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Pentecost Repeated Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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thank you for your questions and it takes time answering them now and then we will pray this session I'm dealing with the genuine signs of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongs when I look at the gift of tongues and were going to look at the in filling of the Holy Spirit and the steps that God gives us to get his word to be filled with the Holy Spirit should we address the Holy Spirit in our prayer and worship pray for worship the Holy Spirit there are those gospel churches that begin to sing this spirit we praise you and they praise the Holy Spirit the Bible is very fascinating when it discusses that very point and I would rather go with the Bible says it says but the helper was John fifteen twenty six when the helper comes I will send it to you you can view the father the Spirit through the proceeds from the father is the spirit of truth and he'll testify of me so the genuine holy spirit manifestation testifies of Jesus so we do not pray his or worship this direct the spirit newsstand only to allow up to lead us to praise and worship Jesus so what the Bible says is that we see the spirit is he will testify of me so the best evidence of the attack of the appreciation of the work of the Holy Spirit is praising Jesus bipolar in the promised Spirit is working in me though I didn't realize that I do have a strong desire to witness I thank God for the seminar I can't comment on that yes there will be high the scene before we ever know what the Holy Spirit is working on us think of before you ever were converted to Christ the Holy Spirit was convicting you would say in the Holy Spirit is leading to Jesus so there's a difference between the Holy Spirit working on you and the Holy Spirit dwelling in you the Holy Spirit works on unconverted people correct but the Holy Spirit does not well in usefulness in unconverted people so the Holy Spirit works on us to convict us of sin the Holy Spirit works in us to wean us the truth the Holy Spirit then it feels us as we dig knowledge the truth that God has revealed to us the deeper our commitment to Jesus and our willingness to follow his truth the more the Holy Spirit even powers us to do his wife Kay I have a hard time knowing what is God speaking and when is Satan how I know the difference sometimes I also think it just my own thinking very good person you have three elements here I went over to my own will how I know if this Satan leading me to do something right or not it's God 's will there are first in Sumter University God says our guide you can take on guide you with my nine something the eleven causes of guide you continually God wants to guide us how do you tell the relay for waste details first what's the difference between a conviction that God wants you to do something and impulse impulse is usually slightly more for the decision you have to make the more time you want to make take to make the decision I will have to take much time when I go through the line to know whether many people and tools will cost I just look at it will him going further than that is fray over that decision you know okay so some decisions you may quickly but the moment the more important the decision is more time taken making if you're thinking about getting married for example it's a lifelong decision and you feel very impulsive about making that decision this girl this guy is the one of your dreams and you just method three hours ago at July sixth any house is usually slightly it's here today gone tomorrow the thing you wanted so badly today you don't want to read weeks from now the job you thought was so important that would be your lifelong dream and you don't get it in three weeks and I don't even care about safe impulse is his flight leaves here today gone tomorrow conviction is a growing constant awareness that God wants me to do something and I'll be outside of his will if I don't do it so a conviction so the first thing I look for a decision getting making prop progress is by safe process I say God you have promised to guide me by claiming the promise of some thirty conversely suppose thinking about going with schools thinking about selling a house of buying a new house supposedly thinking about whatever that decision is I forsake God who promised to guide me some thirty two verse eight and I claim the promise that just as really as you guide your children the past that you will guide me and Lord I am looking for that still small voice of your spirit over a period of time this is a big decision of not connected today tomorrow and I want to watch with your convictions are my heart so first what is a conviction is a growing constant awareness that God wants me to do something and I can sort out my thoughts from God 's thoughts from I will buy listening to God 's voice over a period of time secondly so you look for conviction it's just like share this share has four legs and I call on the floor legs of guidance the four legs of guidance when making a decision I would not want to get up and stand on this chair and wall like this be a delightful one leg was broken would you now into lengths of rope and be worse if three legs were broken even worse the forelegs will be broken would be big-time trouble heretofore links guidance first ascot for wisdom ask them to bring a conviction much James one verse five is a man lacks wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally operate is not the first to ask God for wisdom second you determine in your heart that you will do nothing that is in any way contrary to God 's will that all you want in your life is his will thirdly you see also from people you trust the bigger the decision the more you try to get to every good counselors help in seeking counsel a couple things don't go to your closest friends because they make us tell you what you want here see when you go for Council people to meet sometime for counsel I asked if you want to really tell you what I think right when I think anyone to tell you what you want to hear most people don't want counsel they wanted just to confirm what they wanted to anyway so open your heart if you want councils they look to go to a few people that I really trust they're not the kind of people bitterness images when I want to hear other people who have a heart for God and they can give me some wise