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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 1

David Shin


Pastor David begins a new 8-part series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the life of Daniel." 


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • September 29, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for Jesus and this opportunity that we have to from the craziness and the stresses of life to pause on this Sabbath day and to bask in your glory. To celebrate your goodness and your love and to reflect on your word and we pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our thoughts this morning speak to our hearts and you know the message that you can apply to each one of us individually this morning for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Amen. So why the Book of Daniel. And Jesus in. Previous presentation I gave a couple weeks ago it was on Daniel in the lion's den you member that presentation we had the indorsement by Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 I love books and when someone gives me a book indorsement I'm like oh wow another book I can read and asked my wife if I can purchase and here we have a book indorsement from Jesus Christ and this is a indorsement from not just anyone but from the Son of God Himself and it's from that great end time chapter in Matthew chapter 24 verse 15 Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place who ever reads let him understand Jesus is giving a book a Norseman and to my knowledge this is the only book indorsement that Jesus ever gave This is not saying that we should not read the other books in the Old Testament but here Jesus saying living the end of time you need to read study and understand the Book of Daniel Dr Leslie Harding. Gives a few reflections on what Jesus is giving here in Matthew chapter 24 and 5 different ideas imbedded by the endorsement given by Jesus Christ ideas imbedded within the endorsement by Jesus number one Jesus took for granted that Daniel was a prophet who had written and inspired book Notice that Jesus says Daniel the prophet there scholars today that say that the Book of Daniel is not really written by Daniel it's not trustworthy it was written hundreds of years after Babylon that's why it's so accurate but Jesus says the Book of Daniel can be trustworthy Daniel the prophet it's inspired by God And Daniel is a messenger of the Lord Number 2 the Book of Daniel should be studied Jesus said that the Book of Daniel should be read should be studied number 3 in Jesus promised that the Book of Daniel would be understood this is not a book that's going to be some sort of mysterious in an intelligible beast and symbols this is a book that should be and can be understood by the Holy Spirit and number 4 the book. Predictions reveal and time world conditions that will be fulfilled in other words the Book of Daniel gives predictions that Jesus says these things will come to pass they will happen. Number 5 the book of Daniel's messages are what does it say are practical they're not irrelevant they're not pioneers sky propositions and ideas that have no bearing on practical daily life he says it is practical and those who grasp them must do their part in escaping the dangers which will face them so Jesus says study the Book of Daniel so based on this divine indorsement given by Jesus Christ Himself we're going to take him up on that amen and say we're going to study the Book of Daniel Jesus said Look study the Book of Daniel especially if you're living at the very final moments of his history this book should be read should be can be understood and it's a book that is trustworthy and inspired by God testimonies ministers page 114 when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believe will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to be the reward of the pure in heart very quickly some background on the Book of Daniel the name Daniel means gone is my judge I'm so glad for that Amen I'm glad people are not my judge. Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart he knows my intentions even though I'm messing up all externally he sees what's on the inside the last A church latest means a people judged so scholars believe that Daniel and his life is a type. A demonstration of God's last day people living right before the 2nd coming of Jesus this is not just bedtime stories Daniel in the lines Dan Chadrick me check in to Bendigo in the fiery furnace these are real stories that will be played out thematic only in the end of time before Jesus comes. The Book of Daniel according to Dr Jacques Dukan who's professor of Old Testament at Andrews the logical seminary he says that the Book of Daniel is a literary. Genius. Depiction of poetic beauty and this is the structure of Daniel you can see that it's what we call a structure chapter one stands alone by itself it's the introduction to The Book of Daniel because it begins with the Babylonian captivity and ends with Cyrus and the end of the captivity it's an introduction to the whole book of Daniel and then you see the lines that go there Chapter 2 is parallel to Chapter 7. Chapter 3 is parallel to chapter 6 Give an example the chapter 3 Daniel 3 friends on the plain of Dura the fiery furnace Chapter 6 is Daniel in the lines then they are parallel because the same issue worship the same penalty for not worshipping death so those are parallel chapter 3 