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Empowered by His Spirit

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • June 9, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Well Sally was living in a poverty stricken home and her husband had died about 30 years before and once he died she became so discouraged that she never one to leave the house and you can imagine that if a home as been virtually untouched for 30 years it was in sore need of many repairs the pipes were leaking the house severely needed some painting years ago the roof was leaking didn't have any money and so they turned off the lights to this house and that meant that there was no heat in her little house by now sallied was cooking on a little Coleman stove over in the corner her clothes were threadbare and she was living in a very terrible bad rough situation as you can imagine her neighbors hardly ever saw her could be because she never left to get out of the house until one of her friends Miriam who had not seen Sally for 30 years decided to come by and to see her and as she came she saw this house deteriorated and in a complete mess Sally too was thin and emaciated and so she could tell right away that Sally was desperate and so she said Sally I'm here to help let's get started and as you brought in some food and said let's get started with this place and clean this up and let's clean that up and as they were clean up they came across an old roll top desk that Sally's husband Jed had 30 years ago as Marion rolled it down she saw a folder that said for Sally and in fact there was a whole stack of things various letters and and notes that he wanted his wife to have and marry him asked Sally Sally what is all of this and she said I don't know. I've never looked inside the desk I was just so discouraged after he passed that I'd just have left it shut all these years and as they opened up one of the folders there was a letter inside that read something like this Dear Sally I don't have much time left on earth but I've made all the provisions necessary for you I will be leaving this world shortly because I know this cancer is terminal but you will not be 1000 for anything there is the bank book in the folder take that to the bank please there is a key to our safe deposit box and please know that I love you very much and signed his name Jeb it was discovered that in the savings account deposit some 30 years earlier there was about $58000.00 but with compound interest it was now worth $254000.00 in the safety deposit box there was a coin collection in itself worth $47000.00 there were saw stock certificates there were $3550000.00 and then there was liquid cash of $32000.00 as it turns out Sally was one of the richest women in the city she was worth liquid cash $883000.00 but she was living in abject poverty she was living as if she was a popper with no money to buy food clothes to have electricity yet she ironically was incredibly wealthy the question I want to ask this morning could it be is it possible that our Lord left us extremely rich and extremely wealthy. But could it be that times we are living in poverty stricken Christian lives men have you ever felt powerless to overcome those immoral thoughts that flow through your mind women have you felt powerless to overcome that critical turn. Have you ever felt that in your life you have failed in the same thing again and again and again and you have said to yourself why is it that I cannot get what I believe in in my head into action in my life doesn't have to tell me that it's wrong I don't need more reinforced guilt that what I'm doing is wrong I need power to change is anybody ever felt that way I think all of us at times in our lives have been frustrated with the devil has attacked us and we have fallen and I think all of us at times of felt powerless Have you ever felt at times that you wanted to say something to that non-Christian friend and you didn't quite know what to say or how to phrase it and you felt powerless in your witness there are times that we feel powerless in our personal lives that we feel powerless in our witness and the answer to that is the ministry I believe of the Holy Spirit living and well in our lives so we want to take a look this morning at the promise of Jesus and Hebrews chapter 6 of where we're going to begin verse 18 and so the question we have here in Hebrews Chapter 6 verse 18 that I want to answer Is there anything that Jesus cannot do is there anything that God cannot do and the initial thought might be Will Jesus can do anything let's read this text Hebrews Chapter 6 we're reading here in verse 18 that by 2 Immutable things that is on changeable things and which it is impossible for God to what the law why is impossible for God to lie because it goes against his character he is the Way the Truth and the life he's the truth. And so what are the 2 Immutable things well if we go back in verse 16 for when God made a promise to Abraham we call that an oath and then if we skip down to verse 16 it talks about 4 minute deeds whereby the greater an oath for confirmation is for them of all time and so we have an oath in a covenant so I gave those backwards we have the covenant with Abraham and then we have the oath those are the 2 Immutable unchangeable things and it's impossible for him to live God says what God says is truth because he is truth He's the embodiment of truth what he says is always true in fact I would go as far as to say if it wasn't true as soon as he said it it would be true that virtually was the creation account. So if God gives a promise and if it is impossible for God to lie then the reception of that promise means it depends on our believing in the promise so since he cannot lie since he is the truth when he gives a promise I don't have to question the promise the promise is not to be questioned the promise is to be excepted are you with me turn with me now to Luke Chapter 24 I want to look at a promise of Jesus