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Walking in the Light

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • January 5, 2019
    11:30 AM
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One invites you to open your Bibles with me to Matthew Chapter 2 verses one through 6 Matthew Chapter 2 verses one through 6 I know that the Christmas season has passed but there is a lesson in this story of the wise men from the ease that is applicable to us see even after the Christmas season in Matthew Chapter 2 verses one through 6 now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod behold wise men from the east came to Jerusalem saying where is he who has been born King of the Jews for we have seen his star in the east and come to worship Him when King Herod the king heard this he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him and when he gathered all the chiefs and the scribes and the people together he inquired of them where the christ was to be born so they sent to him in Bethlehem of Judea for thus it is written by the prophet but you Bethlehem in the land of Judea are not the least among the rulers of Judah for out of you shall com a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel these wise men were not Jews they were Gentiles and they saw this phenomenon in the heavens And it was not a star it was not a planet it was a light and they went to the writings of Bale I'm. And the writings of Bale a member of bail him was a prophet of God that was not a Jew and he fell into apostasy but before that he had given a prophecy that there would be a star and this star would be an indication that Messiah had been born so these wise men gathered together these precious gifts and the Bible never says there were 3 wise men by the way and we assumed that because there were 3 gifts and it could be that there were 3 but they gathered together these precious gifts and by faith what if it was they got on their camels her donkey's whatever they had and they went by night to follow this star the book desire of ages indicates that this star was a host of angels that was leading them and this retinue of angels led these wise men not to Bethlehem but to Jerusalem and the book design of ages indicates that this light rested over the Temple the wise men went into Jerusalem and said Where is the king where is the Messiah and they expected the whole city to be a buzz with the glow of the birth the news of the birth of the Messiah and much to their amazement no one had a clue what was going on the news traveled up to Herod Any called together his church members or the church members the theologians and said hey where is the Messiah to be born. And they knew exactly where the Messiah was to be born they quoted from Micah chapter 5 verse to and you can see it there in Matthew Chapter Verse 18 the Messiah is going to be born in Bethlehem so they pass on that information to the wise men the wise men get on their camels and go to Bethlehem and what faith was there is because they got there and they're expecting a palace but all they see are 2 peasants and a baby desire of ages says they fell down and worship that child what faith was there. Now a few lessons that I want to draw from this one of them is where did the angels who lead these people that were searching to the church to the church the light did not lead them to Jerusalem I mean did not lead them to Bethlehem the line led them to Jerusalem to the church and as faulty as this church may be it is still the agency through which God has committed the oracles of God we have a mission we have a responsibility and even though the Jews were quote unfaithful in their responsibility God led these 3 wise men to his church just like he led Danny and Eric to his church we have a mission we have a responsibility we have a stewardship and notice the irony of this situation is that not only was God calling his church to give this information but this was also a wake up call for his church to arise out of their slumber and they knew intellectually exactly where the Messiah was to be born. And notice the left 3rd G. and the lukewarmness and the listlessness of the church in Jerusalem yawn oh yeah Messiah is going to be born in Jerusalem here's the information and they go back to their big Franks and their haystacks and their culture and then all I mean I love those things but you know what I'm talking about they're comfortable called Sure and there is this disconnect between what they know intellectually and between what it has any whether it has any practical bearing on their day to day lives in other words they knew but it didn't make any difference here it was the greatest event in human history the birth of Messiah as a human being had just taken place and the people that had all the information it had no impact no effect they went right back to sleep and the wise men went on and worshiped the child I'm preaching myself this morning because I am a 3rd generation 7th Day Adventist that means that I was born into this church my grandfather retired minister and went to admin is schools grew up in Adventist communities for a great part of my life ministered in admin is communities and there are great blessings of being born into this church I am an administration cation Sabbath school church service but there are great challenges as well because there is the tendency not all but there is the tendency. To not fully appreciate the legacy and the truth is that we've been entrusted with cynicism mocking the legacy that we've been given doubting leaving dangling questions without any resolution these are all