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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 6

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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I will know of my session here before I head back to sunny Southern California where to wear shorts and the women's counterattack on the Dragon and so at the Gabbana delivered the exhibit a lot more about it say on a lot of them discussed but I do want one to spend the last session really dealing with the counterattack went what is God 's remnant church supposed to do now to go back against the Dragon and Matthew sixteen all verse eighteen is in a sale system of your review and I said also under the live thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church I like the last part of his verse last part of verses and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it now is again in all offensive or defensive weapon again to the defense weapon understand that when you have Christ and when you look at as we have the remnant church adorable to do in fact the defensive position of the enemy be broken down to a living running the combat assault is that all offensive weapon that's the word again on the defensive stronghold and it says that the days of hell shall not prevail against it the gates will not avail will not be able to stand against God 's true Church got some church will run at where the gates about Alonso Rodriguez and I was exactly the opposite is like a good example on your something on the gates are made to protect other people in the gates will not have the stamina truth is out LOI feathers he said with such an army of workers of our youth rightly object training Mike Mike is smiling farmers of will crucify residence on coming Savior might be carried in the whole world also likely an incumbent end of suffering and sorrow and sin also in place of possession here with his will that limit women's blight of sin and pain our children might receive their inheritance where the righteous shall inherit the land and land therein forever when and how shall I say I'm sick of the voice of weeping shall be no more heard an army of youth as a I see that one of these is happening to really counter attack what the enemy is doing is the fact we these powerful organizations and movements now coming into the remnant of the time would allow people to get set in the desert is is flailing being without it is no hope administered I'll believe that I believe that I believe that God is an honest role in LA specifically talks about adults in Zion will reaches for don't jump off the ship the ship when they can support the children of Israel must stumble style fall ice was the one who lived in the line of David the church overall the problem is that even when you look at the great revivals of Europe the great revivals of selecting United States many many times the gospel Holy Spirit has fallen in God 's word goals the goals on my leak even in the most dire of circumstances in fact God does his best work things seemed the most impossible about an enlightening because many of us inside that doesn't now arriving to actually trust God to allow with church structure and organization of the General conference of the divisions in the unions in our schools and hospitals that we had it all in place we can just cruise control of the second coming just we now realize is as though the puzzle Bible believing Crist at the start where I live we need God we need his Holy Spirit that all are devices that we have on earth all of the possessions of wealth or a web of advertisers that is not enough if the Holy Spirit if the arrangement is not born of God 's people so as is waiting for us to make that that that that realization clear in a godless openwork God is waiting for us to be prepared to do that though she was a little statement I am amazed at how the young people I hear now and you know what I did West Coast of the dessert wines easily switch to you as the conference as a youth for Christ is a new graphic click the logo labeled with WIC was also the development of Star plow the land in out-of-the-way bar again it was owned by the group that is able to make it I like the idea of having one big one every year in an little ones all over the place are not at all a part of planning always by the brilliant because it will get more people able to be exposed to it campus ministry lead up I was with Doctor developing Michigan itself this allows summertime is here you hope things are going off on college campuses secular secular college campuses young people are becoming acquainted with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless undated unfolded and professional students and in and give the phone away while I wasn't going on just to become acquainted with them inside of a Bible study if it's powerful ministry and in the heart of the youth of the United States of America are that organizations have in his element and I believe also possibly in Orlando now are aware of it might be but Adam and Linda powerful ministry it is also because of all the overs which are listed down in a bottle and I bought around the world and runs because they are listened to sermons on what are your sermons and all the ends of the world will be blogged disconnected from presence from how I like technology automatically to talk about technologies all blueberries and technology is now allowing the three Angels messages to be delivered in style behind the lines were in the version would otherwise be breached I've been up it I I noted three again get into Muslim dominated countries and the people that are on watch when instead