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Self-Inflicted Dysexecutive Syndrome

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia


  • January 25, 2019
    6:45 PM
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Jeremiah 218 now you shall say to this people thus says the Lord behold I have set before you the way of life and the way of death that's just our heads for an additional word of prayer and dear Lord bless us as we. Study the book of nature the book of life experiences and then open up the book of scripture in see how profoundly it helps us understand ourselves I pray that tonight will be different because you've spoken to us and may not simply be words to our minds but may be encouraged and life changed to our hearts we pray Christ's name Amen. Physicians are interested in diagnosis we listen to patients complaints and then we ask focus questions finally perform a physical examination and where necessary do appropriate diagnostic radiographic lab tests all to confirm our impression of what a patient may have but just as there are diseases of the body there are diseases of the soul pretend you're a doctor here and try to imagine. Take your hand at spiritual diagnosis this evening what would your diagnosis be to a church member who presented with the following signs and symptoms 1st sign of failure to recognize the real value of spiritual activities for example you go to prayer meeting but would consider that drudgery and would prefer not to and may not go at the same time the member shows attention and interest in secular topics and meetings and and have no problem staying at home from prayer meeting or watching television and. A 2nd sign at church members able to get to work on time daily but can't make it on time to Sabbath school notice the 3rd sign the member has time for news internet and hobbies but little time for Bible study and prayer and the 4 sign you observe is that the members of Vangelis stick for zeal and enthusiasm for present truth seems to be waning while a member may have lively discussions on sports and topics of the day with politics the member doesn't have much to say about the Bible or eternal life to his coworkers fellow students families or friends. And this and you know it the member has unwanted feelings of guilt when reading portions of the Spirit of Prophecy listening to convicting sermons or in the presence of spirit filled Christians the fist sign you note however is associated with a temporary false peace that people get whenever they give a give up the battle against self pieces. Because they are now getting their way you can see that by in 5 page 4154 I should say this is the false security of Laodicea and they may say they're rich become wealthy have need of nothing and do not recognize that they are wretched miserable poor blind in naked. Another sign frequent disagreements in arguments with members spouse or with family members the home is not a peaceful place there strife and contention that member complains and criticizes and has few expressions of praise and gratitude and thankfulness the member is often impatient with the spouse and family members unkind rude and cutting comments are made to others or of others immoral desires increase and there is a bondage to addictions. There are attempts to hide these addictions and they end a murder and then emerges a double life of deception and hypocrisy fits of anger occur and loss of temper there is independence of action and a rejection of authority can you recognise and diagnose the following 2 common signs in a parishioner do you know the most common cause of this disorder and do you know how to administer the only known curative treatment for this otherwise fatal disorder recently a close friend of mine developed apparently minor changes in behavior for example the individual had been a pattern of dependability but began to forget some appointments other changes occurred but their importance was not recognized until one day the symptoms suddenly worsened and became so severe that my friend was rushed to the emergency room an M.R.I. was ordered and a malignant tumor was found in the frontal lobe explaining the behavioral changes huge malignant tumor frontal lobe deficits from disease surgery medications or injury very they can be very subtle or they can be profound they can become so severe as to completely change the personality probably most of us are familiar with the widely publicized and classic story if any has Gage who had the injury to his frontal lobe pictured above it will change his it changed his behavior and his personality completely since it's so well known I'm not going to repeat it today but there is an interesting component to the story that is lesser known Dr John Harlow is the physician who followed Finney has a gauge and he published his findings in 848 in the Boston medical and surgical Journal now known as The New England Medical Journal. He had a subsequent follow up study but Dr Harlow's focus was not on the injury but was on the fact that this patient had survived he did note personality changes in here is final report in 1968 but it was just in passing it took another 2 decades before before Dr welt and then 3 years later Dr open higher connected the frontal lobe injury with personality changes. Many other studies have since been published in the medical literature connecting the frontal lobe to our thoughts and our actions. One I found very interesting was a study by Hugh jarvey a physician in Liverpool England the study was published in a British Medical Journal following World War 2 let me give you a little background for the study when soldiers were inducted into the army prior to World War 2 They were given special tests that included psychological and personality tests of course many soldiers had frontal lobe injuries from gunshot wounds during the war and