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Tis So Sweet

Gem Castor


Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • February 9, 2019
    5:00 PM
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So I great got a dear loving heavenly Father Lord there are so many things to think in to praise you for the little one thing that we want to thank you for is that that you always compel us to draw closer to you to lean upon you to lean hard upon you so that I pray that we may experience that today that we may have that sweetness that the song is stocking about so a lot I pray that you please once again speak to each and every one of us and speak through me oh Lord I am nothing without you so please hide me behind the shadow of your cross that I will not be seen or be heard but she says in Jesus alone be seen be heard be lifted up and exalted a lot I pray that may Jesus believed up higher than we have lifted him up before this is our desire may this be our prayer is Lord we pray in a loving name said Jesus him and. So continuing on with that story and I shared a while ago the moment I arrived. In that school they said oh brother Jem. We forgot to inform you that we somehow booked you to speak every morning devotional for the door. And you know what I did dormice you know what time today started devotional 5 am That's 6 in the Philippines they wake up early. It's 5 am and I'm thinking the whole I'd be drained here and friends after that after the they have me eat I have to do like a short devotional in 4 classes in the morning and 4 classes in the afternoon I have to absolutely rely on the Lord and the 1st morning that we've had you see young people the girls dorm young people dragging their legs towards the worship all he could see people that are that out of body experience friends and when they went there and then when they sang this song their opening song was the so sweet to trust in Jesus friends that was the 1st time I sang it I heard it sang in the lousiest form everyone was just there's no sweetness in their faces everyone was just like soul dielike. We but you know what for the 1st time that song really hit me even it was sad in that manner that song the lyrics of that song for the 1st time it really spoke to my heart friend Steve's so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise just to know what thus saith the Lord just imagine friends if we trust Jesus and Jesus alone life would be sweeter and I begin to realize oh lord this should be the theme of my life and that that was the time that somehow the Lord is somehow speaking to my own this is one amazing thing when we do things for the glory of God when we work in his video the 1st person that gets the message is us. So the Lord has been teaching me to rely fully on him and it's not just for my tickets now it's not just for my finance us but everything even my schedule and this is one thing I remembered friends the moment I realized to the Lord that I should not be making making things for myself even scheduling my talk when I surrendered it to him the Lord could do a better job than we could have remembered when I surrendered to the Lord the Lord showed me that he could book me 3 months in advance after 3 months and thinking Oh Lord it's nice to to give all to you so I give a little bit more and the Lord booked me 6 months in advance and after 6 months in advance booking said the Lord I learn my lessons now I should not be putting my finger in any of your plants this is your plan it is not mine so the moment I said that you know what the Lord did the Lord booked me a year and a quarter in advance so you got amazing that God is a powerful god we have to trust him and life would be sweeter so and one of those codes that I really go back into this very very. Inspiring coat it is the example of Jesus Jesus is our greatest example isn't it if there is a life that we have to do pattern our lives from the life of Jesus and listen to this help in daily living page 18 paragraph 3 says Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself. A man may know plans for himself most of us to set our plans I remember when I was when I was still. In college in the university and thinking at the age of 25 I should be putting up my business at the age of 30 I should be settled down at the age of 35 I'd be a millionaire. Yeah right. And then I realized that even even if I could see part of my plans are getting fulfilled it's not as fulfilling as you imagine it would be but when the Lord is handing my plans my dear friends it's fulfillment every step of the way isn't God amazing God So listen to this to the line that follows it says Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself he accepted God's plan for him and day by day the father unfolded his plants it is amazing friends day by day the father what unfolded his plans so should we depend upon God that our lives may be the simple outworking of his will as we commit our ways to Him He will they read our steps this is powerful as we commit our ways to Him He will direct our steps friends if God is the one day reckoning our steps don't you think that life would be sweeter if God is the one leading life would be awesome isn't it I remember that beautiful verse sums 32 verse 8 and I will instruct D. and teach to be and the way that you should go I will guide you with my knife friends if God is the one guiding us will we ever get lost Will we ever regret the journey how about the destination but most of the