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The Power of Habit

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • January 5, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Romans 7 verse a transcribed know that and that is in my flesh Well I'm no good thing for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good that I find not for the good that I would. I do not but the evil which I would not that I do. First when he says now if I do that I would not it is no more I that do it but sin. That well affinity verse 21 says. Father I find a law that when I would do good evil is present with pride delightful I thought I feel like in the law of God after the inward made but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mom and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members verse 24 some of this thing up it says already she demanded that I. Who shall deliver me from the body. Of this. Wretched man that I. Who shall deliver me the body of this is a message the Sabbath is a title next life the power of paths the power of the Great Father God we thank you for bringing us together in this place to sit once again a lot I ask you to make me just a nail on the wall and rusty sorry nail will order the part that may last father to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ. Let our boss not be seen or heard today instead Papa God let us hear word from the for will move greats the prayer of Jesus is precious and holy name Amen so we start looking at habits to did this one I think will resonate for a lot of them in fact I want to talk 1st about New Year's resolutions you want to write. The age of Bob Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they were would return ever borrowed objects and pay their debts the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Jets jatos that God is the God and get the word Gen where we from are so in ancient times so it was aces had this concept that at the beginning of a New Year certain things would were supposedly done and they would make promises that's where the New Year's resolutions actually come from so I'm not a huge interview Years resolutions but I had with them starts a minute or so since most people do this at the beginning of the year there's all this stuff. Here's a statistic this is from TIME magazine online they said this to 6 I believe only about 8 percent of people who make a few years resolutions stick to. Lester's one out of every 10. And those who fail usually abandon their new year's resolution in. One week but with a white ice cream because you have never try to go to the table on January 2nd. Before you pick it up and see the state milk you can get oh wait you've got people who don't know what they do and the strain in themselves hurt themselves carried on like a crazy. You come back all January 50 space everywhere all over the ship just clear. Most people can't get to the resolution so what are the resolutions this it well this year the number one guy or can you help me 71 percent we'll come back to that number 2 is why the gym is full 65 percent exercise the 3rd really is a combination of the 1st 2. Right lose weight this is up I think like 2000 people and this is this is what I got so the person I said this and this and this one of numbers a lot save and say more and spend less well some of us are going to do that. Learn a new skill or hobby quit smoking a number of smokers that at least comes out a lot read more find another job that's out of that's really a resolution. But a lot of people say look I want another job drink less alcohol or stop altogether spend more time with family and friends and wait out of the bottle so I want you to see that 123. 4 or 5 of these have to do with health every Jedward and it's probably because of how badly you start behaving somewhere around October 31st we realize you need to get healthy. And up notice people since you talk about a season I want out of them season as I do with cold weather you could be it inside I have a very difficult and flu season I also have to do it somewhere on October 31st when all of America and around the world people just are handed out sugar all over the place for no good reason. And everybody study shows I mean everywhere at work everybody desk is covered with research Milky Way 6 is you think you would really want this chocolate factory coming up to over 31st and that doesn't stop because the greatest of all American politics. Isn't Over Thanksgiving football and food and from now on we probably would propel ourselves into a month of. Waiting for Christmas and New Year's Eve drink and we marry and then go on January 1st America wakes up and says Wow I gotta get ready for the summer I do be aware of the baby says this summer and not feel horrible about myself and every January we make these promises but what we don't understand is that God designed us a certain way and the when we behave it is far more complicated than simply want us Lawley a different result if it was just a matter that I wanted to eat different or smoke less or drink less or exercise more that if I didn't want to and it happened it would be powerful but like a supplement to any of the trees in the garden she placed a curse on me. Because it allowed the devil to hijack not at a time a couple and in Europe chemical systems in the brain. So that the double could be the nebulae of us by our environment this week and next week next week I still think Dr Columbus but this is coming to a talk with me but I've got to actually confer about I'll do it myself but we have a we talk about health in a lot of ways that we're going to be looking at how do we actually get help here and why is it so far below. So number one we are happy to live in our brain to live in a place that operate we have psychiatry is here along with us on the slices that talk about this a lot better than any questions on this topic about church. So the basal ganglia right where you are most of the citizenry a pattern recognition of memories right now