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Episode 33: S.N. Haskell - Soap Maker to Pioneer

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • February 13, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Stephen have school was born in the year 833 in all come Massachusetts I would go want to have a huge impact on the World Church he was converted at the age of 15 and a few years later he would marry his 1st wife Mary at the age of 19 he heard the message of Jesus return and started to tell everyone about this one day while he was talking to a friend he was encouraged that he should start preaching himself at that time he was a professional sort maker but he started to preach and was known as being able to comprise sound logical and powerful. In 853 he attended a camp meeting in Winstead Connecticut after which he decided to travel through Canada on his way he stopped in Springfield Massachusetts where he met William Saxby a tinsmith who introduced him to the Sabbath despite being in the opposed to it he listened to him and after studying it hour he realized that it was biblical and committed to keeping it a visit later on with Jos of Bates would further solidify this decision that he had made. By now he was living here in South Lancaster and was active in ministering to the believers in the area keeping accurate records of the schools churches and members in 868 he handed a copy of this report to James White he showed Jay Hage Wagner and Jay in Andrews and so impressed were they by his a. Realty that they were deigned them as a minister formed a New England conference and appointed him as the 1st president he was 37 years old at the time. Another initiative that he started during his time here in South Lancaster was the vigilant missionary society they started by writing letters of encouragement lending books and papers and praying for people over time this small society would grow and flourish until it became the A.B.C. and bent his book Center as we know it today S. and Haskell was a decisive and organized leader and served as the president here in New England while also being president in California and president of the main conference for a time as well while he was president here in New England he saw the forming of the south flank after Academy which would go on to become the Atlantic Union College standing behind me is Founders Hall built in 1884 the oldest original Adventist school building. In. Stephen Haskell would be instrumental in the start of the work in Australia and New Zealand spending 13 months there whilst he was away travelling his wife Mary would stay at home she was a committed Christian and bore her physical pain with patience later on she and Stephen would move here to California where she is buried writing Ellen White Stephen said I loved her and she loved me in capital letters as if to emphasize the point. The Lord would provide another wife for Stephen he heard she was a. Pioneering type of woman whom he had met several times and was an active missionary having spent time in England Africa and California they would get married in Australia in $897.00 and would go on to start training school in New York City before later moving to California where they were instrumental in the start of their health work here later on they would move to Nashville Tennessee and it was while there they heard the sad news that Ellen White had passed away and Haskell had previously been asked to share the message at her funeral and delivered a message of hope and triumph. As he reached his final years he wants commented to his wife that he was frustrated that he couldn't do more in life she told him that where as we used to travel and preach now his printed sermons went to places that he never could he lies buried here in California next to his 1st wife Mary because he told the brethren that when he died to bury him next to which ever wife was closest years earlier at his ordination James White had told him always look to God rather than man for direction in your work may we do the same for God rather than our fellow man right directions in God's work.


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