time we don't think that that promise is for us I was even thinking that promises just for those who will take their exams. Are those promise that promises just for those who are lost and I do not even realize I lost who knows what's going to happen next week how about tomorrow. How about 5 minutes from now no one no one Evan even you hear that I'm going to do this. I mean that only God knows so if only God knows the end from the beginning why would not really rely fully upon him and he offered it to us he says I will instruct teach and guide he did not say I will give you a G.P.S. G.P.S. fails us so many times of our travel we get lots of G.P.S. but God G.P.S. will not get you lost a man that a menace and sound so convincing. A man so let's move on so one particular time well I was well I was back in the US that was the 2nd time that I was back in the US My 1st time was 2013 the one that I shared with you this morning are amazing facts and the 2nd time was 20154 for the G.C. session and I became part of the prayer team and since you have an experience of us before you have a picture of how difficult life is when you don't have resources when you don't have a place to stay it will be a challenge before I have to have an apartment that I could stay and everything it's quite manageable but this time I'll be in the US for 4 months but my appointment is only during the session a G.C. and will Council that's the beginning and the end of my trip 3 months in between I don't have a place to go and I'm thinking Oh Lord. I am I going to do so there are some plans that brewing in my head I'm thinking I might go to my friends and babysit their babies or I'll house it some of my friend's place and I think I'll go do a good job I know how to clean houses and know how to wash dishes and the law did not give me peace this is one thing I learned friends that when the Lord does not give you peace it's not his idea it's yours so I be thinking OK Lord what do you want me to do and the Lord did not reveal it to me what he wants me to do and the more I pray the more he is silent and I'm thinking what is happening here later on I found out that when God is silent in means to say a doctor much. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS God Amen so I was waiting and waiting until like 5 days before the G.C. and then I still have no place to go and the Lord somehow convicted me just to wait until you're done with your prayer seminar or and I was appointed to do a prayer seminar and a prayer 7 I was scheduled in a very awkward time slot noon time during lunch and and was this supper time and most of the people who were chosen are people that are known in the ad just world and and I'm thinking who is going to attend my seminar Lord and later on. ICE found out that my seminar was placed in a very challenging day it was on Wednesday that's the data they were discussing women's ordination and thinking no one's going to attend my seminar or even the Buddhists even the exhibits are closed some of the exhibits are closed they went to the other one don't do a denim thinking oh it's going to be me and the audio operator I'm thinking I prayed at the audio operator will not forget because the Lord has promised that where 2 or 3 are gathered God is in them in say men so it's just me the promise is not fulfilled thing I pray that you will not forget by God's grace he was there and when a seminar started friends there were like. More than 100 people who were there and I'm thinking this people are lost they didn't know that this is that my seminar the moment I get up there leave and that on believe it's in my heart remember the Lord already assured me just wait until your prayers and honor is over and what I was speaking the still states that this is a miracle and afterwards when the seminar was done they came and one by one they said Jim can you go to my church Jim do you do we could prayer Jim do you do revival can you speak in my church and one person says can you go to India going to go to Africa so can you go to remain if they also don't. Prance down Lord fill it all up. Isn't a lord faithful to what he has promised and most of the time we are soul. And easy to trust him so and then one person came and said hey brother Jim is there an invitation for you to go to Orlando Florida and I said you know what mom and invitations here there's not is an O. as a Why do you want me to speak but my. But my 3 months was already filled up and said I want you there's no invitation but I just want you to have an hour in our education I told her you know what is the vacation is good but the moment I. Became a missionary I told God I don't want vacation I want missions I'm not saying that I don't want I'm the kind of guy who loves fun. I don't have to explain and the moment I taste the missions friends became became boring. The Philippines of we have lots and lots of beaches and I my family always brings me to goal and and go to the beach go somewhere when I go home but a few hours later you just ask yourself Why am I here when you're not doing things for God It just doesn't make sense so I said to my to the to the lady invited me you know what. Take a rain check if the Lord opens up an opportunity for me to go to Florida I'll let you know said OK please let me know and Mallory is a nice place for you said OK so so that the 3 months progressed really really well God has been good and then there was this pastor or leader in the church that said Jem after I spoke to the church