so hey what about that I'm going to school down the road I hear they have a garden program I hear they have their kids outside you see that out there costume that's really cool that's got by you know that's not like where the crazy ones it's like though this is what our kids need to. People are listening the question was How can we help our schools and our churches change direction away from the technology world to a more guys the nature world and I think it starts with us and how we model our lives and how we are a light and they see something different about our children and they see something different about our own lives and I do have a couple of ideas to take back to our churches because I think that's crucial and I hope that as a family for me I really have realized that it takes 3 things to raise a strong child a loving home and a school for those who are in sending their kids to school a strong school but a church a true church is crucial really truly think you takes a village to raise a child and I can tell you right now it wasn't just my incredible loving parents influence on me but it was an incredibly loving church family so I hope you have a loving church family because that does huge things for your child yes you can tell your child that you love them but when that changes strange at church kneel down and says how do we going like as a child that was so huge to me and I will always go back to my brother and I talk about the fact that no matter how we travel the world googles church is my church it is my family and how blessed am I that I have that family so I will talk about some ideas to encourage our family at large to be a nature base to. All right so academically That's my sweet village zone call home with little ones all right 88 C. nearly 8000000 child in the US suffer from mental disorders and A.D.H. He is one of the most prevalent ones develop sleep. Scuse me the age of 7 usually diagnosed between the ages of $8.00 to $10.00 what 8 year old boy is not hyper horrific or tell us some of the uninformed public tends to believe that poor parenting other social factors produce the immature behavior associated A.D.H. D. been easy she is now considered by many researchers to be an organic disorder associated differences and the brain morphology of children which means what are you filling their brain with as they're developing does you know it is illegal in France to put your child in front of a screen before the age of 2 you know we should consider that do you know and maybe Honestly maybe if we have little ones maybe we should close to basic phones and tell they are 2 or something I don't know I know these sound like extreme ideas but it's just worth considering options and possibilities All right. Each hour of T.V. wash per day by preschoolers increases by 10 percent the likelihood that they will develop concentration problems another Send them is of attention deficit disorders by age 7. As recently as the 1950 S. most families still had some kind of agricultural connection but now your minority has agricultural connection for some reason you're getting my notes down there so do not judge me on my. Grammar or spelling or capitalize because Tim I don't know why you see my notes down there but that's what that is for some reason you're getting my crazy notes down there to help me remember what else I want to add so they're actually realizing that there is a direct correlation between T.V. watching a V.H.D. But don't just limit that to T.V. because it would be any kind of screen time OK All right so here we go now there is this theory called attention restoration theory 2 kinds of tension there's directed attention and there is fascination involuntary attention all right there is a 9 year study done with the U.S. Forest Service subjects report experience a sense of peace and the ability to think more clearly when they're in a restorer to have an environment OK So there's different programs out there like Outward Bound and look we've heard about and during this time subject reported experiencing a sense of peace they took them off which you weeks to just be in the wilds and they did and they said that just being in nature was more they found that was more restorative than doing things like rock climbing or mountain biking just being in nature again that incredible like the Lord like I know this world is going to be hard I know there are things that I was going through that you JUST BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. You know just simply putting your child out for 20 minutes for 10 minutes just. Because go outside don't tell them what to do you don't tell them how to play to say go outside and there's and below is like I will heal them that's what's so incredible you know like I know it's discouraging to be up here I'm not. Parent I will tell you that up front sight don't know everything that is life I do apologize I pray that someday I will get to be a parent someday but I have been a parent to hundreds of other kids other parents kids and so I know that it is hard I watch it and my school and I watch parents give their all and try really hard but just are just putting them outside to put them outside. So directed attention for teachers when there's too much attention directed marked by impulsive behavior agitation irritation inability to concentrate direction attention fatigue occurs between neural and habit Terry mechanisms become fatigued by blocking competing stimuli the fascination factor associated nature is restorative it helps relieve people from direct attention fatigue so direct attention is when you're just looking at something so like let's say a child at school is just looking at their books time and time