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Default-Worse Case Scenario

David Wright


When everything looks bleak.


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • November 10, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Well the title that I'm going with this morning is default worst case scenario and we haven't gotten there just yet but that's OK Murphy's law says if anything can go wrong it will if you wash your car on Sunday it will rain on Monday if you go to bed early the phone will ring if you drop a piece of bread you've just spread thick with jam it will land faced him if you take your troubled car to the mechanic it will run perfectly when you're at the shop but he had that experience is that the way you think worst case scenario no matter which way you ride your bike it always is uphill if nothing appears to be going things don't appear to be going better it just means you've overlooked something and if you fiddle with the thing long enough well it's going to break and the other line always moves faster and if you're wearing carpenter pants it's only a matter of time before you get caught and you might say no I don't understand that one well that one goes something like this. The worst case scenario if you were you you realize there is a survival handbook for the worst case scenario this is the Extreme Edition if you will and you can find things inside this is talking about how to avoid animal encounters how to fend off a shark or how to stand up against a mountain lion or who knows what all is in that book there is also the worst case scenario business survival guide some of you here this morning might be saying I need that one How to Survive a recession or layoffs or things of that nature. Or if you've been watching the news this is a picture that I took just about a year or so ago when we were in paradise visiting my my grandmother there I've always loved this sign as a kid growing up because it just looks old fashion and has need little pieces around it and and it was part of the mountain drive going up from Chico or wherever Sacramento wherever you might fly into but as you wind up the hills into paradise Anybody been to Paradise California yet some of you may have seen this video horrific video of people trying to leave and get out on that same little 2 lane road the sound we're not going to listen to but this individual's actually praying Dear Lord help us keep a safe get us out of here as you see flames on either side sometimes you can't even see if there's a car in front so this is what was taking place I guess it was on Thursday in fact I think that's the sign I just showed you a picture of going by but on Thursday there was a fire my cousin Dan I called him on Thursday night and he said yeah we've evacuated many times before and so we evacuated we went down to Chico where with some friends we grabbed a few things but you know you look around the house and you think I don't know if I really want to haul this and I don't know if I want to haul that and so they left a lot of things behind but they grab some of their more valuable things just in case and they left their beautiful house this is actually my grandmother's house there in paradise and this is us when we were back there in March for her memorial service that's in front of her front door I remember these front doors as a kid tall I still remember the squeak as they go in and how I didn't want to shut right we have stories actually of a mountain lion leaning on that front door and putting his paws on it they found the next day this is the living room where we would have Christmases or 2 pianos there in the back and I really remember it full of people and we went for her memorial service it was again full of people you can see my. Rather there I think that's me when he comes to church and my dad is my uncle Don He used to be the captain of a battleship for the Navy and Air Force and other things that he did here we are moving all the things out of grandmother's house going to all the things that we might want we actually took a grand piano we took a marimba that traveled all around Hawaii and did all kinds of ministry and different things but that was just to see it as looking out her front door this is my cousin Dan's house that he built from a foundation that burned and so they got a great deal on this house they found the plans they rebuilt the whole thing he did much of it himself and this is what it looks like now in fact these are the pictures that we got on the way to church just this morning he said Yeah my wife Heather she didn't even bring a change of clothes she only as the clothes that are on her back and they weren't sure is going to be standing when we get back well they just found out apparently that it's not here's more from the side of all of their belongings that are no more and we think Graham Ellis house is the same way in fact this is a picture of the Paradise Davenant's church many of you have probably been to that church before you know my older brother was married in that church my grandmother's memorial was there she went there for a long time and so you may recognize those I guess or it eventually they turn into rafters don't as they just travel all the way up and we 1st learn the hospital was was gone but we have now since gotten reports that the hospital is in relatively good shape they were able to save most of it and there's a few area buildings and so on and there's some damage and the high school is still there as well another picture there of the church but there we all are in