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Home Gardening - Part 6

Lynn Hoag


The way food is grown today, with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs, con- tributes to the disease and debilitation we see around us. Using Ellen White’s planting method, combined with full mineralization using ocean water, Lynn enjoys teaching others the simple, easy and inexpensive methods he has discovered. 



  • January 16, 2019
    4:15 PM
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Water holds 4 times more heat energy than solid rock and you see in a lot of greenhouses people put big crumb walls there seem in or rock walls or something to. Absorb the heat and then to let it off and die Well it's awful hard to move a big pile of rock. It's very easy to move water with a little pump so if you have something like this and the hunt is as water heats up it's going to expand and so it's going to go up you don't need a pump is going to go up automatically there and then empties into this tank which is on the north wall. It's a south wall of the house with the north wall of the greenhouse there then we have all this oil here prepared the element white method and so the soil is being wet being damp is another heat source OK it's another heat sink. Heat bank if we want to call it that all right but then you have all of this hot water here. If you just have one sunny day even in the middle of winter you look at this this water will heat heat up here nicely now you can take that. You can take that water and you can heat the adjoining house with that very easily some of the nicest heat that you're going to find anywhere homes or offices is based is in the floor heat OK. It's very comfortable very nice there you you need a minimum temperature of 90 degrees OK that's no problem getting temperatures a lot hotter than that here so you can heat that adjoining house and you can heat this greenhouse here and there are variations here depending on where you're living and how severe the weather is. But this is a heat sink this is this is a heat. Storage system here if we're in very cold weather. We simply Graeme this. Area here in the middle of the night OK so we just turn about so that this becomes empty you know you've got a dead air space here which is more insulation. If you if we go back and we study the tabernacle in the wilderness they had what 4 different covers on that tabernacle right and. Every time you every time you add a cover. Your ears are dividing the temperature from there from over here and so you can get pretty good insulation. The other thing that I see is people will take a an inside grape and they will grape it over this. In the winter time that's keeping this a lot warmer here. For most places if you if you go with this most places in the United States in the continental. United States. This will will allow you to grow tropical foods all winter long so you can grow your tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans whatever church. Ideally I'd like for you to have a french drain pipe in there and I want to go all the way through the back and forth and I want to do they want it on both ends one is going to go right to the very top that's going to catch the hot air and we're going to pull the air down on. At ground level on that we have a fan there and so it's pulling it down but it's pushing it into the ground so. We don't want to just suck it out of the other side you want to push it down because the more air we get to the plant roots without growing it out on the faster those plants are going to grow. So we want to get air it's doing number of things it's getting that heat and putting it down into the ground among the old. Greenhouse. If the temperature is $120.00 degrees at the top and when it goes down through the ground and back out the other side it's going to exit about $70.00 to $72.00 degrees that means it's lost and heat in the ground that's going to come up slowly during the night and overcast days there and that's insulated otherwise we lose that he'd sideways somebody else asked me about water. If if this if your pipe fills up with water resource not going to work you've got to have that so that it so that it Will Leitch out. And and go away if you like greenhouse we're on a bit of a hill and so hope it's not a problem to exit that water and run off you know just gravity flow out there when you do that you've got to make sure that they that pipe. That's taking the water out to screen otherwise you're going to get will 1st and roots through that and they're going to inhabit the greenhouse so you've got to be very careful with with that to keep the Gophers out there and see. That the air is actually going into the soil. But it's also coming out the other end there so all. The fibers perforated fringe drainpipe OK we're talking about air to plant roots there now the. The fastest way to girl plant really fast as we have the whole world is what we call Arab politics and you can buy a unit stands about this high. And it's a big white plastic pipe here with a hole in it or a plant we put plant roots into it and little. Foam. Thank you just so we start this we start the seed then we plant these plants in it how this works is a pipe pump in the bottom and it brings this water solution as hydroponics