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Pentecost Repeated Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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father had thank you so much for the opportunity of knowing your love thank you so much that you will pour out your Holy Spirit in the latter rain power the father David just now that he would reveal to us how we can be filled with your spirit teach us by your spirit to leave it in your spirit to minister through the power of your spirit in Jesus name amen to that I have visited China on a number of occasions and not long ago I visited Shannon in China Shen Yang is north of North Korean when my wife and I visited Shenyang it was twenty three degrees below zero Fahrenheit now if you think it's cold this morning a Lexington eighteen degrees a matching one eight degrees colder it was really really cool the church is growing rapidly in China we had before between four hundred and probably for a fifty thousand members in China the church was rapidly we visited the largest Seventh-day Adventist church in the world is in Shenyang is a church of over six thousand members we have our own church building would deal with our own Seventh-day Adventist logo on that building is openly identified as a Seventh-day Adventist church the church was started about twenty years ago to give you a background of how that church started the church started when a woman was sick and she was so sick of the doctors couldn't do much for her but she had a Seventh-day Adventist neighbor the sender believes the Seventh-day Adventist helpfulness and she began nursing that woman helping her a better guy she began keeping that woman hydrotherapy treatments and this woman had the water who was a teenager seventeen years old and as the Adventist minister to this woman as she ministered to the family both the woman and her daughter accepted the ominous message there was no unfinished church in their in their town so the woman who improve their health because they had a self message and her daughter in the thinnest woman began meeting in their home they began praying for the ministry and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their lives they began sharing Jesus with others in this little group of three or four twenty years ago group is six and eight hundred and thirty three morning putting in a rental place today as they are six thousand members five hundred and three groups and they called him small groups of some of our meeting and churches of three to four hundred when we met there we sat with his link in the church now I was in I wanted to preach but I was restricted in preaching I had sent my sermon to the appropriate officials because it was an official visit by representing the general conference I was meeting with government officials and meeting with religious officials so I can't walk anything he chose to speak it was a very high profile this is an win the Chinese government read my sermon it was a simple sermon on Jesus and the outpouring of the Spirit and so forth they said we had you haven't given us a time to organize official visit messenger coming up to surely you will not be listening so what they said you can give greetings to you I gave briefings him and I asked how long everything should see the past until rereading should be about an hour I did not preach but I gave reading this nice dating game greetings from John is the book of Revelation on the eye and I get up and said today I will not read e-mail and any reasonable man will revelation him and I want to tell you what he would tell you what he was hearing him to tell you that the gospel is going to the world would say it is going to every nation kindred and people even tell you about your brothers and sisters in Brazil ninety degrees in Brazil until of all the stories about what was going on there the church visits churches isolate seldom about the Philippines until about Africa I gave them greetings and Johnny Newman brings madness about every country in the world him talk about an hour at the end of my sermon the pastor got up and made an appeal the pastor said you heard what Pastor Finley is said is the appeal was made three to four hundred people came forward in the church that sat on a specific call for Baptist and I said to her one is your criteria for baptism she's in the have to attend church here if they miss it has to be for a special reason because we want to protect the purity of our church very fascinating SOS about in the Bible she's I know what their people that would like to join the church is not quite as she sat we teach them off Doctor Spanish turkeys of these people become genuine happiness will baptize ship four hundred people in attending church Paul here to forward the call I said what is the power network incidentally the pastor of the church happens to be a woman she is a powerful powerful preacher many of our pastors in China are women the reason for that is that many of our man in China have been imprisoned for their faith the same thing happens in the Ukraine many years ago we had thirty nine pastors under communism and thirty seven were in prison and many of early steps forward and preach and preach powerfully for Jesus I talk to the pastor of this church and I asked for this question I said why is it that you have six thousand members and five hundred rooms in your church is exploding in growth she said pastor every morning at four thirty we meet at the church is it every morning she's in a passive total exaggeration we'll meet at four thirty every morning because assassinated six o'clock because of the stay all day she said that six days when we meet between four thirty and five at the church and we pray for the Holy Spirit from five to six six thirty we send why do you mean at four thirty five in prison was the one to come in a nine or ten she surpassed our people our students are busy season were very blue the reactive lives so we will all meet at the church we can't every day I see how many people she said every to be different people but will have eighty hundred and fifty people every morning praying in this church for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit were praying for the moving of the Spirit of God what if every sat morning thirty forty sixty had tennis came to your church and prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what if there was a meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday night praying for the outpouring of the always want to look this morning at the outpouring of the Spirit of the vision of God 's work if you have your Bible please taken a turn to Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen you know this chapter well Jesus is outlining coming events the outline wars and rumors of wars Jesus talked about famines and earthquakes and pestilences Jesus talks about rising crime and violence he talks about the days of mail and increasing immorality