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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 4

David Shin


Pastor David gives part 4 in the series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the Life of Daniel."


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • October 21, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Well today we are continuing in our series of messages intitled lessons from the life of Daniel the Book of Daniel has 2 different genres and time prophecies and stories for this sermon series will be focusing on the stories of the 8 stories 6 reveal characteristics that we are to emulate as the prophecies are being fulfilled and to reveal characteristics that we are to seek to avoid as the prophecies are being fulfilled so there's 2 different genres in the Book of Daniel and the prophecies and then there's stories there's 8 stories and 6 of them have to do with characteristics that we are to seek to emulate or to seek to have and the prophecies are being fulfilled and then 2 of them are stories that we are to avoid or characteristics that we are to avoid as the prophecies are being fulfilled and today is one of those stories one of the 2 that we are to seek to avoid the characteristics that we are to seek to avoid So open your Bibles to our chapter of study today it's Daniel Chapter 4 it was or scripture reading the Jimmy gave and let's go to Daniel chapter 4 and verse 4 while you're turning there this is the only chapter in the Book of Daniel that was not written by Daniel all the other chapters were by Daniel But this chapter was written by never you Knesset or. It is a personal testimony of how the Lord reached his life and you can see in your study guide one preacher refers to this chapter as insomnia insanity and insight so in the beginning now we can as there has insomnia then he has a bout of insanity which leads to his insight one person said this has to do with his reign his ruin and his revival it's interesting how preachers come up with is a literary Sion. Now Indiana chapter 4 verse 4 we see that never has a dream I never can is or was at rest in my house and flourishing in my palace I saw a dream which made me afraid and the thoughts on my bed and the visions of my head troubled me and we can measure has this dream and in the dream he has a dream of a tree we had a children's story about apple trees now we don't know what type of tree this was but this was a tree that reached up into the heavens it was massive it could be seen from any place on planet earth this was a tree of epic proportions and the birds would build nests in it the fruit was in abundance and provided for the inhabitants of Earth and in the midst of this vision or this dream of this magnificent and glorious tree a watcher comes down from heaven and the watcher looks at the tree this person this being looks at this tree and says Huge down this tree. Cut it down. But leave the stump and the roots until 7 times or 7 years be passed and let the man's heart be replaced with that of an animal. So this was a very troubling dream and you can read the story in Daniel chapter 4 and he gets up and he asked the magicians the straw lodges the suit sayers to come in before the king and say what is this or what does this mean what is the interpretation of my dream member and Daniel Chapter 2 they weren't able to give the dream because he had forgot it but this time they had a better opportunity and they failed so he calls in Daniel and the Bible tells us that when Daniel heard the dream he stood there stunned and then we can as I could tell that this was troubling him so he told him Look please tell me the interpretation I'm I really want to know what the interpretation of this dream is and then be and then we can as are as told by Daniel this dream is for those that hate you and for your enemies and he tells the King that this tree represents nebby Knesset or. And that now he can as or have been given dominion and glory and honor by God but because of his weak good ness there would be a terrible calamity that would fall upon him he would be driven from the earth as a beast or driven from the palace as a beast go down to Daniel Chapter 4. And verse 24 as Daniel is given the interpretation Daniel 424 this is the interpretation or King and this is the decree of the most high which is come upon my lord the king they shall drive you from men your dwelling Shelby with the beasts of the field and they shall make you eat grass like oxen they shall wet you with the dew heaven and 7 times shall pass over you to you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of heaven in and gives it to whom ever he chooses now that is a stunning warning that you're going to be a beast for 7 years until you can know that it is God who rules in the heavens now 12 months went by and old habits die hard. And never you can as Or you can pick it up in verse 28 all this came upon King Demi can as Or at the end of 12 months while he was walking about the royal palace of Babylon the King spoke saying is this not the great Babylon that I have built for a do royal dwelling by my mighty power for the honor of my majesty and verse 31 while the word was still in his mouth a voice fell from heaven King never can know as are to you it is spoken the kingdom has departed from you and they shall drive you from man in your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass like oxen and 7 time shall pass over you until you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he chooses that very hour the word was fulfilled concerning nebby condensor he was driven from men and ate grass like oxen his body was wet with the dew of heaven Tillis hair had grown like eagles feathers and his nails like birds claws this. Is metal can go condition that has manifested itself since the time of. This is the one quote never can as are apparently experienced like hand true this is a strange disease that most standard medical dictionaries list as a form of insanity in this disorder people imagine themselves to be a wolf or some other wild animal the disease seems to attack