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How Daniel 8:14 Divided Protestant Christianity

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • February 2, 2019
    11:00 AM
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7 The Adventist have spoken much about a step here in the past and even today it's has been a subject that has been digested and digested and digest it but this morning I like to look at it from a different perspective one perspective water sponsibility to the rest of Christianity and how important it is therefore to title is how Daniel 814 split Protestant Christianity and that is very very serious therefore we need all the inputs for the Holy Spirit therefore let us pray precious Heavenly Father I asked you to anoint my lips that I may speak do words that are helpful for each one of us to carry on the final mission and prepared his work for Jesus coming Amen. So deficient of the REM Daniel 8 1st 3 and 4 and what did we see there there was a ram and 2 horns. Came up he came from to each state Georgi to the west and according to your bible the north and south he was very very successful but then another animal came up and that is D. he goat OK if you look in our Bibles to Daniel Chapter 8 and then suddenly a male goat came from the west across the surface of the whole earth without ditsy Newgrounds. And the goal quote hit the notable who in between ice and then in the next verse B.C. didn't did nobody that he charges to do them with the 2 horns and destroyers to RAM and in a verse 7 he broke the 2 horns and no power could hit stand and so here. We see the next one now in the next verse verse 8 what we do see here de Mayo goat was very great and then he was strong his large tornadoes broken and his place came for notable one stores the winds of heaven and he see it again very important that M. is destroyed and the he go takes over now the little horn and here the division of Protestantism in the world than Adventism becomes a reality Daniel 8 1st $9.00 and $1.00 of them out of one of them came a little horn and grew in stating the great towards the south towards the east that was the glorious land what is the Lawry's land Palestine where God's people lived and so this is brought to distrust of us and there this now people have this to discuss this weird to steal horn come from from this part or that part over the over the moon the little who are now what does the little who are now doing for stand and he grew up to the host of heaven comes down some of the hosts some of the stars to the ground and temple to bone him so here it is stupid heavenly beings to 18 jewels some have seen this is God's people so the little who are in ones do it dead goats people who want to eliminate your this. And so here Dan the little horn moves against Christ and His sanctuary for is 11 and exalted himself as the prince of the host the prince of the host is the prince of course people was that Christ the daily was taken away the ministry and the place of his sanctuary risk us down so the whole foundation is beneath them built upon. So down in verse 3 ELF the little horn receives military power because of that then suppression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily secular face comes down to truth to the ground so with the army he is using this to destroy God's people God's truth and God saying to Aerie and then the question here is how our law is displaying vision of the sanctuary in 813 assess how long will be division concerning the daily secretaries the transgression of this relation the giving of both the saying she will you to host to be normal to hold the fort So here you see you to mend this focus on the little horn or descent you very were God's people who worship Burghardt people mediate were the heavenly hosts Jesus mediates and to trample the truth to the ground so you can see how important this is and the question is how long will this last for 2300 days and he said to me for 2300 days then the saying today Billick limbs so D. to men this powerful incursion of the little horn against God's people against Christ is mediation of whatever there comes an end to it. At the end of the $2300.00 day then got Bill started cleansing is it all clear you see shown it appears this is a tremendous risk it thing and that therefore Seaton is interested so that we don't understand this and as the result of his great confusion about display officer and if he has the value of it they also Christianity because at the time could get to look Christianity didn't study the Bible they in fact they were not even allowed to study devival so it were Christian Protestants that were involved in this study now when will the $23.00 unit prophetic days begin and end Bravo stands at a time used the Year Day principle which is that in symbolic prophecy a day is a year so keep in mind we are now in symbolic prophecy and therefore not everything is literal we have to find out that the study of the Scriptures what is it and so does you the principal was actually discovered by some very devout Roman Catholics in the 13th century and the one who discovered this was during a fury in southern Africa Southern Italy had been at a monastery there and of course been here read this and he plotted it in time. He came to some conclusions that the pope didn't like at all and as a result he was called to Rome but before he came for the judgment there he died the Lord is very merciful and death is sometimes a marvelous instrument to get us away from the wicked