it brings it up and then this water just cascades over those roots there's no soil whatsoever it's not sand or rock or anything like that this water just cascades over there that's the fastest way to grow plants there. Now I did a lot of experimenting with this because it was the fastest way to grow plants. Maybe there was a way or in my mind I was thinking maybe there is a way that we could make this. Very useful. Here what I found out is that as I experimented with this I wanted to use the ocean water salt sea with those 92 different minerals in it and when I use that it just absolutely failed it did not work there tall. I worked on it. And tell a convince myself anyway that the high group Onyx was not a way to grow good for. A lot of there's a lot of. Uyghur pony. Lettuce. In the grocery stores and it's nice because it's absolutely clean you got no dirt you know it's clean it's easy it's has advantages there grows fast there also doesn't have the the flavor or the food value that we want we need the clay. God said to till the earth OK He didn't say girl prime I grew up on it please but until the earth there and and yes till the earth and it will work for you. The clay holds onto nutrients that we want and then releases it as those plants needed there and that's that's what all the soil testing and whatever's for so that we do the right thing there. Of a greenhouse what that means that greenhouse that you saw from the ground up. From the ground up is well from the ground up though it is about $15000.00 OK Now people say oh that's expensive but compare that to an addition of the same size and you'll find out that it's not very expensive. Compare that to the fact that you're going to get heat out of there and food out of that and a lot of other benefits there and it's not too terribly expensive from the ground down. I've got a little less than $3000.00 in that I use brick and. The insulation board and then of course the fertilizers that we put in there and the pipes and whatever there but I'm but I've got about $3000.00 a little less than $3000.00 and that's 12 feet wide by 20 feet long while by 20 yes and that size can be expanded by a 4 foot decrements so you can have 12 by 20 by $24.00 by you know by $440.00 increment you could expand there OK. In a place called Brownsville California. There's a. There's a whole country lifestyle center there and. Next door to that. We're building a house is just I'm. A modest house and we're going to put a. Water canopy on to the side of that the south side of that and so what happens. Ideally when you have this water canopy attached there you're going to get heat you know you're going to get cooling from that in the summertime we reverse all that water flows and summertime. And you're get fresh air and we talk about green building that means that we build There's a whole industry of green building that means where we put carpet and sheet rock and whatever paint so forth that it doesn't off gas that we're not getting poisons back into that room. There's a lot of off gassing and and Construction Products there so we could build a house totally green according to their standards there and it would still be toxic in that house why. Is because you and I live there and so we're breathing out toxins. There and when we build we have to keep the law which means that we have to build according to the standard and make a tight house there in a very short time and that is a toxic house because we're breathing out these toxins Now if you have a hit with a garden room like we're talking about here attached those plants all need what we're breathing out OK and they're going to clean that air this is far more green than the greenest according to the building codes there so all this is this is a good thing here OK. OK Some of you were asking about a song sample game you want to clean bucket it means one with no dirt put it on take a bucket like that put a brand new clean plastic bag into it OK a clean shovel that means no no rust and then take at least 3 different samples from your garden maybe more. And up with maybe a gallon or more of material. And. Mix that all together so you have a good average came out of that you want to take just a little less than a quart put it in a quart plastic bag and then with the U.S. Postal Service there flat rate box you're going to send that off to the to this lab that almost all soils are badly depreciated and Alabamans the sole test will tell you what's needed to balance your saw and bring it to fertility so just remove a little bit of the grass and weeds and whatever on the surface and then go down and get a sample and do that at least 3 different places in the garden so you have a good. Average now I spread that soil out on again a brand new clean plastic bag mixing it all up and from that I'm going to take that little sample bag out there. And that's the soil. Form that you have in hand out. OK. This is talking about growing in pots. OK growing in pots I don't like to go in pots but sometimes that's all people have. You know when we grow in pots you go to the store and you get some planning saw me put it in that plug and you put your plan into it basically what you're doing is growing hydroponically in that pot that potting soil is just holding the plant there and then