things and I experienced in my own journey as a 3rd generation 7th Day Adventists and I want to tell you that no contemporary prophet was fully accepted by their community of faith. The Jews venerated Moses but the contemporary Jews doubted his authority Jeremiah Isaiah John the Baptist was beheaded and derided and not accepted by his community of faith in Could it be that we as a people are in danger or have not already gone down the same path when I read to you a few quotations on the screen this is from 1st selected messages page 48 the very last deception of Satan will be to make of non a fact the testimony of the Spirit of God The Spirit of Prophecy to make of none effect you can see here that the prophecy of Micah in Micah 5 years to about Jesus being born in Bethlehem had no effect in other words the scrolls are sitting on their shelves they knew it but they did not go to Jerusalem and we as a people are in danger of having the Spirit of Prophecy the conflicts series all of these things which are gifts sitting on our shelves but it makes no practical difference in our day to day lives. We are different then Israel and the best word I could describe the nature of what the Jews experience and the nature of what we're experiencing as a people right now because don't think that we're an exception you know you read the bible of the. So hard headed you know they just didn't get it how can you reject Jeremiah How can you reject John the Baptist How can you reject Jesus and the word that I could think of was apathy apathetic and here's some synonyms on interested in different unconcerned unmoved on involved does interested an emotional emotional emotionless dispassionate lukewarm on motivated and hard or half hearted that is the nature of some in regards to the heritage that we've been given as a people 2nd Chronicles 36 or 16 talking about how the Jews related to God's messengers but they mocked Gaunts messengers and despised his words and scoffed at his prophets scoffed at his prophets This is how God's people have typically reacted to his prophets we venerate them now I say oh Jeremiah but the contemporary church how did they treat the prophets with ridicule with scoffing and despising them the definition or synonyms of scoff to mock deride ridicule sneer at and cheer at jibe taunt make fun of poke fun at laugh at laugh to scorn dismiss make light of and be little. I have been in certain circles where the spirit of prophecy has been openly mocked I have in certain circles where the gift of prophecy has been diminished to any other book that is out there and I want to tell you that we are in danger of going down a path as people are coming in and in bracing this message of going the opposite direction I think of this paper that was written by a progressive magazine an article in a progressive magazine in the 1970 S. was the height of the Cold War and the article went on to to question and to ridicule and to mock the book the great controversy and the author said that Ellen White did not have a clue what she was talking about when she said that America would be the world's only superpower because she did not see the U.S.S.R. the civil union it was the height of the Cold War Vietnam was stagnating in and he said look America will never be the sole world superpower and he said we need to revise our understanding of the book great controversy and our prophetic understanding and well I was wrong and he went on to poke more holes in the book great controversy and this this paper was published and I couldn't help but just be amazed as that paper was being shared in 2003 because America once the only superpower and the silver Union did fall and reading that paper. That article seemed foolish when I read a few other quotations here from 1st selected messages page 43 it does not become anyone to drop a word of doubt here and there and that shall work like poison in other minds shaking their confidence in the message which God has given which have aided in laying the foundation of this work and have attended it to the present day in reproves warnings corrections and encouragements to all who have stood in the way of the testimonies I would say God has given a message to his people and his voice will be heard whether you hear or forbear be watchful friends of those that insinuate doubts be watchful of those that ask questions that lead you to doubt the Bible and the spirit of prophecy I will add how did Satan in Gage. With statements or questions it was questions it was questions that were spoken in a way that caused her to doubt the character of God has God said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden in other words he's weaved a picture of God that is so restrictive that you can eat of any tree that was the opening lie of line of Satan and it was a question that planted a doubt in her mind and here we are today here we are today there will be a hatred kindled against the testimonies which is say tannic this is where we're heading as a people there are certain circles where you can't even quote the Spirit of Prophecy one thing is certain those 7th Day Adventists who take their stand under Satan's banner will 1st give up their faith in the warnings and reproves contained in the testimonies of God's Spirit now I'll be the 1st to admit. Then certain circles the spirit of prophecy has been abused but let's not judge something by its abuse I want encourage you to to read the Bible read the Spirit of Prophecy Chronicles Chapter 20 verse 20 believe his prophets and you shall prosper it's a gift it's a gift it is there to help us prepare for the 2nd coming