then Jesus said after he talks about those signs in the natural world political world those signs in the social world in the spiritual world Jesus says these things will always be with you you can accurately determine the nearness of the coming of Christ by how many earthquakes we've had you can never determine the coming of Christ solely and alone by the number of wars why because what you are and what you had sixty earthquake here and working a hundred twenty the issue they devil you know you have to work for you next year crime rises three percent this year your second rice fifty two percent next year what one in every four families of divorce is your winery to know it's not to be sixty six percent next year so you see the problem is the only measuring stick you have for the coming of Jesus is rising crime rising violence earthquakes than his fire splash that's really measuring stick you never have a barometer to know when the coming of Jesus here because you know what that's doing creates correct without Jesus gives those designs of the wind region at that medicine is increases I certainly they are signs is coming is near but they're not signed this coming easier to sign things here are not signed five years and years and years we don't know based on the site but Jesus says here is a final sign that I will give you a sign that when you see this time it's the final sign you will note based on sign that my coming is imminent look at Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen he says and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and fan when fan when that and then the end make them yet then the end will be hundred years away than is possible for the end was the same in the end what will so when will the end when the gospel of the kingdom is preached to all the world so when we see the gospel it is our hope that going around the world the Internet the new satellite technology the radio television and when we see a communication network set up for this party with Yahoo we seek God 's start getting on fire and passionate about sharing the gospel and touching their friends and neighbors of the gospel we know the Robert of the kingdom of God so Jesus says the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all the world what did yours the preaching of the gospel to all the world in the proclamation of the gospel to the world is the final song yes lab report examines fires floods wars but the final size of preaching the gospel Emacs what will lead us to preach the gospel to the world the outpouring Holy Spirit you ever heard somebody say cooler still have and finished aware we got so where are all all wrong although I will not biblical it is not been at work Romans nine verse twenty eight real design verse twenty eighth not biblical that we finish the work Romans the ninth chapter twenty eight verse Romans nine first twenty eight four we must finish the work is our access from inside twenty boys I had a dessert here is when we get there I use difference between we and he is there gigantic difference between a fearful are key will do I finish the work because the Lord will make a watch on sure work on the error so we do not finish the work we cooperate with God is finishing his work now there's a big difference between the duo ninety was when a difference if the emphasis is on we finishing the work the emphasis on our methods and our methods have not finished the work of the last fifty years enacted the worker fifty years the emphasis is on our genius in finishing the work I can use that data announced on ability of it the emphasis is on the insurance finishing the work it only produces discouragement and frustration God never calls us one time in the Bible to finish the work he calls us to cooperate with him as he finishes his work now what difference does that make it huge if you think your role is to finish the work as each passing generation goes by him Jesus is not become frustrated and discouraged because I never conflict God causes generate a youth is to finish the work we haven't finished it so there's another generator God calls you to be faithful and if you are faithful to God and comedians in God when God has a generation of young people when God has a church that state resulting in he will pour out his Spirit through them and finish his work so the emphasis is not on what I do the emphasis is not on what the generation of youth does the emphasis on faithfulness to God and as we are faithful to God in the life that he calls us to live faithfully in the university that you go as a secular artist in a second campus in the hospital you working as a nurse Facebook the God witness in your environment faithful to God as you witness to those other people that work in computers with you faithful to God and your family God is calling us to faithfulness and were faithful to him and passion to be committed to God and community his work he will pour out his Spirit through the church and the work of God on earth would be finished Zechariah chapter four verse six you don't well don't you is the prophet Zechariah 's vision of the landless and the oil runs through those lambs Zachariah R verse six we do not finish the work he does we cooperate with him as a friend of mine puts it this way we can never finish the work without God but God will never finish the work without us we cooperate with him in the finishing of his work were looking for the book of looking at the hotel Zachariah here looking as for you looking there at verse six so answer this send to me this is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel not by my nor by power but by my wild spirit says the Lord of hosts is God innovations were there times I hear people say there are more people being warned and then worn there are more people coming into the world and were making an impact on the church the work of God Earth is ever to be finished that's the human way of looking at a divine problem the Holy Spirit can create in a short amount of time what the church has not been able to accomplish in decades in generations I remember when communism fell the night time is a cell I was freaking in an evangelistic series in Budapest Hungary for many years I negotiated with communist governments in an attempt for the Adventist church to be able to hold evangelistic meetings in those countries and I was seated was October nineteen eighty nine I was holding a meeting in Budapest downtown Budapest anti-Communist governments began to fall like sand castles beneath the waves and death first it was East Germany than it was a hungry of in Yugoslavia when I was preaching over hundred thousand people marched in the street for their freedom up until that time and this just illustrates how twenty four hours forty eight hours whole country can change during that period of time in Hungary were preaching up until that time you could not get near the universities if you are Christian to certainly speak to