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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 2

David Shin


Pastor David gives part 2 in the series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the Life of Daniel." 


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • October 8, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Our head says we as we prayed Father in heaven we think you for this opportunity that we have to come apart from the cares of this life and to open your word and Lord we need help we asked for the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts this morning remove every distraction as we focus on you as revealed through your word speak to us we pray for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Amen amen Well we're continuing in our 8 part series of messages that we've been tied build that lessons from the life of Daniel and we refer to this statement from Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 verse 15 when he says Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place whoever reads let him understand Jesus references the Book of Daniel and we said in our presentation last Sabbath that there are 4 ideas that are embedded within Jesus's indorsement of the Book of Daniel number one Jesus took for granted that Daniel was a prophet who had written an inspired book In other words the Book of Daniel is trustworthy it is reliable because Jesus said Daniel the prophet some people wonder why do we study the Book of Daniel well because Jesus said we need to look at it we need to study it especially if we're living in the end of time Jesus said Daniel is a prophet you can trust him he's reliable he's accurate and he's a book that we should be looking at number 2 the Book of Daniel should be studied. The Book of Daniel is not a book that we should avoid like the plague. And also implies that the Book of Daniel can be understood some people like all these beasts and symbols I am I just can't study that but Jesus says look we should look at this book especially as we approach the final moments of Earth's history and number 3 Jesus promised that the Book of Daniel would be understood praise the Lord this is not a book that shrouded in mystery that is unintelligible that no one can understand Jesus said it could be understood you can comprehend the Book of Daniel and number 4 and if there's 5 I said there were 4 but the Book of Daniel spread dictions reveal end time world conditions that would be fulfilled the predictions will happen we can know that they will be fulfilled because Jesus said so in number 5 the book of Daniel's messages are practical and those who grasp them must do their part in escaping the dangers which will face them in other words the Book of Daniel is not a pine the sky by and by it's not some concept that's not relevant to day to day living but what Jesus points out is that the Book of Daniel is relevant to our day to day experience we stated that the Book of Daniel is a beautiful work of poetry and it's structured according to Dr Dukan in this way it's a Kayasth structure there is only 12 chapters in the Book of Daniel the 1st chapter is a summary of the entire book and then Chapter 2 you can see according to the diagram I have on the screen Chapter 2 parallels Chapter 7 Chapter 3. The fiery furnace parallels Chapter 6 Daniel in the lines den same issue of worship and the death penalty chapter 4 mirrors chapter 5 and then so on and so on there's 2 ways of looking at the structure very beautiful structure that we see in the Book of Daniel. A few texts that we can look at and there is a study guide in your bulletin that you can reference as we go through our presentation not everything is going to be there and there are some spaces that you can write notes because I did not want to give you a book in your in your bulletin of every quotation that I use today but the the gist of it is here and this was a reference that I wanted to include in your study guide in its Isaiah Chapter 46 verse 9 in 10 Isaiah Chapter 46 wrist 9 and 10 remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done. Gone says I am unique I'm like no other God and God's claim to uniqueness is his ability to predict the future Gaunts ability to for know the future and foretell the future sets him apart from every other claim of every other deity. Now this for knowledge does not mean that God impinges on human for you will but God has the ability to know the decisions that we're going to make in the future and world events this is Jesus indicating the purpose of his predictive ability in John Chapter 14 verse 29 and now I have told you before it takes place so that when it does take place you may do what you may believe so Jesus indicates that the purpose of his predictive ability is so that when it does take place we can say ah God's word is reliable it's trustworthy and it builds our faith. We'll be talking more about that in our presentation today but one of the reasons why I believe that the Bible is trustworthy and reliable is specifically because of prophecy so here are the 4 essential of Bible prophecy So number one before we get to that part to set the God of the Bible apart from the other gods as the true God as we illustrated