this is different so the basal ganglia. Is a part as this is part of the brain down to near the lower part of the brain the prefrontal cortex is out here in the sermon I gave you on the market at least and on the seal of God we talk about a importance of the frontal lobe of the brain the frontal lobe number 2 debt service upwards of 3 o'clock 350 at Hillcrest So you want to further understanding that it's come back then but look at what happens is this is the emotional part of the brain happening it's happening where you are in motion and so a lot of times you form a habit this out of what has happened. We'll get more good I set where you actually make this says is further forward in your brain the prefrontal cortex this is a part of your Remember it's 33 percent of the brain only 30 percent of the dog brain all of a porpoise or chimpanzees brain 7 percent of a dog so you have a lot more of this prefrontal cortex to work with and it's all that you can do to worship God and so that you could make decisions it's sort of. Status Here's how the devil hijack that don't miss what I'm about to see you see once you form a habit the part of your brain that makes decisions goes to sleep on that if she. Misses this so the 6 I'm teaching to stop hoping class at my job because ironically we're up here with a lot of smokers. I did the 1st lecture yesterday one of the things I told them is I told them is a good soldier can have a cigarette lit in their mouth in under 12 seconds yet the craving for cigarettes will disappear under 36 exact numbers but let's folkloric to have a cigarette in his mouth before the craving goes away. And here's what the smoker will tell you they don't even think about here's the word I want to get this word it's mine. So you have the people talking about mindless eating mindless smoking my list of drugs it happens because you couldn't respond to something without thinking about it because you have formed the habit in a part of your brain where you mostly sit so all that you need is the fuel to tell you do what is about to make you feel good and you'll do it and you'll stop thinking about the consequence you give me so I like to. Have a problem so I don't buy the moment I leave them in the store for that very reason. Or my kids are visiting I like easy to come up with it's a problem though because I was paid to talk to something whoever manufactured that thing ought to be put in prison for French fries do the same thing. Look at the food industry don't are but especially the food industries over there doing see the cigarette companies they said we didn't create addictive product they're lying on us we did that to go find all the secret documents to prove the R.J. Reynolds and all these other people knew that they were making a cigarette super good the whole company didn't even I did it. They said one she ha. Ha. They say bet you can eat just one. They tell you it's addictive suppose this part of the brain that comes when you get 1st and then we'll talk about this next week especially when you're shrikes the comfort foods for the fact sugar and salt feel and taste better now. That hardly agreeable to see so I tell cigarette smokers I told them yes they are but this is and this will be part of this article about their without somebody could use this I probably said here before get an index card I told them the 20 cigarettes in the pack one of the realm of nicotine per cigarette right so these were the practices they did 20 milligrams of that is that's a lot of activity I tell them I'm going to index card number was an index card to go to school on one side you should write one of these if you want to quit smoking and be specific I want to be a law and. To see my granddaughter graduate from college I've recently said I want to build a business I want my grandchildren and not be probably an oxygen tank behind. That on the other side of the car I say write down a motivational for an hour it's my job so it's kind of secular but you know the 1st thing I said I break out of a single thought is I can do all things Christ can shrink. You but you do that I'll give you your mind this is either a mile a smoker if every time you got to read it to the side of the car it will move your habit from back here in your brain that to the front that cigarette will not taste the same when you think about that oxygen take it is the way. You are getting me. So how our habits form well how it's God created this is an operating. Neuro chemical acetylcholine so that we could do things easier so typing is like a habit when I 1st to type think I'll take myself but not the typewriter because I mean is a big deal something you could actually use as a blunt object to hurt someone it was a massive iron huge thing. That made all the throwback a couple of decades our school had been upgraded but still and you had to punch the keys. I mean like physical exercise. Was like a little computer they got out but my teacher kept telling me if you leave and sit and you do what I tell you will form the right have cost and or to type. Guy put it don't miss the Bible says if you mean wonderfully made God put in your brain a system that when you do something over and over and over again by default you will get better and better and better. Because the Bible says that Adam was going to have to go out and grow food and the crowd was NOT go cooperate later all mammals would have a heart in other words a man was going to have. To survive where one week before sin a man would not have to have all those skills in order to spot. So God made it sort of you can actually become good at stuff watch this that's how it's become great yes you play it you play it you can make a sound what you're doing and over time as you're about to see literally your normal an activity to the structure of your bringing changes to make you yes you are missing you on my brain at something by birth very few people are really born great basketball or musician or whatever surges and it's something you got to train and