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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 3

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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father God we thank you Lord for my essay for this place I think you for lunch and we thank you Lord for all that you are doing in our lives resides novel of its own screw would lead as we have the session the Lord we would leave here more Lord energized to see you to seek your truth and to speak your truth and we would live your truth as well the suffering Jesus 's name payment arts of the session of the first session of a draggable on a remnant 's secret agents and double agents it is the first one we did this morning was inserts a remnant we really kowtow to establish Roman church and look at prophecy from a different angle we use out a book of Corinthians actually when you would normally inevitably go of a Revelation twelve seventeen and we go to where it says that the other testimonies Geisler possibly stop when correcting the lot of work on showing in the purpose of prophecy and all members have a part to play it we got around that we are partly in in the spirit of prophecy meaning that when we do come across your blog learned the old truth we are purportedly ensuring truth with and that is also the spirit of prophecy that's partly why you're than women church and is the Dragon a digital eighties and is a lot lot more often though not just on the power of technology were to talk about Internet and not even really get into the ability of the incident to do everything from create your own digital pornography addictions that we see so then America now and around the world secret affair the people are blabbing about it got old way to communicate that undermine all the false doctrine and false information that Europe is available across the road the thing about Internet limit wheel there is also presence in truth so you one if I wanted that of the reason as well but if I was the love will battle going on the Internet that never existed you know just twenty years ago but rapidly really existed so we live in a real heavy digital time in terms of the ability to think information download auto level device like the iPod and walk around that is something that you don't double as front used to his advantage and praise God we are stuff like audio version three again so we have something really to counteract that you can send people to those sites all in those intervals outlets as a way for me to truth is missing pages double agents and this is talking more about how the devil to try to get into the church and sword in a move from words are about secular music in Hollywood and I comes up with bowel movements of your house that the double really try to get the church itself on the text text is Matthew chapter ten verse thirty five this is like a icon I am come not I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man's foes shall be the oven old household very strong text and the text is really say that when you become a Christian then asked him to have no allegiance to any one that trumps your allegiance to Christ your first and foremost is important relationship is a relationship with Christ in your allegiance to God and antibiotic comes in between that you have to cut that relationship off and not the original law the person ability person but that person cannot take control of your life like that on our testimony summary of losing to try to make it work in his relationship with the young man and eight months and I must do together she was opening to get married and finally the ungodly shall you as you prayed about a guy that I'm not willing to share you this man is too much of a place in your life and I'm not willing to seriously broke off the relationship because it was unhealthy relationship all the reasons and she was compromising her relationship with God over relationship Bible clearly says that nothing that we should do all you wanted is worse in that a man's foes shall be given own household meaning that when you walk out a remnant someone was no come out of him not to come from outside the church in fact we thought is one about the fact that the devil realized early on with persecuting Christians in the morning persecuted them the fact that will powerfully the church group to understand that it easily get the charge the best within the text turns out to Doctor George from within the government and because then he can legitimize Finnigan legitimized all docketing and legitimize heresy and people will accept it is exactly what the devil is working on the drivers for Protestantism in general and adamant to them and split in particular is working to discover them all covert means of trying to let Timothy says there's no asset in the last days perilous times will come for men shall be lovers of their own selves he doesn't have it still be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away so we know that from inside the church human enemies and fools rise up also you have the problem of the malevolent pleasure so much that you have a form of godliness but is not a problem of their own what is the real power of God the problem is not as money-saving as the blog changes as the power actually come in and make is over and is the creator Bob God and to re-create upon God what happened is that people will walk the form of Christianity form of conversion performance don't really want a power visible to come along with it to change them why because when we said that I only want the little bar at opportunity and and await to get people to worship him in a double life that stand in the temple of God so he doesn't really I ironically even when Roger drove them around the remotest morning you are right it will talk about these demon worshipers made that you have resource routing daemon while worshiping spirit worshiping at how well these of the day actually use candles and a sound like charge and I sang in his letter praising on him they would curse God bands the devil likes the formality of you Lee wants to stand before the congregation of God he wants to stand that place because that's the place he used that