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Sabbath the Highest Delight

Gem Castor


Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • February 8, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Or a great god idea loving heavenly Father thank you so much Lord for this beautiful gift that you have given us a day where in we could rest from all over were Reese and all our cares and most especially a day dear father where we could fix our eyes upon Jesus and Lord I pray that this special day would even be more special be sending us the Holy Spirit so Lord I pray in a very special way that you please prepare our hearts for the blessings that you're about to pour upon us help our thoughts be centered upon you that nothing destructors the Lord from this beautiful day that you have shared with us and Lord I pray that this will be one of the highest service that we will ever experience and that I pray in a very special way let you please anoint US media no eating in the Holy Spirit for we ask this in the loving name of your Son Jesus or your children say. I don't know who our money here are 3rd or 2nd generation Adventist. OK. Who among you here are 1st generation or converts. OK there are a few had so most of you are from a family that are Adventist and I guess you could relate to some of you could relate to what I am sharing and I remember when when it's Sabbath time there's always this thing that's how behind. I at the back of my mind thinking oh I could not watch the things that I want to watch. I cannot listen to the music that I want to listen I cannot go to places I want to go and France you know what our church back in the Philippines by the way I'm a Filipino back in the Philippines our church is at the edge of of the city of the downtown area when you open my right window you'll see a mall 550 meters away my left window there's another mall 850 meters away so for us young people we are somehow. Looking forward for the Sabbath to end. Because we want to go and March to the mall there's even one time that we are we're doing a countdown like then $98.00 it's like new year and then we rejoice and we go to the mall and that was like the highlight of our Sabbath and and when friends talk about the delight of the Sabbath the joy of the Sabbath for us doesn't quite make sense and I'm thinking Is this really this is really the Sabbath that you're talking about and I remember one time one of our friends as well said Jem let's let's go to your room because I have a collection before of D.V.D.'s movies and my brother Mark here knows about that I have like 1500 collection of D.V.D.'s so every end of the Sabbath This young people could not wait to go to my room and do a movie marathon by the way friends don't worry those movies are destroyed now and a man. And as it goes on and on and on it got boring us and the thinking is this it is the excitement that we have and Sabbath and then until one day one of the young people in the group suggested hey brother Gen Why not let's let's do a fasting and prayer and thinking at the back of my mind fasting and prayer no no no no I'm allergic to fasting. And then and then I asked the 1st when do you plan to do fasting and prayer said let's do it next Sabbath and thinking what specific time during lunchtime thinking. Missing the potluck. And I'm thinking that's great I did not voice out my concern I'm the leader and the used leader said OK let's try it friends that Sabbath I was struggling and we went to our to our room door upper room we were just covering our eyes not looking at the potluck. And when we were there when we began studying friends we tasted something way more delicious than the potluck. Where we come together and prayed together and studied together it was awesome and then after that study the youth said you know what can we do it next Sabbath I'm thinking what. But I did not I did NOT a post because we have just experienced something that we have not experienced before and it went on the next Sabbath. And the next Sabbath. And the next Sabbath and the next month and the next quarter and we did it for like almost 2 years something that we have not experienced and every time we did we did Bible study and prayer the eggs Zeitlin and the hunger kept on growing and growing and growing until one particular Sabbath Where were you studying this this beautiful passage if you have your Bibles with you please open it in and I say a 58. They say a 58 versus 13 and 14 if you're there say amen. Amen. They say a 58 versus 13 and 14. I'll read from New King James version it says if thou turn away the food from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure in my holy day and called the Sabbath a delight. The Holy of the Lord honorable and shalt on are him not doing their own ways nor finding their own pleasure nor speaking their own words then shalt thou delight by self in the Lord stop there and we begin to realize the reason why we were not enjoying the Sabbath of course as for supposed to enjoy the Sabbath or receive the blessing of the Sabbath it's because we were using Sabbath in the wrong way but coming to the Sabbath and thinking what do I want to do what would please me instead of coming to the Sabbath what would please the Lord not speaking their own words thinking your own thoughts not doing that on pleasure then we begin to realize that this is the reason why we were not enjoying the Sabbath before. And you want friends there was a huge change huge contrast and by the way some of this about worship isn't it and worship is about whom. It's about God worship is about God So when we come to the Lord and worship we bring what delights God Amen not