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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 2

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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I followed up thank you Lord for doing this is opportunity again to come before you into the digital word study a word applying word a father also we disaster you help us to make these things relevant and to Lord be able to use these in helping to save and bring others to the knowledge of salvation encouragement in Christ Jesus Jesus 's name amen to that existing in the batteries they said that maybe that's why with come into clear honorable I say this with Dragon in the digital age which is the second talk on the list here solo gold from Ernesto Revelation chapter twelve Scripture says and there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads the changes of third-party stars of heaven and cash them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which is ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born but honestly and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels anointed one and one have in my clothing is set against the Dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceives the whole world was cast out of the earth and his angels were cast out with him him happen when Jesus died on the cross when he became a rosewood to is that the field the Devils beat being blocked out of heaven and said that his place in heaven back his vision is to receive worship we understand that you understand a lot about popular culture and water aquaculture goes away goals the devil and his angels want to be worshiped they want to receive adoration and documents out of the other side of it is after Jesus rose from the tool that will be lost in only one thing that can actually do now to retaliate against God you notice in the young labor the hurt God now it would be to try and bring us to have with him and so the devil works cars loosely direct copies those two goals one he still wants to be worshiped and to play in I really got worship in heaven but he thought he was good that the covering cherub he was outdueled of the Bible to build with pipes and fabrics he was the musical living musical instrument as it were and so he sang the praises he led praise in heaven and Lucifer confused the leading praise and have it and having that Shekinah glory of God bounce off of him and and of angels see it and noting the presence of God he confused that we can be worshiped as the enemy he should exalt this is solvable with notables are God that's how iniquity was initially founded by the Jesus wins this battle and he is talking around the grounds of Bibles on it it says that I rejoice ye heavens and even all of the wall of the inhabitants of the earth and of the city will doubtless come down with you having great wrath because he knows that he has what short time when the Dragon sorry was just under the earth he persecuted the woman was brought forth the man child now this is the Angels rejoicing in heaven heaven is happy because I haven't been cleansed that will have access to happen but when that is a solemn warning to those on earth because it is because of the week the devil is angry and he does and the devil seems to get a lot of us as Christians will get the dental understanding of them a lot of time it's interesting that a being rules existed we don't probably thousands and thousands of years it's interesting that he understand the time is short and northern Italy seventy of the live eighty nine beyond any of the live with it we have all the time and world the definitely maddening that the time is short he realizes is he has a good visit immortality is in the statement God he lived forever against God he's given away his immortality and I was angry about that if he had been cast down and so what is he doing what and when the drugs are used at the Earth he persecuted the woman was brought for the manchild this is manifested in the same love and go to the church the representative the woman is manifest to all of the terrible persecution happened the early Christian church and many of us have no clue how terrible it really was burned at the stake second and in front of clouds and compared with an forum and Colosseum while animals let loose on them all gladiators let loose on them all the Roman emperors would share along with bloodthirsty crowd is about to rip the pieces many of them and burned at the stake they sang hymns and until they burned that I couldn't sing anymore I really want to charge in a way he never had before we can look at what really was always on the move Israel what about Israel being Israelite way when he realized he'd never know what you think it might have and all other interns are just pure destruction of the church the problem the devil had got to get visibility in the drug war on the remnant he realized the boy persecuted the church warden and confounded the enemy he could not figure out how to beat them if the more I persecute them the stronger they become another reason why his tactics that they are not definitely a person inventory even though I believe he will clearly returned to the method through the Roman church so we can assess and women were given two wings of a great equalizing lifelines and wildernesses are placed which is very short time at that time facing the circuit we talked about last session in a serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood of and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood with the dragon cast out of his mouth a lot of things on here in this line out of the game of Florida this is bigger than persecution to the southward and I'm realizing a change of tactics we tried to water down the truth this is where Constantine comes will talk about later on the sunny relative changes tactics and try to send out water out of his mouth water a reward of a lot of lies deception and delusion to try and destroy the church at the time him him him him and him as one of his article I would like to bring customers because I was I very strongly confirmed by Roger Reynolds book here and I when I first read it recovers many years ago and reading and great controversy a statement is a lack of power while what all of his leaders and came up with a strategy to try and destroy the world seem so far-fetched and crazy almost when he read this was in the young person I was amazed that one year later on a StumbleUpon this book and later on he was on interview at the wood pulp from under next slide and follow Rosamond no as the demon worshiper none of you noticed or rather modest got zero Gross is booked in summary that when I told him when I was available as we came out of merchant Navy Vietnam when he came out he didn't really know what is the blue line was raised Catholic and one of his friends got into navigable telesales and we went to the séance he was blown away nothing like a real goals Ilbo real demon showed up they thought it was the ghost of a dead person and he went away and one of the rich man likely to do so that is the rich man's that look there is no power that I does bring a wider because the conferences as you can see her daughter dead system it is not really people the demons that they were supposed dominant will not really people are demons so even if you want real power come with me and also as a source of real power and each of them to where they worship the demon and I want to learn about the real demon worship and why interesting things from the book with all of the water is thinking that he was given a gift is given a gift to be able to predict the horse races as I naïvely sleep and dream and why was dreaming the door so that when a women that they would come into his mind even though the horse vitamins a and every single race as well that autumn is on whether you have the story was and is our view that the monster the Randy's was was when I went to Mattel about the while regarding joint when you don't even know Portland would always stop which gives you a precedent that will wedding to win people over the devil gives them gifts to give them special powers begins the favor one of these models are the facets of the session well it's also modified in Montréal and at times French-Canadian in Montréal at the time he says that the job artist that would worship at the placement and all the doctors and lawyers these are all successful people in Montréal all of this success came from the fact that they worshiped the devil now I'm on the job cut the chase on this one and I study and read I realized their people in America and around the world the reason for their fame and wealth or influence the start of is their connection to see in fact the Scripture says that the devil of the prince of this world are limited and allowed to officials even when things Jesus remember this in about five places a look at the bilateral worship me I'll give you all of this shows in the kingdoms of the world innocence without sin he gave all of that over the enemy eyes went back to the cross editor and an resurrection but twice is not come to get you if you let me the company getting the Wyborcza the company revealed take everything back to but in the meantime the devil still have the ability to do in this world things away for allegiance safety accused goblin for Joel the devil does for his people don't miss that point that will so why one person becomes a big-time celebrity superstar and another person doesn't in fact was what if you have to know something about one of the of the big band that I dated a human columnist about Jasmine is a big bandwagon I decided I wanted to the best one in Montréal yet he was the most popular animals profitable successful and I can you cannot make it in this world unless you get some allegiance to the spirits amended up talked about on our liability is less than one hundred results on about how Denzel Washington says he prays in the spirit does and the Oprah Winfrey anonymous talk with Tom Oprah Winfrey asked Denzel Washington in the movie glory which is one of the better movies made on the similar arm and one of black battalions that we as a fight is a scene in a movie where Denzel Washington of styles of former slave is whipped by Bob wanted a blue blue blue captives of generals of the North adding one he has won just one tear comes down to spaces cinematography is phenomenal business climax of the movie was asked in the Washington object of that scene doesn't want to disallow the mantra lymphoma the scene and I prayed this is aware of it will shock you prayed while okay to get the deal Donna Brazile understand what I'm even pray to take a Sofia I pray that the spirits of the dead slaves anything to believe in the Trinity said the spirits of the dead slaves called roll with me you can go on YouTube it's easy to find a watch for yourself it's amazing so he goes out and he doesn't seem and what he does is he literally channels these bends Roger Lemieux said