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An Attitude of Greatness

David Wright


Character of meekness.


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • November 17, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Well when Elizabeth seminary we had some good friends that we like to hang out with a lot and we would invite each other overheard to each other's houses and especially early on I mean when you're really good friends you don't always ask typically you still do but it's more relaxed but initially it was Oh well thank you so much for the invitation and husbands if your wife hasn't trained you to do this yet the polite response is you know what it is husbands thank you what can we bring and so in my training I was learning to say thank you for the invitation What can we bring and their response most of the time over and over and over again was make sure you bring a good attitude I said Well no really you know that's it we don't you bring in those you bring your good attitude and so I remember going home tell us about what do they want us to bring a good attitude and we scratch your head does that mean that we have a bad attitude I hope it doesn't mean that we have a bad attitude but attitude is important when we better make sure that when we go we have our good attitude to bring to this event attitude that can make quite the difference can't it now here's a picture of somebody that I think has a good attitude opposed to somebody that has can we say a bad attitude and I just ask you very plainly Who do you prefer to hang out with who do you like to do things with who are your closest friends those that have a good attitude or those that have a bad attitude or about you I rather be around people I have a good attitude as opposed to the bad attitude because it rubs off on you doesn't it and our attitude is significant how we approach life or the difficulties of life the stresses of life so often have a connection with our attitude in fact what difference would it make if you chose right now at this moment regardless of what happens because of Jesus' love and his living life on this earth and his sacrifice it might be have the back of the rays from the. And he's promised me eternal life what if I just decided because of those things no matter what else happens to me in this life I'm going to have a good attitude will that change your life I just got in a car accident today that's OK Jesus still loves me or you can grumble I can't believe you know this guy is doing like this all upset is that going to change your car and fix it no is it going to have a difference on you yeah this is the situation going to still have to be dealt with yes so why not have a good attitude attitude if we define it says disposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively toward a certain idea object person or situation so how's your attitude this morning did you have a bad attitude on the way to church I hope not attitude I also asked this question why was Joseph so great you look throughout the book of Genesis no other figure is given anywhere close to the number of chapters even though we have Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and so on Joseph gets more than all of them what makes Joseph so great he never performed Americal he never walked on water he never wrote any of the Holy Scripture he didn't interpret some dreams by God's help but what really made Joseph great was in his good looks we're told he was good looking maybe as his charisma his talent maybe because he was smarter than everybody else or was it something else as we've been studying his life for many weeks I would submit to you this answer he was great because of his faith in God which manifests itself in a magnanimous attitude towards others and his magnificent attitude towards difficulties which you agree to that attitude and you might question added to yes a strong faith leads to a good. Good attitude a good outlook a good response to the trials and challenges of life a strong faith allows God to be God and to recognize that ultimately he is in control therefore I don't have to stress I don't have to be angry or bitter or resentful or distressed because God's in control and in the story of Joseph we find so many of these pieces jealousy and deceit and plots of murder and line and covering up slavery temptation abandonment testing but through it all we find a man who has an incredible faith in God God's power God's authority and God's sovereignty and therefore he chooses to deal with life's challenges and life's loss and failures and disappointments with patience and kindness with grace and perseverance faith gave him an attitude of greatness we're going to pick up our story today in Genesis Chapter 43 and we left off last time in verse 14 I believe last time we saw Jacob with a poor attitude his sons are accused of being spies so they keep Simeon as a prisoner you may recall they also find their money that they came to pay for the grain they find it in their sacks and if they want more grain they are told that Benjamin will have to come back with them to prove that they're not spies and so Jake up the patriarch of the family who could have said well let's trust God for answers Boys In fact why don't we kneel down right now and pray doesn't do that instead he said Joseph is no more Simeon is no more now they won Benjamin everything is against me member them but after some convincing