students within 24-hour or is my phone began to ring from universities all over Hungary in the state the students from the Bible and Christianity I was invited to a town called Shaik assisted by ship is not is a fascinating town it was the center of communist ideology in Hungary and when I was invited there the president of the University invited me said we want to give a lecture on the existence of God these on astronomy and I'm not much of an astronomer and war be my evangelism I have a lecture on nature and on astronomy on the evidence of design that God exists by using time to time because I have a passion to reach these secular young people quit never been exposed to the Bible of Christianity I agreed to do the lecture style but the debt the college president he was imprisoned and sent me this is what he said he said he will speak for one hour on the existence of God from astronomy nature after that hour the cat astronomer at the University will speak for one hour on there is no God science then you take questions and the students why may be a little naïve but I'm not that naïve I knew what was happening they were giving the impression of openness that they were setting me up so I said to the presently receive out I'm more than happy to do that but I'd like you are scientists to go first since on your guest know I may not know a lot about astronomy but I know a lot about asking questions and I want right to ask questions about his lecture that have him ask questions about mine because I know so the car because university presidents agreed when I got to the University the University president was written as a citizen I am so sorry Doctor Finley you said are the astronomer had to be away today so he's not here to lecture I said that is no problem just give me his hour to him so he agreed as I talked to the students about the evidence of design that there was a God I pointed out from the whole concept of the biology creation that evolution was contrary to divine signs of June to scientific laws I asked him what's the fundamental law biology of his life gives life than winning things for his living things the first leeward biology is that living things but as living things evolution says that if you wait long enough nonliving things will produce living things but you don't have any evidence of that laboratory so that is a nonliving things are not producing living things it takes like it brings life and like produces like so we talk about science and the dogma that at the end of that lecture this illustrates how things change so quickly Holy Spirit open coordination that he didn't like seeing this in Russia with and on being on national television a rush of debating Russian philosophers on religious liberty conscious opens things up and got to do that for the world when we were done with that lecture a student raised his hand and I knew this student was prompted by his atheistic professors because I saw Dennis smirking we raised the question you said to me do you believe in science yes do you believe that science is you have to verify the address then verified that you've seen God because we haven't seen got obviously God does not exist because you can't test God hypothesis so he was really pushing music it was a Soviet cost us a set one up in the space craft and that is what this links saying that he never saw God associated haven't seen God doesn't exist so I said to them you know rather than argue about the existence of God or not I just want to reason with you philosophically understand some questions to ask you to start with your guys weren't professors at the university and one asked him a question or two and all I want to do is reason with you we note the Bible we know God without faith it is one reason with you for a little while and they agreed to do that I said I respect your intellect I respect your reasoning great deal so my first question is this although all the knowledge in the world if you say this is the body of knowledge of all the knowledge in the world how much knowledge you have of all the knowledge of science of all the knowledge of language let's say there's twenty five hundred languages in the world do you speak languages around the world is B12 are languages you speak a hundred languages it is the coming of local languages and workable over on some engineering let's say for purposes that are hundred thousand books and engineering have you read nine and he read ninety nine thousand books on engineering couple all the knowledge of computers how much of that you have to fill her presentable original but every computer in the world of local knowledge of psychology in the human brain with a hundred billion brain cells in the brain how much do you know you know everything arisen out of neurology in the human brain physiology if you look at all the knowledge that say Chinese culture for example I want to name for me the sons of the Emperor of the fifteenth main dynasty all their children right now all the knowledge in the world you know ninety percent of all the risks and now faculty do your students know ninety percent of all there is no of all the knowledge and they were ninety percent of all the books know job deciphering intellect cannot say about God faith and what best to sleep it out are you held a seventy percent of all there is no deal fifty percent of all there is now from an intellectual standpoint how much do you know deal five percent of all the knowledge in the universe I may give you five percent no that much but I may give you five percent let's say that you know five percent of all the knowledge of the universe that means you don't know ninety five percent of all the knowledge of the universe would you agree on that well if you buy your own admission and reviewing of five percent of motorists know you don't know ninety five percent of all there is to know my question is this could God exists in the ninety five percent of the knowledge you don't have what you're saying to me is that God does not exist within your openly admitting the healing of five percent of all there is no suite is a thinking only five percent of all there is no you don't know ninety five percent of all there is no need what you're really saying is God 's nonexistence realm of my knowledge we might exist outside the realm of my knowledge if you admit that you are not an atheist or at best diagnostic because atheists as I know that God does not exist financially certain that an agnostic says he may exist now if you're an agnostic I will ask you two questions number one if you only had two choices all you have is two choices choice number one as a diagnostic is God may or may not exist I die and there is nothing beyond instance it is his know beyond this note I diagnose it by going to the grave choice number two is that there is a loving God that cares for me I don't understand why all this evil is in the world fully but there's some kind conversely between good and