again that's directed attention directed attention is not bad they need to know how to have directed attention but this is where a cellphone is only divest of attention you don't understand like the kind of the difference you're not there's no in voluntarily like who fascination is just very much directed like oh green ball comes over I hit this and then I do this right when you're out in nature there's just natural things around you like oh what's that a bird Oh I hear this oh I see this OK so that's involuntary and it's literally there's having studies that show is that your child is extremely E.D.C. or extremely has difficulty with directed attention by having them have involuntary attention and makes them better at directed attention so that's incredible. They did a survey of more than 120000 corporate office state workers those with a window view just having a view of it not even being outside in it of trees bushes a large lot of experiences significantly less fuss frustrated and more work enthusiasms than those without such views a person does not have to live in the wilderness to reap nature's physical psychological benefits including the ability to work better and think more clearly so simply just making sure maybe when you're doing home school that you have a window you know that they can look out when they are so they can have some direct attention and then they can have some involuntary attention so maybe doing home school near a window will also just simply be helpful I know it's here don't look out the window the whole time and they will concentrate Yes All right I think high nature can help people recover from normal psychological wear and tear but nature also improves that capacity to pay attention participants were asked to complete a $40.00 minute sequence of tasks designed to exhausted directed attention capacities after they'd done that before the minute they were then randomly assigned to spend 40 minutes in these are the 4 choices that they had walking a local nature preserve walk in an urban area sitting quietly what was really music while reading bad disease or listening to music I'm sure you know which one do you think has was the most restore it of yeah walking in nature those who walked in need to preserve perform better than the other participants and the standard proof reading test they also reported more positive emotions and less Ngar so simply just taking your child for a walk will help their heal I just love that because I know about you but the world is tearing me down I need some psychological and emotional repair right now in my life and just simply by taking a walk out there is restorative. Certainly appeal is that $8880.00 children ages $7.00 to $12.00 result as reported in the journal Environmental behavior compared to the after effects that hate played sorry in paved outdoor and or areas activity the natural green settings were far more likely to leave 80 children better able to focus and concentrate activities that left children in worse shape or far more likely to occur indoors or outdoors as space devoid of greenery so. If it's true that nature therapy reduces the sentiments of A.D.H. D. then the converse may also be Chewy A.D.H. He may be set of symptoms average aggravated by a lack of exposure to nature so when you have your child super hyper Henri you know you even see other children that are super hyper maybe realize that we can work together as a community and offered nature walks here in there throughout the weekend we have play dates with other families and it's a walk in nature you know let's be a community to raise our children together and not just a solo trying to suggest benefit our children because a lot of people just don't know I mean in their defense the world tells them that they'll the child be smarter right there's brain games on here your child will be able to form better on those tests and all those things are so much pressure that you really can't fault anybody for for using this and not only that but period teen is hard OK I was hot I have to have friends and parenting is exhausting and when you're just done and you feel like you're going to yell at your child it seems a lot better to give them this the know what your child right and so just understand that people just are looking for ways out and this is an easy tool that people don't have years ago and now you know as you HOW DO YOU NEVER happen without this you know like how do they do it when they are frustrated and exhausted they just need a mommy time or space you know each. Other So. Yeah you mother said the others but you probably have a place to play what about those dear precious parents that are doing their best and they don't have a place you have an apartment yeah it's difficult and like a read in Oregon my friends here they they're looking at houses and if there are 300400000 I mean it is really difficult in certain areas to have a green space for your child to play and it's dangerous you can't just say child go out and play that means you have to go out and play so then you really didn't get your time and so for some people they live in this vicious cycle and I'm sorry but not everybody can live in the country that is not feasibly possible nor is that God's calling for all of us to live in the country and so it's important that we just realise that we need to work together and help each other maybe that is playdates with other apartment moms you know to help the mommy get time and it's just it's a journey it's not easy easy one. Yeah players are still a little like country or I keep telling my friends just give me your kids for a week or put them on the farm. All right physical health All right the finish for Disease Control