from Judah who is willing to be surety for Benjamin Jacob prelims and gives his blessings and to combat their hunger they go off again to return. To Egypt they have many purposes in this trip one is to be honest and return the money another is to prove that they're not spies a 3rd reason would be to ransom Simeon who's been there in the dungeon for however many weeks or months and of course they need more food the family needs more food they're also loaded with gifts to hopefully help this discouraging situation and so this is where we pick up the story verse 15 of Chapter $43.00 of Genesis we read so the men took that present and then Jamin and they took double money in their hand and arose and went down to Egypt I wonder what they were conversing about what they were talking about this wasn't the ideal situation with which to go ask for grain they've done everything they know to do but still this is a lot of unknowns a lot of stress was going to happen and to finish the verse that says and they stood before Joseph I imagine Joseph at that moment had to remain calm how far they stood it doesn't tell us seem to get the idea that maybe they're a little bit a ways off because later he's going to ask to see Benjamin closer and it's going to have an impact on but he sees I magine he's counting 123-456-7891 extension 0. Is that Benjamin is that the little lad my old playmate could that be him but he has to remain calm 1st 16 When Joseph saw Benjamin with them he said to the steward of the house take these men to my home and slaughter an animal and make ready for these min we'll dine with me at noon then the man did his dose of ordered and the man brought them in into Josephs house verse 18 now the min were afraid I imagine guilt has something to do with this and their anxiety is being heightened as they are afraid because they were brought to justice house and they. Said it is because of the money which was returned in our sacks the 1st time that we brought in so that he may make a case against us and seize us to take us as slaves with our donkeys Ironically the very thing that they did to their brother Joseph Now they're fearful of that coming back to them like a boomerang we're going to be slaves and so when they drew near to the steward of Joseph house they talked with him at the door of the house and said kind of American air oh sir we indeed came down the 1st time to buy food but it happened when we came to the encampment there we open our SEC and there each man's money was in the mouth of the sack our money in full way and we have brought it back whatever you have planned it were all nervous were anxious were worried I think I know what this is about and we brought it back here it is and I love the response of the Steward verse $23.00 the steward said Peace be with you it's really the Hebrew term Shalom do not be afraid your god in the God of your father has given you treasure in your sex I had your money interestingly this who we would assume to be secular steward has a more vertical perspective if you will than the brothers do calm down be at peace be at ease God blessed you I had your money you just don't know that I gave it back then he brought Simeon out to them so the man brought the man into Joseph house and gave them water and wash their feet and gave their donkeys feed then they made the present ready for Joseph coming at noon for they heard that they would eat bread there now this is strange We're going to eat bread in the governor's house I mean we're not dressed for this we've just come from this long journey we're dusty and hot and well stinky we're in sandals everybody here is dressed really nice and we're going to dine with the governor like this this is uncomfortable not to. Mention why and then it says as we continue on the story and when Joseph came home see in verse 26 when Joseph came home they brought him the present which was in their hand into the house and ballad down before him to the earth again fulfillment of prophecy then he asked them about their wellbeing and he said Is your father well the old man of whom you spoke is he still alive and they answered your servant our father is in good health and he is still alive and they bowed their heads down and prostrated themselves then he lifted his eyes he being Joseph and saw his brother Benjamin his mother's son and he said Is this your younger brother of whom you spoke to me this was the only brother of which Joseph was totally related others were only half brothers you recall but this was a direct connection with his mother Rachel he remembers him as a boy now is some hand some 30 something and Joseph says grace or sorry God be gracious to you my son and in verse 30 we read now his heart yearned for his brother so Joseph made haste and sought somewhere to weep his heart yearned that's the same expression used to describe the mother who has a dying child remember the 2 mothers and one fell asleep and killed her child in the night in their arguing just over Solomon and solemn as I know what I'll do I'll chop the baby in half and the real mother says her heart yearned within her because that's her child and she says OK give it to her same words suddenly this great and powerful man strong hearted and efficient prime minister of a mighty nation collapses inside and he can no longer restrain his emotion 22 years or more since he has seen his childhood companion and playmate now he's a grown man all the years