can you spare another week and we need a week and revival can you spare another week and for our church and said I'm sorry I'm sorry sir but my whole 3 months are booked so please cancel one of those weekends so it's going to be difficult but I'll pray about it and someone to please please he was very persistent so I asked one of those nice hearted people who approach me and said can I cancel and somehow transfer you the time that I come back here the person agreed and you know what happened some challenging thing happened the moment. That invitation is about. It's about there 2 days before I fly out the person called me and said Jam I'm so sorry we did not realize that you are in conflict with the event that's happening in our district so I'm sorry to tell you we have to cancel out friends I was not a happy little Filipino during that time I was just like I don't want to give you my priest ration but at the same time I'm thinking why do I have to cancel the other appointment to accommodate this one and now and I was just like complaining to God Lord there's a lot of people there who desires revival as well why is this happening and the Lord somehow convicted me BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I HAVE God I'm the one in charge now that you are so I said OK Lord the moment I realized that I repented from my ways and I I broke down they forgot and said Lord I'm sorry I I often forget that it's use in charge not me the moment that happened friends you know what I receive a phone call a few hours later the phone call went like this gem. This is this is a wild invitation right now but are you free this weekend. I said I may weekend just open up said Why where do you want me to go can you come to. Orlando Florida. So OK so I I rebooked my ticket the went to Orlando Florida and I contacted that friend said hey guess what I'm coming your way he said OK I'll arrange things for you and friends she booked me later on I found out that that is the biggest timeshare resort in the U.S.. When I arrived there I forgot all her instructions it's a good thing that the guard the record as to where the clubhouse is and when I arrived at the clubhouse when I gave them my passport said Oh Sir your name is not here you are included in the elite so you have to go to the elite office and thinking I am elite right now. Went to the office everything was prepared they brought me to my rule and friends my room I have a huge king size bed and I'm thinking I'm a little guy I don't need this much space and when I looked at my. My closet and there's this door and I'm thinking OK this is the bathroom door when I open the bathroom door friends and thinking oh maybe this is an adult. Durham's that I connected and maybe my main neighbors forgot to close their door so I went in and said hello. Anybody home and then they found out friends that's still part of my room. I have my own kitchen I have my own dining room I had my own so fuck I had my own living room and when I went inside my bathroom friends like that is so huge when I sat down and thinking I could fit 3 more little Filipinos here. And I said I could do backstroke in this bath. And I said to the Lord Lord this is not missions this is big a show. But I'm not complaining I don't have this every day and friends you know what one thing I I learned as well that here in the U.S. even though you have 5 star accommodation breakfast is not assured and I'm thinking yeah and living look surely sleep here but I but I will die in famine here so so I decided to go to the nearest supermarket because while we were driving and I saw some some some shops I saw target so I said I had better go and walk their friends while I was walking and thinking oh it's going to be near but I didn't realize later on it's like more than a mile and I didn't have a car by the way friends I don't know how to drive most of the people in the Philippines don't know how to drive I was born to be driven so so I was walking. I was walking I was walking in the highway and I walking on the pavement and then all of a sudden this huge drop passed by and it's like an out of body experience it's like your whole body was dragged and thinking this is dangerous so I walked in the ditch and I was calling my friend hey I didn't know that I was about to go to Target and I almost got hit where you are right now I'm walking in a highway to Jan We know that you're crazy but we didn't know that you were that crazy you could have been killed and said I know. The next day I found out that they have a shuttle. It will take you to to the place where I stay to the end point of that of that resort so I took that shuttle and this is summer this is September Florida sun so I went and and grabbed my bags shopping bags and went back and went back to that spot where the shuttle dropped me off I waited for like 2025 minutes there is no shuttle so I asked. The guard and said Excuse me sir what time is the shuttle passed by said oh by the way sir this is not the regular route for the shuttle so what So this is just a special request from guests if they want to be dropped off here so where's where's the drop off of shuttles and said Oh you have to walk like 800 meters and then there's the next stop friends it was like noon and thinking Lord I don't have to to strengthen him or I was just like sweating and soul I remember the verse that the Lord said I will instruct and teach you and I said Lord I need your instruction right now and just desperate so there was this