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The Fifth and Final Kingdom

Clifford Goldstein


Clifford Goldstein

Editor of the Adult Sabbath School Ministries Quarterly



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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him I thank you for the privilege to be here and I pray that some good will come out of this in faith will be affirmed in Jesus name I pray amen I have many Jeremiah type conversion story I balk of you dare I understand very quickly I want to make a point here for those of you that didn't I had a very intelligent you heard it don't notice there was nothing I goal rational really intellectual about my conversion story it was really personal totally subjective clearly experiential knowledge somewhat makes me think of somewhat but I don't like to compare myself to be apostle Paul in any way shape or form think about so far since what it's all a farce is starting them to give it a crime to kill believers in Jesus okay installs gone wrong going on in Kabul he has this I don't want to use the word irrational I like the word which plans irrational experience he has a supernatural experience it has a supernatural conversion these kind of pulled out of the world 's world new given a revelation of Jesus supernaturally popped back in okay and that is exactly for those of you heard my conversion story when I burn a book that night I had no idea it was a sinner I had no idea across I had no idea the installment I do know I've mentioned out and I didn't know nothing about anything it was surely on an experience that I got converted today anyway the next day after I been a novel after I had that experience I went back to the health food store with a guide given me the great controversy and I told him what happened to Jan and I said I wanted to study the Bible and they said what he wanted starting and I said I want to study Bible prophecy and we did a Bible study on Daniel to my thirst Bible study and we went through the sequence of the kingdom of Babylon Meetup Persia Greece wrong the breakup of road and I'll never forget when we came to be in the toes enough iron and clay and the text said they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay I never forget how you know this is so this all symbolic of modern Europe and Africa I sat there and had burst into tears and I said it's all true it's all true I mean here in my hands here in my hands with powerful evidence not just for the existence of God but for his foreknowledge and his sovereignty here on the page before me was logical rational objective grape was logical rational check the public evidence for belief sin with Daniel to my variance on the night before was now underpinned by a platform platform that means a solid as national as faith affirming that was it was almost thirty years ago that's when I want to look at because you know experiences of a religion that says the most important commandment is to love God with all your heart and all your soul it's got a be experiential it's got a be experienced in the this is nothing if there is an experience there okay but you know but experience is as important as they are is why support have an ongoing experience with the gotten ongoing relationship with the Lord but you know sometimes we don't always feel so spiritual sometimes I related how experience is in so great sometimes we don't feel that close to God see the bottom line is that no matter how I feel with the experiences I might have Daniel two is always there never changing with this solid and logical objective reasons for faith you know you're going to its objective logical reasons for faith when it might not be so full of faith it might not feel so full you might be struggling with doubt and I want to take a little look at Daniel two with some elements of Daniel two in some ways that you might not thought about it because even to this day after thirty years that chapter remains a pillar for me in and in helping me in I'll shut I've got logical rational reasons for what I believe now if you really read the story the narrative Daniel to itself it was not exactly brimming with rationality okay now this came as a terrain and he can't remember the dream also Weissman et al. in the drain and avail down the drain he's getting kill him on all things out of individual 's boys gone long when they prayed is in God 's house and what it is and they go back to the cane they make down the story they tell him what the dream Daniel tells them in the interprets it may can't all live happily ever after I mean at Sarna hardly the logic of geometry however logic and reason it seemed from the prophecy itself I think about how could a man five six hundred years before Christ on family history and world up through it all through those centuries on fruit and they were not divinely inspired without supernatural in convention copy of going through the ages through millennia depicting these things as powerfully as actively in all as he did I mean accurately Daniel about six hundred years before Christ lays down the history of the world Babylon media Persia Greece Rome the division of loan you know what divided into the nations of modern Europe today anywhere and were talking about five six hundred years before Christ do know what I'm talking about either some Hawaii phenomenon you know I mean Joseph Smith that his magic goggles you know which enable them to translate the book of Mormon in our not some