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Disunity in the Name of Unity

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia


  • January 26, 2019
    10:45 AM
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How about 6 weeks ago I received a message from my son in law Eric and he said would you characterise Spawn 2. To. A message on my Facebook page but the message wanted Eric wanted me to respond to was written by a good friend of mine and I haven't used Facebook for years but the message from Erica made me curious how I have a Facebook account. And so I had to look up what the password was found the password open Facebook sleuth around until I found the Facebook discussion and read the statement that my friend had made on Eric's Facebook page when I read this statement and when I read it to you please don't be critical of my friend we live in confusing times and the Facebook and tram about to read simply reflects that come to you shit it is a statement in the middle of a discussion on a controversial topic in the the statement My friend made couldn't have been more wrong it got me thinking about unity and hope it gets you thinking about unity as well here's what the friend I had written I believe if you look at the doctrine my friend is referring to our 7th Day Adventist fundamental beliefs they say that we do not discriminate according to gender my friend here is referring to fundamental admin a spliff number 14 on unity the problem many have you continued is that the policy of who can serve in certain positions which the women's ordination issue is a policy in spite of those who want to make it a doctrinal issue and that is not a statement to show a bias but is the reality so the doctrine which has higher authority in our church says one thing and policy says another. Now there are a lot of problems with my friend statement so I replied In other words our doctrine of unity justifies disunity Then says my friend was misinformed about 70 had been a Stockton's after waiting a few moments I added another reply our doctrines particularly fundamental belief $49.00 unity say nothing about discrimination according to gender it does not use the term discriminate or any of its cognates such an argument would make the 7th Day Adventist doctrine of unity teach that it is fine for a male to marry another male if we don't discriminate according to gender His response was quick that wouldn't be in harmony with number 23 was referring to Dr 23 about marriage and family. I replied but then you'd have doctor and against doctrine which belief would take precedence would we choose which one of those which would we choose which one of those 2 conflicting beliefs we accept to this statement he made no reply it comes as a surprise to many to see our fundamental belief on unity being used as a basis for disunity but as you can see in this Facebook exchange this argument is being made by some to justify the rejection of world church decisions and as a rationalist this argument may be it's being adopted and repeated right at this time God who 1st saw saw all things had the church in Gauge worldwide in a study of unity last quarter despite this study it should be obvious that the Biblical doctrine of unity is poorly understood by some and perhaps there is no more important or timely topic we could study together as a church family. But before we examine God's instruction on the topic of unity we should pray Father in heaven and I pray that your Holy Spirit will descend today you've said that at our convocations that's a time for your Holy Spirit to come you have said that it won't just coming. Because were assembled but in response to a request and I believe every one of us here this morning once the outpouring of the spirit and we pray that this morning that may happen we thank you for hearing me answering this prayer in Christ's name Amen as a physician I am particularly interested in in impressed with how the Bible compares the church to human body Paul says for as the body is one and hath many members and all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is Christ the thumb is not the eye the ear is not the know this and do we need diversity is unity needed in this diversity as they work together there are one I like how my favorite commentary on the book of Acts explains Christian unity speaking of the disciples the author says in order successfully to carry forward the work to which they have been called these men differing in natural characteristics and in habits of life let's hit the pause button right there for a moment we need to analyze the statement a little little bit what is a natural characteristic that's a natural characteristic it's built in it's in 8 to you you're born with it trees are naturally different than flowers rocks are naturally different from water is there a natural difference between a Labrador retriever and a Chihuahua. But this quotation is referring to people what are differing natural characteristics of people well there's tall people there are short people there's quiet people there's verbal people shy extroverted male female young and old. What is the difference between a natural characteristic and a habit of life habits are acquired we develop our habits we develop them from our parents our environment our choices and after mentioning the unique differences between individuals the quote continues by showing the unity that God designed should exist so let's Reread the quote in order successfully to carry forward the work to which they have been called these men differing in natural characteristics and in habits of life needed to come into unity of feeling unity of thought unity of action let's repeat those 3 areas of unity together unity of feeling thought and action come is God satisfied with a mere outward unity of action where there is disunity in feeling and thought I remember going to church one Sabbath and seeing a couple that came to the church and they seemed very happy but later that week they announced a divorce is that unity because they were together smiling in church unity unity a feeling thought an action is an organic unity and it changes the individuals completely God desires church to be something different. Far