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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 5

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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him good morning and grow revenue started closest I would order prayer will get into today's last two sessions father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together in this place I would think it will offer the sun is shining today we thank you for the many blessings you bestowed upon us here do I see thus far is a footage abuse in this presentation and belittles Lord send your Holy Spirit is able to the rest of this conference is a prayer in Jesus 's name and okay I'm Matt Walsh am assuming most of you are yesterday so I won't give a big background why am I am up physician primarily by trade in Orange County California outside the medical director right now for the jail system for the county saw work inside the jails with maximum security all it on the nonsecurity women's jails juvenile facilities juvenile camps even in my son of a pastor as a lay pastor forfeitures in Southern California also I enjoy doing this and realize it over privilege that comes with being a part of the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ we have so far been dealing with the Dragon dilemma remnant the first session was in search of the remnant that we look at the remnant church was the remnant church and really went in depth on the spirit of prophecy and what prophecy means that those of us who are alive after Ellen White because a lot of us think the spirit of prophecy is simply the testimonies that were given to us by system right when in fact there's a lot that we have to do over the web and the Congress was also the spirit of prophecy the Dragon in the digital age so with our technology and how it is being used by the enemy against the church of secret agents and Appalachians we talked a lot about the big and popular pastors Christian leaders politicians on some level of the seem to fake being Christian but really are not in actually doing things all in all and you'll supposedly did to damage Christianity real Dragon false doctrine we talked about the doctrinal wars our last session yesterday and I dwells able to bring articles videos into this first talk this morning 's renewable watch the video on Oprah Winfrey and most short videos and on the one TD Jakes bid against the Sabbath will do that at the end of the session is the first one is the wanted testimonies and women talk about the bow that is going on against the writings of Cisco White and what I would've really do I can get into a lot of stuff in California some are not on the mailing list of a group that is very anti- Adventist and in particular very anti- Isle of Wight and I've been reading your stuff for years and also right about number do because of this so foolish and outlandish and gave it take the time to respond all students of the stuff is a really is but there is about and in essence Italy the Senate is talking a few seconds throughout the event the Dragon is mad at anything there really clearly identify the remnant really clearly instructs and edifies the remnant of anything is really going to prepare people for the second coming of Jesus Christ so the enemies of the ferociously angry at those things in particular because of the clarity with which I will like teaches to the doctor and she will always be hated one of them is the Church of Rome in and the Dragon least of all that Doctor Robin Catholic Church is the latest lunacy would not hire name number no peace there will always raise up an army against them because in fact the only real vestige of Protestantism that still speaks most rules are in the seven administered primarily and most particularly in clearly as I would like to see but always people who simply are not the legacy that would be against we visited a billion capital all the resources that they have you noted that can happen and in reality is forensic to the other thing is that a few people actually articulate righteousness by faith in the context of commandment keeping and so then I'm separated to amazing to get your Jehovah's Witness on a Muslim that will give you rules regulations commandments laws fairly and ethically right law that need to be kept as of righteousness by faith in the power that comes from knowing God and the people and that they grace like a suggested intermittent disgrace because of grace and righteousness by faith they fill out I can live anyway I want once and save always a very few people who clearly articulate how those two things come together the commandment keeping them at the same time righteousness by faith filled out why does never little piece of because of that not like that when you thought the Sabbath with a barrage of an old testimonial about how when he was a demon worshiper one eight when he talked about to break the subsidization levels first a worship in this end up believing that the dead live on on the one guided by greater than is the one about the Adventists and an marginals of the demon presented the so can you say because they keep the Sabbath as anyone teaches clearly again the Sabbath in the context of rest in the context of rejuvenation in the context of commitment to God is done because you have fire come against them I'm saving the health message all rights perspective in which these developments is a very balanced approach to it and it is it is the right motivation she really instructs us so that we