you've got to fertilize it and watered and why do we use potting soil because if we put clay in there Clay is going to shrink when it dries it's going to expand. When it gets wet. And so what happens is that people who water their plants if they're using claim we need to collate to you know to grow good food so people water their plant because they've got some clay in there and pretty soon the water's running at the bottom of the think oh I'm one of them if I'm wasting water I quit watering very often what I find in that situation we take that plant out of there it we cut right through that mall and the center is bone dry that plant is trying to live off a little bit of water and soil around the edge there you're not going to get a good plan you're not going to get healthy plant with that so. So we have to use is putting soil. So that we don't have this shrinking and expanding there but now you have to use lots of of fertilizer and you have to have to water it off and sometimes in the middle of summer might be 2 or 3 times a day they're. Typically most organic it's mostly organic matter also contains perlite which is light fluffy holds water releases to the plant as needed very poor quality food. Used in hydroponics system but putting their Ok air upon it's we discussed earlier. They're now Gerrard's formula This is Jared Thurman some of you know him. So he made it by a potting soil which is. This is just showing how he used that putting So he made a potting soil we've got a formula for that. And the idea was this was huge but years back the idea was that he would manufacture this oil and that he would sell it and we find out that shipping saw across the United States just wouldn't make sense there so we'd have to do it locally there his idea was that my. My manufacturing this and selling it. That he would be able to support orphanages that he has in Jamaica and. Haiti and Africa other places around the world so what when he decided instead was simply to give it away and you can use it any way you want to if you want to make a donation to one of his or her job or from the Jews you could do that there now here what he's doing he's got this it's got basically they Ellen White method here OK So we've got church forming up here got 2 thirds tops on mix one 3rd Pete Pete Moss we've got that rock layer that we talked about OK and they have a white and planting method that's going to change the electrical magnetic field in there that was part of the science of the soil that was told Ellen White by the angel and she wrote it in a very. Easy way to understand the formula for Grange is used for. For probably all down here but this is rock here but this is also rock down here if this is a permanent. Potting mix if it's not then I use wood chips down here is just going to be for one season. For drainage. See you on the left you're later punk so I can't even read that's those are murdering the plants but you can see is a marked difference between those 2 plants. The one on your right. Is. Is blooming and that is using Gerrard's formula did very very well. Both plants were playing at the same time. Very similar situations but you can see quite a difference there is another formula that you can use here and this is to change plants. If you have plants growing but not producing anything several of you have said well I've got an apple tree or I've got you know sort of plant but it didn't you didn't give me many apples you didn't give me much produce same thing happens with tomatoes there's a fellow in. Sucker minnow oceanfront had a small backyard and so he built. That was 10 feet tall were his tomatoes in the backyard and he would go around the neighborhood he would get the newer and he would get leaves and strong whatever it was just piling up now this was in a part of 2nd Bennett where. Bermuda grass was just everywhere so he needed some things to crowd out of the bermuda grass there I went to visit him and his tomato plants sure enough they grew 10 feet tall they grew another 4 feet above that so he had 14 what ultimatum plans there. I had more to meters on a 6 or 7 foot tall plant that I can reach and pick and eat then he had a 14 foot tall tomato plants so use the right thing to do the right formula and you get the produce that you need. We don't need all that that extra growth there so how do you change a plant from green leaf stands to growing flowers and for. Here's the formula you see you got a coke can over here and have. Some vinegar and what's the other one there that is so. Ammonia just household ammonia OK. All right let's look at this here we are. I was in garden class one night. And was explaining this formula and song. Here it is you take a 5 gallon bucket to begin with put in a pint of ammonia Africa or the whole court of vinegar and one can of Coke regular or Pepsi regular You want to get you want the sugar. As well as the phosphor gas it can be died during the case and then if you have it use about a quart of ocean water that's optional it'll work even without it you can see that I've got a little think tree there alongside of me there so I was. Drinking that tree so I greased that tree limbs I just poured it all over that treats in a pot just a little fig tree there and then somebody came in late and said Oh I wouldn't sure