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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 6

David Shin


Pastor David gives part 6 in the series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the Life of Daniel."


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • November 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven oh what a blessing it is to come together as your people to worship you this morning and we pray that the love of Jesus would prevail in our hearts today through the Holy Spirit grant us your peace that passes all understanding Lord you know the week that we've had whether challengers or blessings all the same and we pray that you would help us as we pause for a few moments to reflect on your words speak to us we pray in Jesus' name amen amen Well today we are continuing in our 8 part series of messages in titled lessons from the life of Daniel and today is Part 6 in that series of messages and this series is going through the 8 stories in the Book of Daniel and as we noted the Book of Daniel has 2 different genres end time prophecies and stories for this sermon series will be focusing on the story and all of the 8 story 6 revealed characteristics that we are to seek to emulate as the prophecies are being fulfilled and to reveal characteristics that we are to seek to avoid as the prophecies are being fulfilled in today's story is one of the characteristics that we are to seek to emulate as the prophecies are being fulfilled. As we noted in an earlier presentation we looked at the whole book of Daniel the Book of Daniel is only 12 chapters and it's structured in what we call a Kayasth stick structure which means for all practical purposes that some chapters are parallels of other chapters you can see on the screen there that's 2 ways of looking at the structure Chapter one is an introduction and then Chapter 2 you can see parallels Chapter 7 chapters 3 parallels chapter 6 and chapter 4 parallels chapter 5 for today's study will be looking at Daniel Chapter 6 and you'll note that Daniel Chapter 6 parallels Daniel Chapter 3 member Daniel Chapter 3 was the story of the fiery furnace. Daniel Chapter 6 is Daniel in the lion's den and these are parallel because they have similar themes that emerge in both stories worship is a central issue in Daniel Chapter 3 you were told to worship the image and if you did not you were cast into the fiery furnace and in Daniel Chapter 6 you worship the king and if you don't you are fed to hungry lions so the themes are similar and then you look in the Book of Revelation and this theme emerges again we read from Revelation Chapter 13 verse 15 when we did our study and Daniel Chapter 3 says he was granted power to give to the image of the beast that both the image of the beats should speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed so this is a prophetic forecast of what's going to take place before Jesus comes again there is worship that is the central issue and those that do not worship the beast stories image are going to be killed same theme as Daniel 3 same theme is Daniel 6 is going to be repeated before Jesus comes the 2nd time now open your Bibles for the sake of our study today to Daniel Chapter 6. Daniel Chapter 6 now a few weeks before we began our Daniel series we touched on Daniel 6 when we talked about devotions and the importance of your personal time with God And today we're going to be focusing on another theme that emerges from the Book of Daniel Daniel at this time is around 80 years of age over 80 years of age he's a senior citizen a statesman and there has been a Rejean change from the Babylonian Empire to the meter Persian empire and Daniel's character is so stellar that the king of the new administration decides to place him 2nd in command in this causes a lot of jealousy and so they do a background check on Daniel the other officials do there's an extreme vetting that takes place they check all of his taxes and he pays all of his taxes he's got no skeletons in the closet and the only thing they can find wrong with him it's actually very right about him was his prayer life so they go to the king with flattery and say King euro a wonderful king you deserve worship and they said why don't we make a decree that for 30 days they only worship you and if they don't they'll be cast into a den of lions and so he said I think that's a great idea so the decree goes forth and let's pick it up in Daniel Chapter 6 1st 10 now and when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went home and in his upper room with his windows open toward Jerusalem he knelt down on his knees 3 times that day and prayed and gave thanks before his God as his custom was Daniel knew that the moment that he kneeled down he was likely signing his death sentence that's a lot of pressure. Some of you are very familiar with the story and they go and get his arrest warrant the meter Persian SWAT team is commissioned and they go in there and lead Daniel away in handcuffs and they throw him into the den of lions you can just imagine what that must have been like they closed the door and if I were Daniel I'd just be waiting for that big 400 pound cat to just lock his jaws into my juggler vein Oh my I just can't imagine and so just pausing in that silence because you don't know member Daniel chapter 3 the 3 Hebrews said God can deliver us but even if he