in chapter 6 chapter 4 and Chapter 5 are parallel Belshazzar and nebby can as are those 2 are examples of characteristics that we are to avoid as the final events are taking place and then you can see the other ones there and then the 2nd example is another way of looking at the structure Daniel Chapter one is a summary of the entire Book of Daniel it begins with the captivity and finishes with the conquering of Babylon by Cyrus the mead thus ending the day captivity the rest of the Book of Daniel does not take place if Daniel Chapter One does not take place it's at the beginning for a reason Daniel Chapter one Verse one let's go there in our Bibles and it sets the stage for what is taking place here. In the 3rd year of the reign of joy Kim king of Juda Neb you can as are king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it verse 2 and the Lord gave you a holy it came king of Juda into his hand with some of the articles of the house of God which he carried into the land of China are to the house of his God and he brought the articles into the treasure house of his god in your study guide you'll see a few references there on the Babylonian captivity I'm not going to have you turn there but you can read it on a Sabbath afternoon that you have some time the Babylonian captivity was actually predicted 1st during the time of Hezekiah Hezekiah was told by the prophet Isaiah that he would die and Hezekiah said Lord I want to live longer so his eyes am right after giving the message comes back into the courtroom and says the Lord has just shown me that you will live longer 15 more years you know sometimes when it's time to go it's time to go those next 15 years were not spent in the best way and the people of God suffered because of Hezekiah as mistakes and Hezekiah said I want to sign I want proof that I'm going to live longer so God gave him prove God move the sun backwards now that story there's a few scientists and astronomers that are looking up at Heaven during that time and to their amazement they witness the sun going backwards and they inquire around then ask how did Could this be and they find out that Hezekiah as God made the sun go backwards so they get on their camels and go off to Jerusalem to find out more about has a cause God and what does Hezekiah do tell them about God No he tells them about his $401.00 K.. And his stop poor folio and his gold room and his diamonds and his jewels and that's all he did and send the Babylonians back on their way and Isaiah comes back into the into the court of the King and says because you have done this your descendants will be taken off to Babylon you know it has a crisis that's OK because I'm going to be dead what a guy so Daniel Daniels the poor soul that gets taken off into Babylon Babylon because of Hezekiah unfaithfulness and the Book of Jeremiah predicts that the captivity will take place for 70 years and the reason for this was the children of Israel were not faithful in keeping the Sabbath so the Bible says that they will rest the land for 70 years it was to be a sabbatical this was actually predicted in the book of Leviticus Leviticus Chapter 26 for 64 by Moses he says that if you're not faithful in taking the gospel to the world we will take you to the world and that's exactly what happened Daniel was taken to the very court of the most powerful man in the world and because of Daniel's faithfulness now he can is or will be in heaven praise his name there's only one chapter in Daniel that's not written by Daniel and it's written by the King Nebuchadnezzar will come to that chapter in the upcoming weeks here. The Bible says Indiana chapter one verse 2 that they were taken to the land of shine our. And for the Bible student it and the name Shine Are ring a certain type of attitude because if you look in Genesis Chapter 10 verse 910 this is the 1st time that the term Shyne R. is used he was a mighty hunter before the Lord that is why it is said like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord the 1st centers of his kingdom were Babylon Europe Kainat in shining armor. This is shortly after the flood and Nimrod who was a great hunter and city builder went out to establish this these great centers of civilization and one of them was Babylon and it was located in China are Babylon became the origination or the place from which idol worship and Sun worship originated this is all the way back in the book of Genesis it's nothing new it's been around for a long time and China are is known in Scripture as a place of paganism and the center of Paganism the next time it's mentioned is in Genesis Chapter 11. Verse $1.00 and $9.00 now the whole world had one language and a common speech as people moved east where they found a plain in shine our That is Babylonia and settled there that is why as it's called Abel that is Babylon because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world from there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole world remember the story of the Tower of Babel and we say that when someone a child is 1st learning to talk we call it babble Well this is where it comes from because the languages were confused at the Tower of Babel and Babylon has become synonymous with this idea of confusion. The intention of the people around the Power Tower of Babel was to build an edifice that would defy heaven which is why it's very curious when I saw the symbols used by the European Union this has