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Remember Lot's Wife

John Bradshaw


Given every opportunity to flee to safety, Lot’s wife turned back towards her home and turned into a pillar of salt. God still calls people to follow Him without looking back. What can we learn from her and her family’s experience? Why did Jesus say, “Remember Lot’s wife”?


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • February 25, 2019
    6:45 AM
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Hi Great to be spending this time with you together we are going to open up the Bible and explore God's Word and God will speak to us and bless our solves before we do before we open God's word Let's pray together a Father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to be in the Would we are that your spirit would speak to us at this time as we gather around the Bible and investigate some of what it says I pray you would answer the prayer of Al-Hayat pray you would minister to our needs that you would grow us spiritually and drew us to yourself bless us please we pray in Jesus' name amen it said it was the fairest among the cities of the Jordan Valley it was set in a plain which was according to Genesis Chapter 13 as the god in of the Lord imagine that there were a palm trees there all of trees their great vines there this place was fertile things grew it was a center of OS and Comus business creativity it had to have been a bustling sort of place it was undoubtedly a land of plenty and this plenty the wealth of the land the less things that the people enjoyed Well ended up with the people didn't have to work so hot and it led them to indulge. In sin you know that's not good is E.Q. wrote about this chapter 16 starting in verse 49 he wrote that pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy and they will hold is equal road and committed abomination before me that some strong medicine you know it seems that there's nothing people want more than riches and leisure we want to have plenty and yet riches and leisure in this case gave birth to the sins that brought destruction upon the cities of the plain they useless idle lives made them a prey to Satan sin tensions and they ended up facing the image of God and becoming Tenach rather than dividing somebody wrote that Satan is never more successful than when he comes to people in their hour. The people of Sodom or idle idleness is it. And a definitely proved to be a good for them angels told Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed now here's what's interesting these cities were wicked and they were filled with wicked people but Abraham into seated for the people of that city it was a thorough really wicked place and you did Abraham. God to spare it would You destroy it if there were 50 righteous people there Abraham. $41.00 You destroyed the place if we could find 30 righteous people the angel issued Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah wouldn't be destroyed if they were 10 righteous people who could be found there but God couldn't even find 10 righteous people in those cities in his little book Jude wrote that Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them were destroyed by fire you know it isn't easy to really grow. The power of a calamity like that just pours from on think about it's a fire so devastating city would destroy it came from nowhere the heat had to of being beyond intense lives were ended people were killed in mention witnessing this imagine being on the outskirts of that place I don't know I'm speculating but I'm sure you won't mind this kind of speculation imagine living 10 or 20 miles away would there have been a glow in the sky would you have said what's going on over there this was a serious thing sometimes we have Bible stories Jesus rose somebody from the dead we shrug and move on why wait a minute this was a big deal most of Jericho fell down OK No no this was huge in fact Ray had told those to spawn is visiting Jericho we have about the things your god has done and she confessed that they were terrified God sent fire from heaven and Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them. Up this was the. Let me tell you a man named Lucas ill Barrus was living on the island of Mata Niek in the Caribbean way back in 1902 that he did something he shouldn't have done and as a consequence he was imprisoned thrown into solitary confinement wasn't much of a place his cell was underground and there were no windows it was even reinforced with bomb proof walls just to make sure that nobody could escape day off he was arrested at breakfast time a volcano erupted classic flows formed and rushed down into the city completely flattening it and killing everybody who lived there just a moment I'll tell you how many people there was these pyro quest it flows let me explain it to you it's like gas mixes up with ash and rock and dust and so forth flows down the side of the volcano is not a lava flow is deadly It's like a river of rock and ash and dust just swallow speedball up in Martinique that day in 1900. 