doesn't we won't bow down and worship So Daniel had no guarantees he's waiting there it's dark and the Bible tells us that an angel came into that lines Dan I want to what that must been like and closed the lion's mouth. And it's amazing what you can find online that's it's an angry lion and the lines go from this to this. I mean that's the story I mean this remarkable angel comes down and it just goes from like pure anger and hunger to to just amazing. Like a golden retriever. And this is one artist's depiction of Daniel hanging out with the lines there and Daniel's life what spared. Mazing story. Art T. text today are a text a reflection is found in Dana Chapter 6 Reese 10 the one we just read and I've highlighted this word in your study guide and now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went home and in his upper room with his windows open toward to receive him he knelt down on his knees 3 times that day and prayed and gave things before his God as his custom was early days. Here's the key point that I want to bring out from this verse Daniel's prayer life was so important that it was worth dying for Daniel's Pera life was so important that it was worth dying for why was it so essential now if I do a little bit of reflection on my own pro-life and I think why is it sometimes I miss my prayers or my prayers are kind of you know take it to go kind of thing Lord bless me today and you're out the door and but but here we see that Daniel's life in Daniel's life his private prayer life was such a high priority that he would rather die then miss his time with God His prayer life was of preeminent importance it was so high of a priority that he was willing to be eaten by lions rather then miss his time with God. I just finished a book highly recommend it I don't get any kickbacks from this is entitled Here's conversations by Susan Scott and in the book it was talking about a husband wife couple that they were having some marital problems and the wife was always wanting to talk about their relationship all the time. And he he just could not understand it being your typical man I guess and I don't understand this this is so inefficient Why do we always have to be talking about our relationship and what can't we just talk about our relationship one huge time and then not talk about it until the next year just have an annual relationship talk but you want to talk about it all the time and then the light bulb went off in his head and this is what he said this ongoing conversation I have been having with my wife is not about the relationship the conversation is the relationship the conversation is the relationship there's moments when I'm reading a book I just have to put it down and ponder that point a little bit more that one sentence just blew my mind being a typical male. The conversation is the relationship I think many times of relationship in these if Ariel conceptual terms of relation ality and relationship but when you boil it down relationship is conversation have you ever had a conversation with someone that just went south Come on now. It just like took off maybe OK but just crashed and burned like are and then you walk out of there and there's like no resolution there's tension there's no way of coming out of this it just spun out of control a terrible conversation what's it like the next time you see that person. Peachey What's your relationship like ice right maybe they avoid you avoid eye contact dart into another room or you can see the flames of fire coming out of their eyes in depending on the type of personality so so have you ever had a conversation go really well openness all thought often to city vulnerability sharing trust what's it like the next time you see that person. It's like roses and sunshine right and this idea of conversation equaling relationship is. Really to me of such a profound thought end of the art and the by the book goes on our lives succeed or fail gradually then suddenly one conversation at a time while no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career a business a marriage or a life any single conversation can the conversation is the relationship just as a side note here. Is there a conversation with someone that you know you need to have but you've been avoiding because of fear of the consequences there's an elephant in the room no one wants to talk about it maybe it's with your husband your wife your daughter some family member and you skirt around the issue you have this careful conversation and the book brought out all of the things that you fear the consequences of what's going to happen are likely going to happen if you don't have the conversation so you might as well have the courage to in a loving way. Have that conversation because conversation is relationship. Now going back to prayer What do you think prayer is it's conversation according to steps to Christ prayer is talking to God as to a friend that's where prayer is is having a conversation with guns so here's our key thought in your study guide prayer is conversation per is talking to God as to a friend it sharing your heart it's it's communing with him conversation is relationship and then we come to prayer is relationship remember in geometry if A calls B. and B. equals C. than a will see what years the equation here prayer is conversation conversation is relationship prayer is relationship why was Daniel