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Outdoor Education - Part 6

Angela Boothby



  • January 16, 2019
    4:15 PM
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Something that I forgot to mention last one is this a couple of resources. That I use I just thought I'd give you a couple of ideas the 1st one is the gospel according to it's really really old it's called like the Gospel according to Daniel line the gospel according to the blade of grass the gospel according to a snowflake but the Gospel according to you is some really awesome books that I really have enjoyed the other ones I don't know if you've seen them there these big giant Brown books they're old and they're called character sketches case so you've heard a character sketches so there's Volume One Volume 2 Volume 3 there are 3 volumes they're kind of expensive so you have to think about it if it's really worth it this is what they do they take a character actually view. And they take a character actor you like responsibility or patience or trust and what they do is they teach you out of animal and all about that animal like how it how it's life cycle were how it loses it was if it has errors it just goes all very in-depth to the animal and then it makes up this little story like that would be pliable like reasonable like the chipmunk is running away from the hawk or something and then it shows you where that character is that carriage actually is being used and then it takes and there's a Bible character story and shows where they have a character story or how that character actually and it draws parallels for you has questions has left them playing like not lesson plans but has questions to like ask your child it has. Bio verses to read in Bible stories to look up what is called character sketches but they are kind of expensive so it might be worth asking. Somebody if the if you know of something that has a maybe your church library getting them and you know you have a volunteer means or I don't know whatever but character sketches is another really cool one. A couple of other books are sharing nature with children there is a volume one in volume 2 that has a bunch of ideas it's a really old book you're looking for just a little yellow book it's really old called sharing nature with children I can't remember the artist how many of you guys have heard of Sally Streib we've heard of her she has an awesome book called challenges by the sea in fact when I was a little girl she came to my school my elementary school and she did a whole talk at the end we had these little tiny plastic containers and inside the plastic containers she gave us shells and she teaches all about them and show how they connected with God and we would have at the end this can this collection of treasures by the seas but she doesn't act Flint job of showing you how to see God in intricate ways in nature by understand their life process to help you understand Astrid of God that you could never have fully understood without it so Sally's job Sally's drive wrote the charges by the sea it also has a workbook that comes along with it that you can find on Amazon and that's really awesome kids learn about creation the Sabbath day it was of help God's plan of salvation understand the Bible baptism the 2nd coming of Jesus spiritual gifts prophecy in the prophets the new earth the 10 Commandments and more so she is an avid to Sally's type is a 7th Day Adventist Sally's drive S T R E I D. I love that book and then she has a new one. Called Summer of no several new ones I'm sorry she has summer of the sharks. And then she has octopus encounter she has intruder. And then she has tried in strategy which is actually a rephrasing of steps to Christ. Is what tri instructor using nature in steps to crease. So I really if you just look up Sally's try and play with what other books you see on Amazon I really enjoy sallies drives a lot or I'm sure they're definitely an A.B.C. You probably could even go over right now and look at the A.B.C. and look for Sally's drive as far as other book honestly if you look on Amazon I have a whole plethora of a collection but it's kind of I don't know if you're already a homeschooling parent and you have like I mean here I am a teacher doing this and I have a book of stack of books I never really got into so I don't know if I suggest you behind a bunch of books you know how it might be better work your money in time to buy better curriculum or to to try that saving up for that $300.00 science you know creation based curriculum better than having just books and books of ideas you know but I don't mind sharing them with you but I just usually just some do it and find my favorites and share those with you see that's another big thing that I should add to is making sure your library is really nature beast. I know this like I don't I don't have something like Big against those kids' books but you know why not replace it with something better like I know the little truck is cute and he goes I'm great adventures and they're not bad lessons but they're not like there's no point really to them it's just like in entertainment and there's such an entertainment industry out there and it's so entertaining and that's what streams our kids' attention well you're going to have to develop a love for even Luke sure in them for nature in Sam Campbell books are awesome I have a collection of Sam Campbell. I also have this other collection that I really love they teach lessons that I can't remember who did doesn't have to look it up but it's about like a prairie dog and a raccoon is all these but if you can just fill your libraries like to be honest it was awesome his kids are incredible I have these old encyclopedias when I talk Katie I mean they're brown they're old ugly looking. Things you know as teachers you go through your library trying to weed out the books all those kids will never use those you know so I have these old brown encyclopedias and I was like Should I get rid of these I knocked out at all their nature of a so maybe I won't get rid of these encyclopedias so I didn't get rid of the encyclopedias do you know what my kids want to read a story tell you it's always they kept going back for all of the things and here I am I'm like I'm a let me be honest with you I want to read the cute little kiddie books about frog he goes to school who so much more funny and so much more fun to tell me and I'm like the scientific name of the law up her is kind of like trying like how I make them because they're like her like Oh right let's read about 2 feet and shoes and like you know I like this little columns and like really much of a picture but my kids want to be that for story time and that's what they kept picking with those encyclopedias I'm like Lord forgive me help me to have that kind of love for your nature but they loved it and so filling filling your library filling your holes with books that just they sit down there is some really cool books at the A.B.C. I like that I love it I remember these ones now they're all God's creation in the Bible and so it goes like all the animals in the Bible all the planets in the Bible there's there's a cube book series that for that one and then there's