idea that came hitchhike thinking is that your idea Lord hitchhike That's quite a dangerous idea and then I remembered hitchhike going in the resort hitchhiked 800 meters it's it's not bad it's an OK Later on I found out that the Lord wanted me to pray for each and every driver did brings me to that spot and you know you're in the US you could not just easily Hey can I pray for you. And during that time while they were driving me I realized that the Lotus prepare their hearts so I prayed for them give them some tracks and I said lowered this is missions after all every single day I go to target even though I don't have anything to buy I just avoid their wait for wait for the for the vehicles and then on my last day I said to the Lord Lord this is my last day I wanted to be special so I was waiting in this as you be came to a stop I saw it's a woman driver so Lord is a woman and most of most of the people who who picks me up and drop me of are men this is going to be awkward but in the Lord confirmed that's that's my mission so I said to her excuse me Ma'am can I can I hitch a ride only 800 meters from here and she was uneasy she said. OK get in the moment I got in she called the guard. Said Excuse me can you come here and the guard came said if something happens to me just remember who I am when. After she said that I was just like shocked so I started to like excuse me if something happens to me to remember one who is. So that broke the ice so she began driving so while she was driving I told her you know what God will surely bless you you have been so good to this missionary the moment she heard the word missionary she drive slower she said oh you're a missionary Tell me about it and there's like a bell that went in my had testimony time so and I have like versions of decimal like one minute version 5 minute version 15 minute version one day version so I gave her the one minute version. But the more I shared the more she drive slower this is that then miles per hour speed limit and she was driving like 5 or 3 miles per hour and and she wanted me to do here at A to share more and the moment we reached the river I learned that the place where she was about to drop me off and I told her Oh you could drop me off here said No no no no I'll bring you to your place and said No no no your place is in the north line is in the south of France this is like this is a huge resort you'll face like 3 stop lights. Before you go from end to end I told her no little just just drop me off he said No no I'll bring you up to now it's like it's a fog of war and then he told me Shut up let's just go. So she drove of course I shut up it's her vehicle and then she told me no doctor. So I share with her and the more she asked me to share and she the more she hears about miracles he said wow wow that's amazing that's really how our fall and friends make a long story short she's about to drop me off and the clubhouse where I'm staying there's still drop ups there's a busiest building in the whole resort and the Lord convicted me Do not forget to pray for her so before I even we before we had a start I told her he Sarah sorrows her name can I pray for you and said whoa that's a 1st for me as OK So while I was praying I was asking God Lord please you be the one praying this might be the 1st and only chance I'll be praying for Sarah and that was a very quick prayer it was like a 32nd prayer the moment I opened my eyes Sarah was holding her hands like this and she was saying wow wow. Wow I have been here for 10 years I have been coming in and out of this resort but this is the 1st time that this thing ever happened to me. This is the best experience this is the best vacation of my life. And she has me going to give you a hug and said No of course I gave her our. I gave her a hug and just imagine friends 15 minutes before this woman would not even want me to sit beside her and now she wants ARG isn't God an amazing God. And I'm thinking Lord maybe this is the reason why you brought me here just to reach Sarah is kind amazing we may set our plans made your friends but God has the final say if we submit to Him He will reveal his plans to us and then the moment I step all over be called Wave goodbye Sara went back to her folded hands and she kept on saying wow. Wow the vehicles behind her in. A few more seconds she drove off and I'm thinking Lord you're an awesome God Remember the Lord as Jeremiah 29 percent leaven for I know the what the plans I have for you said the Lord friends God has a plan for each one of us but most of the time it's blurred we cannot see what his plans for us is and I know why you know why because we have our own. And we hold onto our plan so tight that God has no room for it and I remember we are the type of people that doesn't want to reckon especially when we know the way. Remember when you turn on your G.P.S. and you're near your house and you know the way like in 200 meters turn LEFT OH SHUT UP I know what I'm going and we're not even realizing that we're doing that to the Lord because we hang on to our plans that the Lord could not direct our steps remember Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself he comes to his father every morning and the Lord reveals it to him. That's why he's not missing out so before I leave that resort I still have one more story to share Can I share one more story of course you don't have any choice I will share in a way. This this time share resort when you are when you are a guest in a timeshare