not willing to give up his per life even at the expense of being eaten by lions it's because his prayer life was his relationship with God and he would rather die than give up his relationship How's your pearl ice today how is your relationship with God We hear that many times it's all about a relationship with God I believe that but practically speaking do you talk to him Do you have a conversation with him it's very difficult if not impossible to have a conversation with someone or to have a relationship with someone that you never ever talk to you don't have a relationship you have an acquaintance. If you see every once in a while so prayer is relationship prayer is so foundational to your relationship with God that you take away that conversation you take away their relationship so very quickly in your study guide how essential is prayer to our spiritual life this is from the book on prayer prayer is the breath of the soul the secret of spiritual power using a metaphor of prayer and in 1st this alone eons chapter 5 or 17 The Bible says pray without ceasing breathing is so essential to our physical life that your body or I should say a part of your brain is tasked with doing it automatically Can you imagine what it would be like to always consciously think in order to breathe you imagine I forgot to breathe for the last 5 minutes. And people would be dying I mean breathing is is so foundational to living that God knew when he created us that it would have to be something that is automatic something that is done just without our consciousness or else we wouldn't be able to sleep prayer is as essential to spiritual life as breathing is to physical life think about the implications of that I can't imagine but sometimes I think that in our discipleship we teach people that once they're baptized that's it you don't have to breathe anymore can you imagine a baby's born physically and the baby's told you're good now you're born you don't have to breathe. You don't have to breathe anymore there's one thing about being born there's another thing about staying alive in prayer is that lifeline to keep us continually connected to God Prayer is also essential for keeping our thoughts Holy we may close the door to impure imaginings and unholy flaunts by lifting the soul into the presence of God through sincere prayer do you struggle with evil thoughts impure thoughts Prayer is the solution you can replace the thought with prayer and scripture many of these quotations all be taken from the book steps to Christ and if you have not read that book highly recommended there's a whole chapter in titled the privilege of prayer and this book has changed lives I will have the entire case there in the foyer so you can take as many as you're willing to share. Why should I pray if God already knows Have you ever wondered that it's not as though we pray in God's like oh thank you for sharing that with me I didn't know God already knows it's not like we're informing him and some people have asked Look I'm not going to pray he notes you know those are ready I mean why should I go through the trouble of prayer and this is from the book steps to Christ again page 93 not that it is necessary in order to make known to God What we are in other words it's not that we inform God but in order to enable us to receive Him important principle of prayer in other words prayer doesn't change God It changes us there's something about the posture of prayer that realizes that helps me to realize like look I'm mortal I'm human I want why should I pray if I have all the answers why should I pray if I have all the power but the very posture of peer indicates look I need help. And God's like OK I'll help you but you can't help a cancer patient that doesn't know they have cancer you can't force somebody God's not in the business of forcing When should I pray this is a good one from step to Christ consecrate yourself to God when in the morning make this your very 1st work let your prayer be take me old lord as holy thyne I lay all my plans up by feet use me today in the service with me and let all my work be wrought in the this is a daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to go on for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or to be given up as his providence shell indicate thus to day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ so when you get up in the morning the 1st thing you should do is this prayer consecrating yourself to God for that day and you say Lord I'm yours I give you permission to intervene in my life today and this is a daily matter and there's something about the morning that keeps. Us from having the cares of this life just crowded in. There's I don't know what time it is but it seems like between 730 and 8. In that window it seems like just all of the cares of this like just seem to encroach on your day and there's there's a reason why very successful individuals get up early in the morning I read an article on Jeff basis the C.E.O. and founder of Amazon his company just crossed the one trillion dollar mark extremely successful man and I just got this uncomfortable feeling when I looked at what time he got up in the morning he gets up at 4 am every single day. And the article chronicled his daily life and he gets up at 4 am and he makes no important decisions after 6 pm and he's in bed by 8 I mean he's a billionaire you can go