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The Promises for the End Time

Joong Ho Shin


  • January 27, 2019
    8:45 AM
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Severe Hurricane Andrew in 1982. Category 5 and category 5 is the wind part 175 miles in all 4 and they did a lot of damage in Florida but this time the thought in this West Coast and that beach area that area people. Are saying this hurricane is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico is going to go someplace else it had been done usually. But it didn't and they knew that hoary Cain will come and some point so they are prepared but they did not know when and what color in the force is going to come but this one landed boom care there will be $454.00 mm Meyers an hour this building after it is over is stood if you look at or around the houses homes they are leveled the very next door to here's was just cement slab that's all they can see when they're all of this building Dr Leckie and his uncle Mr King when they built it 2 years ago they want to build it this their beach house to last long for generations so what they did was they built it all over way over the building called. Now on the west coast of Florida east coast they're building called is the new buildings the most with the stand the year when the speed of $175.00 Mars but on this side east coast they lower than 130120 However this Dr Leckie and his own core that we don't want to do that you want to build the way over or they want to build there too with a stand when the spirit of 250 Mars and over now in the 11 years of a category measuring the hurricane Category 5 is the top there is no category 6 maybe in the end time we may see Category 6 so they pelted to withstand over 250 miles per hour and also they built. That house of wall of the ground you see the the piling there's 40 foot piling they put go on the ground and then that space is that when the holy cane comes day nor that this wave comes in how are so there's a why they built it at the time when it happened the doctor Leckie was in Pennsylvania I believe 400 miles away and watching from the security camera they installed in that house watching those who when the Scrushy by and he was really. As stated whether this home is going to with the stand so he drove down and he saw the house very little damage can you see the next house and how it is compare it with that and other places in the same vision look at those them as us it's all bad. They built it more than the building called is asking far more look at you handouts great controversy Chapter 39 the time of the trouble almost to the last passes over that chapter you heard this one before the time of trouble such as never was he says what soon. Open upon us and we shall need an experience which we do not now possesses and which many are too in the month $2.00 to $1.00 in the month to obtain it is often the case the trouble is a greater in anticipation then in reality you know finally is coming you prepare you create a myth and you do or are of the other snap to where However this war is as what but this is not true of the crisis before us the most vivid the presentation cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal so how can it do so Jesus is coming when he is a coming when the Gospel is riches as a witness to all can driven through in people and Christ of their less pages 69 says what the she did want Christ is waiting with the law. For the manifestation of who Himself Jesus Christ in all in his church we are now his church when the character of Christ the shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own he will come when our character is perfectly reproduced so how do we do that in this day with God page $263.00 says we are all forming character for Haven't the same pages describing character of Jesus Christ never more with your here in this complication I believe you never a moment you never thought of this content displeasure or resentment how do you do which then how do we reach them like Christ Christ's. John 1315. I have given you an example his or example so what do you do these are always is P.G.D. 3 in the family a quotation in the Be well for us to spend the thoughtful hour or each week there what is US is there or was in the paper each what not also we are on Sabbath. Each day in contemplation. What contemplation what is contemplation meditating think hard. The life of Christ we should all take it point by point then let the what even engine nation grass a beach scene is especially the closing one's imagination we should use imagination at the time of when Jesus was in a similar praying on the cross when he was lamenting in deep sorrow when he was being crucified imagine as if we were there. Imagine. The people what kind of people were there are you one of them the can you see whether. In the mid afternoon. What kind of a smile you can spare a thought from them on plussing next paragraph let us in imagination go back to their scene and as we sit with the disciples on the mountain side so more on the mound enter into the thoughts and feelings that filled their hearts and thoughts and feelings were for the character so let's look at the promises and look at the back page P.H.P. on the left side is. Some 18 to the fall there are no these my what and my. And my my