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The Remnant, Prophecy, and the Sanctuary

Michael Hasel


Michael Hasel

Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Southern Adventist University



  • February 8, 2019
    7:00 PM
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My title today is remnant sanctuary in prophecy and that's a huge title and I'm not dealing with all of those aspects in depth tonight but I want to to put those together because they're all connected. They're all connected with our identity and our mission as 7th Day Adventists and so we we wrestle with that today just 3 weeks ago I was in Hong Kong and I had been there before 33 years earlier. A lot changed the airport is a new location the city has expanded greatly I learned while I was there that there are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than any other city in the world I learned that there are more tourists going to Hong Kong than any other city in the world in fact twice as many go to Hong Kong then the next city that receives tourists the highest court of tourists 20000000 most of them from mainland China to do shopping and other things. I was also struck again by the vastness as I travel to large cities of the mission that we have been given as a church for this time I don't know about you when you travel to large cities last weekend I was in Los Angeles how you feel about that or as you walk drive to work every morning down. I 75 or I 24 but it seems to me that that our task is great and yet we have been given a task and that task is important by the way didn't take these pictures I was in a helicopter. People come to Hong Kong to shop it's one of the wealthiest cities in the world they call it The New York of Asia perhaps with Singapore I travel to New York every year but I never have seen as many special car SR I did in Hong Kong in one week it was quite incredible but I wasn't there to see all of these things or to shop or do that I was there to hold an evangelistic meeting at our Adventist Church located brand new brand new I've sorry admin is tossed little here that was built just in 201628 tower 28 floor hospital in on we have a 2nd hospital on stubs on the famous Stubbs road which is the where all the wealthy people want to have their address as my wife and I were travelling back and forth day by day we were struck by the numbers of people and this was a very typical scene in the subway a very sophisticated subway people as you noticed in this scene looking down what do you think they were looking down at. Their smartphones that's right young and old alike glued to their smartphones we took other pictures down the train when it was a little bit more empty all the way down the train everybody I mean almost everybody on their cell phone with the exception of one or 2 people and it struck me that as we travel from place to place in today's global world that we live in we're really connected as we've never been before and the barriers that once were there are not quite the same as they once were before we traveled to temples like this one. And we watched both Westerners and we watched local Chinese Hong Kong these as they like to call themselves they want to distinguish themselves from China they we watched them worshiping gods praying before gods bringing offerings of meat and bread and various things we watched them. Kind of. In not a Biblical fashion but kind of casting lots to see what their fortune would be for the day and then leave and we saw this again and again we saw. Temples dedicated to Buddha and we saw the largest Buddha supposedly in Asia we had to take a cable car to get there and there it is on top of a mountain you could see it you can see it from miles and miles and miles away and we saw Westerners as well as locals and others who were coming worshiping. Here and balland down before this metal artifact it's challenging it's challenging in a part of the world where we have so many people 1400000000000000 people in the world are Chinese if you add 40000000 in Hong Kong and Taiwan and another 40000000 outside of that territory like the individuals that run China kitchen here at 4 Corners you have even more individuals around the other 40000000 around the world so 1500000 really a 1000000000 I'm sorry individuals in the world. When our church was founded in the 1800 surround 850 or so and 865 to be exact but in that transition from the 1940 S. and fifty's our world population was 1200000000. Notice how it has grown over the years and what the projection is for the future between 192719748 period of about 50 years our population our world population doubled from 1951 I'm sorry 974. To 2025 It is estimated to double again and we're not too far away from 2025 are we and from the graph you can see just this exponential rise that we don't really know the territory they are in in the light blue where it where it's heading if it will continue its precipitous rise or whether it will eventually level off I bring this up because of the daunting task that the mission that we have is that mission is getting greater not smaller and yet our mission remains the same isn't it and and so today as we think about that mission and think about this weekend the special place that we have to reach the world for Christ as Christ is ministering in the have in the sanctuary it is something to think about. I want to also mention that for many in our church these distinctive doctrines don't have the same value perhaps that they did to our pioneers. And I'm referring to a recent study that was conducted by our own school of religion faculty member and others within the department together with the are in statistics department of the General Conference of 3 institutions Southern evidence university would University and Pacific Union College from 2001 to $2012.00 and in this to testicle study that looks at graduates who have left the