March you know you might think well that's a terrible situation that's definitely a worst case scenario but is it the worst case scenario I can think of a lot of things that would have been worse ground Alva could have been still in that home where she was that they had to evacuate all over things could have been there and you know those treasures are sentimental and all those kind of things but it was nice that we at least had. In fact when we were getting these reports we were looking at various things in the House in fact our kitchen table now is ground Melville's kitchen table that she entertained all kinds of people on from that house and from that move earlier this year and Dan says you know we can build another house we're all safe in fact we got out early before there was traffic and those types of things but we're talking about this morning this idea is that the best case or worst case how do you view things when tragedy strikes or when something happens that might frustrate you or anger you or whatever it might be how do you see it is it the best or worst case when we see it this way sometimes as well is your glass half full or half empty What is your perspective on life doesn't go away there usually 3 natural tendencies that could be more but these are 3 that we're going to talk about today that many of us go through natural tendency number one we respond negatively you ever find yourself doing now your immediate response to a challenge of life is negative rather than positive your 1st reaction is no or you get annoyed or frustrated maybe you speak harshly 2nd natural tendency we resist what is new rather than embrace new things we resist them are you that way typically This comes more and more the older you get I still remember my mom telling me we're trying to introduce her to computers don't tell me another way just tell me one way it's worked you know for this long before oh but it takes so long don't try to correct you know with new things there's a level of uncertainty so we resisted only and the 3rd tendency we tend to view problems horizontally meaning looking this way versus vertically this way we look at things with strictly human standpoint and oftentimes our natural tendency is we leave God out of the picture and it's not until our back is against the wall that sometimes we'll look up and gay. A new perspective so I don't know maybe you can do your own self analysis decide and determine for yourself do I have these 3 tendencies from time to time today we're going to look at a chapter in Jacob slice and you may recall that Jake up well he had a hard time walking by faith even though he knew the Lord for well over 100 years at this point in our story Jacob wrestled with constantly feeling something of suspicion of negativism he was close he had a resisting mind a horizontal viewpoint God would promise him things time and time and time again but he just had a hard time trusting and faith and so we're going to pick up our story we've been going through the well not the Book of Genesis but certainly the largest chunk when it comes to a story and narrative is about Joseph and his family if you will and so last time we left off in Genesis Chapter 42 and we're going to pick up today in verse 29 and these 1st few verses will give us a nice summary of where we left off last time so rather than summarize we're just going to read as the brothers summarized So we're in Genesis Chapter 42 verse 29 then day this is talking about the brothers on their way back from Egypt they went to Jacob their father in the land of Canaan and told him all that had happened to them now you can imagine they've been gone some time nobody really knows there's no texting there's no emails are they OK Are they not OK Are they going to come back it seems like there's been a bit of a delay we know about how long it takes to get to Egypt and how long it takes to get back but they spent some time in prison and other things so where are they where are they and any time a caravan comes home what would happen but everybody come out to meet them the dog is barking the kids are yelling Daddy Daddy it's the. All big smash and then everybody wants to hear Give us an update what happened do you have grain tell us so and story time and so while we know this is the brothers and Jake I imagine everybody else is kind of crowded around and at their knees and just listening and wanting to know what has gone on and so they tell what's happened beginning again now verse 30 the man who is Lord of the land spoke roughly to us and took us for spies of the country it's quiet now right but we said to him we are honest men we hit we are not spies we are 12 brothers sons of our father one is no more and the youngest is with our father this day in the land of Canaan then the man the Lord of the country said to us by this I will know that you are honest men leave one of your brothers here with me everybody is of course searching which one who is it take food for the famine of your household and begone and bring your youngest brother to me verse $34.00 so I shall know that you are not spies but that you are honest min I will grant your brother to you and you may trade in the land not to bad I mean yes they're accused of spies but if they're honest men which they are they're claiming to be if there is another brother which there is all they have to do is bring the bug the brother back and he says everything will be fine you'll have full trading rights you'll get Simeon back everything will work out verse $35.00 that happened as they emptied their sacks that