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The Death Trap

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • November 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Behold I show you a mystery we shall not all see but we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an hour at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. And we shall be changed for this corruptible must put all the corruption in this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall I put on interruptions. And this pearl cell I put on the mortality then shall be brought to pass the saying that is a great death is swallowed up in victory a message of the Sabbath is the title the death trap the death trap the work of the let's pray Father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together in this place and I ask for that you give me words doesn't let you speak to him free Lord to find the evidence as it were open our hearts and minds to Biblical truth and then will allow us to apply this to our house as our prayer a Jesus is precious and holding it in bed while the other bible is going to mark 5 verse 21 mark 5 and verse 21. Mark 5 verse 21 says and when Jesus was passed over again by ship on to the other side much people gathered up his head and he was not into the sea and behold there cremate one of the rulers of the synagogue diarists by then and when he saw him he fell at his feet. And must saw him greatly saying my little daughter live to the point of death I pray he come in late I am on her that she may be healed and she shall live so the story starts with would gyrus was a ruler of the synagogue and you have to understand of course that at the time Jesus was the enemy of the entire religious system the fact that a ruler of the synagogue would come was actually an amazing feat all by itself that he would show up. And he would want to have his. Daughter healed says a lot but it tells you how much a father loves their child a man. So gyrus comes looking for Jesus and his daughter is at the point of death she's almost about to die. Gyrus has faith in Jesus he says listen I know that if you Jesus just lay your hands on my child my child will live every day something that statement is still true if you have children if Jesus lays his hands on your child your child will live verse 23 of a sort of greeting sit a model daughter live at the point of death for 24 And Jesus went with him and people followed and wronged him. A certain woman has had the issue of blood 12 years she came along and she she interrupted Jesus perceptions to gyrus how she got a good soul gyrus the father goes to get Jesus he gets Jesus Mission Accomplished Jesus following him back to his house all no way to his house a woman who's had a disease for 12 years breaks is it and takes over. I can't imagine what it must have been like for Tyra's as he's watching Jesus deal with this woman watching his clock proverbially as he's wondering how long is this going to take is this going to be my child not going to live because this woman is going to live while he was dealing with a woman mark 535 says while yet spoke there came from a it came from the root of the Senate God's house certain which said Your daughter is dead why troublous out the master and he for some from the house of the ruler of the cigar come running they say listen it's all over seas ask away why are you going here dealing with this other woman your daughter die there's no reason to bother Jesus and let me tell you something there is no point in your life when you are have reached the point where it's not worth bothering Jesus. First $36.00 as soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken it he said unto the ruler of the synagogue Be not afraid only believe. That afraid only believe in he suffered no man to follow him except for Peter James and John and he came to the house of the root of this is a God and you see it there a terrible and then that wept and wailed great. Verse 39 says that when he was coming he said unto them why do you make this is a do and we that damsel is not dead she's asleep. Now in Israel what they would do is they would hire professional mourners and so when someone died they would hire folks to come see our house and cry in history and ball out so that everybody was more sad so that you know it's a certain as I was going to when I was in Africa and I talked about that they said someplace that I'm going to do that to a professional ward of the people who just come to mourn just after they do. And he says that it was so they go and so they are making all this noise and Jesus Walks is it why is your wife making all these rockets while you make it all the saw and. The Bible says a verse that was told that they were really weeping and really sad when Jesus says they laugh him. To score and the next is used the Bible says Jesus puts them all out I mean there's you got in your life some of you who are professional mourners as in even the sermon something to tell the commercial the commercial break summer you got for be alive are professional mourners and then in your life to make sure everybody notices when you have tragedy there in your life to celebrate all of the stuff that goes wrong and when God says something writes about to happen in your life they ask you to school what's this Jesus that's an example that you want to put such hope out of your life the Bible says that Jesus tells them get out again with the thing you took up in here and try to get out the house. Versus it's a father the mother of a child with their father then that will with Peter doing the job enter into work at their pools like she was in a room by herself probably a corpse laying there she is just passed away probably a few hours earlier Jesus goes in to take the little girl by our hand and said Arthur to leave. Me which is being interpreted damsel I say under the Arise Yes And you imagine Jesus is not she's not really dead she sleeps but they've already checked she's dead they've already they've had time for the mourners to show up so she's been then Jesus goes and this is laying on the bed Jesus takes