an old one that's 3 books that it goes to every plant that's mentioned in the Bible every animal that's mentioned in the pilot every bird that's mentioned in the Bible there about this Paul and I've done fun games of that where I'm just like all right I'll pick one and then you have to find out where I or it is in the Bible Ready set go and we do like Word has trying to find this one in the Bible. And so you know filling your library that I talked about that reeling which are spilling your life nature books and trying to slowly weed out the books that have no point there's only so many hours in a day and that like you prioritize your garden you've got a prioritize your library and just even those books are cute you know they're going to be only a so much time to look at book time what are they going to look at during Book time you know. And buying those. Old encyclopedias I mean I'm there I've seen them easily. Goodwills you know a whole big giant set of always like a little kid is nobody was home but your kids will love poring through them. All right so that super important to fill your library with books OK so now moving on to something that isn't stream lead near and dear to my heart and I hope that you personally that this this list lesson really touches you because honestly it's changed my life and I think that when you are typed is just infectious with your kids and it will pour out so let's pray before we go deeper deal and I think you so much that you've encouraged us and strengthen us and that you've kept my voice Florida and I just ask that you guard this time Lord and that is special and intimate with you and every member healer can can walk away with a deeper understanding of you Lord because you are so incredible the Lord we give you this time and we just ask that you be glorified in your name Amen. One of my favorite quotes is an education it says he alone who recognizes the nature his father's handy work who and the richness and beauty of the Earth read the father can writing he alone learns from the him from the things of nature their deepest lessons and receives their highest ministry only he can fully appreciate the significance of Hillandale river and see who looks upon them as an expression of the thought of God a revelation of the Creator many a little less traces from nature used by the Bible writers and we observe the things of the natural world we shall be enabled under the guy you know the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the lessons of God's words it is thus that nature becomes a key to treasure to the treasure house of the word nature is the key to the treasure house of the word chose to be encouraged to search out in Asia the nature of the objects that illustrates the Bible teaches that to chase in the Bible the sinless use drawn from nature they should search out both in nature and holy writ every object representing Christ when those also that he employed in illustrating choose that they may learn to see him and treat and Vine in Lillian Rose and son in Star they may learn to hear his voice of the song of birds in the sign of the trees in the rolling thunder and the music of the sea and every object in nature will repeat to them his precious lesson to those who thus acquaint themselves with Christ the earth will never more be a lonely and desolate place it will be their father's house the with the presence of Him who once dwelt among men and that beautiful That's fine education page 119120 education 119 in 120 so it all started for me. I read this book by Sally strive is specifically for a woman sighed gentleman I mean them I think you could read it too but maybe I don't know if they would connect with what is called The Heart mender. She had gone through a very painful divorce and how she got out was by drawing connections with nature and I had always wanted to connect with my God in nature but I never really quite understood how to do it like I got that you know it was grand and he was grand and you can bring this leaf up and you can make this object lesson but it nest doesn't necessarily like this helps me understand this verse more deeply so I'm going to give a couple of examples and I hope that you can understand where I'm going with it there's this quote that I love isn't septic crisis as I believe it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised if you believe the promise God supplies the fact so unless I start knowing promises there's no facts to be claimed in my life unless I start knowing promises there's no change in my life and so much how do I get those promises where they're just coming in my head where I can't help but just walk in distinctive promises of God And so I started praying and I said Alright Lord. I want to know you like I want to know you know you intimately and I don't know if you've heard this verse or not but it's the favorite of many nature lovers and Romans 120 and says 1st since the creation of the world his invisible actually views are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and God has so that they are without excuse so in nature there is written in the Gospel OK without excuse it means you don't need this it means that God is in nature and that he is written all over nature but we need to learn to have I see the now we have the blessing of this mysterious means just as double triple power we really have no excuse to hike because we have the power of God's word in our hands compared to those who never had God's power coming God's word in his in their hands all right so. It started for me. With this thing that I started to do and I had some of you may be comfortable and some of you may be not comfortable with it but I started to write in my Bible I have these beautiful little pens they're called Micron pens they are point 01. And I don't know if I have any or not I don't think I do but they don't bleed through your papers they don't bleed through your Bibles I don't have them in here yet they don't bleed through their Micron they're expensive they're like $16120.00 for 16 of them they're expensive pens but I've had them since 2010 K. and they're still working well they're kind of done I kind of my mind except actually honestly but still that's 8 years almost 9 years that I've had them and when I started making my Bible my story when I started writing every time a promise became real to me and I wrote that situation or I wrote that date or I wrote that person's name next to it that now became my story his word was alive and living in 2 edged sword in my life because I flipped through the pages it was my promises it wasn't just David's promises it was like no that promise came true in my life and I was studying in Joshua. Joshua. For about the stories about the is a life in there crossing the Jordan. And I love it because remember those stone that's so an idea I talked to you about having your kids right on your stones there's a reason I said that twice and that's because I'm Joshua chapter 4 the Israelites have crossed the Jordan and I was on the other side this is what the Lord this is what Joshua because a lawyer tells them to do he says and verse 6 while so verse 5 cross over before the Ark of the Lord your God into the mist was join