after their maximal recovery they were retested and the results compared to their pre injury results on those psychological testing in the research indicated that certain permanent changes in behavior took place only when the frontal lobe was injured jarvey found that certain patterns of reaction were markedly present with frontal lobe injuries in only a minority of cases however one very interesting conclusion was that while many individuals did not have profound and striking changes that you see in a full frontal lobe syndrome there were many others with subtle personality changes. From frontal lobe damage these more subtle changes are the focus of our study together tonight let me just briefly review the fact that the frontal lobe is a key distinguishing human feature that Astley separating man from animals that's why an injury valving the frontal lobe is a serious on the screen you can see the frontal lobe of the lion the hyena and the Cody Monday which is a member of the record family when the spirit of prophecy speaks of the animal or lower nature or spall speaks of the carnal nature the flesh they are referring to this. Much less executive area of the brain as you might guess there is much less difference between the animals and man in this back part of the brain. Look at the forehead do you think this is the skull of a human or an ape if you guessed a pea you would be right since the forehead in cases and protects the frontal lobe you can infer from the scalp forehead the relative size of the frontal lobe we instinctively know this and this was recognized from ancient times the ancient Chinese sculptures of their gods typically had a very broad high forehead How do evolutionary artists attempt to portray early what they consider precursors to humans notice this exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History these are supposed to be evolutionary ancestors to humans but they're just a figment of an artist's imagination what is this artist portraying by the slanted receding forehead. The artist was attempting to Partridge way that animals have less frontal lobe than humans and he isn't magine in what's supposed missing links pre-humans might look like but moving from the make believe to the real what do you think Jesus forehead looked like notice inspiration's description of Jesus' forehead at the time of Christ trial before pilot. His forehead was described as read it with me broad and high Jesus had a good frontal lobe the Bible tells us that mankind was created a little lower than the angels since the frontal lobe separates humans from animals what part of the brain do you think separates man from angels you might surmise that they have a larger frontal lobe I believe that this may be true notice what it is said about angels speaking of the. Covering cherub his forehead was what high and broad showing a powerful intellect and again another statement his forehead was high and broad showing great intelligence Paul quotes some 85 that we just read in Hebrews 27 buck Paul quotes from the Septuagint you made him for a little while lower than the angels so we were a little while lower than the angels humans will not always be a little lower than the angels they will be equal to the angels Jesus says those who are counted worthy to attain the resurrection from the dead are what does it say equal to the angels being sons of the resurrection Luke $25.00 and $6.00 so heaven you see will not only bring us new bodies but thank the Lord it will bring us new minds with significantly enhanced frontal lobes. Grace elevates it right doing exults us no notice how sin degrades us into brute beast by attacking our frontal lobe sin mixes animals Jude 10 whatever they know naturally like brute beasts in these things they corrupt themselves the story of David and Goliath reveals that when you get the forehead you get the man in prophecy the forehead represents the frontal lobe the frontal lobe is where the battlefield for control of the mind takes place the Word of God is like the stone that David launched from his sling that kills the Giants that control or try to control our lives there is an interesting letter Ellen White wrote during her time in Austria it was about a former alcoholic letter at $4899.00 his family looked upon brother Hungerford as one who would not amount to much now notice what a prophet notice about this man that the family failed to see she said his forehead is large and broad He wasn't some prehistoric human he was a man he had a frontal lobe where the family saw no hope Jesus saw infinite possibilities because as humans we have a frontal lobe. And I could not see why a man she continues with such a head should be unable to support himself we supplied the family with clothing and food but this part of the program this part helping the family was now over that large head she concludes we believe will be of some account yet you see this. Man's natively gifted frontal lobe had been attacked by sin until his family saw no potential at all in him he was a drunkard and it seemed he must be forever in bondage to liquor but Grace had provided a way of deliverance in a manuscript Ellen White wrote manuscript 137899 brother Hungerford had a large and a large head in a broad well shaped forehead and had he always let looker alone he might have advanced in knowledge where did the alcohol attack the frontal lobe but something changed noticed the next sentence. He began to keep the Sabbath and when the begin to keep the Sabbath other things begin to change please don't miss the whole sentence when he began to keep the Sabbath he gave up everything like in temperance when did victory begin in Brother hunger for his life when he began to keep the Sabbath keeping the Sabbath is not a small thing the Sabbath is not something we can take or leave this is life changing that is why God gave us the Sabbath