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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 1

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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as always now I'll just do a little brief introduction of why am familiar you don't know me and him no more the incident the first part of the six part session right around the law faculty moment University and physician but I know our full-time in Loma Linda right number medical director for the jail system for the County of Orange California he recently the real housewives of all you'll see that the county of course the people in jail on Google on the show in general saw my ministry work I find actually far more rewarding and meaningful inside the jails and allowed public health work in the medical record one of Public health division in the community then I must even a conventions like this because you really wish people just don't know Christ that all their lives are in shambles and one of problems are wanted challenges us to take the remnant church really is reaching the people who are the furthest from God wants out of the reach of each other but him we really start to build murderers gang bangers rapists child molesters all on a daily basis and have to provide quality medical care to them it really pushes your Christianity because you have to really look at them and really learn to look at people 's goblets of them and if you don't learn to love people regardless of what they've done you can't work in a jail just doesn't work trying the judge and jury yourself and punish people so it's really not been doing that since the blood last summer and naturally really helped a lot Obama longer be doing it but that is very taxing but it's it's it's been a very good spiritual experience for me I'm even some of the stories as we talked about the date of this very interesting things obsolete that happen inside of a county jail system when a population is with three million people in this way the southern states and on the population so it's it's a big system was an interesting system of the medical school and university Miami Florida I grew up in Connecticut Hartford would ask you among the French and Taliban here yoga and him actually I forgot how cold it gets living in California Miami so is the bitter reminder of the last day in California but it's it's it's actually good to bid you I see this as I believe a big part of God 's last push the metal but we submit real the locale significant what was happening it really is about talking Dr Pepper last night was wonderful sojourn across and on we were just talking about the impact that this audio version your required for but in Europe and spoke in a couple times a few years ago it is amazing how all of this information is being transported by technology around the world and feeding the little tiny fragments of arraignment of the remnant in places where can I get the word from you churches is a powerful pop open whereupon we really should be very prayerful that God 's word goes out with power from air during this conference video is awesome speakers all in one place all at the same time serves as a powerful powerful experience when they will be on the sea of glass and remember how God moved these conferences of citizen this is awesome stuff on our circular as a youth pastor of him in California is what one of churches and the rest of schema air to ground one of our young men become fact that he is actually was a crypt when we baptize the wound of family law wanted to the church his father was a crypto stuff follows a group as well and so he would did come out of it and he was just murdered we can go one of his friends that amounts we deal with them really heavy stuff them in an the Ministry of England is a little harder issues and I don't and that's that's what drives me in ministry actually regionals people are most difficult to reach the batteries in my style is a lot different allow the people style because a lot of times I really am doing these presentations and doing these talks the people simply just don't know God and have no experience in Jesus Christ or lost a long time ago and didn't know that they can have it back on so that estimate on the strongest reasons the remnant exists and why as the Roman church we have a lot a lot of work to do with that said I want to start by having order I had found out we thank you Lord for bringing us into this place and we thank you Lord for your mercy and for your grace found out we are worthy of the blessings you give us from day to day the fact father God you're so much better to us than we are to ourselves so today father God make me just a mouthpiece and I said to speak through me the Julie's presentation the Lord will be touched by your Holy Spirit the father not all come in contact with this material be blessed blessed Lord this group that is here with me today as well father God is legal in his journal and learn and grow together in Jesus Christ is our prayer in Jesus 's name and then I guess my text and another name that old thing that I recommend names I can remember it honestly they gave it to me and I wasn't possible to use it but when I was talking on a formulated this is the name of accounting came to me as I thought about what I wanted to talk about it GUI see on because I really want again to make trying make as much relevant information relevant so that the liberal Ministry of hard-to-reach places and the other was fighting the battle of the Roman church meaning that that they were trying to make is the remnant as well and so it's time I is adopting the new one love but it is the real thing and it's after you'll see that all ballots is important but you can't really waver on truth and that's one of the team Creek principal to talk to Chad and then amendment and overview photo six of the session on every time I start the session I'll put a slide out this one to the dogs first one is in search of the remnant the second one of the Dragon in the digital age thoroughness secret agents and double agents before that is the real Dragon false doctrine of fifty one 's war on the