each one of you take up a stone is taller according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come saying what do these stones mean to you to your children see little stones in your life and say what do these mean to you what where did God become real to you and I love and verse I later I says they are there to this day I don't know if I want to find out if they are still archaeologically they are still here I have no idea either but I think that is so important that we we are living in such a fast paced world we forget what God does for us we forget when one promise becomes true because we're so busy out exactly what I started writing in my bio you can flip through my Bible and you will see little writings all through it but I want to have remember this stuff if I hadn't started right in there and now when the pastor preaches I'm like whoa I get what you're saying because the I have an actual story where that happened where that came true or I can think of something in nature where that became alive in my life and as I started to write in my bio I tell you right now this would be the 1st thing that I would rescue out of a burning building and down People always ask me what's the 1st thing you'd rescue out of your house if it was burning down the last thing I want to tell you my Bible says there is an A.B.C. right over that I can buy myself a new Bible now if I lost this thing I'd be lost because there's so many promises that I don't remember every story every situation I mean guys God is actively working in our lives we're just not writing it down we're just not we're just moving I like Thank You Lord and moving on or forgetting to record it yes Joshua chapter 4. I just love that you know use it as a sign and so this gotta be something in your whole maybe something outside where you kids are like what does that mean to you that's it but what does that mean to you all please come spend time with me and my sis bought a show you what it means to me why did you build that there is a. A story about a mother who who planted rose bushes and each rose bush stood for one of her children and as she would work on her rose bush she'd pray for that fits their child and she's picked rosebushes that matched the personality of her children the colors that they would produce you know there should be something visible in your life that your kids are like what does that mean to you you know for me when I go on missions ships I have each one of my participants I collect rocks and then I have each one of my participants write their name on the rock and then I have them exchange rocks and then they're supposed to if they want to pray with each other all throughout the year they can call each other ones that we can pray but I keep the Rock and I use it by a like a special word in plate that's made in guy and or in Dominican Republic or in Kenya and that is where I pray for them I'll pick up my rocks and I'll pray for the participants that went on a mission trip with me to Kenya Dominican Republic or guyin or Panama and I also do that with my students I have these rocks and I just go through and I pay for them by names there's just has to be something that your kids like what do those mean to you tell me what does those mean what the what do those mean to you I really enjoyed writing in my Bible and as I continued to write in my Bible I was I was like Lord I really want to see how your nature like I get the object lesson but I want to I Will they want to go deeper and so when I started to do as I say one thing that she suggested was that you. Throughout the day you look for something in nature that this really speaks out to you like the Red Sky or a bird or something that that's really special and then you take it back and for your devotion that night you go through and you look for and you can cordon something that could be something go somebody very simple that we all obviously think of lies like for example birds are the 1st come to your very head when you think a bird's. Well I join the Ravens anything else the sparrow anything else. So the virus that comes to my head the promise that I have written down here and I have it says in Matthew 6 verse 26 look at the birds of the air for they need their sword no reply gathered so far is that your heavenly Father sees them are you not more value than me every time I see a bird ice promise the light that versus goes through my head I can't help it is so incredible and I that's an easy one you're like OK that's not out of the box thinking No you're right OK But they keep going to persevere go there but that's a simple one that whenever I see a bird that bursts just goes through my head and then there's wonderful songs about birds is wonderful him about birds you know that I just I can't help but think about another one that is pretty easy as trees and you guys can think of any verses when you think of the words trees fall as one exactly sums 11 of my absolute favorite favorite It is a Psalms one verse one or 2 but he delights in the law of the Lord and then his lawyer meditates day and night he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bring forth its fruit in season whose leaf on that weather and whatever he does shall prosper and I don't know if you guys know that song he shall be like a tree that's planted by the waters I shall not be moved oh the poet the you know such an awesome song and every time I go past a tree I think of that song I feel not being moved is just awesome It just makes me so excited because literally I feel like I'm starting to learn to live that education quote was in my father's world and I'm experiencing his presence same as if he was walking hand by hand with the in the garden like I can just hear him different kinds of through me and I just I love it so much another one of my that is really kind of crazy to me it might be a little bit more abstract to you guys but. The color red so there was a beautiful sunrise and sunset and I was so enthralled like I want to look up the color red Well does anyone have any verses that they can think of when they think of the color red OK send vs girl any other ones. House garlic cord OK So this is what amazed me is that Matthew 6 team very 1st 2 in 3. And it says this This follows like what he answered and said to them when it is evening you say oh be fair weather for the sky is red in the morning they will be fall weather today for this guy is right in threatening hyper crypt you know how to discern the face of the sky but you cannot discern the signs of the times you know how many have you heard that feeling maybe some of farmers are but you have heard it's red sky at night sailor's delight Rezko in the morning sailors take warning right I know it was in the Bible I ignore you about South verses in the Bible and I said Oh Lord have mercy I was raised an avid test I was raised knowing that shoes I'm a hypocrite but I don't know that you are coming soon to so many things because I haven't dug deeper there's so many things that I'm missing and so for me like every time I see it as Gaius like. The Lord's talking to you are you choosing to listen you know like this driving along I'm driving home from work I'm driving somewhere and there's a