different than separate people who come together one or more times a year in chemistry we did experiments with oxygen an element that is essential for life oxygen is gas is odorless tasteless invisible we are surrounded by it by right now I drift into is a gas around us that's odorless and invisible you can mix them together but they still remain separate but when they're organically united together they become something completely different than the 2 separate gases this organic unity requires an xterm no power they can join together in this organic unity by themselves alone however once united there bonded together by strong forces and it makes it very difficult to pull them apart and this is the organic unity that God desires for his people something different than simply of a separate group separate individuals mixing but something that makes them into a different substance all together in unity this unity this organic unity of thought feeling thought and action it was read it with me Christ object to secure to this in he sought to bring them into unity with himself this is the catalyst that makes this organic unity happen what is true biblical unity unity of feeling thought and action and how does God bring this kind of unity into the church bringing the individual members into harmony with himself. Army with Christ Notice how this quote gives us an equation for a powerful church witness a successful church witness she says in order for them to be successful diversity in our individual god given innate characteristics diversity and our acquired habits combined with a unity of feeling thought and action will bring a powerful church witness explosive evangelist a growth look around the same story this morning. Do we meet the 1st criteria here in this room do we have a group of people with differing innate abilities and acquired habits we are halfway to a powerful area shaking world in packaging success in carrying forward God's work but do we have a group here this morning that is completely united in feeling thought and action generally churches are a mixture of people schools are a mixture of people like oxygen and hydrogen united in time and space but not organically united in feeling thought and action but as members become organically united in feeling thought and action they have a world transforming success in carry forward God's work so let's explore this a little deeper Can we pick our innate abilities did you put in the order before you were born and say I want to be born with these characteristics now but God did. Now our innate abilities are outside of our direct control and what is outside of my control is under God's control Jesus asked which of you by taking thought can add a cubit into his stature can we directly control our feelings can we wake up in the morning and say This morning I am going to feel happy all day feelings come and go and they change with the circumstances times a day hormones sleep all for all kinds of things beyond our choices will affect our feelings we don't know that today we will hear the news that a son or a daughter has been injured. We don't know that something won't happen to us we cannot control our feelings like our natural abilities they too are outside of our direct control finally our habits thoughts and actions can be controlled but all it would great difficulty and that's why unity is very rare few are willing to bring their thoughts actions and habits in the unity with others and that limits our ability to have a powerful church witness but there is something more basic still our thoughts control both our actions and ultimately our feelings Furthermore when thoughts feelings and actions are repeated they become habits so our thoughts determine our unity for thoughts determine the feelings the actions and the have it is a catch that. Repeated our thoughts determine our unity. For our thoughts determine our feelings our actions and our habits the poet said the mind is like a crowded street where phantom thoughts like people meet some hard at work some mylar some stay at home some wander far some thoughts wield power that ever lives a power that inspiration gives while others dwell with us a while then passes transient as a smile that's come and go these thoughts of ours some perfume Laden is the flowers while others see or a lives with blot blight and bring no pleasure or delight our thinking lifts us to the stars or seals our hearts with prison bars confers on us both joy and strife for as we think we fashion life the largest cave stalagmites since the lag tight in the world were made one drip at a time one drop of water repeated in our character is made one thought at a time unity comes one thought at a time the wise man observe that as a man thinks in his heart so is the one our thoughts are God's thoughts our ways will be God's ways it is the thoughts that the battle for unity occurs in the thoughts and until God controls our thoughts he cannot control our lives beyond us our unity are the members of the Godhead united in feeling thought and action a 1000 times yes do you think the loyal Angels work together in a unity of feeling thought and action. Is this type of unity possible in our homes with husbands and wives parents and children brothers and sisters all united in in feeling thought and action is such a unity possible in our schools with administration faculty staff and students united in feeling thought and action is such a unity possible in churches with pastors and with members united in feeling thought and action how does God bring this unity of feeling thought and action into our homes and into our churches he brings us into unity with himself and why do we lack unity of thought and action and feeling in our marriage our home our churches or our schools our thoughts are not united with Jesus thoughts Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus this means we will have the mind if we consent it's letting letting it happen do you think that when we have the mind of Christ will have the thoughts of Christ when we have the thoughts of Christ will we have a unity thought and action with Christ it's just automatic our thoughts changes and when we have the thoughts of Christ were changed