counsel so first you pray about it second you determine your heart do not enter anything in you ask God for wisdom you look for the convictions of God is giving you you try to have this sense in your life that all you want is God 's will thirdly the person very wise people for counsel and fourthly you will the provinces you can't walk through any globe it's not open so you look for the providences of God what is God doing you know what I could give you a Bible study and all these things would take us an hour to have a study that I give young people particular guidance for those the four principles seeking praying about it seeking God 's will determining not to do anything that is contrary to the word of God and thirdly you know I've had people come in single point I met this guy and he is just tremendous he's everything I want at least on a Christian is really everything I want to process extremely so much better than Angels Christian guys ever dated you don't want to simply asked them is this in harmony with the word of God you have to make a decision that I'm not doing anything that's not harming the word God because God will not forsake you if you if you walk out and make decisions that are not in harmony with his words and Gonzaga for safety but there are times we live the rest are allies of the consequences of decisions that we made that are very very difficult so it's not God 's casualty Versace you because a lot of pain would bring upon ourselves we know that the brain so if you are having a hard time knowing when it's got a speaking seek him in prayer determine you to do anything that will not harm you this will get counsel from wise godly counselors and what the providences of God opening doors in your life how about the stories of people being raised from the dead is it true or not I don't know us I don't know there are some stories I've heard that I checked out and seemed fairly credible their others their way out there so I don't believe everything I hear it on the other hand I don't reject it out of hand so can God race of people who manipulate sure he can but here's the point to remember what Jesus said in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus remember that story at the end of the story and Lazarus says sport when the rich man says he's as long as let's look at it because you're really interested in this this is an important spiritual point and I want use this as a teaching moment take your Bible and the book of minutes turning to the fifteenth chapter sixteen chapter will sixteenth want to study verse first the parable Regina Lazarus is a tremendous parable with many lessons but look inherently in order to go back to verse twenty four and on board then he cried and said father Abraham have mercy on me here's the rich man and he's suffering and then it was down it says in verse twenty nine Abraham said to him well let's be back even further than that first twenty nine Abraham said to him they have Moses and the prophets let them hear them and he said no father Abraham if one goes to them from the dead they'll repent but he says even if they do not hear Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead once Jesus Aucoin that terrible there are many lessons in the parable but one point that Jesus is making is this the rich man says to send somebody back from the dead and will believe that's the spectacular evidence that we need and the Scripture says they have Moses and the prophets if they reject Moses and the prophets or even reject one Rose bed did it was there ever a real Lazarus to delete real Lazarus ever rising the dead as it authorities except because Rosalinda when they want to do I wanted to here's the point of all of the spectacular miracles in the world will not substitute for the living word of God in fact the point that Jesus making apparently written a letter that's why tells us Jesus uses a story to illustrate a point so you ask about if somebody rose from the dead on the willing they are not up to me that's not important the most important things we faithful to God 's word and facility Will God were spectacular miracles yes miracles should be a substitute for the word of God neither should miracles ever be something that we we once we begin to long for the spectacular you put yourself in a very vulnerable position defining spectacular storerooms defining spectacular miracles my faith is built on nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness on the solid rock of his word I stand once the relationship between faith and the role of the Holy Spirit in the conviction of the unique SDA doctrine is there sufficient intellectual evidence to grasp these truths it is the Holy Spirit leads all truth will will all truth seeking spirit let individuals yes who are diligent Bible students be led to accept SDA doctrine couple questions a couple responses there is adequate information in the Bible clearly reveal each biblical truth whether it's the Sabbath whether it's the state of the dead whether it is healthful living but if you know enough about it to know that even the acceptance of the state of the dead or the Sabbath or the healthful living there in texts in the Bible you can interpret differently aren't there for example we just talked about this that I really wish that allies are still wonder why Bible you wonder why God put Colossians two with the Bible literally judge you regarding the Sabbath did you ever wonder why God put act chapter ten in the Bible about the she in all the known now their explanations for those text but would be easier than what the Bible and the arguments you can explain them but the easier they were the right using if you were writing the Bible you could've done a better job in God is failing the Sabbath now since the no doubts right so you're saying I could do it then I guess I honestly like me I know that you will make this a desolate island that takes the Bible has the body present with the Lord will like to write that will here's the point there is sufficient evidence in God 's word but there always hopes to hang your doubts on there always looks angry to this sufficient evidence but the evidence is never ironclad it always requires faith in God has that on purpose of the Bible because if you could only approach the Bible intellectually then you can approach it like any other scientific discipline but we need the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of the things of God 's word so the first party