of the medicines of his countries will be given Eliza Christ within the satellite vicinity wants Arabian soul is all-powerful eyewitnesses arrive at his visitors the still doing great work on our lifestyle centers we do is a tangible force that God can use wood around to get the Wharton award finished out to make sure that all of us need upon our place in the night air to all the villages about them and what ultimately gentleman from Australia's brothers his summer and even his great work with the Muslim community just for file stuff and Gaza ministry for all of us Paul tells Timothy in the book sensitivity to make full proof of your ministry Julia but each one of those the government should be doing something for my family and a bachelor of a nosedive to work on the commission of a new but each one of us has work to do this is not a notice about a man that is Christian about a rabbit is not a spectator sport it is razor-sharp the conferences and hang out involvement but realistically to come in after batteries recharged to please the chilled bottle or see the sections of the aware what ever does God will show you may connect and network with other people and go back home and be active in doing something tangible for God at all that's outward at the Battle of the ad seventy one five piece by piece square by square now I wonder what was Logan in front of Congress the whole world converts over and about the gospel to be preached into all the world as a witness really doesn't say how many people of that area and believe it some of these big parades and a lot of resumes are legitimate it ought at all I don't I was on what I like turtles and seventy pastor and we cannot have it is because of our former parcels into these of electronic old electronics will get a put on a thing vibrates in the plan to move around the fact that I had as a hobby that we are not before grown man I must admit but he was in his deity met this guy at the end they began to talk any given Bible studies any Baptist Church in the image of the begin the seven event was sending you let me use the things you get of the normal things like the gender loving them unfavorably utilize means that I gave is that the damage a new job specifically I'm exercising at the gym different things we were actually good to talk to people and not expecting each of us to have a ministry and let one of the things lost by my auto versus what other people haven't doctrinal debates whatever I will find the sermons on here and send them the link to it happened out on Atlantic it wasn't too in Afghanistan even when we use these tools do I advantage up I was sick the last outlaw state your present gets an update in about as many doubtlessly noticed while underway water please even going to get more natural treatments that wanted a dinosaur position and not assuming that what a visionary segment you want to go and retreat and trying to recover from this whatever it is until at last the way to do it ourselves you know we have to refer to our ministries came in competition with each other is one of the sometimes I get because you don't you can the position in triumph Italy span of ministry was almost as we can't allow it to be exclusive all one over the other all unwittingly to support all of these ministries as were all the work that God is going that is what identify executive deputy careful of creating admitted celebrities the same dangers exist when DJs become a celebrity same dangers as we start elevating people inside are turns the rank of celebrity reminded of the synagogue exposes prime these are validating people by default the spread of the enemies of God which I convinced the this special the more important of the people so we have to make sure we don't delimit myself out as a member of the prominent families of the issue is making sure that we treat everybody the same that we were careful not to really elevate people to the one over the other so we have to really be prayerful about that Alanis was get a little bit on his last one I thought about being a good soldier of our analyzer Seo is well aware that will be sold by the price is more than a month for the holds of darkness and that should he reveal himself openly it would be met and resisted therefore he seems to draw when the soldiers of the cross from his strong fortification wildlife established with his forces ready to destroy all venture upon his brown only and I will live upon God and obedience all his commandments can we be secure this is a emerging great controversy of a history finally drove the next page if the following is a business for more spending on one among one of my favorite Abbott 's office actually because of his white rice or righteousness by faith and the poseable figure workspace tool five is the one with the body of Christ is one of the powers of darkness and one was embodying Christ does not see first three six oh Christ is not even feel like sitting ratifies the repulsive to the great controversy be following Baltimore model blessing for United to live a spacing thirty eight and how Satan managed to tempt us in the center anywhere in Christ well providing in Christ and abiding in Christ we are soon becomes repulsive to look out of the things even get around tempting us policy put off a little bit about this yesterday how is it that the devil is able to draw people out from abiding in Christ and have them be tempted because again is that of the devil comes the last goals that the devil comes directly acting and shows himself you're out there that will become a Buddha much more savvy way to attack the soldiers of the cross Jesus on the Biden leave these words is that