into the image of Christ will be a like him when we have the mind of Christ we have unity of feeling thought and action with God We're not going to be arguing with God desire of Ages $668.00 if we consent he will saw him it dent to find himself with our. Thoughts and aims so blend our hearts and minds in conformity to his will that when obey Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses Philippians $315.00 Therefore let us as many as are mature have this mind and if any thing you think otherwise and if in anything you think otherwise God will reveal even this to you thinking like Jesus is Christian majority and that is unity with him but when we think like Jesus we will feel like Jesus to us and we will act like Jesus does how do we develop Christian maturity 2nd Corinthians $104.00 and $5.00 for the weapons of our warfare are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing read it with me every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ sin has not simply gained a foothold in our lives it is made strongholds and these are the sins that so easily be set us but these strongholds that we cannot conquer on our own can be conquered through the might of God he can pull down these strongholds I hope everyone here has read the book administering. It puts the Bible's instruction into such a practical form known as Page 179 the cause of division and discord in families and in the church is separation from Christ separation from Christ means not thinking like Christ thinks to come nearer to Christ is to come near to one another thinking like Christ doesn't separate is it unites us. And the secret of true unity in the church and in the family is not diplomacy not management not superhuman effort to overcome difficulties though there will be much of this to do but what is it union with Christ a couple weeks ago I took a Greek intensive. Or more than 100 of us actually 180 of us reviewing the basics of Greek so that we can read the Bible in the original Greek most of their of us were there simply because we wanted to do this on our own. There were 3 physicians several business people a couple homeschool moms. A retired Navy officer a number of pastors but there were 25 in the class who were there because they flunked Greek and passing Greek was necessary for their graduation and going on into the work that they had chosen and one sat next to me who had failed Greek twice and here he was taking this intensive to try again he was working so hard to pass it seemed to be a life or death for him and I could relate to this because before we could get into medical school we had to do well in organic chemistry an organic unity is the prerequisite in the school of Christ it is something we must possess in order to enter heaven and it is our toughest subject now Greek may be easy for you you may find that organic chemistry is a breeze but unity is a tough glass and it takes the master teacher to get is through and some of us need a lot of remedial help. God brings men over the ground again and again increasing the pressure until perfect humility and a trans formation of character bring them into harmony with Christ and the spirit of heaven. Don't be discouraged when you repeat this class again and again we all need to has there ever been a time when the members of the Christian Church final a master of the subject and came in the unity of feeling thought and action they were united with Christ and with Heaven has ever been a time yes when was that panic us and now you're going to see that unbeknown to me or the Sabbath school teacher he was introducing the sermon today he didn't know but God did behold the scene of Pentecost someone 33 Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity it is like the precious oil upon the head running down on the BE HEARD THE BEARD of Aaron running down on the edge of his garments Pentecost was a time of unity in feeling thought and action and what does the Bible say illustrated the unity of Pentecost Aaron's ordination service as Paul says every high priest is ordained and the ordination service was designed brothers and sisters to illustrate unity let's look at Aaron's Ordination Service together Exodus $2094.00 through 7 and Aaron and his 2 sons yourself bring to the door of the tabernacle of meeting and usual wash them of water. Then you should take the garments put the tunic on Aaron in the robe on the of the if in the breast plate and gird him with the intricately woven bond band of the usual put the turban on his head and put the Holy Qur'an on the turban and you shall take the annoying thing oil put it on his head and anoint him now how many of you have been to an annoying thing service where and seriously ill individual was anointed most of you well many of you how many have not. A number of you those of you have been to an annoying thing service How is the oil placed on the head of the one being annoying did well they take a tiny little jar of oil with a tiny drop of oil from that tiny little jar and they place it on the head of the one being anointed maybe put in a little cotton and put it on their There's various ways I've seen it but is this an accurate representation for errands it's fine for a annoying thing of sick but was this what happened with Aaron's and 90 how did God tell Moses to anoint Aaron he was to pour it on his head and what happened to that oil Moses poured on air instead it is like the precious oil upon the head running down the beard the beard of Aaron running down an edge of his garment what did Aaron's ordination service of Aran. Ordination Service represent the ordination service of Jesus in Heaven the outpouring of the Holy Spirit after Jesus ordination service concluded in heaven the outpouring of a. Of the Holy Spirit in heaven flowed down to the edge of Christ's garments represented the Holy Spirit. Which was poured out so abundantly in heaven there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in heaven. Focus had never the Pentecostal experience on earth was just a few drops of the Pentecostal experience on the angels in heaven they had never had such an experience my wife read me a very interesting quote that I want to share with you about Pentecost and I think about it