a strange type of allusion to the Old Testament Europe many tongues one voice I don't know exactly what to make of that evidently they like this symbology of the Tower of Babel so much that they used it in one of their buildings as well. Someone know some Bible history. Now we come to this story in Daniel Chapter one Verse 8 and we come to our Keith passage this morning we can spend a lot of time reflecting on this chapter one verse 8 but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank and therefore he requested of the prince of the Unix that he might not defile himself Daniel was taken to Babylon as a teenager 1617 maybe 18 years of age he's taken there with these 3 young Hebrew friends and they were placed under Mel's Our who was known as chief of the UNIX Daniel was a unit. They wanted to ensure that his mind was always on the king's business you don't hear about Mrs Daniel in the Bible so you can imagine this he goes through a very painful surgical sick procedure and has to go on a 400 mile March from Jerusalem to Babylon and they go through this process of assimilation they're given new names they're given a new diet straight from the king's table and Daniel goes into the Babylonian cafeteria and looks around and says I can't eat this now you're probably like Are you kidding me they know Chapter one is about diet Well you're absolutely right because you remember the 1st test in the book of Genesis had to do with food now we'll come back to this idea here in a moment but Daniel and his 3 friends go to Cafe de Babylon at Harvard that's where they're at. This is the elite university Ivy League Princeton Gale Harvard with the best of the best the brightest of the brightest and they're going to the cafeteria and they're going through line and there's all kinds of delicacies never been on a cruise before I went a couple times all I did was eat this amazing all types of food and so there's all types of food at Cafe de Babylon and they're looking around and they say. We can't eat this now there's some lessons that we can learn from this story before we get to the main thesis in the 1st couple have to do with specifically applied to our young people adults if you can apply to your own context 1st one is choose your friends carefully and meant they say show me your friends I'll show you your character you want to know who you are look at your 3 closest friends it's not by accident that Daniel was faithful in Babylon and he wasn't alone he had an inner circle a community of support and when Daniel had problems he went back to his friends and they prayed together pick friends that are going on a journey toward heaven and meant not the other way pick friends that are becoming want to become like Jesus the other lesson that we can draw from this has to do with our academic life Daniel came out on top at Harvard never think that in order to get ahead academically means compromising your loyalty to God. Let me say that again never think that to get ahead academically means compromising your loyalty to God I can't tell you how many times in my graduate studies I was tempted to think you know what I'm going to skip devotions this morning because I got to study to say look I'm too busy I'm going to put this aspect of my life on hold I'm going to. Not have devotions today. But what Daniel's life shows is that God is the source of all knowledge I mean who do you think invented knowledge anyway. He is the source and it is through Communion with God that our intellectual capabilities are enhanced not downgraded. I think of this young man who was going through the University of Michigan Medical School which is where Ben Carson went to school he was there a medical student was asked to be president of the student administration Association he said I don't have time for this Lord's calling him to do and he said OK I'm going to put you 1st in my life put God 1st in his private life in his devotional life and ministry devoted hours to campus ministry at the end of his medical school experience. Dr Mike or luge came out number one at the University of Michigan if you're faithful to the Lord Jesus he will honor you the other lesson that we can draw. From Daniel Chapter one is the temptation to rationalize and compromise Daniel could have said you know what I got to get ahead please pass the camel thing which. Right and the pork chops and that rabbit stew while you're at it and just go through the line and say you know what I'm in Babylon I'm going to compromise to get ahead and we think in our small human frame that we come to a situation in which there is quote no way out from our human perspective thinking that the only option in this case is to compromise my loyalty to God and I think of the statement in the book prophets and kings do right because it is right and leave the consequences with God. I mean do you believe that God exists sometimes I feel like I'm a theist when it comes to my devotions and then walk out the door and act like an atheist or at best a Diest In other words God doesn't really interact in my day to day life while all along God was making a way by giving favor with Daniel with the chief of the UNIX Daniel didn't know this but God was making a way for him to succeed I mean how do we know that this is the only option unfaithfulness do right because it is right and lead the consequences of with God He will take care of that the other lesson that we can draw from this Never