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Could You Answer Bill Maher’s Question About Faith?

Gabriel Arruda


Unfortunately many popular Christians can not answer Bill Maher’s challenging question about faith. Can you? Find his question and the Bible’s answer here.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • January 19, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Our Father in Heaven Lord are about to enter to the sermon time and Lord what we need is a message for we need a message from Scripture we need to hear from none other than God himself and so we're asking that you would please speak to us through the word illuminate your word give us the Holy Spirit if we have done things this week that which keep us from understanding the scriptures that would prevent us from receiving your blessing and network minds help us to confess and to remove it from our hearts and to give ourselves to fully that we may receive the full of abundant blessing that you want to give us hope to be meaningful practical and powerful we ask all these things and the precious name of Jesus Amen. This morning sermons going to be about faith and I was really interesting how we were discussing that concept in sab school we kind of ended with that theme about faith how important faith is and I'm going to start by talking about a gentleman by the name of Bill Mayer just by I'm just curious by show of hands who has heard of Bill mayor oh decent a decent portion of you know he's on television regularly he's an American comedian he's a political commentator and he's a television host for an H.B.O. political talk show called A real time a very popular talk show he also has a late night show called Politically in correct and he is very politically incorrect he's not at all. Concerned about stepping on toes and he's a very outspoken atheist and he frequently loves to bring our noble Christian figures on the show thank you Martin. And he likes to ask the hard questions he likes to delve into the controversial issues around them by all around the Christian faith and it's very sad to see how we teach and under reasonable are the answers that come from many of his Christian guests that he has them squatting in their seats and. They give him these really quite pathetic answers and he loves to point out quickly the weaknesses of their answers and sometimes the ridiculousness of their answers but sometimes these people are a blessing for us and of you've ever had someone like this in your life a real skeptic a real critic a kid really gets you on your toes you know maybe we've been lazy maybe we have been studying the Bible like we should have maybe we've been satisfied with just the generic care and Christian answers but we have really put these things that a test we haven't really seen Kendis passed that test of real scrutiny real critical thinking really air lies NG What what these things are saying and so I'd like to. Play for you a clip. We're build Larry asked a question about faith that stops people over and over you know the you criticized both sides so the right religion because they demanded intellectual. Yeah I mean I think I mean but isn't all religion I'm not insulting to me you're just describing your interest by its very nature and science let me let me get. Why it. Is the purpose of critical thinking and. That's what this really gets is just asking questions and bringing up issues that maybe you never hear questions you never hear like why is faith good 3 simple questions built so did you catch this question. Why has faith good you know it's interesting in the church there are some questions that are so simple so foundational we never ask them they are there is just assumed Why is the wages of sin death why isn't it a spanking Why did they do that but we just said I just assumed and then sometimes people like this come into our lives and they ask these questions and they're so foundational but we really don't know the answer why is faith good and the sad thing is I have not he asked us to start all people Christian hosts and so your question gets a come on his program I haven't seen one that's been able to really answer this question but really give a good answer. And so caused me to think deeper about faith and I realize you know there's a lot of common misconceptions about faith in the church. And I'd like to address some of those have you ever heard of a leap of faith leap of faith and what is that and was that apply you know Scoble and you know and really going on earlier and I'm risking it that's a leap of faith writes is a faith really is that what we're doing is I want what we all came here to do or are there here's another. Slogan here have you ever heard the saying you need more faith to believe in evolution than you do creation ever heard that when you really think about that what's that imply the idea is that there is more evidence for creation than there is for evolution right so you would actually be more faith to believe in evolution. Than you would a creation sound it sounds really good but what does that implication it of less if there's less Abbots that something is true then you need more faith to believe in it is this is the hook will use and definition of faith it's Biblical faith is faith the thing that we use when we don't have evidence is faith the thing that we use when something does not makes sense when something's ridiculous when some things are reasonable let's just throw a bunch of faith that as a whole we're all here to do the same with faith is but that is the impression that a lot of people as you saw Bill there on national television blasting out of the country in the world is giving about Christians and many Christians don't know how to answer it's so