eat drink live so we are better connected to God and drinking well is it really endpoints that we live a long life on earth is so that we are better connected to God and all most things make it so that she will never be liked very much at a time until we get that we we we we might allege that that the government always be battling thank you battling people want to come against there and it doesn't have to be logical America from watching the two extremes of Knowles Fox Leuven and MSNBC you actually watch both of them because then you got to get situated in middle and balance about a little bit of that a lot of much but if you want to want to issues realized both sides countably if you just say something loud enough long enough it shows that really is that there is no more goals in the United States this is not loving the day the water can't write the Cronkite these guys really just stated the facts as long as I get it if it said loud enough and long enough consistently enough its truth and become those now generally people 's opinions of what you ultimately realizes what he called the lobbies wrote a commentary would've been editorials twenty or thirty years ago so is the same principle that it would run apply to the writings of nonwhite when I want to do before we go to those videos is to show some of the things on that is that I took on a lot of the whole presentation on it I comes without looking at slides for some of the key prophecies about why that I believe that really point of the fantasies of profit and the reason why she's awaited she says and the testimonies gone I've been teaching his church group performing at wrongs and strengthening their faith when he is not the smoking of God is not behind Olympian partnership with Satan my work bears the stamp of God or the stamp of the enemy there is no halfway work in the matter what they wanted we were trying to analyze the tries it will get and maybe she's okay some of the time but through a noticeable half of what she says that he was not trying to the lack of buffet or a smorgasbord and it was incredible to alignment take what you want it while you think is the right of the military to believe that a government take that one and I think this would music is so she's alone either it doesn't battle is not I am happy that I was the prophet that God inspired to teach from Washington is no halfway in so you can be in a watered-down or or or or or started to your hometown buffet and replicate the very last essential estate will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish problems with my eighteen Seo worked ingeniously in different ways and different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's remnants people in and the true testimony this is this prophecy was fulfilled and fulfilled someone different ways everything from the deceptions at A through to last last company proposes now the idea of plagiarism which is an amazing of accusation when in fact the plagiarism laws that even come into existence until after I would like that died so do without such thing as legal plagiarism in her day all and more portly when you start your writings in fact I slipped out of the alley with a plagiarism charge because the part of our writings that we actually want on which he's commentating and is and you can tell where she really goes into what God is shown or you see that it is my pleasure to find it elsewhere any book should describe the bond of unity and people say well you can find his description somewhere else maybe you can maybe again was what she says about what happens in the Garden of Eden and why got set up is a unique perspective that she's given that makes the writing is powerful and I want to a lot of those things and look at it it's just again if it's really just made up stuff trumped up charges like you said you worked ingeniously in different ways and different agencies and is exactly what is trying to do and unfortunately somebody is inside the administered the people inside the evidence or the door like a white I wish he didn't call her profit and wish we never accepted her writings as as up as as up as a further instruction for our church and how wide is the one who says that she is a less unlike the great alike if we read the Bible it was supposed to be no reason for writing machine goes on on on on what is it really impresses me about her writing one is our humility and the fact that she wrote volumes and volumes of Baden-Baden was booked with unlimited education and yet space and profoundly did today and it is an amazing thing and it unavailable with Elizabeth presentation but as a physician I was incredibly impressed by how well she actually understands what medical science didn't understand for the fifty or sixty years after she'd written I want to limit talks about the lines etched into the mind from having to do things over and over and over again long before real girls and she expressed this problem with the bottles in the brain and him and the nerve pathways and literally do get to make a rule literally in the brain and ruled the biggest deep deep in the effect of the habit and just like you said once there may really is no way to unfold I want to decades before we discovered profound truth and when I will just as you said the only reveal the combat is to create a new habit with deeper grooves and I is that when you get that from a emphasize himself that it are confidential years later and gone on many the things about health methods and and and certain foods she can in