passed in review all the loneliness all the loss all the seasons and birthdays and significant occasions without family it was too much to can do. And he has accused himself to a quiet place I just imagine yourself throwing himself on his bed and just sobbing and deep great solves without warning he became a little boy again a little boy who missed his mom and his dad and what might have been reminded me of other great men who have their weak moments the member David when he lost his precious son Absalom he cried Oh my son Absalom my son my son Absalom would I have died instead of you oh Absalom my son my son Joe who had lost everything including his children and his health cried out to God let the day perish on which I was to be born and the night which said a boy is conceived Why did I not die at birth job sit Alija after God's great victory against the prophets of they all became horribly discouraged and prayed that he might die he says this It is enough now oh Lord take my life for I'm not better than my father's we could look at Moses when he questioned God and said Why God have you been so hard on the servant and why have I not found favor a nice site that has laid the burden of all these people on me it is too burdensome for me please kill me ad once Moses is folks these are all giants of the faith yet we see even giants of faith at times simply implode emotionally and cry out to their God Maybe you can relate and if so you're in good company but the good news is in those moments God doesn't reproved us for our lack of faith or weakness or our poor logic rather God comforts us concrete the INS $13.00 and $4.00 Praise be to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our troubles that's the. God that we serve when we cry out to him in our challenging moments most challenging moments when we are overwhelmed when the tears are flowing God is there to comfort and so he composed himself and he comes back says he washed his face in verse 31 he restrained himself and he said Serve the bread bring the food verse 32 so they set him a place by himself and them by themselves and the Egyptians who ate with Him by themselves 3 different tables because the Egyptians could not eat food with the Hebrews and that is an abomination to the Egyptians and they set before him the 1st according to his birthright and the youngest according to his youth that's another way of saying in order of birth and the men looked in astonishment at one another how can this be there's a leaven of us and we're all seated in birth order you know how many combinations you can have with 11 individuals you don't have to take the time I've already done it for you actually somebody else did and I just borrowed it 39000917 different way to seat 11 people at a table don't believe me ask Phil Wilhelm He loves these kind of things they're astonished they're be willed or they don't know what to think of it and then verse 34 he took servants to them from before him but Benjamin sermon was 5 times as much as the others 5 times as much so I imagine they're serving salads in Loma Linda steak patties and mashed potatoes and gravy pesto pasta rolls with jam a big glass of fresh fruit juice but Benjamin he gives 5 salads 5 servings a Long Island a steak patties 5 servings a mash with a 5 servings of pesto 5 rolls one jam 5 glasses of fresh fruit juice and Joseph had another table but he's certainly listening to their Hebrew conversation he knows that Benjamin has probably been favored much like he was favored Are they angry are they upset are they did her with a lash out will they say something quietly. Their breath Joseph is listening but they don't like the in the verse 34 says so they drank and were merry with him they passed the test good luck Benjamin has a lot of Loma Linda steak patties and so Joseph was pleased their fear of what the governor was up to their anxiety was again displaced by grace again Joseph life offers a magnificent portrayal of the grace of God as he came to rescue in the person of His Son Jesus so many of us like Joseph brothers feel guilty and distant and fearing the worst from God only to have him demonstrate incredible generosity and mercy the one who was rejected is the same one who worked so hard to get us reunited with him princess God and that's grace and so we move on to Chapter 44 we're covering a lot of scripture today but all of this seems to go together I can't seem to split it up so we keep going and he commanded the steward of his house this is Joseph fill them in sex with food as much as they can carry load him to the brim and put each man's money in the mouth of his sack same song 2nd verse also put my cup the silver cup in the mouth of the sack of the youngest and his grain money so we did according to the word that Joseph it spoken as soon as the morning dawned than men were sent away they and their donkeys and says when they had gone out of the city imagine. Our grain sacks are full We're all accounted for Simeon is here Benjamin is here is only good news and we're headed home just like the horse that doesn't want to go away from the barn but you turn him back to the barn and he's ready to go and so I was laughing and joking and has no longer the anxiety but just as they make their way out of the city and we're not yet far off Joseph said to a steward get up all of them in and when you overtake them say to them Why have you. Paid evil for good is this the one from which my