Angelus then came down and they were all excited about spreading the gospel throughout the world this is 3 S.P. 255 had the track of Christ to heaven been revealed to the disciples in all its inexpressible glory they could not have endured the sight had they beheld the myriads of angels and heard the bursts of triumph from the battlements of heaven as the everlasting doors were lifted up the contrast between that glory and their own lives in the world a trial would have been so great that they would hardly have been able to again take up the burden of their earthly lives prepared to execute with courage and faithfulness the commission given them by their savior so it was in God's mercy that they didn't see what was happening in heaven it goes on even the comforter the Holy Ghost which was sent to them would not have been properly appreciated nor would it strengthen their hearts sufficiently to bear reproach can totally imprisonment and death if need be you see those early Christians at Pentecost could only handle drops of oil from heaven do you suppose that's true for us today as well God desires that those oil drops from the ordination service of Jesus in heaven drip on us today. Those will those drops will fall on us when our thinking brings us into a wonderful unity of feeling thought and action with others let's look at what brought the unity of thought X. 113 they went up into the upper room where they were staying the 1st then less the names of the 11 disciples with the women and Mary the Mother of Jesus with his brothers and then it says the very familiar passage. That were aware of these all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication What were they praying about what were they asking for I saw something last week in an oft quoted verses Scripture that I had never noticed before Matthew 181920. Again I say to you that if 2 of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask it will be done for them by my father and having forward 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I am there in the midst of them notice the passive cross closely it starts with an agreement unity God promises for group prayer is based on group unity how many individuals are required for this verse to be fulfilled 2 can you have unity with less than 2 people some of us are even unified with ourselves. But this takes unity of 2 people at least but do you need the entire church or your entire family to begin with one person. Can you find one other person that you have unity in feeling thought and action is starts with one you but that grows to 2 and that too grows to 3 and the 3 can become for unity break success to the work of God. Were there many Israelites carried captive with Daniel in the babbling a lot were most of them united within no no and the Bible reveals Daniel's thoughts that United him with Christ it says he purposed in here is the heart that's thought his thoughts were not captive to babble and they were captive to the Word of God and the Word of God taught him to think about diet like God digs about diet. And then another joined him and another and then another until there were 4 individuals that were united in feeling thought and action but it began with Daniel and they were diverse then it was a prophet the other 3 were not and God gave them success in advancing the work of God then you are to reveal Veals that they stayed united in prayer in Chapter 2 they kneeled United Lee in chapter 3 they stood united way in the 1st chapter they had Daniel a prophet to support them but by chapter C 3 we see that their thoughts producing feelings and actions had become habits that united them and even when Daniel was unable to be with them they remained united in the furnace it was manifest that Jesus was with them all along and the unity with Jesus that brought control to the thoughts of governing their lives brought success to the work of God just to is all it takes and that is all you need don't complain about the ununited many become a United few. But I want to look at Jesus' instruction a little more closely what can we pray for concerning any thing unity gives us access to God united Lee We can ask God about any thing but notice is the word anything singular or plural is a singular plural it's singular. So the 2 or 3 that are praying together are united Lee praying about one thing that is what the English says and the Greek is even more clear about this as well now Ellen White didn't know Greek can either do you and I. But the Holy Spirit that inspired Matthew inspired her to notice this quotation Letter 45897 the encouragement is given that if 2 or 3 shell agree uniting together to ask the Lord in prayer for any one thing he will give it to us this helps us to understand United prayer we are not just getting together a few people to pray together you bought Aunt Molly and me about Arkell Ted No that's good but that's not the prescription and the promise of Jesus in Matthew 181-918-1020 if you want powerful answers to prayer and have a burden for one thing find someone else who shares the same feeling thought and then unite in the action of prayer in his god who unites you in this thing and as you pray United lay the feelings and thoughts and actions become even more united and this type of united prayer storms the gates of heaven and moves the arm of omnipotence this helps us to understand United prayer we are praying together about one thing which is uppermost in our mind we are united in feeling thought and in our actions and that's what happened in the upper room. The disciples became more and more united over this 10 days of their feelings and desire for the Holy Spirit in their thoughts desiring the Holy Spirit in their actions of prayer until 120 different diverse individuals were united in prayer for one thing the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. And that church on earth was united with the church in heaven the angels had just experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and they were anxious for that to happen to the Church of the earth as well and the Holy Spirit could now be poured out what the Church on earth wanted the church to receive the church in heaven wanted to give speaking of the Scripture