testimonies in the last one tomorrow afternoon is the remnants counterattack on an negligible talk about the things that we're doing and should be going to really go against the dragons try to do to the gods from the church to visit Taiwan asserted a remnant from the book of Ezra which is what I find some of the best versus the describes of the remnant should look like all amperage of Ezra there reading up from school and from the congregation in newly built Temple and of a remodel of the of the art thereunder now picture and reason as adjusted my Awsat it was one now when these things were done the princes came to me saying the people of Israel and the priests and the Levites and not separated themselves from the people of the lands who according to their abominations even of the Canaanites the Hittites the parasites the Jebusites the ammonites but now abides the Egyptians and the Amorites for they have taken on their daughters for themselves and for their sons so that the holy seed have mingled themselves the people of those lands you a the hand of the princes and the rulers have been chief in this trespass to this picture where the children of Israel on the Congress of an captivity this is after the seventy years that the Jeremiah prophesied as is been allowed to come back to rebuilding the Temple ever gets back in and try to rebuild the Temple is ascribed in the great man of God and he finds it is an old sins being done but it never left the actual holy land to be brought into captivity and what you find here you can see that in the keywords that I like that you like here this one I like Ray says they saw that the holy seed and mingle themselves the people of those lands is understood that the remnant of those left behind in Israel and Canaan they left behind was still the Holy See he understood that game even though it seemed that Israel would never arrive again along the time they were in captivity as I missed the debate was supposed to stay holy just because they were caught off to me together right now to Bill Underwood God forbid them to do the hundreds and hundreds of years and Ezra is really pointing out that the people will not change that all and in what is most frightening and this is also key when you start looking at those of us was supposed to be rendered today was chief in committing the trespasses the princes and the rulers is the leadership in Israel that is first and foremost in committing these trespasses and because the leaders answer is really really unhappy and is not trigger them to do this inversely immersed rates and when I heard this thing I want my garment and monumental and plucked off a year of my head are there any stats that now astonishing were astonished when he realized what was going on in Israel as a is blown away in fact descriptive studies astonished he cannot believe that in Mexico City but more poorly as importantly his leadership is leading them instead I understand that if they're going to reestablish control of the board to remake the nation with supposedly one of things that happen is that you still find favor in Israel so he's upset because this is even deepened that this was the very heart of the great controversy it was a great controversy because the devil is working his hardest to destroy the children of Israel to block out God 's holy nation because of invalid the Messiah will never be born is not the testament is written so that you understand how it is about holy seed is preserved student and Matthew can write his lineage but with all the way back to Adam or Abraham depending on which author goes all the way back to all of these people of God 's people in a dozen idols that the Messiah have to be a descendent of David what do we try to wipe them out bring them of the captivity of Babylon he finds them on all sides if I send from within by trying to get to mingle with the people around them they will be wiped out any and many can when the great controversy by winning it before June the minimum war in Revelation chapter twelve is that the woman sought was not to give birth and the Dragon set their own was the default was if you look at the literal writing clouds down waiting for to give birth to destroy the child he was already crouching try to destroy the child all this time in the Old Testament by submitting these the same thing today then it understands that if there is no remnant people on earth than meets the self ablaze in another place in the Bible the second coming of Jesus Christ will be postponed delayed because you can make it happen identify what the web else will see that this gospel will be preached in all the world as a witness and then shopping and if you know the one group of people with the full gospel what happens that policy can be fulfilled now I like the devil could never do that but guess what it could be that the reason we tarried in the Lord coming is because is more effective at that and we think of using legal drama different sessions gave been very good at it and parts of Christianity Protestant Christianity that would be completely taken over by the drag completely given away no one that even highly left of any Protestantism which Christianity almost all the effective than we think and because we sometimes isolated inside of Adventism we think that when you notice the strong body of offender are strong body but it's a very small number six billion people in the world one billion of them are Catholics one billion among Muslims one billion plus is this guy was Buddhist pagan fourteen fifteen twenty out of eleven members not bad but million and then it probably feels you don't just as the debate and destroying the second coming but he probably thought he was then in a messing up the first coming in July as a socialist policies brought away the understand what has to happen as identities of property multiples that size of the Northumberland to be everyone the trouble in the words of the God of the God of Israel is he bringing what he finds it he brings a lot of people that are still respectful of the word of God the family were oh seven because of the drivers in the house although that I've been cared away the saddest