powers. And so in that case to 23 in the prophetic days are 2300 the regular years the 23 years years begins with the beginning of the 70 weeks of 490 years of Daniel 9 which is from the time of the decree to distort and build to them Now this is the whole of the story which I will come back another time if I have the opportunity to present another prophecy here for you but the decree here was issued in 457 and 2300 years later brings you to do Year 844 and that was a quite a discussion here in the 19th century among Protestants What is this and at that time it was expected that the cleansing of the sanctuary was to take place at that time and I would the 846 and many people study this. Now what is Dick cleansing of the sanctuary you may know to century but what is not a cleansing how to interpret D.M. 1st of all and in Daniel 8 1st 20 to 20 to be founded Lord has given us some see very interesting information it says here this is the explanation of the vision the RAM which you saw in verse 20 having 2 horns they are to kings of what medium Persian So that is nice and that out a tour and then and then the male goat is ticking them off Greece and the Laertes who are in with these eyes is the 1st King now who was the 1st king of of Greece Alexander the Great and the did you see that the the red the ego didn't even touch with his feet the ground. In a few years Alexander the Great conquered in the world incredible but he died only a few years later in Babylon he drank himself to death and then the power struggle become who will then be decaying or that followed Alexander the Bible's clear then the RAM be the 2 horns and then the he go to the large horn into 4 horns and the 4 horses are the division of Alexander's empire among the generals It took about 20 years of fighting and finally they divide it their king don't mean to send their life Simak a spoil Salukis and Dami and that lasted for many many years until finally the Roman empire of us established and so here then you can see here what happened so how do we know we interpret Daniel a devil ation that is the key because there are many views on the Daniels and I have to show you this you may say yes but I don't need a defamation if you don't have in that information you don't even know what your Christian friends well the Baptists for the Catholics Well the Presbyterians believe because they all have gone astray and unless you know what the problem is you can never help them they simply say oh yeah you know that is an admin is it a bit Asian or disappears with the unit of attention that is your view by few A You never get to an answer are you with me and so here then what are the fuser of in the petition historicism breath that isn't Futurism in idealism those are the few views that people today doctor is your world is divided into those who use. So what is historicism and Adventists are historicism. They have to store a good few of prophecy is stores as was the oldest approach to Daniel of revelation what is a do it shows the early interrupted history of the great controversy between right faith from the prophetic time onward until the 2nd patent clear without interruption the little whore on the problems discovered was exactly the history of Rome big and papal supporters most of the early Christians the Protestant before Merced most Protestants of the 70 to night till the 19th century and many conservative scholars of prophecy so this isn't a very important segment of Christianity but today very few people Bill accept this because of what happened in the 840 S. used this the time of the prophet Daniel until the 2nd Advent and the Bible gives you an on in up that history no gaps or whatever so in other words if you take Daniel revelation you can see here God's plan of salvation and how it went through history you don't need to guess it's there and this is really what the prophet world was based upon They separated from Rome because of this prophecy Now why did Bronson accept this view of little horn it's in harmony with the Bible and if you go by the Bible in the Bible only you know then that is what you end up it with. The symbolic history of the attack of the little horn on the truth. And disperse a Q Sion in Daniel 8 1st nines to 12 reveals the history of the Catholic Church since the early church and remember this view was discovered within the Catholic Church when the Catholic Church through the Inquisition was eliminating anyone who differed from the people who are directly and so that is a very very important and statistics have indicated that between 40 and 50000000 people were eliminated because they discovered the truth the little horn continue still the time of the end and so does the papacy look at Daniel 8 for 17 What does it say there and so he came near to where I stood because Gabriel had not to explain the vision and I was afraid my fellow fish but Gabriel set into me understand Son of man that the vision of the 1st to the time of the end so it talks you know about a power that winds throughout history until the very end of time you think that it's important for us you know if we don't know what it is we will be completely deceived friends and so that is there so you must be a power that started when the beginning and continues throughout history there's no guessing about which poet it is so distorted view of the little horn then you'll 8 for ST $28.00 that M. is me to Persia the middle go to Greece the lots horn is Alexander the Great and the force the for the 4 Sarka sender I say