that when historians in Montréal one of find out what Napoleon did all I want to brainstorm a figure did they want to be spiritual leaders and have them channel the spirit of these dead people said they can get a straight word as to what really happened in the Demons can completely and perfectly imitate the real person Nevada's Lynden Washington will begin moving up the back and we will now go back to the scene we does the long speech by Malcolm X was able to stop over the camera became a whole entire another speech by Malcolm X. Spike Lee was the director of the buildings that you studied us precisely to the movie and does a lot that I never even read that speech before my life is debated because one optimizes pages why because he had been trying to channel the spirit of Malcolm X will know nonetheless that needlessly integrated that he was channeling demons when I really have to explain a lot about your blues would have to relive the job of making you understand that in this age of technology the devil really have a lot of work to do so what are the devil do well you have Canada's first we will look at the great general counsel the problem interview to be the probably filled in a bit of you to get interviews with ABC bookstores they have them review by Doug Doctor Evan and another group in the first live of the great jet of a great general counsel at the beginning of the seventeen hundreds of the high priest this is the high priest Roger Reynolds Lucifer and Holy Spirit counselors to a world of a great general counsel of one person line was to prepare for the great industrial age which was sold to break upon the world is a sad unable to follow the industrial age with our tremendous scientific discoveries would be made by people in the world would enter into a unique age that would change the way that everyone lives well understood what was going to happen and then I began to prepare the technology we now enjoy CNN was on about his decade of North Idaho how can one decade how fast man's technology with the recent move forward ten years and cell phones like ten years ago I would be more really on the Internet as much as they are now the mighty like twenty years of the bodily Internet so the military so naturally the devil understood how quickly the world is going to change rigid and digital music downloads one day his ability to influence the world would be nice you had never been ever inside especially not since the Tower of Babel or a whole world spoke one language in essence he was getting power back to technology totals and also instead of these changes would also assert that the end times of the close of the great controversy Lucifer understands that he says that the high priest is a real businessman Rosamond was translated out here would benefit has been able to preset levels of red and studying the Bible and he found Daniel twelve for or where we are told about the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased as he understood it to be that they were getting out getting to that point and he with all the spirit counsel is now needed to change their modes of operation what a better as their people and devise a way whereby people were would disqualify themselves to be members of Christ coming kingdom so they came up with a plan to get people to disqualify themselves from being saved so in this as well as an Olympic to run over the disappointing the data wanted to do three things the devil wanted to do this Council will use any of the new this is the dragons were on a remnant remember the science and reason to do away with any believe in the devil himself will realize what anyone in the people yet it will not believe in him first because if you realize you have an enemy when you do you prepare for the thing is really an enemy out there change the way you live you is limited inevitably go to school differently the best elimination of every one of the VW that I like is different with your guard is down and would be the devil try to get him out of it and are now selling in Paris at an implant he got the beast that comes out of the abyss of acute numbers are different I won't live the brilliant message on this beast the beast that comes up and I was reason itself and reason comes on the scene of out against all that God is doing the French Revolution Kingston and all of a sudden all of them palm readers of all of the magicians everybody is slept out of Paris the devil wanted to do this you wanted people to know Robin believe he actually existed forced at second he wanted to is the mind control to hypnotism this he did by raising up the devil himself raised up friends who has German opposition maybe the homicide within minutes we were in was word mesmerized and mesmerism to bottom-up anyone hypnotized vigil and it wasn't very long before they were able to do that modify Mesmer was that they were using hypnotism as a means of doing anesthesia and wanted benefits of hypnotism from spiritualism from from from from witchcraft basically admitted a science is on something to be careful with it on a lot of the message is a lot of them have been as good off the desktop why when I was primrose path and come back worshiping flowers and stuff you have a general and in whatever direction he needs to the alternative medicine and in and outside about a dozen you can invest up to basis in spiritualism a lot of momentum at all one of on Barrett 's guide he was teaching my covenant to do Ricky the Japanese witchcraft you rub your hands on we