resort you have one responsibility and that is to attend timeshare for those of you who didn't know what timeshare is a will sell you like a ride or or an ownership to this resort or to this thing and I'm thinking oh lord this is going to be a waste of my time I'm not I'm not going to buy anything I cannot afford to buy anything and this is a waste of the person Stein who will be selling it to me and friends while I was there and thinking oh if I could get out of this only if I could get out of this. Of this arrangement of friends they are so persistent they will call you they will call you 3 days in advance they will call you a night before and the day of the day of the presentation there is somebody waiting at your door friends there's somebody waiting at your door and there was a tall guy this is not the guy. There was a tall guy waiting outside of my door. He's like 6 foot 2 and he said Mr Customer said yes or said I'm your agent thinking I have an agent. And friends told it just call me Jem. I'm quite shy to be called Mr gusto and later on he found out that there this is a useless conversation because I will not be able to buy anything so just call me James and all that I'll and going to escort you to the place where we're going so he was walking in front of me my new friends I look like I have a body guard I look like a Chinese drug lord in front of my bodyguard so so while we were walking our walking he he's just like grieving me of what's going to happening what's what's happening for the rest of the day the moment we were there he sat me down and he asked me this question series of questions he had a list 1st question was so Mr cast or. How often do you do because it's like this and I said every week and he sent every wreak arc he listed out you could see the excitement in his face every week this is sold so he was listing it down and then the next question was So how much do you spend for became like this and he was ready to write and I told him nothing. And he said what I said nothing said nothing meanings 0 said Yes I said why and I told him because I'm a missionary I could not afford to like this but you could see the hall all right James like or. Said oh tell me about it then when he said that ding ding ding testimony time so I begin sharing with in my testimony and the more I shared the more he could see the gesture changed he put down his pen and later on he put the paper down he began paying attention asking question in a little while he began to open up. He told me about his divorce he told me about his 2 daughters that he missed back in Colombia he told me about a failed relationship that he had told me about the dog eat dog world that he is in right now and he told me that he has not gone back to church he was a faithful Catholic before has not gone back to church for the past like 67 years so we continued talking and I was under one of presenting the timeshare for him. This is it during the lifetime share so we were we were discussing this things and it told me oh by the way I have to get you to our other location because there are so many plays that I have to show you and don't worry you don't have to talk about timeshare we could continue talking about this as that's good so we continued talking in our last part of a conversation he told me of by the way my supervisor my manager would somehow close this deal with with a client so I know that this is a pointless meeting but this is as Opie So you just have to go on and after that I'll bring you back to your room and then I told him OK in the 1st question that the manager asked So Mr Gast or I will give you a hypothetical question what if you receive a huge amount of money will you invest it in timeshare and I said no so where are you going to invest the money then said in the missions and the missionary said OK let's let's change this to change a situation what if you have a new career and I told him I'm sorry but I'm going to die as a missionary and he somehow knew that this is a fruitless conversation so he dismissed me and now me and this guy his name by the way is undress. Me in a dress or walking and he said. I had an awesome afternoon I did not believe it is going to be like this I know I have nothing much to ask from you but I want to ask you something really important can you include me in your prayer. So I told him you know what and dress I have a better idea when you bring me back to my room let's go and pray there so I brought him there now down put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for undress and also while I was praying I was asking God to please speak to me and after that short prayer I went back inside got some D.V.D.'s and some books that I got from the Jesus session and gave me 200 and I told him and dress I was so sorry I wasted your day you could have closed some deals with other guests of their clients but somehow of. There's nothing here and then he told me something that's really precious and said Jem What are you talking about this is the biggest deal of my life. I gave an address a huge house and said goodbye and I said wow Lord the reason why you rerouted my trip was because of undress he isn't going amazing God he will cancel events just to reach one or 2 souls I God sweetest God of all so when I look back and thinking oh lord i'm sorry for grumbling and sorry for murmuring I'm sorry for even pounding my fist for blaming people that those things were not working out you have a better plan your plan is always