about a head and he says this is the young lady get up. I want you to rise up at the word of Jesus something incredible happened 1st $42.00 says and straightway the damsel rose and walked. For she was 12 years old and they were silenced for the great astonishment and he charged them straightly that no man should know it and commanded that something should be given her to Jesus goes and then takes about a head she gets up the Bible doesn't say she sits up she gets up and starts walking and when Jesus says that she's walking be so concerned about her her benefit and her good that he says Listen she needs something to eat it takes energy to come back from a did Mrs. Chiley So maybe give us something to eat now what you didn't get this this is a story and I could go serve on it because a lot more will come so I just did that to set everything else of this story is one of the things about that most people don't understand Jesus goes in there and corrects the election's a C. she's not really there she's there by a physiological definition but this is something about she's. You see it was Jesus in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Adam had formed out of the dirt of the crowd of the dust of the ground it was Jesus who breathed into out of the breath of life the misses that means that Jesus is life giving source the reason that we're talking about a little bit later on the reason I D's of Ford's. Battle where lifeless is dead is because if Jesus had just been in the house death would not have been able to visit the house if Jesus is in the house there came a visit and I will show you what I believe but I did remember when he was on a boat in a storm of the Sleep in everybody else's panic and you know why does this week because death couldn't visit the boat with him in it. So he could sleep because he knew nobody the kind that the boat couldn't even say when he's in it because he is the one who wrote the laws of physics. Some have we don't we all really released Jesus into our lives the way we should. Keep a box that we keep sleeping in the boat when we need to be alive walk around. But I say all of that because I tell you what the reality is. Out of these 1st one well the big one this week how doing and it can be everywhere. And you know it's not a coincidence that the flu season and Halloween start at about the same time. There's a collective mass. Indulgence in sugar all across North America and around the world that you know every time you eat sugar another commercial. Every time you shelter one of things that happens your white blood cells go to sleep for like 6 hours this is this is so African That's why diabetics are more prone to getting infections because the blood sugar is always hot so it turns down their immune system so every time you pop that little mini sickle bar. Your MIL system this and then what happens is you close the 1st by sees that virus goes in and it's like where are all the security guards where is the immune system and nobody watching the house. So if you think so how Louis which is also the highest say in say $10.00 to $14.00 you know that the hollowing that October 31st every year is the highest they say 10 it works it's so safe in this their Christmas is Halloween. This isn't right so on every October 31st to say this is go to work and they celebrate it they have a good time there's a whole ritual of stuff that goes along with it what I mean I do not participate in Ali don't decorate but don't dress up like that but myself is because I don't want to give any spirit any right to anything in my life. Because on the 31st hollowing the you you dress in your child up like a witch and they are a real witch is calling down evil spirits or anyone who believes in God. You know 1st part of the is Halloween which actually is a Celtic. Holiday that comes from North Europe from Iraq that we say self self is a Celtic holiday the 2nd one is on the day after Halloween is what holiday. All saying stayed and you know watches these things tied together 3 days in a row all 6 days a Catholic holiday which is a day which they celebrate all of the saints now in the palaces and my great grandfather my grandfather's cousin is the archbishop I think he's still the archbishop of the island of Jamaica that is that so I have a strong Catholic heritage on one part of my family but I can tell you that all sings They really is about is the idea that you can communicate with their kids sing its praises that since you can you can you can ask them for favors in medical school one of my classmates which is very wealthy who bomb a family and they had a giant and you go to their living room they had a 12 foot statue of St last August's and I went in there and I said Oh that's an awful big sack in a 1000000 of them and I said What is the force he said he is the I don't call this truce that he is a patron saint of good fortune and so in order for us to have our family well we prayed to Saints last let's say the same Lazarus and. They prayed aloud so one of the things that happens is when you don't understand that it opens you up to worship false things so I think you go talk about it but the fire holiday season is one that I have never heard of before because. It was yesterday what day was yesterday. It was a day they called the little Swiss the day of the dead I'd never heard of such as a in my whole life of the California now everybody knows because they've made a great movie called Coco and everybody's aware of this day and here is why this is relevant because this actually isn't unique to Mexican culture if you go to Africa when I was in Africa one of the conversations I had some of the students was about ancestor worship so there are still parts of the South sub-Saharan Africa is incredibly Protestant Christian but like most parts of the world are still undercurrents of other types of things you go to Europe they're still Wicca and witchcraft if you go to Africa they're still. The actual call of who the. Jews what they call them we've got in Jamaica it's all B.S.. And Puerto Rico and the mythical public itself it's all really the same religion that's