fact out like really when she speaks about not eating meat one of the primary reasons he gives is that the quality of meat in the last these would not be suitable for full metal and that's when the main reasons is not meeting the long form of mad cow of these those long before the massive E. coli outbreak some of the country before that was done with animals was still free grazing organically grown animals are very very elderly in our day compared to today world fish farms in fish farms now big tank that is drop on the patient and phase out the fight for food in order to keep him alive the gunshot antibodies in the tank so to face interview given even really from the ocean said they would look after the cows will adopt me other than feeling of all antibodies are being epidemic of versatile methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus auras is probably more a function of all the antibiotics and Americans are eating through a taking in meat and fish that it is from value not actually the prescriptions of physicians but I didn't help either yet these things she said a long time ago I'm always amazed that the ferocity against which she is what would such a hatred what in fact modern scientists bailout believe me and monetizing that are out were plastered all over the place but the website builder how is so objective that is one of individually Malone personally don't touch it and triangulated nebulas got up they might talk about amalgamation of a new study that you understand what bothers me the outlet Loma Linda market or ginger one Sunday one person walks in with a sheet of paper and slides down the front of the desk and says I want was a racist what are you talking about this and let the gentle workload one of beer outside the as you know you have established yesterday at the University charge that is somebody it will stop this lesson is about say it is because they aren't real jobs with black lesson on how and what was a racist and went to be talking about amalgamation of the deal I was out with open college one of the oldest historically black the University United States unlike Commissioner old son going to the deep South and timely to be killed but teaching blind students anything suited to the style was of Adventist University in northern Alabama identity the races just doesn't fly with me nevermind if I don't been able to shore from the book 's other works incredible language she uses long for Martin Luther King that sounds like a rocket from her pages we gave I have a dream speech about the last year last year 's bold foot of Black history month I actually use that quote is a beautiful book is to give the talks about him and did not in the respective person in heaven and in the book of life the black man's name was written as the white man's name and it stature race about brucellosis means nothing what matters is the man's character literally the same way that Martin McCain will use you know that sixty years later a seven-year letter said I is another fly because you found one or two little text about it the bottom of the basin and I understand that when she was about race is white like the Bible and about Texas as rep when establishing the only see one about the space about all of these different groups of people literally it's spiritual not it is the local way to let anybody speak about a race of came against the recent set it is the belief doesn't abandon those don't you just read enough of the writing actually get to where she explained that people are also welcome lots of them is to become the marigold or black and white as races but in fact the joint disease angle and even change the Bible I will open a blog on the sons of God the Bible says that James Valdez that will his father was God himself is that we give the genealogy of Christ so you understand that if we don't hear the one about holds out little glasses and all judges teaching and I'm really terrible and and and and and really shameful lie against the world well established church and found our church this comes because again your secret agents that have infiltrated the church really do not have the best interest of the seven administered to heart they really want to tear down is administered justice he said the best way that the devil can do that destroy our faith in her writings and I'm someone who really loves I log on to every descriptor allowed to read the script and what I like to do that you redistribute read which he says at the same time a draggable full understanding of the Scripture that when I do this I don't not read the Bible in fact a lot of us outlining the seventh ability to go the way I was unlimited because I believe the Bible teaches since I had never written anything out of this and Adventist the fact is what she doesn't give me bonus material to be many bonus material you get extra instruction unit thinking I like this all and you get a little over target was unwilling to our white life doesn't change the movie the Bible itself but it does give you a better understanding of it and really fun elastase things like quality week will not be good for food something that could've been written in the Bible you have it in this digestible rules is that John will have the power to give people instruction in the last days and he will probably go the office will be given the ability to really give strong instructor you remove your strong instruction in our church still to this day so as not to outwork up a lot of about what she said the different denominations