did a run in the hot place or people heal when you touch me to touch me at the red line that is why did you know that the more the big one another see it in the digital age the devil 's ability to hypnotize has been manifested in ways that are unbelievable for example a movie like avatar unless even movie that I've seen the commercials of read that the stuff on it and basically it was James Cameron of the director and a ten year the ringleader the technology didn't exist ten years ago and you going to any of the people also spellbound with the building of a plot but the special effects a solicitor hypnotized in two hours and forty miniature souvenir and is the time does not exist and then assigns it regards the Jews struck a time that technology is really been able to help out with an elastomeric evolution of the means of burning the Bible about advertising the Bible evolution is an obligated evolution is taught evolution is probably Satan 's crown jewel of deception PS swept so many people of the rings of delusion by getting them to believe evolution is liable at one of our universities on the West Coast right now are my others University of a lot of debate and discussion of whether I've been taught in classrooms all are run just a little bit about it but I can tell you I know people who went what will the same time I worked please even went back towards optimal Melinda who believe in evolution it do not believe in a literal six-day creation I believe I present myself so this one is powerful because the problem with that attribute if you've got been really great world in six days why do you keep the Sabbath was in the seventies it with them six sixty million year loud to anyone at the truth evolution doesn't make any sense except if you wait long enough to live all doesn't keep waiting for the millions in the open about it if you need site a really good book on evolution immunity site today to fight the Tyrannosaurus rex chasing you of the evolutionism state entities deal is an upside to develop how to survive while you are involving your eyes this Internet sites like that of evolution is the most complex neurological funds in your brain has missed the city Laguna does not want to be like that statistically speaking I was in fact in the book he said that the home I will be visited for the police me to say that the world involving and being as perfect of the date which is not perfect the other was when it was created the stupid witch and the like accordingly in the junkyard and assembling a fairly functional car with gas in the tank genes in the ignition and the cars running Hollywood billions of years would you wait about twenty two ago and that could wait forever you would never happen same thing with you whenever you like that he says that Mesmer as well as the bad when we personally to advising Babar went personally to buy the devil when they were children as I was able to be done that way because he was the type of the child to the T expose children to see that the devil hypnotizes children to television would thought about it the second is Rosamond I'll give you these three warnings on the focus was on the second one arm far talk I hope they said they discuss hybrids of the wood proved to be a problem tool to be Christianized the Western world the Avenue of mysticism with all the time to come when most of them decided to choose a person to initiate this masterly deception plan was a prominent Austrian physician was chosen because he was considered the most capable reservoir with a very called animal magnetism later on called mesmerism according to the high Priest reservoir was led by the spirit to believe that certain persons having magnetic influence within themselves and speak though called them to have great power over other persons even to the point of placing them into a tray we know that he is accredited would be no one who actually creates hypnosis but France Mesmer is the one with ethanol and mesmerism was also going to talk about today and the enemy literally set them up to do this so in essence you will receive the element magnetism that certain people receive worship certain people the defendant was a American withdrawal of these people of their missing worship on behalf of the fallen angels walk on a preliminary fabric of the society in general achievement of the Bible believing church and it worked like a charm literally one inevitability realized that if you combine this teaching you can get people who the celebrity brought them to draw them in worship at the people are drawn to destroy the moral fabric and it worked on America like a charm in the world giving some examples will be a few examined by the government to come in and set itself since it is out of front of the television set it reduces out and then list all of us but with those accolades and often is whenever I waited to bring a reduced it is a sign that your brain isn't fully awake so they did I like to unsettle Graham e.g. the same thing we do the test the seizures in a hospital and it is the one side of the initial business from the movie of you get this information from one of the two is that of the documentary devoted www. turn off the TV .com updated you type it will kill your TV builds up in it but it is a movie and documentary nonaffected kidney from a few years back who reduces outlays was as if you're like us a hypnotic type of state all so sleek white like state it is transmitted likely not reflect his feeling of a movie theater the light is