Luke Chapter $24.00 and we're going to read there in verse $49.00 you'll notice this is the last chapter of Luke so in Jesus parting words here and in them we find a promise Luke Chapter 24 1st 49 it says the whole I stand the promise there it is I sin the promise of my father upon you but Terry in the city of Jerusalem and you are indued with power from on high so as Jesus says I send the promise of my father that when Jesus ascended to heaven that Christ would be welcomed by the father and as the token that he was welcomed by the father he would send His Holy Spirit to his earthly followers so the reception of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost by the disciples was the signal that Jesus' sacrifice had been accepted by the Father and the proof of that is in Acts 2 verse 33 let's turn there now these verses well therefore being exalted to the right hand of God and having received from the thing the father the promise there it is again of the Holy Spirit He poured out this which you now see and hear this is the truth is often overlooked by many Christians and 7th Day Adventists Where was the Holy Spirit who are out from the simple answer is to sanctuary that only the Holy Spirit that I. Today and really that one that you and I should be worried about is the Holy Spirit poured out from the heavenly sanctuary now follow me closely Jesus gave a promise to his earthly church that as he ascended to the Father and entered the holy place of the sanctuary that the Holy Spirit would be poured out from the sanctuary on the early Christian church to begin the work on Earth you see that the early Christian church believe that Jesus however was going to establish an earthly kingdom they had a wrong picture of what Jesus was all about they thought for example Peter James and John they thought Jesus would give them a place in His kingdom in fact they went to their mother and said Talk to Jesus for us that when he comes into his kingdom we will sit one on the right and one on the left the early disciples thought Jesus was going to set up an Earthly kingdom that he was going to defeat the Romans that Israel would be prominent if you will but when Jesus died on Calvary they were bitterly disappointed now let me ask you did those disciples have prophecies in the Old Testament telling them that Christ was in fact going to be crucified they did I say $53.00 is a perfect example but even still they were bitterly disappointed somehow they had missed it their eyes were blinded and they thought it was going to happen this way and when Jesus died and happened another way they were bitterly disappointed that is the truth that's often overlooked by many Christians where the Holy Spirit is poured out from and is poured out I believe in the sanctuary from the heavenly sanctuary in fact here we have a picture of the sanctuary and Jesus' ministry and so when Jesus died on the cross again as I said they were disappointed. They have prophecies in the Old Testament we talked about that already and I want to look at something here put a chart up on the screen the disciples if we put a few things lines up here one they studied prophecy 2 they misunderstood prophecy can we say that 3 they were disappointed we could even say a great disappointment they looked to where Jesus was in the sanctuary which was where in the holy place. Taking the blood of his sacrifice if you will that allowed him entrance into the holy place then we have accepted his promise of the Holy Spirit that's the disciples they accepted his promise of the Holy Spirit always for it was poured out as the early rain that's Pentecost and they when to preach the Gospel to the world and lastly they preach to every creature under heaven that's the disciples I want to ask you now fast forward several 100 years can you think of another group of people in 1000 hundreds who also study prophecy who also misunderstood prophesy. Who also were bitterly disappointed in fact we call it the great disappointment they again looked to where Jesus was in the sanctuary this time in the most holy place and they accepted his promise of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was poured out we call that the latter rain and then they went to preach the Gospel to the world and they preached to every creature under heaven some people say well the Agnes Church is raised out of mistake that's true we misunderstood some things the disciples misunderstood some things too but even that misunderstanding was a fulfillment of prophecy so it's important for us to understand where the Holy Spirit is being poured out from. In the latter days just as in the New Testament is poured out from the sanctuary and what do you know about the most holy place in the sanctuary what is in the most holy place well if we look at our picture we have God's presence is there above the Ark of the covenant but there's also that the ark that is there the 2 angels that cherubim and if we look inside of the Ark There are 3 things that we find there one is the 10 Commandments that's perhaps the most obvious then there's the Aarons rod that but it is the 2nd thing and then there's the man and that is in the ark and what are those 3 things represent Well the 10 commandments if we if we're going to apply this to the Holy Spirit being poured out from the most holy place of the sanctuary the 10 Commandments is the genuine Holy Spirit that always leads us to obedience Secondly we have that but it what's that all about that represents leadership you can look at Numbers Chapter 17 Israel rebelled against the leadership of God But the reality is the true outpouring of the Holy Spirit will lead people men and women to be faithful to those that he has placed in leadership and lastly the manna is God's provision we can even say it was God's health reform right they want to meet he says I'm going to give you manna. So the genuine Holy Spirit never comes down to work miraculous healings so I can continue smoking and drinking