McChrystal look is a Ptolemy. In harmony with the prophetic kingdoms sequence of Daniel 2 and 7 the Little Horn of Daniel 8 represents the 4th kingdom consisting of being in a Papal Rome remember the image there belong to the person Greece and Rome There you go to Chapter 7 not anymore a name is a beast's The Lion The bear the lepers and the dragon like indescribable beast so you can see here that the Lord reveals every time the same history in a little different form and the 4th beast in Chapter 7 is the room Rome pagan and people who now the Lord is exactly the same but they belong as though their devil has already fallen and you can attend them me to Persia Greece and then the little horn goes from Greece still there till the end of time so do a little opening chapter 8 is the same as the beach 4th beast in chapter 7 and so in chapter 7 the beast was the wrong begun a papal sold a little horn there in Chapter 8 he 0 pay good and people he did and then if you go later on we will discuss Daniel Chapter 11 king of the north the king of the South the same things but in a different way so to Lord wants to stress it so that we don't speculate but that we are very clear that this is it isn't nice that the Lord has that you know so that we don't know it to float around us at you know what may be and everybody has his own opinion no. Prophecy came very holy and the Holy Spirit moved on holy men to write down what was revealed and so far as this is extremely Vell of felt and so here then that is what we see here so little who are in 50 history of being in a people though so for example Daniel 8 1st name you get to give graphical expansion he went to where in Chapter. Does the south towards the east the doors the growers lend the 6 sickly the movement that the roommate and the room came into the prophetic arena. That is how begun their own developed then Chapter 10 goes to the host of Haven't and goes down to host in the stars but it being at home to the bigger role not ex at last beams heaven and limb unaided God's people everywhere Force 300 years God's people and millions dying each dissolve to go home but then in chapter in verse 11 it's all that against the pins of Post and The Daily ministry of us taken away in the place they are sent you out of us comes down what did it because they don't do yes big they go home at that God's people but then when people people don't declined what cannot people go if you go to Rome and every year I go have made a great controversy trip to Rome and with evidence be explained all those things here but you see here you can see it there because Rome is a museum really I mean all the museums affirm what the Bible surface and so what do you see there is that. The Roma Eterna eternal row he says we are the core we other continuity of the ancient classical world and the Papacy Catholicism builds upon the classical world with all its images but now to finishing touch is Christianity so Rome sees a continuity but is big in ism and the Papacy except they give the finishing touch what the big urns misunderstood Catholicism Aleck's played you see the continuity the continuity between paganism and Papacy is clearly if you don't believe it I'll take you next summer and I show you that you will be astonished how it all this OK and then the truth is comes down you know and then in the 1st Relf military power now did the papacy have military power yes in alliances it kinda thing Queens all over Europe because the armies and what did they use they use the armies to go to crusades they do eliminate all began sees the world and sees and Christians with military power from all all the supporting powers that's how it became powerful so that this historicism and that is Protestantism and we are all following this line but now there is another thing President isn't bread terrorist past so that isn't system that looks at prophecy has been fulfilled in the past. Preparation teaches that prophecy has its will fill meant in the past there is no fulfillment beyond the time of Christ supporters the Jews in time of Christ so merely Christians Roman Catholics and modern Christian cook critical skulls and the Roman Catholic Jesuit order further developed this interpretation as a weapon to destroy the prophets and few of the papacy as the Lord the aim was to remove the paper see as the Little who are in and take place in prophecy because the prophets all saw the papacy there and so he the Jesuits looked at Preston isms that you know that is reinterpret this so that the pope doesn't get any more deeply and that is booklet that is a bit here to this that is spread there isn't the time of Christ and the view is basically about Daniel there is this only prophecy is only continued till the time of Christ the 2nd Advent has no relevance so everything is in the past and the and the pope is Exxon aerated for being the wicked people their new year that's finishes in a time of then you and the Book of Revelation finishes in the 4th century that's all of the past so don't worry about Catholicism the pope the Inquisition don't worry about it because there is no evidence in the bible see how risk how it is how you can read the Bible in a way that is not relevant no fulfillment in the future that there is few of the little horde Daniel 8 1st one through 12. The little horn comes from one of the forms need to Salusa dynasty and was the great persecuting pout of the juice in the past and tigers appear from this polluted sanctuary by offering pics or Secondly faces who