some young girls claiming that had visions from the Virgin Mary in our installment we'll talk think about this we're talking about something as so as public and unchanging as well history itself for you not assume it means living in this world if I want to give us a solid silver unmovable rational platform is water larger more immutable platform for faith could he give us in the history of the world itself can you see what I'm saying or talking about world history at any time to blog the world tomorrow the love always been about alone always been a meter purge always been a great always been a Roman in the breakup of the nations of modern Europe initiative the past menu new job I can't change the past I mean is there a happen it's not what I'm saying is a radar 's humans limited to this planet and out to get very often what founder platform can we get on top is what what North Korea and on what former solid unmovable foundation could have given us the ministry of the world itself and an unlocked it in the past which is immutable itself see what I'm saying now it's so powerful it's so strong that someone had been trying for six shillings for centuries people have been trying to get around because they can see the power and the logic there any evidence that is for the God of the Bible you know I mean if you don't believe in God if you don't believe in the supernatural if you don't want to believe in the God of the Bible that you have to do something about the end of two okay because it's very powerful logical evidence for not just the existence of God but for the existence of a God of the Bible and for his sovereignty and his formula is a paper for a long time had been trying to to do just that and one of the most inch flames beliefs that I could pretty much there I can guarantee you could prick up pick up almost any Bible commentary in the world today many Bible commentary written in the past fifty eighty years and they will give you basically what they call the Maccabean hypothesis in the Maccabean hypothesis claims that the book wasn't written when it says it was written what was written many centuries later it was written after the events themselves I'm telling you this is the fast vast majority do almost every commentary you will find on the book of Daniel teaches at we seventh avenues we are not totally alone but were almost in the new cleaning physics and even with all the other nonsense in the church we even got some of his nonsense even ended as well this idea was first promulgated by a Neoplatonist philosopher named porphyry who lived about two thirty four to three oh five eight D and he argues that Daniel had been written in the second century BC by Jews under the seats from the Seleucid Greeks okay and another was the book of Daniel was written they say about between one sixty seven and one sixty four BC during the Maccabean revolt against Antiochus epiphanies in a list of the Jews celebrate Hanukkah if you do with ranging you see that the menorah a lampstand in the window that's hot was the theme of the Maccabees and that was one of the few things as my family would celebrate as a kid I is so iconic as he got a lot of color Chanukah guilt in Chanukah guilt of the chocolate coins now and so on but the thing is the point is is that all history but then that they said was written here's the Latin phrase my life is very good that is seen at a bank to a Latin phrase for written after the happening took place another management they argue is that even though Daniel dates itself to the Santa Fe the sixth century BC they dated in the second century BC hundreds of years later NASA Victor that is an attempt to try to destroy the power of the prophecy is a gender gap is by writing five six hundred years before all these amends its powerful evidence while you just simply want what can you do me just say it was written after all these things happen made to look like prophecy now there's been a number of problems with the Maccabean hypothesis K people have noticed them over the years don't personally argue that there will urge that Daniel used that were not supposedly not in existence and five six hundred BC so what happened in written later out more archaeology comes along and it was wrong most words were used back so that bad out supposedly Daniel made some mistakes in the names of the Kings they said that if he lived at that time he would've known archaeology proved that wrong okay and then have the other problem they got the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Dead Sea Scrolls are dated right about that same time as our number one question is how did the book and even if you could barely squeeze the book of the oh okay I don't barely squeezing them the question is how to get in the campaign so fast that usually takes hundreds of years for the bookstore will ultimately be canonical and now is time to get into that now we can talk about that after but the point is that all our time scrubbing how do Daniel get in even if it was you don't make the Dead Sea Scrolls had become canonical so quick so these are some of the other problems of it I think there's something even better that the Bronx is that you've got the prophecy itself that absolutely debunks the Maccabean hypothesis it's almost as if I believe the Lord knew this was going to come and put something in it to help those of us who were open destroy this this is so for the moment the Maccabean hypothesis let's assume that Daniel was written