out of them in fact imprisonment and an evening sacrifice arose from my happiness and on Monday when my mantle I follow up on my knees and spread out my hands of the more my God it are you worth everything and not mustering his people out of their pullout air as of the only amusement at the Tara on the island to do is pray below the rebuttals anymore usage part was really little rebuking but inwardly she has a hit on any praise before God is that all I got I am ashamed and blessed a look at my face to you my God for our iniquities are increase over I had our trespasses grown up into the heavens as when does something else that we have to do with the remnant today Ezra takes responsibility not just for his own sin for the sin of the people I love everything about what we go to more conservative Georgian we covered just go away and hide away will be safe to understand when you look at a more biblical model the prophets believers never said most of the know it is another know it Nehemiah doesn't know what Daniel doesn't know it every time a freight don't just pray for their own seven percent of the about parameters of the little trouble .org your praying for everyone in Israel we can't stop praying for people of administered don't agree with we can't believe that we just because notable weight on it somehow were not the collective body because we are so we have to have the kind of spirit as rad here we go the praises of our trespass as earned and what it is not listed above this is the him with bitter and was trespassed on the day of funding means that we are talking them up please been delivered into the hand of the king of the land of the sword in captivity and was well at the confusion of face admitted that he is his prayer becoming happened to Israel and now for little this ability Google grace and mercy in Old Testament and I will space race has been shown from them about what is grace it is unmerited undeserved favor is that undeserved favor and Michelle Obama got the lead but a remnant escaped his grace is the only reason you get a remnant why it was back to Martin Luther the way back to the Protestant Reformation at its core right it will probably back to the beginning and it is righteousness by faith the only reason you have and I would never run the today and see why state is because of what happened in Germany all those years ago it is the understanding that righteousness is my faith critical and easy the others belong to the door responded with lukewarm the second to give us a nail in his holy place I enjoy the little reviving our bondage we are gone then we were modeling on God not specific enough in our bondage but have instead of mercy unto us in the cycle begins again the present it was a reviving to set up the house of our God and to repair the desolation thereof and to give up their will in Judah and Jerusalem now look at whether the grace begins to be out for now list them and what in bondage now if you look at the mess of my lessons what is bondage really signify us today send now the Bible says while we were yet sinners what happened Christ died for us I want you to understand you as you have you were in our sins bottles working on your bath I wouldn't be here today if he wasn't the child acid and when I got some accident when I was that I submitted a bad car accident was God 's mercy and grace that even while we were still in bondage he was working on our bad Angels that were protecting me and please let should never have been even when I was in my complete deference towards God this letter is not believed in every body should have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their Savior because it is done it would it puzzles me the guy have any for me still perplexes me of mercy and it it's really something well here we will then get on the oxygen in our bondage is that it wasn't effortless between the present out to give us our findings the Senate the house of our God repair the solution to give the water Judah and Jerusalem and nine what shall we say after this we have forsaken thy commandments are not assigned as remnant was that they were supposed to do what keep the Commandments that were commanded him to be blizzard was documented by the server the private thing the landlord would you go to possess it in the unclean land with the fitness of the people of the land within abominations which have failed it from one end to another whether uncleanness they were supposed to get document visible to do what God said that's what got challenge them to do but I didn't know it is now therefore give not your daughters unto the sons validated out of years of both the deputies that will alert that you may be strong and equipment of the land I live and leave it off for Americans to you for your children forever and all this has come upon us we following the one-way traffic that say that I got plenty of less than our iniquities deserve their bonding Israel is the ten tribes of the law then many of the leaders of the back inversion yet has run a lot and that all that we haven't even gotten the old punishment we deserve I remember opening to me I've gotten the full punishment undeserved Islamic Christian workers in the blood of Jesus Christ in the toning power literally takes it blocks it wants and what is down it it it it it it it it it it dispenses some of what I am supposed to get them off of me it reflects it so when I look at Christ and his blood I understand that I myself will I submit one that was followed across to anyone it was bountiful yet I'll get the full punishment items are the remnant is a ring being the people the bottom of the blood of Jesus Christ and he says and have given us that the labyrinth of this as I understand it about and they can be delivered match will be the root of all month-to-month deliverance is about making out against all odds recession again break thy commandments and joining affinity with the people of these abominations the one God of the limit to what is redeemed you will write back and understanding of the liberty from biomass healthy sense of what is that about the anger lust filled eyes and Celeste so there should be no more