in Isaiah Chapter 46 verse 9 and 10 he says I have the ability to predict the future and because of this ability I am unique I am the true God So that's proposition number one that we can derive from the Scriptures that we just read and number 2 to accurately revealed the future and thus create a faith in the heart of the years so when we look at Bible prophecy it increases our faith because we know that the predictions of the past have been fulfilled we can also know that the predictions of the future will be fulfilled as well and to me this establishes the veracity and the reliability of Scripture some people like How can you trust the Bible it's because of predictive prophecy specifically and one of them is the prophecy that we're going to be studying today number 3 to reveal to the hearer the thoughts and the priorities of his heart to reveal to the hearer the thoughts and the priorities of his heart in other words prophecy not only reveals the heart of God how we react to prophecy reveals our own heart our own motivations and our own aspirations number 4 to introduce the hearer to Jesus and His heart's need of Him The purpose of prophecy is to lead us to Jesus every prophecies intention is to introduce us to Jesus Christ and we'll find that in our story today. I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Daniel Chapter 2 The focus of our study today and was read during our scripture reading the Book of Daniel chapter 2 as we come to the focus of today study Dana chapter 2 verse one now in the 2nd year you can as there's rain now we can as are had dreams now the bible seems to indicate that this was not one dream but multiple dreams and I believe it was multiple dreams of the same dream it says dreams plural so he's having this dream evidently repeatedly and then he forgets what he has dreamed as we illustrated in our children's story today and this happens to us all the time but this was not because he had too much pizza pickles and peanut butter the night before this is a divine dream he gets up the next morning the Bible says and his spirit was so troubled that his sleep left him then the king gave the command to call the magicians the astrologers The Sorcerers and the cow and DNS. To tell the king his dream so they came and stood before the king and the king said to him I have had a dream and my spirit is anxious to know the dream so never can is or has this dream he forgets the dream and then calls in his wise men and the Bible lists these wise men as magicians astrologers and sorcerers and this is from Dr Leslie Harding he points out the nature of the individuals that he called into his court the magicians the translation for this word comes from the word stylus they were skilled in mystical Babylonian literature and they called the astrologers were stargazers that looked into the heavens for zodiac signs we have Zodiac astrologers today so this is nothing new this goes all the way back to Babylon we also have sorcerers these persons were in contact with the spirits of the dead as well as other spirits known as mediums we have mediums today this is nothing new and last but not least we have to count DNS the most influential scholars in the sciences mathematics history and medicine so you have the intellectual elite the guys with the Ph D.'s and then you had all of the mystics from all of their very full various forms and flavors and they come in before the king according to Daniel Chapter 2 and the king says Tell me what I dreamed in my bed last night and they say tell us to dream and we'll give you the interpretation and this goes around and around 3 times and finally the king he's like I'm no dummy I know what you're going to do you going to make up something tell me the dream and I know you can tell the interpretation and finally the king says look I've had enough of you you're on my payroll you can't do this you going to be executed now Daniel was of junior status so he was not allowed into this 1st meeting Daniel finds out about it he goes into the King and he says King give me some time. Give me some time to pray. You know there's a lot of skeptics the prayer out there ever heard someone react to you say I'm going to pray about this and they're like. What's that going to do and imagine King Nebuchadnezzar was similar similar in that regard it's like you going to pray like you better pray but won't give you some time so Daniel goes back home and he gathers together his group of friends and they have a prayer session a prayer meeting like no other. I can't even imagine what that must have been like as they gather together to pray and ask the God of heaven to reveal what the King dreamed in his bed the night before what that must have been like as they said look we need to pray about this because this is outside of our control we can't do anything about this this is an impossible situation have you ever been in an impossible situation there was no human solution the only thing you could do was pray so they gather together and pray and according to this story. The answer did not come in immediately I don't know when they started praying but they're praying and nothing's happening they didn't receive a vision in the middle of their prayers and it got dark you