the grocery seven one seventy two before submitting the idea rest stability competency and again he invites on to me and I'll do the rest Matthew eleven twenty eight the worth of the Psalmist expresses express the same thought rest of the Lord and wait patiently for him and Isaiah gives me assurance in wireless and incompetence job your strength Psalms thirty seven seven Isaiah thirty fifteen this rest is not found in activity that's important for in the saver 's invitation the promise of rest is united with the call to labor take my upon you and you shall find rest that the arrest did you get in the rest that you get cooperating with dotted labor take my yoke upon you you shall find rest about eleven five the heart at rest mostly upon Christ will be the most artists and activists and labor for him so we have to abide in Christ let the rest in Christ and what stuff that rightly seventy one seventy two give us all five things of Satan uses the pulls away from abiding in Christ five things in his I will hold my thousand to you with better soldiers in the Army of God Parsons is the light of this the pleasures of the world now these I visited one hundred comments you have to begin with the pleasures because he can come to you with a proper pornography with Olivier Christ agenda so not only do we come to do in a debate about our brother yesterday was lost in and of themselves watching sports and said that indelibly on their evil way I use watching sports he justifies up which was eating organisms that but you can get double evil because it so you find the things talking to someone on the opposite sex is instead that in the innocence of the own mission with a big interactive arts he can then learn your way into the pleasures of the world the apostolic innocent pleasures except they are not stated in more than it provided quite the legally second-biggest life scares and perplexities and sorrows now all of us have probably mumbled about the way she would look to the data of multiple myeloma cancer in two thousand and five and a Wellwood of Miami and Havana bedside and in a hospital job with the be the minister the gospel to Kansas energy died at Elizabeth I can remember being angry with God is a woman who circulates outside Elliott Treasurer single mother of three of us raises of the church at large is this inglorious painful way in the latency dies out angrily got on my knees weeping softly about underwater scenery crying and angry God but after that I was in the Spirit said to me she's been perfected she's fine you can trust there with me the next phase you will see is my face that I got a bit of peace on the situation and how I put it back into perspective but again in Atlanta your way I wasn't mad or angry of the perpetually loose bottles in life and Internet but I question God and a lot of people at death in the family or the campaign to build a bad marriage about relationship is enough of life care for my thesis I was pulled away from God to get them from abiding in Christ is the reason why we got this paper we also need to be supportive of other people when they are going through these difficulties and challenges that people make a mistake in a file instead is a really good job on the beaten up the devil is in the church to be the big move on that's the best way to get to get them out of Christ I want to do that look was a triangle and reinforce that person trying to let them up and bring them back repetitive and they don't want to come back to the story without listening to be supported and brought back to the devil uses lifecare perplexities of value ever and are prone to make mistakes we were asked to become sordid glory of God so we all need each other support the devil will try and get you and talk things out with your life you will job you look at it but whatever it is you're trying to pull you out from abiding in Christ the fact is the fault of others I like the video is that the graph is one of MLB you are getting from abiding in Christ to the faults of others most of it happens anyone to charge someone says something that upsets you someone does something to you that aggravate you angers you and you say we don't want to be turned in this matter started with I don't have an open lobby of the organization of the Loma Linda I met two or three disgruntled people really had nothing to do inevitable quite frankly what is the people that might've attended Avenel in Disneyland I go back the hell out of all the other people called them do not abide in Christ and all another look at the enemy camp while you review people I know people you think people are living right now to get my dog because it is there all you combine them into a number three people and not what is used to go back to number one right I was a little more reason to jump out what individuals known in the back into Wellsville we have to be careful in what we know people underwent how we approach an island is Robert was born and grew equity cafeteria moment in for the cable was the Mossad Doctor no reason what it was an enemy unlike jump up and down I see what you believe is also copies is okay while you believe that it'll really went awry all of our subnet date how we approach the little situations is critical because if we are looked at as having it is also jostled someone thought I wasn't looking forward to leave also we help in the capital we help a lot of fact that we know the devil shows at the church in fact if you're the devil where would you send your people the attacks and that I thought about my club and our most people already write sleep believe me literally finds the more disgruntled unhappy mischievous or intentionally