in our in the one sixty BC toward five hundred and sixty years before Christ actually a hundred ninety years before Christ okay how could somebody living in all hundred eighty hundred ninety years before Christ predict with such accuracy the dismantling of the Roman empire into the smaller nations that would never cleave one to another even as I is not mixed with miry clay cleaned the European nations have been fighting each other well in the twentieth century an hour in the twenty first century what you don't think they can still be fighting each other over there in on the item however go to Europe I laughed when I talk about that of a European unity and he loaded a university degree you travel from country to country limited grimacing plugs in the wall I only since this is hardly what this is for France this is for Spain and on and on and on European unity it's a joke I mean if we undergo other voices to keep from killing each other to buy here was a man there was a man a hundred and sixty years before Christ accurately the picketing modern Europe today please see the point here can you see the whole point of the Maccabean hypothesis was an attempt to the new prophecy was an attempt and the new the Bible of the prophetic power of prophecy and yet Daniel to his prophetic reach is so great it's spending so far into the future that overwhelms this pathetic human attempt to nullify even if I didn't buy into it which I don't advise living couple hundred years before Christ so accurately predicting events over two thousand years after it fails miserably as a genetic to look at the power of Daniel was writing in the third century A.D. and he was so scared he was so scared of the prophetic power of the national the rational evidence presented by the book of Daniel that in the third century A.D. he have to try to come up with something to denude of its prophetic power not have had that much power in the third century a D how much more powerful sugar book before us today how much more proper for the book before us today in a yellow seventeen hundred years later worth so much more history has unfolded since the time porphyry will point to mean everything was so accurate on predicting on predicting the future it'll isn't it logical and reasonable to trust them on the dates that he himself gave the book and he got all this raises a much more logical he says he wrote it nannies and nostalgia also messed up biblical scholarship is good on one hundred and fifty Bible scholars favorite and most colleges around the world a hundred forty nine hundred forty five on Wednesday Daniel was written in the second century BC and she shows you how messed up pretty much all human endeavors are not here there's more to it to the king 's terrine in chapter two was a statue world history symbolized in stone the conifers on a common interpretation is wrong that head of gold the arms and silver Medo Persia the belly and thighs greased the iron Lakes pagan Rome the feet and toes you know paperwork and all the nations of Europe this is not uniquely the seventh day Adventist interpretation others Christians and Jews have interpreted it that way for century but here's the thing this is the thing that you got a remember this is important particularly important for Avenue scores were about a few people that hold on our understanding of Roman prophecy in Daniel two unlike the first three kingdoms that will the gold stops better it's the silver for me to purchase stocks the iron and brass for Greece stops a minute Barnes for Omni the perk for Greece box then you've got I the fourth kingdom the kingdom of his iron it comes up after grace think that the bad spots the still response that Don stopped the iron columns up after ancient Greece and goes through all the way to the end of time even though it changes form mixes with miry clay it's still I see the point inspired the power that comes up after Greece but mainly it remains until the very end of time when it's ultimately supernaturally destroyed and there's only one power and one power along that came up after ancient Greece in that context and is going through in this here today and we believe will exist until the end and that's solely totally only room can see the point of those others the iron comes up this is especially clear if you are market do not give you power well-being to Daniel seven and Daniel eight it's the same thing in Daniel seven that fourth please consult comes up after living in a little more power that does all those things that supernaturally destroyed that's still part of the fourth kingdom and Daniel a God alone is not mentioned when you got me the Persian Grecian got that little Lord power comes up after grace and extends all the way down until the time of a overtime of the time of the end it's the same power so when Daniel two in Daniel seven it's all and eight it's all the same thing you got this last power this fourth power that comes up as these and these chapters it's the same power so the point is in all three chapters the power that rises after Greece 's fault and not in the centuries before Christ remains until the end and instantly and it's only one power alone and that's wrong the matter how politically correct no matter how many people all about prejudice and on and on and on you know it's slowly totally only wrong and I didn't even adventurism we've had I remember one left-wing publication in the church oh during the height of the Cold War most spectrum magazine