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Forgotten Rest

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • January 12, 2019
    11:30 AM
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The script to reading for today Genesis Chapter one Verse one through 3 which says trust the heavens and the earth were finish and the host of that and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the 7th that from all his work which he had made God bless the 7th day Bible says and he sanctified it because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made a message to Sabbath isn't titled forgotten rests forgotten the rest let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your words. I ask right now learned that you once again make you just a nail upon the wall of rusty sorry nail the Lord but upon that day a lot I ask you to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ's let me not be seen or heard today instead of a god let us hear word for the thrill of. The prayer in Jesus is precious and holy need a med so before we get into the word I want to tell you that I've been a 711 it's my whole life so I've always known church to be on set on Saturday in high school or dated a girl what church on Sunday and it was a really confusing because I would go to Target whole days on the weekend and long stories long story short it didn't work out but that was the 1st time I really began to experience worship outside of our normal. We're really became tough the Sabbath for me was intense spring I was a star running back for a high school the year before we want to state championships and the coaches ready for me to really be the lead running back I could have started as a running back probably the next 3 years 10th 11th and 12th grade. And really had some good options now as I get older our When I was younger I would say out of gone to the N.F.L. of as a member of us of a baby I would have gotten that well out of probably got a scholarship to college maybe out of that I have 2 cousins who played in the N.F.L. one of whom I'll talk about at the end of the message. But it was the it was the nexus of the Sabbath where I ended up having to make a decision. Was I going to play football and seek the world's glory was I going to follow the path of the scripture and be obedient to God work I could tell you it wasn't because I was spiritually wise at 15 years old. In part I was quite afraid of my mother but it was still my decision. But in the end of the Alice's I can say at this stage of my life I would do it exactly as it was done all over again I would always choose the path of following what God says in His word There's a blessing in it and that's one of things I want to get from the message today so we're going to talk a lot about the Sabbath but I don't want to talk about it in a vacuum I want you to understand that the Sabbath is time with God in his purest sense that's what the Sabbath is all about and what I learned all the way back in high school till now. Is that relationships are built on the time. You will never have a relationship with someone at least not have one that will grow and flourish someone that you don't spend time with if you want to see a marriage dissolve track how much time the couple starts out spending together and where it goes because time is the foundation of relationships so my message today isn't simply about a Dr it it is about how this doctrine facilitates relationship. If you get that as we read through this the bible will come alive for you and I think you'll understand this in Jesus begins right reversed what we're talking about Jesus on the Sabbath 1st Bible says and he Jesus entered again into the synagogue and there was a man there which had a withered hand and they watched him whether he would heal the Sabbath day that they might a huge hit and he said unto the man which have the withered hand stand forth so a man has a withered hand what that means as a as a medical doctor can say what that means is that at the time of of of his embryo logical development when it was arms didn't fully project it didn't actually come out the way it was supposed to so the bible says he has a withered hand meaning he grew up with only one head and in the time of the Jews that would have given him incredible stick. Now what's interesting is he's in the synagogue Jesus sees it and this is the Pharisees are so wicked that just the fact that Jesus see him is enough to trigger in their minds that Jesus is going to help at this in this thing in other words when Jesus sees suffering that has come to Him Jesus wants to deal with. The Pharisees now I think in its war. To heal on the Sabbath. So they're watching him because they will look a reason to choose him so that they can ultimately punish him Jesus can read their mind like that did you do Jesus could read your mind but the devil cannot let me careful what you say. He reads their mind and tells the man come forward stand for Jesus said unto him said unto them speaking to the Farriss now is it a lawful to do good on the sabbath days or to do evil to save life or to kill. But they held their peace they couldn't answer. Because Jesus is saying listen by blocking me from saving this man you're asking me to how him to suffer if I have the power to help and I don't jump in and help by default I'll be the person to suffer the Pharaoh see him and. What use looks around about on them with anger being greed for the hardness of their hearts he said unto the man stretched forth your hand and he stretched it out and the Bible says and his hand was restored. As the other. Let me do something you wouldn't want to arm wrestle this brother after Jesus healed. That new heart but I had to fly don't you know that New York was a powerful law Jesus created that right in front of everyone. And the Pharisees went forth strictly took counsel with the ruling into against him how they might destroy him because Jesus did this because. Of Jesus giving definition how the Sabbath should be kept in a tangible way by healing this man they want to kill Jesus I want you to understand the Paul the Lord Jesus as we go through this never try to explain to you the why of the South. They only explain to you the how of the South don't miss why that's so relevant because it was understood that. It was a given it was what the starting point is that the 7 day is the Sabbath that's why they only expound on the House of the South with 3 questions we're going to try to answer today but those are used mostly for those who are here