or Social Security this is something that ecumenical wisdom has proven another one of our province event for sure is a true prophecy the wide diversity of belief in the Protestant churches is regarded by many as the site from that no effort is to secure force uniformity can ever be made but there have been four years in charges of the Protestant faith is strong and growing sentiment in favor of the union based on common points of doctrine suggest that the union discussion of subjects upon which all are not agreed all report they might be okay viable standpoint must necessarily be waived and this is as already happened we handle that only when I'm nondenominational churches even nondenominational means not doctrinal because I wanted a nondenominational you can't believe anything or you have a very loose set of belief systems because they didn't want to start that we believe there's someone does a lot of great cinematic of your church and I will be losing a lot of time administered into a nondenominational church analyzer the Protestants will reach out and clasped the hand of Roman Catholicism Protestantism will stress your hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power out if anything is better fulfillment is one of the notes on America when there were anti- Catholic league 's most Protestant churches Protestant to the one the great when the great pillars of this Republic is gone because they washed away in order anyone not turn on a television evangelist of the most churches to talk about the fathers of the Protestant Reformation anymore Martin Luther Haas none of the women discussed that disease only one set of people still discuss those people that's really us and a few other people outside it wasn't dual but in general both of my discovery that is politically incorrect imagine Martin Luther because Catholics I was like a mouse noticed a talk for the fellows at Morehouse school of medicine in sexuality and health and they chose me to remember that Protestants and it killed the Catholic pediatrician right nice guy to come and speak as well any a question in a very Catholic you know it's a sin everything was a sin sin sin sin sin city of the good old Pattison and really came of a hard-core antiabortion political drama of a talk I was second and I spoke to them about God 's love for you and why Social Security is upon God 's plan and I wanted to the fact that as a Christian set different from a Catholic Protestant because of righteousness by faith because many of you say it is impossible for you to live right for you to do things that were telling you need to be done in terms of sexual purity while telling you that what you believe in God give you strength to live right and I want to vitals image and I said below is live on the dividend instantly W not overly like Martin Luther so you understand that when she said that America was a very different place with me even it was not either the crystal the Pedro you know we saw Billy Graham is that we really kowtow to the Catholic Church just don't do it what happens abroad is looking up with our shared values opposite identical to what C7 are in our quote is identical to what it means that in this article from April of last year it will go with the first of April two thousand eight I'll almost certain doctoral differences remain in place as Catholics and evangelical Christians in August Protestantism gave way to evangelicalism is not this one should be Protestant really but in practice that means you are protesting when and its practices SMS by evangelical became awarded as you is also unique of Protestantism is very apolitical you can't want to go in and be into all of the political nitpicking that we seem United States evangelical works better and in Christendom and drawn closer together in recent years going to a new book that explores growing influence of Christian voters notice inside politics this allowed the and is really little working United States to get the son-in-law Bill Hudson executive director of the morning is the church and culture Washington DC Angel grievances are gradually receded to the poor Christians from various denominations have joined together to resist secular assault on shared values onward Christian soldiers the raw political power Catholics and evangelicals in the United States out of the letter written that are any better what you wrote and when you look at what is written in one headlines from up a little over a year ago yet people say she he was not a prophet to the men got been work order will a lot out of you get that when you put a lot of little rewriting this part is what it'll see the processors we might influence the state to enforce their beliefs analyze says one matures allowing inviting up upon such boards of faith as I held my vent in common so it was the state to enforce their decrees and sustain the institutions that were Protestant America have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy is in the ten Commandments up in buildings and defining the seventies we have to really be careful in a catch twenty two seventy minutes on his family don't like that the very liberal onslaught on society destroys marriage and in righteousness and and and good moral principles but on the other hand we know what we have to be careful what we start trying to support legislation of moral issues in moral thinking of biblical things because we understand it once that train stopped out of the gate we are to get a train back to want to wear in a Catch-22 because in