verses we are studying Ellen White wrote Christ here shows that there must be a union with the there is even in our desires for a given object and great importance is attached to the United prayer of the union of purpose there must be an agreement in the things which they desire and for which they pray now we should know 3 things that keep us from Unity 14 M.R. 177 1st there are among us more who are merely nominal Christians than many suppose these are not connected with Christ are not one with him and therefore do not feel that it is incumbent on them to answer the prayer of Christ that his followers may be one too but some who are real believers catch the spirit of contention notice that the spirit of contention is contagious they catch it and they can catch it from nominal Christians they can catch it from other believers they can catch it from the media we don't want to catch cold we don't want to catch the spirit of contention. Desire Of Ages $353.00 His Holy Spirit will influence the mind and heart so that their voices shall not catch the notes of the baying of the wolves those are contentious notes 3 some are ever seeking to be original to bring out something new and startling and they do not realize as they should the importance of purse of varying of preserving the unity of the faith in the bonds of love 3 problems nominal Christians real believers of caught the spirit of contention and those seeking to be original new and startling What is a nominal Christian notices from councils and teachers page $326.00 the standard of piety is low among professed Christians generally and it is hard for the young to resist the worldly influences that are encouraged by many of the next 2 or church members many church members the majority of nominal Christians while they profess to be living for Christ are really living for the world what controls the thoughts of the members will control the homes of the members and what and the thoughts that control the homes of the members will soon or later seek admission into the Church of the members and you can see from the church what controls the majority in the home and thus the thoughts of the world may gain entry into some churches and the world's feelings actions and habits ideas standards and enmity against God can enter churches under a cover of piety they do not discern the excellence of heavenly things that takes a good frontal lobe as we saw last night and therefore cannot truly love them. Many profess to be Christians because Christianity is considered honorable they do not discern that genuine Christianity means cross bearing and their religion has little influence to restrain them from taking part in worldly pleasure that's a nominal Christian can a nominal Christian be united with the godly cross bearing Christian now they are united to the world and the cross bearing Christian is right united to the one who bore the cross for them Jesus Christ some can enter the ballroom and unite in all the amusements which is affords and what's a ballroom that's a place where people dance some can go to a dance and they can participate in the dancing others cannot go to such lengths as is yet to as this yet they can attend parties of pleasure picnics shows and other places of worldly amusement is the list of places of worldly amusement a long list yes today through the media Internet television video our homes can become places of worldly amusement you don't have to leave your living room to go to the theatre you don't have to leave your home to go to a dance hall or other places of worldly amusement does worldly amusement bring my thoughts into captivity to Christ or into captivity to the world does the entertainment of the world bring me into unity and conformity with Christ or unity in conformity to the world let's finish the quotation and the most discerning I would fail to detect any difference between their appearance and that of unbelievers What do they appear like the same dress the same talk the same do the same. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck it's a duck. You see our secret thoughts are exposed by our open actions and the nominal Christian opens the gates of his ears and eyes to the world and the world enters his mind and seizes control of his thoughts and then through the strongholds of thoughts the world will increasingly control the words the actions the dress and the Portland of the once active Christian now a nominal one when I was growing up you could recognize us 7th Day Adventists in a group of people that you'd never met before you might be out at the airport. And you'd see somebody say that's a 7th Day Adventist and you go up it was the 7th Day Adventist I would know this person was an Adventist by their dress by their demeanor by their conduct they had the likeness of Christ they were beholding today you can go to some administrators and you can't tell who is a man minister if the world around they can see no difference between me and those who are living for the world I am on a nominal Christian in a a nominal 7th Day Adventist when the most discerning I would fail to detect any difference between my AM parents my lifestyle my behavior and the behavior of unbelievers I'm a nominal Christian but the quote in 14177 shows that unity isn't just lost because of nominal church members how do real blood believers hinder unity real believers can hinder unity by catching the spirit of contention this day with God page 111 let the husband and wife remember that they have burdens enough to carry without making their lives wretched by allowing differences to come in those who give place to little differences in vibrate say in into their homes. Would this be true of how we can invite Satan into our churches is this true of how we can invite Satan into our schools letting little differences come in the spirit to children catch the spirit of contention over mere trifles would this be true in the church what would be the result evil and its agencies do their part to make parents and children disloyal to God. Given we can seminars at churches and had parents come with Pray about their children and I visited some of those children and said now. Why are you not a 7th Day Adventist you believe it yes. But