underestimate the impact of little things. It was just a little thing diet food in the cafeteria. Come on I mean just just rude I mean I'm in Babylon just eat it. But what we don't realize immediately as we read the story of Daniel is that this one step of unfaithfulness would have been a domino effect that would have framed the whole rest of his life we would not have the Book of Daniel if he had said Pass the pork chops please little decisions lead to big decisions that framed the whole trajectory of our lives Adam and Eve just a little fruit look where we are today. Never underestimate little quote little decisions of faithfulness. There were a few issues with this food number one in your study guide for issues with the food at Cafe de Babylon where the Babylonian diet number one the drink provided was alcohol now there's some scholars out there that say that Jesus turned water into vodka but that is not true that is not true there are 2 words for wine in the Bible or there's one word for wine in the Bible or no less and it can refer to grape juice fermented or unfermented and the Bible is very clear in Proverbs Chapter 23 verse 29 through 32 do not gaze at line when it is read when it is read in the cup when it goes down smoothly in the end bites like a snake and poisons like a viper your eyes will see strange signs and your mind will imagine confusing things friends this is not Welch's grape juice here this is talking about fermented wine alcohol number 3 the food was offered to idols. Remember Daniel was in Babylon and by eating the food he was sending a message to the people around him that he was describing to the Babylonian gods number 3 the blood was not drained in slaughter and in Leviticus Chapter 17 verse 12 it says you must not eat meat that still has blood in it what do you think it is that gives meat flavor if the blood is the blood you should not eat meat that has blood in it according to The Book of Leviticus and number 4 the Babylonian died included unclean meat kerja read Leviticus Chapter 11 of the differences between the clean and unclean meats in the Bible now the question is what was the Daniel diet and in Daniel Chapter one Verse 12 the Bible says prove your servants I beseech the 10 days and let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink now some translations actually use the word of vegetables but I like the term Paul's because in the original language it springs from the word seed that is a reference back to the Genesis diet very interesting that in Babylon Daniel asks for the regional diet vegetables or pulse is the more accurate translation and here's the Genesis die in Genesis chapter one verse $27.00 And God said Behold I've given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of the earth and every green tree or every tree that has fruit yielding seed it shall be food for you so Daniel eats the Genesis diet and after 3 years he goes in for an oral examination before King Nebuchadnezzar. And nobody can knows or says that these guys are on a nother level academically intellectually I believe even physically then all the rest so here we have this fascinating link in Daniel Chapter one between the body and the mind they are linked together and we see the results of the Daniel diet not only academic achievement and intellectual ability but we see here in Daniel Chapter one Verse 17 Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams this is talking about spiritual understanding and discernment he was under able to understand the prophecies of the Bible and he was given in lumination by the Spirit of God Daniel was given spiritual inside and understanding so here is the thesis of my entire presentation if you forget everything else here is the rub Here's the pieces ready in order to understand the prophecies of Daniel we must eat the diet of Daniel. I mean read that again in order to understand the prophecies of Daniel we must eat the diet of Daniel we're not talking about elementary school addition or subtraction here we're talking about calculus we're not talking about spiritual survival and being saved. We're talking about spiritual excellence and advancement so I don't want anyone to misunderstand me that I'm pastor Sheen is here talking about salvation by diet that's not what this is about at all we're talking about spiritual discernment there is a link in Daniel Chapter one between the ability not only of intellectual insight but also of spiritual insight so if you want to understand better are the prophecies of the end you don't try eating the diet of Daniel That's the thesis in Daniel Chapter one it's talking about spiritual insight and understanding. When I was a child. I had a particularly weak constitution I was always sick I had asthma I remember one time I had an asthma attack for 2 weeks I could not breathe easily for 2 straight weeks I was sick constantly and I struggled with my health all the way through elementary school all the way through high school and then when I got to college I got malaria which broke my constitution even more and I had very little mental stamina I would be exhausted after studies and finally I got to the place where I said you know what I'm sick of being sick I'm tired of being tired and the Lord impressed me start exercising so I went out ran my 1st 5 K. thought I was going to pass out kept on running. Ran a 10 K. ran a half marathon and by the grace of God I finished a whole marathon