and destroy the temple of God does not make sense which goes against what much of the medical community just yesterday I would estimate I don't want to be a doctor today they said I said how come he says everybody who doesn't want to change their lifestyle they just want to pill that will fix it and I can keep eating and doing all the things that are destroying my health but the genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit leads to health reform it leads to following the leadership that God has put in place and it's about obedience to God's Word and His 10 Commandments the counterfeit manifestation of always prayer leads you to want signs and wonders and merit calls and feelings but the genuine working of the Holy Spirit leads you to sense that your body is the temple of God leads you to respect authority and not to rebel against it leads you to live a life of godly obedience and touch people with the Gospel and so we looked at these 2 verses let's read them again let's start we're here still in Acts chapter 2 verse 33 therefore being exalted to the right hand of God there in the heavenly sanctuary and having received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit He poured out this which you now see and hear and what we read in Luke 2449 just revisit that one more time behold I send the promise of my father upon you but tearing the city of Jerusalem until you are in dude with what power from on high. Is received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit and we see here in Luke 2449 receiving the promise you receive power but remember the power is not for you to use the Holy Spirit is for the Holy Spirit to use you the key distinction. So God the Father made a promise it is impossible for God to lie so after Jesus' death and resurrection he ascends to the sanctuary enters the holy place and the father except his sacrifice honored his promise the Holy Spirit was poured out from the sanctuary and God's people were filled with power to accomplish God's mission on the earth and it goes to every nation language tongue and people as the apostles page $49.00 says this The promise of the Holy Spirit is not limited to any age or to any race Christ declare the divine influence of his spirit was to be with his followers unto the end and I love this part of the in the lapse of time has wrought how much change no change in Christ's parting promise to sin the Holy Spirit as his representative in the fulfillment of the promise it is not seen as it might be seen as because the promise is not appreciated as it should be appreciated the lapse of time has brought no change in the promise Christ promise is just as real for you and for me as it was for Peter and for James and for John has the promised change in the way it has not. The question is are you on your needs in your own personal life in your own personal devotion praying for the fulfillment of that promise in your life are you desire you longing for the Holy Spirit to fill you with power to be effective witness for him are you saying aside time to pray not just on your own but in groups of 2 or 3 praying Lord you have promised that the Al point always Spirit will come to you in the latter day church and this is the promise that you have given and with all promises there are conditions and one of the conditions of the promise is that we ask Luke 1113 says if you being evil you know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will I give to you the Holy Spirit to those who ask one of the conditions of the reception of the Holy Spirit is asking it saying Lord I'm powerless but you are powerful I am weak but you are strong I mean ignorant. But you're wise Lord we cannot do something about this unless your spirit is poured out we need you to intervene in this situation we need you something that only you can do if you have been in a situation that seemed to be absolutely impossible situation that no human being could possibly solve Pastor Mark finally tell the story that took place in July of 2001 when he went to Port Moresby to hold a big evangelist Dick campaign there and just before they went course the devil is that work the devil knows the plans right and he works to mess things up just before they went to parliament voted to nationalize the land and what that meant was that one of the greatest resources of the New Guinea and government would be sold off to multinational corporations and university students recognize that this would damage their future generations and so they started marching in the streets they started protesting and then you had some of these fringe groups get on board and before long it was just a full scale riot cars were being burned or fronts are being pillaged glass being broken people marching in the streets and so to try to put this rebellion down the government attempted to control it with police and government officials on the ground and in a moment of crisis they panicked and they shot into the crowd and they killed 7 university students and this of course made everything just go wide open and so they decided let's try to enforce a curfew then and so from 7 o'clock in the evening till 7 o'clock in the morning no one was allowed on the streets this was a curfew and they're going to be enforcing this and that meant that right at the time they were going to start their means virtually that there was this curfew they couldn't have their meetings they had this huge arena like soccer arena that they had booked they've been planning this year in advance and they only had it in the evening and they couldn't have it in the mornings or the afternoons they had games and other things that were taking place. Plus people wouldn't come in the middle of the day because they're at work and all the rest and so Pastor family says We organize a 1000 prayer groups of Tuesdays and threes and fours and we ask them to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to do something to intervene for the Gospel to