question is what's the relationship between Satan -year-old Holy Spirit the conviction of SDA unit yes the Holy Spirit reveals that truth to us the Holy Spirit presses us it is true and Holy Spirit opens her eyes to see is there sufficient intellectual evidence to grasp these truths there is but there's always that door and out if you want to use the Holy Spirit at least offered to all truth seeking spirit let individuals were diligent Bible since they went to accept the SDA doctrine before the end yet in other words God is leading them now and they may be on the process of that journey but never may come to me and naturally before their death is either of many people that are lovely Baptist to Catholic Christians as die there honest hearted but they've never had a fullest explanation of God 's truth are you with me so that because they haven't fully accepting country doesn't mean that they will be saved to the issue is before the end of time David is right is lately right to steal it is filthy let me filthy still in one of the reasons the Lord 's been allowed to bring crisis the content is to bring to the whole world the attention of truth so before Jesus comes they will certainly they will certainly not have the opportunity what if anything do you require from the sick before anointing them I don't require anything from them i.e. what requirements are there before the anointing if the person requesting anointing that silly things required I would not superimpose anointing on the butt I would explain and I think that the request must come from them that was the only biblical requirement is in the context of that annoyed me we talked about repentance but we don't seem to repent before you anointed we simply share with them and when they are in that condition they certainly open their hearts to God but the only thing would be required is their request to participate in the mining service in a private spiritual service when they cannot because of the sick condition cinnamon recently requested their behalf maybe a husband and wife yes some family members sure that has happened on a number of times I would hope they'll that the family would be sensitive enough to request it before that because the whole purpose of the spiritual anointing is a spiritual a spiritual relationship neither times in a car accident for example there are times in certain kinds of sickness and we certainly annoyed and if the family or others requested we do it but we want to make the very spirit services cell I really try to really try to create an atmosphere where hearts are open to the moving of the spirit okay if someone has the ability to perceive the future how we determine effective is coming from God on a couple things and that the Bible does give you a variety of a variety of tests of spiritual gifts and I'm going to just leave this one for a little while because went about spiritual discipline given that to you the idea of foretelling the future God 's Word clearly points out that the gift of prophecy is one that he gives to his church to prepare for the second coming of Christ begins in prophecy is not predicting which movie star is going to marry who or which sports figure is going to be to have a fall or which president is going to be elected the gift of prophecy as against the Bible says that he gives to get into his church so let's assume that when you talk about assembly within the administration made claims that they can foresee the future the question you need to ask is what's the purpose of this what's the function of it what is the purpose of what does the knowledge of the future help us have does this person have the fruits of the Spirit in their life love kindness gentleness are they calling to form obedient lifestyle and what I'm nervous for of so-called profits within the unfinished church today and I'm very nervous about it because I believe God has given us the gift of prophecy and that gift of prophecy has provided sufficient information is not that we need more revelations in the future his name is that we need to go back to the Bible and the depressing that God has given us I will close my mind that God wants to give us a future profit I accept that are very sensitive to what the Bible says trying to steer us and so it's best to step back and let it happen it is our right to lifers and baptism into the unfinished church if they don't agree with the church statements on the baptismal certificate does it violate the great commission it's strange to me that a person would want to be baptized into a church that they don't believe is teaching truth why would I want to be baptized into a church that in my mind is the that I like and agree with so I look at it from this perspective I would work with that person and try to find out what specific they don't understand why they don't understand it and trying to Bible studies to limit as I think is unfair to them to baptize them into the administered inventively besieging often we receive the baptism the Holy Spirit now do we need to gather as the apostles did fast and pray together certainly prior certainly open our hearts and repentance certainly studying God 's word but the reception of that baptism is also something we claim by faith see how you know if you baptized in Holy Spirit or not is not something on your needs and you just keep rains a lot please give it weekly please give me know you claim Morgan promise that he would baptize me with your Holy Spirit I open my heart to you I has to reveal to me any hidden sin the hike I want my heart to be quite honest I need your power and where I want to be a witness for you based on your promise I claim to you getting your spirit now I claim the baptism of the Spirit by faith immersion in your spirit and what I want to open my heart to get more and more of your spirit it's not something you have to keep making forgotten is how you are not is it just cut us some manifestation no when you see a guy changing your life and you go out to have the fruits of the spirit of your life witness for Jesus you certainly are able taught by his grace and you are certainly sensing that we witnessing for him you are still necessary resources years ago I seemed against someone but I repented deeply and should I go to confess them to them and what about the other implications for family members and so forth there are some things in life that have happened in the past best remain in the past and I will say to this person if you repented