he used to be the one standing in directing the praise and worship in heaven he wants that back is not really loves you know many of the numbers the world and especially the Catholic Church is in that form without substance for them to stand up there and be like the plant for people biologist arrangement and often reported to them and really ultimately worship the devil is that because he gets it in a context that appears to be godly and ironically deathly wanting other really hope he enjoys the worship of these things as much as he does by deceiving people who think they're worshiping the true God of the video you are the people honestly this he really was in the people workers will be Christians he's really do we really want to wipe out is that this first and foremost enemy to the medicine is a shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived good thing about the things that I learned been a sort of north of whom thou hast learned them and I because I skipped the last personal network but is there that I'm a child you notice from the Scriptures he said also consider the longest as for we were a child oh and the battling the pages of fast problems a lot of alternative on the majority of understanding Scripture and starting children as early as possible to understand Scripture that is critical secondly a cylindrical the church and have been bigger than about five hundred they also need to understand Scripture as your only real defense was available Doctor White says of your own selves shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them therefore watch and remember there by the trial of this character are to come upon us not only from without but also from within our own ranks are individual safety is in entire consecration to God it is very clear that these attacks will not only come from outside the church a lot of times were wanted about were about the world you can't let down your guard inside of the church either as you'll see so this is what I'm not alone like this line really doesn't want Constantine was on the battle of rebuilding a bridge that is that the Elizabeth Lillibridge is heavily looked up he sought across appendicitis and what he said as he heard a voice say to him going to conquer by this in a Latin phrase what additional use and he was converted to Christianity value whether baptized they almost die and we got converted with a long value baptized but AJ Betty Dave decided by building churches and and and monastery he came in this enormously was a Christian stop taxing the priests and and the bishops and is able to move his good Christian leader but in fact he was the quintessential example of the double rising raising somebody up from inside the church to destroy abilities immediately began to do he began to take bits and pieces of things about the Taliban Christians when it was a pagan nation without a lot of burned by the state and wiki fiend of the lions wanted to go the grizzlies in the event of President Reagan's not all the lack of anything them of being president which I believe along anybody in particular when I like the thinking was the same as that in which wind is just a piece I went over the pagans and were identified as a bankrupt a lot of temples by talking with a little thing like that but I also do was he was wise enough as they let me take the days that are important to the pagans and turn them into Christian Dave will encounter below this was a process that happen in a rainwear to make they could be made people begin to consolidate by making the Sabbath a fast day and a solemn day and couldn't do anything honest I would but Sunday was a feast day to gather all your muffin ice cream on Sunday on Saturday evening anything will debut the goodbye look forward to write so they began to notice little switch that make people celebrate Sunday and repel a lot like Sabah because many people were worried Julie were baptized into Christianity and it was originally an on a Sabbath keeping charge to forget that or there refers are looking found in charge of eighty three twenty one into the first of a log or eight hundred twenty five in the Council of Nicaea and is awarded apply these things and pass the laws and undertaken it was the church was permanently changed so that is his father repayment of a site worshiping pagan ways that it is bubble of the Christian fundamental that altogether and what caused it ultimately David he really destroy the very foundation of Christianity but a lot I could say about this when we get into it even auto out that the name and the second Vatican Council the lot that the church discharged as to try and convince and when people do them without really changing paganism I can buy this one better than killing Christians were in a phase right now we're the drama Disney we can get that was accusing him to ultimately was a little dismal open-heart procedures will come back so that she will constantly like figures the day now and what I mean by that is again if you look at the trappings of it they build giant temples and churches that have huge praise and worship they seem to elevate Christ and you look at it and you think everything is fine this is not as secret agents and double agents that in fact these people may not at all be working for God I am back there I've been doing under a grand delusion so I'm up until Stephan I sometime long from Larry King live in a minute but here the judge were basically if you look at the books of the publisher like pop psychology innovative the real substance of night under the savagery is not approximately the same in those hard substance no heart Robin Wright nothing like that it waters down the Christian message and that really is the point how do you get Christians do not worry about doctrine and and and and studying the word really hard and learning what God really wasn't a lot we do a lot make it all like a self-help motivational speaking seminar endorsed as well now you are advancing in progressing that it is about you serving God prosperity messages that come in the back of it all that comes of it and Rick Warren and the other one is even when the top twenty five old influential Evangelicals in America and