and when we spend an uninterrupted day every week with Jesus he changes us what happened when he started keeping the Sabbath he gave up everything like him temperance problems that had bound him for years begin to fall away what was happening to his frontal lobe it was healing the seal of God was being placed in his forehead What is the seal of God It is the Sabbath Where is it placed on the forehead What does it represent the forehead the frontal lobe. These are not simply abstract Biblical ideas these are changing us at the very cellular level they change our minds they change our brains he was thoroughly converted and said that he hardly knew himself so different was he from what he used to be you see when the frontal lobe is changed we are changed the bad news is that when sui sin the frontal lobe is changed and we are changed the good news is that when we respond to the Gospel God begins to restore the frontal lobe and we are changed we're new creatures keeping the Sabbath changes for places the seal of God on our forehead it takes more than a daily short period of devotions it takes more than an hour of church every Sunday to changes even an hour of church every Sabbath we need a full day each week of uninterrupted time with Jesus to restore manhood or our womanhood our human Hood the grace of God That appears to all man gives us the power to deny on godliness and were a little less and enables us to live soberly righteously and godly in the present age Titus $212.00 let's look again at the frontal lobe this is where the executive functions of the brain occur the executive functions are such things as motivation planning and social behavior they are also the seat of judgment in the home of the will it is the frontal lobe that gives us our interest in spiritual activities the frontal lobe has to do with a conscience. The ability to differentiate right from wrong selflessness recognition and appreciation of goodness. The desire to do right a hatred of evil all these things happen in the frontal lobe and when we damage our frontal lobe these executive a bunch of executive abilities and functions of the brain are lessened God designed the helmet of salvation to protect our foreheads from the assaults of Satan. The early studies of the frontal lobe are limited and fail to take into account the importance of the rest of the brain in these functions today however leading neuro scientist acknowledge that there is a wider brain involvement in frontal lobe problems and what yesterday was called frontal lobe syndrome today is more often called this executive syndrome here is an atrophied a frontal lobe This is from a disease called frontal lobe degeneration in this case it was a 61 year old former dentist during the evaluation he made a number of inappropriate comments to female personnel. His wife stated he says things he never would have before I guess his personality just changed and you should see how he goes for sweets now diet changed appropriate act wording changed as a dermatologist I found electro dermal activity studies to be quite interesting the Skins ability to conduct electricity can be measured and it is changed by sex things is the amount of sweat on our. The surface of our skin so researchers look at this electrical dermal activity. Dr Theodore Zhan and a team at Northwestern University Department Physical Medicine found that those with certain types of frontal lobe damage did not have a normal response to words or pictures compared to those without a frontal lobe lesion their frontal lobe lesions and injuries had changed their evaluation of the world around them the frontal lobe is responsible for problem solving motor function memory judgment impulse control and social behavior it is also needed for sold for goal directed behavior and frontal lobe problems show up with indifference to spiritual things disinhibition it's the absence of concern for the future argumentative an opinionated impatient demanding unkind anxiety and depression anger dishonesty and sexual focus let's review a familiar quotation. I wasn't sure insane as he was there and having a happy exalted angel then our Shaughnessy now is him as he now is he still bears a kingly form his features are still noble for he is an angel fall and but the expression of his countenance is full of anxiety care and happiness malice a mischief deceit an every evil that brow which was once a noble I particularly noticed right up here his forehead commands from his eyes to do what recede backward why. I saw that he had demeaned himself so long that every good quality was debased and every evil trait. Was developed. His eyes were cutting sly and showed great penetration his frame was large but the flesh on loosely about his hands and face loyal angels look like they did a 6000 years ago perhaps they look even better but we see that evil angels have aged they've developed wrinkles they have lost that youthful look this is what sin has to one being over time but now I want you to notice what sin does to a race of beings over generations Invision spiritual gifts Volume one page 50 to Adam was carried down through successive generations and saw the increase of crime of guilt and defilement because man would yield it meant man would yield to his naturally strong inclinations to transgress the Holy Law of God he were showing the curse of God resting more and more heavily upon the human race upon the cattle and upon the earth because of man's continued transgression he was shown that iniquity and violence would steadily increase yet amid all the tidal tide of human misery and while there would ever be a few who would preserve the knowledge of God and would remain unsullied amid the prevailing moral degeneracy. Adam was made to comprehend what sin is the transgression of the law he was shown that moral mental and physical degeneracy would result to the