old what this definition of faith is actually saying is you know I really don't have evidence I just feel it's true I say I just feel like it's true let me ask you a question without a word in the doctor's office. Imagine a doctor sitting down with a woman he says Ma'am I'm sorry to report to you you have cancer. Hi incident doctor how do you know. Man I just feel like you do it when I work at the doctor's office well Court a prosecuting attorney just this man here is guilty of murder but judge says attorneys also how do you know what your honor I just feel it yes I just know he and I just know in my heart what I work in the court room and what we're going to court on and this is why a lot of the secular world think that Christians are just out to lunch we're not intellectual people over here we have facts we have a silence we have evidence over here we have faith on the way on the other side of the room is that true is that is that the Bible's use of faith and a lot of Christians don't have a solid answer to what faith actually is and why it's good and so we're going to answer 2 questions in the Servant The 1st is what is faith what is that and the 2nd is why is it good or get an answer Bill Mayer's question after the sermon if you ever end up on a Real Time with Bill Mer and he asks you why is faith good you'll have an answer for him so this answer the 1st question what is faith let's get to the definition of faith and before we turn to the Scriptures I would just like to say. The Bible has the intellectual property on the definition of faith let me explain what do you buy that my wife and I we were trained in the graphics art world and in the art world you're really worried about your property rights since you don't have a painting you don't start somewhere rip it out and be you know putting it painting on cups and mugs and sweaters and selling it online and so there's something called the intellectual property and what that means is by law if you do a drawing if I took a piece of paper and I just if I took this paper here and I just scribble over it by a wop that scribbling is my intellectual property and no one else can take that and profit from it it's my intellectual property by virtue of the fact that I treat it and so. It's to protect people from getting ripped off God has the intellectual property of faith that makes sense the Bible is the 1st holy book to introduce this concept to humanity this concept of faith so we're talking about what they do this instead of going to know Webster's dictionary instead of going to how pop culture uses it we go to the Bible the Bible is the one that gets to define it because you'll find that faith that term gets played with and it gets applied to things that it really doesn't shouldn't be applied to let's go to Roland's shop for 12 and verse 3 and I'll start in verse 3. For I say that through the Grays given to me to every man that is among you not to think of themselves more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of what's the the measure of faith point number one faith is if you have to. How many people poured into this verse have faith in everyone and did you notice they're not dealt a measure of faith they're dealt the measure of faith in the King James that's interesting we don't impact that now but that's an interesting concept and so everybody has the ability to exercise faith it doesn't matter what race you are it doesn't matter how much money you make it doesn't matter what your social status is from birth you have been given a gift by God and that was the measure of faith no excuses you can exercise faith sometimes people say well I was born in the church like you were I probably have strong faith like you it's area of birth you are given the measure of faith you can exercise it and it grows and by Use So point number one faith is a gift that's what faith this quote number 233 is something you do with the Word of God very important Romans Chapter 10 already in Romans let's go over Chapter 10 Romans Chapter 10 verse 17 faith the something you do with the Word of God but let's see that from Scripture. So faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word friends. Hearing by the Word of God If we could make That's a sink we would say things comes by hearing the Word of God So faith in the Word of God are tied together you have a story that the Roman centurion the wrong to turn in comes to Jesus he had a 6 ers and an enormous attorney and says my service ecclesial them please heal my servant and Jesus says not a problem I'll get my stuff together and I'll come to your place what it is and tarry and say no turn and. Don't come to my house I'm not worthy for you to enter into my house just say. Were the word and remember what Jesus did in Harald they said I have not found such great faith in our history faith is something that you do with the Word of God It's Point number 2 point one was paid as a gift we all have it point number 2 is faith is something you do with the Bible and so can you have faith if you're not reading the Word of God. You can't is that something you do with the Word of God if you're not familiar with it that's not fresh to you you are going to have a very difficult time I think. By the way didn't Jesus say a man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God And later he said in this prayer give us this day our daily bread. And how often should we be in the scriptures every day it's your spiritual food How often do you need to physically or you know once a week grow every other day if you are a once a day you be upset. We need to eat spiritually friends like we physically every single day and by the way the Bible says were saved by grace through the faith and faith comes by hearing the