what delights us and for sure what delights God will delight here a man. And this is one somehow game changer in this whole thing that we have that we have seen and and come to think of it like like Cain and Abel remember Abel sacrifice or a boast offering was accepted is because he brought what the Lord required and brought what he wanted and I begin to realize this is what's happening most of the time when we come to worship we come and bring what we want and what the Lord not what the Lord requires and and I remember one time when we were singing Why do we want to sing this song because we sound good in this music. Why do you want to wear the clothes because I look good and his clothes and worshiped becoming more about us and. More about him and then when we looked at each other and we realize oh friends this is the reason why that we are missing on the on this most important blessing we are not blessed by it because we are using it the wrong way is like using your i Phone X. only for only for texting and selfie you are not matching my saying why. Maybe we have not read the manual. We have not read the manual and the moment we read the manual trans everything changed and then I remember one of those times a friend of mine one of the member of the youth said you know what brother Jim let's let's go and write our write our burdens or our sense in a space of paper and that spine some stones and this go to the side of the river by the way friends are a church is called Riverview you could not see the river from our church you have to cross the road and walk 50 meters and there's the river so our By the way our Bible study and prayer happens after lunch until sunset. Just imagine that after lunch until sunset and we could not. Have enough so that particular day we went there had our burdens are since we rub the stone by it and then we we stood there the river banks and we sang the song over to sunset mountain anyone here knows that song some Filipinos and some other people do the lyrics is over the sunset mountain someday I'll safely go into the arms of Jesus he who has loved me so over the sunset mountain heaven awaits for me over the sunset mountain Jesus as my Savior I'll see of course there's no mountain in sight there's just a mall where the sun was setting we waited for the sun to set and then held that stone for the last time in our hands and then through that in the middle of the river when I turned to the person next to me she was crying of me being a Nazi person I asked her why are you crying. And she said something that's quite cheesy to me at that time she said because south of the school over. And thinking it's quite cheesy but later on when they when they arrived home I begin to realize wow if God is really the most important being in our lives if Jesus is our best friend we would not want to end a time with him a man and he didn't realize Sabbath. You would not want Sabbath to end. And I remember my granma after every service before she will go back home she will take her clothes out of her closet and then she will start ironing and said Grandma where are you going so no I'm not going anywhere so what's that for for the next hour. Friends if Sabbath is that important we should be preparing for the next Sabbath as soon as the sabbath ends a man because you will see how important that event is in the manner how you prepare for it. And let's read on to that beautiful verse verse 14 it says then shalt thou what. Delight die self in the Lord friends by the way. I looked at the meaning of delight and I think God that English is not my 1st language so every time I see a word that really intrigues me I look at the definition of it so the light. Means although I thought the light is just a common word when you say delight it's just something common listen delight to a fact with great pleasure to please highly to afford high satisfaction or joy. Well most delight is not so light at all ha lesson the next one a high degree of pleasure did you get this a high degree of pleasure and the last one really blew my mind delight is more permanent pleasure than joy. Wow the moment I got a hold of this definition I'm thinking oh lord Sabbath is something that you want to pleasure us with. And not just an ordinary pleasure of a high degree of pleasure a permanent pleasure than joy and this is what we have been experiencing and once you experience that you don't want to end amen and then the next line of of that verse 14 then shalt thou delight the self in the Lord and I will cause the to what to write upon the high places of the earth I like in I like this this verse in Georgia in the ME 28 verse one it says if thou shalt hearken diligently into the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and to do all his commandments which I commanded to this which I commanded this day the Lord thy God will set the on high above all the nations of the earth so that beautiful the Lord thy God will what set the on high above all the nations of the earth verse verse 13 it says and the Lord shall make the the head and not the tail and I like the next line it says and thou shalt be above only and thou shalt not be beneath. That powerful friends that's like a commanding there's like a commanding presence there it sounds like 10 C'mon 10 Commandments isn't it and shall be what above only and Tao shall not be beneath and thinking wow this beautiful gift here. Is an accompanying promise you will make us a head and not a tail and I remember one of my friends a friend from India he came to me one time I was visiting. And he told me Brother John have you heard about the story of these 3 faithful Indians and he said no and that there