coming from a project like this in the reflected light but what a television you actually are the screen so not only do you have to do the content is also the actual way to get the information also thank you because you like this is brown like him do not reflect off of anything and once I thought that made a difference is a cheap and easy way to change a board in that sense it is similar to cocaine now not just cocaine is a lot of incapable of alcohol but I do become addicted off initially multiwindow addicted because seeking a way to quickly change their mood but some of you get addicted to sexual sin they get addicted to drugs that you know you become a fanatical sports that's then when you get when you do not fill in the day and you get a lot of negative changes and when you feel better we noticed that we don't feel good noble but I was in a cheap easy way to do it in a film and eternal friends you haven't a fake unrealistic life right November is ironic visual and wish you had it all without a life they have to be taken quickly causing the change how you feel notably you watch the football game of basketball a soap opera of mercy and so that is what they want a related but it does not rely for the untrodden watch out some rules might want some sports but in general I don't like to give these smooth as there is lost in Arizona garden would be done without but I get into the living room a young I did a merely on the Connecticut last month at a time so we watch DVD that is because every night you die to get home to watch it stop what you're going to see that show whatever it was outlined some control would be like that so after a get stuff done but is Israel the reality is it on television isn't it just the device is the same government agendas and three again through your lives I can have a partners is that you don't understand this is a powerful weapon in the devil 's longest-running and he began the last of my weight of the active people worship one person and project the image in your sound all over the world and TV waves and radio waves of course now it's far more beginning with satellite Internet cable while they bought a block at the end of the day when the devil really want to you as he can elevate one person in the whole world wars that one person at the Linda occupied that person and even on a double-dip as we receive worship they can get back what they wanted they lost what a double number label to achieve in having this is the very root of popular culture in the United States that Mister is the only drug that people are bad secular music is all get the docs we will continue Christian music of a fundamental visit the at a fundamental level than most people listen to this country is rooted in the principle of the enemy wants worship is merely want to destroy and an corrupt and morally this comes from out of the crowd levels such as on that enormous while you were in the Satanic Bible about sex imagine all the different things and writing backwards and living backwards and always got to stop out the problems later on the big it'll admired by the Beatles all and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt and others about the promises in the B6 executive mother called beast is a big Satanist and yet he is the one who is what is much of the popular culture the United States sounds like stairway to heaven for those appraisal courses on the devil Hotel California only songs at all this stuff is really again the devil drivers it wasn't a web development is single USB we really worshiping and that's added to the city 's defenders by digital rock concert all episode of you that people are recognizing me worship you this is a symbol of bafflement that may have female half man half goat the that was worshiped in ancient Rome and Greece that is the essence of December means that because they show you where you worship is actually going what women have a rocket on bafflement that was telling me actually worshiping because he wants a new estimate of account if you don't recognize it was to bring it this is not been released on bond on spiritualism in the chart unfortunately the charge that the same stuff giant conserves and everybody handled the same thing in the back of the mind of yours a member in charge this will be worshiped so when you look at it but by doing that he was able to create American Idol out of another coincidence but in a nutshell is American Idol relatively completely unknown people are put on a show marginally talented most of the time and being dancing the it would make fools out of my limits are the primary talented and the beliefs of the country for the celebrities that is not anything that I go back to the real American I would like to be like Elvis Presley who save a lot of Christian song the final letter on really not much of a Christian at all Marilyn Monroe they say committed suicide conspiracy there is a something else off it was on the building of the business owner Sergeant peppers lonely hearts album Sergeant Pepper some sort of the actual pitch about with the Kronos open about their on the album cover in the crowd signaling again when worship is going to John S Agnes sang him a song on a massive there's no heaven and on earth that means basically again telling you what was going a singing a song to begin the process of destroying the fabric of morality in the in this country and around the world will charm you United States one forty people and its allies out of wedlock would of been unheard-of