evangelical wing of own a Mac is a powerful wing on my leg many administered would say that they are more prominent evangelical politics of thinking of it all everything else many Americans have been saving America all and another good example is a huge scandal this year a government with what he Italy all along the pop top of the prop eight born probably about an and Italy would look of absolute immunity in California with a gimme state they honestly thought that they would just walk in get gay marriage approving California it's a little very liberal state they couldn't believe that they wouldn't win California is on the side of you want gay marriage is very vocal about it actually you know YouTube and see all the times he was adamantly against it and spoke against it and so on and so forth and then they lost the layout that a good community ever thought they would lose in fact it was a separate occasions I was a seventy stations in California and there are people angry at blacks and Hispanics are getting the resident Mary Madison in the wisdom of Barack Obama run for president is black would've voted and they didn't vote they wanted we would we would've won because the white vote California by sixty percent then vote for prop eight vote for gay marriage but I is amazing the neoliberal penal ultraliberal all-inclusive diversified people all of a sudden they were battered black people is that they don't understand the thinking of others in order to get politics blacks and Hispanics who charge a lot more by percentage and still believe in older traditional ways and families and so we went about their work on both of his Obama do I want this one and I will add it off our cry out for those you couldn't and it is not helping the battle even over California and come back around but this guy now begin to be attacked and what the gay community to go get all bundles was interesting that it you want to online with you who donated eleven hundred dollars to go against gay marriage I can promise the problems the words of money however in which one is the guest the notable that but the other two reasonable reboot the box didn't understand is so good evil paying money and donated money against the problem is against gay marriage and what they found people who work the game were predominantly gay catering restaurants and please let at the boycotted picketed the restaurants we doesn't manage or inability to do this caused any length of people houses and particularly boycotted it once around the Mormon Temple www. the Mormon Church of donated money against it so I should lose political after he got caught with what is amazing is he backpedals on the documented video of it being against gay marriage and regular man woman when the gay community because of threatened him and come against him and by allowing our little level against the dollar in five o'clock unbelievable the landline and YouTube and see the actual video of them showing you what he said before what is that after I said because one of the public talk about celebrity in the last session when a problem of turning Christian preachers into celebrity like this and elevate the magazine went to do a flip-flop like that what is that due to the believers admit the believers themselves our confused the only flip-flop the bubble with the forgot embed the video them up in a blur under Lebanon 's show it is equally flip-flopped because at the end of the day when you make the kind of money that these godly velocity to the you drive around in a Rolls-Royce is time more than bit.ly double driver stated to be in that means I been out of debut but this was the Abu Ghraib will dollars charge leases of a Rolls-Royce country deserves the church that is private in the helicopter valid with house I was invited with the language of the fluid like of the public the one thousand Atlanta so to do any of the rifle right across the meadow you bought a bigger knife out but it's a little right across the band of Holyfield house so that all was of course enough to be the pavilion that we deserve the girls of Alzheimer's use out the helicopter that Golden gate would like to reach the new Jerusalem right and beautiful outing is a nice house in Atlanta Road Nevada voters when you get a big house and that is the driver that you are you to say that I might jeopardize the cash flow it becomes very difficult to stand for right when you're paying this kind of money this is why I believe these people are allowed to make that kind of money the enemy was once the make an account of money because money was silence you might even make announces that it will not look quite about stubborn overall it are those that can be done with the reliable magazine of jeopardizing my job at the company about elegant and durable so easy that had a problem but they put in a number thousand builders in but I'm a bit of talk it out instead of even deeper because I believe that the devil is actually sent people to infiltrate the church and I believe what I wanted to what the Spain to speak the past the remaining group to be around we were even rumors gaga to play on my variable think anything you would like to fit in the fields of Whitewater items on the side of the appreciate art but they were able to get us all a lot in a very shorter time he took me to Toledo with a gentle order one or resonated nowhere on the basis received his vision and his fellow military school in Iran across the Cathedral and what he wanted and Angel was editing in that when you multiply what the angel babies really demonic looking figures carved into what it and it got locked in a third another thing about renting a house without I will admit a want they lived this is the main opposition reading lately of the books about the whole order created after the Protestant Reformation that was designed to infiltrate and destroy Protestant movements of all kinds a good read too public a level look out comic books we talk about on these former Jesuits and former priest to come out and tell you what they were one of license to do believe honestly many of these mega- church pastors that's what they are I believe literally they are ways to draw people back to Rome subtly and I