essence I agree what much of what the noted conservative right wing with Americans who believe on moral issues I don't believe we should have gambling parlors and read medical marijuana clinic you know rampant abortion have bought on our country I know more if I jump on that bandwagon and we push that's right that's right at a Sunday law that the station is not limited to the twenty two for us was that we really have to remain and then focus that we keep our focus on the fact that Christ is coming and it is a new kingdom being for another set of the magazine judges that will be proven not a part of the records and looked upon the investing this investing the church with the power of the state will bring you results that have almost passed the point of God 's forbearance they have invested to strengthen policies and united with the papacy but the time God will punish those who made his book may void the law and even workable recoil upon themselves so as you rightly said the wood redoubtable WC I want to lead this on CNN Larry King and her daughter talk about the holy father out blasting out and out peacefully well at least she spoke as if she had met Christ himself I wasn't all theoretically at least Protestant is brought of the Catholic the former governor of Florida Jeb Bush but here you can see him into the strawberries with the wit of Rabbi 's diary of the wood with the president of the United States Barack Obama 's argument with the Pope as well in role so you will get the Big Dig between the different presidents made a change in puppets maybe you're not the only politically savvy enough to build a huge change coming would no longer be in Afghanistan Iraq when you plan to plot anywhere you want to is that it is not that different a medicinal subtle differences between the two parties but about huge differences and what a way that you not others he is a fixture at all it is not the president of the goal and make sure that the Pope of Rome is happy went up over the time about it gave a resounding endorsement of the role of religion in the Democratic society today the need for global solidarity is as urgent as ever in an age of extremism and terror so use the war on terror to do this the pontiff was greeted on the White House Lombard president George Bush plus a twenty one gun salute a short serenade of a world-class opera singer was gave an address that ranking with conservative political idea saying the United States needed the pope 's message that all life is sacred a reference to the abortion debate and your message to reject this dictatorship of relativism power doesn't know I said we reached the point and allowed Faith and you can see it clearly is happening I mean it was Ronald Reagan who set up again and an envoy an official ambassador to the Vatican and about to send me the divining serpent the speaking circuit you go to Catholic Church downtown services built to handle the handles on the front door on dragons is a mix of paganism that the so sorry I find legal Europe and the cathedrals with the longest things like where to stay away from it because spiritualism is already the bowels of the knowledge joining the charge she says the very name of witchcraft is not held in contempt the claimant dimensional intercourse of evil spirits is regarding the fable of the dark ages the spiritualism which was established by the hundreds of thousands in by the millions which has made its way into scientific circles which have invaded charges and is filed favorite legislative bodies and even of the court of King this man of deception is but a revival in a notice on the witchcraft condemned and prohibited of old Saint McGovern analogy beguiled even indicated by citing a desire to obtain forbidden knowledge he shall be as God 's new lunacy that my clip with Oprah Winfrey in total and in a minute and you can see that one of things that she predicted was spiritualism witchcraft with would be redressed Potter is a good example of that in a very blatant and open way with the New Age movement in itself is powerfully really witchcraft redesigned redressed and that is the euro with you whenever doing yoga tai chi knowledge that witchcraft is watered-down versions of the same formula that safe and another to amend the Google of Africa now is in some circles of United is the big deal dog it opened it with a classism and African dance classes all of these things are as you say in a way that really redressed his thing and show it on again to privacy on the street again asked him more than true she said the methods of the goddess does look all quote from him upon the at the top of the goddess of the liberal church and I was now in charge is not a done about the goddess of the goddesses Diana Diana of Ephesus problem Paul doesn't want out of this I is one of the great goddesses while the prostitute that appears in this is why Paul spent so much time to the Ephesians and really work a lot of powerful miracles announces regarding battling against the spirit directed all attached to the worship of Diana how it would this would account the judge did was they make this fairy tale fable which I don't motivate from to back it up the John takes Mary to apposite and that is where Mary lives out her life and die and what they do is they make the Virgin Mary and Diana the same person so that which is when you really read what witchcraft says which was a Diana still alive in fact one billion people still worship her as Mary of the Christians began judging mode is married with Diana so now the