are seen of yours and placed an idol of you Peter in the century it sounds good but how good is it Eunice is metal and there is the pic burned all the elder 200 years before Christ presidents and weakness What is it because it sounds so good that there is no historical evidence that antichrist polluted the sanctuary for 2300 literal days there's no there all the years there is that you know and there are many books that explain how it is and they have a beautiful figment of the imagination history shows that antichrist polluted century for exactly 3 years according to The Book of Maccabees and so this then is of none use to find the truth in the Bible finally be a few Futurism Futurism is based on the unique interpretation that it splits the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 into 2 parts you have the 1st part of the 70 weeks that ends at the end of the 69 weeks in the time of Christ and then the last week what are we going to do with this the 2nd part pertains to the 70 weeks that covers the last 7 years because a week 7 days 70 years they use the year in the principal and that is before the advent it evolves the final attack of the anti christ or God's people and many Christians are speculating about it and the Christ coming. Due in certain gap in prophecy is precedented in a Biblical it destroys Bible prophecy does get means that there is no fulfillment of prophecy from the time of Christ till today a period of nearly 2000 years and they all speculate and looking forward to when the anti-Christ comes and you have unit gap of 2000 years where the Bible is silent does that make any sense it just doesn't end here because many Christians don't know history or the history of the Christian church they fall victim you know and the movies are being produced about S.-E. So here is the futuristic few of prophecy the 1st $69.00 weeks go to the time of Christ the most of the prophecy final fulfillment is 70 years in the future and here we have a gap Futurism future is a focus on the fulfillment of events during the events of the last 7 years before Christ returned supporters of early Christians Roman Catholics and modern Conservative dispositional ist again Roman Catholic Jesuits uses interpretation to remove the papacy S. and to Christ to a future and to Christ so interesting here you have the Judeans wits and in order to fight the process of movement they come a bit too cool flitting interpretations of prophecy they conflict the ones in the past you have on is it a future and the pope is in no man's land is not there so that's what they say so you may say yeah but Catholics you know you are contrast to contradict each other because it would say it doesn't matter as long as we get rid of the Protestants because King is here with papa to tremendous falls reasoning that is the Futurist view of the little horn. Supporters some early Christians most of the Crist conservative disposition lists for the mentalists anti-Christ comes from wrong to persecute Christians during the last 70 weeks of Daniel knowing which is in the future and so yes they see that it's coming from Rome for Catholicism but they don't point their finger on the Pope ordered maybe in the future so we could Pope and that is a lot of speculation and the final events and then he'll 7811 and 12 will be fulfilled a little time off Ciena of years 23 unit days 12 and a 60 days 3935 days all in the future and you go to the books of Amazon dot com about this and you have a 100 books and a 100 different explanations about the happen in the near future you cannot put your stuff your strength of that you could confused the problem is called Instant speculations or the end the quest. A fairly idealism idealism is a known historical approach to prophecy they don't tell you what what it is in in Prophecy this method spiritualize is the prophetic symbols and sees them often as L. agrees with multiple meanings which lead to Merced school fusion the symbols have no historical significance. It was often used during the dark ages but the Roman Catholic mystics and even today some use it their writings are heavy on extra Jesus be looking to put a shit week or historical fulfillment because they have no confidence in historical fact. So all those calls I have talked about that I hold books this is not your approach is actually just tickle idea with the text I said but thought about history not if story line is that if you are not a story and keep your mouth don't talk about it because without this study only from the text without history it is not the way prophecy works so and that is how many of and even some editors are confused about this problem reformers rejected his methods of interpretation and so D.S. the church in the in the petition of Daniel evolution no allegory nothing at all we take with the reformers the historical facts and see if the other William Miller actually and that is one that was of our pioneers use a brilliant man and he wrote a series of evangelistic sermons you can just look at them on the Internet 1000000000 Miller I have here a booklet of and he deals with all those things and his rules of in the positions that you look in history of the fulfillment of prophecy and if all the elements of the prophecy fits the picture you have to truth but if one element is lacking you have to continue to search remember pretty soon it seems to fit but the time doesn't work out so therefore you're still Without this is the foundation of Etan disappeared and now you have people who even