following me you got a dart and so Daniel went to bed he went to bed he went to sleep I mean he could have just stayed up all night worrying but that's the beauty of prayer sometimes our prayers are not answered immediately but we can pray and then rest in that prayer Amen Daniel wasn't up all night worrying he went to sleep I think he slept like a baby. Went to sleep and in the middle of the night he dreamed the exact same dream that nobody can dream and not only that he got the interpretation he got up the next day and I want to read the the prayer of praise that Daniel gives in Daniel Chapter 2 you can pick it up there in Daniel Chapter 2 and verse 20 he gets up the next morning how he must've felt the next morning as he got up and he's like I just dreamed calls together as friends and says I just dreamed what the King dreamed in his bed last night. This is amazing so he prays this prayer in verse 20 a prayer of praise Daniel answered and said Blessed be the guy the name of God forever and ever for wisdom and mind are his he changes the times and the seasons he removes kings and raises up kings he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding he reveals deep and secret things he knows what is in the darkness and light dwells with them I thank you and praise God of my fathers you have given me wisdom and mine and have now made known to me what we have asked of you for you have made known to us the Kings demand he goes into. Who is the captain of the guards and you pick it up in verse 24 then Daniel went to the king had appointed to destroy the wise men of Babylon he went and said to him Do not destroy the wise man Babylon take me before the King and I will tell the king the interpretation Daniel could have said these guys these magicians these astrologers and sorcerers and Calvin's they can go. That would have been a convenient time to have them executed. But Daniel wanted them to be saved you know Christians we should be concerned about the well being of individuals that don't believe the same way we do amen people that have different religious beliefs and these beliefs were very different on the other side I guess you could say but there's something about the character of Daniel that is the character of Christ is that we should be concerned about the well being and the lives of people that believe differently than we do. This doesn't mean that we believe in pluralism we don't believe in truth but you can see something about the person of Daniel Daniel was a person that stood for principle and yet he was compassionate in his way that he related to other people have you ever known a principled person that was very prickly in their personality and how they dealt with people you see an example of Daniel he didn't say look this is a good time to remove those wise men save me but not them he said Please save the wise men and look at verse 25 this is interesting then area quickly brought Daniel before the king and said thus to the King I have found a man of the captives of Judah who will make known to the king the interpretation. This is fascinating about area he goes into King Nebuchadnezzar and says I I found. I'll get some props here some credit I found a man and then he denigrates Daniel and says he's one of the captives from Judah you know those slaves that you brought over he's one of them so he possum self up and says I found a man no you didn't Daniel found you OK says I found a man and then he denigrates Daniel and says he's a captive of Judah but notice what Daniel does when he goes in before the king in verse 27 Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said the secret which the king has demanded the wise men do astrologers the magicians and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king look in verse 28 but there is a God in heaven who reveal secrets and has made known to the king what will take place in the latter days look in verse 30 but as for me this secret has not been revealed to me because I'm more winds than anyone living notice what area is doing I get the credit but Daniel says God gets the credit this would have been a great time for Daniel to come in and say I'm smarter than everybody this is because I'm brilliant I get the credit. We get bent all out of shape when it comes to credit I've posted something on Facebook not too long ago of a video that I took I was very proud of posted it and then someone else comes along and takes it. And posts it on their wall and acts like they took the video. And didn't mention mine. And someone came to me and said Did you see this and I was like ah. The audacity. Of someone taking my feet and taking credit what if we took that same type of motivation. To making sure that God got credit Amen here Daniel is giving all the credit to God all the credit to God and sometimes in ministry there is this temptation to get up front and say I'm wonderful and by the way God is to notice that God is the star in this story now Daniel was honored and gone says if you honor me I will honor you but that wasn't his motivation and we need to remember that we're just the nail that hangs the picture of God that that's where we should be it's not about us it's about God It's about glorifying him and here Daniel in stark contrast