you God gave you the ability young people to train and be whatever it was I see in your brain I watch it so every time you do that X. is a Seattle playing for 2nd every time you touch a key you play with it up you send a signal down the merits of the downright receive messages and the apps are sent a message that cell in between the cells like us to say in between the speaker and in between this this space is the is the is the is the space or the set up between the cell so there's a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine and I'll use little Pollie every time you do it one of the moves down and presses something on here that tells your body OK we need to be able to do this again and then another time you do it it does it again until finally your body begins the favor this is how you get your brain begins to like this hour so every time you play the piano there are there are pathways in your brain I mean frankly to make it even more profound God put in your brain the ability to form so called out which is the French word for. And what that means is that after a while the nerve itself is not enough got me to see your body can actually add another speaker. Smaller all holding this little calling to make this path even more powerful Are you kidding me so after a while you got all this acetylcholine from about entrepreneurship all the packs for certain behavior making it easy for you to do. Now he was leaving that was supposed to be so that you could be using great survival great misfortune has made you to be greater then the devil also realize that if you tap into it he can make you a he can make you lazy he can make you do the same thing over and over again that will cause your mind. You're going to become great at mediocrity you can become great at doing absolutely nothing then you get into television and the Internet and video. You've got to say and so to say capital could make you a great pianist or make great watches that. Are making great acclaim video. This is something to be hijacked and the more you do it the rule here teaches this pathway to keep it and it becomes watch this it becomes would be. So for example with when I come home from school I have 2 options well most times because doctors tend not to up you go watch T.V. if it's too cold about side of play or do studies and you're home. If you choose to watch T.V. more times than to do homework just just was packed with extra. The watch T.V. half hour and you know how many young people are not great at something because they chose that way rather than the study pathway so Leno makes trying to study study is difficult and then what they would rather sit in front of a television than a book because that's the power that would really force. Let me give you some pictures that it is a dead right to sell bodies and acts out and see this artist and this isn't about morals are going on and the nerves are more powerful that says it was going to be here's what I like trying Mike Gravel the same thing is about here so literally I want you to get this is your great. Permanently genes permanent when you form a habit good or bad your brain is literally never ever the same so people ask what if can change it how do you get over a bad joke to the end tell you this you have to create a new habit. With it before the movie that does not have the negative consequences of the 1st that. Was a little tricky right because you don't have to stop watching T.V. after school your 1st and make up in your mind the same in the prefrontal cortex in the decision making part of your brain a party of 3 where you want to see you have the Living God to be set you've got to use that part of your brain to say I'm going to come home and I'm going to. And you got to do that all up until that happening is if one of the television cat gets here's what I like the size of the time I got the 612 it is a repetition of the house that habits are established and character confirmed so when you make happy X. habits become character right. You're going to have the story yourself down on the floor of the cleanup after yourself you have a pretty sloppy character. That's how character is conferred so has to happen and this is from a book that's in my bag. A lot of. There's a book called the habit but if you want to read it it's a good book to have it is hold up to be. Read his book A few years ago this is an excellent book and I was a lot of books I could recommend it was a good one language her teacher might have to have a break. But he talks about this happening how this might sound as if you come home from school right tells your brain what routinely If you have a choice to do something so what if you choose the routine of watching television you get the reward of entertaining you can sit there and laugh with it on a wooden nickel only people in the city tell people you've got a really good time and sold it so you get that reward to the next time you walk in the door after school that's what you have a queue for the war to do this is he I watch this. Is a crazy thing believe in the middle if you really want others around you happy I believe you have to ask yourself what. Are you not fulfilling why you're saying that what is it that's missing in your life that makes you want this award so much it's that this is you always gives you the seat because it's usually the route or the order that's going to kill. Or give you blessings so here that it will rouse they've made a quick every kind of a click you know the door and open it on the other side of door was the chocolate the rabbit lurk so there's a quick even though chocolate just like you go through the door because that's where the reward is caught up so if you're alone at night. And you do and it's just a few I'm all alone so lonely and sad these are the couple as my friend. Mr Doritos and then the reader of the company you got to reward the reward is that they have scientifically in all our Tory created and if you read the book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss It tells you that their design to be edited. By the perfect combination of products. Salt Sugar in the core and high fructose corn syrup and that that's what they fry this thing. With when you when you do it it actually changes the way believe me that your brain will do that. So you know there's a double whammy there's a little bit of pictures holding Here's what happened but you see them you see the point so in order to fix that what is good for you because another student to show you that some of the recipe I like about it was I think a little single right so sometimes it doesn't get to have a global recipe for you or bad if we have to wake up in the morning is another look but this is what I want to salute if you change the phrase if what you're looking for is a door or accomplishment or something you might find that. With the fact that you want to feel those things you start running and you get the reward. Is it there but it only look up played basketball or you know you really get good workouts and there's a feeling you get when you the door for the release of your brain gives you a piece of the car that really is the mattress and it's sad because society has given you the reader no. One really got design is that that's what a bible says adding by the side of your robot you see the brain exercise will be just a part of the way we live it is still a lot of work so other ones of the one where you're alone at night start of a boring old. What a troll self development what is not of this study is that you know what a lot I am about to release because this is. I'm excited to do that and you get a reward you know to accomplish something learn such a learned skill but I think that you did you hear about it otherwise as I'd like to have it's maybe modified but seldom changed she says what the child sees and hears is drawing deep lines what the child sees and hears is drawing the lines upon the tender mom or son of my children with a child's brain is still developing with no help for circumstances which no have a certain sense of the life and in time the things. The intellect is now taking shape and the affections receiving direction and strength repeated acts in a given course and become habits these may be modified by severe training in afterlife but I want them to initiate understand the permanence of what you're saying but it can. Change once for perhaps become more and more firmly impressed upon the character the intellect is continually receiving its whole from opportunities an advantage is ill or well improved they find a new form of characters which is facing the students as well deciding the psych disciple of the soldiers under the banner of criticism as well disciplined soldiers under the banner of principle you'll watch this all rattles under the banner of the Prince of Darkness and then she asked squads wish. I were you I to children to be under a madman or loose and then. We all have to ask a question in your absence that we're forming a black bear I know Paul says that is in my last lot of them notwithstanding the will of the present with me but how to perform that which is good I can't find it I don't know where it is the good that I would do I don't do. I want to come home from work take I'm approach a go to jail. That's. I come home from work take out my shoulder and go to the refrigerator that's the out for the good that I what I do not know which I would not that I do not if I do that I would not know why the good citizen sense of sin is what he did I thought that a lot of what I would do good or evil is present with me by the light of the law of God of the inward man he says that I see another law in my members warring against the law my mind and bring it into captivity to the losses which is in my members and he says all records and that I had shot a little from the bottom of this is that so let's look at how we get the liberty let's talk a little bit more about that sold drugs of abuse part of the great pleasure centers so when we were created to talk about addiction for now when we were created God said that he realized madly to be motivated to do good things. In general things that would make a species exist so you see every music such as water should be there as well those things that you do when you drink water your brain actually believes. What you feed it releases over that's why I like to be hi dad so you can see here and I'm a jump from food for sex you see here when you really. Mean is releasing your involvement when you do cocaine at all or and all you want to know why I grew up in one of the crack epicenters in America for our neighborhood there were crack heads everywhere. Lot of gravity and it was like all because I mean literally like zombies they were the. Mouths of the whites from the crowd. My drinking was a horrible. And of course if fact I'm able to go to any other neighborhood but what I studied addiction I learned they did. Not because somehow they couldn't get it. Just couldn't supply the lies or the crapper. And what rights will do what you expose right to poke a the right will sit and press the lever to give them hope aim till they die even if this is right next to the pope. Sitting realized that there are chemical substances on the plane in the marijuana leaf in the cocoa plat in fermenting substances saying realized that he had hijacked this system that God created so that you would want to do things that keep you alive and he might jack them to a system that will kill. One of my favorite preachers Dr James causes something to maybe want to write as. Dr jean because I'm not a doctor and a pastor you said your body will conspire to kill you. If you give yourself everything you want your body will conspire to kill you. That's a true statement and in the case of addiction that's exactly what happened we have and make us feel not a big problem we have people overdoses on heroin and crystal meth we have a massive alcohol problem Bakersfield one of the biggest I was about 10 o'clock have almost all because