asked of so I went forward my dear friends and I remember I communicated with an address for a while but there's just so many people to communicate with I lost track of address and then a year or so later I saw. A message Instagram and somebody followed me and the guy looked familiar and a friend request on Facebook and when I looked it up it's an address that's how I got his picture by the way. He said hey brother he called me brother now hey brother what are you doing how's life and I'm thinking oh I'm just I'm sorry and we began communicating I opened his Facebook and the 1st thing that I saw was his cover photo and his cover photo was this bold letters says Do not forget what God has done for you. And when I look through his post it's all up how God. Addresses a change of heart my dear friends Isn't that beautiful and this is one thing I realized my dear friends God did not have to show me that God did not have to show me that and I'm thinking God is just so good he wants me to keep on going he wants me to keep on trusting everything to him because when he is the one leading lives so sweet friends Amen. Does so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise just to know Thus saith the Lord and even even the boring meeting he turned it into something really gauging even to the ordinary day would become extraordinary when God is the one in charge and this is one thing I realize friends how many extraordinary moments that I have let myself pass by because I think I know where I'm going I didn't trust God enough friends. Do not miss out on the beautiful beautiful life that God has in store for each one of us most of us we focus including myself we focus so much on the current demands that we don't focus on what he has said and what he has promised to so sweet to trust in Jesus Amen just to take him at his word few more stories so I still have time. OK. OK if I go over time blame this guy. So. So this or they're coming to get you. So this this particular time a few months after a few months after I. I flew back to the Philippines I was called at a cheesy to demand a booth for the G Y C So while I was there while I was there friends before my flight I'm thinking Lord I want another mission not every cation and and while I was there friends while I was planning I'm asking the Lord Lord please even if the ticket please guide me on what to do here so every step of the way and surrendering it to the Lord and I booked my ticket early in the morning at 4 am because during that time Manila Manila highways are being repaired they are putting up this Skyway and Manila is. When you know Manila it's traffic jam when the road is repaired it's crazy it's crazy or so I'm thinking I have to book my flight at 4 so that I leave the place around around 12 midnight or 11 there will be no more traffic but friends are still traffic and I was flagging taxi and they're giving me high rates it should only be like $4.00 from where I am to the airport they're charging me like $15.00 and thinking no way and they thought I'm a foreigner I thought and Korean said no I'm a little cold you don't have to charge me that much I know the ferry here and I keep on doing with the taxi drivers and they would not budge and thinking I was not really happy during that time and the last point there was this guy we we somehow brought the price to $8.00 it's still it's still like a highway robbery for a missionary So I told him OK let's go the moment we were driving I was not in the mood for conversation and this guy opened up all his days problem and I'm thinking you're telling me that because you won a tip no way will I give you a tip you just robbed the Lord's missionary here. So I was really unhappy and friends it was traffic and like 10 minutes that's all you could hear negative results of the day all I had a very bad was this passenger did not even give the full amount and my family right now is this My wife is in another country and I don't even know if he has an affair or not so she was just like unburdening so man I'm not your therapist I did not say that. So I was not happy because of the way he treated me 1st I was like feeling that injustice and thinking man I did not have to hear this and then the words came out of my mouth and I told him you know what brother. I didn't I have not even received any single salary for the past 5 years. And then he said to me Oh and why are you flying abroad this is because our Albion international flight international terminal because I'm a missionary said oh you're a missionary So tell me about it friends I've missed out on you not even know that that was a ding ding ding moment I was telling him for rebuke. And in the middle of our conversation I begin to realize all this is already a ding ding ding moment here. And God is so good friends that even we are not a willing the Lord still uses our so. He could have used rocks and yet he condescend to use us this in got an amazing God friends you know he doesn't need us I still friends he wants to use as you know why he wants us to share the joy. So while we were conversing and after like $45.00 minutes to one are actually it's a short ride and from. Going to the airport it's a very short ride and it took us like $45.00 minutes to one hour because of the traffic the moment I stepped before I stepped off of the Beagle I told him so rather than she told me about your problems going to pray for you and this guy was unprepared he said are before you could say no I put my hand on his