next obvious step is one very worship is coming into churches and the goddess is coming at the church is the must of the goddesses get a hearing in the church as well the philosophy of the God is currently being taught in the classrooms of some of our seminaries in a growing number seminary the student population is becoming increasingly female in many of these women of a feminist outlook on life Mary Daly with that as a result of a Christian feminist Christian feminist sadness about traditional Christianity to put it bluntly our proposal to Christianity itself should be castrated just a rough sleep the primary food was of the Christian feminist is to bring an end to what they perceive as a male-dominated religion by castrating the male influence from religion Billy continued by saying I am suggesting that the idea of salvation uniquely by a male savior perpetrate our perpetuates the problem of patriarchal oppression analyzer that this wicked little extra in essence vitamin that is the worship in the church rather than the God of heaven comes interviews will become a part of worship arthritis it was the most another SLE will take place just before the close appropriation ever publicly will be demonstrated there will be shouting withdrawals music and dancing the sense of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions a battle voice shots a sense of the perverts that would have conducted a right might be a blessing we often miss the statement this is an important statement the statement is that these things were conducted properly it could be a blessing in other words there's a spirit in this that is not Christian and not about beef with would would would music up up and money of our churches issues and even that they are the drums and my problem is the spirit with which they're playing the music business as a Hollywood spirit of primary awards it's a show of experience when it is a spiritual holy experience is a little better writer than it wasn't a policy dedicated web with the din and noise than the carnival of this is termed the Holy Spirit working Paul I was written up in the note subject such a confusion of noise and multitudinous sounds to make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted again is the way it's done those participating the supposed revival receive impressions when addressed they cannot tell what they form a new regarding regarding Bible principles no charge was to be given to this kind of worship one reason the devil wants this and again that I could take it all in a good forty to sixty percent of ravenous charges and a lot more the music is looking like this now but she says that the reason for this is that the devil understands that when you music itself affects the brain differently and bypasses the frontal lobe if anybody replicas about being the most holy place in the sanctuary if you use you to get what is the frontal lobe of your brain thirty three percent if a party to bring would be the probable the most holy place in it the Shekinah glory of God as opposed to meet with you have that beautiful to have this binding allows also in Christ Jesus our beloved Christ to constrain you that in Europe in your consciousness should be like the ten Commandments is why David said I want to buy it in my heart that I might not sin against thee he took the law act meditate on your logged in by the laws of those listed here as a reminder of right and wrong but you can't take them that right and wrong law and limb right by the Holy Spirit is a category just like infallible dogmas of the sanctuary of the following apply and then all the love of Christ will constrain you about working and you believing will work together to get to live right that's what about music bypasses the front double shot goes into the brain stem the more basic more rudimentary parts of your mind and situated outside of their music and his people this I will investigate play music a lot of people just can't happen at it naturally will and you don't even think about it so if unable biblical principles almost became a Hamas behemoth in operation is ignored because when you have music you do the same time process of linguistic information and input the same way that's why they can make a lyric so terrible and it's another seminar on Google Earth up and rekindle our gas that was obviously in a USA Today so you'd only thought was long do you not realize exactly what they were saying because the music is played the frontal lobe no longer processes it is lower white is really trying to warn us against as you described honestly the shouting and one of being arguments about the days dancing in church and hopefully make your churches but a lot of dance crews and an praise dancing him of the charges but from what Johnson did try to bring us up in the final regular anyway and I said listen somebody show me the Bible solely from God 's word where a woman is ever sent the dance in front of the mansion with American it does not exist in Scripture and every example I give you like that but the shadows plotting women were probably dancing vitamin attendance oh well right you know the New Testament and and and and him erroneously narrated by wondering when I'll be out to John the Baptist that young girl dance in front of them and what it meant a lot in fact will do so what will you look at Mayor Mariam normally merit is the Merryman women dance the women in general went away from it the dance the little knoll and in what we call death even when they were called to my Franklin