God my strength in whom I trust my Buckland the horn of my celebration and my high tower our call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised so surely be saved from mine animists this is a promise so what do you do with this promise. We have this paper handy in our pocket for the how do we make this promise as our own so we can recall any time we needed. Was the answer. All memorize how do we memorize there is no other way we have to memorize. The cases memorization process number one what does it say work on one verse at a time just one verse read the verse quietly 20 times are you sure why do we say our loud 20 times. So we can hear and also we use our. Mouth and tongue and we see in so more senses we use the better impression to us 30 if you write it the same time the better you write it say or loud see and you hear how many times 20 times so it takes a little time Number 3 read the verse allow the once then speak the verse once from memory so you work on it you memorized your doctrine Sabbath doctrine a state of the doctrine and you memorize one verse and then from read aloud that was and then from your memory repeated 10 times this number to the or number 3 number for the verse without mistake 5 times in a row then you are ready for the next pile worse. Important thing is that you have to I need to set a goal or I'm going to spend how many minutes how often I'm going to spend 5 minutes 5 minutes isn't are going to work maybe 20 minutes to start memorizing if you're serious about it if you want to stand like that so in 20 minutes increases depending on your desire and then you review it each week how did I do it but the same day did I do this one we're not setting a goal if you don't serve or it's not going to work I'm going to do it from tomorrow morning before my morning devotional time as I begin our spend 20 minutes for memorization is that the good call say yes if we don't do it it's not going to happen as we begin our morning devotion time as Jesus did Luke Mark 135 Christ are all in the morning way before the on here and now so we are Christian we want to be like Christ so we will follow his example he said what I have set an example so you memorize it on here early it becomes this morning I said this at 5 o'clock chance 316 when whatever the worst you memorize becomes like you can decide just like John 316 that you review it once a month and then after that once is 6 months and you have to use it. Whenever the time comes the best way to memorize Bible verses for us to become a pastor or by will work or or medical missionary So we use poverty words all the time so as we memorize it and the purpose of memorization is there for us to become like Christ as we meditate to paragraph of that is what meditation or live morning often found Him Jesus Christ in some secluded the place meditating switching the scripture or in prayer is all a morning sought our life daily life all in the morning if you start late we are going to be in trouble so you remember. King David he had a problem with. One of the young lady young woman taking a bath and if you look at the Scriptures he laid in the afternoon gravel in the morning and the next paragraph says a meditation and prayer are necessary to growth in grace. To meditate upon his character the next one in steps the cries page 7 this is precious let the mind of the world open his love to the Law Love of Jesus Christ open his beauty the perfection of his character Christ in is self denial Christ in his humiliation Christ in his a purity and holiness Christ in his bachelor's love this is the subject for the or so contemplation. When you meet with the person you're interested in to keep her they open say what what am I going to complain contemplate where they were going to be thinking meditate have them to read the Gospel and there is his self-denial why so that way we will become like Jesus Christ who had so much self-denial compassion kindness that's the life that we need to contemplate in the next Eliza's it is a by loving him copying him depending on holy or porn him so we need have a Here is the patience of the sense here or there they keep the commandments of God and the face of Jesus Revelation 14 for so we need have a faith of Jesus His face was he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane let this cup has from me but not by my will but carry all of it a complete trust complete faith faith of Jesus so that you have to be transformed into His likeness we need to experience transform Asian everyday how do we do them she gave us the for me alone how we need we can be transformed every day so I'm looking at the page one. 4th paragraph from the bottom. So with all the promises of God's word are you there in the. He is who is here God is speaking to us individually so this promises as we read and memorize and meditate he is speaking to us individually speaking to speaking as a directly as if we could listen to his voice so if you go down to the 2nd promise in the plot says. So tonight I am 9 through 12 The law also will be a refuge for the Oprah's or refuse in times of trouble. Sources low this is speaking to was in the vision. As if we could listen to his voice or a wonderful promise in his in these promises that Christ communicates to was his grace and power so through this promise we are being