40000 people were killed everyone was turned into dust everyone of course except the 3 people 2 others one who was on a boat on a lake or something and this man Mr Sill Barrus who was inside the bomb proof cell he was badly burned but he survived he was rescued from the rubble 4 days later interesting Lee He was pardoned for his crimes I guess people figured he'd suffered enough and he joined bottom and Bailey's traveling circus where he was known as the man who lived through doomsday what an experience but no cell was going to protect anybody in solemn and Gomorrah every last person there was destroyed. That's not the only thing we can take away from this experience of course we may think this was sin and God punished them they did wrong and they were destroyed you may be thinking sin has consequences Romans 623 the wages of sin is death and if you're thinking that you'd be right every time there are some more things that we can think about in relation to this consider this lot who was a lot lot was Abraham you know Abraham's nephew and he'd been given a very serious warning he was told a lot get out of Saudi. For your life Genesis 19 verse 15 says this and this is remarkable Genesis 19 and verse 15 and when the morning arose been the angels hastened a lot say arrives take my wife and daughters which are here lest I be consumed in the iniquity of the city but look at the 16 it says and while he would the man laid hold upon his hand and upon the hand of his wife and upon the head of his 2 daughters the Lord being merciful unto him and they brought him forth and set him without the city. Do you know what the Bible says a lot Lingard that's the same wood Judah the son of Jacob used when he told his father they could have been back to Egypt and back home again and brought more food if they had not linger good lot dilly dally he carried but the angels hastened him they pressed him. They made him hurry along if they hadn't the story may well have ended very differently and doesn't that say something about the mercy of God lot get out and lot. Did this and then the angel said a lot you may do this but we had to tell you to do that and get out of here tell you something God is merciful and frequently he comes to us while we are twiddling our thumbs while we know better God often comes to us and moves us along well then in Genesis Chapter 19 and verse 17 the angels give some serious advice and it came to pass when they brought them forth abroad that he said. For the life look not behind the neither stay the old the plane is scape to the mountain last be consumed. Back Luke 1732 has Jesus honoring just 3 Woods Well those words are important Woods Jesus is remember law wife Genesis 19. 24. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and file from the Lord out of heaven and he overthrew those cities and all the plain and all the inhabitants of the cities and that which grew upon the ground but his wife looked back from behind him and she became a pillar of salt. That you might think the story tells only of God's justice but it's a story of God's mercy as much as anything God was merciful to Sodom and Gomorrah he would have saved the entire place if he could have found more people that he could have saved that's what God was willing to do he was merciful to Lot and lots family even willing that his sons in law will be saved but they ridiculed lost and they were lost when the fire and brimstone failed God would have saved them God read a lot along as we said a moment ago a lot money being too late to get out of the place this demonstrates God's mercy and the fact is it was a lot impetuosity that got him into his in the 1st place back in Genesis Chapter 13 there was strife you remember that story there was strife between Abrams herdsman and lots. Of room which of course is Abraham before he was Abraham suggested that they go their separate ways and quite incredibly he deferred to Lot his nephew and a lot. Of the plane of Jordan which Genesis says was like the God of the Lord selfish a lot. Of the lead you'll notice didn't remonstrate with them. Understood a lot of made a terrible mistake Genesis Chapter 1312. Dwelled in the land of Canaan and a lot of weld in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent toward saw them verse 13 says but the men of saw them were wicked and sin is before the Lord exceedingly a lot pitched his tent toward saw them he was in now by the beauty of the lad like people who were drawn by the bright lights in the big cities you can think to consult your own eighty's you want to think about in situations like this you want to think about what Advani says the course of God and what develops your Christian character let's consider this just think for a moment when you realize what is it you're thinking about location location location maybe you want to be in the big city maybe you don't when you cross town what are you thinking about well consider this what you want to be thinking about well with all things but certainly when you're moving from point A to Point B. is how will this impact me spiritually what will this do to my spiritual existence to my Christian walk like should have thought about that he should have been thinking about how this move would impact him and his family spiritually but that's not what was on lots mind you know one of our wonderful volunteers that it is written was getting ready to move so the question arose where shall we move to now she had criteria she wanted to buy a house in a place where there were no church members so she would have neighbors to study the Bible with now this is an elderly woman not a young woman she's already studied the Bible with one woman who's accepted Jesus and is close to