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Episode 32: The 1888 General Conference Session

Adam Ramdin
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In 1888 a message would be shared that if accepted at the time could have changed the face of Adventism. Unfortunately it was not reality accepted by everyone, and the fallout of this fractured state of the church still haunts us today. What lessons can we learn today to avoid the pitfalls of the past?


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • February 6, 2019
    10:30 AM
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The movement has focused on Christ from the beginning and many believe that's the question when is Jesus coming however after the great disappointment of 1844 they then moved on to ask the question What is he doing. The Church of Christ and they failed to make in the center of its doctrines a spirit of debating had settled in and they were winning people over to the church more through debating and theoretical knowledge rather than by emphasizing hot change. Be a 388 general conference session is the most famous G.C. session in our history but unfortunately is remembered for negative reasons with the questions often being framed what if it was held here in Minneapolis Minnesota from October the 17th to November the 4th and it was the 27th session held it was held in the newly constructed Adventist Church that was located on the north west corner of the intersection behind me at the time membership was 27000 and there were 90 delegates present small by today's standards mission work in the South Pacific evangelism among all the ordinary matters were discussed but no one remembers these Alawite later commented I have been instructed by God that terrible experience at the Minneapolis conference is one of the saddest chapters in the history of the believers of present truth. Me a logical 10. Should have been building with 2 pools being published by both sides something that Ellen White smoke very strongly against all the various camp meetings different presentations were given and the opposition debate and bits and this was around However this would have come to way here in Minneapolis the principal parent to at least. 80 Jones and A.J. Wagner in their thirty's and you Ryan Smith and. Both in their fifty's. As the 2 young men presented their messages by faith they were met with opposition they were presenting on the importance of the. End of Christ's righteousness and the importance of seeing the law in its correct context however one of the arguments that they used to show this was that the lawyer. Was the summer Omonia law and not the Moral Law This was met with stiff opposition as some of the teaching of the Sabbath was under threat and would lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the denominations. They were invited to debate and although this practice was common at the time they refused to they hadn't come to do that presentation was made but the only response at the next session was to read Bible passages in church on the love of God No explanation given just the Bible read the impact was profound. Many were impacted by the messages school in jail call it being 2 of them the following year Obama rules would take place all over the United States of America with Ellen White Jones and why I'm going to leading out one of which took place in South. Massachusetts comments on Ellen White said I have never seen a revival go forward. And yet remain so free of excitement a few years later would apologize to Ellen White for how he had responded and would also make a public apology in the. Creek not an easy thing to do. One of the outcomes of $888.00 is that the principal preventers of Jones and going to would eventually end up. And leaving the church the reasons for this are many and cannot adequately explain in a few minutes some of the responsibility rests with them for not letting the message completely change their own heart yet some blame must be a portions of the reverend who wrongly and bitterly opposed that this opposition would become a difficult and overmastering temptation to the young messengers this excuse that he'd give up some understanding. That we didn't in 888 and we still struggle with today is how to be a Christian while still in conflict with someone else. Christ like love when the person that you were discussing or debating with has a different viewpoint to you and all may be treating you wrongly maybe to be great with those we disagree with in the conflicts that we have today. The church will move on over time and realize the issue that was debated wasn't of the magnitude that people thought it was at the time so off that we made in minus element would say many times that the more incarnations wasn't a major issue and the church shouldn't make it so. Today it's easy to get sidetracked on other issues and miss the bigger picture Jones and we're going to wish some great preachers some of the brightest minds that our church has seen and yet ultimately they lost sight of Jesus today we need to be careful that we don't follow men but that we follow God's would and the message that is contained that it wasn't the message that was our fault but it was the attitude and spirit of those involved on both sides the message that they gave will need to be given again and go on will raise up all the people who will overcome where they failed may we be part of sharing the beautiful message of the love of God and the right to Christ to the world.


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