university and are out for a few years it measures what their commitment is this is called the evidence connection study what their connection is 1st of all with the church and secondly what their commitment is to the church and to its doctrines and what you'll see here of course is a series of various questions that have been asked about but you'll look and you'll notice that at the bottom of this series of questions God created the world at the very top has the highest number of individuals that agree with that late lease number that disagree the red is disagree I'm sorry now that the purple is disagree the red is still agree. But as we go down the list you notice that as we get down towards the bottom notice that. 844 in the preamble judgement is 3rd from the bottom marriage between those between those with same beliefs as 2nd and the administration is the last day remnant church is the last so for some reason there is becoming a larger disconnect with with these doctrines of the church and these ideas in the church and I think I think that perhaps is reflecting somewhat These are millennial is of course but it's reflecting somewhat part of the issues we face with identity today. So that's why we're having this conference to look at some of those fundamentals again and see where we are at and why these things are important since we're an educational institution I thought it would be good to share this quote from Education Page 12521268. Struck me again as a teacher how important this aspect is that I thought to myself Is this really the primary focus of my teaching in my classes here the central theme of the Bible the theme about which every other theme in the book clusters is the redemption plan the restoration in the human soul of the image of God He who grasped this thought has before him an infinite field for study he has the key to unlock for him the whole treasure house of God's Word the science of redemption is the science of all sciences This is the highest study in which is possible for men to engage I think she would say women as well today and no other study can as no other study can it will quicken the mind and uplift the spirit the central theme is the redemption plan in another place she states that we will study the plan of redemption throughout all eternity in the mysteries thereof in the great controversy pages 488 and 49 she speaks specifically in a chapter about the sanctuary this is what she says in the context again of this redemption plan the same surely in heaven is the very center of Christ to work in behalf of men notice it's kind of a theme here that is developing it opens to view the plan of redemption bringing us down to the very close. Of time and revealing the triumphant issue of the contest between righteousness and send it is of the utmost importance that all how many all should thoroughly investigate these subjects and be able to give an answer to every one that asks of them a reason of the hope that is in them. So in the list that we saw before in earlier this year we focused on we had a presentation on the state of the dead and spiritualism but as we look at these last 2 aspects here those aspects were very close and dear to their pioneers hearts as they wrestled with the crisis of what happened in $844.00 and as they as light dawned and as they began to understand the special meaning of what Christ was doing in the heavenly sanctuary and how important that was for the 2nd coming. In evangelism page 222-1223 we read this and perhaps the pillars that we just saw there a moment ago as the pillars that she's talking about these pillars of truth stand firm as the eternal Hills unmoved by the efforts of men combined with those of Satan and his host we can learn much and should be constantly searching the scriptures to see if these things are so God's people are now to have their eyes fixed on the heavenly sanctuary where the final ministration of our great high priest in the work of the judgment is going forward where he is interceding for his people now. I know that our guest here this weekend Dr Davidson loves to climb mountains. And it's something that I have enjoyed as well although I haven't climbed as many as he has over the years but one of the joys that I have had and I know that he has had as well has been to climb in the Sinai Peninsula the mountains surrounding what might be one of the one of them is probably the mountain but Moses also climbed many years ago and waiting there at 2 o'clock 3 o'clock 4 o'clock in the morning for the sun to come up over those mountains in the Sinai Peninsula it's an amazing experience to one you never forget when you do it once you want to do it again and when the sun rises that's cold up there even in the middle of July it's freezing up there but when that sun rises and it comes over the peaks just to the levels continue to go a Later on it looks like this God brought his people out of Egypt and he brought them to the wilderness he brought them to the grandiose mountains in order for them to understand how great he was how immovable he was and yet he gave them something in the sanctuary that was also a little bit different than the mountains how is this different than what I just showed you a moment ago it's mountains right but it is a painting and studies have shown studies from the school of medicine at Emory University have shown that our mental reaction to a painting is completely different than from just looking at a photograph of something as beautiful as that photograph might be because we recognize them how intrinsically in our mind that a painting requires skill. And it requires a great deal of effort and and there's something that happens in the brain particular particularly in the frontal lobe area here that that interacts with the painting in a very different way the neurons in the synopses they they just go crazy and there are all kinds of amazing