working for him literally out of a robbery of another laudable some of the Germans in the supernatural was in it in order to be a member of the church is thinking about simultaneous membership in a Christian church in fact for the race of reason in the car industry characters been many thousand become Catholic priest or pastor 's son and they were able to destroy both like the devil sends his people to charge so you found the chapel when you get mad at what a letdown all you out from abiding in Christ that may be exactly what the devil sent you out for the fact that Israel plans and imperfections are lots of them we make mistakes we've all read we say or do something that we should be doing anymore we were allowed as the bullets from the body of Christ was acting on Google Christ can't level with James Atlas which used the policies that wishes to you and what you make it so is as gentle morning indelibly really strongly against Linden and abiding questions and then sent to all of them you will fault you make that mistake used to get just because you are not an excuse abiding in Christ and the price but a lot of people make a mistake at all the public about any of the severe proof that we thought is that it will all make up a whole we will not only state that only God gives us bigger lesson that I haven't addicted and we grow in Christ out of the things we used to know we don't know of any more repulsive to look as if I could violently but if something happens it do not allow that to pull you out from abiding in Christ don't know it because his grace is sufficient and took a ninety day time with Peter think about the patient's diesel that would be the real outlet a smart knucklehead any I because I waits across it took to get Peter to you that you got to be one of the present of the condescending the Gentiles could you have also visited and unclean animals I met down from heaven and be unable to exercise the given theater presented a document of Jesus Coelho from Isaiah the book of Isaiah and ability to double like the Gentiles so now because I want to look into that that's trouble and I was they were not trying to send so that should mean it would try within but we know that if something happens you make a mistake you don't give up on Christ because of it that's exactly what Satan wants us to do any young people there's again and never been a time in Earth 's history one hundred people about of been more tempted or more testable than today the same as when I space out any happy with something apostles while he was at his death and the patriarchs apparently he had technology and ways of doing things he never had before lots of anxiety and fear as to whether we shall be saved anxiety and fear as to whether we shall be saved now this is the thing that really messes little odd is that members idea of whether or not it will be saved and you were not one of the nominees were people across the unsaved username of the Indo songwriting up a lot of words of the right but a lot of people will say only use this anxiety and despair that a lot of people out from abiding in Christ because righteousness is by faith the minister out Christ's ability to save you you affect your righteousness the just shall live by what I said about Abraham and of believers and Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness I submit to you that the devil is not always tribal world on you you're not good to be saved and know what you can be saved look at what you've done look at what you've been look out the hotties live your life and give this anxiety in this affair and as any can make you doubt the I really think this is what you now in the US ceased abiding at the intensive they got one of these things for the digital biting you for your help and is one of the strongest and best way as ones that you may not make a mistake you may not run of the great agreeableness which the major perplexities of even making it into one of the pleasant world every single one of us as you read the Bible and you think about the second coming of Jesus Christ anything allows submitted anything about the challenge of being a Christian in a dark and dismal world all of us at some point think about when Jesus comes will I be ready I think about it I think about where and why would God have my pleasing our home living my life Satan will try and take that turn into doubt and mess of your abiding in Christ the remnant church has to understand that they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and a long their lives on today you know you have no way to save yourself you'll overcome by the blood of the land and the blood of the Lamb is sufficient the problem is we have been taught to believe that salvation is a static process it is not a static process salvation is a dynamic process boss that I die daily see what the others are to save how to say goodbye and I crossed the line wasn't rather what I can go back over the line it becomes a law was visited and altered as I run a downstate upstate what the Bible says being saved is more like the one about your plug in your power cords plugged it I love you keep up I hope one day you got power is a you pull the power cord out and you don't so will you really want to know what they are the ones you with the flour so that's what you want to give you anxiety impair eigenvalue that God is working hard to save you that any boys on this planet is working to have you not received and I guess it is the blood of Jesus Christ as it was the revelation chapter twelve is the blood of Jesus Christ with all that despite all and all in all liberal positions on the blood of Jesus Christ is the patient