word so you could say if that was available to us or not reading it how are we going to be saved. How will you be saved if we have the Scriptures and when they're collecting it we're not in the Bible regularly daily so summary faith the something you do with the Word of God. Now this very point. It is really exciting to me they've is based on evidence I did here that someone needs to tell that to Bill their faith is based on evidence let's see the Bible Matthew Chapter 16 please turn to the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 1616 starting a verse 5 to give you context Jesus had just got into a conflict with the fair season Sadducees in that is disciples get a boat and it picks up in verse 5 and when his disciples were come to the other side. They have forgotten to take bread then Jesus and them take heed and be aware of the leaven of the fairy seas and of the Sadducees and they reason the among themselves saying is it because we have taken over at which went Jesus perceived he said unto them oh ye of little works faith why reason you among yourselves because you have brought no bread do you not yet understand it neither grab a member of the 5 loaves and of the 5000 and how many baskets you took up neither the 7 loaves of the 4000 and how many baskets you took up or celeb How is it then that you do not understand that I speak not to you concerning bread that you should be aware of the 11 of the various cities and of the Sachse. Faith is based on evidence did you catch that Jesus had just had a conflict with the fairies isn't Sadducees heaven a disables go on the boat they get to the other side of the lake and they realize our head we didn't get any direct from God to take food and Jesus took the opportunity to teach them a spiritual lesson. He said watch out for the leaven of the fair season Sadducees and the he's for puking us because we forgot to bring food and now we're going to be our waiter nuts and Jesus said you have a little work its faith and then what he what did he go to do you think really physical bread is a problem for me Do you remember how if at. 5 thousands do you think physical growth is a problem for me Do you remember how it fed the 4000 you of the little things he did rebuke them because you're just a willing to close your eyes and you are stirred up a little your you have little faith because you refuse to believe evidence. Refuge from scripture they would not believe what they had seen why were they worrying about bread when they were with a guy that was pulling bread out of thin air a man. Didn't make sense it was on reasonable ill logical and the faith and then also this the Sermon on the mount this comes out as well as on the Sermon on the Mount Let's turn there Matthew chapter 6 in verse 30 where in that book Matthew chapter 6 in verse 30 just a few pages over. About the chapter 6 and actually not verse 30. Let's start with Verse 20 and I'll give us context Matthew chapter 6 and verse 28 Jesus said and why take he thought for a moment don't worry about what kind of how we're going to close the kind of clothes we're going to wear consider the words. The little lease how they grow they toil not neither do they spin verse 29 and yet I sense you that even Solomon in all his glory was not I read like one of these verse 30 Wherefore if God so clothes the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven shall he not much more clothe you oh ye of little what. They were worried about clothes these are really poor people they were worried about what kind of clothes if they would have adequate clothing and he said you have a little faith why look at the grass God puts clothes on the grass. And the grass is that more important and you are less important you less you think us than our clothe you they refused to believe evidence and that's why Jesus said you have little faith. You know this is a real assurance to me because what it implies is God has never asked anyone to believe anything without a good reason you know that God does not ask people to believe things without a good solid recent present this means faith is a logical. I'm going to say that again I does that so to say that publicly faith is logical it makes sense perhaps faith makes sense it makes sense to trust God with your health when you realize he's a God of our Amen it makes sense to trust God with your help it makes sense to trust God with all of your decisions when you realize he has infinite wisdom that makes sense and makes sense to trust God with your safety with your protection when you realize he's a god of perfect luff so that makes sense it makes sense to trust God with your finances your financial stability when you realize he has all wealth and makes sense as a logical perfectly reasonable it makes sense to take it a step further it makes sense to pay you're tired when you don't have when you don't have enough money to make rent it makes sense why is your god short on money he says the goal is mine the silver is mine said the what if else the earth is one and the fullness thereof it makes sense if you really do believe that if you believe the Bible verse then make sense to pay your time enough then God then to hold back and they going to be better financially when that go to You claim to serve has all the money all of it and make sense it makes sense to tell your boss I can't work on Sabbath when your job is on the line. Why. Is God in a shortage of finding jobs that hard for him. That difficult task for God you know sometimes we think we can find jobs better than. It's not hard for God says anything too hard for me and makes sense for us faith stance on intellectual evidence friends of God has helped you know no times do you think it's going to help you time number 100 Absolutely that's why we got accounts I blessings so I 3rd point is faith is based on nothing it's it makes sense it's logical point number 4 faith stance and the experience of God's power it's not just intellectual it's also spiritual emotional Let's go to 1st create the instructor to 1st read the instructor 2 in verse 4. Paul says. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power why verse 5 that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in what's. In the power of. Faith friends is fully packed in it's intellectually intellectually reasonable but also it stands in the power of God and emotional confirmation. And so I took you would call that emotional evidence think about this what if spiritually what if the church was all intellectual but in your heart you didn't feel it would be Dr Wright book would have church was all emotional but none of it made sense that would be ridiculous it has to be both Doesn't it has to look appeals or intellect and wholesale has to result in your heart you have to know by the power of God and friends I can tell you with my own experience I was yes intellectually convinced but I experienced the power of God when I was converted I had a terrible addiction you know you have an addiction when you do it every day and no matter how badly you want you cannot stop and know this things destroy you that's in addition by the way that if we understand that definition of addition that could apply way more that the drugs and alcohol anything that you know is hurting you but you can't stop doing despite your efforts. God took it from me like that guy in an instant we're talking years of struggle gone in an instant that hold me to something supernatural at work here this is divine this is the power of God my feelings changed when I was converted the things that I used to run of I started hating the things that I used to hate I now love to let me give some examples were I used I can say hated the Bible but the fire of studying the Bible was absolutely a horror to me and I've you might as well just you know our. Misery I mean it was like the most boring thing I could possibly think to do to read the Bible I'm not even joking with you it was the biggest waste of time you could possibly ever spent reading the Bible. I started loving me in the Bible I start making connections I was like whoa this 1st it would connect with this verse here which was that connects with this other person is like what is going on what happened things changed and the things that I used to love I know he did let me tell you I still love rock music not just the soft rock stuff you hear in elevators friends the hard stuff that you know. Of that I really did it's a it would it took a miracle for me to get away with that stuff took a miracle I still love it just feel so powerful used to agree with me so much and then I would hear it like a mirror there's no way it's is entering noise as old as I want nothing to do with that it's a miracle facts the power of God It confirmed me in my faith something happened but by those TRUE GOD IT'S REAL really appeals to our intellect and he confirms that with us emotionally and for the 1st time in my life I felt God's love I thought God's love and it wasn't a thing that the pastor talked about wasn't a thing that my dad told me about ME MORE it was something that was literally happening in my heart I felt God's love and my heart melted as I saw Jesus hanging on the cross and. I realized for the 1st time it dawned on me you hear this your call that Jesus died on the cross Jesus diverse and John 316 and then for this one point you are you looking at it happened it was for me then another Everyone has a sense my sense he's out there for me goodness if he's out there for me hanging bleeding dying why because I decided to live a wicked life that's why it's up wow and it became personal that would bring me to tears it still brings me to tears Amen. When we are convicted we have done we could like we have not done that which is right in us and that we deserve the ultimate penalty it was then that Chris stepped in the innocent want and he bore every ounce of the horrible punishments the horrific punishment came on him and now he comes to me any staffers me freedom because he was made a slight. He offers me healing because he was wet back up I had to do this for me either to do this when we realize that friends something spiritual happens in our hearts and we accept God as our Lord and in our Savior we give our lives to him entirely everything we are and everything we have everything we ever will be then something happens as the Bible put it in Romans 8 the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God but there is an emotional confirmation and it's not that there's nothing wrong with emotional emotions and emotional conformation as long as it's all not all by itself it known as long as it also has the intellectual capacity so the 4th point theat stands in the experience of Garth's However sometimes when I think to myself I'm a very philosophical intellectual person at times I want to know how do I really know you know what how or why do I trust this book I don't just think about the intellectual evidence I remember those times of my life and I'm telling you about those miracles those things that only that cannot be explained by human reasoning the power of God by life so what is. Let me give you the short definition faith is believing and living like guards were is 100 percent true every word of it that's faith what does our life look like when they really believe that everything in this book is the truth what does that life look like it's the life of faith if you see someone without examples like Jesus or so many in scripture what their eyes look like