sexuality I mean prostitution gambling not after the meeting to take any popular wild people worship these individuals and because even Christians wind up becoming fans of these idols even a Christian change the way the things I used twisted celebrity our favorite celebrity news a while differently and that without a brilliant job use any people to do that now appointed under the given example I wouldn't mess around a long minute Jackson for me was a child just like Mesmer just like Darwin formula child he was in the spotlight he was elevated he was worshiped he tells stories about about a girls chased him and his brothers on what it would do to get what is browsing the young is what he usually did get a girl but he talks about that and Michael Jackson I'm inevitable argument holding on Michael Jackson Michael Jackson clearly in my opinion went over to worshiping the devil I think about alerts those old songs not played backwards and forwards in heat Michael Jackson the one who wrote and one Richard wrote a song we are the world and is an and in the songwriter well that Michael Jackson says when programming language writings that like Don 's shoulders by changing stones to bread which truly make a better day just you and me now he would like to announce you the book of Mark Jesus is hungry forty days fast this is the bread even when anything is known about what happened we lobby and we wouldn't be here so when they say that while anything that the church of Satan teaches you that you eat that evening we've got a story all wrong they do things and less sympathy for the devil of a single AC/DC begin songs was just sympathy for the devil so that is over the deck against people he contorts them to try to destroy items I was done by this slim handsome man by the United Way only way a drug addict messed up ugly slot hold a debate Michael Jackson dies on propofol for NFL event will use the publicity of anesthesia for surgery in the amount of sleep technically but it really doesn't is because he basically telling you what the spiritual get the double gave him was just like when Wasserman would sleep and in and run out of both said they would be given which was delivered the next day Michael Jackson said that when he was sleeping would be given as it records the tests on his mother interview after his death that he would get up in the middle of night and just write the entire song out just getting when everything was right out so he became desperate to sleep seeking the next it certainly couldn't sleep anymore he actually hired someone to drive part of the sleep to anesthesia and holds that he would get the next and it is effort to stay asleep so long was so deep in the doctor probably fall asleep while he died looking under the disaster God of agent great God of sleep that would deliver things eventually we try to get this God so what was then asleep in the middle that last time when the lockdown before that's what happened is an easy Jay-Z is the rapper and his fiancée is right Jay-Z says he doesn't write to Amazon 's Internet back anything is a Islamist of millions of sale then animal to me of another one would clearly worship the devil and he made a movie religion list which is basically a Satanic manifesto against faith in general the heart with JC was on a Sony took a big notebook qualities learned would that I can actually notice copyright office on editors I thought we had pages about with this product had a twelve ounce bottle I do know it I can tell you how to do it because of the bad arrivals what would you pledge allegiance to the devil it gives you guess it gives you dance moves because you whenever you need is the unthinkable because the STS baffle that are on the panel by the bicycle to his old business last affairs as you said she is not really Beyoncé will not stay the performance she becomes Sasha fierce reward you want to become somebody else is the problem is you have enough time to be as big as a lot of enough when it becomes a binding sauce affairs Astrid was assigned to drop SOC becomes 's affairs and again if you look at the lyrics of the songs going forwards the song again break down add more whole standing with his Michael Jackson stirs it off right now people against marriage to go towards cheaper atoms free sex one night stands you don't drink it when it comes to hip-hop music rap music all the rest of our laptop and any goals back to the devil is why we would you see I wanted to pitch as a member to a picture somewhere to start with the one commandment of the insurgency was I will just say whatever what what oh what I am as one of the world by wisdom insurgency is only one commandment it is doing thou wilt shall be the whole of the law and that is what Jay-Z the most popular rapper in the United States are now wears on his shirt on and that is that all of us the world is to become more and more Satanic and round as the failure to drop the difference between another Mobile peculiar last time about weird different between us and the world is to get exasperated and bigger and bigger and bigger as the world becomes more dark and sprinted out of the drawn from his earth and neither do more more more but when you look at the mobility people are going amid on the cover business of dangerous I will be in the victim of how is the ground Michael Jackson being been in Washington same date as the logical Michael Jackson with a double use it down the plant announces plan for a one world economic system now the whole world was