all the dive bars all across the aisle and I hear the stories of the residents I came to see about all of that accidents and horrible crashes that happen on a regular basis because people are driving around drug. Addiction is that any good that figured out a way to hijack also this is out of the pictures work well the 1st days of experimental snake discovered ages. So I remember when we were in the middle of I'll probably elementary school one of my friends and when he was the 1st one to start smoking cigarettes. He was a little rebel he would smoke a cigar and we'd all be like What do you want to smoke and. He was like he'll. You introduce And the final thing if the pledge of the 2nd is used you realize that that applies or give you a mood swing so if anyone had a bad day at school or you went on the parents were fighting. Or if he was a beat up by one of his parents guess what was guess what I meant it he went and stole a cigarette out of his parents and went outside he lit one up because he learned the cigarette would change his full I was about to give him and when he changes. He bet now watch this his circumstances were created that are his reality wasn't any better he just felt that that's to demonstrate then of course that the wow piece is in class and you know like what's going on he's really occupied with the boat sailing he's going to get when he get out of school to have a sister so he's someone who you know. You don't have running over for cigarettes. But here's where here's where the pictures really senses you become obsessed with the age. The mood swing doesn't even. Hear those deep about of fixes if you grew up addicted to any of those cigarettes alcohol. I don't care what you see every your life and I know there are folks here with addicted to occupy the stuff I was a tell you right now I don't judge a Addicks the moral decision to become an addict happy in the 1st stage when you made a decision to try something you knew to be harmful once you reach stage 4 even when you know it's bad now you want to quit guess what based on the science you're almost powerless to stop so we don't judge diabetics I don't care that you have a disease and it needs treatment like any other disease appear you made a moral thought you had a moral failure down here you're in a disease. And what happens is if you grow up addicted every time something bad happens guess what you did you read the substance to make you feel better after a while it doesn't actually make you feel better and what that it's the better it's not where I did my taxes where the training would say yes after a while you couldn't drug just to feel normal you're missing that I mean it's bad it doesn't actually get that much out of their fix they just get back to the norm which is why such a powerful thing to become addicted you don't get the moves with the thing that you also suffer from the emotional arrested development because when you have a little thing happen in your life or a bad thing happen in your life it's what you read to your substance of choice so if something bad happens that. You do this or you get promoted you need to set or some bad habits that work. You run for your favorite food some good outlet works commerce celebrate their lives are. You honestly what I'm saying in other words your true emotional response is change because you became addicted and what a lot of. The veteran saying was actually we're going to save a lot of time when we're dealing with adult how to fix this who are still dealing with someone who hasn't fully left the years that they started just they started this major and they've been to Africa 20 years somehow they've not yet actually emotionally caught you got to have patience. This power of the Word of God and power to sort of darkness and sort of turn to incredible people in a very short period of time when it came to Jesus Christ so this shows you smoke a cigarette quickly goes it is a double we know but we just like OK in fact nicotine is just about as a coping. Well I don't know when to start what is the meanest I've got I have the chemical it was sex she would go if you want a lot of thing if you want to simple to get a double be rough but notice if you showing that you really spoke to me because God did ask if you want your Majesty to was one did it give you any pleasure what it is all about of the hour but what you find is that if you choose the dark you really supported out of me so you know me at night snack feels better than your own room days so did others as it was nobody's or pathway so the questions are that it is an addiction or that I have is this is a somewhat OK I'm addicted or that a bag is bullshit but it is addiction you buy to male doesn't want to have right on yourself or we're not there's not start to say when I 1st did this slide you know yourself or like this it was just a habit not realizing that when you when you hear your phone days that you got a text message you start result we need a break so I said I'm hoping that our cell phone and then of course this is a real picture and the tobacco companies were evil they designed it to be the biggest possible but it all kind of poises toxin really terrible so stress of so that was before stress is why people do a lot of the state right stress is a condition of the experience when a person perceives that a magic see the person who is also resources individuals able to mobilize essence stressed the mass might receive. Something my will right now for the new year if you can manage. Your resources and to bring down the street here's what happens a lot of times the bell tells you that a cigarette is a recess or those tater tots or Doritos are useless but their fault. That they really don't change anything about what stresses. Once here you could bring bring down your demand by by by figure out ways to have less demand already but you can definitely increase your resources talking about that so you have to express problem 7022 cents a very hard to do with good like a medicine but