and with the matter spectrum and how the height of the Cold War they called us well it should be obvious that our understanding of prophecy is raw about wrong is wrong and everybody's got a no the little horn and persecuting power in the last days is going to be Soviet communism today they got a raw today some falling into similar traps but since Islam is Islam that I'm sorry the only problem is that the text point even Islam or Soviet communism for starters neither is longer Soviet communism started after the demise of big and white after the demise of ancient Greece K so we're solid on that and here's another point to this is important to because we're there are attempts in the church today could give multiple fulfillments have you ever heard that multiple threads yet you probably got as much much more common in the on the conservative wing of Adventism multiple fulfillments of the prophecies in one kingdom in one area means one thing and another area means another thing and another error and means another thing you know what the prophecy Daniel was explicit it says more kingdoms will arise now and then and then and Joe God will establish an eternal kingdom that is cut out without hands it's very clear that working them still God 's kingdom Daniel Sabin four beasts are four kingdoms will arise Daniel eight three kingdoms and comes out names to about need of urgent inquiries and Daniel two Babylonians named for Jessica Daniel to Daniel seven and Daniel ate together three of the four earthly kingdoms are mentioned by name Babylon media Persia Greece and then so three out of the four are mentioned by name and if he found in the New Testament befallen the New Testament is not running the whole New Testament unfolds in what context of long ammonia read about it and no one came to pass in those days are one out a decree from Caesar Augustus now who is made to the Caesar Augustus make you think it all alone well of course there's your favorite things on its depicted in Daniel meanwhile Jesus picketing the destruction of Jerusalem which everybody knows behind Rome what is he say he says that when you shall see Jerusalem and when you sow therefore so see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet you don't stand in the holy place that let them be in the mountains fleet in Judea flee into the mountains the same thing Luke twenty twenty one everybody knows that this is referring to roll shake so between the annual to Daniel seven Daniel eight and the New Testament is not our same for him alone Mena Persia Greece and Rome where do you get this idea where do you get this idea that these multiple fulfillments actually it's been gotten on both the right of the best Ford came up with this is called a talismanic principle anyone want Harris means one thing and another arrant means another thing and another arrant means another cameo before long it means staying because it can mean when they could ever do want to meet the prophecy absolutely does not allow for it nothing in these trips even in patients at multiple interpretations nothing handsets all the pattern given distinct traits were given distinct identities they come in a specific historical times and if that weren't enough they were all but named for office mailing for us which really limits their identity consumed no justification exists at all for this cockamamie idea that you got it it's it's on the left was on the right to live in some of my friends on the right but there's every middle east for every more in the Middle East Iraq and Iran all that stuff in there trying to find the stuff and Daniel eight and it's got nothing to do with it it destroys the power of the prophecy I mean it's bad old media Persia Greece Rome and in the Bible Rome paid in papal Rome is depicted as one or you got to do is read it again don't miss the point the iron that comes up after Greece goes all the way through the feet and toes weren't supernaturally destroyed by the stone cut out without me Daniel seven that the lease comes up after grace that little will is part of the fourth beast is not a separate power that ultimately destroyed in the great judgment and Daniel a little power that comes up after Greece goes ultimately down to the end words destroyed without hands do so in the Bible even though you got historically it's pagan and papal Rome you know what one of the title 's Julius Caesar you don't want to Julius Caesars Caesars titles water before he became Emperor he was pagan high priest of pagan Rome anybody here knows what that title 's Maximus was the name of the pagan Roman high priest who do I need to say anymore okay anyway the point is I don't want to only focus on is the case in good kingdoms because the harm that the chapter really presents as a future hope I mean from our perspective today how Daniel hand what came before should make us trust what he says comes after the mascots that final kingdom in a one that Jesus bore us with his blood nor the statue of its annual juices will be destroyed by a stone cut out without hands and nothing shall be left of these earthly empires if you read of the Aramaic it says no trace remains at all no trace is left at all of these the earth and we know what all the glories of all these things are going to be gone and then him out and then only thing that will be rumored that the left of those covered under the righteousness of Jesus the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ with all them that believe