baptism and she's starting studies with more you see she believes in being thus salt of the. Predicated on how will this impact ministry. Certainly not the only consideration but want to a wonderful thing to be thinking about when you're considering a change in life so it is since a lot wife was set up in a sense she was set up by a husband if he'd made a decision that was in the best interests of his family if he had not chosen the path of ease and relative comfort it would all have turned out differently misses a lot to love her home in saw them so much so that when they were fleeing the place as fire and brimstone were being sent by God she looked back she was out of the bodily but how hot was still back in town misses a lot is one of the great almost people of the Bible she was almost saved but a hot was back in Sodom and Gomorra Can you think about other almost people in the Bible I can think of somebody who spent 3 and a half years with Jesus one of Jesus' closest companions and yet Judas was lost Jesus even washed his feet in an effort to get through his hot Judas was so called. Ended up lost and a nice and Safira they could easily have been saved but they chose to lie to god they chose to be lost while her body was upon the plane. Misses a lot clung to Sodom and she perish with it she rebelled against God because His judgement involved possessions and her children. Although she was so greatly favored by God and being called out of that we could place she felt she was severely dealt with she felt that she was hard done by because the wealth that had taken years to accumulate had to be left behind instead of saying Thank You God for delivering me she presumptuous lead a look back desiring the life of those who had read God's mercy this is a law demonstrated that she was on with even the last thing on because she was so ungrateful dog preserving her. And keeping her now we know something we know the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was serious it was and let me poison suggest this there are times that Christian people look at places like Sodom and Gomorrah and act as though the sins committed they are the worst sins that could ever be committed there can be are all not watering it down immorality is a bad thing turning your back on God rejecting His commandments all man that's not good you read in some detail about what was taking place in Sodom and Gomorra man not good let me tell you this there are worse sins and I share this with you because I have it on good authority Listen to this now if you would Jesus I'm absolutely certain that he would say there are great his sins. And that which Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed I'll tell you one. People who hear the Gospel invitation calling sinners to repentance and reject it then more guilty before God than the people who dwell in the veil of said him and there's a still greater Listen to this it's professing to know God and to keep his commandments yet denying Christ in your character and your daily life that's worse it's worse than what they did and Sodom and Gomorra in the light of the Saviors warning the fate of Saddam is a solemn call not simply to people who are guilty of terrible sin but as a warning to people who are trifling with the light and privilege that are being sent by God when God calls men that's a privilege you don't want to trifle with the sea of God Would you be an almost person would you there are so many of them in the Bible would you be one you know so much you know would you be like Judas and turn back would you be like chordates in a Byrom you know that Cora was a Levite he'd been chosen by God to minister he came close not close enough would you be like a can you remember a king or a can they they would they went to Jericho they sacked the place and they were told don't you take anything. They can do he took wealth he took a goodly Babylonish garment. And he paid for it with his life he demonstrated that his hot was not with God and the niacin Safira there are just so many people who are almost people we can be almost people we've come too far let me share the story with my wife and I were driving across the United States we were on Interstate 40 this was many years ago it was some years B.C. some years before children and as we were driving west there was a sign that said something like Grand Canyon 740 miles something like that and then hours later there was another side of the Grand Canyon. 500 miles and then later a Grand Canyon 200 miles and then Grand Canyon that way and it said you've come too far to miss it now. Friend We've come too far to miss it now if you've known Jesus all your life you've come too far to miss Heaven know if you've known Jesus a few months or a few years you've come to thought a message now if you are just being introduced to Jesus you too much now you know about mercy and grace if you've held a Bible if you've just held a Bible you've come too far to miss it now eternity is offered to you what did Jesus say remember lots wife she turned back God says to us today what he said to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and you read it in the Book of Revelation in chapter 18 come out all the people come out of the world come out of sin come out of Sodom and Gomorrah don't look back sometimes we are tempted to look back and it's the worst thing we can do you know why we're