believe that he had been incredibly effective I remember being in China when John Paul II died and the Chinese government would not show the pope 's funeral because the Chinese government said this man is up with that evil man he gently because of the Church of Rome many Chinese were killed in history and they would not so they did not want to give any honor to the two children through the personal dialogue on CNN so I could watch the funeral so I'm watching it and I turn to TV in and will talk more about them in a minute of Benny Hinn is on and many in the is all he is totally saying that the bishops love Jesus and to adorn the Catholic Church and the Pope like whoa someone do the research on many of them found out he was raised in a Catholic school in Palestine you probably want to so but within them or himself at work is wanted to do with the Vatican II Council says should be done which is what people back towards Rome by destroying the doctrine the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism in English and orchestrated emotionalism to change the nurse observes is out of stop singing hymns that have doctrine in the hands of it as a whole lot of things that he decided to do all that is being done with these people at church I was about as one of my friends Mark Sutton wanted Doctor Linda Melinda is administered again now and use them with about one thirty one two at Saddleback Church rewards church in Orange County and I am essential to closing hymn they played the song carwash go to work in that book lies here the functional old old seventy 's all in the house the closing in because they fail the people in the neighborhood and find out what is your favorite type of music so they can play that music as part of their church service that I lead powerful deception because the Bible says you should not mix the holy with the profane Ezekiel is one right about it so that all those available and when you elevate these people up that level like that this influence is even greater as I want to speak is a seventy about the Sabbath when they speak and say that people actually I live in heaven and social script is because the Iranian guidebooks already know any of the cycles of these guys not necessarily disciples of Jesus Christ so the celebrity factor is the vivid even after the Army slide the way of the we don't know where celebrities make while bonuses were negative the celebrities unnecessarily we have to be real careful of the blood are we the only appalling when we elevate people to lie the preach on one attention on denomination that can be very dangerous and is that it's it's it's human nature to the continuance of the really admire another humans doing great work whenever one is a great temptation that a person of being admired to get scared away and tosses a problem with that person will change their mind quality level leave with them in Athens Georgia suffered blows would be like for then Retzlaff others with leaders of the church and turned to leave the whole group of people to leave little because allegiance is one individual that it is a God then the seventy foot individual but it do for the cause of Christ though where applicable we don't create a celebrity culture inside our own denomination life as they are controlled by impulse and impressions which they believed to be from the Holy Spirit and considered to be more reliable than the inspired word they claim that every thought and feeling is an impression of the spirit but while they think that they are led by the Spirit of God the art reality following and imagination wrought upon by Satan and that is the truth because somebody dies so notable probably sincerely try to do nothing other than art but this is an interesting quote this is many in the you know the patient of the documentary on many him and he uncovered how diabolical and deceptive when he does really is unrealistic people are never brought the stage the wooden stage cancer or severe lupus or no real medical problems the authors of the light of the lab one leg longer than the other you know my back is not bad back problems with twenty years of yes Ray back in a candidate is elected that the people get on stage one of the new entitlement and a lot they had all slave it was all out first was a problem because there's nowhere in the Bible people fallout in the Bible in fact which is what you people make fabulous and what don't tell anybody into anything you'd initially stayed up way whenever you would like okay was rector was written on the front of in a big old arena stadium MSU people Jesus all located this guy is here reluctant test profits went up they have been probably have to come true well he said in a set exactly twenty years ago but interesting the thirty first nineteen eighty nine he said the spread tells me the Dell Castle will die in the nineties Lancaster reminding very much alive but you still get genetic input will lie somewhere exotic eleven they will not succeed of both parties but there will come a change in is that while I do not stay apart you will be visited by God now that twenty years ago but was denied because I don't mean an addendum to get a restatement even take power in Cuba in nineteen sixty one and nineteen sixty two so what time he retired actually with this policy was wrong totally wrong and people said that the Holy Spirit is a prophet holidays I will see it within the next quote and your people are late out of the columnist about because I wouldn't fall so either the world because data is no I would go down but usually begin with the layout and big big and bold I remember meeting a girl once and said that she was coming to have a very modern with admission her mother went and when he did like this but I don't first ten rows when flying I then at the money I went to Jesus and through people around you know what an imaginary arm she said as she went about it landed on armchair manner to turn your Mother's Day mom this can be from God to Moses why not have been laying on the ground covered in tears as he says that mother because this hurts too much to be from God I don't beat you up a revivalism child jubilees we ultimately manhandle you of the list is ridiculous