we watched and this is particularly. True of some who are some of us who are more conservative we watched in the hall and they were arguing over this and that others would come in argue over this or that we don't want to have any part of that we've looked at nominal Christians contentious believers but what was the last way mention we can keep unity from welling in our homes and churches seeking sensational This also keeps unity out of the borders of the church because they keep Jesus outside the borders of the church and those who are not content with the clear message we have been given and want something new and strange to prison and are bringing in disharmony there those the push their ideas of Daniel 11 certain prophetic ideas in time setters all bring unnecessary controversy and break the unity of the church 3 catalysts for disunity nominal Christians within the Church real believers have become contentious sensation seekers. As we approach near and near the end God has told us what type of unity there will be in the church the unity will not be with anybody and everybody that's not God's plan his promise or his purpose as trial stickin around us what will come into our ranks separation and even today will both take place in our ranks it happened with the Israelites in Babylon Daniel and his friends had a bond of unity but this made a separation with the other as real light to let Bablon shape their thoughts and bring their feel and their feelings actions and habits. Bringing those in to unity with the Babylonian diet and lifestyle and when there was a deaf degree and the choice was between the worship of the image and death by burning the majority of Jews were separated from Christ separated from the few and United faithful and the majority chose the worship of the image fellow believers our thoughts today will determine our choices tomorrow and those of that great light and precious privileges and who have not improved them will go out from us under one pretext or another for all will be tested this is why it's so important to understand unity there's a test coming and even if you are not a student at this school if you're a student at this school you know there's a test coming but even if you are not a student at the school if you are a member of the 7th Day Adventist Church if you are a Christian there is a test coming and God wants you to be prepared for that test to be studying for that this he wants to prepare you for that test he wants you to pass these even given you the questions only those who are becoming united will be prepared for the Final Crisis. For only the unified will remain in the church not receiving the love of the truth they will be taken in the delusion of the enemy they will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and will depart from the faith for those who have received the love of the truth our doctrine of unity does not and will not unity. Exult unity above truth it will exalt truth above unity truth is the very basis of unity no wonder David was inspired to us pray let the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in your eyes Oh Lord my strength when we have him in when we are in organic unity with God and our thoughts are an echo of God's thoughts we will be an organic unity with all who are in unity with him where can we find God's thoughts working we receive God's thoughts the Word of God prayerfully studded who will be those who will remain the remnant if the Word of God is made an abiding principle in our lives everything with which we have to do each word each trivial act will reveal that we are subject to Jesus Christ that even our thoughts have been brought into captivity to him if the Word of God is received into the heart it will empty the soul of self-sufficiency and self dependence our lives will be a power for good because the Holy Spirit will fill our minds with the things of God the religion of Christ will be practiced by us for our wills will be in perfect conformity to the will of God search the Scriptures. No other book will give you such pure elevating ennobling thoughts from no other book can you obtain a deep religious experience when you devote time to self-examination the humble prayer to earn a study of God's Word the Holy Spirit is near to apply the truth to your heart this is how we are not part of the foolish virgins but the wise versions this is how the Holy Spirit. We did it in our lamp the Bible in the Bible alone is to be the rule of our faith it is a leaf from the tree of life and by eating it by receiving it into our minds which will grow strong to do the will of God If we do not receive the religion of Christ by feeding upon the Word of God we shall not be intitled to an entrance into the City of God I want that entitle mint don't you having lived on earthly food having educated our taste to love worldly things we could not appreciate the pure heavenly current that circulates in heaven Jesus said without me you can do nothing living in Christ and hearing the cry supported by Christ drawing nourishment from Christ we bear fruit after the similitude our likeness of Christ we live and move in Him we are one with him and one with the father in the name of Christ as glorified in the believing child of God This is Bible religion and therefore that's the religion I want that's the religion I want to be unified with Christ and others with that religion is that your desire. Open your hymn books and will saying I would be your savior holy vine I'm not sure what they number of that is I would be dear Savior holy vine that will be our closing. Song and we want to sing that as a as our testimony as our prayer as our commitment Father in Heaven you have seen our commitment may it not be idle words for a month thinking mind the Lord we want to be holy. That we can be holy in unity unity with you and holy in unity with each other I pray that this week as we go about our activities you will direct our thoughts so that the expressions of our face the tones of our voice will be a conviction to others of the sweetness and joy of Jesus in the heart. And we just command our lives to you we thank you for being willing to accept us in Christ to. 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