before God except his forgiveness and move on in your life and leave it alone other times but that's not why is there other times that it is when God casts our sins into the depths of the sea he says no fishing nobility of building them up again there are some times that require restitution and the require going to the person in saying I'm wrong to their times of it is that but he is five years ten years fifteen years twenty years of the long period of time is one by the person doesn't even know what and I live another life at another time and I've moved on with my life and the family to go back in and pulled back up again just creates fractures and hearts I would say rejoice in the forgiveness that Jesus gives you rejoice in Jesus grace and move on with your life there are times that the Holy Spirit convicts us with something specific and maybe I should mention the way at least in my own life I understand the difference between guilt guilt can either be specific or nonspecific the devil always brings non- specific gift the devil what makes you feel unclean God he's been convicted with something him a specific thing seriously you know what the guilt that you have about something is from God from the devil because gotten his guilt to bring it in confession and forgiveness if it is not a specific guilt is it just the feeling of guiltiness that's always the devil got been victimized was very deficient something specific secondly if you've already repent of it and confessed that and it keeps coming up your mind usually it's the devil bringing it up because you party dealt with before he confessed you're forgiven the purpose of restitution is witnessing to the person that you will all help to lead them closer to Jesus it's not to make you feel good but the purpose of restitution if I hurt somebody and God brings to mind the reason I go to them is because I want to be a positive witness to them if they don't even think I recommend that's nothing to them and if there is no way that I can be a blessing to them immediately indwelling to them it hurts current relationships I have it's better to rejoice in God 's grace there's a lot in our past lives but it's far better to leave and not bring it up or else will feel continually guilty but except God 's grace except his goodness except as power take that's enough for right now we pray and my timekeeper she's gone since okay your necessity Jack and I see these guys this gives my girls are growing okay what's on it right now allocated for twenty five AKP four twenty five aren't we getting really did once quickly in France we really need a brand is the father happened way to pray dear Lord thank you so much for your grace your goodness your power thank you that you are working our hardest to the manifestation of your spirit in Jesus name amen what about the gift of toss you a Pentecostal friend is a gas at MA safety is we would really see any others as to religion is the Holy Spirit and we wish that you can come into our two hi we can do this because there's no spirit in your church I say to them Mister Pentecost either you really want to be filled with the Holy Spirit the administered is the place to go if you think you have the Holy Spirit in the Pentecostal church you should see the church of the Adventist church is filled with despair that you want and how to be filled with the spirit well what's the evidence of the infilling of the spirit now let's look at a few things here you never take away something before you give something if I am driving an old beat up nineteen sixty one nine that's the target of prejudice before your were born and if I am driving an old shop nineteen ninety one Volkswagen is limping on its last delay in and you try to take it but I have no other transportation from here back to Virginia we may have a long and heated discussion before you get there but if you drive up next to me with Alexis and say hey Mark you want to trade and you just drove up next to me with the two thousand and nine at Lexus that you father gave you for Christmas I can't give you my Volkswagen any day that if you try to tell the Pentecostal will give your gift of Thomas and coming into the church and be as dead as the rest of us not that my success but if you say to them if you really want to be filled with the Holy Spirit if you really want to be filled with God 's direct the unfinished churches Wednesday and I want to share with you what the new filling of the Holy Spirit is all about when I first know is that it rejects the start with John John six verse sixty three how are you filled with the Holy Spirit and John six versus sixty three John six verse sixty three Jesus says to them John six sixty three it is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life so according to Jesus himself his words are what I like and what else is there and so the same Holy Spirit inspired by the same voice that is why the Bible steals our hearts as we read the Bible are you with me the words I speak to their spirit and their life so what happened this is your six six six is one of the most important things in the Bible but I think the six six six and John is as important as the sixty six Revelation in the arena six six six John John six or sixty six areas John six verse sixty six five degrees back I feel comfortable John six zero sixty six and tracking I have mine now from that time many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more so what Jesus revealed that the indwelling of the Spirit was understanding is worth living by that your field with the spirit when you're filled with the God sending his feeling of this theory is the instilling of the one everybody were when they heard that they want to be sealed with the spirit John fourteen verse fifteen and sixteen John fourteen verse fifteen and sixteen if you love me do I you've read that when you neglect the other parts I you read that one was exactly the same as it has if you let me keep my commitments and what operator five and what we did give you another helper that he may abide with you what parameter so if you love Jesus and his word filled your heart you want to keep his commandments and he do that easily give you a comforter the Holy Spirit will abide with you forever submissive in a glass to do anything with Holy Spirit follow the word of Christ who loved him and keep his commandments and his Holy Spirit will enter into your life and feeling you in ways you never dreamed up before acts chapter five