was this 3 high school Indians back there in India and they were about to take their. The qualifying exam I don't know what could go in for that and start or else that and that examination fell in a suburb so they talked to their principal at least asked the commission in higher education if they could give us a special exam and they were turned down they kept on praying and somehow the Lord moved the heart of the commission and how your education and they were granted a special exam you know when on the same day but during the sunset they were given to ours by the way that examination is for and not for ours but 8 hours they were only given 2 hours but they did not complain they did not murmur they gladly took the examination and friends have you noticed that most of of the of the quizzes national quizzes there's always an Indian finalist isn't it. Like math we use. The spelling bee there's always Indian finalists and thinking what are they feeding their kids there in India. Who maybe is the courier. And and friends most of my Indian friends really and intellectuals and just imagine this this country filled with intellectual kids when the results came out the top 3 in the whole nation was this 370 Adventist hits. You see the promise my dear friends is sure is true and I will make the US the head and not the pale How will set the on high that is the accompanying promise and then they realize oh Lord why. Why can we seldom. See this happening in our times and then the few years after that. When they had the nursing board exam you know friends most of the Filipinos that you meet are either nurses or teachers isn't it but there's more nurses just imagine where nursing board exam happens in the Philippines there's just a lot of people taking the examination 2011 a number one from Adventist University of the Philippines Adventist the next year from Mountain View college another Adventist school and then the next year from I don't know where or what school was that but another Adventist and the medical technologies board exam number one from Adventist Number 2 A U P number 4 the number 6 A U P The next year then the street number one from E U P and medical board exam the next year again number one from San Agustin another Catholic University but a 7 day Adventist. Physicians board exam number 170 Adventist and when you study the lives of this young people do this are fully young people. Friends you could see that when we meet the conditions the Lord fulfills his promise to man and this is something here in this beautiful gift that the Lord has given us is not just something that will give us the light will give us an elevated position as well that we may glorify his name and event. Because I remember when this people are interviewed by our major T.V. The T.V. stations in the Philippines all that they could talk about is God all that they could talk about is how God brought them out of difficult situations. This is one thing that the Lord wants to happen in our generation friends he wants to put us at the head and at the tail that people will know that we serve a living god amen that people will know that we serve a God who is alive who is true to his promise and who is faithful and I remember 11 beautiful verse here that says. It's found in 1st Samuel. For Samuel to verse 30 for them that on army I will watch. For them that honor me I will honor. I have one more story to share with you you know Filipinos they like to sing. They like to sing and. And there was one singing group in the Philippines and it's called the P.C. ambassadors and this group of of young Filipinos they have been competing around Asia and they were somehow granted. Access to to a lot of places and they have been giving glory to to the name of the Lord and there was one time that they were invited to participate in this this thing that's called the World Choir competition Have you heard about that world choir competition and and one of those. Of those members of that of that group happened to be here in the Melinda and he brought me to the airport and shared with me their experience and said you know what happened when we were there it was quite a very stiff competition you have to you have to be. The top of your game and by the way friends a year before that they applied for a visa and they were confident that they will have it but somehow they were not given given that this and and the Lord somehow taught them you had to seek me even more you have to somehow be sure what is the objective of this of this competition here and that here they said let's do this for the glory of the Lord it's not for our name it's not for the name of the school let's do this for God's name and they were granted a visa they went to Wales and by the way France this is the. This is the competition situation you have to compete for the whole week in order for you to qualify for the choir of the worlds you have to win one gold and winning one gold when you are competing with the best of of other nations is quite a tall order isn't it but the Lord was somehow good to them that they want to go. They were the only country who want to golds God has been. Has been pleased but it indications and at the heart of this young people so they were so excited until the last day they really they realised that the choir of the world's will happen on a Sabbath when they discovered that their hearts were broken and some of them were even crying and thinking. You brought us all this far. And we could not even go to that competition and they were just so frustrated their hearts or their hearts were downcast and then one of the person said you know what we're not just here to win the trophy and