evil and after I die there's a glorious resurrection and one day he will be done away with I'm not asking believing gone I see to believe in the Bible on saying is if you wanted to Joyce's one is going to nonexistent by Guy Betsy and more secondly God does exist he is with me he's these near me he's guiding me he will this is not his arms around me all is only two choices my question is this one of those choices were true which would you accept what did you example they said well obviously we would want to live Reverend wanted to rely and unite an agnostic your seeker and what's happened is even a program is even a program with five percent and I cannot have ninety five percent that's why came as we talk about faith we talk about God here's my point in forty eight hours the entire nation changed the idea that the work of God we finish may take years and years and years and years these neither historically accurate biblically accurate overnight to give opportunities for a generation that Dennis to be on the front page of every single paper but if we had any idea that were to take glory to ourselves through his angels in Revelation seven holds back the weeds is right because we are not right it's not that God is not ready for a new spirit in opening the world is that we are not ready to receive and it is not that God is not prepared to comment is that it is that we are not prepared for his coming the promises of God Revelation chapter eighteen the work of God on earth will be finished there will be a generation who received the Holy Spirit and with only one action and has to share Jesus lots and one desire and that is to give him glory the three angels message is not safe to fear God and give glory to me it says fear God and give glory to see him God is looking for people who do the very fabric of their being in a very issues out there I very brain cells in their mind Google IBM Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one then these things after these things I saw another angel down from heaven having great what power or authority the earth was illuminated with his glory he cried mightily severe and illuminated with the glory of God this is the lack of rain this is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit what promises that we can claim God 's word is not going to Flickr like some little light on exam don't be blown out by the means of darkness the wins of secularism wins out materialism the wins of antagonism and desire for pleasure work is going to grow like a flame will eliminate this world with his glory the Bible says the current was killed with one or both who are of God remember says as the waters cover the sea so God 's knowledge will cover this error from wanting into the earth of the author you when I can be part of a generation that cooperate with God finish his work he is Holy Spirit 's report relies we can see his marvelous things happen for God 's ear is a wonderful promise that Ellen White gives us in the book is great controversy page six eleven six twelve the work on error will be similar to that of the day of Pentecost as the former rain was given in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the opening of the gospel to close to cause the offspring of the precious see saw the latter rain will be given it is close to the right being in the harvest let's was there the Bible talks about the outpouring of the Spirit in the form of rain early in the last array him at fresh from the book of James James chapter five is only important to define a little bit the early and the latter ranging chapter five and we look there James five and verse seven therefore be patient James five percent therefore be patient brethren until the coming of the Lord will in other words don't give up your day some people say and then asked her age the coming of Jesus this is a theme for a bar in two thousand ten was one half major years is that the defendant with one sixty six about that right is seventy six in that area that brings the address message since eighteen forty four Jesus is not God the Bible says the patient rather than on my answer to all the critics are our will when you think were further away are coming closer whimpering to burn seventy six years with no further away were close to write anything every more fervently not less fervently for Sabbath therefore the patient brethren to the coming of the Lord be patient it will be a delay in the patient I will be patient years will see how the farmer is what ways for the precious fruit of the earth there will be a great artist waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain so early and latter rain the early rain and the latter rain are terms that the Bible uses for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit those terms can be applied historically and they can be applied experientially from the standpoint of history you go back to the book of jolt chapter two then let's look at the early and latter rain from this is honestly then let's look at it in our personal lives Jules chapter two Jalal chapter two here is a prediction for the last days Joelle chapter two verse twenty eight and it shall come to pass afterward some translations translate afterward a little differently I think Ian James friendly little differently what is changing sacred jewel to verse twenty eight it shall come to pass one in which they locate new King James does as well it shall come to pass afterward they'll pour out my Spirit on all flash your sons and your daughters shall prophesy another word for prophesied there is a proclamation brings your sons and daughters will range in the idea of a preaching your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions and also on my main concerns on my maid service up or up my Spirit in those days King James says in those days was a desire in those days okay now notice here is a prediction in the book of Joelle that the Holy Spirit will be borne out PowerPoint when you come to acts chapter two Peter quotes this prophecy and says that this reign of this spirit has been fulfilled on Pentecost and we find it when Peter is giving his sermon after the Holy Spirit is for a cost Peter says Joelle acts chapter two verse seventeen verse sixteen and seventeen this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel L B Joe come to pass in the last days says God don't pour out my spirit oh some people are concerned about that what is he saying is the last days there when he's identifying the fulfillment of Joel 's prophecy was the first century was very simple let's suppose a writer 's way to New Year's day started at twelve o'clock right in the world is not Renaissance it is down now but looking at midnight last night he is a starter right okay now if you go to twelve o'clock noon today that covered twelve hours right BB gun at six o'clock tonight that's covered eighteen hours right then you got at twelve o'clock and covered twenty four hours a day so by six