beautiful lead guy I'm like lord may I not be close minded to the things that you long you tell you May I not be open to your word may I not. Ignore the warning signs that you're trying to say hey that's not the right path I want you to go this path you know please help me to not get so focused that I think I know everything I got all the verses somehow I completely missed that that that that old fashioned Little same that I just thought was just cute phase of I will like How incredible is that another one of my absolute favorites is. A river so I told you my parents love waterfalls so often we would have to want to fall why was it Texas that southwestern averages university let me tell you nature is hard to find a little bit excess least in the area that I was at Southwest is near Dallas and I was really searching for what guy wanted me to do my life life partner you know all of the questions you have when you're in college and trying to figure it out and I was like I'm just going to go to a state park so I found the state park and I was I drove to and I decided hiking around by myself when I was hiking and I was hiking and all of a sudden you'll never believe it but I came across a waterfall like it was this really strange like brick so it was almost like it was manmade it was only as you say part of a D.M. or something but yet it was beautiful and it was like this river and I just spirit I was like Lord there's something you want me to learn here because here I am searching and I feel like I'm being taken kind of back to my childhood like is there something that you just need to remind me of and so I 1st started with river ice I was I can coordinate with the word river when I came to seriously probably my favorite verse in the Bible because it says her it says in Isaiah 66 verse 12 Behold I will extend peace to her like a river. Behold Alex tent now I'm telling you every time I see a river I cannot help it I'm like behold Alex and peace to her like a river now we know we hear the song I got to use like a river but when you find that verse this verse is Angela's verse like he is speaking God is speaking to me and saying I'm going to extend peace and love I know that you don't know where you're supposed to go in life I know you're not the you don't know which direction you're in this time of confusion but here's a promise when I just started pouring through my can chord it's insane alright Lord I need a promise from me not just that general promise but because you know what situation I'm currently in and you have some way for me to be out of it or to go in it and so I need that promise that's going to carry me through the other one is quite a journey the waterfall I started with John. 7 John 7 and it goes on a little bit journey on that and that's when it gets really exciting is when the lawyers are taking me to next verse the next verse the next verse and all of a sudden it's just like I've been flipping through your bible for like an hour like I how about I do that I don't feel like I'm a great like Bible study here but I'm just telling you when I've started writing it he's likely to remember that other promise there were that other promise and all this and I just feel like I'm going deeper and deeper and deeper my relationship with the Lord and all started because I just started using a word that I saw nature so for a waterfall I was thinking now you have to think a little bit more like asked are because I was like waterfalls and not in the Bible so I was like start thinking like what could waterfall be representing about God's character what is a waterfall well for Imeem this is a waterfall. If you stand under a big waterfall you get so much port on top of the right but if you stand under a little waterfall there's still a steady drip right no matter what waterfall you go to this is a cut of fair amount of water coming over that and that to me is God he's like Angela The world tells you that I'm confusing that you can't really know me that I'm kind of mysterious that you'll never really know my will but it's like a waterfall you stand ANY me and you drink of me I'll never leave you empty on never leave you Thursday because there'll be seasons in your life we're going to pour anyway like but the Lord just longs to pour on you have the knowledge of himself he doesn't want to be mysterious he wants to be known and have a relationship with you and I found this verse in John 737 it says if anyone thirst let him come to me and drink he you believes in me as the Scripture has that out of his water will flow rivers of living water so not only does the poor out of me and me but he's going to pour out of me well my real fault my waterfall experience is not done because I just keep going to waterfalls I'm like All right Lord what else is there in waterfalls and so if you go to Isaiah $4043.00 I'M IN THE WRONG with a $4043.00 it says for I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods on the dry ground I will pour my spear on you to send in my blessing on your offspring now all of a sudden to read in the verse and Isaiah 443 that maybe you've heard a sermon that has a personal story in my life I have down here a date and experience that I can tell you where this verse says I felt dry and the Lord is like no I want to pour my love on you and then you know that song that has still my cup Lord I lifted up Lord I just always sing about waterfalls all the sing that fill my cup Lord I lifted up Lord because I just like to feel empty I just want you to fill me I want to know that you're real and that you're there for me another verse that really made this verse come alive and Titus 34 through 8 Titus 34 through 8. And it says but when the kindness and love of God our Savior towards Man if you're not by works of right is that which we have done but by according to His mercy He saved us through the washing of regeneration a renewed sense of the Holy Spirit some of that is have a sound a waterfall and be renewed Sometimes I have to have everything washed away you know like as you can see I'm not going to keep going because that like my waterfall Bible study is one of my favorites and it just keeps going to cute going because like that various leads me to is the KIO in that verse please me to Philippians and that risk losing you to somebody has all these truths that I have found about waterfalls about every time I go to a waterfall it's just like there is so much that I want to teach you about me. Another one that I have as is mountains. I had was going on another mission ship and I managed to lose my passport and I was in another state and my parents were looking for my passport at my house because I had been there for a couple days it was like a lot of transition and I was a day Star actually wondering what I was supposed to do with my life and I just looked outside and there was this star is beautiful and there's this big like mountain rock and I was like Lord what do you want to teach me so I looked up mountain that didn't really take me anywhere and then I looked up rock and I love this verse that says Hear My Cry Oh Lord attend to my prayer from the end of the earth I will cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to a rock that is higher