a broken spirit is what I mean is that if you are out someone who always happy and miserable and can take us get from around that. They are bad for you to help. Build out a miserable person it is like smoking and a few cigarettes a day if your life could do without you to have $11.00 psychologist that you have already a little hour a day to stay healthy so you feel some people think I'm a Christian like you know them all straight least I can laugh at. You LOL to say I like that I will laugh and have a good time and the Lord Jesus My Bible tells me that if I marry it's good medicine so I can Timothy says it like positivity like this God is not giving us a spirit of fear. But a power of love and of a wife you got a sound hon so the other couple I want to introduce you to a little closer atoning I'm going to switch to Saratoga is the chemical I tells you dissatisfied is not a nobody this addictive certainly is not if you tend to think. You feel it above the neck double meaning feeling your body does this it expires giving involuntary. I mean if I take another one of my one of my post relatives married somebody that got on drugs and they say when it is sold everybody just. Came home how do you just cleaned out dopamine will make you. So that you can take it you can get a pleasure Sir Paul is not like so. Too much of a double meaning so the next is too little Seroquel and will lead to depression. Now watch the Saratoga works the same way so the most part of the most popular drug groups in America are called S S R S How many of your approach is that so Prozac is an S S R R It is a Seroquel it is selective take it or it works and here is what I want to buy the least is the Sara told it it stays in here and it doesn't get taken back up through. The drug literally. Falsely makes me feel better if it all works I'm going to lot of studies that are saying it's even marginal of these drugs actually really work any better than a placebo but that's what Sarah told us so vocally makes you feel euphoric So you chased over me nor put never give artist the might of being an adrenaline junkie right that is also a dick i was in Africa I was crossing from Zambia to Zimbabwe and I was on at Victoria Falls on the way by the because it's improper make matter for the 2nd whatever. You got to see because if it is is it I came to the specific credible as a cross in the British across the falls as I've been doing there he says brother my brother come here I say yes he says $150.00 I'll let you bungee jump off the bridge I said my brother my brother you have obviously never met a black American. Up there you've not been to jump off a bridge you've got to go get some of them European tourists like over there or British or the German people that do it I'm not jumping off a bridge and continue to do it and some people see the sights. And they could become an addiction as well and that's what crystal meth said of these places that this is well so Sarah Connor is a buffer against stress is I feel satisfied bring him. So the best food so what we know is that Saratoga when you eat certain things with a pilot and bananas all help release. Sarah told me you're boring and it's related to them you know I think Triple A fan and I say all the time you've never seen an unhappy monkey because monkeys like analysis but that is make you have more say there are told. The motor factor Elfie the Alamy and have it certain productions so foods that rapidly increase interest so that Thanksgiving dinner in the presence approach will increase or to want to but it was short the Thanksgiving dinner you get all this rushing to fans of the turkey all the carbohydrates really solid insulin electrified is rushed into your brain you get all this they're told and I just said. Who'd short listed if you feel healthy Whole Foods black sources last a lot and it's cheaper to use Act It doesn't have the side effects so this here when you want to change things one of the things got to do is see what you can do to gain a certain level and this is where all the plant based diet is better so all these things are reduced to Saratoga levels not sleeping being stressed out. But they all bring it down so you've got to look at your circle of sounds 1611 says that will show me the power of life by presence is fullness of joy I write their presence ever more what the world will offer you this one what God wants to offer you is still fun it is going to 6 Flags down the $99.00 to the 5 or does the lead all the way down to 5 and you low in there and you play a 120 I'll get it. Made me I'm making my thing let me see it other than. $120.00 crazy so you go in there and you get online. I mean this I'm somewhat I was I was 3 how I was on this is what I've ha ha body express but you shall live 45. And use that a lot all the time we don't know right how long is the last mile you buckle your seat up and look up you pull it back I did a good. You don't even remember you wait a minute I do all right I'm up with a light doing this that is the world 5. God did. He give you a peace that passes all understanding he gives you an opportunity to feel so that. Godliness with content is what great game or tool we can test. Always love to be not conform to this world or be transferred out of your mind to make what is that little acceptable and perfect will of God So what about going to this is not. Food addiction is real is what made this change what. You see that there's a people at work has to do it sometime I doubt it's changed but I don't know what I don't like coming there to see like the Tasmanian devil you got to move from where to go it's got put down if you want there are riots over food addiction is real what is the increase in obesity in the country $85.00 or $95.00 of the red areas are dark predators aware of the city is at staggering levels you can see that over time our country has just changed now the average wage in the United States is almost obese so that's how we're doing the country that's crazy so I say you pose the question for