surprisingly each man's bundle of money was in the sack and when they and their father saw the bundles of money they were afraid and Jake up there father said to them here we have of. The patriarch if you will with everyone's attention his sons his daughters in law their grandchildren this was his chance to be the spiritual leader of the home to turn people's attention to Jehovah to recount the promises God had made to Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob could God be at work in this does God have a plan was this some kind of marvelous unexpected opportunity for them maybe Jacob would say something like boys I know this seems bleak but this is the time to trust in God sovereign promises to call recall some of them to mind he will provide Benjamin let's get on our knees Let's pray for your safety and let's watch. Work there's a reason you put that money in those sex there's a reason he wants you to go down to Egypt we don't know what it is yet but let's trust him for the answer would not be nice to find here in Scripture. He could have responded in faith but instead we read in verse $36.00 and Jacob the father said to them you have bereaved me Hugh cut me to the heart if you will Joseph is no more Simeon is no more and you want to take Benjamin all these things are against me he says notice there's not one single fact in anything that he has to say sure he believes Joseph is no more but he isn't he's choosing to believe that Simeon is no more but he doesn't know that either he's assuming that the same will come of Benjamin but he's not thinking true and accurate thoughts Izzie we see this in the last phrase of his comment everything is against me the every use far reaching statements it's over my life is over there's no hope for me I'll never get another job or financially ruined big brushstrokes not accurate ones by the way everything is against me is everything against him his sons return to live with provisions in their sacks they also still had all the money they went down with and in the midst of crisis and financial woes they have received grain from Egypt free of charge all the prime minister is truly asking for is for them to be honest to produce the younger brother to show they're not spies and all will be well Jacob sees none of God's provision rather he freezes in fear and focuses on the worst case scenario his response is negative it's close minded it's horizontal Where is God in all of this everything is against me. Woe's me all over. The House says Does your spouse ever do these kinds of things do you ever make some inaccurate over the top statements his sons and respond the same way when they found the money the text says they were afraid of course this would Dad does so we have in the new Worse case no no everything's good we're afraid 1st time that word comes up in Scripture is in Genesis $310.00 when Adam says I heard you in the garden and I was afraid but the reality of the situation is that none of these things are truly against him on the contrary they were all for him in fact they would all come out to be his benefit right they were all working together for his good not for his harm doesn't look like that from here everything is against me and God says calm down no it's not all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are call according to his purpose don't speak lives in false hoods speak the truth yet like Jacob we are prone to be influenced by 1st appearances to arrive at hasty conclusions and pronounce judgment upon incomplete processes in Jacob's response there is no mention of God and He speaks to his sons as if they have it all they have done it all and there's no faith there's all blame switching gears here a little bit for just a moment Well Dr Nelly was here he recommended the book it's by William Backus is called telling yourself the truth or you have ever guilty of not telling yourself the truth yesterday I had an appointment I need to be yeah and then I'll come to this I was late getting out of house why was I late I couldn't find my wallet. Lizabeth can tell you this is a regularly occurring ordeal. Well I am. Well well let's calm down let's calm down where could it be he's in the truck let me go check sometimes I leave it there so I run out to the truck no wallet of course Elizabeth had the truck last why would it be in the truck it's course not going to be the truck so I'm running back into the house on this rainy Friday and I happen to step in dog who don't know it yet run into the house step step step have step turn around oh ah 5 or 6 times over I have dog who following me. Now I'm late and there's poo Where's my wallet take off my shoes clean up to the stuff Stratus crunch crunch crunch grab kids are all like stay away from daddy to tell him I had to. Finally find my wallet clean up the mess get back in the truck on my way leaving the driveway was. Take a deep breath flat tire who said that. God is merciful and gracious and bounding and mercy and I start to think about this book by William Backus telling yourself the truth Dave calm down I know you're frustrated and you're angry and you've got to last in here a little bit but what's the truth of the situation well the truth is I couldn't find my wallet but I found it the truth is I stepped on to but I cleaned it up the truth is this whole thing probably set me back maybe 10 or 15 minutes and the truth is I could let this derail my day or I could just decide you know what I'm going to be OK The truth is it doesn't matter so much what's the initial event is it matters how you respond that initial