suddenly and disappear just as quickly it is characterized by a total neglect a personal appearance hair and nails grow long sanitation and hygiene are neglected and the individual crawls around on all fours grunting and growing like a wild beast. Another quote here the proud King's hair grew long and matted like the ruffled feathers of a buzzard and his nails resemble resembled the tailings of a bird of prey wide i n jibbering he plucked grass and stuffing it into his mouth munched it like an ox if you imagine in your mind side this royal King brilliant man is walking in Babylon in the Royal Palace and he says look at all this this is because of me and while those words are hanging in his mouth of voice comes from heaven indicating that the fulfillment of that dream was to be and in that moment you know in my imagination this the king is walking with his royal subjects and he hears the voice from heaven and in that moment his eyes go from the eyes of intelligence. To the eyes of insanity. From the eyes of a human being to the eyes of an animal a leopard a beast a wolf whatever you call it they just they just dramatically change you can tell the elevators suddenly go out doesn't go to the top floor anymore instantaneously in that moment and this king this brilliant man is reduced to an animal gets on all fours in the Royal Palace grunting and groaning in sniffing and snorting going on and you can imagine the court is in a frenzy it's chaos they're going around trying to herd this animal out of the roll palace they call an emergency meeting what are we going to do with the king he has lost his mind Babylonian law you cannot do anything to the king so they probably Corinth him off in some part of Babylon where there was a lot of grass and this king matted hair nails that grew long like hawks talons. Grovelling and eating grass like a cow. Imagine walking in Babylon with your son and your son's like dad what is that I've never seen that animal before and you look closely and you say son that's not an animal that's the king. And this happened the Bible says for 7 years 7 years is a long time but was 7 years ago 2011 how many generations of i Phones was that I mean 20117 years can you imagine from 2011 to 28000 having this condition of insanity and all of Babylon knew it. Before long the word got out to the other provinces outside in the other territories a Babylon that the king had lost his mind at the end of 7 years the Bible tells us burrs $34.00 at the end of that time I never can as are lifted my eyes to heaven and my understanding returned to me and I'm blessed the most time I and praised and honored him who lives for ever for his dominion is an everlasting Dominion His Kingdom is from generation to generation scholars say that this is shortly before now he can assert died he gave this public testimony of his conversion by the grace of God never can is or is going to be in heaven he meant he's going to be in the kingdom. A few lessons that we want to draw from this in Daniel Chapter 4 verse 30 M.B. can as are said I myself have built by my power and by my Majesty very egocentric person that's full of himself and arrogant and it was while he was making this arrogant statement that this calamity fell upon him and were told in Jeremiah Chapter 9 verse 23 Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom and let not the mighty man boast of his mind let not the rich man boast of his riches but let him who boasts boast of this that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord who exercises lovingkindness of justice and righteousness on the earth for I did light in these things declares the Lord there's something about pride. An arrogance that is a condition that inflicts all of us in C.S. Lewis says this There is no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves and the more we have it in ourselves the more we dislike it in others pride sometimes we can be so arrogant and not know it and then we look at someone who's arrogant and we're like oh that person is so full of himself but I'm humble you know we can be proud that we're humble fried. And John Wesley said all pride is idolatry Augustine put it this way he says it was pride that changed angels into devils it is humility that makes men as angels it was what made Lucifer into Satan pride was the 1st sin it is what made the devil the devil and another individual says a person who thinks too much of himself thinks too little of God. One of the characteristics that we are to avoid by the grace of God in the end of time is. Pride. One writer put it this way of some rot warning signs of a proud heart and I think that for honest with ourselves we all are challenged with this always thinks that he or she is right. Is easily offended does not like to be corrected is often patient with others likes to talk more than listen freely offers opinions desires to be 1st or best needs to be noticed obstinant toward authority quick to find fault with others bold to contradict others demanding and hard to please much more sensitive to personal desires and the needs of others boasts about achievements and you know if we're honest we'll all say oh man. There's a lot of guilt to go around in this particular area. And on God's top 7 list of deadly sins in Proverbs Chapter 6 or 16 to 19 Do you know what makes number one on this list there are 6 things the Lord hates Yes 7 are abomination to Him A proud book a lying tongue hands that shed innocent blood a heart that divides his wicked plans feet that are swift in running to evil a false witness who speaks lies and one who sews discord among the brethren number one is pride yet in the Christian community isn't it interesting that there are a lot more heinous things that we point out than pride it's interesting because in ministry. As a preacher the Lord has his way of keeping you humble it's a good thing anytime you're humble it's a good experience to have one time I preached a sermon not hear. Preach a sermon I thought I did a wonderful job I was on that morning you know it's hard to bet 100 every sabbath because it doesn't matter how well