he was tempted in all points like we are yet without sin sorry unless all of this and I'm telling a lot of young people in Abidjan one of the new got a get in the power of God to save you can believe Jesus entered a man wounded with a demoniac boy if you can believe that all things are possible to him that believers no different when it comes to salvation and abiding in Christ sets out to do them a short is that the guy seventy one seventy two really voices out five things a little away from the body of Christ that as you leave this place you do not allow all the Dracula proactive and always told the church and the church in a big way below that something will do what you as an individual education without the make a decision we're going to remain abiding in Christ that's why Isaiah one eighteen says now let us reason together it is a thinking process but a continual decision to stay connected to Christ and you know that because of you look at a story like the story of Samson Samson and Delilah will times one two three four four times before he finally tells her secret the Bible says he gets up like that before she should so here is why before Chase was on top of the list on the right if I the Bible says Sampson did not know the spirit of the Lord had left him powerful spirit of God and voice sounds that have rejected God 's four straight times rejected and obedience rejected God 's teachings or times and finally gotten what you don't want it would deserve the gleaming spread of overlapping the local squabbling about a story of that as Sampson and out of them by the blinded eye list slaying grinding corn for the Philistines the other time to meditate and think about what he lost and will is five this was Sampson gets a chance and get put back into the pillars and systems in place of the spirit of the Lord to come back to you what happens comes back the spirit of God actually comes back to Samson at least in the book of Hebrew is listed among the faithful at the same for me as hopefully you and that's why you got that we can map to understand you don't happen out ability to save you a lot of exactly it would be in way of Bobby Ray limited it almost seemed like it and sending to that Jesus was coming but I thought I just wasn't right when I was growing up and I don't now if that's not the way God wants it because I got into his rest any audio will start all limitation and what I do that and I believe I work on disbelieving you at work I study his word I pray I thought was I doing what I do ministry work I brought the community all the things that we're talking about here do I think all of us on the final phase of mid- thought that was what they described as wallpaper I even stronger in Christ that protects me from sin not that it was the same as in the same as something I even do beautifully embodied in Christ saying the is the printable to you amen I will try to close the last session relational every more slide that opened in due to manipulate how do one last analyzed as in sentences just because Apple went prayer effort effort employer will be the business of your life you must pray as though the efficiency and praise were all built in God and labor as though the door we were all your own out of a powerful powerful uncle there don't have a safe game on our without prayer you will do nothing but pray will soon cease to pray that the Christ page one oh one so I want and we got me off the plate while this order the reasonableness of the was saying here about the remnant in the counterattacking enemy of an individual soldier about his reservoir the new book the praying and believing there were also the labor as though it were all responsibility is not the only other old people take the combination of faith with works and faith that the only thing that works the last lot victory for an amendment strength of the redeemed eternally for his children the dragons defeated already the subfamily forget that the devil is a defeated in full view last calorie do not even farther when Jesus came out of to an every day as Jesus a comeback of his people the devil knows he's finished at all the new laptop will say on any more powerful than the holes the state when we believe in Christ and in the redeeming power the enemy has to fully ratified by God we thank you for bringing us the July see this year for blessing us Lord which is true that with the word would they do it because you've been better to us that we've been to ourselves we don't follow God that we are living in the life and arts last edges of history will be on the very brink of eternity strengthen your rented people we asked mortgage would pour out you Holy Spirit on this youngest group of young people I had all the people that I hear this conference is weekend and a father Donald we leave this place will leave this place the same way that we can let us leave with the assurance that the blood of Jesus Christ his son is sufficient so save us also more lettuce leaf with the faith to believe in Christ Jesus in all things the father God bless the efforts that everyone have bought all of the work is being done in reaching other than health ministries as we given and beyond the Lord God you would multiply our efforts that you would bless our efforts so we would win souls for your kingdom and a father first and foremost each of us as individuals would be wanted your kingdom is our prayer Jesus 's name amen this meeting was used by audio persons working twice generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. when will board you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse done more


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