o'clock tonight two thirds of the day is finished right annually got a third life and you say it's the last moments of the day when Peter 's referring to this he says last days he is an expression one thousand years of history as one by using Christ as God now we are living in a period of time who were in these last days this bearded time now the Holy Spirit is for out in the early rain exactly what the latter reason in the early ranges storing and so you look for the panorama of human history four thousand years this is a this interview this last moment time right now that I'm living in these last days not days the standpoint of Final Fantasy for the unit in these last days these last moments that that that you are seeing right now that the Holy Spirit is poured out in the early rain the early rain of the spirit came from the holy place of the sanctuary in the days of Peter it came after the disappointment of Calvary became after the site was receding John M prior solo early rain you have turned eleven prophecies on the first coming of Christ that the disciples misunderstood you have the disciples thinking Jesus is an establish his kingdom you have the crucifixion and the disappointment of the disciples looked into the sanctuary you have the outpouring of the Spirit in the early rain and three thousand at thy argument time goes on for two thousand years now just as the early rain launched the increase in movement the latter rain will finish it sucked you in agriculture the early rain calms as the seed has been planted to Germany to see the latter rain the complete darkness Jesus so seen for three happy years the early rain fell up the spirit on that cost does seem that Jesus so germinated and the Christian church was launched in the latter days of her sister Bible studies and given the liturgy is passed out our radio programs and that you have going for Lee Silverstein Silverstein Silverstein now some of the seeds you sow is not like as much a result at all but when that violated the spirit will those see you planted in the minds of people are in a blast in the thousands and thousands coming up right and you'll meet people happen that you never know when there is a you were in St. Louis and you are you in Louisville you could go anywhere in Chattanooga you know and adore you or Orlando you gave out that literature you gave me that will continue at Bible study and I rented the Caesar my mind and the Holy Spirit was born and brought on through the forefront of gaming table game him free San Angelo six sermon 's heady car in because the seeds we plant the day when Jesus died on Calvary he could have thought his ministry was a failure from the conference around Calvary where they thereby the thousands kneeling worshiping him as he was risen by more later what happened the disciples less of a man flag Junius the Dragon Peter Tidwell denied him the Jews and their high priest rejected in but when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the dance and I thought this sees that Jesus so he see his life team to fruition and because of Jesus ministry three thousand were baptized eight one with the early rain let me read you something wonderfully take your Bible and turn again now to the book of Joelle and were looking here second chapter of Joel second chapter the jewel you want to see something in current this is it jeweled chapter two they were looking there scheduled to let me get my exact text here is drooled to he says looking for the passage of Scripture the Lord moved in on me he says I've given you the former Arena moderately which verse twenty three thank you very much here we go for looking at Scholes who first twenty three the glad the standing huge children of the science and rejoice in the Lord your God for he has given you the former rain of what things delay or some say moderately that he will cause the rain to come down for you are thinking James is moderately doesn't get easier uniform array moderately but he'll give you the latter reign in the first month alone to the early rain was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost a tree without sin were baptized in one day at one place and that was moderate I can't wait to see the latter rain and are you with me in the days of former or early rain while moderately and three thousand were baptized one time in one place in three thousand in one day in one place is moderate I can't wait to see what God is to do an elaborate that leaves me though to this question is the coming of Jesus is delayed because the gospel hasn't yet been reached the world and Jesus is such a loving heart he wants to give every person the chance to be saved any of that which has hindered the preaching the gospel to the world is the inability to receive the latter rain then that leaves us with questions we cannot finish the work only he can but if he chooses to use human instruments through whom he pours out his Holy Spirit A in my next question is what happened with the received A single one is holding up I get troubles sometimes have you ever per set to a video that I got a carefully about the same I get really concerned about people who try to say look at the economy of the world is not ready to go down over the next year and a half to sell everything you can and that you know and that Jesus can come tomorrow out of the thing Jesus is not waiting for the economy to collapse the the dangers of holding back when the strife the issue today is not sometimes sharp it's not the reapplication of time prophecies of Daniel and try to take the twelve hundred ninety thirteen thirty five the sometimes your the issue is not time in the issue is not the economy the issue is the hearts of God 's people what God is waiting for is not another financial collapse and not some time trying to figure out some people are figuring out all the posts in their singular seven votes here talking about we are missing the boat we are fighting with the battle is not that's not what's delaying the coming of Jesus if you understand what we are studying the Bible and the Spirit rustic tomato is save you from I was inherently the devil does not care if your conservatives want to get you on track to be studying the popes from now to eternity rather studying Jesus in the sanctuary on Corey Holy Spirit is not rather study Jesus the sanctuary the Alpine Holy Spirit and be studying the seven Oaks for the temporal celebrities the issue is not high the issue is what you think God is linear things are right now I is just as time goes by is another economic collapse I think I can come straight 's will for his people that are committed to him people that receive his viewers that he can pour out when always serious for how the Temple we are against that these events take place in society will the real economic class will do the wars in rooms with natural disasters sure but that's not where our focus is our focus is on preparing our hearts personally to allow Jesus