you got to understand it all connect and manifest different in different parts of the world but it's all really the same and the danger of it and the danger of it is that if you're not careful you can get caught up in this stuff and it's all kind of symbolism and meaning I won't get into that except to say that the devil would she still believe that when you die you're not really did in fact the spirit of prophecy says this is the 1st Great Law So today I think the 1st day after how we all sing these days the idea of where girls 123 The Sabbath I have a figure let's deal with that. Let's talk about that let's understand what the Bible actually says about it because it can be quite confusing and which of course it was more Hollywood references that Hollywood is really pushing an agenda to teach you that you don't really not. I'm going to talk about why that would be the case for the 1st question the answer is what is that well there's 2 types of that there's the 1st death and the 2nd that if you understand that you can understand why Jesus says that little girl sleep and why says that last was because they had only died. The 1st that they had died the 2nd that will get into that fact I got a great diagram I created here to show you. How different forms of that so that's on here 1st that 2nd death the 1st that this is temporary any body dies the 1st death will live a good good evil bad not you not a perfect one day you will get up and live it at the 1st death what happens is that the soul is separate will talk about that in a 2nd and is separated into between the breath or the spirit and the body so there's a separation they come apart later on just what they come back together that's the that's at the at the resurrection Now what's the 2nd that is promised and is that this is that that the soil is sold as a sword now what the world teaches many Protestant denominations is that at that 2nd death what really happened is that you go to hell and you burn forever. And I will show you why that doctrine is a dangerous doctrine as well because if you really don't die when you died the 2nd death that means the wages of sin is not actually because the gift of God is eternal life if you actually stay alive for ever being tormented you can never pay for the assisted right so the 2nd death is very different in fact Jesus died the 2nd death when he went to the rocks. That's why when he comes up to the grave he has victory over the death and the great. Now. So let's go through this is more of a lecture this morning that is certain I felt the need what is the 1st that start with a question what is life Genesis 27 in the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground read into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a lot so the soul is a combination between your body does and breath if the breath leaves you you still have a soul No In fact the way out as a physician the way I look at it is God designed this apparatus in your skull talk before you guys about the front of the loop in a human is a 3rd of your brain. Design a very complex apparatus probably unique in all the universe and in humans it is able to take oxygen and blue clothes prominently those 2 things and with it it can create conscious In other words and make sure alive it makes you able to think and to reason so when you combine the breath with the body that the reason I believe Jesus had to take on the form out of the dust of the ground when he spoke everything else into existence is because he needed to create with his own hands the apparatus that could contain salt and reason and decision made because you need everything else on earth functions more from instinct than this is made so God did that and when he breathed into Adam Adam became a living soul so so early could the body doesn't 1st breath breath because the spiritual 273 says all the while my breath is in me and the Spirit of God is in my muscles you see that while you are alive that's what's happening right there is in you and the Spirit of God is in your nostrils so death equals the body minus the breath of the Spirit Ecclesiastes 127 says then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the Syrian shall return to God who gave it you see that. That's almost says it all doesn't it James $22064.00 as the body without the spirit is dead so faith without works is then also the spirit and the breath a similar or the same thing really when the spirit goes the body lays dead you says asleep because if you put the spirit back in you come back to like so the 1st lie will attract Genesis Chapter 3 So the servant was more subtle than any beast of the field was the Lord God made and he said unto the woman gay had God said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden and woman said unto the serpent we make either the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which then the midst of the garden that a 2nd son eat of it neither shall you touch it less what are you going to die and the 7 said unto the woman you will not sure the guy that was the 1st law so why the question I have asked him why lie about that why he would say a lie about that number one to convince he and us the sin does not have the consequences that God says it. Is if you're a teacher verse 20 says the soul a sin if it's what. Roman $623.00 for the wages of sin is what So if you die and you don't really have a died and you don't ever really pay the price of said which means you can live anywhere you want to. That's the 1st but the 2nd reason is this so that he can deceive us and fall of mean girls or demons posing as the little. Somebody to tell us a story about stuff and see I don't want to. Hold on to that. But I've been traveling to the region absence of stuff. So crazy stuff around Jamaica and I was critical miss of the service called up these dummies and beams and to make it to work the pop-Y. words of a duck a goes is a done. That and so I was out in the country in a town called Frank Field to make it was up in the mountains there's nobody home I miss how much in the 6 I'm to make it in fact at night when I walk back out you couldn't