work no work revenue nor escaping if we went back and what would knowing eventually wear out I presently got the statement that we just don't want to the Limited we want to manually deliver us from a lot of people turned race in the disgrace are you turning into know how I an excuse to live however they want is what a great attached the Dragon Havilland ostrich things I did a great allows you to do what ever it is you wanted and of course as is the exact opposite Paul says exactly the opposite and I was delivered you while you go back to be of a bondage than alkaline versions yet in essence only went back into the world and in and volleyed back and forth is exactly what we're going to set the alarm dog is about righteous for we remain yet escape as it is this day behold we are before thee in our trespasses for we cannot stand before the because of this is God 's righteous answer when you look at this nephew to that that I from Ezra that the government important and one of them is that they survived the great tribulation is about the great tribulation or seven eighths of the date of the members of it it came out a lot a lot with us today the price of as well as some of the minister came out of great tribulation timeline and also unit shows you just how chaotic the world was when church came into existence we are to be separate from the notice they were to be separate from the world first well we ought to be separate from the world 's fattest of the settlers mostly a punctual your people were supposed to be little and see a difference that probably from the airport here he said no this was such a nice group of people with you that I have for this conference I was living was surprised of the general was a nice group of people you okay I'll let you that were different and weird we should be peculiar we should be definitely definitely be aware to joining of a guidebook mean there was supposed to be different from the world that we keep the commandments of God verse fifteen is another sign that we're on the remnant were supposed to get the commandment of God even when we are turning our backs on the Commandments the hospital is expecting us to keep it just eventually save them was saved by grace through faith and its inverse that really I don't talk about that but the remnant of the people who are saved by grace and righteousness like a good while realizing why the devil hates it because righteousness by faith makes you focus on Christ and not on yourself and tell you the secret to winning in and did the leaving of Victoria's life is the focus on Christ is to turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face lips the south end of things on this earth will grow strangely then you cannot arises is likely the software because if you don't do that stuff over the role of your door and on the south about this you can't save itself the Bible says that the love of Christ does what is right about the way you want to make a change you should appeal to the love of Jesus Christ that we should automatically go I like how more spending rights and in his books he writes about the war between the the the the the fight of faith notified of works but he makes a very good point you win the final notes by winning the fight of faith is that the good fight of faith by believing in God by trusting in God you change one of my favorite Bible verses is in out of book of Mark when the when a man brings will Jesus and the disciples the Sabbath day catalog and amantadine and if you can do anything have mercy upon us as if you can believe all things are possible to him that believes in an incident that demand comes back to is a powerful comeback mode and I believe help thou mine unbelief righteousness by faith I wanted to pray this prayer you will be lost as the planet says I'm a inadequate I can't make it I'm going to fail then I believe I supposed to do but as a part of the disbelief in her wedding when he finally admits that Jesus that's in and takes over as the situation bill that demon abuses boy I was at the wrong fight than in the enemy through your focus must be on Christ Jesus and fighting the fight of faith as of the difference differentiates us from the Catholics with no space religion Muslims as a workspace religion is the reason for this young man twenty three of the Magi brought the plane they were going to would like the sincere levels looking at him he was of the Muslim but he had sexual desire and a fabulous failing Allah because he couldn't in the flesh live up the print of the industry in general rules of Islam and when he realized he couldn't do it if they get a spiritual way to save themselves what the blogs are popular plane in for job well that a lot of steps in between but that is when he realized he couldn't win what he will be just a thought he destroyed himself whereas with also redesigned again when we just have to turn it over to Christ Christian guy planes they they are winnable automated safety I remember that God is on my side working for well trying to work just to get to him as one of the Nintendo is Lopez Mormonism jewelry and every other religion in the world is more space is when faith-based religion on the planet and it is true Christianity is clear identify what you will does what he did was so significant between the set the compass of religion for the entire world that have been lost one man which was just one man with all two of your movement but one man really symbols symbolizing that the change entities as I came on the scene of the seven figures given Jeremiah so just know that when it came on the scene at the end of prophetic time so that this remnant come on the scene at the end of a prophetic time the similarities are there and a lot to learn because the front of women then it was mixing with the world that was the threat is real was most worried about them mixing with the world 's oldest mass limit when you look at the Texas and the dragon was wrong with a woman and went to make with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and you know what I like about being a little ongoing super explain most visible to get the stuff of living in the bridges of other