things that responses that are evoked that are different than a photograph participants who viewed these images and had their brain scanned using magnetic resonance imaging with scientists were able to see these differences do you think God knew that at the beginning I think he did so he takes them out to nature this beautiful nature yes it's the desert but it has its own beauty and he takes them there and he has them build a sanctuary. A sanctuary where he will dwell with them. A sanctuary that will be the center of their existence the sanctuary that will draw all of them to its presence that will provide a lumination through the Chicago in a glory at night and from that same place a cloud of protection during the day in the heat of the day. Exodus Chapter 25 verses 89 says and let them make me a sanctuary that I made well among them according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall make it so there was a pattern a heavenly pattern that that God communicated to Moses and to others to to to pattern things after. But he didn't just leave it there because if even Moses with all of his amazing education in Egypt destined to be the next pharaoh of Egypt even with all of that amazing education Moses probably would not have had the skills to build the tabernacle So another passage some chapters later in Exodus 31 tells us how he accomplished that then the Lord spoke to Moses saying see I have called by name Basel al the son of Yuri the son of who are in the tribe of Judah and I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom and understanding and knowledge in all manner of workmanship to design artistic works to work in gold and silver and bronze and cutting jewels for setting in carving wood and to work in all manner of workmanship Indeed I even pointed him with the Holy of the son of. His sama the of the tribe of Dan and I have put wisdom in the hearts of all the gifted artisans that they may make all that I have commanded you the tabernacle of meeting this was a magnificent bit of architecture movable but beautiful in its details we don't have time to go into all of those tonight but God provided this through his artistic artist songs and I may be wrong about this but this is probably the 1st time ever in the Bible that we have an indication that someone is actually filled with the Holy Spirit or inspired to do something. We have Moses of course of Speier to write but these this is the 1st time the bible really speaks about this inspiration aspect that is given to artists to make the sanctuary so it must have been hugely important for the ancient Israelites and as a type for us today as well for the future now of course that tabernacle moved from place to place. And it moved many times and even when they arrived in the land of Canaan it continued to move from time to time from place to place and it wasn't until David that there was a vision for building the temple a permanent place and that was placed in a very important place it was placed right where Abraham had gone up on Mt Mariah to sacrifice Isaac and it was where David had earlier on been involved in threshing and it was a very important spot that was chosen there in Jerusalem on the top of Mount pariah but it was more than that I believe it was also very important in terms of its location because if you look at this map and you look at the surrounding nations these great empires of the ancient world Egypt who had let which had lasted 4 and been there for thousands of years and me to Persia and Assyria the lama and Babylon and. The Hittites up in the north and later on. Other cultures that would emerge in these areas know to look noticed how centrally Jerusalem is located in and for some of you you may not realize this but you might think well what well what about this whole expanse here well that's just desert not many people live in the Arabian shield. Not not a very hospitable place to be you have this land bridge right over there which is Canaan you have this land bridge that connects Egypt with the rest of the empires of the world and anyone that wanted to connect with Egypt and if Egypt wanted to connect with the other nations all had to go through Jerusalem all had to go through this this corridor or of this place. And God strategically called Abraham to that place and he said this is where I want to establish a great nation not necessarily. Just to be a great nation but to be a light to other nations. So the tabernacle was of course in type the plan of salvation and and it gave this on a regular basis as people went and as they worshiped they they worship there. And they of course brought their sacrifices there and day after day week after week this was the symbol of what would take place in the future this is hinted at in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 verse 16 when God after Solomon dedicates the Temple says something very profound he says now mine eyes shall be open in mine ears a tent under the prayer that is made in this place for now I have chosen and sanctified this house that my name may be there forever and mine eyes in mine heart shall be there perpetually what if Israel had remained faithful to the Lord with the sanctuary with the temple still be there today well in patriarchs and profits we have this statement had Solomon continued to serve the Lord in humility the entire region would have exerted a powerful influence his entire reign I'm sorry would have exerted a powerful influence for good over the surrounding nations nations that had been so favorably impressed by the reign of David his father and by the wise words and the magnificent works of the earlier years of his own reign in another place she says yes it would have remained there in perpetuity probably not used after the death of Christ but it would still be there today. But of course the temple was not for the temple itself. There are temples all over this world