about that so I grabbed that Korea again and there's this lady that all the shows up late and she came when the class was all over who would you talk about tonight and I told her and she said What can I see that so important trigger grinned 3 times that night. There. Now I took that tree home and. In a week's time it had been tiny figs growing there I could see and I didn't bring that back until about 2 weeks later 2 weeks later the pigs were just big enough that you could see them easily switch that tree that quickly now. When we played a tree we wanted to be big enough and strong enough before research it over to bury fruit. Another illustration maybe that with the technology that we have today. A 10 year old little girl. Could with 4 moans that whatever she could get pregnant have a child now that would be a sin against that that girl. There but. But it's there that little girl would be so much better off if she were 2 and mature or at least tell about 17 or 18 and then she would have the body and the and the mental capacity to be a good mother to a child she doesn't have that ability when she saw us go back to the trees there is not a sin against that tree to treat it this way but we want that tree to tour and to get strong enough before we switch it over there. So anyway I brought that tree back I do that pretty regularly in my classes there. And then I will give it away that tree. Is actually would produce more over the life of the tree if we allowed it to get big enough and strong enough when we force it to or really it's going to stump the tree and it's not going to do as well go back to Leviticus and God said when you plant a tree for the 1st 3 years and you go to the promised land you plant a tree the 1st 3 years count that tree as. Uncircumcised as not usable there OK So what do farmers do with this they pick the fruit off if you have any little fruits that come to get off just drop it on the ground and recycle we want the energy to go into the tree to make the tree strong. And when it's big enough then it will produce far far more for us. All a Grinch is a liquid. OK A drink is a liquid and C. start with a 5 gallon bucket and then use that formula and then when it's all in there then fill it up with water mix it up and then just didn't just pour it over the plate Yes and. Yes it does matter how much yes. I overdid that tree but. It does matter how much and 5 gallons would be enough for. Probably a 30 foot Roe. In a garden. How big is the plant say if I want to if I want to get a. Cut a 10 foot tall apple tree fir tree that you've got in your garden I might use all 5 gallons on that. One. Oh yes works very well for to me the plans yes yes since you brought that up I'll tell a story. There was a farmer and Pennsylvania he contracted with a baby food manufacturing company to grow tomatoes for baby food. His tomatoes got a bump this high and they were not producing He had very few tomatoes he called International ag labs and said What can you do and they mixed up this type of a drench it was it wasn't these materials but they did it scientifically mixed up a grange and had in spray that whole field in about a week's time those tomato plants change you can see this it works very fast there about a week's time that feel began turning yellow with flowers in 2 weeks' time it was and lots of yellow flowers and lots of tiny little tomatoes coming down as the season went progressed he could see that towards the end of summer that the flowers that were coming on now are making little green tomatoes now they didn't have enough time to ripen before frost this is back in Pennsylvania so he switched it back now he went back to vegetative growth this is reproductive growth that we want to Maida's that's reproductive growth so now they switched it back to. To vegetative growth because the leaves are the factory for the plant and now. The tomato plants quit putting on so many flowers they still put on some but they quit putting on so many flowers and they started. Growing leaves and just finished that season off with a just a bang so we had a a bumper crop from from using the right materials they're OK. Now obviously this is not organic. And. There's a product called Blue meant. That I use instead which is. So it cost me a little to do that I don't have to fuss with all of this and I just mix it in and spray it on and it will do the same thing and do a better job I don't use the coke anymore they change that formula there. If they're if your tomato platters died you made a mistake in the mixing here somehow or other I'll tell you a story on my sister OK. She was going to manage plants in her backyard and. And I sent her a formula as to what to add there and we were going you know so many pounds of this and then I went to. 4. Or was that Boron Yeah and she forgot to change from pounds to ounces and it and put pounds of boron there and killed everything so if it's out of balance it's going to kill it if you do it right and don't overdo it you're going to be all right. It will be fine anything that's done to excess is not good there came just think all transplant formulae is just really really good product. And where we can use did where I've seen accused and Co and how I used it it's one of the very best products. To get a plant started on good