changed because he gives us the power that's why it is meditation and prayer meditating is worth and praying over it is necessary to growth. So I know some of you have done the praying scriptures never heard of it how many of them never heard of the praying scriptures so you go back to some 18 to the fall. This is what the Lord is my rock my fortress and my deliverer my God my strength in whom I will trust my buckler and the whole of my Servatius are my height our our call open the Lord who is worthy to be praised so shall I be saved from mine enemies if you flip the pages there is a prayer is what I praise you Lord as beginning of your prayer that you are my high power that I can run through in my distress the troubles I face of overwhelming the enemy wants to overcome me and bring me to the spear but you are my deliverer our hope in you that's an example Isaiah 411013 fear their own family one fear their own. The being this way. I will strengthen the yea I will help the yea our O.-Port the with the right hand of my righteousness. And how do you pray I praise you know that I don't need to be fearful about the future once you know this example you can make it your own right a God gave was so creative in mind with the copy of this one all the time this is the start or beginning so every promise in fact all the Scriptures when you memorize the promises is specially you can say prayer. The next one down the line Joshua 2311 man of the usual chase a 1000 for the Lord your God He is that fight for you and he has what promised you praise the Lord I don't have to fight him you're fighting for mean I'm so bless you're my God because of your promise you won't be fighting for me today I'm going on with a joy in my heart and tackle to this challenge whatever the challenge Satan and his evil angels throw at me that's the praying scriptures just to use the word and praise the Lord I thank you for this promise or the right side 2nd from the bottom look 2115 do you see there for the time of trouble at the end this is what our give you mouth and wisdom which all of your adversaries are Charlotte be able to gain say no more trust Christ triumphant You can see the page 2 or hand. This is going back and forth between the 2 sheets in front and back page so that you don't get to sleep wake up every 2nd paragraph he says look 2115 is coded so it will be again the 7th Day Adventist will fight the battle over the 7th day sabbath Christ. Told his disciples that they would be delivered of to counselors but he told them also that they were not to be anxious as to how they might vindicate the truth for here the give them a mouth and wisdom that all their adversaries could not gainsay or resist. So he will give us the wisdom and mouth what to say of say the condition even though the spell of doubt we need have a something in my you know memory something to say if with them put it then you can open your mouth nothing will come out so we have to prove. What his worth scriptures we have to put it in so we memorize scriptures. It becomes very handy so your there at the Council you defend your Sabbath how do you do that why do you go to church on Saturday sir why not because it is a part of the commandment bar I say because Jesus kept the Sabbath Can you show me from the Bible yes I can I know in my bible is on the Roy side in the corner at the bottom and then he calls to the next page that they are going to buy either so where is it is I know is in the gospel so those people who came those of you came in the morning so where is it this is only a few couple of hours ago so look for 16 is as one and he came to naturist Jesus as his custom was that's the important part. Where he had a brother in the Hazaras and as is Custer was he when in the city Argo and on the Sabbath day on the service they stood up for to read their vision look for 16 but he died all the commandments the nailed it on the cross then what he said he died but here kept it when he was alive and you say what good question I'll give you my pastors number and call him I'll give you my Bible teacher pastor low pairs we read his number good question but you know that the method 24 signs of the 2nd coming by the way D. What chapter is it in acts of those about the commandments are we sure the No that is chapter what Chapter 20 X. is 20 right 7th come in the month is is 3 leaven so in Matthew $24.00 you are talking about the size of his coming and look at verse 20 what does he say what does he say but pray that your flight be not in the winter neither on the 7th day he is talking about one after he was resurrected and went through the haven't one after all he says What is this by Will meaning those in his say that we should in our keeping the wish to keep it after he died on the Cross says keep. What 1st was a. Verse. 