still today there were temples all over the ancient world this temple had a specific purpose at this as the sanctuary had to point forward to the great sacrifice that Jesus would make in the future and Galatians 4 verses 4 through 5 gives us a glimpse of this when Paul writes but when the fullness of the time had come God sent forth His Son born of a woman born under the law to redeem those who were under the law that we might receive the adoption as sons when the fullness of time had come. In class last week I went through a whole series of things that had been coming to fullness just ready and right in the culture and in the climate and in the religious views Ellen White goes through a whole list of these in desire of ages and it's very interesting that the world was ready in that part of the world for Jesus to come but of course the prophecies had also pinpointed this as well nothing was by chance Daniel Chapter 9 had already been very clear as to when this would take place and what it was how it would take place and so when the fullness of time had come it had come and Jesus came think about it Jesus everything that for centuries for millennia of time since Adam and Eve heard the great promise in Genesis $315.00 finally the Messiah had come and he had come to fulfill that which had pointed toward him all along the work of the heavenly saying of the earthly sanctuary now where we look at Christ deaf on the cross and if he was the Lamb of God Where would that have taken place. In the courtyard right the altar a burnt offering there so when Jesus died on the cross that's where and typically that's where he it would have been represented in the sanctuary after His resurrection he entered into heaven and was received by his father he entered the most and the Holy Place the holy place where the lamb stand the table of showbread the altar of incense was and that. The end to typical thing most Christian churches have stayed there and they focus on what happened in the courtyard and death of the Christ on the cross. Some of them may also focus a bit on what's happening in the holy place but when are pioneers experienced the great disappointment in 844 Their eyes were drawn back to the sanctuary and their eyes were drawn to the most holy place and the entity to pick all day of atonement and I know these charts can be very. Intimidating. And we're not going to go through him through it today but the reality is that in our understanding the 7th Day Adventists that's where we find ourselves today in this general ballpark we are before the close of probation but we are in this time period between 844 and yeah we the great Jacob's time of trouble hasn't started yet the great time of trouble hasn't started yet the 7 last plagues haven't started yet but these are the things that we can expect in the future as we read in the Book of Revelation as we read in prophecy and so forth. And we have been given a very specific message it's known as the 3 angels message and that message begins with this time period actually just prior to this time period is the mill right since the advent movement was moving forward Revelation 146 through 7 says that I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the springs of the loop and the springs of water the sea in the springs of water so the hour of his judgment this period of time when Jesus is in the most holy place and sometimes we think of judgement as something difficult to think about right scary to think about but as I was. In these temples. In China just a few days ago watching people petitioning themselves kneeling down face to the ground before these gods I thought to myself What a message of hope we have for them what a message of Christ grace that we have that someone came into this world to pay the price for our sin and who is the only one who is able to stand before his father in our behalf and stand as our advocate pleading in our behalf as our High Priest let us draw near to God Isaiah needed that kind of picture didn't he I don't know if you remember but in Isaiah Chapter 6 versus. One through 6 we have an image of Isaiah Ellen White tells us that he was in the courtyard of the temple when his eyes were opened and suddenly he was able to see and his eyes were opened and he looked and behold he was gazing into the most holy place and he says I saw the Lord seated upon a throne high and lifted up and his train filled temple and he sees Serafin singing one to another holy holy holy is the LORD of hosts the whole earth is filled with His glory and sees that he was overcome by his own sinfulness his own depravity and he as he crouches there is a freshman threshing floors are shaking in the in the midst of that scene one of the serious comes to him with a with a burning coal from the altar touches him on the lips says Your sins are forgiven your iniquity is taken away and then he hears the voice of the Lord saying whom shall we say. And who shall go for us and Isaiah does not hesitate like Jeremiah did doesn't make 5 excuses like Moses did at the burning bush he well the text doesn't say this but I imagine him jumping to his feet and saying Here I am send me do we need a view or do we need a vision like Isaiah had again today of Christ this time of Christ in the sanctuary with a father who was very moved when I was in Hong Kong a few days ago to hear the story of Abramelin roo again on the Sabbath. And Audrey Falcon Burke and my wife and I and Ron clues a who used to be the dean of the school of religion here we all went to visit the grave of Abrams the Rue. Abramelin Rue was a merchant marine for 50 years of his life and after that received a tract and received Bible studies and became a 7th Day Adventists Christian he was so excited about the new found truth he was so excited about the sanctuary message he was so excited about the Sabbath and the Jesus Christ that he never really understood or knew he went