Christ to be enthroned in our and leaving others to do the same thing so we can be filled with the Spirit preaches gospel to the world let the helpers who and what the people that are looking at the economy my eldest people that are looking at coming events and doomsday prophets and but for me in my house when you look at Jesus and fill our hearts with his spirit and watch the gospel with the world again everybody wins and seeking God for iron opening our hearts to God because the issue the issue is delaying the coming of Jesus is not advanced in the world is advanced in the church is what's happening our hearts and so the question becomes passed outlined in the Bible how we can open our hearts to receive his Holy Spirit he has dizziness about five specific things if you study Scripture we look at the first and Zachariah Kapitan personal now we have said as we turn to this tax incidentally we've said that you can look at the holy the early latter rain into ways that give you one historical historically the early rain is born out with support out on cost three thousand baptized any historically black arrangement will be poured out just before the close lizard 's history and Jesus will that historically but you can also look at the early and latter rain personally in your life personally the early rain stories are hard personally the early rain the Holy Spirit that she was seen as personally the early rain and lead you to drink personally the early rain works to lead you to be totally committed person God the latter rain is the feeling of the spirit on converted Christians twin towers and to take the gospel to the world so the latter rain is the towering and the latter rain will never come to in our weather is established known wheeling scene in the heart certainly we stumble certainly the latter rain helps to give us the injuries but when there is a cherished rebellion in the heart and known sin for power the latter rains what complicates function of the gospel going to the world someone ask yourself the question how is it that we can receive and ever increasing amounts of the spirit from God to be the people he wants us to be in participating in the latter reign Zachariah Timbers for what one will ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain is this the time of the A it is Ellen White says the time they were living as a toddler rain this is not a lettering to look at some future time some people say let's look for the future this is the time right now it says that I want to rein in the time of the latter rain the Lord will make flashing clouds he will give them showers of rain grass in the field were everywhere so asked the Lord for rain Jeremiah five verse twenty four Jeremiah five verse twenty four he is the one will use the right him zero five five verse twenty four God 's people are not getting saying let's now fear the Lord our God who gives rain we've been freezing as we walk a lot arranging Jeremiah five verse twenty four who gives both the former in the latter days season the former Congress at the beginning of the Christian dispensation the former David and I thought this is now the season of the latter rain is the enzyme verse twenty four last part of the resorts across the appointed weeks of the harvest so we resort arthritis this is the generation that the harvest generation to see the final harvest America read as he pours out his spirit and latter rain power what is he saying asked the Lord for rain I love the way on white puts it let me give you a number of quotes from the book coming in a comforter but these are quotes from the gift of prophecy on white Bentley right through brings the chapter in his book becoming an account that earns a convenient place for me give you my core I quotes I received the latter reign of the new spirit across the references here is the line the testimonies page twenty three a final test MySpace twenty three my brethren and sisters lead to the Holy Spirit he was the leaves of the Holy Spirit God stands back and every promise he made instantly say that God does what Sands factory premises may not notice this with your Bibles in your hands I love this gallon white says lead for the Holy Spirit she says with your Bibles in your hand say I have done as thou hast said I present I promise are you shall be given you see you shall ironically jovial so how can we receive the latter rain personally on her knees and asking God and saying God you stand behind every promise it seemed possible for you to lie with my Bible in mine and I come to you and I claim the gift of the Holy Spirit in his fullness in abundance for my life next testimonies to minister his page one hundred and seventy bull we need the divine presence for the baptism of the Holy Spirit every worker should be breathing out his prayer to God so again emphasis on before God calling out in prayer that's testimonies ministers page one hundred and seventy I think of one of my favorite statements on the ministry of the Holy Spirit pleading for it is a divine the testimonies page twenty two define the test mice page twenty two why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit since this is the means by which we are to receive power why do we not talk a bit way for it to reach concerning it the Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to us than the parents are to give good gifts for their children for the baptism of the Spirit every worker should be pleading with God now here is an emphasis on the reception of the Holy Spirit whiny in your local church on a Wednesday night they were groups of three four five meeting together to plead with God the baptism of the Holy Spirit what if every Sabbath morning there were groups that what if you had a group coming to your home once a week a prayer group if you are not not all of you have heard rumor that your school I'm never due to do that if you're not involved in a prayer group and you are secular university in an error to do that your Adventist University if you leave in your local church are not involved in a pervert for a individually and praying collectively praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit praying that God will show us in their own lives things were not in harmony with his will frames of the salvation of others and cleaning with God the son and daughter than husband and wife doesn't know Christ the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain it boldly will come in answer to prayer so the Bible right so why did you find the criteria for receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the source is asked down the second is what I call on the divided heart and I need to spend a little time explaining this on divided heart if you have the idea in your own mind that God will not pour out his Spirit upon you until you achieve some kind of the super perfectionism you'll end up frustrated interceded in your Christian life when you come to Jesus rejoiced in your