wondering after this beast at his death while everybody was on Michael Jackson that the TV cameras want in our listings on how he died why died on his war service the Pope announces in the middle of economic rises will should be the center of a new financial way for the entire world and most people never heard the proclamation because they were too busy mourning the death of the Prince of the King of Pop 's WMS technology the him I was instantly doing iPod carrying around your access to pornographic things on W lose all this is a book of Magic Mrs. Jay-Z and Rick Rubin from the outside that damn records and as he wanted us to go to make this solicit their magic is a big part of the popular culture this is why when Azeris in overtime as the last session as is do not mix with the people of the world don't mix of the tribes around you are an abomination the unclean telephony capabilities that make the Bible literally what God hates all a lot is magic you went for them and literally wending on the studios they put spells on their songs with values to be one of the lead singers of all are currently bad when it's on our section that I've is now pastor he became a Christian and these little bastard we have a testimony that when they want to make a song all I want to section what is wrong which is into the studio and put a curse on a song to one of our young girls are to song were still virgins it would give those girls the courage to give up their virginity occurs was placed on the song he said he didn't believe there is a life out of a job when he saw happening is about one song shot to number one in the United States and in Europe Australia number one saw that almost the whole world and all of a sudden after the family began to come back to them with little girls thanking them for making a song that gave them the courage to give up her virginity the Dragon the technological era and now I'm magic sent around the world by high-speed Internet this power again you are lifting the veil job that you can see inside will we know what supernatural policy we don't even fully understand of course that Harry Potter and the guy will ask them to find also popular it's ridiculous and I got it I think I played initial regulatory money the movie is old we had a light on his shoulders people should be scared you'll really scary drive vampire movie is shown on the plane and would like a little weird in Charlotte twilight is the biggest thing is inevitable and we continue to put out these magical mystical stories that destroy Christianity in essence this destroys Christianity is anti-Christian in fact with the building with a holster that would represent a Christian when it is adoptive parents and bad guys of old theory that is because it wasn't mistreating and also by the Hollywood and make sure to what butchery Christians in a horrible like usually presented is always looking that is a godliness in this movement the same day that there were kids that all of it the author 's name on JK Rowling 's gene with hit letters and children all over the world asking her how they can be admitted into the Hogwarts school of magic refills school of magic is make-believe in the movie and was united back and tell them to get angry weeping is no school I will go to school that's how powerful these mediums are the reason this is relevant to those of us one remnant is when you will not appeal would be going out into communities to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ I warn you will be billable or more supernatural manifestation you in the building when dealing with demons was struggling with stop because they been what was my magic is just wasn't as open fifteen twenty thirty years ago by the UFC and I'm not where I will outline what the woman's house the same church actually the clips we went into communion with the sick and shut a member and it was time to all the immutable but unavoidable accident raise the red flag right there and the pastor wanted to go the last of the past that and when I got of that is the only pastor actually had a real-time but he still does a man who worked in a Mercedes limo driver lover single women to do with it it is enough about the Honda also what will they wrote it also get caught on where we are not a final guy has been a giant bottle of olive oil I'll let you know in a little annoyed people that you believe that Allah would you like a big bottle olive oil like that about the Google Bundestag would think so identified on the way over there now is that the only was the lady that was possessed and see Jason up and up as a learning to chase me out apartment alas I love there in the middle of a backseat cage strapped in the event that changed a little outline on the fence will be doing today the Allah will we get out of there and I'm like really really like and is not eligible unless it was a little olive oil in a letter lock it will take me the deepest flip on your way right and so we go there is going to build the house it was like the ladies this guy was the first thing she does is apologize when he was past possessed the previous time and take a bath around rent a house the bottom door but literally get away and hide and deal with Disney when she had to go and pray and so and so forth it was the season the reason she got possessed because getups on the globe but because these deliverance ministries came to her and then his people claim to know deliverance ministry two thousand and and it can deliver from a demon entity went