Daniel two was clear it's all complete we might doubt everything will be liked staff of the summer threshing floors windows until as I said the Aramaic know trace remains nothing is left of any of this old world now here's the thing to from our perspective Danielle that Babylon right it's one from one media Persia Canaan one is a predicted two for two grades came and went as he predicted three four three paying around came and went as he predicted broken up the nations of modern Europe broken up just as he predict anomalies on perspective our perspective today everything came and went on all the kingdoms exactly as he said from our perspective what's the kingdom that hasn't come it's the last one we got all the others right kind of foolish to bet against him on the last one especially from our perspective where anyone says wait a much better view of it and someone to lead a thousand years ago were someone living in the time of porphyry it out loud to you heard me I groom grew up on Miami Beach and him and him as a rite of passage as a rite of passage when you grow up you turn eighteen to go to the dog track I was little but before I turned eighteen I went to the dog track and some money I are you going to make County but I walked in to the dog track I was seventeen I will notice something for something that was bothering me soon as I walked in and was login and I can't confront my finger on it and I have to stop and think about and then I looked and I realize what was in there worked well ticket windows and of the twelve windows and of whom took your money into a little dinged the winnings out and we went out in the minute I walked in right at that moment I knew not only that this was a losing proposition okay but I had a pretty good idea what the odds were in a five to one against because the ironic thing is as I went and I put five dollars on a dog and I one nine eight thirty five dollars and is funny is the name of the dog was classic in my wife's name is Kim is not always talk about how I may thought on a third thirty dollars on but the point is in a foot of the point is you've got these odds against you at the racetrack but now located some unit in the perspective though that we got with Daniel right on Babylon right on me the Persian right on Greece right on pagan Rome right on the breakup of the deal on account of the student account is one that the breakup of pagan Rome into the nations of modern Europe so from my perspective from where we are we see he was right out of five five consider wrong pagan and papal Rome to was right on this one right on that one right on this one right on that one right on that one why then against him if you want to bet against them on the last one can you see why we have such rational logical evidence to believe notably in the most important in the middle of the second coming of Jesus he was right all these others you have to be a fool to bet against them on the last one missing the point here can you see the point is it's almost like it doesn't take a lot of faith in it almost we will usually point out in order almost be foolish to not trust them on applicant 's worth of meals takes a little bit of faith but it's the best reason yet the belief in the second coming and that final kingdom and that is the first coming of Jesus Chris if you think about it that really is the purpose of the first coming without the second coming okay if anyone said what good this Christ's death on the cross do for us if it doesn't lead to the resurrection of the dead into the immortality of this final kingdom Daniel two coming to be justified to be redeemed to beaver part and what what you know without the second cream the bottom line is without the second company I will say this without the second coming of Christ wasted his time at the first it is time when we elect of God will system I can imagine being there plenty of great moral systems out there I was gone for good moral system Martin Luther King and all product you could battle system meaning it has again I watched kangaroo Captain kangaroo taught me a good moral system that I need more than just a good moral system he is saying here I need someone who can resurrect me from the dead you see what I'm saying I mean if Jesus came and taught a good mark that's nice turning the chicas that's fine but if I read a lot of philosophers are read a lot of philosophy and in the end and in the end condition if you can solve the problem of death you don't solve the fundamental problem of life if you don't hold me in the older I get on my mortality and you get older and you see more people die in and you just realized this the fruitless this and the uselessness of the other along with it on solve the problem of death you don't answer the problem of life and that's why I'm so sure in the end about the second coming because without it what good is the first company enough he never thought about that but in the end in the end my guarantee of the second economy is the first coming of Jesus is the first coming of Jesus because without it without it it means nothing that's a faith statement that's a faith statement I need to be notable even that but it's a statement that was something like the annual to which is backed up with some very powerful logical reasonable rational Anthony this him up to see the point there even if I didn't believe in Jesus yes still God the power of Daniel to his still got the prophecies of Daniel to be able to predict so far in the