good start and we use it. In other places besides just transplanting for instance in a vineyard this is the 1st place I saw it used that took one row of that reindeer and used the transplant formula on it everything else was the same and all other changed same fertilizer same water same saw everything the same that one row that had the transplant for new just out produce the rest by all shot there so that's a good product and we use it when we put seams in the ground we use it on existing trees we use it for transplanting it has the right nutrients in it. But what we're doing is we're putting life in that sort of remember that's the most important thing that we're going to do have to have the right minerals for that life to work on but that that will. Change that saw Yeah I think you can get this transplant formula on Amazon. I don't know about the nurseries there are a lot of different formulas for transplanting. And what do the use a lot of different ones over the years this particular one I have found more beneficial and in in our new recommendations coming out I've see that it's being used over. A whole lot more than it used to be anyway. OK OK if you can buy it you can make your own but you make that. With the new and with that with stuff that comes out of this garden in a box there which was she said saw earlier here this is an interest. There's an interesting thing we're planning at Leoni Meadows we are planting. Cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower whatever this is in a greenhouse and that has all these little plants out there and you can see the transplant formula made in the bucket there that's before we had this particular one there and came back the next morning and half those plants were gone. Mice got into a greenhouse over night just you know off so we took Starr from cups cut the bottoms out and put it over and over the plants replanted what had been eaten there and that was enough to keep to myself and they all want to purchase just fine did very well there is talk about playing seeds often often we have tiny tiny seeds and you can find it planning seeds will become much easier if you will take listing cared seeds for instance they're so small or lettuce seeds they're so if you'll take him and the seeds and mix them with a handful of sand so you take just a little bit of seeds and mix it with a handful of sand there and this takes a little getting used to but when this is mixed up now you've got your roommate there and so you take this step and you just sling it like that takes a little getting used to there now what'll happen your you planted in there grow but you spread that out and it's just easier and you'll have less weeding to do less thinning to do which is important Here's a little. 7 year old girl this is that the only Meadows. Planting and there you can see the same plants that got eaten up by them. Oh I've got to go next one the same plants it got eaten up once we put those little cups around I'm good just fine there and this was this was in the middle of winter. It was one of those days when it was. Club you come over here and snow and. Then the sun would come out and so we were playing ping and we we were playing some trees outside Ellen White method whatever when this was happening and I had people go in the greenhouse both ends of the greenhouse opened up it's kind of a long narrow greenhouse and. So both ends opened up whenever whenever the sun came out I would ask people to walk in the greenhouse just walk in the greenhouse that you see what it feels like it's flowing out OK It's cold and everybody had the same comment Wow taught in there so just something that we use. To help with your crop. OK. I think we want to get through here soon as we can. Where there were mixing a transplant water type thing there's a 7 year old little girl there. Planting. OK I think we want to get through now we go to an awful lot of work to get. Air into that song good time left up nicely don't walk on it like this OK the only time it's OK to walk on it is when you have put seeds down and you just want to make it tight but other than that don't walk on the soil there OK Somebody asked me about deer proofs and go for proof nonpoisonous methods. OK let's go to the deer proof fence in here this is. That is called fickle fence and basically you need. Here here's another picture of it putting it up there is a plastic fence and if you go to Home Depot they have a deer and bird netting don't get that it's not strong enough. And the deer will find out they can walk right through it and since they do there they're in there every day the stuff is strong enough here that there can't go through it now this comes in 77 half foot tall material there and you can see him even gotten women out here and address putting this thing in this is our church garden there. So this is 7 half feet tall we take 8 foot deep posts and we pound them down so you've got 6 feet above the ground and then the fence comes down and out this way. You want to come out. Because a deer can get his nose underneath there and be right in your garden there. But when it comes out they stand on it and they get confused and can't get through the same thing will happen with skunk and FOX and other critters that want to get in there and so the 1st year