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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 5

David Shin


Pastor David gives part 5 in the series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the Life of Daniel."


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • October 28, 2018
    11:30 AM
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I understand. You can't see. Where you can see his plan we pray that you would help us to trust your hearts. It's true. To be mistaken. Sister. It speaks to us we pray for the Spirit Guidance and listen to truths for us the same as from the precious name of Jesus Amen amen. It's. Like. 3 years. And. Never appear pretty similar. Just me and everyone has been so gracious and. We counted the privilege to be able to minister together here in Alaska. To present. To see. The story. 6 true characteristics that. Is the prophecies are for. To see. The scenes for. The True. Story. It. Seems for. This chapter is a. Chance. To. See. The city. A chance. Since it. Has been so insensitive. Since from the sky. The chance that the city is. To feel secure for the city. To sets. 10. Or. 15 feet. That's 3. Fields and 3 football fields. It's. Just inside. The system. And. Through the center of the city to sell in St. Louis. History. And. Use them for 20 years this is a stupid. Sky. Through the centuries. The same. Is true. So. The chance of peace for. The presidency. Is some chance. That it. Sky. Sports extract feeds. Into the sky that some. Small. 16750. 2 capital city can. Still describes the. Slow for the killing. To stop forces can. Last the small. And chickens. Party. For. His part is going on. Slowly. Life senselessness you can. Say. This but it's a bright idea. To get secret messages. Said Mr Tooke from Jerusalem. Essential service. Cops and. It's a. Chance a. Chance or instance for the beverage of sacred cups and he says I want to give a toast to the guy gets at. Himself or. This. Is. Something. People say. Attempts to. Answer still. Instant sobriety. Chances are sent. Me. To knock that this man was scared. Screeching. Which is that. Since pure. Chance. Is just a subset of the people that says I can't guys are still employed since. It's still inscriptions. To use of which. The. Expenses police. Use inscription the same. Words. This is. An interpretation and. Its. History. And lesson for us the US history lesson here. Is a case for same. Sex. This is true for said in. His heart to Jesus. Simply says. To. See. This. Scripture. Says this is the commission. Has. Been finished. Says it. Has been. To see. And. Some US came to the city. On. That chance or was slain. That. One. Now. There's ensure. That. This is. Soon. Since. The. Cancer has some plates to. Check. Kill some. Of Chapter 7. You can see text. The same. Kill. It's true. True. Let's. Say treatments for. Cup. Team spam. The street cheer. Tree. Trimming it's. A cut and run. As well as some. Trade and seem sure. Since. It's a chapter. Pieced chance the inscription. But. It's misspelled. This. Is too since for. Sure. It's. For. Some. Christian office. Beliefs and Christianity and spiritualism. Come from. Some. East. And some this. From. The back on. The kids that. Kill. According to Matthew chapter 2427 Chapter 16 chances. For Peace. Chapter 66. Is. Strong. It's. So interesting that some response from. This. Says. As we've just seen in. Chapter 16 verse. Through the central. It's for kitchen. Use to ensure. Could come true. It's. Something. That is. Tough. To. Chant and possibly make. Some. Sense for. The Sun. And for the city. Cyclists marched into the city. Because the chance of. Drunken feast was so confident can. That the gates would be shot. If the shots since army were just marching one side and out the other but because. For them it's their chance. The gates open and Cyrus and his army were able to take the city this is interesting to see a chapter for the predicted some good some few years before Cyrus was even born but this would take place as in Chapter 5 this is where the word says to his anointed to satirise. Came to some nations before him and to strip. To. Speak for him so that right so it's. Sad. Cyrus by name hundreds of years before the prophet predicted that site says. And says that kids will not be shot this is what many evidences to me that the Bible is reliable and trustworthy. Trust the city of Scripture because I predicted prophecy just like the one that we've seen here. In the sky that Cyrus knew about this prophecy from Isaiah. Had. A providential sense that this since going to take place has been coming to get to the children of Israel afterwards and you can see. I. Know about this prophecy in Isaiah Chapter 45. 