go forward in ways that we cannot do we don't even know how to pray except Lord pour out your Holy Spirit on the hearts of parliament on the hearts of the people change something here and so Pastor Mark got there on Monday and the curfew was on curfew on Tuesday curfew on Wednesday burned out cars in the streets by Thursday night Pastor Mark said to his team get the stadium prepared I believe the spirit is going to do something he's going to work on the hearts of Parliament and I believe the spirit can change things so they got the stadium ready and they prayed and they prayed and that Thursday night the parliament met on into Friday morning till 2 am They talked and they discussed and then I will say the next day but it was the same day I suppose on Friday morning early there was a late edition of the newspaper printed with these headlines Parliament needs until 2 am curfew lifted then it went on to say this 7th day adventists will have their meeting tonight the prime minister of the nation will address the people at the stadium tonight the entire nation is invited and he himself will introduce Pastor friendly after the prime minister will speak pastor Finlay will speak and so here's a picture of the stadium this is a soccer game as you know when I could find by imagine that whole field was covered with chairs and with people and all the way around the outside and passer friendly says it tells the story we couldn't have paid for that kind of advertising right how on earth could we ever get that much attention now much publicity they estimate 100000 people came to the stadium that night it was larger than any. Soccer game that they had had in the stadium it was larger than any political rally they'd ever had larger than any rock concert it was the largest meeting in the history of the country and addition to that the television carry it live the newspaper printed all of his sermons every night they were on T.V. and radio and it was estimated that anywhere between $2000000.30 people were tuning in each night friends the Holy Spirit can do in a short amount of time what we can never possibly imagine the lapse of time has brought no change in Christ parting promise to sin the Holy Spirit as his representative and I believe God wants to do exceedingly abundantly below above what we ask or think or could even imagine. If you for the sin that you have struggled with for years the parting promise of the Holy Spirit is yours is for you God must do something in us before you can do something through us I believe God is longing to pour out the Holy Spirit in your life and in my life let's look at another verse here John 16 verse 7 says Nevertheless I tell you the truth nevertheless I tell you the truth who speaking Jesus speaking to His disciples He says I tell you the truth why because you cannot lie he is the truth and I says it's to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away the Helper will not come to you but if I depart I will send him to you now what can that possibly mean it is to your advantage that I go away there's got to be an extra Greek meaning on this maybe advantage doesn't mean advantage in this case could that be I mean wait a minute Lord suppose you're Peter James or John and Jesus says to you personally in your presence is to your advantage for I know you tell the truth but I just got have made a mistake on this one I mean I saw you break the bread and feed 5000 Lord. I saw you touch the eyes of the blind and they were healed I saw you touch the ears of the deaf and they could hear and your saying is to your to our advantage if you go away and Peter may have spoken up and said Lord when my mother in law died you raised her from the dead wait a minute is to my advantage we are personally present with you we have sat on the Mount of Olives and listened to you as you preach the sermon in times we have been there in galley listen to the Sermon on the Mount and you're saying it's to our advantage if you go away but I think if we understand the role of the Holy Spirit and this is powerful if you really understand this the spirit of Christ dwelling in your heart brings Jesus closer to you than if you were sitting by your side and you might say How can this be well for starters when Jesus was here he could be visibly present with one person or group of people at any one time I mean let's just suppose that I could guarantee you that Jesus himself was going to be preaching a sermon right here from this pope next week would we have any sitting room here would people be on the floor up on the platform and we'd probably do a live stream thing in which we bring down the Internet I don't know but he could only be present at one place at one time when he went away he could send his spirit which is the personal presence of Christ to be present with everybody everywhere wherever they are and geography would not limit his presence and so he says it's to your advantage you may not be able to follow me everywhere but the Holy Spirit can follow you anywhere desire of Ages 669 says that this way by the Spirit the Savior will be accessible to all in this sense he would be nearer to them than if he had not ascended on high Wow nearer to them that if he had not ascended but here is where perhaps gets more challenging Jesus said that it is to your advantage that I go away because if I go away I will send you the Holy Spirit to you then Jesus said to Luke's one. 449 we read our already he said I'm giving you the promise of the Holy Spirit in Jesus as an X. 168 Terry here and till I send you the Holy Spirit but here's the question why make those statements why make those statements wasn't the Holy Spirit present in the days of Noah was in the Holy Spirit present and with Daniel wasn't a Holy Spirit that draw the disciples to Jesus in the 1st place and if that's true what sense does it make to say that I'm giving you the promise of the Holy Spirit if you already have the Holy Spirit you see what I'm saying I mean