us going to come up with never going to get to the price caps it. Would be does he have to support this is why he sent money for that which is not right to work there forever kind of takes your breath or something very pulls something very complete and your label for that which does not satisfy. In other words it is heartening to Julian to be and that which is good but are you saying why are you buying food. That doesn't satisfy you that is the spiritual tax he's talked about in studying all doctrine and the false ideas of realities but in a practical sense he's asking why do we do this problem 13 of your words are on the root problem of a problem people have the right to speak to the satisfying of the soul but the but the valuable which I watched is the way kids value will want even when they have everything they want. Because of what he lets his reunited use and his destruction whose job is there what. It was glories and their shame that is you have to spend 70 lesson are you already in the bag thing it is the son of the nobles and your princes in due season for strength and not for what there's Solomon telling you about food addiction and how often can affect the strength enough to drop as our honey eats so long needed so marks as a sufficient for the less carbon fill there with. Vomit. So we're just talking about honey in nature sugar is almost always bound to fight so God never did you told when you took a soda that is not good it doesn't exist on Earth that we should reverse order it's always been apple and oranges pile still a lot of money and so God made a sort of a dark barrier so we you want dark grey to suit you know you like when you separate the sugar from fiber it actually can be bad. Here the only time you think your sugar separated from fiber is honey. And God guarded the honey with what. To tell you you've got to be careful because you don't want to overdo. 1st you deny 25 and everybody strives to master is what temperate all things they do look at a problem look around me and it was only temper problem here when you said before we looked at sort of the belittling one of those for you put out a knife to your throat if you may be a man given the appetite we're not desirous of as dangerous as they are to see. How to hold an appetite so this is all stuff that you can take in as some other things you can do here I'll come back to so you do so 7 years ago were done this a couple times would be 7 years ago I harp on the jerk. Again a lot of cleaning solutions work and I watched a documentary called fat severely Did anybody ever see the documentary that is still on the Internet but it was only on Amazon which is free on letters and I watched it and I thought it was a friend we decided we were going to do. I'm. Surprised at the $46.00. Now. We did it and I think the end of it I felt I may do well I know you don't sit on the mat I don't have a better my life I'll play basketball I'll do a process all by those that I got to 2886 pounds this year I said I haven't let myself get where I will be transferred and I said you know what I got to go back to the gym it's not easy you have money to buy do you want to do it. I can already go buy what I'll. In fact if that would have made it easy they can opt out of the living systems now you ain't even got to get out your pajamas they will bring that bring your MAC does the our house I mean that's on the out of American history fast food at a break. The devil is a liar he is a liar don't you let the mess you up with that. Piece and all this kind of grub gas and all is foolishness or whatever you call it leery of what I'm telling so well I thought I thought I liked. You know the stuff about a day but for me so you did quite a few days he claims you know you've been through 48 anybody that cleanses when we won a lot of cancer patients when they 1st are diagnosed stop me going to how not to help me they do a piece last for a few days just to talk to sidecars So if you're if you're fit which many of you are you don't want to do long periods you wouldn't make it it so if you could if you could be talked about but I'll show it telling you that for the next I would do 42 days and I started on Wednesday I've been doing other subjects here but I'm telling you I like offering food and service when I tell you I like your food I'm fast somebody got mad at me at work yesterday that I would take a cookie also how you could imagine I don't know if. I'm fat. As a Jew so I thought I could be fast and also it's definitely fast it is shouldn't be. Here's what I'm telling I find this number things I want to say that it clears your mind about a lot about me because it's what it does appear that I really. Your mind clears and you can afford very beautiful spirit. Because now and what I do with I try to set up the time I normally go chase is. Cooking food I said study the word times in a word I want to uphold things read the Bible so my friends who have discussions I'll point to you is this you can make. The 1st verse I can ALL the crisis thing and when I have a pretty good actually I'll talk more about sums up next week and the next month when I come back I think I come back after the fact or so I've got to stick to it. Because if I don't like this. When I pick out a whole church told us he's going to use the look like this man was using only put up with us. So you are now a part of my accountability system I'll be all right with that last couple of lies and I would go out and appeal for a healthier more spiritual. So I want to start thinking about what is it you need God to do with it in for you this here when you look at resolutions are you not one of the 92 percent on God. Put on himself all right so the secret to success is you want to live healthier remove oil in fact without exception the whole foods like alcohol is and the studies are now showing that want to see a great app that has 70 years of such a boiled look at no oil or very little oil what we now know is the oil even a plant or oil out of the world over that