it was like what a lot of megabits estoppel so it was a lot of over here from him when he problems are not outside the double agents will very sincere Christians and believers met with a look at the preacher that brilliantly than as a legitimate mouthpiece of God and we ought an administrative truth were battling these people vis-à-vis what a lot of people 's hearts when you whether they just watch this for a moment I think that's true that you understand how diabolical discoveries you don't know what you're up against but always other land also tells me that the Fidel Castro who will exactly the value in the mid- nineties about ninety four ninety five no later than that God will destroy the homosexual community in America but the audience applauds but not as to minimize the volume to be with women HIV and settlement notice to the fire and many would certainly save and many will never be destroyed at this point in thing and maybe needs Prozac of how Rall the interesting policy that I was limiting Drew and you have to wonder what Spirit is speaking to him in the spirit of God and if this guy is a spirit this begin to newly opened in all essentials in America all at once in the mid- nineties investment meeting and was desperately into the renewable always invalid by googling him of the false prophet are appraisals of the but this is an interesting quotes I thought that was really quantifiable but they did not have the Spirit of the living God and that is very some because I would be less what the ranks of the legion following him and him winning turn is not visible at the Pope John Paul II God we began to really try and enter and promote the bishops and the parapet and Catholicism it was as it turned Protestantism but it makes you realize maybe you never walk alone is not a product that doesn't have a secret is invalid this is what I mean there are people out it will literally and of course he will blast Adventist church is using some regard that as well I like that replastering the vast visions was of some truth believe the original paper one is given a ruled with the Bible to detect the low end of the testimony they speak not according to this word is because there is not light in them if they belittled him and God if they pay no heed to his will as revealed in the testimonies of the Spirit they are not receivers that was that the television waves are flooded with deceivers will will and is being the scenes selected the rank of delusion other following these procedures as always a lot of the random privacy speaking German we really epitope for if only because were not dual people who are in a normal spiritual place is already under the influence of the enemy but because they think that they are getting word from probably because I got connect my goodness that's over and out about my far North County from the headquarters of TBN is an immaculate police of the ridiculously out of the report and take pictures about twelve okay then why will you love pictures were the prolific but it's amazing you are billions and billions of dollars of private company coffers and tells them not listening to the testimony because Leslie said this morning as Roger drove one out you can get but so big without the permission you can as well you would like Jesus even as we get them tinkering with the note of July barbecue and he was innocent these that you would be surprised how many of the big preachers are secretly doing black magic to keep the large congregations signaling that witchcraft will be visiting Jamaica blue good doing this up in order to keep the large congregations is the greatest tragedy really think about it is attached three racket related to the aging of the lobby as an interesting thing Liuzzi and then the test of the law the test is the Commandments of God is when we have to continually preach the truth get all of his fullness with a database of when I normally don't thought one of Billy Graham Billy Graham Levy the Mason with this but I been released as of the more important is atmosphere was a big one of his visit he went on whenever you without you background Billy Billy Graham is American the man who is looking for the next milligrams were warm as opposed to be as strong leaders the Catholic Church again almost as if you were the Jesuit a secret agent for role and before interviews magazine milligrams crusade to me gives like Giants Stadium the Rose Bowl and facts about everything on time without any real hardness of the willing is coping with the crisis of the consistently is done but children are the best part of the main part of this afternoon away as you read this with dogs that these big event was a bigger he said he would also call on the local Coptic bishop on the clearance appointment with the crusade plans and advice of the meetings they would usually appointed free to attend and report back this was years before Vatican II is open as the Protestants we were concerned to let the Catholic bishops see that Margaret was not to get people to leave their church ride I wanted them to commit their lives to Christ the rest of his book just as I am the purpose wasn't to get really matures now the problem with that is if you are preaching to say people and you want to know Jesus Christ don't you want to know all of all of Christ truth why would you want to bring them there and send them back into the error was the Protestant Mister wow what you want to send people back to pray to Mary that Jesus was a beaver back to pay for the remission of their sins the Catholic Church of John F. Kennedy 's family rainwater biographies paid ten thousand US dollars in the sixties the captured data moving purgatory Deb again is a pretty good racket but a tiny probity got there you know it could do so that ten thousand dollars this guy what I will know when it would not affect you and your congregation to represent his what I will do anything that this is a miss construed on vision inversion of who Christ is and was reinforced a messed up version of cry and settled back into delusion of Billy Graham and that's why we've been able to be popular for so long because the pheasant that would stop them in this country and world let them do it