reports that the number of overweight adult Americans increased over 60 percent between 19012060 percent that's why that is pick those that that's the biggest jump is from 1001 to 2000 according to C.D.C. data the U.S. population of overweight children between ages 2 to 5 increased by almost 36 percent from 1999 at that time 2 out of 10 of America's children were clinically obese 4 times the percentage of childhood obesity poor in the late $1960.00 S. approximately 60 percent of obese children ages 5 to 10 have at least one cardiovascular disease factor. That's really really sad the World Health Organization warns that the Century lifestyle is a global pulp public health problem and activity is seen as a major risk factor noncom communicable diseases which cause 60 percent of global destine 47 percent of the burden of disease ph issues now one that today's children may be the 1st generation of Americans since World War 2 to die an earlier age than their parents. Their kids today not if you saw that article as years ago why maybe isn't the Michigan memo but they're calling sitting the new smoking like it's as devastating to your body as smoking is to your body to sit for all day long but if you look at people's jobs what choice do they have but to sit there job assist another computer you know as it is a really tough on where we live and the C.D.C. found that the MOV T.V. that children watch directly correlates with the measure of their body fat and the United States children ages $6.00 to $11.00 spend about 30 hours a week locate looking at a T.V. or computer monitor. The thing that's interesting is the sports save the day do you think sports save the day to help this epidemic the B.Z. epidemic coincides with the greatest increase in organized children's sports in history so at the same time as our obesity is going through the roof our children organized sports they're going through the roof we're organized so clearly that's not healthy the physical exercise and emotional stretching that children join an organized play is more varied and less time bound than is found in organized sports playtime it freshly uninstructed imaginative exploratory play is increasingly recognized as an essential component of a wholesome child development the problem with sport is that you're just using certain muscles and only that muscle group and compared to other measures of play when you're swinging from trees or you're walking out uneven ground you're using also as a different muscle groups compared to think about the perfectly manicured lawn of a baseball field or a football field or a soccer field like it's perfect there is you don't have to worry about like compensating for your ankle because there's nothing to compensate for right compared to when it's on the uneven ground you try it your body has to compensate for it the I did the nastiest in high school in college and I still feel the pain like I my back gives me also is it issues because I do some backflips wrong and landed on my knees instead of on my feet and I mean it's just there's lots of energy injuries really with sports Now don't get me wrong I'm the 1st one if there's a group of kids out there to go during a soccer game I love soccer but there's something about this plane with a bunch of different ages that is so much more fun than us I just playing with your age group you know so I'm all for soccer and football and baseball I wish honestly our churches have those good old fashioned Sunday picnics and we're playing good old fashioned baseball with every So fine we like the people cheering for each other and like that that community that our churches are hungry for our churches are hungry for that community sense and we wonder why we're losing our people and our numbers is because we've lost community our churches we check in and we check out and there's not that committee that we work together we play together we live together you know that's what makes the family strong right you don't just work together you play it again. So we as a church need to play together too you know so that's one thing to help with your church be the one to organize a good whole fashion Sunday a family baseball game you know a softball game and get people out there's a study a preschool children Norway Sweden playing on typically flat playgrounds and playing among trees rocks and even ground of natural play areas over a year's time the children who played in natural areas tested better for motor fitness expression and balancing agility which makes natural sense right those kids who jump on laws like I take my high schoolers out and I'm amazed I'm like they just jump on trees and they run around like monkeys increasing hoodlums I can tell instantly who are the ones who have spent time outdoors and who are the ones who have never because they're on the tree like movement but they can grow that football they can like I mean they can do that soccer like they have footwork like you've never seen but you put them on a tree and they all set and have no ability to walk you know it's true that when you just are out there playing you do develop different muscle groups and ability that you just can't on a flat field. I think this is really cool something that you could even think what if we put aquariums in our churches or food I don't know but you know here we go research has found that subjects experienced significant decreases in blood pressure simply by walking face and an aquarium There's also a link between pet ownership in lowering of high blood pressure and improve survival after a heart attack and the mortality rate of heart disease patients with pets was found to be one 3rd that of patients without pets. So there's lots of