you may have to put some bricks or rocks or something around the edge there but after that the weeds will grow through and it will they will be able to get in the trench that we see here that was for the gopher wire and so that is standing we stand that gopher wire straight up and in the ditch there you can't put it in with the tea post because in the P.T. post doesn't have anything to hold it there so you've got to put it either inside or outside there. I like this stuff it's about $330.00 a month $330.00 foot roll feet of material for about $300.00 so it's fairly inexpensive It has advantages and disadvantages and advantages that so easy to put up. To 3 people can put it up quite easily disadvantages if it gets if fire gets close to it all it's plastic it melts it's gone vantages you take scissors and you cut out that burnt part you use patch it then put it back in there so it has those advantages I did find out. That it has about a 10 year life that's my own experience with it after about 10 years it begins to get brittle it's plastic there but it's that will last about 10 years it is much less expensive. Than the other fences and much easier to put up but if you have the ability to put up the permanent defense and that would be good now this is only going to be 6 feet tall at the top here but there can easily jump over that break easily jump over that So what do we do dear will not jump into a small area so inside the garden within the 1st 10 feet here. You want a row of something it could be a row berries it could be grapes or anything that looks like another fence and there the deer will not jump into that area is too tight for them they want to big area where they can run and jump and get out so. Keep that in mind the 2nd fence doesn't have to be 6 feet tall the 2nd fence can be just a stall and it will do just fine and in fact if you have a garden if you had a garden that was 10 feet wide and 50 feet long 100 feet on doesn't matter but just 10 feet wide you can have a 4 foot fence there and the deer won't jump into that. There now if you have a 3 foot fence there they can reach their neck over head and eat your produce there. OK gophers in rodents they are just a real problem there gophers are vegetarians and they especially enjoyed tomatoes in Ribbeck shoals. I can remember. Growing potatoes and they've just about I would think well you know I'm going to I'm going to dig those potatoes next week really nice crop of them there by the time I got out there next week they were gong. To go for is a totally taken out so you have to control the Gophers. Or they'll just take over what else what else can we do we use the go her fence for one thing going straight up and down in the ground and you have to have about 6 inches of that go over a fence above ground otherwise for the GO THROUGH come up to it just walk over it there has to be up he won't he won't climb that sea he won't climb it because if he climbs that he knows he's dinner for a hawk or 0 or a skunk or something so he won't claim that there. But you do have to have that you have to patrol that fence because I've seen several things happen One is the cover come up and he makes these mountains there so he makes a mound close to your fence until the mound is higher than the fence and he can just drop into your garden there and the thing that happens is. That fence gets stomped on gets knocked over one way or other there you've got to keep it upright so you have to watch out for those things there. OK let's go to another thing that we can use for a go 1st and that is a product called. Mole Maxima oil E M A X. Or use castor oil mixed with. Dishwashing liquid down down dishwashing and a lot of water and spread it out there. Rodents just very they dislike castor oil or any part of that plant now that people have given me. Go for plants said go for won't touch this you know and so you plant gopher plants around your garden and sure enough they don't touch the gopher plants but they go around them and under which they get you produce anyway so but but they at the moment it's works pretty good and the. Castor oil works pretty good also there. OK. Say there's a good that's a good go for fence there if you have real problems you might want to go that's a 24 inch fence you might want to go 283030 or 36 inch well OK what doesn't work well OK shooting trapping in poison and they all work. It dead kid out there your grandson out there with these gun and payment dollar per girl for. The LORD determines with the noise light smells and so forth dogs and cats they all work to some extent. Seems like every time a tree in teaching a class that somebody will come to me so I've got this wonderful device for gophers and. There are several different very own Haitian's on it but one is a tube that goes down on the ground about this war and has batteries in it and it puts out a little noise so every $45.00 seconds or so it's going to go to the zoo and that puts a vibration into the ground and so sure enough to go over. Here that there's something there are new void it. Until we realize that that's just a dinner bell and there's lots of good food over there. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons need to visit W W W audio verse or.


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