raise from France aggression until the world would be filled with human misery of every type of the days of man was shortened by his own cost of course a scene in transgressing the righteous law of God The race was finally so greatly depreciated that they appeared What does it say inferior and I'm glad for the next word. Almost valueless almost they were generally encompass the tent to appreciate the mystery of Calvary the grand and elevated facts of the atomic and the plan of salvation because of the indulgence of the carnal mind what do you need the frontal lobe to understand this and what do you need in the mind so that you can understand the Atomic the plan of salvation in the mystery of Calvary you need a frontal lobe a functioning frontal of yet notwithstanding the weakness and enfeebled the mental moral and physical powers of the human race Christ through to the purpose for which he left have and continues his interest in the feeble depreciated degenerate specimens of humanity and invites them to hide their weakness and great deficiencies in him if they will come unto Him He will supply all their needs Here's another interesting quotation on Satan's plan of attack this is for manuscript 897 manuscript 3 Satan's ear caught the words spoken by John the Baptist Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world and he determined he and I all the power of his army and of human beings with himself to accomplish the ruin of the race and how is he going to do this. He would commence with the appetite he would bring his temptations to bear upon this point and buy a pervert it outright tight destroy the mental and physical force and make man appear a revolting polluted being before his Maker and Satan has carried out his purpose researchers from the University of North Carolina Gilling School of Global health public health a found that 80 percent 88 percent of the United States adult population is metabolically unhealthy 88 percent. 88 percent of adults here in the U.S. have one or more abnormalities in the following indicators number one blood glucose number to try glycerin it's number 3 high density lipoprotein cholesterol number 4 blood pressure and number 5 waist circumference if adults can maintain optimal levels of these indicators without medication they are deemed metabolically healthy abnormalities in these metabolic health indicators are principally diet related although genetics accidents and disease can be the cause of some but what does this information me it means that have vast proportion of the adult population in our country is at great risk for developing diabetes heart disease stroke cancer and other dangerous health conditions that means pain disability financial stress premature aging and early death but there's something far more serious self-inflicted disagree 2nd is syndrome cry councils on health $577.00 eating has much to do with with religion eating has much to do with what with religion has to do with how we worship. This spiritual experience is what is the next word greatly affected by the way in which the stomach is treated greatly affected. Eating and drinking in accordance with the laws of health promote the virtuous actions but if the stomach is abused by habits that have no foundation in nature Satan takes advantage of the wrong that it's been done and uses the stomach as an enemy of righteousness so Satan the enemy of righteousness wants to use our stomachs in his battle against us and our frontal lobes. Creating a disturbance which affects the entire being ordered result the quotation continues sacred things are not appreciated spiritual zeal diminishes peace of mind is lost there is dissension strife and discord impatient words are spoken and unkind deeds are done but it gets worse dishonest practices are followed the end anger is manifested and all because the nerves of the brain are disturbed by the abuse heaped upon the stomach with this background let's really look at the clinic case we saw at the start of our study the member finds that church activities and meetings are less interesting than secular topics and meetings though the member can always be on time at work at 8 am The member finds it hard to arrive at Sabbath school at 930 or maybe even at church at 11 am the member has time for internet news hobbies sports but little time for daily Bible study and prayer. Though the member easily thinks and speaks of sports politics or other separate secular topics to others the member seldom thinks or speaks of God in home or work the member finds that reading the Spirit of Prophecy brings feelings of guilt to member experiences anxiety and may have periods of depression a member has frequent complaints is critical and I'm thankful there's dissension in the home and frequent arguments the members impatient with spouse and family and makes unkind and cutting remarks the member experience is immoral desires thoughts and practices and is in bondage to addictions which the member attempts to hide in his deceptive about the members church attendance and church activities are hypocritical attempts to hide the pollution of the soul there is anger. As a problem and rejection of authority this is mild this executive syndrome these are symptoms of a malfunctioning frontal lobe this is compatible with this disaffected of syndrome and its common brothers that sisters in the church councils in health page $575.00 those who indulge in mediating tea drinking and gluttony are sowing seeds for a harvest of pain and death the on healthful food placed in the stomach strengthens the appetites that war against the soul developing the lower propensities these habits are attacking the frontal lobe this is very important and we must be distracted a diet of flesh meat tends to develop animalism this is another way of saying this diet is weakening the frontal lobes that's what it's saying and