to area Ochs says look this is not because of me this is because of God He's the star of this we need to give glory to Him And so Daniel goes on to tell the dream that Nabby can as or has dreamed in his own bed the night before remarkable story and I can just imagine that as Daniel is telling what the King dreamed that is coming back to him and this king is amazed. He's floored I mean his jaw is on the ground because as Daniel is telling him this is what you dream last night and as he's giving the particulars the king is like that's it that's exactly what I dream last night whoa this is amazing how what what I can't believe this this is exactly what I dream the night before now will come back to the dream in a moment but skip down in verse 44 in your Bibles this is the reaction of the king as Daniel has given the dream and the interpretation the king is so amazed and look in verse 44 look at the King's response verse 44 then King nebby can as are fell on his face prostrate before Daniel do you know what the prostrate position is I mean is not just kneeling. You receive this and is not just like this it's like the full the full extension I can't do that because I got some issues there but you know in time I mean that is the full extension the king is so amazed after the dream is given after the interpretation he goes out into a full position of prostration this is the most arrogant the most egotistical the most full of himself and proud individual on planet Earth. And he has just had an experience where he's been introduced to the God of the universe. And this experience is so moving that he gets off off his throne and bows on his knees do you know that God wants to use you to introduce people to God just like that do you have someone in your life that you think from a human standpoint. Has absolutely no hope for your thing in yourself I don't know how in the world this person is going to be introduced to Jesus Christ they have everything comfortable affluent power money whatever it may be or they're in a circumstance and situation where they don't want anything to do with God You're like from a human standpoint this is absolutely impossible there is no way that God can reach this person well all along God is working in the background he is just like with her and if you say I'm going to sign up to be the individual to introduce this person God says All right let's do this thing and God will bring about a situation just like this where the most hardened heathen monarch the most powerful person in the entire world that has everything and wants nothing to do with God is brought to an experience with the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS so moving so powerful that he gets down on. The whole court is probably hushed like what in the world has happened he gets off is neat and just says I have never met. Like that. That's what God wants to do with you and me to uses like Daniel to introduce us to the God of heaven to the place where we're like where they're like wow the God you serve is amazing notice what he says the King Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face prostrate before Daniel and commanded that they should present offering an incense to him the King answered Daniel and said truly your god. He hasn't become his god yet still Daniel's God he'll become his God Later on in Priest another chapter that will come to in our series but he says look at this the King answered and said Daniel truly your god is the God of gods the lord of kings and the revealer of secrets since you could reveal this secret moving experience that King Nebuchadnezzar has just had do you want to be used in this way God is calling for Daniel's to day wherever you may be in your work in your home God is working in the background and when we volunteer he says Alright let's go for this introduction and this is going to be the most powerful moving introduction that they can ever experience so move them to action. Very quickly let's come to the dream so you're like a what it can as a dream and there's a whole other seminar that I can go through on this and we cover this in regularly in prophecy seminars I remember in my last church we had a gentleman whose name was Carlo and he was a trumpet player he decided that he would minister to the son of a Baptist preacher and he said let's study the Bible so the son of about this preacher told us later that he was like oh I'm going to show this brother something because he's like I grew up in and in the faith you know I know my Bible anyway Carlo study Daniel to with him and afterwards the Baptist Preacher It was amazing he said you're a Bible scholar I have never heard anything like this in my life he was baptized just graduating from Southern evidence university as a pastor I mean remarkable story this this study of Daniel Chapter 2 is is amazing and so here's the clip version. The King dreamed this dream there was a statue that had 4 metals head of gold chest and arms of silver thighs of brass legs of iron feet partly of iron partly of clay just a simple observation about the nature of this statue it begins with the most valuable and then goes down from there it goes from most value to lesser value goes from gold silver bronze to iron then iron