acts chapter five the instilling of the Holy Spirit as to the converted I that is filled with the word of God and desires to be empowered to witness acts chapter acts chapter five and were looking there at first thirty one and thirty two Kim God has exalted to his right hand to be Prince Xavier that Jesus to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins and we are his witnesses verse thirty two do these things is so also is the Holy Spirit whom God has given his Holy Spirit of God is inhibited to those who do I obey him as the Pentecostal viewpoint event with the Holy Spirit begins again the Bible says because the Holy Spirit is given to those that do what open a the Word of God so if I am arrival releasing Christian with my heart committed to God desiring to obey God 's word resides in my heart I am filled with what the Holy Spirit so what's the evidence of easily lowly spirit heart converted to God mine dedicated to God a minefield with God 's Word and the desire to serve him now and forever that's evidence you are spirit filled Christians is when we exist God 's Word and Spirit filled Christians is not a fish you know Cyrus Nathaniel and eyes twinkling in the island and electrodes and employees might have been that my ears tingling all spirit filled Christians love God serve God with Mister God and now what is the genuine gift of times the gift of tongues is mentioned three times in the book of acts will get everyone asked to act ten the beginning of John's is also mentioned in first Corinthians twelve in first Corinthians fourteen what is the genuine gift of jobs than genuine gift of tongues in the Bible is the deal of real languages the ability to speak in real languages that I otherwise have not learned for the purpose of communicating the gospel genuine gift of tongues in the Bible is the gift of real languages which I understand that God enables me to understand the purpose of proclaiming the gospel there are two purposes for the gift of tongues in the book of backs to purpose number one to communicate the gospel purpose of as to what is truth when the guy who has been proclaimed in a multi language society so the book of acts the gift of tongues does two things one it is a vehicle to communicate the gospel to you what indicates truth by when the gospel has been proclaimed because the miraculous it is been given what do we see in first Corinthians fourteen we'll get every insensitive to the maximum and a first printing selecting where to move in the book of acts in book of Corinthians first Corinthians fourteen you have the abuse of the genuine gift of time it's the abuse of the genuine gift and I'll show that the first one asked to ask she was the clearest mentioned in the Bible of the gift of tongues and is something the Bible we call the law first mention the law first mentioned is something is mentioned first in the Bible and explains it everything else is based on the first mention the basic outline prophecies given Daniel to Daniel seven Daniel eight Daniel nine and Daniel O based on Daniel to the one person mentioned clearest outline the kingdoms of Daniel two and the others were wanted that the Sabbath first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis everything else was on the creation story in Genesis the law first mention here are the one person mentioned Tom what were they first shown on which it acts two verse one and onwards now wounded in Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place suddenly there came a sound from heaven as a mighty rushing wind it filled the whole house where they were sitting there appeared on the first three tons of fire first for they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with Doctor King James as tall as the Wharton's glossolalia but there I just remember revelation fourteen verse six it says in verse six is as they were not reach the everlasting Gospel to every nation what is hot and what he can bring in people on his language so it's the exact same word for languages they went to speak with other languages within the Bible describes what those other languages were and why now there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven so they were from everyone they should wear with a strong well-versed success when this sound occurred the multitude came together they heard people speaking their own language they were all amazed saying these people and Galileans but we can speak our language any thoughts about what languages were Athenian media and Elamite verse nine Judy C upon this per diem and Juliet Egypt Libya role creations Paris we hear them speaking in our own first eleven languages the wonderful words of God the Bible acting names for different languages why would God Garrison question to answer not asked to why would God have been speaking individual languages and disciples know those languages if the people had already come up to Jerusalem to worship him if they would understand Peter 's speech later are you with me because Peter spoke later do that here's why how many of you speak more than one language I see your hands okay it is quite amazing when although how many of for you English is a second language you may not know quite well as a second language or you may know well okay isn't there something special though that is to you when you hear some music in your mother tongue is there something special about that these people didn't speak Hebrew they came to Jerusalem Portugal El Paso but that was not their mother Tom it was a second language for them when they heard the disciples speaking in their mother taught in a language that these disciples had never learned what the Holy Spirit had given them they were attracted to the gospel based lending went to city of the gospel in their hearts were transformed so in acts chapter two the gift of real languages was given to the disciples for two reasons to bring the language barrier to make communication far easier with many of these people couldn't reliever was a second language and for whom they couldn't fully understand secondly it indicated the gospel in acts chapter two the gift of tongs is a real language and communicative gospel now you don't receive the gift of tongues I can even ask on TL asked in acts chapter ten you have the story of Cornelius Cornelius is a man who is in the Caesarea next ten verse one he is from Italy and she is praying he's a Gentile that God would reveal to him like in truth Peter is up on the roof praying and Peter