shoulder and began praying. So I prayed for him and short prayer done more men I said Amen I saw this guy the way a saw Sarah folding his hands and said Wow. Wow this has never happened to me before I drop in on the shoulder and said God bless you brother I went out and he was still there wow. I tried to get my bag off his trunk but his trunk is close at hand I won my bag open the trunk got out of the vehicle and shook my hand very very tight in the said I hope you could ride in my taxi again. I give him a huge hug and I gave him a tip. So what I was walking towards while I was walking towards the terminal the Lord spoke to my heart you almost missed the mission that you were asking for and thinking oh lord France I was focusing so much of the little injustice that I was having during that day that I almost missed out on the opportunity that the Lord has placed before me I said It's sad there is so many things that we missed out on this live because we are so focused on the little feelings that got hurt we are so focused on self that God wants his plans to be revealed in us friends there are so many ordinary days that could have been extraordinary and had been so many boring things that could have been an awesome adventure with God if we just bought look up and not look at self one more story how was there in the airport already this is a continuation I was there in the airport and. While I was there in the airport lighting up and people were Philippine airports when you see the international flight he's not there. Well I was there in the airport where we were lining up people were somehow like being. Being impatient because they have not opened the counter yet and. All of a sudden I heard them like murmuring and pointing to the gate and you know what that means there are some people who are like celebrities that came in and all of a sudden I saw this lady with her family and her personal assistant This is one of our beauty type list you know Philippines is very big on and beauty contest. Everyone watches Ms Universe I guess there's even a cease fire when there's Mr nevers even rebels watch Miss Universe friends tell us how big it is so this is this lady she was one of our title holders and she was one of the most successful she she joined she joined a showbiz she was a celebrity her family is involved in in politics so big name so she was there and people were whispering on their side so why while she was walking the Lord someone spoke to my heart there's your next mission and I said Oh ah. I was just like. And since she was late she was there at the very last an adulterer you see large She's very far away. But our flight has a stop over over in China and France if you're looking for cheap flights. You have long layovers and I have 11 hours layover. Yes I practically live in terminals so I I was I was thinking Oh and in China friends even though you will not stay in China you hat you still have to to line up for your passports to be checked for those of you had a layover in China so I was lining up there and all of a sudden when I turned to my right guess who was behind me. And the Lord spoke to Meyer now she's not so far ha. So I said OK How should I start a conversation friends I took my phone and I told her excuse me miss can we do a selfie. Friends God could use even the useless thing to open up a conversation Amen so we did a selfie and that opened up the conversation so we began talking I'm going talking we're going to sharing and of course this line of there's a lot of Filipino lining up there and they were wondering who is the new boyfriend he's quite short. So we had like 45 minute conversation and it was a very casual conversation and after that we said goodbye didn't even have to pray for her and said OK bye bye and remember I missed out my devotional during the day that's why I was quite grumpy so I said OK Lord I won I want alone time with you so I spend it's like the next 7 hours 6 hours all with God so I had a bountiful feast with him and I went back somehow look for breakfast or lunch and this personal assistant saw me said hey brother we are. Looking for you said she's looking for me I. Do looking for really no no she wants help with her math book and I'm thinking oh I'm a P.C. user. I'll do no good but then she was asking so I help Long story short I was really useless I was not able to help her but because of my uselessness we just laugh God will use our uselessness resume man. And when when we were conversing she began opening up more she told me about about her failed marriages friends she has 6 kids from from different and different failed relationships and 2 of them had autism and I begin to I begin to realize that this woman is a strong woman my respect grew and and my heart somehow begin to open up all or do you really want me to minister to her so we had a wonderful conversation we spoke for nearly 2 hours. And at the end of our conversation almost at the end of our conversation she told me you know what I'm going back I'm going back to Utah right now because I'm filing a divorce I'm thinking Oh Lord and so she was burying her soul and then I I was receiving this conviction from the Lord now it's time to pray for her so I told her I think I really needed to pray for you and that was a moment she heard a prayer she grabbed both of my hands clasped her hands over my class has a said generous to that So while I was praying again I ask God Lord please speak through me not my words but your words a moment I said