if I say if I give you $10.00 already and I say I promise by the end of the day you'll have $10.00 you would say you already gave me $10.00 I mean you going to give me 10 more dollars I mean it just doesn't make sense manuscript release Volume 2 page 30 we are living in the dispensation of the spirit we hold in our hands the promise of His Spirit Now think about this for a limit dispensation means indulgence or special allowance or privilege so if we go back and if we look at the Old Testament the major emphasis is on a loving God leading his people when you look at the New Testament the major emphasis is on a loving Christ redeeming his people and when you look at the New Testament today or you look at the Book of Acts the major emphasis is on the ministry and the power of the Holy Spirit transforming and inspiring the lives of his believers somehow someway the Holy Spirit I believe takes everything that God did in the Old Testament everything that Jesus did in his life and he makes it a reality in the life of the believer so just as God was in the forefront the Old Testament just as Jesus in the forefront the New Testament the Holy Spirit takes what God did and what Jesus did and makes it a reality in our lives and we can go a step beyond it Jesus said it's to your advantage that I go away Jesus would sit by his side but can not dwell in them except by His Holy Spirit I'm going to give you a great advantage because no longer my going to sit by your side and teach you. Truth now through the Holy Spirit I'm going to enter into your life and reveal to you truth and change your life so we ask what is the function of the work of the Holy Spirit and how does JESUS live within us and we have to be careful because it sounds a little bit like a New Age idea of the Holy Spirit is in me God is in me Well if you ask him to possess you he will but that's far far away from the idea that God is this inner sense within your God Let's unpack this little more John 1526 we're just going back a few verses here it says and John 15 verse 26 but when the helper comes whom I shall send to you from the father this Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the father he will testify of who of me and whose talking Jesus is talking and so the helper this word is parakeet one who comes along side of one who gives you strength or help or instruction and so the function of the Holy Spirit in the heart and the life of the believer is to testify of whom of Jesus to point back to Jesus to Jesus to Jesus to make Jesus real in our lives and so any emphasis on the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit revealing Jesus is really a false emphasis because the whole role of the Holy Spirit is not to exalt himself but to POINT is back to Jesus the Holy Spirit doesn't testify of himself so we don't jump up and down and say praise the Holy Spirit we say Praise Jesus and when we do that it's the Holy Spirit place within our heart that gives us the desire to praise Jesus when I say Lord Jesus when I come to the cross I see Christ dying for me and I see the forgiveness of my sins and I see Jesus transform in my life who is leading me to do that for the Holy Spirit so the genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit is when we are exalting Jesus in our lives because the Holy Spirit's work to testify about Jesus but you still may be scratching your head saying but how does Jesus dwell within us go back one more chapter John. 1426 again talking about the Holy Spirit again Jesus tell you says but the help we're the Holy Spirit whom the Father will sin in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you so the Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus and the Holy Spirit reveals to us the things that Jesus teaches in his word Let's go to this will be our last last verse and this was our scripture reading chapter 3 verse $14.16 so the Holy Spirit directed us to Jesus the Holy Spirit guides us into the truth and the words and teachings of Jesus so any idea that there is a Holy Spirit that is just impressing you deeply that is contrary to Scripture is that a true or false spirit that's a false spirit we're supposed to test the spirits right and see if they are from God If Eason's Chapter 3 beginning in verse 14 it says For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named that he would grant you according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with my Through was his spirit in the inner man so how are we strengthen to face the devil through the Holy Spirit and the inner man continuing on that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you've been rooted and grounded in love so how is Christ in our hearts is through faith through the Holy Spirit living in us through the inner man that will be grounded in love verse 18 May be able to comprehend you and I with all the saints What is the whip and the link and the depth and height to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God you will be filled with the fullness of God If you want to deeper understand of the hype in the length and the breath and the whip then you need the Holy Spirit. So Jesus said to his early disciples it's to your vantage that I go away for when I go I will send the promise of the father I will send the Holy Spirit so wasn't the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Yes but he was limited by what he could reveal to sinful fallen humanity now Jesus has come the Holy Spirit has more fully able to reveal the full nature the full character of God through the sacrifice of His Son and sound so now the Holy Spirit has all the pieces it needs to fully allow us to see and understand the height and depth and breadth of the love of God Yes the Holy Spirit was very impressed knowing he was there on special occasions but now he is not simply there to impress he's not just there on special occasion he is a resident in this world because of the promise of Jesus he wants to dwell in us and change our hearts so that we can reveal the fullness of price of the world we 1st have to see it ourselves and then we share it with others verse 20. 