sins are forgiven when you come to Jesus was a verse one there is no condemnation to those during Christ Jesus I am not everything I want to be but I'm not the man I used to be I'm not everything that I long to be you can say I'm not a woman and I used to be in Christ you're forgiven rejoice in your forgiveness in Christ through his grace you worse say rejoice in the internal life that he has given you you will see imperfections in your life as you see those imperfections of the Holy Spirit points them out give them to him that is a life long process we will never come to the place our spiritual life we can say with Kate is in that context that we say war I want to receive the outpouring of your Holy Spirit for the finishing of your work grant to me in on the undivided heart like to show you an interesting thing and Jesus baptism take your Bible and turn to Luke chapter three core studies receive the Holy Spirit in lowering power the finishing of the world we look at the promises of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy by asking now we're looking for the concept of an undivided heart and undivided heart is not a lot aware these in undivided heart is not a life with a reasonable failure because we as human beings failed in an undivided heart is a heart we ask God for a pure heart we have one desire and that's the Belizean Ian Lutheran chapter in the twenty first and twenty second verse you notice the baptism of Jesus Luke chapter three verse twenty one twenty two chapter three verse twenty one and twenty two this is the one divided heart concept to chapter three verse twenty one twenty two now with all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed heaven was opened this is Luke twenty three verse twenty one twenty two and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven would say you are my beloved son well please so when Jesus was baptized the voice came from heaven what a sad my beloved son in whom I'm what well please why was the father pleased with design John eight verse twenty nine notice the linkage the Holy Spirit was born out on Jesus when the father sent the Jesus you are my beloved son in a monopoly why could the father for the spirit on the sun and why did the son please do thought what why didn't one with the father please let the sun that let John eight verse twenty nine Johnny verse twenty nine what does Jesus say and he who sent me is with me the father has not left me alone why not because I always do those things that will please the Jesus what kind of a law and on dividing our Jesus passion of his life was pleased at the bottom of page because Jesus made a commitment it is like the police the law the father was pleased with him and the father gave him Jesus is always the Holy Spirit baptism in the fullness of anointing if you look at acts and it says that the baptism of Christ he was anointed with the Holy Spirit acts chapter ten they were looking at Stan put your eyes drop down and asked the tenth chapter to the thirty eighth verse this is describing Jesus baptism in the thirty seventh verse and it says how God anointed verse thirty eight Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit when Jesus annoyed with the Holy Spirit one thing when was he going to as baptism and with power so when you're ninety with the Holy Spirit anointed with what I shower oh well doing good and healing all who are oppressed Jesus again is very happier ministry in history happier ministering out with Jesus conceived of the Holy Spirit when Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit as a child was Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit face the temptations of Satan for the first thirty years of his life on what happened when he was thirty it was a dividing his life and he was beginning his ministry so if you can classify it in early and latter rain terms the early rain flows through Jesus like the first three years she received personally and anointing of the Holy Spirit with power would you be the latter reign in his life for the last three years a copy of his ministry without that anointing the Holy Spirit he could not have a copy of his ministry as powerfully as he did so in our lives as we ask God the Holy Spirit what was it Zachariah Kapitan verse one one Lorraine as we learn the Holy Spirit is with Jesus was a father I wanted to it in my life that will be displeasing to you I want undivided heart see Forsyth 's Foreign Ministry says he is in the final generation to finish his work honor the Holy Spirit the latter rain power his report out on us individually and as God empowers the church this is the time to claim it do you know that is there are fourteen thinkers Ellison Scotland eight anchors here I think we at least one angry at welcome anchored by day care and fourteen million how is it to the pound 's English transparency forty million hours of unclaimed since in Scottish banks man I can use as an offering to do I see has a federal forty million will you know how desirable it is upright one fifty one sixty one forty C one fifty three figure sixty million dollars in unclaimed deposit in Scottish banks even people I am a nobody going to win over fourteen billion sixty million dollars could be that the Holy Spirit latter rain powers unclaimed by us could it be that we are trying to finish the work that some biblical because the Bible never once says well finish the work the Bible says he will do well to finish the war so he finishes the work with consecrated people whose hearts are open receive his spirit so he gets all the glory he gets all the glory to things receiving the Spirit what are the number one what Pat number two is what an undivided heart when you get right an undivided heart a couple young couple in early twenty 's attended a seminar like this in the Holy Spirit will apply this very practical it is undivided heart principle when they attended they were twelve to fourteen thousand dollars in debt on their credit cards in their debt was shackling them they were arguing they see me going and friendly further and further in debt every single month they cannot handle their debt in one of the reasons they had this debt is because they did not have an undivided heart the things of this world who are capturing them if they want a vacation when at the money or not because the company credit card these of their master they went if they wanted me closely what they had unrestrained by and the only been married one year and have two years there were fourteen thousand dollars in credit card debt they came to the seminar we talk about an undivided heart we talked about John chapter eight verse twenty nine I do always those things that please him set as I tell him undivided heart in every major decision of your life get on your knees is a Jesus is this pleasing to you just like Jesus Braden Gethsemane not my will but thy will be done the undivided heart principle is that Jesus saw across he did not want