and don't notice but is there some of the it is a review but is there a day of rest a sabbath day and does it matter if you worship on Saturday or Sunday and if so how did Sunday become a day of course the questions were answered before we get this a some more questions 1st how do we get a Sabbath in the 1st place we go back to Genesis $11.00 which says in the beginning God created the heaven and earth God created everything. Don't let the evolutionist lied to you do not believe the lie of the world that the entire world is an accident that is malarkey. It took me I was discussing this one of my coworkers and they were saying you know the world evolved I said according to evolution man has been around for a 60 to 100000 years I don't believe that but that's what happens each says there are 2000 years now the signs of civilization on the earth are only about 5 to 6000 years old really so if we are like man it's been around a 1000 years but all the evidence is only 5000 years old. And my question was it took man. HUNT Is it work if you believe that it took man 100000 years to invent the automobile or something as simple as a car cars not a very complicated inventions if you really think about. 6000 years for man to invent a car you want me to believe that the entire universe is an axis. Somebody has to design everything around us to make that balance between hydrogen between oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere 1st Someone had to set the earth at exactly the right distance from the sun or the Earth would burn up if it was too far from the Sun the Earth could be an ice fall somebody had to make sure that the Earth had the right proportion of water on the earth somebody had to make sure that there are plants that grew on the earth with wood which fighter chemicals antioxidants so that we could survive on this rugged earth somebody had to come up with full since this is a perfectly renewable energy source something that man still can think in Marvel comic books and a movie they're trying to figure out a renewable source of energy. That creation. Every time you buy an Apple goodbye to a renewable source of image. God created this world Genesis 2 and verse 2 says that on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had made Bible says and God bless the 7th day. And he sanctified because that in it he had rested from his work which God created made it so something to say well if God is God why did he need rest. Let me blow your mind you see when God rested it wasn't like a builder finishing a house and resting it was like a lawyer completing his case and rested when I was there is done the liver says I rest my case it's meaning my argument is complete the evidence of creation says I am who i said i was he was stiff because it was done. I was rested on the 7th day and it is a couple of. Only one day and all the scriptures are sanctified that's the 7th day of the 7th they had no other of the days it's sanctified and it existed I want to get this to something to say to you well if the Sabbath is a Jewish command ministers Jewish tradition but the Sabbath existed before there was ever a Jew. In fact this is crazy but the Sabbath existed before. Sin wasn't even on the earth when the Sabbath WAS CREATED THIS is one of the reasons why in Genesis one and 2 and 3 there is no talk of the Sabbath as a commandment God didn't have to give commandments when there was no say not in the way he asked later on he rested and that was enough and we're going to show you I'll show you from the Bible that in fact before the Exodus 21 the 10 commandments are given the commandment already existed it's right here and they gathered his talk about the man a frolic from heaven and they gathered it every morning every man according to his eating and when the sun waxed hot the matter melted that's what got dropped food from heaven for the children of Israel. And it came to pass that on the 6th day they gathered twice as much bread but they so the 6 days was always the day of preparation one of the things I would she was Sabbath keeping Christians to get this year is have a day of preparation do not let the Sabbath roll up on you and then you try to figure out where your good stock and from or where the drycleaning is have a day of preparation because that's what God intends even in this story that day to grab the twice as much any other day that they gather twice as much it is roughly. Only on the 6th day would it last to almost all one man and all the rules of the countries it came with almost as if he said to them this is what this is that which does or have said tomorrow is a rest of the holy Sabbath unto the Lord bake that which you will make today and see that you will see and that which remain to overlay up for you to be kept until the morning and they laid it up until the morning and Moses made and it did not stain because it would stand any other day a week if they took twice as much neither was the N word there which is what would happen all the other day the most they eat that today but today is a sabbath unto the Lord today you shall not find it in the field God didn't send man on the ground on the 7th day. 6 day you shall Gaverick But on the 7th day which is the Sabbath in it there shall be none and it came the past they went out some of the people of the 7th day for to gather and they found none so far went on the Sabbath to get what they should have got burned a week and they couldn't find it all to me give you a spiritual application that's what happens when you don't study your Bible all when you don't have whole family worship all week where you don't study the Sabbath school as a week and you come to church and you can find no break you need to bring bread with you to church you should be studying all week I watch this and the legs set him to Moses who said. How long refuse you to keep my commandments and my law it's God's commandment of the 7th day sabbath existed before Exodus Chapter 21 it was given in the 10 Commandments I don't want you to miss that because a lot of people argue that this has been done away with when the temperament that they are going to take a man is not away which is done away with is interesting only one of the 10 Commandments is done away with by that argument because if you try to steal his wife or steal his car you go clean them of the 910 commandments. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 that is our labor and do all my work the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord God in it not do any work that will die son of a daughter of the man servant girl that means servant or that cattle of the stranger that is within the gates for in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and the rest of the 7 days where for the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and what to do he had loads only one day sanctified in the word 7 only one day is how. I want to remind you it's hallowed and sanctified it's set apart from holy purpose so that we always take a look with God. Now watch this it's still command you to work 60 S. something got it backwards to rest on we were close out. You should have a job you should be working you should go to school and do well but the 7th day is the day of rest so there's 3 times in the Bible that God himself writes 3 times when God writes himself nodal the Bible doesn't say a man writes it the Bible says God writes it for or it's given to you that is divinely written the 1st time is the 10 Commandments Exodus 3118 and he gave it to Moses when he made an end of community with him up on Mount Sinai 2 tables of the testimony tables of stone that's important written with what. The finger of God Crazy that means the 10 commandments were written by God's finger and that is on stone Now you write something up to this day we can find Stone did you know that when archaeologists go they still pick up a soul and we can still read what's on the stone stone is a symbol that what was written on it is permanent. I watch this I bet says I was part of Daniel 55 is the 2nd time. In the same hour came 4th fingers of a man's hand and growth over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the walls of the king's palace and the king saw the part of the hand that for a 1st time God writes he writes the law he writes the 10 commandments he writes it with his own finger the 2nd time he writes a judgment based on what he wrote the 1st time media meaning to farces which means you have been raised in the balances and found one thing you have been judge. And immediately the Medes and Persians take over the kingdom of Babylon the 1st time God writes he writes the law in stone the 2nd time he writes he writes on a read a judgment against the king was having a drunken party and was using the holy things of God to have the search time God's rights the right to say I want this and the scribes and Pharisees brought on to him a woman taken in adultery what it said are in the midst a seance to him Master this woman was taken in adultery in the very act. Now Mills isn't the law commanded us not to want to keep a law that sex should be stolen by what says Dot this they said tempting him that they might have to accuse him but Jesus stooped down and with his finger right on the ground as though he heard them not the 1st time God wrote he wrote in stone with his finger the 10 Commandments the law immutable unchangeable 2nd time he writes he writes a judgment based on the law he wrote the 1st time I've said time God right it's Jesus Right right because Jesus is God in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God verse 14 says and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us so the 3rd time God writes It's Jesus right and Jesus has a ruling brought to him in the very act of adultery she's naked is what the Bible is trying to tell you she was caught in the very act in the room which tells you the fairest things had to set her up which means they knew her which I could go on to tell you they knew were bored and they try to play in the store. So they grab her and they flower at Jesus' feet and say she was caught in the act they're supposed to bring the man as well according to the law that there were for him to both of them should be stoned and the husband has to do the accusing the story so they're incomplete what they're doing they throw women on the ground and they're ready to start or. Pick up a stone Jesus heels down and begins to write in the city. And the stones in their hand as he begins to write turn into mirrors. Because he writes sins in the same. Mists there couldn't fit in the Bible says they begin till they take off they go running from the eldest to the youngest they disappear and Jesus says to the woman where are your kids she says Lord I have. Jesus says Neither do I condemn the mercy and grace and then he says Go and sin no more that statement tells you to long remain. But that mercy and grace is applied the 1st time God writes he writes with his finger in still the 2nd time in plaster a judgment based on the law he wrote in stone the 1st time he writes he writes in a sense he was right what in San sin is written in saying wow because you can take his foot and white is sin away God is a God of mercy. When you look at the 3 times he writes They all testified to the fact that the last still exists and the 7th day sabbath therefore still exists only put on airs of some size for those who like to watch the stars Here's some information for you the calendar in a Sabbath why do we have a 365 day year both years because that's how long it takes for the earth to do was to go all the way around the Sun $365.00 days that's why the years as long as it is wise a month 30 days because that's about how long it takes for the moon to go through it's like Month get the connections right day is 24 hours walk that's how long it takes what on Earth to spin one time around on its axis and the evening and the morning were the one 1st day but why do we have a 7 day week there is no strike. Not a clear reason for a 7 day week doesn't exist nothing happens in 7 days the only reason a week is 7 days long is because God said in the beginning in 6 days he created the world and on the 7th day you rested that week has been printed saying all the time you want evidence that the 7 days the Sabbath. Look no further than the fact that you get up and go to River School on Monday and on Friday you're happy that it's the weekend the Jesus keep the Sabbath Luke for 60 says and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for to receive the early church keep the Sabbath X. 17 to Paul as his custom was going to them and for 3 Sabbath reason with them from the Scriptures Acts 131314 Paul and his party went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down at 1630 on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside where prayer was customarily made on work day on the Sabbath day. And we sat down to sprint to the women the women we met there X. 18 for a reason Paul reason in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded both juice