future do I live in the DC area and I know a lot of folks in the intelligence community and these people I am talking on the front of my list only the other that an essay where he works at divorce rate is like eighty percent because either they just don't bring your work on you don't talk to your spouse about you just can't talk to your spouse you can bring it home in a severe related divorce rate is eighty percent running but these people my friend told me sincerely cannot believe he capacity we had been out to listen and then spy and Sony told me that years ago and the point is the point is to take most of this decade a powerful intelligence agencies we had in the United States and I asked one of my other NSA friends during the collapse of communism the collapse of communism I said that you guys have any idea it was common he said we never saw it coming take two years before two years before putting these guys knew every time Gorbachev 's they knew and they had no I the they had no idea how it was good and all that was going to fall this is a sophisticated spying on all this and then you got the prophecies of Daniel Daniel six hundred years before Christ arrives in small of these kingdoms and I remember to when I first became anadromous study about American prophecy and him this was nineteen eighty lot of your young for that some of you remember in nineteen eighty I believe that we had gotten out of the economic cartel between our legs Soviet Union was farmland sponsors and Eastern Europe the Contras had taken over are not opened the Communists were taken over Nicaragua denounced Castro was sending troops to Angola I mean they were communal than in Southeast Asia you know that you marooned in the past that Lal in the theater on it all over the place I mean the US we could take this tinpot dictator ninety miles off the shore of America we could take him out because of Soviet military my remember thinking to myself and this is the nation is going to enforce the mark of the beast on the world and I remember as I was a new address and I really struggled with that because a lot of you are too young to remember that you are old enough about that think about how can American ever fulfilled its prophetic role when the Soviet Union armed to the teeth was fighting us everywhere and we had no idea what was going to happen as I said the only intelligence community Jesper baffled by member I really had a moment I said wow and I felt conviction of the Holy Spirit and brought my mind back again to anyone that can happen was with the Soviet Union go to just disappear some who at that point it seems impossible and I can remember just feeling convicted by the spirit Daniel two and with Daniel to show means that the Lord was in troll of the nation 's Lauren was in control of the nations how can you not when you have that prophecy is firmly grounded as the history of the world locked in the past and ensure enough actually you know the Soviet Union did disappear here we are here we are today and time and again America's been called the world 's only superpower just a point on on all this is we have some very logical reasonable evidence for the things that we believe him I can get into it here but you knowingly and you need a I have a whole sermon I have called math problem and eyeshadow for the twentieth century a lot of the great years of the great philosophers mathematicians because the idea was you can have absolute certainty in mathematics and by the time the twentieth century was halfway through the heckling lately kicked out completely now you know me you know mathematics two plus two to a certain degree is a faith statement based on certain assumptions that you cannot prove within the system you're in you've got to step outside the system to prove it and that's fine but then you got approve the system out of mana mana mana the point is even something like mathematics ultimately there's an element of faith zero five religion no faith is built right in its apartment sure we have to believe in things we don't fully understand but with something like Daniel to which his partner were given solid rational reasons to believe in things we don't fully understand the three still remember my first Bible study Daniel to with over thirty years ago and I can still say even to this day now thirty years of what is it about this or the flow of the thousands of years of history in a what is it in contrast about all that and yet even to this day you know that sequence of those kingdoms of Babylon media Persia Greece and Rome and now it's still its solid evidence and ultimately get me to trust in the coming of his final kingdom that shall never be destroyed and the tenant shall not be left to other people but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand for ever it shall stand for ever and this is the project this is the whole purpose of the cross the whole purpose of the first coming to the whole purpose but without this first coming really was a waste of time is I guess a man Daniel was so right on all the kingdoms that came before he was so right on those how foolish how foolish it would be to not trust them on the last one the kingdom that is guaranteed us by the blood of this medium was used by audio version for cheap flights generation for Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. well done or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse one one


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