see any prettier faces but it's a black out. We're under 10 before we wrap our old one more quickly than we have just a tree lot and I'm up there last and over here and I'm saying DEVIL IS A LIAR there's no ghost that you need not be ashamed or afraid I'm having a good time while I'm preaching oh me and the bike on a Woodstock of living I want him to call I'll obey Him He came out of the darkness she had already dreads so. And she came staggering right into the tent like 56 other people and she come staggering in and I'm sitting in the world I'm preaches an old ovulating come to get me now. She walked right in front of me because I'm free I'm right here she wanted to put on a big. But I only hit and start looking at roughly the well I get breach and welcome the new. And I'm still looking around the past like so grab this woman nobody moves some of Maxis want to buy the work to see gets up and she comes over and she takes a lady it's just outrageous OK So then we get to the part of a service where you book where you start off all the lights and you go to the carousel so you can see the slide right so you got to turn off all the lights in a 10 and I tell ya bucket in the street lights is pitch black so I turn up I'm under the tent and I'm standing up on the rostrum in the tent it's pitch black the slide is up like he says nobody behind while I'm standing up here somebody reaches out and grabs me but only sold it when I took. It was one of the Bible workers pasta you cannot do we have do we the people can see it. I said I was wrong which you give me credit people who don't like that. That leave when I made the opinion that lady came down for I came down from the Met I was all I was here except here on me and start speaking to herself and I could see the spiritual warfare going on over her. And I reached out to her to say listen give your life to Jesus and she looked me in the eyes got up ran out of the back of the tent and we never saw her again I was in Zambia. They took me to a we were going to Loma Linda. And you know they want to see you. 3 so days over go go to the witch doctors. But again would like to come out. Get a taxi some another we will go out to the village real good as we don't learn about traditional medicine after all right messing with fire we went out there and we went and the man said this is it and then they go into the into his house and as a mirror on the wall in the seat in front of it all is red and all the bottles and stuff of what it all. And so I said I said there was a man I'm a Christian I'm not going in there you know the 1st is that I believe in Jesus he said Come inside and step inside the hut and I'm looking around I'm like What is the feel. He said it's OK to sit in the team. I said I want the US to consider what happened is that when you sit in the chair I have 2 spirits and what's going happen you sit serious your disease will show up in the mirror this effect. Of the which way the dog did not exhibit. What you don't understand is that when they push this a reason that this stuff is being pushed Eagle even went to great creatures of all time tell the story after his father died after they carried his father. He was in a hotel room that night. And that night after he buried his father his father was standing at the foot of his bed you can said no you're not of he had to go to a whole thing and rebuke the devil and get that demon out of his room if you don't understand this to your full room the devil will send back people who you love that you've lost and they will tell you things that go contrary to God's word so you've got to understand in fact it happened to Saul. Saul inquired of the Lord the Lord answered him not neither by dreams nor by your own nor by prophets and then said solemn to surf and see a woman that a familiar spirit that I make good to her and inquire of her and his servants found the Witch of Endor and the woman said to them hold those now knows that Saul have done he cut off those that are familiar spirits of what is a familiar spirit means that they communicate with demons that's literally what it means that they say that they're talking to the dead and he called up the Wizards and out of the land where for the last hours there for my life cause me to dodge so guess what when you drive around the biggest fool you see with terror card reading and reading and astrologers and all of this you're not supposed to mess with that as a 1st you let me say something you shouldn't even read your school you shouldn't even play around opening up a newspaper and as if you are a Scorpio so today you have a wonderful day because. I'm as you leave the good but you don't understand the opening. When you put even the amount of trust into it the witch said listen I can't actually let you know who I am because solid done away with all of this. Verse 10 and software by her to her by the Lords of no matter what nothing will happen to you and the woman says Who shall I bring up to salsa Samuel was he says that she cries out because she knew who we were. Why start to see verse 12 for you our song verse 30 the king said that there be not afraid for what's sauce doubt a woman sentences of the song because I saw God ascending out of the earth you know those are scenes we live in a time everything is becoming more and more serious this is and notice the move you have to see the scary movies coming out. When I was a kid outlet 105 we didn't have cable and. Invest. In fact our remote control with a pair of pliers because the only way to turn the channel. And I was the writer went to Margaret we were at my grandma's house on Saturday night and they had a deal and my cousin bought 50 of us we are live all over the place find somewhere to sleep. And we watched his movie everybody falls asleep but me and the movie that comes on is a movie called The X. is. All this I was traumatized I was so afraid I couldn't get up and turn the channel that's how scared I was I couldn't leave in the couch and walk the 6 steps to the T.V. to turn into I sat there like this the whole night. I couldn't sleep for about 2 weeks of follow up 9 years old I