Lord drinks and with which he indeed practices Devon nation you have done evil in so doing now divination we know to be an abomination that's basically like a Pomeranian type thing they would put different things in this cup and swirled around and this is what the gods are saying and so on and so forth Joseph didn't do that I don't know why he puts this is part of the thing maybe he's just trying to maintain his disguise maybe he's trying to mess with their minds a little bit about this guy who is able to order them in order of their birth we don't know but this is the message that he gives them so the steward verse 6 overtook them and he spoke to them these same words that we just read and they the brothers said to him Why does my lord say these words Far be it from us that your servant should do such a thing look we brought back to you from the land of Canaan the money which we found in the mouth of our sacks How then could we steal silver or gold from your lord's house and theirs so certain that they have not done anything you're casting blame on as falsely that one of them rashly says maybe it's Reuben he tends to be rash but it doesn't tell us with whom ever of your servants it is found let him die and we also will be my lords servants confident they are and he the steward said now also let it be according to your words he with whom it is found shall be my slave you have to kill anybody here you're all strapping young men we could use Ok so we'll make him a slave and the rest of you shall be blameless he says the needs man speedily let down his sack to the ground let's get this over with and he opened his sack so he certainly began with the oldest and left off with the youngest and that cup was found and Benjamin's sack they are done the one thing that couldn't happen the one thing they promised dad would never happen has just happened they tore their clothes and each man loaded. Donkey returned to their father Jacob is that how it reads I mean isn't that how they've done it before a band in the favored son look out for number one sorry Dad tough luck no respect for Dad No they all go back hey if we don't go back without Benjamin we're and major trouble and we can't just desert Benjamin like that and so they all go back 1st 14 So Judah and his brothers came to Joseph's house and he was still there and they fell before him on the ground and Joseph said to them what deed is this you have done did you not know that such a man as I can certainly practice divination again building the tension how does this man know and so on it doesn't say he did just as he can as others in that society probably did anyway Judah speaks up now in verse 16 What shall we say to my Lord what shall we speak or how shall we clear ourselves God has found out the iniquities of your servants here we are my lords slaves both we and also and he also with whom the cup has been found what a confession by Judah he's not attempting to justify himself nor does he try and pass the blame he himself knows that he didn't do this but they don't turn to Benjamin they don't reject him as they did Joseph Judas says Honestly we are guilty and somehow I think his confession is going back over 20 years or guilty referring to those days that they sold off their brother Joseph 1st 17 but he said this is Joseph Now far be it from me that I should do so the man whom the cup was found he shall be my slave and as for you go in peace to your father there's the out offered again you're free to go but Benjamin stays 1st 18 Then Judah came near to him and said Oh my lord please. Your servant speak a word in my lord's hearing and do not let your anger burn against your servant just allow me to explain please for your even like Pharaoh verse 19 my lord asked his servant Saint Have you a father or brother and we said to my lord We have a father an old man and a child of his old age who is young his brother is dead and he alone is left of his mother's children and his father loves him then you said to your servants Bring him down to me that I may see set my eyes on him and we said to my Lord the lad cannot leave his father for if he should leave his father his father would die but you said to your servants Unless your youngest brother comes down with you you shall see my face no more so it was where we when up to your servant my father that we told in the words of my Lord and our father said finally go back and bias a little food but we said we cannot go down if our youngest brother is with us then we will go down for we may not see the man's face unless our youngest brother is with us then your servant my father said to us you know that my wife wore bore me 2 sons and that one went out from me and I said Surely he is torn to pieces and I have not seen him since but if you take this one also from me and calamity be falls in you shall bring down my gray hair with sorrow to the grave but Therefore when I come to your servant my father and the lad is not with us since his life is bound up with the lads life it will happen when he sees that the lad is not with us that he will die so your servant will bring down the gray hair of your sermon on your Father with sorrow to the grave for your servant became surety I myself became a surety for the lad to my father saying if I do not bring him back to you then I shall bear the blame for my father for ever now therefore please let your servant remain. Instead of the lad as a slave to my Lord and let