21 chapter so after 24 that I think all of you know Chapter 24 met his 2nd coming signs of a 2nd coming so have some kind of. Way that you can memorize this bar verses by the way is very interesting 20 and commandments Sabbath commandment is very interesting I'll just give you one more go to Zeke hero chapter what one chapter are we talking about in Exodus commandement within what Chapter 20 so when you go through easy care what chapter we should go 20 and what 1st we should go what does this say in verse 21st 20. And hello my 7th and they shall be a sign between me and you that Emain know that I am the LORD your God It is not Jewish Sabbath Garces is my Sabbath in the report but this is this is not Verse 20 body if you go back there is another verse in the same chapter verse 12 so there's just the extra you can think about so he says here go back to Page Number one through the from the bottom in daily study though one method verse by verse method is often often most helpful let the student take one verse how many verses. One verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into the 1st for him and then the one open the thought until it becomes you're all in my own. On till you really are and then you go and I finish the my daily do you call them until we're reading Bible I'm done rather than take the Bible verse read write it on your small paper or in your small for that type in the note section. And whenever you have time open either oh that's the one I was thinking about this morning think about it and that's what Jesus is there so therefore I need to do it but I cannot do it Lord strengthen me with your strength so I can do for your glory so when we do that by his the strength when we see when we meet Jesus will say Praise the lord thank you Jesus if we do it on my all strength we may not even get there even if we get there when we see Jesus who are just gone walking by because we are nothing to thankful for with it on my way my own strength so we need to continuing experience how we depending on him wholly in everything so when we gain that experience we know the end when and time comes time of trouble comes we have that experience there we can go back although I was in the trouble. I resided this promise he says few down are for I am with you I recall that that bible verse when I was in trouble prayer can many years ago but I do know that he came through for me so this time when that happens I know he will come through Christianity is the experience your religion. We need to experience we need to experience Barbara vs especially promise the Bible verses in our daily life so they we can recall oh this is how we helped I know he will help me from the experience students knows that in the when home Vesper comes when they come to my home they will get a good meal because they know from the experience my wife is a good cook if they don't experience it. They marry and have heard the word but they don't know how good the various But when the experiences they are longing for next home Vesper time experience we need to know PAGE ONE this handle when you go home take these promises and read Contempo late heavily but there is a contempt to velly and prayer flea and each verse and stop and each world if you do not understand that word to word the study in if you do not understand. Spend some money and get Bible Dictionary or go to local library if you don't have a computer and Google. Or does the town when you call your bible teacher or your pastor what is this word if you don't have a strong concordance then you can ask him what is this man in or is it a word in Hebrew so Greek and they'll be happy to explain it each verse and each word stop talk yourself and let the word sin creen in other wars the world in your heart let the words of Christ the world in you and which leave any and all wisdom to well. Let the student we all student we are student in the schoolroom Christ let the student take one verse and concentrate the mind of the ascertaining the thought that God has to put into the 1st for him that the World Open the thought until it becomes his own the last 2 lined there in page one while the world is progressing in Wicked The ness none of us neither flatter ourselves that we have no difficulties but it is this very difficulties that bring us into the audience chamber of the most high we may seek counsel of one who is infinite in wisdom Let's go through the eyes here 2623 that is read the bible of the boy or at the beginning of this presentation Isaiah 2620 or 262-025-2627 book of Isaiah so many words the in that time in that time in their time. I was there is definitely talking about but part of the day of the Lord when He is coming in Isaiah alone in their time is described in 43 times of course is a thick book 66 chapters but this is many board in $25.00 there is a of favorite 1st verse $25.00 verse 9 and he should be said in that they alone this is all God we have waited for him and he will save us are we waiting for you or don't come now this is the Lord we have waited for him will be glad and rejoice in celebration. 