and clay. The other side of that is you'll notice that this this statue the metals in the statue go go also in an increasing nature in terms of strength gold is more pliable then the next metal and so on and finally you come to iron so so these metals are put in an order of value and then in a reverse order of strength these metals according to Daniel Chapter 2 because remember he gave the interpretation of the dream and he says that the king King have a Knesset or you are the head of gold so the 1st metal is a king or king dum and then it goes down from there now remember Daniel was living in the time of Babylon so this is the 1st metal that's indicated and you can fill this out in your study guide the order of these kingdoms is Babylon meter Persia Greece Rome and then divided Europe how do we know that because history has confirmed the nature of how these kingdoms would would succeed and take place the head of gold is a fitting representation of Babylon because gold was plentiful in the Babylonian Empire. Silver a very accurate depiction of me to Persia because they use silver in their currency it was their standard of value in the meter Persian empire according to Herod to to us if I said that right but we come to Greece and it is bronze and they used bronze in their in their warfare in their medals in their armaments Alexander the Great used a lot of bronze especially for as shields and swords and then we come to Rome and they are known as the iron monarchy of Rome the legs are the longest part of this statue indicating that this kingdom would be the longest lasting and indeed it was true Rome lasted the longest 500 years of Roman dominance during the pox Romana period the startling part about this prophecy is that it says Babylon meter Persian Greece Rome 4 kingdoms and the next Kingdom would be a divided kingdom startling accuracy because after Rome fell there was not one kingdom that took it over but it was broken up into exactly 10 parts implied by the 10 toes of this image Furthermore this prophecy in Daniel Chapter 2 predicts that these elements of the iron and clay in the feet and the toes would never be united again. Startling accuracy because you have. Attempts like the European Union Napoleon Charlemagne Hitler all of trying to unite Europe and they've all failed Now this is just a very quick glance at the nature of Daniel if you ever want to study Daniel in more detail this is a good way of looking at it Daniel Chapter 2 Daniel Chapter 7 and Daniel Chapter 8 are all talking about the same theme except it's built on the principle of what we call repeat and in large Just like in school you start with. You start with addition and subtraction but you need addition and subtraction to do multiplication and division and then it builds on from there so God is the greatest teacher he begins with the basic and Daniel Chapter 2 then in Daniel Chapter 7 is the same theme Babylon meter Persia Greece Rome but he enlarges on it and then fills in more details and then Daniel Chapter 8 you have even more in detail so that's just a very quick Cliff Notes view of the nature of Daniel in terms of the prophetic aspect of this study. Now the part that we want to highlight is the next part because this is the climax of the story because you have Babylon me to Persia Greece Rome divided Europe and the Bible indicates that in the Times of these kings in other words the time that we're living right now there's going to be something that happens you watched while the stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces the Bible indicates that there is going to be an event during the time in which we are living that there is going to be a destructor. A disruptor that is of a different nature notice that this image has metal elements and then it has clay and metal at the end but there is going to be an outside disruptor this next part that comes it's a stone it's not a metal and it comes from the outside and it strikes the feet of this image the times that we're living right now and this stone fills the whole earth and Daniel goes on to interpret what this stone will be in danger chapter 2 verse $44.00 the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand for ever. The solution for our world problems is being discussed by very brilliant individuals I saw this documentary in this article it was in Title 2100 in which they surveyed the most brilliant scientists from Ivy League universities like Harvard Princeton and Yale and the brightest minds of our time fear that we're not going to make it out of the year 2100 because of all of the issues that our planet is facing Stephen Hawking the brightest mind of our time who's the chair of the Luke Asian chair of mathematics at Cambridge University brilliant man and he says the solution for mankind is to inhabit other planets That's his solution the Bible says the ultimate solution is the 2nd coming the 2nd coming is going to be the only thing that takes care of the problems that we're facing as a human race the rock that comes down. Is going to strengthen this image and I believe that we're living in the toe nails of this statue we're living at the very final end of this prophecy and this next part is going to be fulfilled so we have Babylon meter