oil Castro or out of your workout all that is if you could put it is bad. Here while small small amounts maybe but here's why what actually caused diabetes is sugar it's sad. It's fat blocked it in some of the receptor so that you can get sugar into the cell it's an instrument muscular sat on the insulin receptor blocks ability to go into the cell and it and actually make. Your use of energy that of the disease a factor the Such as much as if not more that it is a disease a sort of consumption you want to reverse a diabetes take fat out of it except the paddle. Nuts and for the day go food remove processed foods from your diet these are real 20 years that actually. They don't know that they make up 20 and other factors food all come from factors a point you could take the 20 and put it up on the shelf and come back in a year that Twinkie just is slightly in the gold and it is a spoiler not a wrong one and how did 20 survive all. Because it's not real food and even the bacteria and the fungus realize there's no nutritional. So it was they processed it up remove me and very much as you can we'll talk about that next week limit or remove them to eat something Susan I know and I decided this is a dangerous thing this is. Not a morning star. The lead the products but here's what I know the studies show that they way they concentrate the soy protein can act like. Stimulated cancer so if you do it I look at it like I did on Sabbath and that's it I was out I would not but in general it is not good for you and the other thing is that if I did slow one of my friends one of the fittest of my friends the citizens look at that look like the way capital America for Hmong and the other small. Perfectly and shit what he did the resources and health care food it was and so on his food and a lot of us. Dollars of voice of us would never do I talk about it already sheesh so this would all be bound to 5 I would eat it it wrong so what do you do me like holy shit we're talking about the next we eat wrong to vegetables eat of the veggies and bake the rude superdelegate I went to Africa mandated some amazing. Vessel companies it made it was incredible Let's think of other bases are almost pretty much I cannot say when I want to Central America South America very simple and much is actually jackfruit is a little thing people use and as a mix of 2 unless process or products I mean this is eat meals at least 5 hours apart. Do not stack to between that's not if they come up at a fair today they call intermittent fasting everybody that you know or did you find out a little plastic the provider if you never read how God said he going to live instead of twice as it 2 times a day so. If you don't like it to the meal and no food after 6 or 7 pm If you want to 12 hours overnight. That's it of course get the sunshine with a lot of the stuff up here but I wanted to jump the last one commit to trusting God. Committed to trusting God for this that is the 1st and most important step and I want something that he sort of softly I want to make it happen so no service story this week we're just going to. Not appeal is that this is where we're going to number one commit to trust. By trusting God more and we are going to begin to ask him to give us. The strength to change the bad path leads in. The bad habits that informed. The adage this is that when we come across we are going to ask for Holy Ghost how are we going to ask God to work miracles on us because He created us he can recruit us let me guess I just read here we do the bible is reputable Genesis again we have a lot of discussions about Genesis I just stop and say it one of the major points of Genesis is to remind you that God created the world and if you could create the world you could recreate me and give you victory over what my stumbling blocks are so we don't know that's the number one they would put the trust they got him out for me everybody here something different maybe to get it done this year some improvement to make maybe to get to work on time maybe not reading enough maybe not studying for school it could be a myriad of different days of maybe you need to work on your marriage maybe you need to work on something else I don't know what it is I don't want to know what it is I was relieved to see what I want to ask you for today then if you want to commit it 2090 Romans Chapter 7 says the good that I would not that I would or that what I do or Rex is mad that I shout the the bottom is there is Christ tell us who is going to live it whatever it is you need we are going to last doc and your situation to see if you want to stand being I will pray your close up with the prayer of consecration a prayer of action a prayer of power we're asking God to unleash the holy goes to show us what we need to do differently so that we can deliver the stronger for Jesus longer for Jesus so we can tell the world about Jesus a man of great Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity the study you were reading this is a challenge Lord a challenge to trust you this. The challenge does not fail. But the living better cleaner more biblical I don't know somebody here maybe struggling with cocaine or heroin or somebody maybe struggling with alcohol a cigarette somebody is wish or struggling with food drink. Somebody is struggling would be lazy and not exercising. Or all those things we need to change but we can't change them in our own. We believe a relationship with we need Broady so far the dollar has the sanity or Tippit or I have mastered the Holy Ghost power to feel every person was committing to change this. And I'm asking God to let you make the plea the way straight and playing it was a victory over ourselves not because Lord up bodies are conspiring to kill us we need you in our high school we need to find Jesus so that we can. Father God the liberals. This year we pray. To Jesus but the church say amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W audio purse or.


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