than I there's not a time now where I jiving and I see a rock up high that I don't think of that verse lead me to a rock that is higher than I would my heart is overwhelmed lead me to a rock that is higher than I is does it so if I don't know it's just to me it's the most exciting thing that I could ever experience is like really hearing guys voice and it's not my voice now because it's God's promise is going through my head and I I don't know maybe you guys have like scriptures that you just memorize and that's how you like started claiming God's promises but God's promises are so old life transforming But the thing is we just don't know how to like look for them and we get stuck on the only thing wrong I love them but Jeremiah 2911 and probably 35 and 6 and the Libyans for 13 are like us promises are so powerful that it's like we there is Jewel tonight is a and there's jewel to Jeremiah and the little ones in Titus and there's ones over here in Philippians and there's ones over there in 1st Corinthians the 2nd Chronicles but we just get stuck because we don't know how to keep looking for promises so what I do. As I also look for like a feeling that I'm feeling or struggling with or care to actually do that I want to grow in like trust or something and I look at that and I'll be like this is where I'm at war I'm staring at this tree I'm staring at this but I need this kind of encouragement right now in my life and I'll use that in my can coordinate OK so for another example. Definitely one of my favorites is the story of Lazarus. And the story of Lazarus is an incredible story. It's in John 11 and I heard a sermon about it and it totally changed my perspective so here I am sitting at a pond and I once again and asking God what to do with my life I don't know about you but there's lots of times in your life where you're just asking God like what am I putting out like what I was in now like wait a 2nd what about Val like there's always Kaiser I was like where now what now how Mal this new situation this new trial this new question like What now and so I'm sitting there and I'm at this pond I'm like Lauren what do you want to teach me today because I just need to be encouraged today so I'm sitting there it's a beautiful fall day and I'm out of pocket and all of us in the the believe the least our place in the trees a wind blows in the leaves a spot start falling down and I'm actually Caleb at your house and all that the leaves it is falling down and I'm like Man that is so beautiful like what could God want to teach me about his character through falling leaves and I started looking at it and I was like we can follies look like God confetti looks like a parody like I wonder what you want me to learn from this and I had recently heard a sermon about Mary and Martha and if they had known the end of the story if they had known that Lazarus was going to be raised to that community how they would have felt the pain like a lot of us that you have to kind of feel I'm feeling better now OK good you got to die you know who's going to really study when you die like you know like if they would have known the end of the story think about how exciting they face all the truth is guys we know the end of the story we know Jesus coming back we know he's going to take us home we don't know what every trial is that we're going through but we know the end of the story and so it's when child Cohen sort of being like oh I don't have to go through this one that I know the end of the story got Let's walk through this one let's do this OK And so when I think of leaves falling. On the trees the chief truth is in a way that she is dying has to go dormant for the winter in order that it doesn't go dormant for the winter the stab of a stays up in the trees because you know the stat rises up and goes back down for the spring and for the fall for the fall and the sap goes faster up because like a vacuuming process a spring that's why we tap a spring and fall and it goes lower down into the roots that fall so if you're to tap it fall it will go really slow out your tree compared to springtime it's going to go a lot faster that's why we make me feel syrup in the springtime not the fall time and so the tree has to in a way die and it has to go dormant and it has to have this process of losing leave because it would still have had leaves and it has to give life and it is still trying to give life in the SAP is going to going to freeze in the trees going to freeze in the trees going to die like a house to go through that season in order to prosper later we have to go through seasons in order to prosper late and we have to trust God in the process know how not to how painful it is now that tree is only OK let's not deny it brown trees without Lee's are ugly there are times in our life that are ugly and they're not nice but the truth is we know the end of the story and we can have a party when we're losing the use of the listener or losing whatever we're going through because we know the end of the story and I just every time now that I see it I know my mom doesn't like the same but I say anyway I think I see a party in death as a party in death there's there's a season of my life that is dying because there's new growth going to happen and there's new exciting things that are going to happen but I have to trust God in the process because if I don't it's much more painful the alternative is not better being a tree and freezing die in the winter is not better than this allowing myself to lose the leaves to get new growth again. So that one for me started with because I heard a sermon you know and so you know that's what's really awesome is guys going to bring different things to your brain as you're sitting there and he's going to bring different stories but what's really changes because I have written in my Bible I said nature is confetti I know the end of the story autumn leaves falling from trees a party in death and it's just in my brain forever so when I see Lee's going in this beautiful you know when you're driving along in you and those leaves fall it's just like oh oh pretty I just love it and I was like Lord you're making my life that pretty even if right now it feels really you're making my life you're making me my character that pretty even though this is so difficult I'm a more complex one Another example is a jack pine cone so I've been missing and by think you probably I know you don't have I know that jack pine trees are not this in Michigan is anyone ever heard of a jackpot that's in your area OK So Jack Pine works like well don't steal my thunder. So exact kind skull in there like this they're safe like this and they're really tight and they don't germinate and less as extreme cold Voice Stream heat now I'm talking about extreme cold like icy less public not going to happen which means an order for jack pine for us to be able to continue on this process what do you think it needs. Fires fires exactly where we live in a world that we're not really trying to share our environment we're trying to live our own lives which means that we as people we hear fires and we get really scared we're like oh no those forest fires are so bad over in California but forest fires are so