was messed up for good that is that can't watch a scary movie I don't mess with those scary movies that I understand it is you've got to ask yourself who is writing them. And how we were I would work we work through and by the work out in San Bernardino and I remembered up they came back and the doctor wants me to come to our house we are visiting the house where they say the stuff in the House is moving around the furniture is changing all by itself as you go back and tell them to develop even stop us with a furniture. So we went and we we prayed with this family and the and the there was a sister who was coming to know Christ in her brothers work they're all like late teens and early twenty's and was and I said So what is it that happens this is the ritual things the spiritual things are happening in your house she said My brothers are constantly watching. US and yet you invite spirits in the house and they don't like the way you put your friendship this was maybe going to the right. I'm back with you I was so sold out and so so so here and when I want to sustenance that is he saw God sending our earth to saw God for strength rested 1st product was Ted. Which he committed against the Lord even against the Word of the witches which he kept nodding and also by asking counsel of one that had a form in the spirit to acquire of it and acquired not of the board therefore he who have in turn the king of over the days the sort of tested what is that thing that means that when you go and ask of any spiritual system outside of God you are rejecting God You see that he did not acquire the world that's why god school and that is to this day and use various levels of it various forms of it many ways you can play with it but I can tell you what I see most when you see T.V. shows calms the heart and you start seeing all of the show T.V. shows like Star. And all the cheese you know this all of the children stuff is the most. Spiritualistic the most witchcraft is in the children's programming. Why it 21 Dr Nick should children into another way of. The deal except this kind of stuff for the rest of their lives. In fact Isaiah says I like this he says and when they say I say unto you sequel to them that are familiar spirits that are to witness that and that mater should not the people seeking to their god for the living to the dead see that when you look familiar it's really doing you think you're going to talk to the dead to talk to demons to the law or to the testimony if they speak not according to this work because there's no life. Story of Johnny allows or says John. The Bible makes it even more clear that the 1st truth about death and that the sea. These things that he and after the set of them are for the last lives wrists sleeves I'm going to wake him out of this is. Well one of these things you do well how these T.V. spoke of is that they thought he was spoken of taking a rest and sleep then said he's not to the point of the loudness is what walks this is the reason as a Christian you don't have to fear that because of the the crisis in your life when you die if you're born again the same Christian you don't really die you just think in a power this is a matter of time before Jesus comes in who wakes you up like you woke up last because you don't have to be a for that you have asked to have martyrs when we went to the state burned on the stake the Bible historian saying that while they were being burned at the stake many of them were singing hymns away until they couldn't sing and. When you understand this too when you understand that if I die in Christ Jesus all I'm going to do is take a power nap you no longer afraid of death like the world I don't have to celebrate that like the world was the reason for quota for these problems and some of the Indian people at work and some of the some of the Latinos that work and even me as a somewhat of African descent we're all talking about it all of those cultures this tradition when you put food out in the spirit come back to visit is the food. I like the idea that this is Jesus because how miserable would my mother Bibi if while she was dead she had to watch the suffering that we go through How horrible would have to be if you were still watching all the mess going on or so God lets you sleep let's Rex and it's not a lot you don't know how long who are in. It to be like just like that your loved ones will wake up in the 1st face to face they're going to see is the face of Jesus Christ. He said same thing he says here and Mark 5 verse 39 he says and to the father of the family there Mark 539 when he was come in he said unto them why make he this is you when we the devil is not dead but she what. She sleeps the Bible says our next verses as he rolled. The sleeping will wake up job 14 and verse 2 on the right. Also of the 2nd job 1412 says so man lying down and rising. Till the heavens be no more they say are not awake nor be raised out of their sleep the time is coming with those that are dead will bring their will be to resurrection. Second Peter chapter 3 verse 10 the devil or will come as a thief in the night in the woods to have themselves passed away with a great noise and the elements of fervent heat the earth also and the works that are in them shall be burned up Jesus is going to return and there are a lot of people who don't understand it but when Jesus returns the atmosphere is going to roll back like a school as is the sense of the atmosphere what's going to happen is there will be a trumpet it will be the verse in the 2nd voice of the Ark angel is going to be hurt and because Jesus can speak like into something when Jesus shouts he is the great ark and when he shouts everybody dead who is in Christ is going to hear my mother my grandmother my grandfather my cousin I can I can see it now while while they're laying in the grave when they hear the voice of the Lord they will recognize his voice. And something miraculous is going to happen. And their bodies are going to be remade will talk about that a 2nd they're going to come up. Out of the ground. That's what we want to greatest thing in fact in the in Old be