is into and is a great barrier between Jews and Gentiles as Peter Brady is a she comes down and it has alligators and crocodiles and rats and mice and it has the snakeskin and got says Peter using it right away they believe this is not doing what I never harassed before I want to start now and in today's opinion that she got says going to take because I never get people to do it now and Peter see something else in there a lizard the leading elitists they will learn how I did it three times and have other people that say this is a vision that's telling Peter eat anything he wants Peter dating come to that conclusion is this vision that I should have snake sandwiches for lunch and fried rat for supper and big pink for breakfast is that what you are suggesting my friend the people who tell me they didn't need anything we should need anything in this vision does it I say to them would you like me to give you the mice like in the mice trapped in the garage for lunch tomorrow we can eat anything what are you saying to me my history so here is some people say all this is what God meant but if you look at acts timber seventeen it says now while Peter wondered within himself what this vision we had seen me to understand the vision after the shooting out three times beating out even understand the old Amanda went insane from Cornelius made inquiry they come knocking on the door on the right at the time he's wondering the Gentiles whom he is calling Kingston rats and snakes come knocking on the door of analysts like those on peters my recommend it his explained to me that I was going to be no snacks and things are hacks that have racial prejudice in my hair that is the issue is the clearest teaching the Bible and racial harmony this is the text in accidents as God said no respect I know respect the person with me all my creation is one creation what I color the skin is you are the shape of the eye color the hair more than they are what admiral of that settlor of one blood all nations your creation of these laws racial prejudice and that's what this is all about the beater has his bridges and is in now the interesting thing about this is your goal as he shares the gospel with them Cornelius Cornelius accepts Christ any sense of God 's will what happens first forty four while Peter was still speaking these words the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who read the word right with the accident verse twenty four in those of the circumcision many of whom believed were astonished as many as came with Peter because they can't bark the Holy Spirit and report out on the Gentiles also know when was the gift of the Holy Spirit report out on it on the Jews at Pentecost right and what was for their that was real languages that Peter and the Jews disciples preached to the Gentiles I reached the Jews when they are to do with real languages Peter knew that God gave to him real languages now Cornelius speaks back to Peter in a real language that Peter can understand that and wait a minute you've got graced me with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and gave me a real language and now he gives it to Cornelius that authenticates that Cornelius has genuinely accepted Christ in you do is feel bodily spirit so God use this in a multi language situation again between Peter and to Ann Cornelius and Italian Gentile to confirm the cost now this becomes more interesting does not explain what he did the disciples this is why why did you go to some Gentile so what does Peter do Peter describes it and then he says in verse seventeen don't miss this one therefore God gave them say the Gentiles the same gift as he gave us when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ who is that I can withstand God Peter says that Cornelius received what they did what kind it wasn't the same get your free time and ask the gift of tongues are mentioned there a different language groups presently exist in this instance God gives Cornelius a real language that is not his mother Tom that Peter fully understand this to confirm Peter that he has the same gifted Peter God cost therefore the Gentiles to be exact in the gospel are you with me so far on the technology these facts ninety seeing you have two lines which groups Emacs nineteen Paul to the upper coast of core defined as a group that were baptized by John but had never receive the gift of the Holy Spirit he leaves them to Christ they opened their hearts first six and when Paul had laid hands on them the Holy Spirit came upon them they spoke with tongues and prophesied they received the same gift of real languages and asked to extend to confirm to the Disciples of Christ that the gift of the Holy Spirit was not a key and exclude please choose was a Gentile converts as well so even when you look at the book of acts there are two purposes of the jobs even in each instance in acts sorry what language real language not some prayer language and would go into that toddlers are real language what and why I think even ask number one to communicate the gospel things break the language barrier coincidentally according to ask the apostles Ellen White women when the disciples receive the gift of real languages are taught that the speed purely and accurately in those languages for the rest of their lives it was not a gift given on cost alone but it was a real deal of real languages that they can use significant gospel meet about that about the third chapter the gift of the Holy Spirit can actually process is wonderful it's wonderful this was a gift to communicate the Gospels was given to communicate the gospel of war to authenticate the truth with Gentile believers who didn't speak the mother tongue of the disciples after the Gospels are you proclaimed that Saxton ten ninety seven book of acts is clear Thomas is a real language does not do that today sometimes he does sometimes our missionaries as far into the jungles of the Amazon far into the jungles of about her injury South America and they come across try to think and communicate with and it will open the Bible and God has given them to give you real languages to communicate the gospel now we come to first Corinthians first Corinthians is call problem church in first Corinthians else it given the first updated through the first of the twelve chapters in the next twelve seconds first previous one there arguing they got stripes first Corinthians two at first Corinthians three sunsets on call on seeing this on our list there's