and Greeks the 7th day sabbath was kept by the early church well is there anything outside the Bible that shows the 7th day sabbath was kept well the Church of England as the document here says the primitive Christians had a great veneration for the Sabbath that means the early Christians and spent the day in devotion and sermons and it is not to be doubted but they derived this practice from the Apostles themselves as appears by several scriptures to the purpose the Sabbath was a strong tide which was out of them with the life of the whole people and keeping the Sabbath holy is the early church they followed up with example the example but also the command of Jesus the Gentile Christians observe also the Sabbath and this is often jesters church his Sabbath was kept early on questions about that when we look at it. This is a learned treatise on the Sabbath it says it is certain that the ancient Sabbath did remain and was observed together with the celebration of the Lord's day by the Christians of the east church about 300 years after our savior is dead for 300 years the Sabbath was kept after Jesus died what happened what changed well says this is Robert Herbert edition Jeremy Taylor's. The whole works the primitive Christians didn't keep the Sabbath of the genes that means primitive they're just in the early years of 1st which therefore the Christians for a long time together didn't keep their conventions upon the Sabbath in which some portions of the law were read the law would still be read what they're saying and this continued till the time of the Laodicean councils so something happened at the Laodicean Council that changed so I was in Africa the 1st time I've heard this sermon I was in Guyana and I was having a good time and when I saw him this slide I was in I was in the Ashanti kingdom where you go to Africa kind of guys that were like This is the something. I like I feel like I'm in a commune what is good and they said there was a Saturday in the asylum taking them means rats. Because And maybe that's in that Black History Month would deal with this but because of the influence Christianity actually had a way through the continent of Africa but Hebrew the word is shot I could go through let me find such language as you guys know Sabato in Portuguese and Spanish basically the same still being savage if you look at all the words on here probably some of the other words and Polis So what are the somebodies that is like a 7th day but if you look at this almost every word except in English and in Latin where it was changed the word means 7 days sad the word Sabbath exists in every language in the world almost every letters telling you that the 7 days in the south and what you can get is that this in go through this is Coptic Egypt I mean you can look through all these places all over the world where the word is a derivative of Shanghai So how did it change how did it change well let's review the slide when the Jewish temple does it what the structure is it was destroyed in 8040. That's when there was an animosity against Jesus and Jesus so if you kept the 7th day sabbath you were looked down upon because you were like the Jews and the Roman Empire had made up its mind it was going to wipe out the Jesus so you didn't want to be caught 1st of all static if you weren't on Saturday you were assumed to be a Jew when you could be attacked by Roman soldiers you get this so people started to worship on Sunday instead because Sunday was the day the Roman Empire worship the Sun God and it was a day of arrests so they switched something began to switch over now when I was growing up and I'll post that one of my cousins and we get dressed to go to church the other kids on the prop would come out and be like what's up black Jews while going to church all Saturday so even now days that stuff can happen that. Sunday was still being kept by Christians certain places and was used as an alternative to the 7th day Sabbath to avoid persecution Constantine this you've got to get Constantine the Roman emperor was torn because one of his parents he was his mother became a Christian and his father continued to worship the son Constantine was watching the Roman Empire come apart at the scenes over the battle between these Christians and. The pagans Constantine came up with a brilliant way to solve the problem he simply decided to blend the 2 religions and save the day of the sun down to 1st December 25th became the birthday of Jesus and the Sabbath was moved from Saturday to Sunday and he figured if everybody is worshipping on the same day and they have that they venerate their gods on the same day that that will bring unity to his empire. That's how it started in order to keep his empire together on Mark 73218080 kind of thing past the Sunday law and this is what it reads in the year 325 Sylvester bishop of Rome officially changed the title of the 1st day calling it the Lords that as the papal church grew in power the Catholic church group power in a post Sabbath observance in favor of Sunday sacredness that opposed Sabbath observer sorry in favor of Sunday sacredness and it outlawed resting on the Sabbath in the Council of Laodicea you see that now if we came to a law that if the worst of the on the Sabbath you could be honest now has was the in America we have blue laws to this day that can punish you for not keeping Sunday. In fact people have been imprisoned in America in the past over the something. The Finn when you hear admin is and prophetic terms you'll hear us talk about future Sunday laws and Trump has already signed. An ordinance mandating Sunday as a day of prayer last year when we had some national matches national disaster so we're not that far from returning to this place now. This chemist says Christians must not do the eyes by resting on the Sabbath but must work on that day rather honoring the Lord's day and if they can have it if they can rest thing as then as Christians but if any 7 found to be Judaizing meaning in the 7th day sabbath let them be anathema from Christ meaning let him be basically kicked out of the church so that the Catholic Church really back this up which there is a sabbath day this is from the from Reverend Peter you're been a Catholic scholar what stays the Sabbath day Saturday is the Sabbath that question why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday we observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church and the Council of Laodicea tranche of the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday why did the