closer to the sea in that green get no more can you imagine when you wouldn't if you there you could see that the cemetery. Normally a quiet place all of a sudden the sayings of God The Save the god of this most are popping up out a great. Well preserved will look like a jiffy pop popcorn maker so we all you know Did we bump up already Michael we would not be. So death as a sleepy sleepy will wake up. In the sleep of death the death of the dead are what they are unaware this is one of the most important verses I told a story before I was working late one night and heard about like I'll do it again this is I was in I was in the buildings of $930.00 everybody left and I told them I'm a go up stairs out so I can still come out the front of the building and the nurses say you don't want to do that his ghost is a little boy that died in his building and he haunts the building and somebody else need all the framing of those I'm all right with the goats even show up because I'm a lot of the body. They're all afraid of a ghost in the building because if I died people died in the field medical. But the thing is the dead can't mess with you in life and the proof of that is right here Ecclesiastes 95 says that the living know that they sow died but the dead do not know what. Neither have they any more war for the memory of them is forgotten in other words they don't have a memory why don't they have a memory because the press has been taken in at the present and taken the apparatus of the brain that you might remember things with is subtle. So guess what mother can't come back and tell me stuff because she can't come back in saying you don't want it. Verse 6 also their love their hatred their envy is now the parish neither have they any for its forces for ever if anything that is not under the sun they can't be faulted this is an impossibility for the whatsoever that I have found to do it with all my mind for there is no work look at this when your dad has no work no device the knowledge the wisdom in the grain without going to nothing that's what people say well they're hunting us because they want to get revenge they're hoping us because they were done wrong no they can't even their hatred is gone envy is gone they can hold she's someone 46 a verse for his breath going forth he returns to his earth in that very day his what. If someone is in your house messing with you is not so mighty He was once allowed some 11517 then do not what if the dead enough praise the Lord is with him that cannot be in had because if you haven't you don't have to praise the Lord so I did to him love is up in heaven looking over the banisters of habit can't be because the dead don't praise the Lord you can not have enough for a lot of the dead are unaware so I want to show you some of the stuff of Hollywood probably goes a classic example of mixing spiritual ism in it would be Goldberg is like is crooked clairvoyant and Demi Moore is alive and then you do Patrick Swayze think his name is he's the ghost that comes back and he messes with people moving stuff around and if you watch the movie you'll rue for those. Who are still sleepy love this. If they let me just read a verse if somebody's coming up put out the head of a nail. This is a movie this movie is a big one to go through must. Well that it made a new one it was so good on their original one goes plus that they go around strange people with stuff and you know what the devil doesn't so brilliant he's trying to tie science and spiritual This is again so when you watch you know this most of the horoscope comes on the side. Why is that because they want you to believe its sides because science you can't receive in our society it's funny they don't believe in God but it's but a sign by telling the side to believe in anything. They don't believe in God but I believe in ghosts and that crazy ghosts big popular so you know how big that was on the 1st and of course not I got a so-called host of out of that our T.V. These this is this is supposed to be real they're going to people's houses that's haunted and they go in there messing around and as I watched the clip of it because that work was when he said that there was Dr Martin that was in his I know it's real this ghost that you see the show goes voters. Believe in goes to the guy he shows a lot of. Love for example because of how they do the real sadness that. So I mean so he's you watch a clip of it and they and their dog kind of greed like Nala stuff and some barely move their body jump a stock run and look at this and if you look for the devil who find. My commute these crazy stuff I want company for his friends who are going to abandon houses and I'd go to the front of a mirror to do this is a Mary Mary some talking. As crazy as that I make that boy ran all the way home ranch home jumped up and slid under the bed and wouldn't come out you don't look for the devil he'll find you but I want you to understand when you watch television they have an agenda that they want to the beliefs of they want you to believe in so what happens while if you don't believe that there are dead you stop ransomware. There is death. Her thoughts are going to every saint in the in the in the Catholics of consolation the Saints you can't create any of their debt they have all fall so you can pray to say Lazarus of good fortune you might get good fortune but guess what and at last it was given to you you can pray to Mary but Mary has already passed away saying she's the Jesus mother she's waiting for the come back just like you are or will and then it will be like Black Panther I want to be sure so it's a good popular movie but again what are the 2 ancestor worship right that there are really dead Prince the child of those the land of the ancestors of he speaks to his dead father and we don't get a spirit problem tells us that if these are the lies that will cause many people to be led away it wasn't even Satan the Bible says is going to be transformed into an angel of light can you imagine when dead folks are sort of you can say you know what you don't need to keep the Sabbath. You don't need to do it people