Europe and Israel is a Jewish event is not the same thing I busily take dance from the Carlton room in the church so that the same thing but she does with all of the representative ideas like dancing in church of the agreement everyone walked out not reminding insureds miming oral agent with scrapping villagers miming and in the naptime as we download music talents go crazy argument is that some of the salon and was a good surgeon so I told everyone I met with absolutely those of the argument but a sampling of the video there devoutly toolroom quick sodas I started to slide yesterday shown a problem with her to get Barack Obama elected in its second Timothy three five having a form of godliness but my mind upon thereof from such turn away from this sort of they which creep in the house and lead chapters silly women laden with sins let away with divers lusts learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth so I played a video about his work last night so it doesn't work now is not lawful the following and I forgot to put the revenge is sounding sentences and civilian national relief is not a location refers to the inner realm of consciousness in the process of archetypal image is every man and every woman the leaders website teaches these lessons my mind is part of God 's eye only this is my salvation my salvation comes from the remember that there is no sin do not make the care of the things you want to toss that can overcome across home and is and is is is is is is is is him him him him will die here in his eye as he and he is in and is and is him at her him I will is that the money is as I was in is not only a God that is in a jealous God and is in is like a night 's will not a you is he he he is not as a you is you is in is is is a you a you need a and he he is is my nine as he is you and is in and in you and not a you he you feel about the only him with but that's not all Jesus is the political arena by endorsing a candidate for president believes teacher giving lessons on their website Marianne Williamson has started an organization called the peace alliance to establish English Department of peace what can we do is carry the seal uncovers the truth in a new book drink the Kool-Aid available it's just a I started out I couldn't figure out may get louder that the Mrs. Abington are important is one of them is which he says all you know about it as a feeling not a belief as terrible diarrhea out of that makes any sense at all and feelings change so rapidly supplements is a earlier on that I want to highlight as well I can remember now the jealous things is interesting that that's limiting that was that she was at a medium church and the presumed law that God is a jealous God Jesus God is jealous and is of God is jealous of me that tells you where her center was and why she was destined to reject God in the beginning or about the yesterday he actually went a little see the office he sought counsel from the nose I don't know what events from iCal is a is tried to really encourage her many times Google is very disappointed on over the last of those people able what you got to do now all but in addition what she thought Olive and over three million people that are now a part of this church is not a young lady that came onto the unreadable but it it doesn't jibe with my Christian beliefs as I'm Jonathan one why do you want to did we let them down it allows at the price of the bucket audibly was on the stop and that's what he was really be put into the back even further I really want to commit Outland to be the lady in the audience and Oprah Winfrey show blue light ceased that probably was an admittedly that cellular people under one willing to believe a woman's defendant believed you could not believe the Oprah Winfrey show in the audience a little getaway cars sometimes and stainless a nominal one about Christ and instead opposite Jesus is the only way that on national TV and the fires of Oprah Winfrey not us good stuff and bailout is a and then a minute left it on the same so that was one of the Louisiana economic of an elderly honor avatar in the book don't drink the Kool-Aid with the thing we won't drink the Kool-Aid so the video and I think we might have enough time to show is the one with TD Jakes this one I couldn't figure out edit it to just get before I wanted about eight minutes long so I went about another play for second unit is the introduction I put a microphone in the air out of your lot on the design into the show it's a massive production of jazzy music Mobile adapter needs of the great needs other than the time of literary the family loved and totally so I thought is put on breaking the little introduction for unity either but I really is about four minutes into account where it really something to talk about with that I will solve all and I really wanted to get my guess is about ten minutes other than what you listen to the whole thing of Lincoln now the ability to discuss out about what I've been working on the air is the alternator is buckling on his shutoff where does the message starting so together in the front you probably on the polio modernist he thinks that Muslim is as I will will will and will a citizen is a him him him for a is a God you will and will will will will notice that he at least the people 's conditions the relationship he really speaks to women working methods but the strength of his ministry at VW if I want to point out just how much of the wells on that argument paying at the whole point of his message