when they really believe this how would your life change. How it might change faith as living like the word of God is 100 percent true faith is trusting that God will do exactly what he promises to do in the future because he has done exactly what he promised to do in the past but you say that again that's a good omen faithless trusting that God will do exactly what he promises to do in the future because he has done exactly what he promised to do and the pap. Confirmed. Everybody has the ability to exercise it and it's based on both intellectual and emotional evidence and confirmation. So I've just done a short. Answer to what is faith and granted this is a topic that you could spend decades studying and it's a big big topic in scripture but now let's get to Bill Moyers question now that we know what it is why is it good why is faith good. Point number one we're going to cover this in 2 points because faith is evidence but I mean he Bruce Chapter 11 that's chapter is known as the one chapter. Chapter how we have a sermon about faith without going to Hebrews 11. He was 11 and various one Hebrews 11 verse one please turn in your BY was with me and this is these verse in Scripture where the Bible says beit is X.Y.Z. so let's see what it says he was 111 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the words there with a difference of things not seen as a pattern of it if it is the substance a lot of translations will use the word assurance that word in the Greek also means that the the basis so faith is the basis for things hoped for. So you have to have faith before you can have hope faith happens 1st and then when you have faith you can have hope that Jesus is going to come someday but end of this. I'm going to be through given that my sins in it and have been perfect someday I believe that what we're forgiven right now are meant but I mean no not even on the records anymore. But let's take a look at the 2nd part it's the substance of things hoped for but it's also the evidence of things not seen. So faith is based on evidence but faith also is evidence what I mean by that. When you demonstrate faith in your life it is the best evidence to other people of the invisible world that realities of the invisible or its faith is the visible thing that people can see in this world of the realities of the things they can't see then visible world let me give you a story to illustrate this. Many years ago probably almost 2 decades ago Fred and I we were driving the highway 80 to go snowboarding and a storm had come in and it was a really bad storm it was so bad we actually decided to turn our route because at that time I was driving a little Geo store and not the best you know snow driving the goal and so we turned around and were coming back down Highway 80 and we'd already driven up into snow and it started snowing pretty good and as we come around the corner you know there's snow on the highway and there's ice and stuff we're trying to be safe we come around the corner we come upon the scene a semi truck had jackknifed and had pretty much was going across almost the entire through with it was just like a small thing I don't know $67.00 foot section that between the end of the semi end of the railing of the freeway that was left and all these cars you could tell they came around the corner or surprised like we were and all these cars are all these different directions and a few who had hit each other and got accidents and so I put on the brakes and I slid a little bit but thankfully we stopped right in front of the whole situation and it was a mess you know cars are turned all these different directions and people are actually outside the cars walking around and there is this one guy walking around and there were car parts like all over the place this is one guy he's walking around and he's looking for a car park or something he's staring at the ground and he's looking like this river may be a goal and all the sudden he looks up over the top of my vehicle. Like that and then he starts going like this. And then his eyes became the size of dinner plates. He turns around he starts running. And I'm thinking what does this guy see that I don't see and so I looked him over of the mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes another semi had come around the corner way too fast and slammed on his brakes and it was also Jack and anything I remember seeing most of the American seeing the end of this one who had just barreling down the freeway my photos got all put it in gear goggle got it out of it so I put it in gear and we navigated through these people in cars and we made it through that thin section where the end of the Sun I had left between the guardrail we made it out of there to this day I have no idea what happened this is before the time of cell phones and all that stuff we went home I checked the news I had no idea what happened to all those people but we barely made it out of there where they are but. That guy's actions. He was acting logically based on what he saw that I didn't see him acting based on what he saw up that was yet invisible to me caused me to say maybe I better take a look. That's what faith this is it that's how it's evidence it's based on evidence but then it becomes the best evidence so people see you living life in a different way and they say what does he see in the Nazi What does she see that I don't see why would someone live this way why would someone then I themselves these worldly pleasures Why would someone do this mining Why would someone trash a whole career and go this way why would someone do these things. Maybe basic something I don't see it becomes a living evidence to them that there is something that they need to take a look at when people