are going to believe it because obviously as a crime to believe that they can go and talk to their ancestors So what's a whopper to do watch the stuff with the kids that leasing to be brief them on the truth behind this stuff they don't believe Hollywood is trying to tell us. There's a 2nd that the mother didn't talk about the 2nd that their permanent soul of the strong Revelation chapter 20 and the sea gave up the dead which were in it and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them and they would judge every man according to their works and death and hell were cast into what lake of fire this is the one second death and so will not find written the book of life is cast into the lake of fire and that's its permanent one time. He that overcomes I will hear all things and I will be the guardians of you my son but the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and hormone business sorcerers and idolaters and all lives I'll have the part of the lake which Verd the fire and brimstone which is the one second that so man lies down to 40 and rises not to the heavens be no more they say are not awake only ways out of their sleep you see that it did you see but the 123 he says all that 1000 is hiding in the group that I would as he sit until my way around the path until I rap the path that I would what is the point a 2nd time and remember if a man dies shall live again all the days of my appointed time will I wait till what happens to my change my grandmother why love morning she was a very serious exists she prayed to God stop the listen and I remember when the news came that her kids were finally failing she to go on dialysis I was in California call my grandmother my mom and me to go on Alice you could live many more years my grandmother words are like jewels arguments that I believe. I've served the world I've taught my children of all I'm not going all in my things you've all heard. She said When God is ready to put me to see let me see so I could rise again so much. Never forget that she was on a freight and she lived another 20 years with no do. Something happens when you understand his doctrine when you really understand that God has an appointed time the 2nd death happens after the 2nd resurrection we all want to be in which resurrection the 1st. The 2nd resurrection the wicked that are going to be raised and when a race is going to come up not in a glorified body then not going to get a change they're going to come up just the way they went down. And they're going to try and find again Scott Revelation 21 of 1st resurrection see that 2nd resurrection return the saints of thinking to have both the resurrected of the dead and the live living with it are slain and they see for another 5 years until they are resurrected That's the 2nd resurrection and when they die here they get the 2nd that Satan is bound What does that mean Satan has nobody except for a 1000 years while we are writing this are in heaven judging the demons judging everybody who did make the heaven we don't understand history like no one has ever understood it the earth is desolate at the last place where they have during this time nothing happened except Satanism chains the suffering going to solve then what happened turn immediate crisis coming back we come back with Christ in a New Jerusalem the wicked get up out of the Great Satan is used as now you have his witness attempt when he starts to tempt them welcome as an attack on the holy city and it and so then is that what they do this fire comes down from the New Jerusalem and destroys all of them can you imagine what Hitler and Napoleon you know make it they have all the great generals of in street are raised up and they conspire with Satan on how they can overtake the New Jerusalem they go to find the nuclear components they try to figure out a way to destroy the New Jerusalem as it comes down to 5 comes down and all of them are destroyed and cast into the lake of fire the earth is made over and this is where we will live for ever. And watch this no one will be in hell burning the whole what kind of God Think about this or this a lot of people leave the church because what kind of God live 50 years 60 years 70 years on Earth but he promises you for ever what you did in 50 years. That doesn't sound like justice. John 520. So while I'm out of this for the hour is coming in which in the whisk all that are in the greens I hear is a chorus these are come for they that have done good to the resurrection of life and they don't have the evil of the resurrection of them I want to give up in the resurrection of what life 1st lesson is for 30 but I would not have to be ignorant rather than inserting them which R.C. that you saw not even of others which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so that also would sleep in Jesus will God bring with it for this we say unto you by the word of the law. That we which are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep for the Lord himself of the sent from heaven with a shout the voice of the archangel or the trump of God of the dead and price out the what rise 1st then we which are alive and remain so we caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord where for do what comfort one another with these words is no day of the dead then come back and visit without food for. One of one of them one of our coworkers I mean he is the think in India they put the food on the roof of the house and when and in the Hindu religion when animals come and eat it they believe that the spirit of their lover was of an animal that ate the food that they like when they were a law was nice because I don't see how that is going to put now from on how much people my mother again at the welcome table. I'm a walk with my mother one day again on the sea of glass will walk up and down the golden streets that happen again one that I'm going to have time with her that I don't have to click for tend to have time with her if I stay faithful in the Lord Jesus Christ our time with her again. For this 5051 this is the this is the original script to read it says before hold I show you a