with Daniel revelation take up to 2 or 3 different interpretations multiple Duvall Vilma's presidential definition if you want to get confused you go to the area of multiple and triple fulfillment. That is not that is not historicism But if you want to be confused you know that's up to you I don't want to be confused how can we shared the message or the slings messages if you are not clear on that there is no way and so wish to interpret prophecy you do this historicism God works in history being fulfilled continually brought to reason fulfilled before 400 A.D. past church history fulfilled in Christ time Futurism then you have a gap and then the rest is future again very early valuable and idealism no historical fulfillment in symbols all symbols so here you see a beautiful you know chart we can see here where most Christians in the past were the 424040 but all actually 95 percent of the Christians here in this country where in the 1st category. What is the meaning of the sanctuary the Bible Biblical meaning of sanctuary here Jesus Christ I see 814 secondly the security 7 solemn vow no 2 1st 19 numbers 3 Judah Psalm 114 1st to number 4 the temple of Jerusalem 1st chronical study to hers 19 Fyfe holy of holies the revelation for her 6 number 6 the earth Isaiah 60 verse 13 and finally 7 the Saints or church 1st colleges 3 Verse 16 and 17 though here you have used the meaning of the century now what is that then is then your age 14 the cleansing of the same cherry which declines of the uses. No Jesus was pure cleansing of heaven no have the Spirit Jude are that you know could be temple Jerusalem that could be holy of holies on earth could be the Earth OK so here then what is the cleansing of Daniel $814.00 D. at the disposition in the time of study was that the meaning of the cleansing service of the sanctuary is that what fits the prophecy of Daniel $814.00 is the cleansing of the earth because we know dearth is going to be cleansed when Secretary vent so that's a possibility and a cleansing of the church and there will be no impurities in God's people that are being resurrected. So those 2 opportunities are there when is the cleansing of the earth and the church according to William Miller at the time and everybody else at the secretary at it so if it is of the 2nd Advent When will that be at the end of the $23.00 in prophetic days or years so remember one prophetic day is one actual solar year so in the $814.00 days it was expected by the AT THAT is that Christ would go down and take care of it and take us all to heaven what is the cleansing of the century in the early age 40 that depending on the meaning of the sanctuary 19th century probs and interpreters held the following of years the beginning of the millennium on Earth which is the millennium of peace so the cleansing of the earth you know that that fits the picture to some real stablish rhetorical version of the Jews in Palestine what was in Palestine here the Islam was there the Muslim the Turks and then that ghost and Judah is going to be clubs in Jerusalem the Clones will due to some form of Islam you know it so depending on what you see is the same cherry. You have a different meaning of the cleansing as you point so to cleansing of the church from people influences that was another thing that interpreters shared the cleansing of the Sturt's from anti-Christian of all men nations that was another thing reestablishment of through worship of got was not of one and finally the admin this the last judgment that clearly cleanses the Church on earth by fire at the secretary now if you look at all those 7 What is the most shocking the last because that is the end all of the other views if you are holy or you know follow Christ all the way there is still a 2nd chance now what happened then in that in the $840.00 S. all interpreters experience at this point in the it would all of them so if you go to the books on church history the only ones that are singled out are the Atlantis Washoe foolish to predict the 2nd coming but all the other laws were all so foolish because we all missed the boat are you with me so we don't know so depending on your cause of the saying cheery you came to need to petition the cleansing of the century and activities because these thoughts about the Church of the earth and that's going to be planted must be denounced yet and so there it is so but is not a solution to the disappointment that split Christianity every Christian and church had to examine their methods of prophetic in the petition everyone including us after $844.00 most Christians rejected historicism as the Protestant approach to do to interpret Daniel they said it doesn't work and so what did you do. What approaches that were left for the Christian churches today in 844 gradually the churches accepted to just not approach of prophecy of either player tourism or Futurism which moved Protestants toward the Roman Catholic Church because the people see the pope us out of the picture and however Adventists remained fully committed to a store system and found a solution to the $844.00 greatest people all a re continued to search and found a solution whatever to all the other Christians they gave up in stores and didn't study it didn't want to have even listen to what the at a distant say and they were captured in the net of self the steps of Catholicism that he said and now you can see here the cooperation between Bronson to Catholics everywhere because the best picture of the pope is gone and the only stumbling