you've done before it's your up the next Sabbath and sometimes you're just not feeling good but on this particular Sabbath I have thought oh I was OTT. By the grace of God Of course you got to add that in there. And I walked out. Praise God of course. And someone comes to me and says You know Pastor that was a good sermon but. You gotta watch out for those because it just reverses everything that was said before you missed this particular area and call me I want to give you a little bit education. I was like. Not at this church don't worry. And then I go home. Few days later I get an email from that same congregation it was a great sermon but you were hypocritical. In not following your own advice from the duration of the sermon I was like. And I wanted to respond. But I didn't and those moments where you are humbled are really precious moments in the Christian experience in those moments when you realize. Your own mortality and your own flat spots and your own challenges and you realize that you are inadequate that's a good place to be bible says Blessed are the poor in spirit in the 1st part of the Christian experience blessid are those that recognize their spiritual path. God can reach people that say I have a need but God has a difficult time reaching people that say I have everything and I don't need God in my life. When we look at this story. What did it take to get Navy can as there's attention. I mean that's an interesting question isn't it what did it take to get nebby can nosers attention and here's the answer 7 years as a beast think about the implications of that this is what we call extreme intervention if you have an intervention with a family member they're in there on a path toward destruction and you get around with your family and you have an intervention this is what we call it stream intervention in other words the only way to get can nosers attention because he was so full of himself so proud so arrogant was to be humbled in this way 7 years grovelling and eating grass in Babylon in front of his whole kingdom in his subjects' humiliation and it took that to not be some sense into this man and here is the thesis of our message today sometimes the worst thing that's ever happened to us is actually the best thing that's ever happened to us let me read that again then let me personalize it sometimes the best thing that ever happened to you is the I say sometimes the worst thing that's ever happened to you is actually the best thing that's ever happened to you Have you ever had something happen to you that was just like awful terrible. And you're just like this is the Worst Thing That's Ever Happened To Me Now I didn't say everything but sometimes there are situations and circumstances calamities that bring you lope and you're like This is a disaster this is a calamity Well an action ality. That's the best thing that's ever happened to you look at never can as experience this was the worst thing that's ever happened to him but was it actually the best thing that ever happened to him I think of a friend of mine its name is Bryant who's running his own business millionaire didn't want anything to do with God overnight he lost everything business went belly up the creditors literally walked into his home and took out all the furniture and there he was he went from rags to riches overnight and he's sitting in his empty apartment now. Empty apartment and someone knocks on the door and it happens to be a 7th Day Adventist. With little survey saying would you like free Bible studies and he opens the door and he says absolutely yes. Sign me up now. Long story short he gets I baptized. I baptize the man. And he looks back and the worst thing that ever happened to him losing his business was actually the best thing that ever happened to him you see God has a different perspective of life than we do we think of our lives in like 80 years. That's the average American life span 80 years give or take and you're like oh if I could just save enough and retire I can enjoy you know just this part right here and we think in those terms of 80 years and we think of calm for relaxation and fulfillment in those 80 years Lord just give me 80 years well guess what God takes into consideration those 80 years but he backs up and he's like eternity. Eternity So he has the eternal perspective and sometimes that eternal perspective that God has he allows certain things to happen to us because David Shinn whenever things get comfortable he starts to get complacent. He starts to get relaxed he doesn't pray as much as he usually does and sometimes the Lord allows discomfort into our lives in order to get our attention C.S. Lewis says this god whispers to wast in our pleasure speaks to us in our conscience but shouts to us in our pain what does that mean that means that sometimes when we're in a pleasurable moment when we're in comfort when we're in luxury we tend to not hear God's voice but it's suddenly when we're flat on our back that we hear the voice of God It's in moments of weakness that we realize our need of a picture on the screen of Richard Nixon there in the middle. To your right you have Chuck Colson he was known as the hatchet man some of you remember this from Watergate I don't but you remember this swear the whole Watergate scandal came up obstruction of justice justice in Nixon was in peached or was going to be impeached and then he resigned and there were 7 individuals that were indicted on obstruction of justice and Chuck Colson was one of them and he was sentenced to prison. Just before his sentencing this is from his testimony I called in my Christian friend up 19 and said I would like to come see you I drove over and spent an evening on his porch this was the August of 1973 this is right before he was sentenced to prison and he read to me from a little book entitled Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis it was about pride and it described me to a T. That night when I left this gentleman's home something happened that I had that had never happened to me before I was getting into my automobile and I sat there and I couldn't