bad in Montana the truth is trees and forests go through a succession after a fire there's the 1st section and there's a 2nd a succession without fires your 4th will just stay in the secondary succession which means there's a big problem because like after if I have your birch trees that come up and you have. Your. Soft trees and then later you have your heart is just going to stay in that succession and less This fires that help the process happen again I don't know what's going to happen to have it but honestly the more study I study in nature the more questions I'm like how is this corking a perfect world because everything in nature seems to work really quite well today so. How is this going to work in Heaven Lord I'm excited to find out I have no idea what's going to happen. But anyway so the jack pine cone it needs fire All right well there's this beautiful bird called the warbler I think I have to see it for some reason going there but anyways it's a it's a bird the Kirkland warbler Thank you Jesus the Kirkland warbler and it needs the jack pine forests or to be able to produce So what he does is he nest the jack pine trees make these little like tear drop areas and when they are they grow more like lined up and they make the little teardrop ears and that's the bird nest and among the jack pines and that's the only place they nest sub in Michigan they notice that we are these birds are becoming endangered and they are becoming more endangered and farmers are noticing that there is that so bothering their crops more because these birds ate these and sex so they really have to decide about this OP issue or this I do is it's controlled burn areas where they would burn off certain areas of jack pine forests so the new jack pines would be able to come up because that's the only way you can have a continuing jack pine forest well. One time I was up in a Minnesota for my for my Master's program the Boundary Waters trip and we had gotten on on the hook the one the rivers or lakes and we started paddling and I professed it was like it was all burned area and he's like I don't know why burn people why burn why people think that burned areas are so ugly and I'm like sitting there in the middle because of my tears in a moment Are you kidding me why NOT course there are what you like who likes looking out a burglar's Cape nobody is not beautiful He's like Don't they know this is a necessary part of the environment and I was like well still an ugly part like I don't like it and we're just poly along or like I can't wait to get to the green beauty and I'm sitting there and I'm thinking about like life anyway the chip ends up being a little bit rough because I went with a bunch of like hardcore outdoors the people and I guess I didn't quite meet the standards so I guess I wasn't quite hardcore enough and it's true I mean I didn't know how to do having They knew how to do so I didn't quite fit in and the going 9 of us I didn't take very long for me to be the outside it was really quite working out to be such an awesome ship as I had planned but that's OK And at the end I was really discouraged because I was so excited about the water and in fact one day we saw the Northern Lights actually tonight with olive oil light and it is so beautiful so another destination if you're looking for one is about and you are just watch out for black flies make sure you look at the weather report because black flies can eat you alive up there. So we're out there and at the end of the chip I'm talking to my professors about it and I said you know that was really rough you know I really thought this is I mean authorship going to bond with these people that was going to be an awesome time and so I just felt like a scapegoat like everybody was learning lessons on me and I was like I don't know why I have to cope through this and later on in life later on like a week later months later say that I'm like reflecting on the Lord why do I have to go through that feeling like I was looking forward to that shit for years like why does it not go the way that I planned Why do I have to feel like such an outsider. And the lawyers like well you have to sometimes go through fires and the truth is we all have to go through fires and if we don't go through fires will never have new growth you'll never have that beautiful new growth that you wouldn't trade for anything you know my my best friend died of cancer when I was when I was 18 and that is the most everything devastating to go through but to go through that I wouldn't trade that new growth for anything the person that I am today because I experienced death at such a prime time of H I just I look at life differently I value life differently I have a different stronger direction because I know what it's like to sit next to somebody and they say why do I have to die I want to live life I want to have dreams I want to see things I want to do things and knowing that I got to live and she didn't get to live made me think Lord I want to live my life differently and for a long time it was difficult because I try to live life or to but the point is that fire no I hate the fire I would never choose to go through that fire but that new roast I want to trade for the world that person I became because of that fire is on changeable You know it's so precious and so looking at life as as a thing that we have to go through to fires in order to enjoy and appreciate in value the new growth is just part of the simple world that we live in. And there's there's many many promises that I mean that's pretty much one of the biggest things that I have fought with in my life I think most of us right probably can look through our lives and say Ouch that was a burn out that really hurt Ouch that was a painful point of my life right there so for me to go through all the bile promises in the specific stories but you get the idea is when I started to recognise that fires was the only way I can see the new growth then all those little promises now just a new growth next to them and they're they're just they're just. They're super precious to me very very precious to me. But another thing is this is the way. The way that God works is really awesome you know without playing this you have no oxygen for a while when God created the world how did he create it and what order did he create it he created perfectly because he created plants on day 3 he created birds on day 5 any tree animals on the 6 K. There was a reason he did in that order because 1st the environment had to get going with oxygen so then when animals come along they're like oh no it has something to brief you know like there is there's this system that we can study in nature and honestly the more the the richness of things that I have found is as I have dug deeper and deeper into how nature works how the process of nature works and not just how the process of nature works but how how I am I feeling now not mislead is how am I feeling now but what is the void in my life that I'm not allowing the Lord to fill and as I as I be honest with that in me then I look for those kind of words and I can coordinate and I study nature and I watch how the Lord brings them together in an incredible way that I couldn't find