of Jesus which is soon by the way it is sooner than it has ever been before and if we actually read the Spirit of Prophecy and I'm not talking about selectively quote I'm going to read from cover to cover read the book steps to Christ from cover to cover you know sometimes we get a picture of of the Spirit prophecy that is very very challenging and on never forget my professor at the seminary told us something that I wish I learned a long time ago he said look that the volume of the testimonies Those are our letters to specific people in specific instances and they've been put back to back to back to back to back OK and if you use analogy let's say in my lifetime I've written 100 emails where I talk in address very difficult issues and let's say 100 years later someone gets all of my e-mails of that nature and compiles them into one book you can have a certain picture of pastors in you know you're going to think that my whole ministry was about correction and rebuke Well that is certain picture that people have of the 9 volumes of the testimonies if that is what you begin with in my professor told me something that that I wished I had known years before he said look the testimonies are applications of principles to specific instances. He said what you need to read 1st are the books that she meant for general consumption steps of Christ the complex series and there she lays the broad principles read the testimonies and understand that she's applying those principles to specific people and Kay and that gave me a parameter for understanding how to one to decipher and go about the process of reading the spirit prophecy it is a gift it is there for our church and I want to encourage you to read the complex series patriarchs and prophets prophets and kings the desire of ages X. the Apostles the great controversy patriarchs some prophets begins with the line God is love and great controversy ends with God is love it's an anti ASDIC structure and at the center of the them is the desire of ages I mean this is this is a tremendous gift to our church and we need to read it we need to read it everything that is necessary to prepare you and me to meet Jesus when He comes is right here at our fingertips and we are going to the broken cisterns of the world to come to some semblance of light when we have been given the Oracles God we have it right here just like the Jews had Micah We have this tremendous gift the Spirit of Prophecy. John Chapter 13 verse 17 if you know these things Blessed are you if you do them had knowledge without. It filtering down to our hearts and affecting our day to day lives will not do anything as was exemplified by the Jews 1st John chapter 3 verse 21 whoever practices the truth comes into the lie that it's not what you know it's what you do with what you know and here is my thesis the practical point of everything that I'm trying to say today as the wise men followed the light follow the light Amen follow the light to where ever the light leads and what is light the Bible says the word is a lamp and to my feet and a light into my path this is the light so you need to find it in here not some guru not some person not some teacher that's out there weaving a philosophy of faith we need to go here this is your source you need to actually read the Bible not what people say what the Bible is saying not books about the Bible and not saying that we should have other books I read very widely but I'm think this is your source this is the light follow the light wherever it may lead and you need to be like the wise men and not let even fellow church members detain you from your journey Amen what would have happened to the wise men if they would have lent the apathy of the Jews of their fellow of the other church members keep them from going to Bethlehem and want to tell you if I've read my Bible correctly it's going to be a lot of people coming in and unfortunately it's going to be a number going out like ships passing in the night and friends there's plenty of room in heaven Amen I don't want anyone taking my place. John Chapter 12 years 35 walk while you have the light this darkness comes upon you and friends we as 7th Day Adventists we have been given tremendous light tremendous light and if we reject that light the corresponding darkness will be even greater believe his prophets Amen and you will prosper and I want to encourage you in 2019 make a commitment to read the Bible make a commitment to read the conflicts series with the Bible and make a commitment to actually go to the source of truce rather it's been to any other fancy source that may be out there by the grace of God You want to do that this year amen and I want to tell you that that having Danny and Eric come to us it's a wake up call it's a wake up call because here you have 2 individuals that see it as clearly as night and day in black and white and they say you have the truth you have the truth and it's for us to actually believe that amen and internalize that embrace this message that we've been given as a people let us pray Father in heaven. We thank you that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the life and we pray Father that you would help us to follow the light. The Word of God wherever it may lead us Lord we recognize the truth is not always popular it's not always in the majority and it's not always. In correspondence with our current culture but Father help us to follow you wherever you may be for we asked these things in the precious they were just. A myth. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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