to go to the cross Jesus and the crossing praise the Lord alleluia I can just praise the Lord in Jesus Sands of physical mental and psychological agony of the cross is the written part Jesus says that during the company deal with the human race that he the cross is no picnic I think the bridge last night it was a scandal so to juju to go to the cross of Jesus his mazes and father it is possible let this cup pass from me this cup and feel discomfort pain and suffering this company on a regular past but not my will but thy will be done in the undivided heart principle is saying Lord all I want to know is what your will is him into the reception of the latter rain will come on a group of abuse who want to God 's will more than one hundred aroma please Jesus in every of their life is so this young couple came to Holy Spirit seminar they said we are going to ask Jesus to ask Jesus be for permission before we make any major decisions we want to follow the Lord does this please you principle we were all vortices your will principal and so they began to do that one day they were walking in a mall in the McCarthy love skiing and it came across a shop that was selling skiing equipment for fifty to seventy percent off and she looked at him he and praise the Lord this must be providential we want to use the equipment and yes you me what woman sees assailant doesn't think it's providential every man is a man every woman sentiment override natives of that lousy preacher anyway so they saw this genre in recent arts these are old thing in the discount and they went anything unequipped they spent about two hours to get equipment new skis both of them news emus both of them new ski outfits over the myth that was a great buy because they originally this stuff irregulars at about seven thousand and about holding for thirty five hundred half price if they were only now getting over fifteen thousand five hundred and in other working ago and so they came up to the cash register they had been sitting for their stuff and they came up to the cash register and he took out his visa and he gave in other handles those little things you you you put them through like this you know those little machines the time is was and they say the Pledge of Allegiance is okay three thousand five hundred sixty seven dollars and twenty three cents the Topsfield town that was the guy put in the credit card is this thing he will do his wife and she looked at him and they both had these strange looks on her face and he never talked to be okay he never let the person now run the credit card you said you want I needed to my wife a little bit before assignments and they took handed him a well-known law as I sat there they sit in a week attendant whispered seminar and we made a commitment very practical commitment that we one have an undivided heart we made a practical commitment to what we wanted to do in our lives is to God 's will is God 's will for us to buy this and I'm not suggesting any of you your memory device these you should do it maybe is everything you want to do I don't know but I know this for this couple it was not God 's will for them to go fifteen thousand five analysis debt the issue is not if I was these are not the issue is how you can go so far dentist until you see the issue is have you prayed that you want to do God 's will that the issue is maybe human intensity work needed while skiing slopes greater scope to relax and have a great time and come back refreshed to serve God that's not my point all I want some conscientious persons think that I'm against seeing as I'm not you got a relaxing life because you come back more powerful for God here is the point this couple had never prayed about they were superimposing there will against God 's will and they were to go much further in debt would make anyone think they sat there they prayed and they came to the conclusion that God does not want us to do this they said later it was the first time in their life that they could remember that they gave up something that they really really really wanted because they were deeply convicted that the things they wanted wasn't God 's will may I ask a question when was the last time when you really really wanted something the last time that you really desire that you could have had that there is no test if you want you can have any way and give it up are you with the there is no test if you want to and you couldn't have any way and you give it up conversion column is at a test convergence comes in a test if you have been brought to be a vegan vegetarian and drink soy milk all your life I in that area is not what this but if you've been brought up accusing the stakes that you log in you crave and you give them up for that for Jesus say that's a test drive in a you vegan you have another test the water he got someone for you I don't worry about him Reese should allow the Holy Spirit when I come to appointment has in the Spirit convicts me to do something and I give up the thing I want for Jesus because I know it's contrite is well and he feels me with something better his Holy Spirit city my heart have a deeper enjoying a lot of peace and I couple said we could advance down the rest of the way of the law because we made a decision in God well we got to all MPs in our life be if you want actually decent power in your life when you come to a crossroads when you are willing to auxiliary cooling fan you what happened they when you could have that guy what I'm talking about but he's not a committed Christian but you would happen what you say Lord no because I know where it is going to lead five years from now ten years of them I am not currently on the on the right key the people they think they couldn't convert it in your estimate I was grateful he was going back for every ten of those stories I praise God godly women the convert their husbands I praise God for godly women with husbands are unconverted to stay with them and as a holy influence the family that's another story I'm talking to young people most of whom are not finished yet but the Holy Spirit give you guys just have the Holy Spirit give you got this hottie receive the Holy Spirit are two steps what are they are so far as God clean with God we rendered as their proxy statements we read the Bible secondly tell God you want what undivided our third letter is at such a rate of one mind with God 's word is saturated with you on my with God 's word John six hundred sixty three John six zero sixty three saturate your mind with God 's word it we go to time be rounded Peter is all I continue right who is producing a line he didn't stop I was just a warm up in this class K where you have to give you a break this is my audio is working like generation of Christ you might learn more about you might see please visit www. you might as well will work the more free online sermon please visit www. audio persons on more


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