animals at the shelter that need to be adopted if you know but a little the person encourages them to get a pet because pets do all sorts of things I know as a single person my pet is so horrid for it to me because it gets me out walking morning and night someone to come home to it someone that loves me you know all those wonderful things. Many studies credit exposure to plant or nature with being up recovery time from injury a 10 year study of gallbladder surgery patients comparing those 3 covered in rooms spaced in a grove of trees to those and rooms with a view a brick wall that patients with a view of trees went home sooner so this simply looking at it simply just looking at it how do you research reveal Michigan prison inmates I love this one who fell face a prison courtyard had a 24 percent more illicit than those who sell had a view of farmland so even our prisoners deserve to look at green space to people who live images of natural landscape after a stressful experience call markedly in only 5 minute their muscle tension falls and skin conductance reads plummet so maybe we should think about having our church boards and school board school board meetings outside your home course let's try it like those tests will tense situation I want to talk in Holland Michigan they had a gazebo a they had built a gazebo you know and I don't really remember it like the church using except for like after church sometimes families would have picnics Before they maybe went on adventures together but what if like we took church sport out there now it is Michigan so I know it's limited when you can go but you know like what if we thought outside the box with different activities that we did we just started doing them outside. Me she's got physician the pure air the glad fun shine the flowers and trees the orchards and vineyards and other exercise amid the surroundings our health giving life giving physicians the nurses should encourage their patients to be much in the open air outdoor life is the only remedy that many invalids need it has a wonderful power to heal diseases caused by the excitement and excesses of fashionable life a life that we can send a story of the powers of body mind and soul yes the American rat race does that destroy the body mind and soul is that exhaust you what's so incredible to me is like God just knows you know like in every age God knows what that age needs to connect with him and at our age what we desperately need is just some green time is just some time in nature. He love and being outside don't get that little face confused he actually is having a great time. OK there is often the same tale lifestyle a simple kids get depressed the need for medications attend suffice all those disconnection from nature the rate at which American children are prescribed antidepressants almost doubled in 5 years this is increased this 66 percent were among preschool children they're now describing them depressants do you realize the other aftershocks that come because you describe your style inside a person's it's scary but our children are depressed because because the world limits them right this says you only can do this only this there's no place to dream when you're outside all of a sudden. You know the stick speak come I don't know forks let's not that creative all of sudden But you know what I'm saying all of a sudden like when you go outside that green space you're on the planet Mars you're biking in you're in Venice like right you know like all of a sudden who knows where you're going outside your Alice could you know I used to play or tell when I was swinging I was going to play after play and it would like to swing to Mars OK next so you know I'm going to Jupiter like I just used to pretend I was going to planets I don't know why but that's what I pretended you know but when I'm inside I can't pretend I'm just like OK green one makes a green dot green 3 red now red for I don't know what it means or kids play out who people who claims the nature of the healing balm there is over 100 studies that confirm that one of the main benefits a spend time in nature is stress reduction nature experiences can relieve some of the everyday pressures that may lead to childhood depression nature off. Solitude. They didn't they did a percentage. On 1850 participants and they tried the use of green exercise there was 3 broad health outcomes improve psychological wellbeing by enhancing mood and self-esteem already seen feelings of anger confusion depression and tension generation of physical health benefits by reducing blood pressure and burning calories and building of social networks DO YOU KNOW THAT is what our country is really in trouble for and in fact even in like OK in Japan on this you know this but you can now go to like a cafe and you can rent a dummy a doll and have a conversation at this cafe with this dummy because that in Japan that they usually like a one child home and so there's not a lot of social connection there's a lot of push for being top 3 with technology over there and so now you can sit and you can have time with this dummy and they can talk and unload their stress to this dummy OK like our world is creating connection our church is creating connection we are actually the craving connection and this is not giving us a connection yes I'm texting you and you're texting me yes I'm liking you on Instagram or or Harding you or whatever you do or liking you on Facebook but I'm not really connecting with you Well you know it's it's a hard world to live in though because as teachers you always get told the law the laws don't put your don't hold the child or put them on your lap Be careful how you put it around I was like Lord if I end up in