can see you're not living for this world when you're giving up everything for a world to come it causes them to say what do they see that ita when you're sure arounds and they see you paying your tithe anyways people say they don't seem crazy I have meaningful conversations with them or for whatever listing that I doubt when they see that your job is on the way out but you can't they say. I don't think there are any better cation for that what do they see that I don't. When you're sad if I was in acute God's Church golly they say what if he see what does she see that I've done it's so faith is based on evidence but when you exemplify what you manifest believe in your life it becomes evidence to those around you. So why is faith good. Because it's true of the faith in our lives that people around us can see it's that tangible thing they can see that tells them that the invisible yagis of the Bible are true there is a World Cup There are such things as angels there is such a thing as a devil there is such a thing as God it's true why speak good because it's the best witness we have. My 2nd and last point about life it is good because faith delivers us from sin let's go to our scripture read it 1st John Chapter 5 and verse 4 for whatsoever is born of God an overcomer thought in this is the victory that all will come of the world even our work friends. Even our faith. So Faith and there's a hymn called Faith is the victory faith is how we overcome the world now is a path that a little bit the Bible tells us that but exactly how does that happen you every single one of us every single human alive today has something called a fallen nature the Bible has other words for this can you think of the way the Bible describes us or what is of the words of the Bible uses to describe this part of our being. The flesh Paul also refers to it as the carnal mind that's enmity that is the energy against got the flesh is 100 percent on reasonable 100 percent reasonable it does what it does because it is what it is period and it's at enmity against the law of God To illustrate this point I want to tell you a story about a dark by the name of Scooter. We had a friend a friend of his wife who is father was living on his property his father was although he was aged and his father had this dark it was a. Was a bloodhound a bloodhound by the name of Scooter Scooter it was spoiled rotten scooter athlete thing scooter wanted when he wanted it how he wanted it and Scooter was a very thin icky snappy temperamental duck. Well the father last could have this great relationship. And while there the father in law eventually the father eventually passed away and scooters owner had deceased while our friend whose was the son of this man decided well we're going to take scooter into our house but scooter wasn't really good with other people. And within the 1st night scooted it scooted $17000.00 I think of damage in the garage the 1st night it chewed up all kinds of electrical wires and just wreaked havoc and then. Our friend's wife went to go fish good one time Scooter her and True Blood Well our friend got so angry he said I am I'll be honest with you I was put a bullet through that dog's head I was so angry so angry with the stop he said some of the take to stop it's either it it's either going to die or go to the panel or something my wife know we're living on a property of a gentleman who was a real animal lover whenever some animal needed to be rescued if this guy was the guy to you know number himself to do that type of thing and Scooter ended up on our property. Number one guess what screwed us up $2000.00 worth of damage in the garage now think about this now I know dogs don't think this way but humor me a little bit for the sake of illustration if your dog your owner dies you go to the owner's son and you make them so mad they want to kill you and someone out of the kindness of their heart takes you on their property you should be on your Bess behavior scooter was on his best behavior also there was a biting incident I think blood was drawn Scooter did not care because Scooter was who Scooter what's. Your flush is the Scooter inside of. It doesn't reason you know maybe a fire on my eyes or bypass it might affect my chart security it doesn't say you know maybe if I'm getting angry with my spouse and say some mean things maybe that would damage my marriage the flesh does not care doesn't think about stuff like that it is what it is and it's going to do what it's going to do it's 100 percent under the symbol and illogical and you know the flush does it causes us to work against the very goals we have. I want job security and then with loser patience with our coworkers that we make people's life difficult I want a good marriage we picks by fights with their sponsors you know I want a relation of my kids and we do things to drive them away that's the flesh it's totally illogical and unreasonable and if you are allowing it will destroy your life piece by piece that's the flash this is what the flesh to us God has been all you are God is delivered to you 99 times when you're in an emergency 100 the flesh this doc trust him now I don't do it he's going to hire dry you going to be on the streets if you trust out that's the flush haven't you been there God build you up all over and over you come into some emergency maybe it's financially his health and there's that thing inside of you that says to trust it don't do what he says you've got to look out for number one take care of yourself that's the flesh speaking that's the little scooter inside and he doing it on a reasonable thing. There are many Bible examples of this there is king Ace I'm reading through the book of Chronicles right now guarded gate Cain a certain miraculous