block now is judgement is and sooner or later they need to be eliminated what was the solution renewed study of the cleansing of the sanctuary from Daniel $817.00 Adventists discovered that the Century in Daniel $814.00 is the saint year wherry in the time of the and you see the thing a simple adjustment and God is noticing that you are in a time of the end the saint who is described in evolution 8 for his one and 2 the same to any of the new covenant which is in heaven we never thought about this and now we discover this it led to new light that the $844.00 in 80 would have were disclosed begin his high priestly ministry in the most holy place of the happily century. Effect in 8031 A.D. Christ began his priestly ministry as mediator in the most holy place in the holy place where they have the sanctuary and in 8044 according to Daniel 814 Christ entered the most holy place to begin is ended typical day of a ministry that involves Besides his work as mediator the blotting out of soon during the festival just a simple solution the saying to you the time of the end and nobody wanted even to listen what we had to say so there we are so friends the light from the sanctuary the saying today doctoring reveals a complete system of truth for God's people since 84 and only those who were faithful to historicism discovered all this light. The impact great controversy place for 23 the subject of the sanctuary was the key which will look the mystery of the disappointment of it in 44 it opens to view a complete system of truth connected in our Moni is showing that God's hand has directed the great at the movement and revealing present duties as it brought to light the position of the work of his people what you say is a beautiful and that is for the light because they were faithful like the birth Rians and they study to the study to this that you can see so what so what you know what is the relevance because if it is it is only for us you know but what about 99.9 percent of the rest of the Christian and they don't know this they don't know it and and so what the rejection of the ultimate solution prophetic darkness came over the Protestant churches. The core direct view of Daniel revelation disappeared and Protestantism became victim to the Catholic come to their formation heresies to just read the beer are further developed Futurism and all cars are printed isn't and that is what most Protestants I know in this at the same time stimulated a community cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church which accept both heretical systems of prophetic interpretation and Protestantism So there is nothing any more that would prevent us from working together with Catholics and joining them in their worship service and whatever and accept them as Christian brothers and sisters and joining out we will usher in the kingdom on Earth. We're used to interpret prophecy you see historicism God's working in history and most of the believers now in history history is stores and our 7th day adventists there are a few Christian groups that still believe this but they have quite a different view wouldn't we have then he pressed to resume past church history they are composed of liberal theologians Kelvin is the Roman Catholic salute it's Futurism prophecy in a future no longer The Minish will churches Baptist Lutherans Disciples of Christ and the finally idealism liberal scholarship focus on symbols culture in text not history so here you can see the division of Christianity but the division clearly became through after 844 so what is now our challenge today. Our chairman say but the give you here is that notwithstanding the spiritual darkness and alienation of God that exist in the churches which constitute Babylon the Great Body of Christ true followers are still to be found in their community the still there and let Shelvey leave them there to rescue them there are many of these who have never seen a special truth for this time and not a few are dissatisfied with their present condition and are longing for clear light they look a very dangerous for the image of Christ in the churches which they are connected create called the verses 319 what is the answer the outlines church when they see clashed in our churches the love of Christ because if we have the truth for the last days our teaching our behavior our missionary outreach should characterize more and more like Jesus and that is the attraction to the city image of Jesus if you were me and are we willing to have the same compassion of Jesus when he looks over his people the Jews and this is the we we are the fields of life we are 1st friends here is our challenge here's our mission and May God guide you in this mission and me got a w with the Holy Spirit with the Pentecostal spirit of revival reformation and dissolve the new rebook continue to talk a little bit more about it not a spree. Precious Heavenly Father thank you so much for the truth and as a Jesus that you have reviewed this morning to us and maybe continue to Cherry's this light and thank you for giving us this light we thank you for pioneers who did not give in who did the rejects where they were standing there are faithful like to believe and study the Gospels study the prophecies and discover the light prophetic light for the last days in the sink you may God bless this church and maybe get in great revival your jesus name and for his sake he meant. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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