to Hillsboro college some years later now Pacific Union College to get further training and he became a literature of Angeles and in his travels as a merchant marine he had traveled the world he had stopped all over the world and finally at one point. The Lord just impressed upon his heart you need to go back you need to go back to China well it was 18 hundreds late 18th hundreds and he didn't have the funds to go to China so he wrote a letter to the General Conference and he asked them whether they would send him to China. But he was 65 years old and the general conferences I'm sorry you're too old to be sent as a missionary were not going to take that risk Abramelin rule was undeterred he felt the Lord had placed this call on his heart and he was going to go no matter what and so. He sold books made enough money to get to Hawaii where he sold more books and made enough money for a ship to Hong Kong and there he had tracts translated into Chinese and he began his literature evangelism work of the 1st 7th Day Adventist missionary to China Abramelin roo labored there for 15 years he went there and 88815 years he labored he did not see one single baptism. Didn't see one thing go full one during most of those years and then he was joined by 2 other families and within one year of those 2 other families then just a few months before his own death he witnessed what you see here in this picture on the right hand side he witnessed the baptism of 8 individuals the fruit of his labors and those that had come to accompany him and join him in the work and he died rejoicing that 8 had made the decision to follow Christ now they were not all Chinese as you can see a number of them were sailors and self but 2 of those sailors heading back to Hawaii I don't know exactly when a year later or a few months later gave Bible studies to 2 Japanese students and those Japanese students went back to Japan and they started the work in Japan and those Japanese students in their English work and in their work in Japan they had to salvage the school there they met a Korean gentleman who they gave Bible studies to and met Korean gentleman went back to Korea and began the work in Korea and so what Abraham will rue never knew is that he spawned the work in 3 different countries in Asia and today the work is going on as we stood around his grave a few Sabbaths ago and as we thought about the stacker face of this man who had a vision to do something for the Lord I couldn't help but think what is our vision today do we understand what Jesus is doing what he has done for each one of us and what he wants to do for everyone else living on this planet who simply don't know I had to put this next slide here maybe it's a little cheeky I don't know. I was an around during these days my parents were but the presenters this weekend both come from 2 institutions that used to be called something different Andrews University used to be called Emmanuel missionary college. It was established to train missionaries to take the word and the message the world and this school used to be called Southern missionary college that's by the way what the M. actually stood for some people have heard other things around here like matrimonial college but the M. F. or S.N.C.C. stood for Southern missionary college and our purpose our only purpose was to train teachers and pastors and missionaries to finish the work around the world I don't know how many majors we have here now at Southern but my prayer is that we still are training missionaries to change the world. Jesus is coming soon he is completing his work in the heavenly sanctuary we don't have a date when that work will be finished we don't have a time when it will be done but we know it must be very soon because 175 years ago this year in 1904 he entered the most holy place 175 years ago this year if he was coming back soon according to our pioneers then isn't he coming back sooner today. My prayer is that as we study this doctrine as we study this great truth of Christ in our heavenly sanctuary in the heavenly sanctuary and his desire to tabernacle with us and to create. As Revelation 21 says a place where he will dwell with us for eternity where he will tabernacle with us for eternity my prayer is that we will understand and we will recapture a vision of what that means for our future where they may or may there be more Abraham little ruse sitting here today may there be more Sarah little Rufus or I don't know thinking of some female names that will be willing to go out with missionaries as well we just thank you for coming here this evening may God give you grace we want to finish in time so that students can get to vespers tonight and thank you let's be our heads for prayer. Heavenly Father. We pray tonight as we join you in the anthems of heaven praising your name is the Sabbath begins and has already begun we thank you for what you are doing for us what you have done for us in sending your son and that his work didn't end up the cross but it continues today in a very special way in a very unique way to bring justice in a world that is filled with injustice to bring mercy in a world that is filled with great tragedies we thank you Lord that we serve a God who is both mercy and justice and one and that that is being fulfilled today in the heavenly sanctuary blessed us in our time this week this weekend this Sabbath as we continue to interact as we continue to learn as we continue to focus on what Jesus is doing for us because Lord we do want to come home and spend eternity with him. We want to see the real have a way century one day we want to commune in worship there with the hosts of people who have gone before us and those who are still waiting to hear the news. Help us to reach them or. Give us the compassion. Jesus is. In its name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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