victory over that you know my it's in the valley of salt defeated thousands and thousands of even months do you know a king is a did he actually took the guards of the ear mites and started bound down to them you read these things in the early these people are so stupid you know that but we do the same stuff God lowers over and over and then we get to something. You know. The children has. 10 Plagues the Red Sea dividing the good of the other side our good Lord food of God as I go to tell us I just know it really really is that you think what God is all about he would park residents are so you could kill you in the middle of a bunch of sand so how do you think is about to do there's lots of examples That's the flash acting up friends when the flesh rises up how do we keep ourselves from being swept away from it faith. Faith has what does it now it's God's power that delivers us from sinning men all connects us to that our faith when we have faith we are literally opening a channel between us and haven't what God could pour down through it has power and its blessings faith is your connection to the invisible world it is powerful facts and we each have been given the measure of it to exercise it. And faith is the spiritual thing that allows us the capability to say no to the flesh and yes to the Word of God is important is a good that's what it is good friends because it a little is you from the worst thing in your life you are the flesh and it enables you to be the best evidence people could ever possibly have of the invisible realities that the Bible speaks about it's based on evidence but it is evidence and that's why faith is good it's very good. I like to end with our faith works this go to our last Bible verse Galatians chapter 5 in verse 6 chapter 5 in verse 6 for Jesus Christ is neither circumcision. So for in Jesus Christ neither circumcision available anything nor uncircumcision But thieves which work if by work France faith which works by law can you really exercise faith without love that. Can't Love Comes 1st think about it trust is a big part of faith do you trust people that you don't love. So the question is do you love God has your heart been melted by what he's done for you. Despite what a horrible friend you've been to him how many times you've fallen how many times you've been unfaithful how many times you've disappointed him over and over and yet he's still there for you every morning willing to walk with you and carry. Do you love God even though when you realize that he has been there for you when no one else helps when you have nobody got observed it's can you love God. Now like the close. I make an application here perhaps some of you are going through a faith trial has really 2 categories of people here people who are going to face trials people who are going to go through face trial at some point all of us are going to be put to the test or all test maybe you're going through something and maybe it's a financial faith trial maybe face trial with your health maybe as a face trial with your job maybe it's a faith trial with the relationship and it's time for you to exercise faith but it feels difficult because what you feel the Word of God is calling to you. Just tough feels like there's a lot on the line. Of appeal to you have 2 pills to you my 1st appeal is will you choose to exercise faith in God pill number one. Pill number 2 number faith comes by hearing and hearing by either word I would ask you to exercise faith without giving you the gasoline for it would you choose to spend more time in the Bible I want to give you an opportunity to answer that in prayer. If that's the cry of your heart if you are going through something I appeal to you respond to these appeals and I'll give you opportunity to do that as we create a buzz about our has made affect of who are able to please you know together. Father have thank you so much for having answers thank you so much for not just having any answers wonderful answers thank you for giving us the gift of faith which is our ability to escape the worst thing in our lives which is our own selves our flesh they feel that it's based on evidence that you that it makes sense that they do that you have confirmed it through the power that you have right in our lives. Thank you that we can even become advocates for others around us to be aware and to be convinced that the spiritual realities that you speak about are true that you do exist that there is a great controversy that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shine Lord I ask and pray that you be with each and every person here Lord some of us are going to face trials right now some of us are going to be going to face trials in the near future my prayer is Lord that you would be with each and every one and that Lord we'd like to tell you some of us in here would like to tell you that despite the challenges we're going through we want to choose to put our trust in you with the space trial and we want to choose to spend more time in the word so that we have a friend if that's your cry if you're going to face trial if you want to choose to exercise faith in God and spend more time in the Bible right where you are just raise your hands every has about every eyes closed raise your hand it's Hello God Lord I respond I choose to exercise speed the new I choose to spend more time in your words with the challenge the faith trial I'm going through right now it's Raise your hand where you are that's the cry of your heart for you've seen the decisions of those in here we trust we have faith that you're able to keep that which we've committed to this day and we say it in Jesus' name of that are God's children say amen. 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