drive because I was crying too hard I spent an hour on the side of the road right next to my friend's home crying thinking about my wife wanting to know God and wanting to be clean Here's the mugshot. Of Chuck Colson he found the Lord Jesus through this experience he was born again and that's the title of his autobiography of his Christian experience and he passed away in 2012 but I think Chuck Colson considers that time in prison the worst thing that ever happened to him but it was actually the best thing that ever happened to him. Do you know what God's number one goal for your life is it's not your comfort that's not his number one goal. I would say that God's number one goal for you is not even the American dream let's not confuse that to God's goal for you is not to live in the suburbs drive an S.U.V. have 2.5 children and retire that's not God's number one goal Gaunts number one goal for your life is saving you for eternity that's his number one goal. Everything else is secondary even your health your health is important but your health is not his number one goal because he doesn't want you to be healthy and then last for eternity so there is a pecking order of priorities in God's mind and God is looking at eternity the total existence possible to man and he says Look God David is so caught up in this life and sometimes he has to allow discomfort sometimes he has to allow trials and sometimes even has to allow pain in order to get our attention we need to look at the total existence possible to man in some times in our humanness we think that this life even as Christians is all that we have to live while I have news for you it's not this is a probationary life a life in which we are to choose where we want to spend eternity and sometimes the greatest thing that can happen to us is the worst thing that's ever happened to us I think about my own experience I told you a few weeks ago that I was a very sickly child growing up and I believe that the Lord allowed me to constantly be ill in order to keep me humble because naturally I was a very arrogant child I would likely not be in the ministry today if it wasn't for my human weakness and I praise the Lord for that and what Paul said when he is weak. Then he is then he is strong. I think of this quotation in your study God from my life today page 18 if we allow our minds to be absorbed by worldly interests the Lord may give us time by what is on the screen by removing from us our idols of gold of houses or of fertile land in other words the Lord loves us anough to take things that we are grasping very tightly away so that we can have more time more time for spiritual matters we have this picture on the screen of Johnny Erickson tada or Joni Eareckson Tada. She was confined to a wheelchair after the age of 17 you know her story many of you quadriplegic unable to move from the neck down dedicate dedicated her life to Jesus Christ after this experience and she's reflecting on her wheelchair and she says this in a way I wish I could take to Heaven my old tattered Everest and Jennings wheelchair I think about the implications of that that wheelchair represented her whole adult life of being immobilized a quadriplegic you would think that she would not want that wheelchair in heaven last thing I want to see which is I wish I could bring it with me why I would point to the empty seat and say Lord for decades I was paralyzed in this chair. At that point with my strong and glorified body I might sit on it Rob the arm rest with my hands look up at Jesus and God the weaker I felt in this chair the harder I leaned on you the weaker I felt in this chair the harder I leaned on you sometimes the worst thing that's ever happened to us is actually the best thing that's ever happened to us. How has the lord tried to get your attention how has the Lord had an extreme intervention in your life let's step back and look at the eternal perspective and I have this prayer in your study guide this is a prayer that I pray regularly Lord what ever it takes This is a radical prayer Lord what ever it takes say if me Lord what ever it takes save me your giving gone permission access authorization to say Lord whatever it takes save me and look what it took for never can answer now we can as there is going to be in heaven by the grace of God and look at the extreme measures of intervention that it took to save that man for the kingdom and I know myself I'm so hard hearted and so just I just don't get things and I say Lord whatever it takes save me and if you want to go a step beyond this pray this for your family and say Lord whatever it takes save my family. Because we're talking about and eternal perspective when we're standing with God on the sea of glass in heaven. We can look back our their time here in Anchorage Alaska and say Praise the Lord praise the Lord for that trial praise the Lord for that physical condition for praise the Lord for that Fiza for that financial bankruptcy praise the Lord for that trial for praise the Lord for that circumstance that I thought was intolerable because it was through that experience that I met cheese sauce it was through that experience that I came to my senses it was through that experience that I finally committed my life 100 percent to Jesus Christ praise his name. And we can say Lord thank you thank you for caring enough to going through this extreme intervention for my life how many of you want to say Lord Jesus whatever it takes him and save me I me one said Lord whatever it takes save my family for the kingdom Let us pray let us pray Father in heaven we think you for Jesus and we think you that you love us too much to leave us in our complacency to leave us in our left to leave us in our lukewarmness We praise you that sometimes you allow discomfort and challenges that we might feel our need of you and we pray this prayer Lord whatever it takes save me. Lord whatever it takes save my family. Wake us up Lord bring us to our senses to feel our need of you for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus. In. 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