the lad go back with his brothers for how shall I go up to my father if the lad is not with me less perhaps I see the evil that would come upon my father what a heartfelt plea from Judah the same one that advocated what profit is it for us to kill Joseph let some as a slave believe we can get something now will go the 711 and all split ice cream there's a great idea there was a blatant disrespect to his brother it was blatant disrespect to his father this was Judas rash idea and the words from so long ago I imagine still plagued him but here and now he's pleading for his younger brother on behalf of his father he cannot bear the guilt of something like this all over again he cannot imagine telling his father again so no this is not the same man he's changed and so then it happens Chapter 45 the long awaited chapter then Joseph could not restrain himself before all those who stood before him and he cried out make everyone go out for me so no one stood with them while Joseph made himself known to his brothers and he wept out loud and the Egyptians in the House of Pharaoh heard it and then Joseph said to his brothers there's no interpreter now he's speaking in their language and he says I am Joseph says my father still but his brothers could not answer him for they were dismayed in his presence and Joseph said please come nearer to me the word here means not just close in proximity embrace it means maybe even check out my face and my features its me come close so they came near and he said I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt but right on the heels but now do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for God sent me be. For you to preserve life how gracious a response don't be afraid don't be angry at yourself don't beat yourself up it's knee I am Joseph and I know what you did but God is the one that sent me here to preserve life what a gracious statement but he's not done for these 2 years the famine has been in the land and there are still 5 years in which there will be neither plowing nor harvesting 1st 7 and God for the 2nd time send me before you to preserve posterity or really the word is a remnant for you in the earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance so now it was not you who sent me here but for the 3rd time but God friends those words change everything Joseph doesn't scold them he's not concerned with revenge Don't you know what you put me through there's none of that rather he says don't be angry with yourselves God did this friends to Joseph never could have spoken such words of reassurance if he had not fully forgive in his brothers you cannot fully embrace a person you've not forgiven you didn't send me here he says God did it was our sovereign lord that saw far into the future and he saw the needs of the world and chose need to be his personal messenger to avert this famine crisis and to preserve a remnant of his people how sad of the story of God's faithful remnant would have died in the desert and the Bible in Genesis no longer a remnant living they just became extinct they petered out no longer a human being on the planet that honored God no longer a human to share the love of Christ to a dying world but God God sent me here to preserve life friends that's it for ever been the call of the remnant to preserve life to call people back to Jesus lie. Joseph is calling his brothers and his loving ways of protection and success and joy that's what the remnant do they call people back to fear God to give glory to him to prepare for the judgment not in fear but in Christ to worship Him as our God and as our Creator you might recall even as we fast forward several chapters when Jacob comes and so on is over then Jacob passes away the brothers then again relapse back into fear and this is what they say then in Genesis 50 verse 18 and 20 his brothers then came and threw themselves down before Joseph we are your slaves they said but Joseph said to them Do not be afraid you intended to harm me but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done the saving of many lives the New King James says you intended evil but God intended it for good friends I don't know what memories haunt you I don't know what pain you live with because of someone else's wrongdoing I imagine everyone here has suffered in the hands of someone you've been treated badly you were taken advantage of you were manipulated and you remember the wrong you remember the unfair treatment the torture is trauma the rejection evil was done to you it was meant to be evil there's no denying it the person deliberately hurt you they sold you as a slave they wanted you dead Joseph said to his brothers you meant it for evil there was nothing good in your motives but God here Joseph allowed his theology to eclipse his human emotions and unfair treatment and he says it over and over and over again God sent me to preserve life he says in verse 5 God sent me to Brazil a remnant he says in verse 7 it was not you who sent me but of God in verse 8 and then in verse 9 God has made me lord of all Egypt. God has done this friends a spiritual attitude of greatness we can go through the Sabbath motions we can carry out the religious exercises we can put a Bible under our arms we can sing the songs from memory here we can still hold grudges against the people that have wronged us but that's not God's way he shows us the right way the example of Joseph who in spite of being wrong