because he pulls the Catholic Church will practice winning of the South American of the Catholic Church established without another fading against their false doctrine receiving award for mature Jerome in his younger years as a human outage of the greatest of all mice essentially about John Paul II without history of the greatest of all modern Popes is the strong confidence of the whole Christian world was efficient was easy whether my strong conscience the metadata 's nominee last day he blasted basically the seventy five within that and said it my favorite family the eighth they really contorted theology that we should do it on relationship is for that we only is not the concept of the whole Christian world vote our conscience is what is without Protestant benefits of the Bible initiative the program not to except I wasn't about to step everything that membranes what is truth professed teachers from God come to the clearing of a message from God it is proper to inquire carefully most people must live in a message just to get in the swing agent would something like this on a finale to live in and say you are need for Protestant Reformation while Verizon Reformation and the gathered church for we find an imperative in the content the Christian world but what things would you do possibly is to undo the entire Protestant Reformation as powerful as you know writing a blog whore or a sword but you do it by double agency grades were slipping people in among Christians and have them do say something like this if George Bush Bill Clinton in MA the only Protestant leaders will be Protestant leaders who paid incredible homage to the Punjab of the three presidents bowing before the casket of John Paul II to be careful because of a lot of fast methods in Christendom now and there was one of David Underwood is revisited on the next talk with a builder 's big talk at a time find ways to get you to not believe sound doctrine and now because the digital Dragon that we talked about earlier today they can do stuff like produce documentaries and movies and a new Islamist Lazarus phenomenon they nicely that on TBN Trinity writing and probably pulled up and watching the very strange thing is that this has some amazing stories of those web been certified as their advertisement the movie documentary is a major source of those women certified dead in a return to life it was astonishing dramatized documentary problem for life I then know if it's you who died for three days the interviews with his doctor 's mortician and his wife yet he saved setting was sent back to his wife that he was sent back to you know you must but you don't have anything but write this to Caleb Carmack was found by legal box jellyfish with the fifty minutes and met Jesus the house is watched this with all the African past the moon who was busy with that for three days and it will undoubtedly dramatize the hoping you have in a coffin in which approximately bought a common goal of the document in the big city then the partition gets him and preserve them put them in the coffin and is shipping it back to his village to be buried in the service again at the village of a wife says don't bury them yet instead rimmed out front with George and less lamb in a stopped train on Pentecostal service and he wakes up but at that point serving openly in the idea of this wildlife the check 's in the live loving golf but what happens is he gets up and begins them to tell them is looking at me for the documentary on what he experienced while he was bad what's interesting is he's Anthony Angel took him and brought them to heaven and to hell they want at least on the demons tormenting the seventh and how people shouting to him and I could tell my brother to the VA but I don't want him here with me I finished over Bobby's Inferno are a bit like a great of the book but a secluded forest dodging the same as easily as LLC lobotomy and how it is only human I'm going to have an immediate Angels and anything that is and is not you like the Hollywood move that nothing will be true this weekend is looking at as if it's actually happen he really did walk the streets of gold he really did meet the Angels how powerful is it that everyone runs Winona bookie said that got to great deceptions of the devil loves and one great protection on positive now from the mammography about to accept the double oven one protection against the deception novel assassin in this people believing that when I die than whatever help the devil you didn't approximately want to be with each other to praise with this happy at the idea that the whole Christian world believe that when you die it would have been out at second the label number and master deception on the world is eulogizing old little old Baptist Church announced the black community chromosomes hold needed over the past of heaven looking out on my OEE right there above the sill of the rugged neck often enough leaving the life and so that's one great deception as they can live 's the second-rate decisiveness he loves in the fact the people to church on Sunday rather than on the seventh day Sabbath is that perception because if the battle within the sun and years of sun worship and paganism he worked that people keep on doing this on if you lose the link back to that worshiping him to Apollo an Osiris and always forgot that people keep Sunday holy so you are listing deceptions so how is the best way to get a whole world by that perception is there a better way that I have Trinity broadcasting network the Christian television network the biggest one I'm very proud of three be amended to do a great job these guys are incredibly well-funded and unending full feature-length movies now everything is a little cheaply made and so they do stuff like the left behind movies right these people to the secret rapture this I made all kinds of crazy stuff how else do you get that doctrine in unless you have people with the peoples of the people think by believing Christians believe it's coming from a reputable source left the reemployment bonus while let's say you run also protect there is but that is always in either the demon worshiping session and delivery seventies to dig them and