tempted to look back I'll give you some examples we can be tempted to look back look back to the old life look back to where we used to be because of sin people say I have failed to greatly and they shrink away from God and they look back no man you cannot afford to look back because of sin you know what God says about sin yes he says it's bad there's no question about that but the Bible says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from do you know how much all unrighteousness you must not let sin cause you to turn back there is no need oh I've done badly yes you have all maybe I've gone too far no you haven't maybe God won't forgive me will you listen to yourself Jesus gave people he cost multiple demons out of certain people he found people who were being taken in the midst of terrible sin and he said I don't condemn you you must not turn back on account of sin if sin does anything in your life let it make you. Wards Jesus and grab hold of him and say I can't do this without you Do not let me go and he won't. Just make sure that you don't let go of him other people turn back because of discouragement I can go on things are going badly I'm just. Down to bummed I'm not talking about depression clinical depression that's a thing and please if you battle depression please talk to somebody please see somebody please get a hold of a depression recovery seminar or a physician or a counselor do something about that but some people become discouraged by any number of things. Go on oh yes you can let me tell you something when Jesus comes back discouragement is gone they'll never ever ever be another discouraged thought or in cling in eternity you keep looking for don't be discouraged other people turn back because of people I came into the church and these people were not I've been let down of course you have because were ever there are people there's going to be somebody who will let you down that's just what happens but you want looking to people you're looking to Jesus didn't Jesus ever let you down you come to church and somebody stiffs you or is rude to you all whatever it might be you can't let that put you off you just cut people up people we are all faulty many times we give offense without even meaning to and many times people take offense and they really ought not don't let people cause you to turn back there's no need for that there is one person capital P. that you need to look to his name is Jesus you afford to look back keep looking forward remember lots wife look forward and what's coming when you look forward to the latter rain is coming a GREAT out pouring of God's Holy Spirit look forward Saul's being one way you are and all around the world and God wants to use you in that soul winning more than ever can he use me yes. If you pray for divine appointment pray God use me to share a light with somebody God use me to share your wood with somebody Gawd will you don't want to miss out on that look forward Jesus is coming soon this is no time to be looking back no time at all remember the law it's wife. Don't look back look forward what's going to keep you from looking forward and pressing forward into the heart of Jesus you don't want to let anything keep you from the heart of Jesus we get over to Revelation Chapter 18 I touched on that a moment ago and what does Jesus say come out of the hood my people now here's the thing we want to come out of the wood. Out of the world not go back to sin not go back to where we came from Jesus calls us out of sin and into his hot let me ask you a question How's it going with you personally God calls us doesn't he cause us out of our own personal Sodom and Gomorra whatever that might be God calls us to full commitment to him what he called Sister God cools us to surrender to him what happened the angel came and said to Lot get your family out a lot said to his family we got to go off they went a lot in the stores and his wife misses a lot looked back and that looking back was deadly it cost to eat whole life we don't want to go back let me share a story with you that I think underscores the importance of responding when God cools. Not too long ago I was in Guatemala with and it is written mission team this mission team group of lay people had planned to visit what Amala from long ago but in the intervening time shortly before they went a volcano erupted Volcom on. The volcano of fire the results were devastating devastating let me share something with you when we got there and we filmed it is written television programme The. Danger at the doorstep or danger on the doorstep if you haven't seen it I hope you will see it you really want to see this programme we went to the town of sunny Gale. We noticed that hippie equipment was clearing what used to be a road the road was now covered over in places many places by 152025 more feet of volcanic material it was a pyro clastic flow like the one I mentioned earlier in relation to the man in the underground prison cell the pirate clastic flow that the ash and the rock super heated and gas sold together flowing down the side of a mountain like a river wanted it done that and we were there standing always like a glacier of volcanic material later on when we interviewed a man whose family had died in the volcano the men said that they had been 15000 people living in Sun Miguel as looked as well I've been there I saw a roof sticking up out of