Catholic Church suffer from Sunday to Saturday the church substitute a Sunday for Saturday because Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday and holy close to set it up on his apostles on a Sunday that BY was a folder to the church to make a substitution church substituted Sunday for Saturday by the plenitude of the divine power Jesus Christ has sold on it was changed not by the Bible or God but by man in a church. Have you any way of proving that the church has power to consist of festivals or precept had she not such power she could not have done that which in all modern religious agree with her she could not have substituted the observance of Sunday the 1st day of the week but they have servants of Saturday the 7th did a change watch this look at what it is reverence says a change for which there is no Scriptural authority and the like tells us this and lands beyond the jurisdiction of Rome there existed for many centuries bodies of Christians remained almost wholly free from papal corruption they were surrounded by and innocent and the lapse of Ages were affected by its errors but they continue to regard the Bible as the only rule of faith and here to many of its truths these Christians believe in the perpetuity of the law of God and look at this and they observe the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment churches that health of this faith and practice existed in Central Africa and among the army Armenians of Asia what's shocking then if you study black history African history it is only one of the docs Church of the world still keep the 7th day Sabbath it is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church the church that buried bomb on them to make. Money there was the Ethiopian church it was this and they kept the 7th day Sabbath until they were forced to act Sunday by the papacy for protection. So the Sabbath has existed existed outside of Europe wrong after Europeans stopped keeping the 77 although the Walden seas and others tried to continue to keep it inside Europe and the people power and were tortured her persecuted forward so something to say will change is well not a path to success for I am the Lord I do what I changed not look 1617 says is easier for heaven on earth Jesus speaking in the past and for one tittle of the law to fail as one crossing of the T in the law to fail it will happen after Jesus with the Sabbath still being happy Well look 2353 tells us they took Jesus down from the sucker that was the preparations and the Sabbath to land on Friday the women also which came with him from Dallas followed after him they had the 70 look for his body was laid they returned a prepared spices oil and they rested on the Sabbath after Jesus died they kept the Sabbath and then the 1st day they came and found him gone even when Jesus died on the cross he kept the Sabbath in the group he rested on the 7th. In fact Jesus if Jesus had done away with the Sabbath he would never have said this verse Matthew 2420 but crazy that your flight be not in the winter neither on the Sabbath day he was talking about the structure and those are the pictures of the structure of Jerusalem 40 years later by the general Titus the Roman general wipes out Jerusalem and they take all the holy things out of the temple that happens 40 years later when a warrant is not to be fleeing on the Sabbath if the Sabbath would no longer be binding. So clearly the Sabbath still runs fine. In fact as they assess it like this I've been on a on a on a on a whatsapp thread with somebody who's leaving the church as it were debating the existence of God existence of Jesus and this man even while sit here we're still debating on heaven and the afterlife and I said this is one of reasons I'm a Christian is. I want to live to see my mother again I have a promise and a hope in Christ Jesus is that no one else on earth asks that's real if you've lost someone it is through the blood of Jesus and the fact that he gained victory over the grave and death that you have an opportunity to see your loved one ever again. Amar importantly I want to spend eternity with Jesus I say to speaks of that time like this for us the new heavens a new earth which I will make which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your descendants and your name remain and it's up come the past and from one move to another look at this and for one Sabbath to another all flesh come to worship the former says the Lord even in the haven't the 7th day Sabbath will still be kept so that some people argue well but the law was done away with. And this is a day just a matter of personal preference to text I'll go through this quick a lot system for. 1516 the 70 a lot of people say this text tells me I don't have to keep the 7 day sabbath watch this is blotting out the handwriting of ordinance that was against us which is the Law of Moses So Moses wrote some stuff with his hand writer who wrote the 4th Commandment let me use fingers so it was a handwriting of a man but this is what I got them and riding a horse that was against us which was contrary to us and took it out of the way nailing it to His cross that's the law of Moses not the 10 Commandments and I haven't spoken to families of policy made a show of them openly trying a thing over there and it let no man therefore to judge who would meet her in drink or in respect of any holy days of the new movie or of the Sabbath days or of the Sabbath days which are sad other things that come with the bodies of Christ so do we not have to keep the Sabbath the text tells you the whole thing. It says that this these savants these plural savages are the feast days of the Old Testament they were nailed to the cross because there are shallow of things to come what things the crucifixion of Christ remember that the 7th day sabbath existed before. Before or since of the world so there's nothing to foreshadow. There's no reason to shadow anything because there was no seal when the Sabbath was good Romans for Team one through 15 and 6 as him that is weak in the face of C.E. but not to double this to this patient one medicine is one day above another another sees every day life and every member fully persuaded his own mind even regards the day for God said unto the Lord in that regard not the days of the Lord he does not regard it this is Speaking of. Those same things to his letters the 7 they sat with is not mentioned in here anyway. That's not what it's talking about some people say well the Sabbath is for the resurrection so this text tells me it's