Persia Greece Rome and divided Europe and God is 5 for 5 you following me he's right up Babylon he's right about meter Persia he's right about Greece is right about Rome then he comes to the last one and says Ah this is not going to be a whole empire it's going to be divided into 10 parts and it's never going to be you reunited again what about the next prediction now I'm not a gambler nor a better but just say for the sake of illustration that we go to a horse race and I tell you I think you should bet on horse number 5 and you're look at me like do you know anything about horses and I said no but bet on horse number 5 nearly Oh come on Pastor Hopefully I'm not a pastor I'm betting anyways but anyway so so then then we go into that and you're like oh whatever I don't know anything so I'm just going to put my money on horse number 5 and then horse number 5 wins you know like oh you got lucky David so we go in again and I said this time you need to bet on horse number 11 you know like OK well whatever so you put your money on a horse number 11 and horse number 11 wins by this time you're like there's something funny going on here 2 for 2 and you know nothing about horses so we go to horse race again a 3rd time and I said horse number 15 by this time you're getting a little bit more confidence in my ability and so you're like OK I put my money on the horse number 15 and horse number 15 wins and this happens 5 times. 5 times I am 5 for 5 every single time we go to a horse race I say put your money on this horse every time my prediction is right a lot so then we go to the horse race a 6 time and by this time you're a believer right 5 for 5 and you come to me and you're like All right David which horse I've sold my house I sold my car I've liquidated all my ass it I'm going to put it all on this horse because I have been 5 for 5 Look at this god 5 for 5100 percent Babylon meter Persia Greece Rome divided Europe the last part of this prediction is the only part that has not come true and this is what we call an intelligent face if you following me some people think all Christians are a bunch of wanky individuals that turn off their intellect turn off our brains Well God appeals to our reason this is called an intelligent fate faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen faith is built on evidence so here we have evidence 5 for $5.00 to $6.00 prediction do you think it's going to come true. Is this an intelligent faith does God expect us to turn off our brains and just be like oh I guess I better believe in the 2nd coming no god has told us Babylon me to Persia Greece Rome divided Europe and then the next event is going to be the 2nd coming this prophecy in Daniel Chapter 2 is so compelling compelling that higher critics and scholars that don't believe in God say that look this prophecy could not have been written in the time of Daniel it had to be written during the time of Europe because it is so compelling but Daniel is referred to by Jesus and indorsed how can we trust the Book of Daniel because Jesus said you can trust him what does Daniel talk about this predictive prophecy that is so compelling that shows us that the 2nd Coming will take place and you can be an intelligent Christian and believe in the ferocity and the authenticity of the 2nd Coming this is not pioneer sky by and by this is something that we can believe it's going to happen and I believe it's going to happen very soon I don't know exactly when but it's. We can't just keep going on the way that we have been practical application now let's bring this down so how does this relate to our day to day living lessons from the life of Daniel refer in your study guide there practical lessons last part of the page as we begin to wrap up Daniel was on an impossible situation he was asked to figure out what the king of dreamed in his own bed if Daniel failed he was told that he would be killed Daniel's response to the crisis was to pray have you ever been in an impossible situation have you ever been in a crisis in which there was no way out when we pray man's in possibility is God's opportunity. Sometimes I think that God is just waiting to move in but we don't let him move in because we think that the only way out of this situation is to compromise our loyalty to God you following me I mean we're in an impossible situation and the only alternative we think is to compromise compromise our loyalty to God compromise our our loyalty to Scripture and to following the principles of Scripture and we said look I'm going to compromise will God is waiting in the wings and he's like look I'm about to move in in this situation in which there is no way out and show that the God of heaven does exist we really compromise compromise really limits God's ability to move in a powerful way and when we pray man's in possibility is God's opportunity and this is statement from steps to Christ page 9495 Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven storehouse where our treasured What does it say on the screen the valueless what's another word for boundless limitless infinite. Limitless down this resources of omnipotence this media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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