3 now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations for ever and ever amen 6 Reasons Why is your advantage now to the Holy Spirit He is excessive will to all nobody can say I can't get there secondly through the Holy Spirit He dwells in us in ways that are closer than if we would have him by our side if he were present fairly The Holy Spirit feels to us things that Jesus teaches in his word so we have a fuller deeper understanding of His truth another advantage so we can have strength to face the devil you need strength to face the devil to face so we can comprehend the love of God And lastly so we can reveal the fullness of Christ to the world the lapse of time is right no change in Christ parting promise to sin the Holy Spirit to them then ask why don't we ask even now God is pouring out His Holy Spirit from the most holy. Place of the heavenly sanctuary to convict me of my sin and give me power to overcome it to reveal truth to me in His Word to enable me to comprehend the fullness of His love and to empower me to reveal to witness to evangelize for him but sadly many of us don't want it God has given us the riches of the Holy Spirit the promise of the Father that we might have meaning and purpose in our life that despite the challenges of life we can have peace that passes all understanding so we can be empowered in our witness that we might have life and have more abundantly but sadly too many of us are content living like Popper's we play our video games we spend hours on Netflix watching the next season of something else we listen to music that's not uplifting we go get tickets for concerts or sporting events our conversations there are secular we put garbage in our bodies and then we brag about all of this on social media and Co ourselves as Christians we don't have time for family worship we don't time for Bible memorization we don't have time to be involved in our local church yet we wonder in the quietness of our thoughts we wonder why the roof of our faith is leaking why the power of our prayers have been cut off why the sins of our lives seem to be overgrown and choking out why our peace is drying up and cracking and falling off friends now more than any other time we need to recognize our impoverished condition. And to repent of our sins to repent of our lack of forgiveness so our lack of commitment to repent of our latest C.N.N. STATE and on our knees with our Bibles open pray Dear Lord I want to be sealed with the fullness of God Dear Lord I want to know the love of Christ that passes all knowledge I want to be able to comprehend with all the saints and all the believers what is the within the length and the depth and the height floor I long to be filled and empowered by your Holy Spirit if that's your desire this more I invite you to stand we're going to sing our closing song in just a minute spirit of the Living God fall of fresh on me but I just want to make an appeal if there's some habit if there's some barrier if there's some stressor that you need to get to Jesus I want invite you to come forth as we sing the simple song This isn't a general call I know all of us have things and we want to recommit and all of that and that's wonderful and I'm not trying to downplay that at all but maybe there's that one thing that the Holy Spirit has is burning in your conscience right now that one thing that you've known for a long time and you need to let it go that one thing has been destroying your relationship with God and with perhaps your family and the list goes on that stealing and robbing you of your peace and your joy if the Holy Spirit is convicting you on one thing and if you want to give that thing up if you want to actively make a statement to the Lawrence and I'm giving you that one thing I'm tired of this half hearted willy nilly going through the motions Christianity but I have no peace in my life I have no power to overcome I'm not understanding your word I'm tired of feeling separated I'm tired of feeling guilty I want to put it all on the altar and I want your Holy Spirit to fill me I want to repent and ask you to forgive me in my sins and in the film me with the presence of Jesus Christ to the power of the Holy Spirit if you want to do that and invite you to come forward I want to have a prayer with you it dearly father you have done everything within your power to reach us individually and to reach last humanity you have sent us your son as an example to live and to die you have sent us that. Promise of the Holy Spirit and if we ask your Holy Spirit longs to dwell within us to empower us to overcome in these areas of our life Lord there are many here that have come forward today and their heart's desire is to put that thing away whatever it is and allow your Holy Spirit to empower them that they will stand on the promises of God The truth of your word that does not lie and when temptation comes to repeat back as you did in your temptations as the Devil tempted you in the desert you repeat back Scripture again and again and again has the power to overcome Lord that power is available to us no lapse of time has diminished the parting promise of the Holy Spirit and the same way that you long to work in us and miraculous and seemingly impossible ways you long to work through this church through us as individuals through your people around the world that this message can go forward lower it is not by might not by power it's not by a good idea it's not even by our effort or hard work or are working late or over time it's by my Spirit says the Lord and solar with humility of hearts we pray that you will pour out your Holy Spirit upon us break us melt us mold us into your likeness into your character for Your glory we pray in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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