to her is what she said no I is not smart to play with the devil and they were plan with a double citizen and if this is a must I got up and about his spiritualism to start it all you will did uncomfortable what is it like no WMD imminent risk of the demonizing of the agreement that is a bad habit is an understanding that now you stop opening itself up to demonic influence but this definitely now the Romans are we going out you have the very prayed up nobody really because enough book is the world is changing fast maybe all the stories what do you want similar things I wanted a Bible study one out of Linda Melinda was born out in December working with one of independent young when they were doing about was that he lived there with her family and her brother body is the same at night sometimes they hear stuff come on and often stuff turns around what stuff you run a house they wanted and I was very so we went and she said it's because the brothers us doing drugs and aisles and because they watch on the most recent devolution demonic movies in the house as you believe that the house is possessed and you will begin with some different stuff nowadays about eleven hours there but this staff has opened up old can of worms will admit that it exists well I remember I was on his watch this yourself the camera pans on the Galactica David Golden the studio I make it up and even YouTube so it's a commercial item into anyone want to worship each of these have in the return of the hot he called himself God he says I am Jehovah God MC you have everybody put their hands up the agent is open and why that was happening because the devil wants worship I understand and take my throne and put it above the potable side he wants to leave and worship and we have to be careful this is one a result of the careful we bring in the styles of the world into the church because just like he wants worship to him is no different than you get a holy hip-hop Christian hip-hop guy come in any given exact same thing everything everywhere but his actions are the double hobbling out of the double double of the piggyback on him they were Christian rock the only real G lots of exacting environment and it would try to get away from and you can see here in this picture this is a U2 concert with the people this is insane amount of ten thousand women who feel their will decide about the asking for demonic power and presence executive Richard and George responded differently the church when we do stuff now exactly what it looks like Jennifer Stephens church with the weather was later on those guys the churches are investing in charges everybody was a gigantic crowd now they want accolades and guess what the devil can possess people who profess to be preachers just like you can't oh you women out to be very careful because we tend to do what is right Mayhew when you want that he wanted nothing to do with all applicable and because the delegate was leaving in Detroit Matthew Simmons as entities in the straight gate wide is the gate and broad is the way that leaves the destruction and many there be would be the going there at the strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leads on to life and few there be that find it which one of the things that women has to remember is that numbers work backwards when you're dealing with salvation and my default is going wrong way sometimes I was in the sum of the Adventist pastors in the communities this client for mega- church layers of them talk about they don't understand according to Scripture is not supposed to want thirty thousand people visited one person and message if you have because this one to get his big mom crowd things it's actually the opposite is a small narrow way and few there be that find it in fact one assigned one another Simon Miranda jerked me around Richard in our numbers the limitless there will definitely be a problem because the Bible says only a few people will find his way and I'm convinced that God pulls people leads people reaches the boarding our sense of the satellite three AVN in countries where they could never actually has a medicament breach he brings them to the gospel links them into us and that a lot of people are found and if you are found from all around the globe and God will continue to do with work of redemption in the last days God did additionally some gigantic mom movement and him him more in the biblical plan as if I think we're just about out of time and place into the session and then will start up again it to thirtieth think Santa God we thank you for your truth and that even in this age of technology and digital advancement most Pentagon memo walked away from you because of the Lords of the sinful world stuff out of the habit of thought on the whole armor of God let us keep the shield of faith and the sword of the word of God let us keep on what the helmet of salvation and gird our loins and truth is that without we are your soldiers in this way relay father God we wanted to follow the orders of our general we want to do it you would have us to do more but we want never to bring victory in front of the name of Jesus Christ is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen I will see you later this movie was produced by audio versus working twice generation of Christ learn more about you might see please visit www. when not more or he would like the more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse got more


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