the strength just on my own but as he gives me his promises then I can really claim that promise I believe the promise not because I feel it but because God promises if we believe the promise God supplies the fact but if we don't know what he promises and we're only repeating Jeremiah 2911 I'm sorry but life does not always look like Jeremiah 2911. You know there's not always a time where you feel like I have a great future and a great hope you know sometimes that great future and great hope is heaven and it's not something that's going to happen here on earth you know so we only know those promises that were really limiting the power of God and he's like we we I want to go so much deeper we you know both like little things in your heart that you don't want to let go you know the struggles that you really haven't thought about because like I want to reach those and I want to show you that I care about those. Some otherwise for another one of my favorites is in 1st Corinthians 13. This one I got a mission ship so you know the ocean is beautiful and the waves are crashing and I and the last time I did this seminar somebody came up to me did a beautiful analogy of how waves and I did write it down and now I can never remember what it took so right to hold anyways so I met the ocean and you know how like the sunset is so beautiful at the ocean and and you're looking at the reflection in the ocean and you see all of you beautiful and bright colors of the sunset and you look up or you don't look up you only stare at the ocean and you never look up well then you're missing out on a whole lot aren't you you're like whoa that reflection is so beautiful well God is so amazing guys like I am but can you makes my contact with me I have so much more to show you and the verse I have that is 1st Randy is 13 verse 12 it says for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face now I know in part but then I shall know just as also I am known like isn't that promise perfect you know like we get so caught up with looking down and in saying that it's good and that is great because like we look up look up I have more to say you have more depth and beauty and love and a plan to show you and right now things aren't going to be crystal clear but if you keep looking up I'm going to guys you into a deeper and deeper and more meaningful relationship with me another really is to have Pope kind of a funny story I saw him 72. And. I thought Here I am on a plane. And I'm Chris I mean the plane was really empty and I have no idea where I was flying to I have no idea I want to remember the story if I had it written in my Bible but I'm flying to somewhere and I remember I could pick which side of the plane I wanted to sit on and it was like right at sunset and I was like all cool I want to see the sunset this week was an awful flight on that oh yeah which side was still on the plane so I sat on the side of him like this is it and I'm like All couple next the window and we're going we're starting to fly away and as soon as we like started going out like I picked the wrong high you know because you know you never know exactly which way the plane is going to turn Well maybe you all can figure out the runways but I can't hope anyway a plane is going down the runway and I realize I picked the wrong fire and I was so bombed to discourage I was like Lord OK this is me but maybe this is you guys just like more or pick the wrong side like I always pick in the grass is always greener on the other side and I always picked the wrong time or why don't you help me like I prayed and this was less about time with you if you picked the wrong side like you were helping me and so I'm like fine I guess I'm doing a study about the moon because that was the side that I was all it's all the climb or the guys were talking about the moon tonight but I want to be the ones that So I'm like looking for a moon I can cordons and and I find this verse. And it's and so I would solve $72.00 verse 7 it says end his days are right isness the right to sell flowers in abundance the peace until the moon is no more and I was like that's not really helpful Lord I don't really know what that verse means to me what is the point of this and I'm so kind of like better at him because I'm like What is he I'm just begging you to show me what you want me to my life I'm willing but why do I always feel like I'm praying and you're not really showing me and I'm always picking the wrong path and so I'm I always try never to just read the verse I always try to read the whole chapter. But whenever I find that verse like about read or about Burr about flowers I always try to read the whole chapter because I don't take a verse out of context and I don't want to try to interpret guys were what I wanted to turn to say so I was trying to always always always read the whole chapter and the verse the context I mean the whole verse and this is where the law is like the little just me OK so it's all I'm 72 Verse 3 A says the mountains will bring peace to the people and a little held by rights isness and he will bring justice to the poor the people he will save the children of the needy and one of the biggest things I struggle with is the fact that like I got a lot of chips I'm like Lord what about those children what about people who nobody speaks up for like that is one thing that I really struggle in trusting God and because I've seen a lot of heartache that I have a really hard time being like I do you really care I would be like I know you care about me you've made that abundantly clear but do you really care about them because sometimes I just can't really tell and I was like whoa I've never seen that mercy for so it's like the Lord was like there's something more I want to show you and so next that verse I wrote promise for the answerable because there's a lot of times in your life we just can't answer like God Why did that happen like you know you watch those hurricanes you watch those those shootings and you watch children and I'm sorry but children children are the thing that just killed me like I just do not want to see children suffer and I just my breaks my heart to see children suffer and so I personally need this 1st because I it's something that I really contend with God on where I'm like God I know you're real like it's obvious to me you're real obvious that you're involved in my life but I just need to know you really care about the whole world because I can always tell you care about the whole world I know you care about me but you throughout the whole world and so this verse I'll go back to a lot the mountains will be increased the people then a little help by writers that he will bring justice to the poor of the people he will see the children of the needy. And then it continues on and verse 6 he shall come down like rain upon the grass before him Oh and he like showers that water the earth and so next to that. I said the little hills next to the little holes in verse 3 I said notice the little things because a little help bot might just miss and a verse 6 I said he longs to reveal Himself to me and he does abundantly and I'm not the only one that he longs to reveal himself to and then down to earth father says