someone said you're running a marathon did you win and I said you don't run marathons to when. You run marathons to finish especially if you haven't Kenyans in there. And so I started exercising and that built my constitution even more and but there was a problem because I hated eating salads anyone else like me I mean I just I just can't handle the green stuff you know I can handle fruit and so so the Lord was leading me a certain direction of cutting out certain foods you know the sugars and things like that just because I couldn't eat it because I would get sick but then I was eating mostly mostly just process food and and you know I knew our health message and I knew what we should and should not eat and so I was striving but I wasn't arriving and I still haven't arrived but the green stuff just wasn't working for me and you know just a few weeks ago I decided to sit in on the seminar by Paul folk who provide an excellent seminar for us out of school today and you know you can never hear about principles of health too much because you know what happens is after a while you start to just forget so I sat in there and one of the emphasis was eating more leafy greens and so while we went to Costco in the Costco wonderful encourage Well I got a big old bag of those power greens you know I'm talking about Ziploc bags it's got kale and all types of other stuff in there anyways. So I decided to put all that stuff in a vitamin A cup a couple of bananas just helps it go down right bananas in packed all this green stuff in there and just hit high blender the thing up 1st thing in the morning I chugged it and I want to tell you. I was like supercharged I'm just giving you a testimony I was like whoa I mean what has happened it was I mean I was nutritionally deficient or something so you know and I've been taking this thing whatever you call it every morning I haven't had it this morning been taking this thing and I told my wife I'm not a genius but I feel smart. I deduct moral paper I did turn in a whole chapter this week it was due on Tuesday and I'm there and I'm like you know you have ministry obligations you know we have a one and a half year old all these things juggling so I sat down I cranked that thing out turned it in 4 hours before that deadline. And I'm like whoa and so hence was born the series on dead. Man. And a man. To die and this is what we're talking about here this is not legalism. I'm not there I got to drink this to be saved count my 7 almonds a perfection you know that's not what we're here for. And I know that in the Avenues church you know sometimes we've gotten abused by health reformers You know I've been in certain circles where my plate is watched like a hawk I'm like well what are you doing man like. And that's not what we're about we don't eat in order to be saved we eat in order to glorify God and because there's natural blessings that calm when you cooperate with him. You know this is not a burden it's a blessing you know don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because you've been abused by someone with a health message doesn't mean it's all bad. It's the medium not the message and we need to remember that there's blessings and I've gotten abused by this thing to you not like whoa oh come on you're kind of militant they're scaring me brother but the reality is that there is a tremendous blessing and benefit by following the Daniel diets like I said we're not talking about salvation we're talking about spiritual excellence fundamental difference between the 2 there's an idea here in this passage in Dan chapter one verse 17 to these 4 young men notice the part here I intended to have this part be blank but I missed it God did what God gave to these 4 men God gave knowledge and understanding in all kinds of literature and knowledge and Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kind notice what's happening here there is there are natural blessings for healthful living but notice what happens when we cooperate with God by living out our lives so that we can receive the benefits of these natural blessings caused to affect blessings when we do it to glorify God God multiplies the increase while we're working on the part of addition God says I'm going to come on board and give you multiplication so Daniels like I'm going to live faithful a flea for the Lord Jesus in my in my dietary life and gone says I'm going to come and. Add to the blessing you can see this this is an active part where God gives to these 4 men God gave knowledge and understanding and all kinds of literature and knowledge and Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds So here's the blessing when you say I'm going to live healthfully to glorify God God says all right I meant I'm on board with this David Shinn took you so long to learn this but I'm here I'm here I'm going to add on top of that how many of you need more of that from the Lord. How many of you are tired of foggy brains. And just being fatigued all of the time I am and when we say Lord I'm going to cooperate with your natural laws God said I'm going to add to that I'm going to give you something in addition. Romans Chapter 12 verse one and I'm so glad that this comes at in Romans Chapter 12 not in Romans chapter one you following me what's Romans about the Gospel being saved Romans chapter one through Romans chapter 8 the process of salvation and then Wade later in Romans Chapter 12 Paul says I beseech