jail because I'm putting my kindergarten boy on my lap because he's crying because he's Cape his knee OK Lord that's the way I'll go to jail like there's no way I'm going to resist not loving on my kindergarten 1st and 2nd graders I'm just there's not in my high school kids I touch them I I pat their shoulder I say good job when I walk by their desk you know I just I mean we are we are we are so afraid of that to mean that we will not touch each other we're becoming a Tesla society and I and when you think about and Tyler then select how could people turn on people once you never have an emotional. Action and you're just a figure on the T.V. It's not hard to not care about you but as soon as like I just touch you and we start talking all this you're not just a face you're someone like I don't want something to happen to them but the more and more our kids become less touching that I think the less and less they're going to care about each other and that's what I was credible. This nature program points out is that by caring about God's nature you care about God's creation you care about God's people like it all goes together it all goes together when you start caring about and this I also talk a little bit about later on but the only thing that kind of bothers me is how come our churches are on THE LEAD end of light green living and preserving our earth I know we believe that God is coming soon and praise the Lord that is where our money and time to go but we should be the ones and those circles that you know as Adventist Church as you should see the way they recycle you should see how they take care of their environment you know because I started by Genesis when we read that God give us one assignment right off the bat Yeah take care of the spirit here is my present and when I see my kids on Friday I'll be like argue with a peasant guy God gave us the president of the earth how are we going to enjoy this present how are we going to unwrap it this Sabbath how are we going to experience it this Sabbath because God gave us a present and that's how it always present the Sabbath like let's enjoy the present he gave us with the gift and how are we how are we enjoying that. How much nature is enough to make a difference in mental health this is crazy. For the 1st time in scientific literature we have been able to show dose response relationships for the positive effects of nature and human mental health mood and self-esteem improved after a 5 minute dose it doesn't take a lot case so if you are just making a little goals you know for those of you that don't live in the area 5 minutes start small 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes you know work your way up losing exercise is even better which simply means like if you can hike next to a lake ponder a river it's actually that's proven that that's better than just in the green space but if you don't have that don't worry but that's what they when they say blue green that's what they mean. The study found that a walk in a natural area adjacent to the water offered people the most improvement so if you happen to have the blessing of being near some kind of water even if it's gross looking it is better than just the green All right I can only touch about this about the touching and how important that is. Time in nature is not leisure time it's an essential investment in our health and our students' health and our children's health and our church's health and our family's health OK so maybe start calling it something different maybe start calling it Vitamin N. I don't know. God has surrounded us with nature's beautiful scenery to attract an interest of mine it is his design that we should associate the glories of nature with his character if we faithfully study the Book of Nature we fell find it a fruitful source for constant play in the infinite love and power of God the great teacher brought a series in contact with nature that they might listen to the voice which speaks in all created things and as their hearts become tender in their minds receptive he also has to interpret the spiritual key scenes of the scenes upon which their eyes rested and his lessons there was something to interest every mind to appeal to every heart that's the daily task instead of being a mere round of toil then it fit of higher thoughts was bright enough lifted by cancer in my news as a spiritual and seeing I was few veges to be excited because me so excited like that there's so much that God is going to speak to me and I want to tell you in the last question how this has really become alive in my life and where literally now like I can't even tell you but if I go outside there's this promises that come to my mind because the Lord has taught me how to associate nature with his word and I just can't help it there are songs that come to my heart there are just instant Bible promises because the Lord has taught me how to see him in nature and it's not just one of the things that is the only our God is the nature of us because it's big and complex no like there are deep lessons when we study and it's incredible absolutely incredible so I don't want to jump ahead all right creativity this one OK this is crazy. John you describe the feeling and the wonderful will that is around his boyhood home in Wisconsin simulator and climate Hell down a dull job at age 14 but when his working day ended at 3 he headed down to the river to swim or fish or navigate a bollard boat this is where He Became Mark Twain Eleanor Roosevelt said there was nothing that gave me great joy and get one of my younger days and so agree that she would get up before dawn that we would walk down through the Was there ever were ourselves a fire mouse a village