I hope it's what I believe that and the blasters or happy about it Enron Switzerland was offered about the role and I spent a little while about Adventists and present on the new breed of all we are forgot about the Edmonds got a ring rust have on these of Apple avid scuba so few of them he says the we cannot see the Adventist because they keep the seven day Sabbath the keeping of the Sabbath is a protection against deception it is a spiritual cover because you view as well includes job candidates that works but it delivers a lot of this is why when Roger went no Liriano Mets zero roles they were working by side-by-side in a factory in the Jewish God will visit more what makes this guy it is a blackout on instead of you go to keep the Jewish Sabbath and whose got out and keeps was brought down keeps up with the next and final was normal and when Roswell got nestled in these that I was seven the Adventist Hospital at Apple try to get out of demon worship leader it was evident that he said look I wanted to be Bible studies and what we all like eight weeks of Bible study because he realized the only unlike that was the night before the time you have been fully committed something so he wanted our bodies that is a lot of decided to go as soon as it only recovery disk but now they couldn't understand why he wanted Bible studies of fact that they didn't understand his urgency know why he felt the statement had been the rise of an old videos baptized in the descendent of the church the demons themselves would not be able to get because you heard them say that his spiritual power were being drained by joining the remnants of our mother what a counterattack against the dragon is worn that we have fatal and/or .gov the new we are protected once when I played a lot of vitamins the salesman outbound blesses sales in the rhizome of the power prayer book because he said he understood is the devil forth in the table moment is one to give the gift of gambling in the sleep and get the bonus of inventing more than they went to the devil to how much Morgan God is light so does the sentence is powerful stuff though a few wanted and you don't know a lot about a Bible you will be convinced that you diagram immediately powerful stuff and this is the goddess of this happened and that would mean a lot of the Jardine Jonathan witnessed the people built the village that we go a possible mediums to do otherwise but in one quick example of Christian music this is Michael W Smith and one of things if you recall I was with him out of the crowd a little bit this morning wildebeest six execs who were the one with the father of modern Satanism one of them he said the video one of you to do the right things backwards certain things practiced thinking backwards doing things backwards a study but mass records and my husband went back to the witchcraft language a dramatic witchcraft writing that he uses him as he puts the symbols of all this weird stuff going to select on its here let me illustrate on myself and what I said is what is the right of their symbolism that is and again remember that when the devil elevates someone for them to get worship behalf the Sentinel Weight Watchers going to Michael Jackson we can a lot of newest all this for the he was singling where the worst when you want to bring him what was going on to the David's body was covered up I don't always stumbles onto the new resentment without of unwanted but one of his all and let me the devil can get secret agent double agent and my love is the prime perfectly good Christians all in what you make of the double agent is the reason we don't do it right tenure on downside about the people don't question you will learn this world is just one big gigantic merry-go-round will type what you hurled in the air yet light of the three ring circus with clouds of recent camels and such and you never know when you might be attacked by bears give me love give me love love me good all right who must want to do it is unlikely a virgin with a lot of Pullman and wanted to let this was used out of now and I also missed on on watching Christian religion notice sounds when a really ugly little bit about trying to make you a Christian God and promote prosperity desktop that's what the stuff is and is amazingly good artist of their people teaming up with people in the Gospels into either one who teams up with tears one who started it that the Temple of hip-hop in the world New Testament of the above the doorway with Christianity all kinds of stuff yet Christian artist team up with them we have to be careful that is very reasonable in writing the songs that when we bring them into our holes our cars our churches we don't really know what the people actually believe in you and also sounds greatly promote you die go to straighten him out the regressions on so we have to be gentle with him again a double agency great people working to slip in and give us false Doctor Tom okay probably the last slide the thirteen thirty seven thirty seven says the soundman of a man taking a far journey let his house and gave authority to his service at the Everyman 's work and commanded the porter to watch Jesus is watching therefore we know not when the mass of the house come even or odd midnight at the Concorde one morning lest coming suddenly find you sleeping a wealthy and you are sent to all watch noted major troubles with modern Christianity that even flows into Adventism is stopped watching was so caught up in the things of the world is so distracted even by good people to talk about tomorrow we can't get distracted by innocent things without the business problems that the crisis unlike describes out of the devil pulls people law-abiding and price out what that is what innocent things to be real careful how you focus in this life and is looking all around you had mortgages and economic collapses and unemployment and all the difference is noticeable mold this meeting was in his value versus working place generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. utilizes that will work you like this more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse done more


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