the ash and rock I saw the 2nd floor of a 2 story house over in the distance there I saw another Earth but that was it was all I saw. I said to Catalina translator whatever it is written team I said you said 15000 you think you meant 1500 and she said Well he very definitely said 15000 in the words at different I said it must have been a slip of the tongue because they certainly would not 15000 people there later on we interviewed somebody else and that person said that in Sun McGillis lot is there were. 12 an awful 13000 people I don't know the exact number is evidently somewhere between 12015000 people but there had been there and when we visited that town that was like walking on the moon there was virtually no evidence that there'd been any kind of town there I thought it was some 2 horse town where 25 people lived they tell I saw the before and after photos the entire town was swallowed up by vol con death Waco just swallowed up so I met a lady whose name was Rosa and Rosa was a volunteer with the government's desire to warning service the volcano had been a rupturing since 2002 on and off kind of continually and a couple of years ago that being a warning with 33000 people evacuated it was but no damage it was Rose's job to go around the city warning people you got to get out you got to get out you got to get out time to go we are told to get out because of all kinds I was going to blow but here's what happened Rosa went to the people of San Miguel is looked as she said you've got to go many people did but many people did not they said you know what we're going to do we're going to just shut our door lock it and we'll be safe Well they did and they weren't safe they are still in their homes beneath 101520 feet of volcanic material. I had no idea but where I was standing as we were filming there just 25 yards away there had been a church you couldn't see it was buried and somebody went to the church and said You've got to go because it happened on a Sunday you see and there were many churches filled with people and the people in that church said no we are going to pray to God and ask him to protect us can you imagine they prayed God tried to protect them by telling them to get out they didn't get out a man I met he said that he just took off didn't even shut the door he called to his father dead come on and dad said Hey I'm just going to use the bathroom that was the difference between life and did. He just couldn't believe that the Earth already said 200 people were missing the local said at least 1500 people were missing why the discrepancy well because the people who would ordinarily report other people as missing what did would Did they could have fled and gone to safety they heard the warning but when the fire came when the destruction came when they hit again they ignored the warning friend what is God calling to you about today is it an attitude a sin an addiction is something illegal you shouldn't be involved in is it an Internet habit is it sowed disposition is it faithlessness God is calling us to come out of this world we don't want to look back and say you know Lord I'd like to have one foot on the sea of glass and I want to have one foot here in my sin you don't want that remember the words of Jesus and remember a lot wife God calls us on he calls us out where you. I use stuck some place Come on let's go let's go together are you Terry lingering the angel would take you by the arm and say let's Jesus and remember lots wife somebody who look back rather than look forward let's look forward let's look forward to the latter rain let's look forward to the 2nd coming and let's look forward to gravity losing its power over the souls of our feet at us going up up and all the way to heaven can we look forward together but what about my sin you give that to Jesus what about my witness you take hold of his strength what about my constant spiritual failure remember God says his strength is made perfect in weakness and if you will let Jesus do it he will live his life in you so that he who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to befall him until the day of Jesus Christ if you let God into your heart He will change you and to remake you you can't do it I can't do it but God can't. Remember Lot's wife don't look back look forward can we pray let's look forward Father in heaven we pray together now and we thank you. For your see that calls us out for your goodness that offers us grace and salvation we thank you today. And your great God in the loving God We understand the end of this world will come the earth and everything in it will be burned up like Sodom and Gomorrah but we need not be lost in spite of weakness and failure and discard moment in doubt we can be saved through the Savior Jesus friend would you look forward today. Jesus be your savior if your answer is yes please just raise your hand raise it wherever you are what he be doing lift up your head God save me God let Jesus be my savior God keep me from looking back and grant me grace to look forward have you raise your hand. Do so where they lift it up. Lord give us grace to Remember Lot's wife. And to remember Jesus and never forget and never let him go we pray in Jesus' name amen. Thanks for joining me today thanks for giving us the opportunity to study God's word together go with God God bless you.


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