mystery we shall not all see we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an hour at the last trump for the trumpet shouts out and the dead shall be raised in probably the dead Christ and we shall be changed for this corruptible was put on corruption this mortal was put only one talent so when this corruptible set up put on him an interruption and this war will set up all the mortality then shall be brought to pass the same that is written that is what the days will come he will come out of it if you would if you're not alive but. You will come in particular you can be given in the ranks of the more of 5 when Jesus came out of to we could walk through walls you could disappear in different places if you had supernatural for all the stuff they give you about superheroes if you live for Christ and are in the world the earth made you all super powers you know you got a fly on the planet you'll be able to go on the water like Apple man you'll have to read a comic book you will be. Called by cynicism. Probably said here before one of most difficult things was when my mother died my mother was a very faithful Christian she treasure at a church half minus all kinds it was really difficult for me when she died. In fact it should face because he died of something called multiple myeloma very painful bone marrow cancer and the bones have a lot of nerves in them so every from the top of the head to the bottom of the food she was and. She was a strong woman so she didn't want people at work to know how sick she was so after she's done a couple rounds of the chemo label go back to work my younger brother would drive her to the University of Miami hospital with the meds and California by then my brother said he that carried her to the front door to hospital to the so hurt so we. But because he didn't want to my bosses who was a stand up straight walk back he had no pain once he got inside the building. I got a call as he was dying and I'll never forget praying in agonizing with God to heal mama. I want you to get. I remember going back and forth a couple times worked with her says she was trying to overcome it trying to change a life got Tried to a private thing but just in the textbook the medical textbook says 3 and a half years. I got a call to come quickly come back to my uterus she will dice it up to back from California to my and my brother picked me up at the airport and my brother the pretty tough guy he was crying and I who I do was almost up when I got to the hospital room abyssal says he said oh here for the key will just barely grow back and I got so mad. How could you have allowed this to happen to someone who was so famous. How could you let this happen to someone who served you so well and I remember her favorite him is what a Friend We Have in Jesus that we sang it all night you sang it all day and I remember at one point was some asleep again I slipped into the back room of her hospital room I already is she was the one of the administrations in the administration of the hospital she died so Venza Sylvestre Come come Prince of cancer said slipped into the bathroom and I fell on my knees and I began to yell at God out loud to just how loud. My mother to suffer like this she's not just dying she's dying in excruciating pain. Robin seeing affects of chemotherapy on her body. Her beauty seems the party of my hair is gone how low did you while I was. As I was crying your face down on the back for. Word of God came whispered in my he she has been perfect and all of a sudden all this stuff I learned all my life growing up that this came rushing into my Mom and in a moment I understood what God was trying to tell you about his character reflect my character that it's OK for her to go to sleep with me because the next face your mother is going to see is my fix it's all right if she dies i know it's going to hurt you but but the Bible says in the book of Psalms blessed that in the sight of the Lord. Is the death of his sayings as a righteous in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saying God is OK He collects us and he holds us beyond the pain and and all the suffering of this world that one day in the home in the twinkling of an eye. I'm going to change and listen I know every one of you out there has somebody you've lost let me say that's the urgency that's what a top priority every family. In here should have had is that every person in the family known Jesus Christ as their personal seeing it so when you look to a funeral is just a temporary so long can you imagine the family reunion when we get to the floor when I see my grandmother get my mother give my grandfather get I cannot leave and I live this life with that expectancy and I challenge you to build a world of trying to tell you a whole lot of lies about death they don't want to send you back demons the Trident to impersonate your loved ones you don't need demons to impersonate to love what you need to save Jesus Christ and you have no real love I want to bet that we have realized his father God we thank you Lord for the street. One day after the day of the dead the truth Lord that the living know that they shall. The dead they deal with. Father God I ask you to keep the families of this church. In a special way Lord keep them from spiritualism of most of them or will go to a witch doctor they will go to a weak stay will do a terrible card reader or reader but more we will turn on our televisions and let our houses all kinds of spiritualists onto our phones all try. On Father God help us to learn not to play with them. Not to play with this spiritual fact Father God let us build families whose foundation is the Word of God. The Father God one day we want all have a great South Side family ringing. On the sea of glass. One day we want to break bread at the well Father God we need to live for Jesus Christ. Not be afraid of death because Jesus your coming soon whether that we died aware a lot we're going to have to give an answer. So prepare us for that in. The prayer in Jesus' precious and holy day at the church say amen amen. 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