divisions their arrogance and pride first Corinthians four in five immoralities so big in the church one young man has a moral sex relationships with his mother the church does nothing about first Corinthians six and seven they're suing people at the law first Corinthians nine contender using the Lord 's supper so first Corinthians is a big property problems are triple the ones that church but it has selfish exhibitionism there's a strife for leadership there's a conflict among one another in that church in a multicultural society in that multicultural society discharge of strife infighting and bickering there is selfish exhibitionism that's going on in the church first release for the evenings where the false unit of tongs in first Corinthians fourteen Paul would have condemned because it was not the falsity of the top but an abuse of the genuine gift for price control and not to look at verses one to five later we look at those at the end look at verse six hundred and give you a explanation of the first rent is fourteen percent on it I think our time is up I think ten minutes to finish this up I have the first twenty fourteen six on pulse that Paul is arguing in first Corinthians fourteen for intelligence munication before I give you biblical reasoning let me give you little just pure reasoning is the gift of time is a prayer language which the writer does not understand my question to you is this why would God give you a language and prayed to him what you don't understand feeling that this being human and created in the image of God is the essence of being human the grade and image of God is the thing that whistling of the animal creation is my mind should I not suspect anything that bypasses the mind are you with me in the reasoning state why is the falcon sibling the honor by Mike Watling prayers and I'll even understand what I'm saying in my prayer is indeed the essence of the image of God is conscious reasoning judgment God is honored when I come to him with all the intelligence of my mind summary says all we need the Holy Spirit when we need that the tongs or a prayer language only the Bible tells me that the Holy Spirit interprets my human language with groanings that cannot be uttered as he intercedes before me in the throne of God that's from the right the Bible says and we dedicate to be fingered fraternity 's fourteenth back to Romans eight so the Bible teaches that God that God himself through the Holy Spirit in turn this the longings of my heart and presents them before the throne of God with white elite and times sure I believe the Holy Spirit takes Mike Kahn as I speak intelligent language and translates that into the language of heaven is presented before God so the genuine dividends on is when the Holy Spirit takes you are language and translates it into the language of heaven presented before God will get Romans chapter eight verse twenty six likewise the Spirit helps our weaknesses onto we got up I try to present before God through the intelligence of my mind matters possibly slowly this says for we do not know what we should pray for us we want but the Spirit himself makes intercession sports with groanings that cannot be honored so we come before God we pray to God and Holy Spirit takes that language you need translated into the language event rang intelligently understanding with my mind that's what Paul is arguing for now he sees things in first twenty fourteen it's quite amazing for his previous fourteen verse six but now brethren if I come to you speaking with Hamas what shall I cry to you unless I speak to you either by revelation by knowledge by prophesying of IDG so Paul says what profit is language doesn't talk their language have unless you understand that person even the things without life when a flute or harp when they make a sound unless they make a distinction in the sounds how will it be known what is type or heart for you to trumpet makes an uncertain sound who will prepare himself for battle so likewise you unless you honored by the tongue words easily understood how will it be known what is spoken for you will be speaking into what the air there are it may be so many different kind of what languages in the world so what is he talking about everybody who languages none of them without significance verse eleven therefore if I do not know the meaning of the language albeit foreign to him who speaks and easy speaks to me of our what was happening in the church of Corinth people withstand the day when speaking a real language that nobody else insured for new to demonstrate how spiritual they were and they would illustrate in search of strife and bickering how great they work because they had given Holy Spirit they were using the genuine do not even begin to communicate the gospel at one jumping on speaking gibberish they were jumping up and that we understands this so don't you speak it in less than a interpreter it's a real language as will see now we come to a hard text that I'll explain as we go first twelve even so you seemed you are zealous of spiritual gifts let it be for the indication indication the church witnessing to his Excel in other words spiritual gifts and document as an end in itself let these spiritual gifts build up the church their selfish exhibitionism going on in Corinth you are showing how so-called great Ewart 's hold off on this language that you understand nobody else does the Zaslow spiritual gifts are always given to the building of the church in your building of the church wallet this then he comes diverse thirteen therefore let him who speaks in a language or John Creighton he may interpret for quite great in a language now here's where it gets confusing to some my spirit prays but my understanding is unfruitful both somebody says I'm praying in the spirit and I don't understand what it says is my understanding that your team what does Paul mean when he says my understand who speaks Spanish here who speak Spanish okay give me the words my understanding in Spanish okay now you can say my understanding you can also say the understanding of me can't you even save my understanding for the understanding of me the better translation of this passage is not lying understanding but the understanding of me and there's a big difference so the question becomes language of the New Testament it is the understanding of me we happily called enchanted space those assets the understanding of means of the question is who was the was he referring to