event do we tell ourselves lives lies about it. Not true it's a lie because this happened I'm worthless I have no value that's not true it's a lie but we work ourselves up because of these lies that we listen to that I think are put there by the pit instead of looking at the matter and truthful ways so here's an example out of that book Marilyn had to resent her husband Jack for years at last. Sorry at least once a day she told herself I can't stand him and you ladies feel that don't raise your hand I can't stand him I'm wasting my life with him to make matters worse Jack was a minister who admonish from the pulpit and spoke of brotherly love and humility and on and being selfless but at home he found fault made cutting remarks and even wait for this one he would come pair his wife with the younger more attractive women. Rather soon she started tell ourselves all of these lies or we could call them misbeliefs is terrible to have a husband like Jack is impossible me happy with Jack I can't stand it any longer big strong. I'm wasting my life when she told these things to the counsellor he said Marilyn It sounds as though you're telling yourself you have a right to demand Jack to be a good husband of course doctor don't you think I do he said well I don't know why Jack behaves as he does I do know that you apparently haven't succeeded in changing him lo these last 10 years with your attitude Marilyn people rarely do what they ought to just because we want him to but should he practice what he preaches tears are now streaming down Maryland's face and the council help Marilyn to see the difference between what ought to be and what actually is every time Jack treated her unfairly she would tell herself she had no right to get furious and to stay that way but rather than constantly telling herself how dreadful and intolerable her life was she could decide right then to stop obsessing herself over this behavior the counselor said Suppose you stop telling yourself how terrible it is that your husband doesn't treat you the way you want to be treated Suppose you tell yourself that while he may not do the things you'd like him to do and while it's an unpleasant. Ation it's senseless for you to upset yourself over and over again wanting him to change people have lived quite well with some very undesirable situations in their lives is that true and almost no one has everything just the way he or she wishes it to be and so I helped her go through this is the same stuff I put up a couple weeks ago similar idea she told herself the truth about each of these things like Jack is my God fearing husband and although I would prefer him to act differently I can live with him without making continual demands that only go on Mitt anyhow so a true statement number 2 he would be nice if he would change but it is not essential for my personal happiness isn't that a true statement number 3 I can live satisfactorily and happy happy life even if Jack doesn't treat me as I want him to my life can be fulfilling and enjoyable even if he never changes isn't that true the 4th one here I'm not wasting my life I'm believing in God to work in Jack's heart and make him the person he wants him to be I'm also believing God is working in my own heart making me the person he once me to be do you see the difference between those 2 sets of mis beliefs and truth she discovered her husband's behavior was not terrible although it was undesirable to be sure but it was not the end of the world it was simply unpleasant if her husband's behavior toward her was not a source of happiness she could find other awarding activities and involvements and life to bring her satisfaction as a result Marilyn knew Marilyn's new behavior as a result of her new behavior Jack began to enjoy Maryland's company just a little bit more he had felt her disapproval for him for years and he reacted by defending himself with attacks of criticism so fast forward long story short when Marilyn stop behaving in punishing way to. Towards him he spontaneously reduced his critical and inconsiderate actions and the marriage greatly improved the problem in each of us is that we tend to over react to tell our things tell ourselves things that are not true and they're not accurate to say I can't stand this doctrinally call that I can't stand it I this and he says there's truly only one thing you can't stand the memory what it is death everything else you can stand I can't stand this everything is against me not true but we can work ourselves up into a frenzy to respond negatively to pass blame to think horizontally but the cold hard fact is that if I get angry or upset or stressed it's not because of what happened it's because of what I tell myself about what happened there's a difference they were taken in to get me vs They musta had a hard day they hate me versus Well they're not pleased with my performance on that assignment but I can do better she doesn't love me it's own are versus she's feeling distant right now but really she's upset because she loves me isn't that a more accurate statement what happens is not nearly as important as what we tell ourselves about what happened and this is not positive thinking this is telling ourself the truth rather than lies next time something comes up some tragedy some annoyance and you find yourself making his sweeping statement stop yourself going in there and say Is this true and is this accurate is that actually what's going on the way they treated me just now does that truly mean that I'm worthless that I have no value that my life is over that I