and have only to get the mail and row back with where the family was at the breakfast table OK all people that we admire and. Think are great creators and great innovators they all have a connection with nature in their background all right I love this one Ben Franklin lived a block from Boston Harbor living near water I was left in about it a Zionist find a kite from the bank of mill pond holding area for water from high tide it was so warm he wanted to go for a swim reluctant to leave the water but wanted to fly a kite. Part is the live I tell occurred to them but he did not for go one diversion for the other climbing out of the pond then untie the kite and return to the cool water as a buoyancy of the wire diminished gravity's hold on his feet he felt the kite tugging and forward he surveyed the wind power lying on his back and letting the kite pull him clear across the pond without the least pretty it was the greatest pleasure imaginable. Styles like fun right all right so as you know Ben Franklin is incredible a brilliant man you know but he started as a little boy as he just started playing the experience he's like wait this is how gravity works either and he is the one who later finds a card with a can do you think. But as you can see. The word to cation comes from Greek to draw out or to bring forth that's the word education to draw out or to bring forth K. that's not download as we think education right they need to get all this stuff down load them into lower heads it's the draw out which means that you're drawing on what they know in their creativity and expounding on it that is education. Direct experience is crucial to learning the next one of my favorite ones is Thomas Edison he was whining One day while visiting his sister's farm he found straw in a box he found he was found sitting in a box of straw I saw baby chickens come out of eggs old hen was sitting on so I thought I could make a little goose has come out of the goose eggs if I sat on them at the hands and you can do it why can't I Why it's all right now if no one ever tried anything even what some folks say is impossible no one would ever learn anything so you just keep on trying and maybe someday you'll try something that will work what is Thomas Edison invent the light bulb and how many things remember after he thought of crumbs He's tried a 1000 times and they're like Aren't you going to give up and he's like No I found a 1000 things that won't work that's how we looked at it but maybe it started from a childhood of trying and failing trying and failing we need to give that possibility to our kids that he wasn't told he couldn't it and eat and it wasn't just that he was told what he could it could do if he'd just tried it and he himself realized he couldn't he couldn't write. All our great leaders has some connection with nature but listen to this now contemporary urban art it poets have moved away from Wordsworth and the Romantics whose metaphors were shaped by sub line natural forces whose rhythms were so often set by the cycles of nature to now the newer language the art emanates from the human Vell environment from the street from computers so we wonder why our music and movies are scientific like oh say is more involved no we're getting inspired by man me things as sort of God Me thinks like that to me is like afterlife I was like Wow what am I being inspired by as that was so I opening to me like it was huge like absolutely was like Man I'm so hard on these on these musicians and these and like the people that we look up to now I think about it back then we used to look up to people who had connections nation now we look up to people who are not to like name a bunch of people but how much time did these guys have in nature do they even have a childhood equated with nature you know someone like like Will Smith or Justin Bieber did they have a chance to have a childhood with nature you know and so they were inspired just by man made things. Right and Left avenues of exploration national space as a material stimulate the children's limitless imaginations and serve as a medium of inventiveness and creativity observe what almost any group of children playing in a natural setting in nature which excites all the Says his remains the richest source of loose parts you can't answer everything you have unpredictable things that are going to happen you can't guarantee if you step on that stick it's not going to break it's big enough it looks big enough it should hold you Nature is a perfectly perfect that was loose parts and possibilities of modern dust nettles and Sky chance this isn't hands on moment and skinned knees. And the last one which we know is inspiring. Though taking children outdoors Their expect exposed to learning through various forms of inquiry when our learning is linked to revisiting the living world outside our costumes and walk back to the classroom for reconsideration and empowers us to look look cool and multi-sensory embodiment of learning creativity is ignited taking the time to linger with our learning creates the spaces where learning possibilities present themselves possibilities that might have gone unnoticed if we hurry past things the work we engage in requires commitment ask us to care deeply enough that we want to spend time with their creativity is inspired you have more questions when you're outside you wonder how this works you don't really wonder if you don't have to think you just know that this equals this if I push my fingers here all eventually kill that angry bird or spoke to you whatever it may be. The last one is spiritually nature present the young with something so much greater than they are it offers an environment where they can