baptism is what we do to remember this resurrection you get out in the world every grade and come up you die to self and you are resurrected in price that's what we do that text tells us that so I want to give you the relevance of the Sabbath today 1st of all of the mentioned earlier it is a memorial of spring should remember the Sabbath day to keep it holding for 6 days the Lord we have an earth see it all that in them is and rested on the 7th day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and did what. Here's the thing. Man kept the Sabbath evolution would never have come into the world every week when you keep your 7 day sabbath it reminds you that God created the world. The 2nd one is the sign of redemption of sanctification is equal 2012 I also gave them my Sabbath to be assigned to me and them that they might know that I am the Lord and sanctified that the Sabbath is a sign that you've been redeemed if you watch this if you don't believe God made if you don't believe God made the world you won't be able to fully comprehend the fact that he can remain. That he can redeem that you can be saved this is what I want you to get for you to use because some of the big New Year's resolutions you talk about last week this is the one I want you to get Look at this as if the 813 if you turn away a foot from the Sabbath. Doing your pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath of the light the holy of the Lord honorable and shall honor him not doing your own ways of finding your own pleasure or speaking your own words then sound out the light myself in the Lord now cause you look at this I will cause you to ride a Paul on the high places of the air and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken to some folk are getting the blessing they should get in this life because they're not keeping God to this side. My mother was a single mother she had 3 boys there were a lot of people thought the shore we would grow up to be little gangs the children but it obviously didn't know what month the mother was quite frightening at 53 but we kept what we knew in God we went to church we kept the Sabbath and we that works on Friday night been turned off a Sabbath. I would never know that one day I'd be an advisor to the president of the United States never no doubt be sought out to speak all over the world that I would do toward the nation of China and speak at its most prestigious universities encouraging them to follow the path of the Lord. Let me tell you something I have found a God took me from where I should have been nothing and no one remember I decided not to play football but because I followed the path of the Lord he elevated me into places I never called. Let me tell you something church you're faithful to God and faith 50 The Bible gives you 2 promises this is one of them keep the Sabbath and he will elevate you ride on the high places of the earth in this new year you make a covenant with God that you are going to the preparation day and you will keep the 7th day sabbath. And blessing will come to you in 2019. The way of the murder has promised that blessing you made out now don't you know I'm not a televangelist I'm not saying I'm going to rain voice this here. But you will get his peace things will begin to work out your family your relationships will begin to smooth over God will elevate you and your career goals or the ideas you have to serving God God will bring your job your work your business he will take care of you he will cause you to write upon the high places of your about while I'm here let me give you the promise you have a promise in the scripture for this 29 T. to make sure you get all the blessing you supposed to get is found in Malakhov it says that if you return a faithful tie the Bible tells me he will open up the windows of heaven and your poor out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it. Let me do something I travel the world on when I go to Jamaica I love to go to Jamaica once Africa I go when I go I find projects to donate my money to in 4 countries where they are faithful Christian. I will support when the church is in Guyana and send some stuff to the hospital where I'm helping the school in Jamaica and let me tell you that what I found the bore me the more I give to the Cause of God the more blessings I get. This year I challenge you. To take God It is work. Put Malakai 3 in front of you put Isaiah 58 in front of him write them down and lay them on the just of a side your bed recites them weekly and say God I'm going to be faithful in these 2 things I want you to fulfill the promise you gave me. Watch how things begin to change so the bottom line John 1415 says if you love me do was keep my commands James 417 says therefore to know him that those who do good and who with it not to him it is what the sin mark 227 he said unto them the South was made for man not man for the Sabbath God made this because he wants a relationship James 210 whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offending one point is guilty of all Lastly we will be a little couple last lives is this how do we decide one thing growing up they were always clear about how do you actually keep the Sabbath how do you make it so that you feel like in the Sabbath so that every week you are looking forward to the Sabbath one of the things you do is rest on the south some for the rest all week I get that my daughter was visit with me from colleges that this is the Sabbath is that they're at the 1st question she said that is not especially when I'm at school that's left all week. But the rest isn't simply a Rest of physical sleep you see on a Sabbath I don't care what Master Card and Visa and American Express think about me I'm not sure what the landlord is doing what a mortgage company the bills can sit I rest my mind that from what's going on in the politics at my job. Assembly you need physical rest to savage the day to go to bed early and sleep a little bit later and still get a sample by 930 men we get to work at 8 o'clock 730 all we can and we come to terms of 1130 or rest the 2nd thing that you should be look at which is some shit you have a church that you look forward to says about one thing when I was a kid most of my friends outside church I didn't see all weekend I would love to go to church to see all my home isn't that what the charge from other parts of town fellowship is important we should be breaking bread together and talking on the Sabbath in fact we are told that children should be special treats made for children