issues but I love this text revolution chapter twelve on a wildland that chapter I guess it is a good sweeping overview of earth history and end times it really have to disintegrate controversy through the veil of Christians don't understand great controversy they don't have no idea what's going on behind the scenes that have no problems individuals with theory bottom of them the concept that there is an invisible veil on this planet that if you remove the veil you can see through into the supernatural world and actually see the great controversy in its purity and essence is like what you learned in biology when you learn about the genotype was this brutal phenotype of the world it is expressed in my skin color but the size of my lips my hands to see that anything that's me but in fact the genotype is all the genetic material it makes me up so you let him give me a note that my father 's grandparents came from Bombay India Jamaica eleven minute I'm a grandfather lose weight his grandfather was from Scotland because you can see the phenotype of indemnity the genotype beautiful picture spiritually mentally the genotype revelation chapter twelve does the electricity the big picture and allows you to see all of what's really going on in this post and the driver is wrong with a woman want to reward a remnant of her seed which keep the commandment of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ it links the remnant church back all the way to Jesus in the apostolic faith here and you should identify what did they keep the commandments of God which is one reason why the administered even for those in those parts of it we don't fully agree what they do when I do it more they also claim to believe in the ten Commandments and testimony of Jesus Christ was definitely is difficult to toss all of them would also you might build possibly but not all of them I likely this is a revolution I think that that I love I love fellow servant of my brother that the testimony of Jesus was God and the testimony of Jesus is the one I wanted a little deeper into this as we talk about a remnant into the spirit of prophecy a little bit more than this to me is critical to what we're doing not just as we can but as the Roman church with the first within seven fourteen twenty three to twenty five and I will talk about what Paul talks about when he talks about prophecy as we stop being metals such of the following talk about will one way or work bomb for remnant I will talk about plot was even a bigger sense first log on to the spirit of prophecy we stopped at the Isle of Wight but in fact our church as more prophecy prophecy than just that I'm a big fan of Amanda Roger Reynolds with Roger Monroe was he had the gift of prophecy and policy isn't just for telling was run out to be confused by moving your problem you can predict the future problem is foretelling is also for telling this person really describes his method of predicting the future or knowing what's going to happen is actually being able to articulate the truth so Paul says we don't know so is the formulary defendant thing about that the testament is priced out of church open up in California and I found out that a lot of people at the church believe in speaking in tongues administers the among the actor doesn't build possible ability and willingness to bizarre to actually that would be the possession of the surge was a very bizarre church but they will get loaded the business stories later than I thought it was a group of anglers not regular folk in the church elders one seventy one is it me and it would have sessions with a speech entitled Palestinian they speak in totals be related in a Spanish class at the evening and found enough but by my respect they actually do Pentecostals begin in town which I'll get myself but any applications at once so to the printable revenue a new guy came out onto the past earlier I'll be preached any delis of lamina lighting ceremony at the end so like all boys will get interesting around is that the search so they are not of course made of you know when I'm close by personal related iron some level of Oslo unless while I wasn't willing to let limited she was alone in the world told you and is and is in the speaking in town with an church of the long man so my turn comes up reads many that do now I had so been offered tons and to move from about is that in the beginning and the curriculum as thunder Tower of Babel by them it am understand those confusion and the way through Paul and really plan out the purpose of the time I believe in the gift of tongues will give you an example of where it's been used appropriately in the Abbotsford Jamaica two hundred and four weeks in Jamaica and one of their evangelistic combat from Africa and he said when he was in Africa he was preaching and you're having trouble with some of the islands because they were doing a satellite download all the continent is available for translation because of his Jamaican accent in their dialect the transit is webinar time but at night they went back together the first night and they pray for the gift of tongues and they said he said the Wendy Priest and when they all came back together the transit is a meeting image friendly tonight is that I'm somehow they all understood you and hundreds and hundreds of people baptized I believe that I believe adults in essence to give both of them believe that it is a living active gift of the church and what God needs us to have individuals I believe a new do-it-yourself I love language is either I will probably move in of languages other than the language is already probably know one of about evening out with real goods sold out rapidly nonstop negative languages in church sodas are presented in light and atoms and I don't want anyone fully resonated with some of the people bottom of my job to go in there and speech roof and not be afraid even on older maybe very unpopular with some of the wounded but that's what it means to be remnant remnant of the Joshua is the BK will it go and deal with the problems that exist to try and want Israel that their time is running out as was the sound that comes from that panel