really should just give up of course not. John 832 you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free what things are you telling yourself the wholesome tongue of the tree of life but perverseness in it breaks the spirit his vine 5 the testimony is this as many are weighed down by the anticipation of future troubles then that sounds like Jacob right there I don't know these things to happen but I just know they're going to happen everything is against me they're constantly seeking to bring tomorrow's burdens into day that's a large share of all their trials are imaginary for these Jesus made no provision he promises grace only for the day Don't beg for trouble don't pronounce judgment upon yourself I'm going to get fired I just know it do you how do you know and supposing it never happens Was it worth all the stress and anxiety and sleepless nights trying to prove your own prophecy true I highly doubt it Romans 83739 I've tweaked it just a little bit please don't call me a heretic I've just tried to take out the we and put I and I've taken out the US and I put Me Ok I am more than a conqueror through him who loved me for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers are things present nor things to come nor height nor death nor any other created thing to be able to separate me from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord that's a true statement regardless of what you're going through so back to our story we need to finish Genesis Chapter 42 verse 36 you have breve me Joseph is no more Simeon is no more and you want to take Benjamin all these things are against me then Reuben spoke to his father saying kill my 2 sons if you know if I do not bring him back to you put him in my hands and I will bring him back to you that's pretty rash is not using his 2 sons asserting. Verse $38.00 but he said My son shell not go down with you for his brother is dead and he is left alone how do you feel if you are one of the other brothers Benjamin's the only one I've got left if any calamity shall befall him along the way in which you go then you would bring down on down my gray hair with sorrow to the grave here we see fatalism is reigning in supreme for Jacob you might say I know if I were Jacob I would have done that but would you really why didn't you trust God this last week what kept you from seeing God's hand what was your most recent test Did you rest calmly in him or did you push the panic button in fear too often we have negative thinking a horizontal viewpoint a close mind to something new and unexpected Aren't you glad God didn't put your biography in print for everyone else to read says now the famine was severe in Chapter 43 it was severe in the land and they came to pass when they had eaten up the grain which they had brought from Egypt that their father said to them Go back bias a little food we're getting desperate here I don't like seeing the hungry faces on my grandkids come on let's go back with more food but Judas speaks of this time verse 3 spoke to him saying to man solemnly warned us. Saying you shall not see my face unless your brother is with you if you send your brother was us we will go down and buy you food but if you will not send him we will not go down for the man said to us You shall not see my face unless your brother is with you. And so Israel said Why did you deal so wrong wrongfully with me as to tell the man whether you still had another brother you want is virtually saying there why did you do what I've done time and time again when I'm pushed up against a wall why did you just lie about it why do you have to tell me how another brother. But they said the man asked us pointedly about ourselves and we're 7 and our family saying is your father still alive have you another brother and we told him according to these words We told the truth dead could we possibly have known that he would say Bring your brother down then Judah said to Israel his father sin the lad with me and we will arise and go that we may live and not die both we and you also our little ones and notice the difference between Ruben's rash statement but don't bring him back kill my sons Judas says in verse 9 I myself will be surety for him from my hand you shall require him if I do not bring him back to you and set him before you then let me bear the blame for ever sounds a little bit like what Jesus did. I myself will be surety for him and for her my hand shall you require let me bear the blame verse 10 for if we had not linger Surely by now we would have returned a 2nd time what do you say to in person 11 their father Israel said to them Oh all right. If it must be so then do it this way take some of the best fruits of the land and your vessels and carry down a present for the man a little balm a little honey spices and Mer pistachio nuts in Aman's take double money in your hand and take back in your hand the money that was returned in the mouths of your sex perhaps it was an oversight I've been to this before I Brazil is a bunch of gifts it worked out well for me so this is what we're going to do and take your brother also and arise go back to the man and then in verse 14 he gets it right and may God Almighty give you mercy before the man that he may release your other brother and been Jamin let's pray to God Almighty that he will do something miraculous they you will get mercy and if only he would have just stopped his little speech right there but he couldn't help himself if I'm gonna read I'm sorry to me so the man took that present and Benjamin and they took double money in their hand and