that they only get on the Sabbath you should do some stuff you think and make it they want to get on with that place out so that they are always aware of what is the Sabbath Sabbath is a good day to spend time with God and she's. Reminding you that he created the world is a good time to assume service for other people eat healthy that's at about the unique Sabbath meal and study the word increase up to the day to say you don't like this week I will study the Book of timothy of Titus or we're going to Genesis take the time with us out of the deuce real studies if you know if you've been reading is difficult for you or if you know you just difficult to understand your mind of what marks in the back seat are wall to wall a line of pick up these great creatures and set out and watched you we've been so trained to look at screens that you put them up and you will be able to be to watch something that will edify you and you learned to take notes you lose just Sabbath or something good the Bible games that you can use that will teaches the. Fine ways to make the Sabbath enjoyable and make it so that is something that blesses that to have a sense of the Son of Man of the Lord even of the Sabbath day I'll close with this story places saw so I told John a cousin who played in the N.F.L. I may have told you this for what it's apropos for today my cousin was the was. A football theme when he played Pop Warner football. In fact those who went softly and I was off like a lot of Sabbath was both parents were at that they weren't together but they were told that. When his father saw how good he was at football. He would skip church and take him to go play on the south. Pretty quickly. I'm pretty quickly he realized he was like a man among boys on the football field as a problem. He went to high school like Gulliver Prep in Miami the same place Madonna sent her kids to school and Shawn were on. National State Championship state championship football upright in his senior year and he played Iron Man football both ways he scored like 6 or 7 touchdowns he got a letter from every college and university it seems like in the whole USA Everybody wanted to come play football. So I decided to stay home he played at the University of Miami the 1st year he came right here to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and University of Miami won a National Championship might be the last of the one you want and they want to national championship by the next year it was time for him to go pro he asked me he said Really you should do should I go pro I said listen you might as well go to pro and stop me get money as soon as you can because that's that's kind of part of the reason we got a top to get a job you got a good job though you could all go back to school later on. When he entered the draft he was picked up number 5 overall in the draft he signed a 36000000 dollar contract how much let me tell you some young people in your family will act the fool if somebody out of $36000000.00 contract peoples not act like they know who God has a nothing then but $36000000.00 is his announcement patting his on the Sabbath everybody was there when he was on the couch he had a play with a free nominee N.F.L. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins name is Sean Taylor and he was a female he was doing a phenomenal job in the N.F.L. it's but God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it and fame drugs women couldn't satisfy you start to get in trouble with the law and if you don't have a drug he spoke we didn't drink of the. Stuff but. He got in trouble because someone stole his advances or we had a T.V. and he went with a piece to go get him back in our old hood and my head would you know that neighborhood got to be real careful so he went to that neighbor to get him back and got him back and those guys called the police on. His was interested at the same time a shop offer and Mikey's house which saw those in the back yard saw setting ducking bullets in the back yard the is an S.U.V. was a Swiss cheese with all the bullets the house was loose cheese with all the bullets he said in the backyard the Douglas are powerful the bullets the car house chair furniture T.V. every kid he almost died that he got out of trouble with the law when I saw him that one of our friends is. Somewhat of our friends one of our cousins baby showers he's a recluse and he says his football thing is good he said that when I'm done playing football he said I want to serve the ball. Is that I'm going to go back to church he said I don't know who can trust you can't trust nobody he said I will come back to God when it's all over. That all season he went to church our old church and the preacher made an appeal Sean got up came down front gave his life to Jesus that season he was playing he at was having his best statistical season in that season he hurt his knee and the Redskins put him on the injured reserve they want to Tampa Bay Florida to play to what the mares and I've gone to Tampa and watch them play there and even play because his knee was hurt so afterwards he didn't go back to D.C. with the rest of the team to Virginia really where they are he went to Miami to check on his house to get a big fish in a boat but it took his whole police may go fishing boat and his cars and stuff and he went back to Miami. To check on his house and his cause the family what not his girlfriend. Is girl for that was I was also from Miami. And so and had a little girl by the time a little baby girl so they went down they broke in the back bedroom came into the house with a gun to stay in the car to came in the house they could hear them breaking in Sean put his girlfriend in the baby in the closet being the son of a West Indian he is took out a machete. Because he couldn't have guns any more because he had gotten in trouble with the law before came out with a machete and the guy added that the guy didn't really want to kill him but the guy in a panicked shot the gun and it went to Sean's left field moral argument as the biggest are the room below your wings. Because he had. A limp dick athletes heart but blood just got a point out of his body he collapsed on the floor there was government so afraid to go to guns actually had a baby so she didn't come out she stayed in the closet which means he lost even more time laying there bleeding a lot of time ambulance came and took him it is said that all of his blood had drained out in the house they airlifted him to the writer trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where