by the way the trophy is called the lost channel what channel pub at all the trophy that is the highest distinction in a choir for the whole world and by the way this is also telecast live telecast in the whole of Europe. And he said so so what should we do then I said we have we have these 2 golds and we were we were given this chance by God and we glorify this name so what are we what are you what are we complaining about and then they said so what should we do on Sabbath because there's no church here during that time there's no Church in Wales I don't know if there is a Church in Wales now that was $2011.00 is an unmarked $2011.00 and then they said. Why not let's do a concert a Sabbath concert why should we do this and in the square in the city square in that place there is this little chapel where most of the choirs common practice said let's do our concert there it's not an additive church I guess it is a Sunday church and it's a good thing Sabbath there's no people there. So that's occupy the church all they went there and they're all decked out they dressed up like like they're about to to compete and they marched in the city square and people noticed them and people noticed them that oh this is a Filipino group and people begin to follow them they invited people come join us and when they were there they began singing they sing one song. They read one verse sing one song talked about the Lord and this people did not even know friends that they were having a Bible study. And so this continued for that who afternoon and at the end of that concert at the end of that concert one of the leaders said this is by the way our last song we will sing this song it's entitled The Irish Blessing Have you heard that song it's like a response at the end of the of the service made a good Lord bless and keep you so they were seeing that song and they could see tears flowing down in the faces of this people who are watching. And one of them prayed and after they prayed they went down shook the hands of those people who came and this people asked them Who are you guys we have not met people like you you are just like angels who came down to earth to bless us with this beautiful songs they sat down with those people they told them about Jesus. After noon went on with oh sharing with those people in that church and when they came out of the church some of them were even crying and they said wow this is the 1st time that I felt that this really is a ministry for the 1st time this is one amazing experience that I feel like the Lord really used me they were walking they were crying and they were singing at the same time friends for the 1st time to experience the delight at the Lord has promised a beautiful friends and they they had a they had a sundown worship and by the way friends they were so frustrated because when they it was announced that it will be on Sabbath the world choir or the choir of the worlds that will be inside but it was summer and summer the sunset is quite late and during that day the sunset was at 9 30 in the evening. So they had their advance sunset sun don't worship and they went back home went back to their dorms and they said you know what the moment we arrive at the convention center it will be sunset why not let's just go around and check what the results are the moment the arrive at the convention center it was a little past 930 a little past night sunset the moment they arrived there you know what they discovered that the contest just began. Things were not going right for the whole day. They kept on pushing it for another hour and another hour and another hour and you know what was the exact time that the that the concert began at exactly $930.00 and they all broke down they all cried they said this is only possible because of God. We put him 1st and now the Lord is granting us the desires of our hearts. Fans The rest was history when they sang when they competed they won the launch on a public road to trophy they became choir of the world champion and when you could see in the video there pointing their finger to the Lord thanking God because they know for a fact that it only was possible because of the goodness of God. Don't we serve an amazing God don't we serve a faithful God the God who so powerful and who is so faithful to his promises true to this promise and he said for them that honor me I will honor and you know was the most amazing thing friends the moment they left the place they forgot something they forgot their trophy. They forgot their child B. and this is one conclusion that I have hear the applause of the world it's not going in comparison. To the approval of God. My dear friends God has so much in store for us this is the reason why did he really set aside this beautiful day and if we spend it only for our glory and not preschool really miss out on the beautiful blessing that he has somehow wrapped in this precious day of his and I remember this this thought that I read a while ago. If thou shalt hearken diligently into the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and to do all his commandments which I command in this day the Lord thy God will set the on high above all the nations of the earth. And I like the verse 13 and the Lord shall make be the head and not the tail remember the next line it sounds like the 10 Commandments and the ouse shalt be above only and thou shalt not be beneath friends this is high time this is high time that the name of the Lord should be glorified God wants to put us at the head because he wants people to know that we serve a living God Not for glory it should not be us bragging about what we have accomplished but should be us bragging