6. It's history. And. There's some. Trace out it's interesting this militia Chapter 16 1st. Since. The. Late Shift. In fact. That. It. Dries out of course this chapter 16 is some. 6. Or 7. So it's a prophetic. List. Of God's perfect. Vision So the comparisons between. Them. Through. Experience. Chapter 1st. Chance. To. This. Chance. This. Is to say. This is the chance I. Can. Say. For. Sure. It's. An explosive for. Some. Sort of crushing exposure. This is. True some. Of this insight. To some sense is. Sympathy. To. SPILL. So. This. Should. Work it's. Just expect. Much. Since people. Expect. This cruise ship. Since it's true. To its spirit. Speaking to. The. Conscience and to. Access to scripture you can't make it it's not going to. Make you let me. Explain. It says look. To consider. The type of cancer expect to. See which. Is absolutely fair every single person. Can because you didn't have the information police come from that place a state. Which. Has not. As. Strong. This. Is true as well. As for it says far too. Much. I shall say. It should. Get a little bit nervous. System. Cham which. Choir. Now some of us made for. Okaying so please don't tell me. That the cannibal. Says some say. Well it's kind of an interesting. Imagine if you were to respect us and you're like please don't tell me any information about you because I don't want to be held accountable. For sponsors like. You tell me because I might have to get you some. Acts of Service. Says once in. This. Information it's. Your turn. To to. See. The ship. It's. Because. For information to. Place. Is for. Pushing. The space. To. Display. At the sky. Kitchen kitchen. Steps in the. Next conference just. To please her. To. Ensure. This. This it's a. Challenge as far. As an. Absolutist system that can sometimes creep in. But some time. Since this is going strong. Leave. And sometimes Curry. The tremendous legacy that we've been given as a people. It's very sad and it creeps in. Until 7 pm The destruction it's a blessing but sometimes you know it's appreciate what you've inherited. Me out if that. To go door to door. Some books. And some. That is expect people to do the same way I did if yes agnostic. Should burst I'm telling you well. I came to the position. That Venice. I can. See some minister is because the 7th Day Adventist. Genuine Christian. Grandchildren. His children. Great great great great grandfather is God and it doesn't look like bad. Instant. Appreciation of human as a people that's why I will sit down and give Bible studies to people. It's an experience because I give the Bible study and I'm still. A Baptist. For now. I present the truth that it. Does Troutman now it's not right. To be a submissive and east side up. Like this is amazing I've never been this before. It's a beautiful. Can really explore. Experience. This is a. This is this is. The same. Just. The same. Chance because it's a chance to spend. Some. Keep the Sabbath. To. Explore its. True. Life. This is. Us to minister. To study pastor share. This as Minister for him it is because of that and assess city it's because this is something that happens in the transmission of these truths that we have it. Is something that takes place in our own hearts and souls. Appreciate like a seed we've been given as a people. Tremendous opportunity that we have to share. And says 6. To. 8 true. Scripture. Christians have. To touch and try to skew a tremendous legacy so. To speak to see. If it. Gifts. To speak. To tell them to consume. Himself or for some teams to. Come to this belief. Can. Put one person says instead. Of a trying to say the things that he doesn't understand. He says something that is understand and has difficulty practicing. Understand difficult to practice. And to stand the fickle to practice. Mr Johnson 1st since assent to. It. This is the. Only consistency. Consistency. He says. So. He says. It's one step at a time. Instead. Of. True. This is true. In some. Sense. Is to take the next step. And this next step is called in you to take today that's a good. Next step. Maybe. That says I want you to take the next step. To send. Another denomination he was the son of another church. Since him for baptism Sabbath came to me and said Pastor. John Church. I said. This is a step that's next step with you so I took the next. Step Sam said Mr Not sure about the Sam. I'm sure you could go to church on Sunday and I said what's the next step and he said. I said. So to stay. True to his son and son. I. Can. See what's next he said Just come and see it says just. In service to next. Mr. SMITH He said the other church. Pushes him to his commute to. St. Kitts to. Choose that system. Still mindstream from. A citizen. That took one step after step after step back and look for him. This. Step to take changes us. So the next step. You take the next step and it changes you some people wonder how did I end up here. Is one step at a time that began that transformation and it works both ways. But it's done calling you to do today. That if the next step. Is the right the gun is placed in front of you the banner says Read walk. Pray to Jesus and had me to back in the right to take that next step with Jesus. Much Risk. Should be required it's much the sweat with blood should know. About the says Jesus is the way in the truth and the life if you man Jesus you will love the truth. But it's pretty together in heaven and thank you so much for Jesus. Prayed. That the fact that you with truth because choose us is the willing the truth and the life crisis we pray with your presence as we continually endeavor to walk in the lightest Jesus is in the light for Jesus's name we pray Amen amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio or.


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