I did my medical school clinical rotations and they began to work on him they gave him $60000.00 worth of our. Very expensive love product trying to get blood in his arteries and in his veins it pumped him full of blood products as well and fluids and he laid after the surgery was done. Comatose and one of the operating system. E.S.P.N. was outside C.N.N. It was big news at the time. My younger brother David when I got my grandmother and drove her to the hospital he called me that night I couldn't believe it I fell to my knees and I began to beg God to allow my cousin to live on here about football money because I want to lead my grandmother got the. Old Jamaican Li She pulls up right next to the bed sits in a chair. And she begins to sing hymns that is if. She begins to pray in his ears she begins to write reciting scripture in his. Sample Sabbath school lesson points in his ears. And while the circus is going on around the hospital E.S.P.N. C.N.N. and all the rest are grandmothers and they're bringing one point the doctor walks in with a nurse while he's laying there unconscious the nurse puts are 2 fingers in my cousin's man and a doctor says Sean if you can hear me squeeze her fingers and he squeezes her fingers the doctors a song if you can hear me blink your eyes and he blinked his eyes it's a miracle the doctor the nurse looked at each other and leave my gramma still sitting but now on a walk out she gets up she had not been home she had not soured she had not changed she sat there and just been ministering to my cousin the whole time and a few days have passed by E.S.P.N. and C.N.N. announced Sean Taylor looks like he might recover he responded to the voice of the doctor my grandmother gets up and says that my brother after the doctor leaves take me home and he goes shall within 2448 hours Shawn dies I fly from California to Miami and look for one of the 1st people to look for him a brother told me everything that happened 1st of all look for is my grandmother I say to my mom why why did you seem to walk out right when the miracle was about to happen mom. My grandmother said I've been praying with him for hours. I've been praying for him for I was teaching him talking to him reminding him of the Jesus I taught him about as a child and we all spent most of our time in her house she said I got tired and I said more let me know that he could hear. She prayed God I need to know that he can hear me she said I see prayed that the doctor or nurse walked in I would she saw that he responded to their voice of the doctor she knew. That he could hear her and her job was done her job was to leave him a final opportunity to accept Christ as his safe here before he before he left this earth. So all over it is going to the Sabbath like many of you who go to church on a Sabbath like many of. He went away from that he went away from what he was taught when he got an opportunity on his deathbed to come back watch this everybody doesn't get that today you need to make your calling and election sure. What I presented to you today is one of the vehicles through which God wants to connect with you the 7th day sabbath that's one reason why the devil hates this thing so much it's God's David it's his time with you the devil wants to a race it from the face of the earth he's going work diligently to do it because it's eradication is a way to allow to keep your relationship with God Let me take some of the devils a lot of. And I want to make 2 appeals the 1st one is this this year you want the blessing that the Sabbath allows that it promises according to the book advise it you want that this year I want you to stand with me you make a commitment that this year we will take the Sabbath serious. Lot of legalism but out of relationship. Because we want more time with God we want to respect Ah so this year we are going to take the Sabbath more serious as the 1st to feel as a church as families as individuals we are going to take this thing more seriously. Second appeal as every head of God Never Dies called maybe someone who wants to give their life to Jesus I feel an obligation to open the doors of the church to see my grandmother sat there and talk to my cousin to convince him to remind him and convince him. That the blood of Jesus still watches us it's still cleanses you can't oust you cat out Sin God's ability to say maybe maybe somebody in the blood applied to likely to just raise your hand when you are you don't have to come down from his wave and as I hand from Praise the Lord somebody else you want to give your life to Jesus that I see a hand in the back of it praise the Lord anybody else as I hand over to praise the Lord to hand me a Praise the Lord you want to give your life to Jesus today praise the Lord praise the lord tomorrow is not promised anybody doesn't want to give your life to Jesus I see young man praise the Lord the anybody else just a few more seconds and let everybody go let me taste of it as I get older as I study the word more and more and more I realize I serve the True and Living God. What makes it a lie to me is the love I experience from. It's real and it's tangible. If you have not experienced that love you need to raise your hand because you're missing the world's greatest gift to know the saying and to know it completely. All right let us pray Father God and thank you board for this opportunity to thank you Lord for your word so grueling sermon today a. Lot of information Lord. Some will need to mull it over we can work on making sure we get the right material Father God we just want to stand in truth. The truth of the Word of God. The Lord Jesus that brought David through that brought in like just through Jesus that was with Paul all the way to the UN The Jesus that was with John on the Isle of Patmos that Jesus is with us that. Somebody here is hurting they're going to tough times they don't know where life is taking them somebody right now is dealing with difficulty and they're wondering where God is right now Lord show up in their lives let them know you're reading the next you love them that everything and then try to patch it up Bob as the summer says. That you write every tear in a book. Lord be with us this is that in the beginning of 2091 let us submit to be a better Christian loving you has serving you without limitation. Is our prayer and Jesus for us is the holiness of the church save in the name and you may be seeing this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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