horribly wrong he acts with integrity and mercy and grace and generosity and unselfishness and look how deeply he cares for them back here in Genesis verse 45 1st 11 he says I will provide for you there's 5 more years of famine come here verse 10 you shall dwell in the land of Goshen and you shall be near to me you and your children your children's children your flocks your herds and all that you have that I may provide for you that's how deeply he cares and then we pick up the story and he fell verse 14 on his brother Benjamin's neck and wept and Benjamin wept on his neck Moreover he kissed all his brothers and wept over them and after this his brothers talked with him what did they talk about what do they say we don't know fully but I imagine as soon as they got into the blubbering I'm so sorry we were and I know that's in the past I've forgiven you for that we're moving forward you meant it for evil but God intended it for good and you know the story Pharoah finds out about it he says bring them here I'll give him the best of the land he sends them cards he sends them in and he basically says leave all of your junk out there in the desert you're going to start all over I'll give you the best of everything that we have and he gave all of them to each man changes of garments verse $22.00 but to Benjamin he gave $300.00 pieces of silver 5 changes of garments and he sent to his father these things 10 donkeys loaded with the good things of Egypt and 10 female donkeys loaded with grain bread and food for his father for the journey so he sent his brothers away and they departed. He said to them to see that you do not become troubled along the way hey guys I have an idea what's going to happen when you leave don't don't go there don't play the blame game don't beat yourselves up don't be angry with yourselves God had a plan in this to preserve life for his remnant go get Dad go get the kids the wise the grand kids I want to meet them all and come back quick friends greatness is revealed mainly in our attitudes if you're under the impression that you're going to be great because of some accomplishment you've achieved but harbor a wrong attitude you're in for a terrible jolt greatness comes in the sweet spirit attitude of humility and forgiveness towards your fellow man you can do a 1000000 things right but if you have the wrong attitude nobody cares Thomas Jefferson said it this way when the heart is right the feet are swift often the reasons that we're sluggish in carrying out the application of God's truth is that our heart isn't right and there's dozens of possibilities for why the heart isn't right the person never paid you back what they owed you a person ran out on you and divorced you the cancer in your own body the health issue that encroaches every aspect of your life maybe God took your mate your now grown child took advantage of you the parent that abuse or neglect you the boss or teacher that failed you and we could go on and on and on friends it takes God to make the heart right when I have a wrong attitude I look at life humanly but when I have the right attitude I look at life divinely I submit that Joseph was great because of his God given attitude Let me flesh that out a bit when I'm able by faith to see God's plan in my location my attitude will be right what does that mean when it Joseph say God sent me God sent me God sent me not until you can relax and see God in your present location will you be useful to him secondly when I'm able by faith to sense God's hand. In my situation my attitude will be right don't begin the day gritting your teeth asking why do I have to stay in this situation and Stead I believe that he made me the way that I am and put me where I am to do what he planned for me to do it's a difference in attitude but it's significant and you don't wait for your situation to change to put your heart into your work it's called blooming where you're planted there's nothing like an attitude of gratitude to free us up and thirdly when I'm able by faith case you missed it all of these are by faith and by God's grace but when I'm able by faith to accept both location and the situation as good even when there's been evil in the process my attitude will be right when I can say with Joseph you intended for evil but God meant it for good then I become a trophy of grace I have to admit to you these are some things that I've been struggling with having or accepting my location and my situation Lord why did you give us a special needs child I mean we love James to death he's just as sweet as he can be but you want him to grow you want him to mature and half a year he'll be 6 and the last few months and it's gotten significantly better and I praise the Lord for that but there was the hardest patch we've had with James yet throwing up on everything and everybody ticking time bomb didn't know when it was going to happen and to be able by fate to accept location and situation it's a lot easier to say and question Lord my family could be a lot better off my ministry could be a lot better off my marriage all these other things we could be more efficient for the cause of Christ we could do more and on and on and on why would you allow something like this to impact our family in this way but to be able to say with Joseph you intended it for evil so he said to his brothers but God meant it for good I know God to. Cause James to be this way the devil did this thing he's the