for do that. But at 4 am and he says that this is the time that he gets his most creative ideas Tim Cook the C.E.O. of Apple gets up at 3 45 AM 345 and in that time he he is the most creative he gets the most work done and this is from Harvard biologist Christoph Rahn learn when it comes to business success morning people hold the important cards my earlier research showed that they tend to get better grades in school which get them into better colleges which then lead to better job opportunities morning people also anticipate problems and try to minimize them their proactive a number of studies have linked this trait proactivity would better job performance greater career success and higher wages read that else like a. Man. And so we look at individuals that for business reasons are getting up at incredibly early hours of the morning 3454 am and you look at the life of Jesus in Mark chapter one verse 35 it says now in the morning and just so you don't misunderstand this to be 9 am the gospel writer says having risen long while before daylight he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he prayed Now my point is not you need have to get up at 4 am I point is simply this if you want to get your morning manna. Remember the manna it melted once the sun came up and there are some illustrations that we can draw from that find a time in the morning before the crowding of the cares of this life seem to impose on your day find that quiet time whatever time it may be you may have different schedules I understand that as far as working nights and so forth but find the time during your day that is not encroached by the cares of this life carve it out guard that time and spend it in conversation with God make dialogue with God a priority Jesus did. And there is something about that morning time that frames the rest of your day the morning prayer not only in the morning is prayer essential but all throughout the day this term steps Christ page 99 there is no time or place in which it is inappropriate to offer up a petition to God There is nothing that can prevent us from lifting up our hearts in the spirit of earnest prayer in the crowns of the street in the midst of a business in Gage meant we may send up a petition to God and plead for divine guidance a closet of communion may be found wherever we are the beauty of prayer is that in any moment you're in a let's say you're in a business transaction let's say you're in an important meeting and you need help you can silently talk to God whisper a prayer in your mind and said Lord I need help going to this meeting you can have a very difficult conversation with somebody said Lord I need the words to speak I don't know how this is going to go down please help me you can pray to God at any time the beauty of prayer so how should I pray as we noted earlier Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. I used to think that prayers had to be this formal type of conversation no I'm not saying that or pro should be disrespectful but I believe that or per should be intimate if I went to my earthly father my biological father and said Oh that all that provides a home for me. He be like was to man with you son. You know it's just that's just. And sometimes we can talk to God in a way that is REAL FAKE he and inauthentic It's not like he doesn't know and you know sometimes have to catch myself because I go through like this rigor of rituals of prayer say the same thing and after a while it just starts losing authenticity and intimacy but but God wants to know your heart and he loves to have us go to him and say Lord. What a tough day today. This person spoke to me in a certain way in a really hurt and I'm struggling. But I got a huge problem I mean talk about intimacy I mean you don't talk to anyone like that you talk to people that are safe but God is safe. What should I tell him this is beautiful from steps to Christ keep your wants your sorrows your cares your joys and fears before God in the quotation goes on you cannot burden him God is never going to come to the place where he says look I need a break now because I can't handle this anymore I need to like I need to get counseling myself because you just dump this on me and man this is too much God will never come to that place and he's always listening you can tell him every thing all of your problems. Now many people have asked this question look I've prayed and prayed for 20 years and just doesn't answer my prayers I might as well give up. From that same chapter in the book steps the cries page 96 this is when our prayers seem not to be answered we are to cling to the promise for the time of answering will surely come and we shall receive the blessing we need most but the claim that prayer will always be answered in the way and for the particular thing that we desire is presumption now there are certain prayers that we can always pray and know it's God's will but if I've asked for a Ferrari it may not be so there are different categories and there are certain prayers that are always yes prayers and those yes prayers are particularly particularly when it comes to spiritual blessing now I'm all about praying for physical blessing in the Lord tells us that we should pray for those but sometimes I wonder whether we get so caught up in the physical that we forget that God has a whole host of spiritual blessings that he's just willing to pour down on us what are those spiritual blessings. I think I had it here oh did I leave that one L.O.L. Anyways all it is is this one this is from actually Apostles pay 565 prayer is Heaven's ordained to means of success in conflict with sin and the development of character the divine influences that come in answer to the prayer of faith will accomplish in the soul of the supply and all for which he pleads and listen to this part I've highlighted this many times for pardon of sin was that forgiveness for the Holy Spirit for a Christ like temper how many of you want to be more like Jesus. 