amen open my Ice her face cheeks her feel good tears and then she gave me a huge hug. A huge hug that will make your eyes pop out and as you said Jen thank you he really really really needed this friends he was one of the most amazing experience and I said Oh Lord thank you so much for this opportunity and we said goodbye and while while we were walking out I remember I remember one more thing I need to take another selfie because I saw the huge contrast of the person that I saw before on this person 8 hours later friends this is her I could see this this speech is this joy beaming of her face by the way she's the one on your left and the one of the right. Just to make it clear. And I begin to realize this is what happens when God takes hold of your plans. This is what happens my dear friends when God is the one directing your steps he will never be boring there is always be opportunity open before us the so sweet to trust in Jesus. Just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise just to know that US sent the Lord friends what is stopping us from trusting him with everything looking back in all your experience as there is never a record is never a precedings that he has failed you. Even though you have failed him for so many times that God has never ever failed us so there's no point of not trusting him you have not tasted it yet and the son says taste and see that the Lord is good amen and I love this beautiful counsel here from signs of the Times August 24 8091 paragraph 9 it says whatever prevents us from making Christ our entire dependence is abomination in the sight of God What do we rely upon what do we lean on if it's not God my dear friends it's going to be trouble lean on him you want life to be sweeter give it all to him last call before I leave for a and this stop this afternoon says here our redeemer hoop. This blew my mind our redeemer thirst for recognition. While the God who gave everything for us the God who made us and the God who created this world who spoke and all the stars came into existence is huge universe My difference is thirsting for what for your recognition listen he hungers for the sympathy and love of those whom he has purchased with his own blood and last line he longs would inexpressible desire that they should come to him and have life while he longs would inexpressible desire that we should come to him and have life what life do you have right now that you would not give it to him My dear friends I tell you life only begins when God takes over life only happens when you live life for the glory of his name and you stop living for yourself. Because there is so much more that God wants to show us the SO much more that God wants to open before us but we should let him we should let him by the way God is doing something really special right now especially at this age I have not seen hunger I have not seen this awakening since since I started this missionary work and this last 3 years there's just this desire for revival that I have not seen before everywhere I go even into 1st world country I'm seeing people who are really desiring to have a closer walk with God G Y C 2 years ago we were overflowing in a prayer room at 6 in the morning 3 workshop halls joined together and yet 200 could not get in because people are just flooding I'll show you a clip of that people were just flooding a prayer room. This just ended G Y C We started not at 6 at 545900 plus young people and adults alike come together and pray friends this is one thing I'd like to tell you God really wants to lead his church God really is a it's waking us all up he wants to lead us every step of the way France the reason why we're still here because we refuse to be led We have brilliant ideas we have brilliant plans my dear friends this is the time that God has to reveal his plans to us amen and let's not delay let's give it all to him amen the great God our dear loving heavenly Father Lord thank you so much thank you so much Lord for your invitation. Thank you Lord for what you have offered to us that you will teach us that you will instruct us and you will guide us in the way that we should go and thank you so much Lord for giving us example for the life of Jesus and He made no plans for himself that everything that he did for all for the glory of your name Lord may that be the life that each and every one of us will live not for our sakes Lord but for for your sakes and your Father I pray that we may not miss ever again those Thanks that killer moments those extraordinary moments oh dear Father I pray that to help us all or to see that the Got it be served is a powerful God a God who knows the end from the beginning forties so sweet to trust in Jesus help us learn to trust you help us to trust you every step of the way we will have that sweetness a role model around us that wherever we go that people will take notice that this are the people who have been with Jesus that even before we open our mouth they will know their God that we are your children so Lord I pray in a very special way that you please continue to poor that hunger that thirst for each and every person who is here. I thirst and hunger for you Lord thank you that you have promised to fill us so Lord I asked once again achieve peace poor upon us a full measure of your spirit for we ask this over in the lobbying name of your Son Jesus all your children see. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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