you there for now when any time you see the word therefore you know that it's a concluding word in other words premise premise premise premise therefore he's just expanded on the beauty of the Gospel how we're saved by face faith in Jesus Christ not of works lest any man should boast it's a free gift of God in light of all that he spent this wonderful. You know just just illustration theological exposition of the gospel and then he gets to Romans Chapter 12 and says I beseech you brother and therefore by them mercies of God How many of you have been blessed by the mercies and the goodness of God How many of you have been touched by the love of God. How many of you experienced the joy in the peace that comes from God So this is the context that Paul is talking about in light of everything that God has done for you in light of that that you present your body a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service in other words in the context of what God has done for us and in the context of appreciation and being joy we say Lord because of what you've done for me I give my body to you that's the context the health message should always be in this context because if it's not you're missing the point because of what God has done for me I say Lord I give you my body out of appreciation out of love and I want to glorify you with my body 1st Corinthians Chapter 61020 your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost therefore glorify God in your body this is a response of every Christian that has experienced the gift of eternal life we said Lord because of what you've done for me I'm going to glorify you with my body. What I put in my body what I put on my body I'm going to glorify you with everything 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 31 why do you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God we have a tremendous opportunity to minister to people that would never come to an evangelistic series through a loving presentation of the health message we're coming in a time right now in the world especially in the West where healthful living has come into vogue. I was talking with one of the associates out in Northern Virginia Mark family has started a community center in which they have that are presented to the community specifically called Cooking classes given by Teenie Finley is a part in northern Virginia where the median home is over a half a $1000000.00 is a very affluent part of town very rich very affluent a lot of the Who's Who and elite which commute into D.C. in this part are Virginia and they have opened their community center in their church to a presentation of the health message through the medium of cooking classes and they have just started a few weeks ago a cooking seminar held at the church in which they had $200.00 people from the community that registered and paid to come to that church and learn about healthful living. We have a tremendous opportunity so many times we've been the tail and not the head we need to take advantage of this message and while so many of God's people are abandoning this message we have people in the world that are in bracing it want to end with a couple quotations and the 1st one is specifically for our young people prophets and kings page 489 this spirit that possessed Daniel the youth of today may have praise God In other words Daniel is not an anomaly he's not a one time deal the spirit that possessed Daniel the youth of today may have they may draw from the same source of strength young people God is calling for men and women to stand for the right though the heavens fall a man who be true to duty as the needle is to the pole God is calling you as a young person to stand in the court of Babylon and reflect God's character Amen last but not least the quote from prophets and kings page 490 of this same mighty truth that were revealed through these men gone desirous to reveal through the youth and children of today listen to this part of the life of Daniel and his fellows is a demonstration of what he will do for those who yield themselves to him and with the whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose is a demonstration of what God will do if we cooperate with Him What is God calling you to do today what is God calling you to be I am tired of mediocrity. I'm tired of being average I'm tired of just being a median statistic God is saying I can make you excellent a man. I can make you the cream of the crop I can make you stand out Harvard Yale Princeton the best of the best God says I can take you there I can take you to the best of your profession I can take you to the best of your career and God says look walk with me cooperate with me and I will add to the increase amen the God of Daniel is the God of today how many of you want to say Lord Jesus because of what you've done for me. I want to give my body to you a man who you want to say that help me to glorify you with my body let us pray let us pray Father in heaven we think you that because of what Jesus has done for us you create in us a desire to respond to give not only our minds not only our hearts but our bodies to you to say Lord here it is be glorified. Through my offering to you help us by your grace. To live the life of faithfulness to live the life of Daniel For me ask these things in the precious name of Jesus. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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