development of animalism lesson spirituality rendering the mind incapable of understanding truth. The Bible points to the diet of the Jews as a major reason they rejected Jesus their table became a snare and a trap they stumble over the not denial of their appetite this made them incapable of seeing and recognize in truth that they careful abstemious diet of John could see readily their frontal lobes were not functioning properly and they were unable to recognize and appreciate the Messiah when he walked among them noticed the words of Paul David says let their table become a snare and a trap a stumbling block in a retribution for them let their eyes be darkened so they cannot see the issue is serious the salvation of our souls is at stake many who are now only half converted on the question of mediating will go from God's people to walk no more with them just as Daniel's diet determined his faithfulness our diet can now determine our future faithfulness it's a part of being prepared for the crisis the delicate organs of digestion should be respected this is a part of the 1st angel's message which calls for us to give glory to our Creator by not defining his creation and what when and how we eat. God cannot enlighten the mind of a man who makes a cesspool of his stomach when we regard iniquity in our hearts by cherishing the sin of a deprived appetite when we want him Lee hazard our own life by the way we eat he cannot hear our prayers he does not hear the prayers of those who are walking in the light of the sparks of their own kindling as a general rule we place too much food in the stomach how can we tell many make themselves uncomfortable by overeating and sickness is often the result. Many eat too rapidly others eat it one meal varieties of food that do not agree if men and women would only remember how greatly the afflict the soul when they afflict the stomach and how deeply Christ is dishonored when the stomach is abused they would deny the appetite and this give the stomach opportunity to recover its healthy action while sitting at the table we may do medical missionary work by eating and drinking to the glory of God in that wonderful every 7th day adventists can do medical missionary work simply by the way they eat at the table so let's return to the diagnostic challenge at the beginning of our study how do we treat this fatal disorder the problem cannot be cured by mere health education because the executive functions of the brain are unable to understand plan and execute why the diet what can we do careful attention should be given to those who are enslaved by evil habit we must lead them to the cross of Christ it was only by the most desperate conflict with the powers of Satan that Christ could accomplish his purpose of restoring the almost obliterated image of God in man and place his own signature appoint his forehead it was a desperate battle for Satan had so long worked in league with the human intelligence is as to almost completely intercept every ray of light shining from the throne of God upon the human mind the cross of Calvary alone could destroy the works of the devil in that wondrous sacrifice all eyes were called to be hold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world the love of Christ candles in the heart of all who continue to behold him there has been a continual backsliding in health reform and as a result. God is dishonored by great lack of spirituality is see these things are spiritual issues God calls upon every church member to dedicate his life unreservedly to the Lord service he calls for decided Reformation all creation is groaning under the curse God's people should place themselves where they will grow in grace being sanctified body soul and spirit by the truth and when they break away from all health destroying indulgences they will have a clear perception of what constitutes true godliness a wonderful change will be seen in the religious experience of the section that I've read I found as a result of preparing for this time together it's time to wake up to sleep and so I went through the Spirit of Prophecy seeking quotations to find about waking up and what I have just shared with you is a summary of this quote and it closes it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed the night is far spent the day is that hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light let us walk honestly is in the day not in rioting in drunkenness not in chambering in wantonness not in strife in anything but put She on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the less there are well that's what I want to do I want to do this weekend I want to make decisions to wake up from sleep. To allow God to restore my frontal lobe. I want to understand the message of the cross I want to understand the truth of the Atonement I want to understand Jesus so I can be like Him I know that's your desire to and that's your desire would you just stand with me and let's pray. There Lord we want to wake out of sleep we want to be alert so that we can help others be alert our frontal lobes are damaged and Satan wants to destroy them but we want that seal of God The restored frontal know what really makes us human and we pray that we will not allow. Entry is sin through our mouth that will harm our heads we will not allow entry of see in through our eyes that could harm our head we will not allow entry of sin through our ears they can harm our head and Lord you're going to have to take away the thoughts and memories that are already inside so through the power of Jesus through the wonders of the restored have Sabbath. That We've now entered in week and the hair the piece of it and the joy of righteousness. We thank you for hearing me answering this prayer for a smooth. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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