discussions about Tom than one attacks I used what they were taught when I don't unlock the things that I would rather speak five words in my understanding than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue and that's a pretty good ratio is as if therefore is later in the same chapter of active adverse end of an old church become together into one place and all speak with Tom's in the common goals that are unlearned or unbelievers will they not say they are that they are glad I'm not the most begin adult uploading that I really didn't I thought maybe some other than the psychotic episode therefore second exhibit at promise I want the difference between Townsend prophecy watches because we haven't churches within the spirit of prophecy but admitted at homicide and economy while they believe not all one word is convinced at all look at what prophecy does is John's eyeball and the secrets of his heart made manifest and so falling down on his face worship God and report that God is in you I Charles policy tells people that you and I and you probably makes me unwilling to admit to unlearn walk in panic and confusion what is the remnant church the ability to speak truth into a world of chaos and delusion that the power of having probably on outside the remnant church is not simply testimony but again it's probably best evidenced in the testimony to the church when white on a crystallized in an avalanche writing is evident all of us was that on some level the ability to deal with terror the ability to speak truth inability to share Christ that is in part the forthcoming of the spirit of prophecy and identity document is not honestly I will now but I get implementing weight I haven't played my old business company and when one was ablaze was reportedly cannot exist with contact with Jehovah's Witnesses are try to win her and her daughter over there charged as of last and always questions right as she will always pop up less about the divinity of Christ and a new earth and all the things that don't noticeably bear 's different Bible versions and praise God will call the spirit of prophecy identity from scripta sit there and literally give her a Bible study on the plane but two hours on along we were talking and shower verse by verse John one and verse one in the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the word was God was fourteen cents and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us anything is not God that is what Paul is saying a lot prophecy is not simply human it was a you know what we do what we do a lot of the other denominations into people want to promise on the word for you okay so it also needs you and here low General Motors finance Israel didn't God exist but that's what I think these soulless people in that prophecy is God speaking to and through his people and if the drive has dramatized the Roman church we want to watch all in the spirit of prophecy not just tangibly in our liking is at war against unlike and limitless to what reason I know where the profit is the angular people have towards her comment about Atlanta diligence with other than that amount of a live item added in Barack Obama well thought out than that of Barack Obama at people get worked into a frenzy over him like even had people that is the clearest signs to meet the something to say that is incredibly bothersome to the Dragon something he said he is very bothersome the drug so probably obligated to allow a lot of bigger than the site this is critical that each of us have a part of play in the spirit of prophecy because as the remnant we keep the commandment of God you have the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spread of problem using the testimony unfolded as Paul describes the scenario are made for left over I thought I would have me flying to stuff okay the timeline probably the lubricant ten thirty right I don't point it is a pretty strict focus on what we use the normal the lines were noticed in lines here so it is him wholly in general they are captive on his rendition and that was the timeline and women here and I actually give my e-mail address and I continue to follow about aerobic money on anything I do actually much to my wife's chagrin probably but seriously when the timeline five thirty eight A.D. Justin and gives people will complete spiritual power what happens from there is that when Justin and Emperor Justinian to you see actually two things happen once or elevated above all of the charges which there were many churches than an indivisible role of juvenile rep power all of a sudden what happened is big knowledge of all the spiritually and melded themselves completely would government and it became a real almost false theocracy and so for the next and the promises twelve hundred and sixty years that's the way it was and this is where Revelation twelve is innovated the women at the hide in the wilderness is more than one wall disease and all the others lack the high because of the persecution once you you mix church and sang together by default pneumonia persecution he said in Iran right now and you see that if you've seen it all over the world throughout history and that is exactly what your people in America right now what dying to get to that point they want to mix everything back together and currently is really working hard to get that done you want American Revolutionary war and I want to see how to run the church a lot of difficulty in the last days the American Revolutionary war and seventy nine French Revolution begins so seventy million out of resolution with the French revolution comes reason and as religion any throughout the church completely and so by seventeen ninety eight him powerless Christ was the end and that is what is happening here that is where seventeen ninety eight Justin predicted the web address is not conformant to this date so energized that existed before it is probably hard for them and when the judge could have been a lot centered because they did it would've existed in the wrong timeframe so the devil do you look at when Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses five percent Nation of Islam the Nation of