you are all is all is America her goal is or will he will all see and will will will will will will will will will will lay out a vision that is and will will will will will is will is will and will not as urgent as is as is will is will him all in one is a is a you and you will will will will I will will will you and you will have Omaha is a you will and is a problem is is is is is is all a a a a I will hope is almost as a third is a good and will him not to him and him to the living room is a will is is is is is is is is that him will will will will him will and will will do is allow you all are the law is wrong and that is the only thing you will you are in a I and I will is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is his own will and is a will will will will will will him to his home helping us all all while will that is that you are in the main argument is Sunday in the day over the seven video that argument when he is going to this idea that Christ is our rest undoubtedly with all days first essay both visible soundings of is that it's a it's a more savvy way to deliver the Sabbath the main argument that every day is holy and Christ is not a Sabbath of rest in Christ that doesn't have an argument completely just difficult to argue to argue apples and apples but so they don't let him get rid of any day of worship and then come back and Institute Sunday and that's really what you say anything is a button about a seventy Sabbath because Christ is irrational and natural wetlands maybe watch the whole sermon he gets out of back in the relationships of any really thought about if you are in Christ you should be carrying any burdens the Bible ceremonies and Gary Burns on the Sabbath he said we should Gary Barnes at all any lot or at any price on relationship and town life situations the e-mail he just stays there that is one of the messages but I cannot believe he made be as much a jazz with an infiltrate of anyone else at the point really areas them take the time to try and destroy the seventies agency worrying that any and of course because he doesn't want any depth of what is describing is go over stuff not read Bible don't particularly see how little actual text uses that all the talking is giving me just really given with opinions AAA has found that he has such a good speaking style you know a lot of really learn crowded you give me the crown would hope that he was right what are you watching Saturday only and even your digital or maybe keeps an NHL and five and the crowd was into at all the grounder and poorly implemented and available to deception belief that something profound he says Saturday is technically the Sabbath is next Wednesday the seventy seventh P he actually admits it is my will that is the business of the time to understand he has been admitted as evidence that he doesn't make that argument instead he says that it's different in the New Testament Old Testament with the ligament that argument is to select and what it is that Intel's atom that instead really is a deeper revelation that the revelation of that number to a friend bottles of poor rabbit is copyrighted logos the family medicine residency in Alabama and is also angry to seven in the district was amazing because he says Christ is my Sabbath now so I don't even not only the seventies with a big crisis Sabbath you know about in today's any moment TJ says Christ is I will respect our own days of the quotes out of that's out of that license to and we split equally uneven into the text itself doesn't really read the text because the text doesn't say we say it says there was thinking about these days and festivalgoers which it will not renew up don't the fourth amendment Sabbath day at all right to see what he does go in and what you think the congregation or does this believe what he says this man is a multimillionaire you know Bishop I looked over probably hundreds of thousands of people while we know and he said that because believe it and I was somebody but the bodies of the Sabbath there might even preach a sermon about the vitamin that was was offered a job as a chef when a guy that Doctor John California but I was so such a lavish lifestyle one inevitably said it is not really about Bible to its about how to keep people coming every Sunday and I get it unless it's a very feel-good message available deliverymen a car told colluded the maintenance is simply making feel better from the inside out client aware of that is a lie that is unclear why because of the manna falling that wasn't very clear reference of the Sabbath not that that's true and having to get up who is this on the seven members of aesthetic was as pleasant as a vividness or I guess I was a political disaster but they were little time to get the video the somehow miraculously survived throughout turn up the volume on the speaker by his father God we thank you Lord for the Ministry of the spirit of prophecy in our church we thank you Lord that we view of given us the ability to point out deception the following is not just pointed out let us now Lord really share with others the truth so that the truth can overcome these lies Brussels Lord that we would be faithful servants and that we would lord share your truth in your gospel with others is where Jesus 's name amen this is an audio person working blinds generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. when will board the more free online service please visit www. done on U-verse got more


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