20 six's starts out in that day shall this song be sewn in the land of Juda and 26 percent 20 that's the one we're interested in. Come my people he says Come So What Should You Do we should go says calm he says I don't want to go I can do it the barber says come Jesus earth and that 1128 come on to me or the labor and the heavily of them and he will give you rest who will give him a rest he knew. Nobody not a little child a little baby they always see for Mom's bosom because when they go there they know they have a peace there will rest they don't go to dad there is no peace there they can I rest always go to marm. So we need to go to Jesus because Jesus says come on to me then I will give you rest if you don't come to me what you don't have a rest so is there's I was here 2620 says calm my people enter on to die chambers. The secret place is talking about holy places the 7 candlestick and there is a show. He will show up and then author of incense you're right in the middle of the Word of God Holy Spirit and you pray that's the secret chamber so we need to start this century 7th Day Adventists the people over century so come my people enter down to die chambers and shut our doors about the how do I serve as either war or little movement we don't know how literary moment is how long this on till the indignation be over past page 2 we are going to the end now 2nd from the last paragraph last events of the 5 devotional life the last quote it used was this one how many of you have the spoke at last the events some of you do not have or that's the manual on how we can prepare for the last day if you then have it I don't know whether we have in book store where you can order in the A.B.C. is says what if you are right with God when Today you are ready if Christ should to come to the. The matter of fact is that we do not know when we die it can happen any time so if something happens if we die there we are hoping by faith prayerfully that when we wake up. Or be lifted up in the air and see him in there or rather when we wake up. With these people. Very interesting if you know this we are in the wrong place and 1000 years later so that's why if we are right with God today you are ready if Christ sure the come to the steps to Christ pages 71st one consecrate yourself to God in the evening or in the afternoon says 1 in the morning make this your very 1st one was the next word work if you like to work my wife says I'm walk a holy Some people do like work but this is a work it doesn't come easy in other words you have to make an effort to consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this very 1st world let your prayer be and she write its prayer for us taken we all know there is a holy God I lay all my plans that I feel used to me today in the service of the with me and let all my work be road in this this is all we clear manner the world is a Daily Mirror. Each morning consecrated serve to God for that day so when the all your close to him to be carried out or give knob as his a providence shall indicate those day by day I have my to do list every day except Sunday are the days are my work stair but the present Commons that do this that's the one I do or Sunday I don't have to the list I have a honey do list that's all my list so even though your plans to him to be carried out or given all his providence surely in the case does day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be more will be more and more after the what life of Christ as we prepared him is Richard the one who has started. Voice of prophecy he wrote it in devotional book the promises of God it came out in 1957 if you can get it so wonderful every day there is a promise and his explanation sometimes a course Ellen's way after he used some 911 we should memorize the chapter some 91 1st one he did well as in the secret place of the most abide on the the share the all of the All my best secret places is most holy place you can think about it he says this shortly after the Civil War in the United States to American or crossing the Atlantic and her the 3rd man. With the see the exceedingly rich televised the singing on there in the line Cheers lover of my soul when the music says the one of the men turned to the singer asked if we hear the being in the Civil War He said that he had been a Confederate soldier then he was asked he was such a place and such a date. Yes he said and the curious thing that happened that night I was on Century duty on the edge of the dark wood than I was cold and I was lonely and a little frightened because the anymore so close I was homesick and miserable too about midnight when everything was still I began to feel unusually depressed and frightened so I began to sing This him softly Jesus lover of my so when I came to purse or my trust on these stayed all my help from is the I bring cover my defenseless head with the shadow of vi we. Are Strange peace came over me and I was no longer afraid now that the 1st man said it listen to my story I was a Union soldier those of you who are not. World versed in US history the Confederate south and us. Union soldier with a party of the sharp shooters and scouts in the woods that very night we saw you we saw you outlined against the sky my men focused their rifle or you. And when I saw them using those words COBOL my defenseless head with the shadow of a dime when we listened I said Boys put down your right 1st we cannot shoot now that's going to be the closing him closing him number 4 it is 747 and here I said we are not merely to flee to God's a secret place but to abide there for you in the time on shore where we shall hide to me in his POV Illyrian Pavillion some 27 ft 5 in the secret place over his that of an uncle Shelley hides me in harmony with this promise our prayer maybe some 17 verse 8 keep me as the apple of the high high that me under the shadow of dying wings may we all make this promise is to own and meditate open. Upon it oftentimes and it becomes my ours when the time comes and we shall use. We shall be. 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