a rose and went down to Egypt they set off with no idea of the blessings God had in store for friends God had a plan Cain was not yet ready for the children of Israel to enter into and possess nor were the children of Israel yet grown to the importance in numbers and resources that they yet needed to obtain hold possession of the land time an opportunity for growth was needed God was leading them to a land of plenty to blessedness to nationhood to a magnificent future but they don't know any of that solemnly they're headed back to Egypt. Nervous worried scared fearful and I believe it was God's sovereignty that allowed every other door to be closed except for this one this is the door to walk through this way my will will be done when life doesn't go our way we look at these 3 tendencies we respond negatively we resist what is new and we think and respond to problems horizontally rather than vertically by God's grace Don't you think we could respond little bit differently number one we could recognize an error and admit our negative mentality when we find ourselves making these sweeping statements that are not true we can recognize them it made them and say that is not true that's not the truth of the matter God has a plan and a purpose for my life he loves me he cares for me he's provided for me and the same God that has brought me through before will bring me through again that's the truth of the matter Number 2 stay open to new ideas and I put in there for at least 5 minutes we want you to be the new C.E.O. of incredible incorporated No I like it right here it's a terrible idea I had to sell my house who wants to live in Arizona or whatever but a little. They open to a new idea for at least 5 minutes what would it be like to live in Arizona what opportunities might be there what MY GOD be trying to think and provide and do through all of this at least entertain the thought think about it for at least 5 minutes and number 3 turn our focus vertical God Are you in this is this part of your plan is there something I need to pay attention to here maybe I should spend some time in prayer about this maybe we should get the whole family together let's have a period of prayer we don't know the answers kids. But let's pray about this he began as an old Negro spiritual as a song of hope for those in troubled circumstances was not long ago that America and its allies combined forces to defeat Nazi Germany and Japan and then World War 2 came to a close when the atom bomb was dropped and at that time in earth's history in our country but around the world people were hoping for peace but then the Iron Curtain was being erected in Europe at the same time Americans began to fight and die in Korea and then Russia was building nuclear weapons capable of killing the entire population of the free world the Cold War threatened to bring about another much more terrifying world war people were talking about World War 3 there was an arms race that broke out newspapers ran stories of the 2 superpowers that could literally destroy the world 10 times over no the fifty's and sixty's were a time of great insecurity in the United States students in our schools practice atomic attack drills Hollywood depicted World War 3 and what it would look like in the late fifty's the headlines were screaming God is dead many Christians believe nuclear weapons would fulfill Scripture and the destruction of the world by fire it was then his people long for hope and comfort that this negro spiritual became a hit with this simple child like lyrics they were encouraged by the song he's home. Became a top song in the nation Number one did you know them. Some call it the cold wars equivalent to the civil wars Battle Hymn of the Republic it sustained faith in an environment of doubt and distress for the same reason we saw him resurface during the Cuban missile crisis in the weeks after the Kennedy assassination it came back again in 911 with a simple message of hope and assurance he's got the whole world in his hands do you believe that this morning do you believe God has you and me brother you and me sister in his hands how about that little tiny baby How about our church How about your job situation your marriage your finances friends the song is simple but it's true he's got the whole world in his hands yes we can respond negatively we can make sweeping statements we can get ourselves worked up or we can speak the truth into the matter and say while this is an unpleasant there's some truth I'm standing on and one of those is that he's got the whole world in his hands he has a plan I may not know it yet you know the well spoken of verse for I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD It doesn't say for you know the plans that I have for you as I do so but of a different perspective is not God has a plan for your life and he knows exactly what it is and where you need to be at what time and what will prepare you for this that and the other he has a plan he has the whole world in his hands your Heavenly Father. We have to be honest with you that as much as we can be critical of Jake up too often we respond like Jacob Lord help us to not look horizontally not to have a negative response but to think positively thing how could God be using this for his ultimate good and purpose Help us to speak the truth into the situation and to recognize that you love us you care for us you have a plan for us and that you have the whole world in your hands we pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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