for he was a liver the needy when he cries and I say promise to claim and questions the poor also in Him who has no helper and I need that verse him who has no hope because there's a lot of people out there who have no hope or he will spare the poor and needy and will save the souls of the needy he will be deemed their life from oppression and violence and precious shall be their blood in his eyes and his sight and I love that promise so this chapter the story of like not given to him the Cyrus but Lord but he's like Angela I have more to show you I wanted we support of your heart that you haven't quite let me get out yet that you haven't quite let me touch yet have a quite let me surrender and so that's all started with the moon but that's what I've seen this something about using nature to show you God that just brings it to something special and something deep and. Something quite like practical practical and then I just want to share with you one last one. Since I'm 65. And. I don't want to read the whole chapter though the whole chapter I actually I don't know if you can see but the whole things written next to me with different colors because the whole chapter means something to me but it started with the fact that last year I started an agricultural program and at the end of it a team of us for that help to start it 2 of them decided to leave and it was devastating because how are you going to run this program now with not even have because they are really doing the work I was just the one that organized the paperwork so how are we going to run this now and I'm just kind of questioning why the Lord did this I'm just kind of questioning and I don't honestly even remember the word search that was me to the song but in the Psalms there's so many beautiful things all 3 G. A couple of them. Very safe also in verse 6 he who established the mountains by his strength being clothed with power who still the noise of the Seas annoys of their ways in the tumult of the peoples can let me tell you I was girls enough there was tumult in that door what happens then when your girls Dean so I wrote down their emotional rollercoaster people's feelings because when you work with those precious teenage girls they're in a tomb all so it does feel like a tomb all. They also who dwell in the farthest parts are afraid of your size you make the outgoings of the morning in evenings rejoice you visit the earth and water it always back to that waterfall and the greatly enriched at the river have got us full of water you provide their grain for is you so you have prepared it you water its riches abundantly you settle its furrows you make it soft with showers you bless its growth versus leaven you crown the year with your goodness and your past trip with abundance they drop on the passes of the wilderness and the low hills rejoice on every side the pastors are close with flocks the valleys are also covered green they shop for joy they also seeing you see that very few that we started that agriculture program a heritage. We had a 3 year plan and year 3 was when we were supposed to start selling our produce year one we made $1300.00. Like I mean this verse right here where it's dripping with abundant that was the heritage agricultural agriculture program that year and there's tons of things in here that I have that each of these words relate back to something that happened that year and that's the song that I think of now when I go to waterfalls a song that song that I think of and rain is showers of blessings like there is nothing that makes me more excited than rain like rain. Makes me so I think because I think about it like watching the earth clean you know starting over a fresh that smell after a good rain is just so precious and the fact that God longs to shower blessings on us so the last thing they want to leave you with is just the fact that the Lord logs to pour out His blessings on. You he longs to show you deeper and deeper in you and he wants to walk with you you know the Garden of Eden and you know Ellen White says that we can have heaven here on Earth we can experience heaven here and I think we cheat God I think we cheat him of a deeper relationship and I think we walk around as Christians with our head down because life is tough and issue if you want to focus on the negative it's plenty to be there there was was the question asked of the seminar where there was with so much sorrow and pain in the world can there really be a God and someone answered with so much joy and so many blessings in the world because they're really not be a God you know it's it's up to you how you want to look at this world and yeah there's tons of sorrow and like to act like there's not sorrow is ridiculous but we as Christians know the end of the story we know that in the end he's coming to take us home we know there's a point to all of this there is and if we we need to start living like we know there's a point we need to raise our heads high and be filled with the joy because the Lord like I want to give you joy I want to give you peace I want to give you gentleness I want to fill you with all the fruits of holy spirit but you keep pulling me at bay because you're not looking for me I try to talk to you all day long I'm trying to see if you do I'll try to community I actually want to hold your hand the entire day not for just the morning time in the evening time I want to I long to be with you and I long to back to that quote where it says. To those who acquit themselves of Christ the earth will never more be a lonely or desolate place I mean how it has we just focus on the fact that we're lonely or that this earth is so desolate and we just get caught up with that when lawyers like let me let me show you. So go back to those rocks make them your gratitude racks and help your kids to say Mom and Dad what do those stones mean to you and slowly slowly you can show how your word is not just the viable up on the shelf it's this is my story Honey let me let me tell you the story of my life let me tell you how God has been involved all along. Let's pray Lord I thank you so much for this day I think you for the ways that you have helped us I thank you for the knowledge that you have put in our hearts and I just ask Lord that whatever I didn't make clear that you make clear that my jumbling and my all over the place or somehow become straight and their passport and that you help them to accomplish what you have called them to accomplish for this year and a lawyer as that you inspire them and help them to know how to organize their lives and prioritize Polaroids Mainly I just ask that they know how to dig deeper with you and how that relationship Lord because that is undeniable to our children and that experience Lord May We story tell that may we have that says fight with you and may we come back and have stories because you have so many stories to give us but I phrases for each individual here I thank you for their hearts and I thank you for their willingness to serve you Lord bless them and tonight show them that you love them we can then like you we get me everything you need in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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