2 for wisdom and strength to do his work for any gift he has promised you may ask and the promises you shall receive. Think about that in other words these are always yes prayers when you prayed Lord I've got a temper how me to be more like Jesus God's not going to be like OWN let me think about that one it's always yes it's always Yes Lord I pray for forgiveness always yes I pray for wisdom and strength to do your work it is always yes and you don't have to depend on your feelings your feelings come and go you believe it because you believe in Jesus keeps his word Amen. I was reading from this book by Roger Moore know many of you have read it the incredible power of prayer just inspiring book on the pro-life and he talks about how he was in the parking lot and it was hot outside and so he rolled down his windows and 2 spaces over next to him another car pulled up and they had their windows down and it was a husband wife couple and they were in a heated argument they were fighting with each other and he was using a lot of profanity and so forth and they're just in this in this argument and so he prays for them and says Lord I pray for the Holy Spirit to touch this couple's life. And that they would have the sweet spirit of Jesus true story so he prays this prayer and he said it was almost as if instantly they stopped arguing and those a moment of silence and the husband said to his wife I'm so sorry I spoke to you that way and she says Well I'm very sorry to for the way I've been talking and then this is so startling to me because I put the quote from the book on the street stepping to the parking meter the husband turned to the wife and said Sugar Pie. Would you be so kind enough to look into your purse for a dime. And she responded how can I hope subtype of those early morning how can I refuse your help when you're treating me as a lady do you realize Jim that you haven't called me sugar pie since the kids were little and he put the coins in the meter She grabbed him by the arm and like 2 newlyweds they proceeded to do some shopping and this book is remarkable I mean just now this is not to say that every time your prey goes like this but this brings up an important point that he elaborate on more of this from Roger Moore No and I knew exactly where to find the power to help such people in prayer and supplication to God who waits for our requests for help so that he will have the legal right in the side of the universe to move with power into Satan's domain and rescue his captives. There are rules in the great controversy and one of the fundamental rules is choice freewill God is not going to break his way into your life when we what do we call love that is forced We call it great. And God does not force so foundationally one of the most powerful person you can pray for yourself is Lord I give you permission to work in my life and you can move in on a certain level when we pray in terms of intercessory prayer when you pray for someone else in terms of the great controversy you're giving God authorize ation to move in a person's life beyond what he would normally be able not because he's not capable. But because of this foundational element of permission and choice and free will we can pray for ourselves and we can pray for others and it gives God authorization to move in someone else's life last but not least a couple quotes in your study guide that have just been faith building for me this is from steps a Christ page 9394 Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven storehouse where our treasure what is to say the boundless limitless resources of buttons. Look at what God has in store and what he's waiting for is is our permission here is the last but not least quote Our Heavenly Father was that word up that are waits to bestow upon us the fullness of his blessing he has so many blessings spiritual and physical blessings that he wants to pour out on us individually in corporately but he needs our permission he's not going to force his way in he wants our consent he wants us to say Lord please we're not to say please we just say yes we just say Yes Lord I invite you into my life into my heart and how many of you today on to say Lord I want to give my consent. Hey man I want to give my permission I want to give you authorization in my life I want to give my choice and exercise my free will today praise his name Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege of prayer we thank you that you're a god that does not force his way into our lives and that you have given us free will and we pray that Dale you would help us to exercise this gift to say Yes Lord. Please. Intervene in my life and the life of our loved ones so we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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