one that came and saw this awful seed and he intended it for evil but God says I will use it for good don't be filled with anger or resentment or bitterness just follow my plan and just because you don't understand I mean if I did understand it would that change a situation it really wouldn't if I'm anger and better does that change a situation it really doesn't only to make it worse so to accept both location and situation even when there's been evil in the process and say Lord you're in control this is your plan this is your ministry this is your family this is your time table I just submit to that and I by faith I'm going to choose to have a good attitude it frees you up to do ministry to enjoy life to see the blessings of life to see the graces of God to see a church family that is wrap their arms around us and supported us immensely Philippians $25.00 to $11.00 I don't have it on the Power Point too many words to try and fit in those run out of time but you know the verse as well to have the attitude not of Joseph but to have the attitude of Christ He has Joseph was like Christ but ultimately to have the attitude of Christ for Libyans chapter 2 verse 5 Let this mind let this is added to and let even implies allow this attitude to be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the very form of God did not consider it to be robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation look for parallels with Joseph but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bondservant or slave and coming in the likeness of man and being found appearance as a man He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even here in the prison if I ride here I'm going to be faithful I'm going to be obedient I'm going to blossom where I'm planted I'm going except my location and my situ. Even when evil has been done to me even to death on the cross therefore God also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name that the name of Jesus every need should Bal of those in heaven and those in the earth and those under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father sometimes you have to be brought low for God's purposes to prevail Jesus was brought lower than low but his purpose has prevailed How do you endure the trials of this life by having the attitude of Jesus one more verse he was 12 versus one and 2 Therefore all we also since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses this is fall and he was 11 the faith chapter dose of his one of the witness is his let it lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with in durance the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus as the key the author and finisher of our faith who now speaking of Jesus for the joy that was set before him endured the cross What was the joy that was set before him friends it was you it was your face he was spending eternity with you in the midst of that pit in the midst of the darkest hour of his existence his joy of seeing you for ever that was the secret that allowed him to endure the cross despising the shame and he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God friends were called to walk by faith keep looking until Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and ask him in spite of life's circumstances to give you the right attitude to accept your location to accept your situation and by faith and by His grace say somebody meant it for evil but God will use it for good God sent me here God is going to use the. Wrong to accomplish his purpose to preserve life to prepare a faithful remnant to meet him and the end that joy that was set before Jesus in that joy of a better day with him and that joy of life eternal with our best friend Jesus I too you too can endure your cross John Newton the same guy who wrote Amazing Grace he wrote another him I'm just going to read it to you as a poem there's a portion of it maybe you're familiar with it says how tedious and tasteless the hours when Jesus no longer I see sweet prospects sweet birds and sweet flowers have all lost their sweetness to me the midsummer sun shines but dim the field strive in vain to look grey but when I am happy and him the simmer is as pleasant as me that's how Joseph made it from the pit to the palace and it's the same way you and I make it the only way out of this pit is his way the only solution to bitterness is his grace and so I ask you don't let your location or your situation become frustrating assignment so that life becomes a barren cold lifeless December Don't get me wrong I love December if it was my poem I would have said January that's when the president sets in December the wonderful but like Joseph find happiness in the grind of life by faith like Jesus let the joy set before you allow you to endure your Heavenly Father thank you truly great is your faithfulness to us Lord everyone here has things that have happened to them are happening to them in ways that they have been mistreated when evil has been done to them but Lord I pray that you will give us the attitude and the theological framework to view things like Joseph did ultimately to view things like Jesus did like you do to let this mind of Christ be in us and to see past those offenses and to saying God is. In this God will use to help us to God Be The Glory may we trust you more fully Today we brain Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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