when he says the understanding me is he doesn't understand or is it the people around him don't understand that's the real issue is settled in the next two verses first fifteen what is the result that all pray with the spirit that is always there for him I also pray with the understanding are seeing with the spirit house sing with the understanding no notice otherwise if you bless the spirit how will he who occupies the place of the uninformed say a man that you are giving of thanks seen super sixteen last time I listened it doesn't understand as he does not understand what you say so the understanding of mean by authors is what is concerned about Paul being caught at the Corinthian church people in worship with standout they would be a real line nobody understood that language they understood they were selfishly exhibiting their cry two other costs that this is not testifying the church needs the understanding amoebae out there is that he's talking about verse seventeen for you indeed give thanks well the other is not finalized yet been identified because he is understandable I thank my God I speak with languages more than you always talk to the dog certainly because he was an international apostle to give it asked to continue with Peter Paul also was given a gift and he will preach the gospel in the understood and yet insurance on rather speak five words with understanding I make each other than ten thousand in a while language Paul has just gone the first sixty nineteen forty intelligence speech now he says in verse twenty brethren do not be children and understanding however now is the babes but in understanding the mentor as it's written with people with men of other languages and other I'll speak to this people verse twenty two is when your gi versus therefore songs or languages of her assigned not to those who believe that the unbelievers prophesying is not for unbelievers with those who believe to my Pentecostal friends I say this why would you use the gift of tongues in church for believers because the Bible says tongues are not believers but their unbelievers wire transfer unbelievers because God gives you the gift of real language is significant enough unbelievers of the unbeliever needs the other gospel are you with me so I did any times in church also that's false right away the only adventure because you believers there is so Tom's languages ever signed those who believe therefore he says therefore because of this because honest upfront believers in the whole church comes together in one place that's worship and also the quintiles in there nose throat informing believers vigorously also you can manufacture and all those people speaking in languages you are stand in the same there undermined so then Paul says the unit is speaking jobs follow these four biblical principles number principle number one verse twenty two tons of hard-core believers I mean tons of her unbelievers tons of her on believers nonbelievers to communicate the gospel number two verse twenty seven if anybody speaks in a language let there be two or three at most so if you speak in a language insurance not as a this is my racing as thinking at one time right let the consumer and I was three and then he says to her three each in turn never more than one speaking a time when you go into the gospel churches what everybody's thinking also know tons on the language you speak only one person at a time never more than one secondly in fact let me sure that there is a wide interpreter why because the purpose of John's delivering challenging communication it's not her language so one tons of her unbelievers and communicate the gospel to be used in charge of summary speaks a different language to edify the church let somebody intrepid for that person to understand and to donate that happening anytime because if you do is to confuse the jury is still last one no women can speak in tongues in church verse thirty four let your women keep silence churches the concept of women keeping silent in the churches is in the concept of the gift of talks why why else and why not say exactly why they went in to him what is the name of this letter what is the name of the letter is Corinthians what do you know about Corinth Corinth Titus had temple to Aphrodite they're worth that was pinging prostitutes and went to the Temple part of the worship services in Corinth were ecstatic utterances in the Temple Paul says look if you come walking into the what you have scores of people getting up in the role battling and you have your godly women getting out you want to happen those unbelievers and I think their interests opinions temple prostitution that's recently about it he says look tongs are a gift of God do not abuse secondly there are real language to communicate the gospel that God sometimes gets thirdly if you speak in church use it to build up the church not to edify yourself fourthly have only one person speak at a time seriously don't confuse the issue one right next door you got out of a thousand taken immortal priestesses it's nothing to do with limiting silent in church today that's totally taking this out of context the context is a unique situation in Corinth God I believe before the time of the end is going to give the genuine gift of tongues again the gift of real languages and some of us and some of you young people to go as missionaries anywhere I believe that contributed to Thomas you go to career as a missionary and within six months the Holy Spirit enables you to work Korean you can preach when you go to the Middle East and you begin to study the language and the Holy Spirit gives you that didn't miraculously need to speak that language up and you're able to communicate the gospel the gift of tolerance for preaching the gospel is going to be used powerfully and guidance to help us in these last days to learn languages fast rapidly I think we have young people that are learning Chinese I think young people learning Arabic I think we have young people and honest I just masterminded last their minds and get the real languages in a calm when he used to preach the gospel default is yes emotional is in the range you up the true is the gift that God gives to proclaim his gospel God blessed him us him to her room this was his value versus wiki license generation of Christ are you would like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. why so when I will review like this more free 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