Islam or a lot of other groups come into existence is also elected as the enough stupid so end of the driveway always out of bedrooms around thing that always looks similar whereas the eight the LDS community when you are you Mormon I know they would let black people of the Mormon church until nineteen seventy three passed on Mormonism is actually true you know it can't judge whether that another sat around and so the French Revolution the trust in eighteen thirty one William Miller begins to preach eighteen forty four you get the great discipline in the twenty three hundred a prophecy ends so in this area between here and here there is where God begins the galvanizing to the papal power crust and eighteen forty four galvanized the beginning of the movement to develop a remnant once the twenty two hundred and five and in eighteen sixty three to seven administer starts looking websites in the very center of the Civil War America that and you know what happened I will be unbundled to a second because it was the way that God protected and preserved a remnant will insulated the remnant church and was not happy that they were the United States of America when the Roman leaders read the Constitution of the United States they called blasphemy will never seen a power Europeans America was a European Legg Mason semifinal in Germany and Britain at the time probably written they cannot understand all of the European nations hold off on the lands of the world of thy most about from that of the island the disease the red wall by Spain France Great Britain the Dutch sent by overnight by the pulp how to control the levers of the most countries he was able to control the world for hundreds of years that's how colonialism imperialism worked on for it in favor for role of July South America the Catholic right the Caribbean 's gap but inoperable as Catholic he was individual without he was not very happy with the papacy the Roman leadership was angry when he went to Constitution where the people were born to lead themselves would be unable to choose their leadership when it was no central bank on it on a normal whenever the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights I think people all the time I'm an American because that also because of the constant delusion in the Constitution of the United States that separates the United States all of the nations in the world because I thought our leadership is an inherently good but God did something right the wording of the Constitution that set up the protection needed for this charge the start was that the reason they have to start none of the Civil War when you read it build used books on the Jesuits is because in a ramekin models holds on the problem list on Abraham Lincoln himself said that the Jazz awards were working on the side of the South Edward tried it on and he was a you would say that the judge was a drug in a gram-negative fact that is ultimately gilded Randwick at one eight assignment itself because they did not want me about as these exist avoided because we know it would be a country would still be very difficult for them to control data on the unit to control a him and what this means about that in this country and most terms in this country at anti- Catholic league 's policy will not believe that the proclamation and the more hiding the sensible people and in Holland and England flags and came to the United States and Puritan 's Puritan way of attitude problem and came to United States and Israel will save just like suddenly stopped well however Doctor Medrano had probably one of the writing of the Constitution Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights adopted the Jesuits couldn't get them in the Civil War combined with the Napoleonic wars in Europe earlier but all of the love and the Europe Minnesota the pontiff in Rome couldn't focus on the United States to defend his honor while traveling in Europe and keep control of the threads broke off from them doesn't work about game regaining control in Europe and I live this little window just like as I said little when I opened up when a remnant of the assembled again in eighteen sixty three short the prophecy it comes into existence so many deliberate I like the word disappointment it was a purification it was God allowing them to believe what they believe so that you didn't have his large overwhelming group of uncommitted people trying to join ultimately what was going to be gone from the church if they would charge them as now whatever happened to the one who brings appointment and all the people turn your back when things didn't work out the way they wanted to walk away from the church amount of all the adornments are traditionally not know what is going on learned the hard way it is legal in contrast the advent of prophetic than what you said on the him appointment with you to do two things one I want all of the people that were with them once they had some would become you are going to get the numbers it was ridiculous because it is basically splintered in the body and with some of them I could sit around and around the new study about that is the study more you know you think Jesus come he doesn't say that you don't get mad walk away your signal I trust God I believe God 's righteousness by what they believe God enough to stay there and study read listen and women that came out with a short surgeon in God we need a pure church because he knew what the Dragon once the search came into existence he knew dragons weren't trying to Cialis that will outdraw you want to purify the church right out the gate the method not allowed to happen we did this little remnant this is the stuff that is one of the reasons is that ministers will survive now I can't define exactly how to live but I know that God 's people will exist again I was other people and GRC is a clear clear clear testimony that God is the level people within a lot of people who have known would never believed you could bring as many young people into one place for just cause in the hip-hop gospel hip-hop concert that night as the Christian rock concert not given away free iPods are to do every a not altogether was