about what God is doing in our lives and what God can do in their lives can you say amen. And my perspective about Sabbath begin to change. Because before Sabbath was not so much as a delight. But as a bird. And then when I went to the one place the one country. I guess it was in Thailand they had this this opening of the Sabbath thing and there was this scandal that was lighted up and Friends who is the light of the world again. Hoop Jesus is the light of the world there is the light of the world ever put out. Are that ever turned off though you could not blow it out France Jesus is the light of the world. And Jesus has been shining throughout the week for most of the time we could not see him because there are so many other lights that's trying to get our attention and I remember during Sabbath all the other lights are put out can we try this can we put out the other lights. Like all the lights. So that's constant like there are. OK Nice friends this is what happens during Sabbath all the other lights are put out and the only light that you see is Jesus Amen. And then we begin to realize this is why it's become so delightful because all the other lights that doesn't somehow gives so much sense in your life I'm being shut off and the only thing that makes sense is Jesus. And then what happens when you see a bright light in a dark place you gravitate to the light a man. So let's try this let's let's gravitate to the light come on I'd like to invite you we'll have. We want to. We want you to to come closer to delight come. Press around the light. OK. Just imagine friends this is a very dark place come closer. Come to the light. I remember when we did this in India it was pitch black and people were tripping behind. And the ouch ouch and then I begin to realize this is what happens those people who are new to the light 1st we are not even aware that we are blocking the light that people could not see Jesus. Now we are so close to the light that we're standing tall that people at the back cannot even see Jesus had begin to realize oh wow oh this is a very good lesson here and God says if I believed it up. But it is say. I will draw all men and to me and I think this is the reason why the band are not drawn because we have not been following what put cheese us had said if I believed it up I will draw all men and to me and I begin to do as God So Lord please teach us how to lift you up. Is this the right way to lift him up I guess this is the right way but this is not sustainable I'm strong but I'm not that strong. I'll not be able to do this I guess 5 minutes is my limit and even if we come together friends even if we help one another we could not do this we need to have a break and I'm thinking Lord and how do we lift you up and when I got involved. In the prayer ministry I realized that the only way to live jesus up is when we go down. Try it. The moment we go down. Crisis lifted up. The moment we bow low. Prices lifted higher and this is one thing that the Lord has been waiting for his church to do because we are not even aware that it's not Jesus that is being lifted up we don't know how to live Jesus maybe we are lifting up the church maybe we're lifting up the ministry or maybe we are lifting up ourselves. And not Jesus and if we want she says to be lifted up higher you know the drill we have to bow lower. Amen. So friends this week and I pray that this that this weekend will be a week and that Christ will be lifted up it will start tonight and friends whatever it is that is stopping us from bowing low before God but us remember people needs to see the light but people need to see Jesus so in this last few minutes that we have here let's do some some United prayer Let's lift up the name of God at a sprays him for who years at staying him for the sacrifice that he has given us let's thank him for this Beautiful Gift of the Sabbath let's us by our heads. Their father as we lift your name up to our praise and thanksgiving to Father I ask that you please put the prayers in our lips and teach us lord how to praise Him to give you thanks. We thank you Lord for the formal. Arraignment. In place where they hold your hand. And thankful for now you communicate with us just like we thank you for your words that. You know that we are like him and. Your father we ask that you please Lord please teach us how to live jesus up that people may know that we serve a living God. We thank you. It was for your son I'm not. Paying. For you forgive us our souls all Homer's claim that the father agree with that prayer forgive us Lord for knowingly and unknowingly that we are blocking the light that people who did not see Jesus. Forgive us for the worst of the world being and we are getting to. Know yes my. Dear Father we pray. That starting tonight we will see Lord the importance of lifting you up and help us Lord to know that everything that we should do should all be for the glory of your name. Not for us although it. And your father I pray that maybe every time we look forward for the Sabbath Help us Lord to see the Sabbath from your perspective. And help us there father to see that it is your desire to give us the highest delightful experience during this day. And a god may not be about us made all be about you. Help us learn to trust you and help us their father to sing the highest praise is only for you and may or worship be all about you Dear God thank you so much Lord for giving us this beautiful gift and thank you so much more forgiving as Jesus. We pray in the loving name of your Son Jesus older children say believe. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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