easily contemplate infinity an eternity we cannot care for God If we do not care for His creation the extent that we separate our children from creation is the extent to which we separate them from the creator from God That's pretty powerful the purpose of creation really is to bring us closer to the creator as a parent you don't encourage children to experience nature because it's pretty but because your children are exposed to something larger and longer standing than their immediate human existence the benefits of engaging children and direct experiences with honeybees butterflies and ladybugs all significant plant partners are numerous children develop science process skills positive science as season scientific knowledge and addition these experiences provide children with opportunities to appreciate and develop a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world and I think that wonders is the starting point for falling in love with our Savior because it starts with that like whoa he died on the Kasumi Whoa. He made this for me you know it starts with wonder and when we lose our sense of wonder I think we lose our sense of respect for God because it's just like us he's just our friend right we've made God into just our friend which is years our friend but we need to wonder at him we just be amazed at him he's did that for me he's doing that for me you know and nature helps to create that sense of wonder constantly that that nothing else can do Joy is found and lingering in the grassy field at the same time will be caught up in a sense of wonder I believe if we want children to take a stake in their learning by encouraging to them to ask the questions and seek out answers then we need to create spaces for that inquiry to unfold we need to give the value to the time it takes to be in those places of wonder at a time when our world is so fast paced and product oriented we need to give value to the things that cause us to slow down and pause to linger and reflect. I was teaching Kate you and I was going to church sometimes you explain there's a big hill and we're going down the hill and one of my little well I little boys he's in 1st grade at the time he runs over to me and he's like Miss Ruth B. I see God like what do you see God he's like look the moon I see God That is what you are right nothing can replace that where they just can't help but see God and that is the aims of education All right so the next couple of classes you hopefully start making connections of how we can do that both in the garden and just in nature in general education spans the 3 domains of self others in the natural world that seeks to teach students how to learn to overcome adversity and he has personal social development develops a deeper relationship with nature up tain outdoor survival skills improve problem solving skills and yet teamwork develop leadership skills understand natural environments and promote spirituality so if you're having difficulty trying to prove that outer education is the way to go give somebody this list and this is what we will achieve by the end of my curriculum OK so any doubt as to what I present to school boards about this is going to be the goals of the objectives of using nature as my manipulators and hands on all right you know those multiple Intel intelligences will go through all of them but I think another one that could be added and 8th one is naturalists intelligent nature smart OK this person has keen sensory cells including insight salad smell taste and touch readily uses high in sensory skills to notice and categorize things from the outside natural world like to be outside or likes outside activities like gardening nature walks or field trips geared toward observing nature and natural phenomenon easily notice persons patterns from their surroundings likes different system A's in the anomalies are interested in and care about animals or plants and notice things in the environment others often miss thing that's a good intelligence to half think it's a great intelligence to have All right so to end with. So through the creation we are to become acquainted with the Creator the book of nature is a great lesson book which in connection with the Scripture we are could use in teaching others of his character and Guy in law chief back to the fold of God as a word is the work of God I say the Holy Spirit flashes conviction in the mind it is not the conviction that logical reasoning produces but unless the mind has become too dark to know God I too dim to see him that you're too dull to hear his voice the deeper me is grass and the self lies fierce issues of the written word are impressed on the heart. And these lessons direct from nature there's a simplicity in purity that makes some of the highest value all need the teaching to be derived from this source and a south of the of nature leaves the soul away from center and worldly attractions and toys purity peace and God too often the minds of scenes are occupied with men series and speculations falsely call science and philosophy they do buy into close contact with him let them learn that creation Christianity have one God let them be taught to see the harmony of the natural with the spiritual let everything which they I see their hands handle be made a lesson in character building thus the mental powers of the strength in the character of Elop and the whole life and Noble this is the last thing the sign up of Albert Einstein's office not everything that counts can be counted and that everything that can be counted counts this media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons leave this W W W dot audio person dot org.


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