arguably the two thousand and six just the gospel just the juice and the people wanted to the city because God is still working to have his people and I had the will print this truth in the last days I love this church was just what I am saying is not about a gangster it when I tried to be one with regular school while a professor at the present of what is because of what I learned FA charge in Hartford Connecticut and the child 's revelation seminar the preaching every summer the truth was drilled into us every year we pitched tents and and what does they charge the faith charity opening up more churches now in the little city of Hartford outmatched the gods were going for the power and I watched the first is that the God 's word cannot go out and come back to what I want that every summer manifested and I thought she was breached and I saw hopelessly romantic and God 's people in our churches group I love this church I wanted to do well as well my working with people a lot of us don't agree with the model just don't know what the sad thing is that the authors about the people don't abandon the charge that they never get past the gospel the delegate much of the truth sometimes on the television of the something is really not be was the little-known truth and teach me know someone and instruct us and yet be willing to be a lot of really that prophecy and a fulfilling the club was liable to break one of the fine provides that the seventeen ninety eight gives all ten Commandments of the spirit of prophecy preachers but less than three dozen on a word walkway were widescale and that was back to the text in Matthew twenty four and is constantly present all of the witness and then shall the income so if you have is that the in the spirit of prophecy the testimony of Jesus Christ you can preach the gospel all over the world that's the purpose of the gospel of dust on the web well the health messages apart right sexual purity to American apartment that I wanted off Montesquieu applauded all that is in our last slide for this session on and I like this for my records book challenges the remnant good book quoting books on the you remember them from is a good book is a good book on remailer is a good heaven is right I've been remiss for years we set up and partly because I wanted to make this point everything will be called the section seven administer not believe that salvation is available exclusively the second Adventist church not literally mean in our church dispenses salvation on a grace that leads to salvation and we separately don't believe that God loves us more than we lost people of other religious persuasions as a testament to just system remember because the difference is starting to put this a couple years ago to new polls came out with proclamation amazing these are the only ones in charge as the Catholic Church and a thousand judges the dentist thank you you can't we say that their churches and with the son of God 's use of it is to do some good things but in general he said is only once in charge anything at all that you charge against the reasonable given of the successor of Peter the popes which is a farce as you all know it was no such thing to hundreds of years after Peter died and Peter were leaving the leader of you read the Bible carefully James seems a bit more leader in Jerusalem and Peter was the Peter never mentioned in Rome in the Bible so don't I get to get the conclusion is that it works on a purpose that if there trees are the only ones I can as you can the last thing he wanted to leave and transubstantiation the bread literally become the body and literally become the modern practice cannibalism at and a wine literally become the blog and get with the drilling of Bobby brought in the amenable to human flesh at that point so there is that which only Jesus didn't teach that is ultimately holding there please can know it in case we say the less you do unless you think are en masse that's why I believe that slice of it clearly our church does not dispense salvation or the grizzlies of salvation seven minutes arguably this am magical rituals of the company was a new delusional only we can do any of the state we don't believe that the Catholic Church believes that others try to differentiate some very different point of understanding and and of course eating a really amenable to this new Pope was a pretty tough hope actually very different to stop the previous pope arm will see a lot of the leadership of the world a lot of they all would Christian leadership in as these are very fond of this book and this is where we know that the remnant is really going to get some firewood in the next two years in my opinion David of the heat up on maybe not in on the next president election comes around because this is our stance with a stance on the other side is very different than what to say this video when it is a privilege we had a modest is a privilege and an honor and responsibility it should never make us proud I mean probably not negative way incidentally arrogant in fact it humbles me and sometimes I feel unworthy to even have what God has given us in truth in this in our denomination it actually makes me feel uncomfortable to know what Marilyn a vocabulary that is what I want out will be the Messiah I won the lottery also read around him well you know she was troubled Mary understood the responsibility that comes carrying truth but that's need to understand this letter to get a high-minded and heavy about its evidence of how we might end the session and what they can think of fifteen little break and start backup father God we thank you Lord for the one of you to continue to bless us today Lord Bute of people at July see what all the sessions that are going on Atlanta's leave this place ready to share Jesus Christ of his world is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen this movie was produced by audio versus working life generation of Christ he would like to learn more about Jean Weinstein please visit www. when not more or if you like this more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse more


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