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6. Christ's Method Alone

Marshall McKenzie




  • March 17, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Lord we thank you that you have brought us to this place we thank you for Michigan can't meaning just such a blessing and I pray that in this time together these mornings as we go through amazing disciples that we will truly become the disciples that you desire us to be we thank you we praise you in Jesus name we pray man now I want to take you to a passage really quick just before we jump in a lesson it was a passage that that Pastor Mark shared yesterday notice with me Luke Chapter 6 verse 40 and he mentioned this and I want to ask you if you grasp OK the importance of this passage Luke Chapter 6 verse 40. When I read this passage it was really revolutionary sort of speak in my thinking because Jesus describes what a disciple is now when you read the book of Acts it's all about discipleship it's about church growth but it's in the context of discipleship and empowering and God doing very specific things to move the church along but he can only do that with disciples OK And so when you look at Luke 6 verse 40 this kind of sets a foundation in relationship to disciples of it says a disciple Jesus speaking is not above his teacher but everyone who is perfectly trained will be what will be like as Teacher What does that mean was that me saying to fit cation OK You're doing what he does OK So in other words what Jesus is saying there is listen a disciple is one who is taught to teach OK So if your a disciple you know from the very beginning you will teach what you've been top. So when we start this class I want to know from the beginning the goal is that you will teach what you've been taught that's a disciple now when you put that context into the book of Acts and you watch what happens it's all because they were willing and able to teach what they've been taught OK. When you get to Acts chapter 6 OK there's a problem that arises in the church the Apostles don't deal with the problem they empower the disciples to deal with it and the disciples by the way are all pleased with that solution you know disciples are always pleased when they're empowered OK sometimes people when they sit back and they say oh no I don't do that like for instance I had a church member one time I went to a lady's house to do Bible studies she was German speaking that was her language and I said Are you more comfortable speaking in German and I called a church member up who spoke German our head Deaconess at the time and I said listen I have a i i i need you Erica to do a favor for me and she said what's that I said I need you to do a Bible study for me because she was from Austria and she spoke fluent German she's a pastor I don't do Bible studies I said oh yes you do. I was empowering her and I'll tell you the rest of the story later was amazing this even her transformation in the process but have you ever done a bible study or been part of a Bible study where you knew from the very beginning you were going to teach this. The disciples in the book of Acts knew from the very beginning they were being trained to teach that's what discipleship making is all about so what you're going to learn what we're going to go through I would hope that's why I have the covenant cards you know are pioneers do you know this at the end of every meeting whether you are 7 their innocence or not you would sign a covenant card OK covenant to keep the Sabbath even if you didn't become a 7 they haven't as you covenanted to keep the Sabbath OK so I have covenant card so at the end of this you'll actually follow through and it's going to be between you and God OK So price method alone you know his is the only method that works it's the only method that will ever work oh except for the screen or did I hit a button here I did so let me go back here to this I want to read it to you it's a famous passage we're all familiar with in the ministry of healing preach 143 says Christ method alone will give way true success all of us want success but how many of us want to experience true success you know we can define success all different kinds of ways but when we want true success OK which is comes back to discipleship making OK because we can have all the numbers in the world but that doesn't mean they're disciples if churches aren't being planted on a regular basis are we really successful OK So true success Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them he ministered to their needs he won their confidence and he bade them follow me OK now I was sharing with you really quick here. How a little bit from the Book of Acts I have just started every time I would pastor a church I start with a discipleship group and we go through the book of Acts see where a prophetic movement right God raised us up as a prophetic movement and we become very proficiency when it comes to Daniel and Revelation and it should be that way for a prophetic movement but we need to put the movement back into the prophetic OK just as proficiency as we are in Daniel and Revelation we also knew be come just as proficiency in the book of Acts OK what happens in the book of Acts I really believe and were told will happen in the last days before the 2nd Coming of Christ even to a greater extent than it happened there OK and what is key in the book of Acts is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit you know I told the young people last night I said how many of you like age limits and they're like we don't like gauge limits. Got to be 16 or 17 to drive you've got all these limitations I said you know when it comes to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there are no limitations there are no age limits when it comes to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit you could be a little child you could be 70 or it doesn't matter God wants a poor out His Spirit upon his people no matter who they are no matter where they come from and no matter what age they're at there are no limits the only limit when it comes to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is us that's the limit now the ball's in our court OK The ball's in our court in relationship to this and through the book of Acts you see Christ's math is that we're reading here taking place regularly I want to show you some of these passages We'll take a look at it OK he middled with people notice with me Akshay after 2 verse of an 8. OK Christ mingled with people you know what in the book of Acts they also mingled with people they didn't just stay in the upper room you know we can't do anything we've got to stay here OK notice with me action after 2 verse 7 and 8 and remember the Holy Spirit is poured out they leave the upper room it's like you say you're in your house and you've never reached out to anybody and all of a sudden the Spirit of God is poured out in your life you will leave that room you're in OK So notice verse 7 and 8 it says then they were all amazed and marveled saying to one another look are not all these who speak Galileans look are not what all these noticed all of them now had left the upper room and where were they they were in Jerusalem they were right there in the center of all the activity they were what among the people Jesus said he mean gold with people OK So mingling is huge OK Notice verse 8 it says how is it that we hear each in our own language in which we were born they were mingling they were talking they were sharing the word of God They had moved from the upper room and now there were men going with people so they were following whose method they were following Christ method they were to be witnesses for who for Christ Now if you're witness of Christ doesn't it make sense to follow Christ's method OK So their main building with the people the 2nd thing is they desired their good and they showed sympathy for their problems. Now I want you to turn to Acts chapter 3 just one chapter over now this is an interesting story we don't have time to get into the whole story but notice in Acts Chapter 3 it says now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer the 9th hour OK Now was this the 1st time Peter and John ever gone to the Temple No this wasn't the 1st time they'd ever gone to the temple matter fact go back to verse 46 of chapter 2 and notice it says so continuing daily with one accord in the temple where were they in the temple where everybody else was they were mingling remember we talked about that they continued daily with one accord in the temple so this was not in chapter 3 this is not the 1st time they've gone to the temple but for the very 1st time something else happens that has never happened before and it has to do with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit but they're following Christ method notice with me they desire their good and they showed sympathy to their problems Notice it says and a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried whom they lay daily at the gate of the temple which is called What beautiful and K. By the way later on in the chapter we understand that this man for 40 years kept coming to this gate so you know at some point in time I'm sure that Peter and John had passed this man OK had passed this man but on this day something was going to take place that had not taken place previously now they're going to look at this man and they're going to desire his good and they're going to show sympathy for him OK and something happens to this man that says and he asked almost from those who enter the temple who seeing Peter and John verse 3 about to go into the temple ask for ohms and fixing their eyes on him with John and Peter said look at us. So he gave them his attention expecting to receive something from them and then Peter said silver and gold I do not have but what I do have I give to you I love that what I now think about those words what I do have what I didn't have before I now have and what I do have I'm going to give to you all of a sudden because of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit this whole scene changes it's like the person you passed by the grocery store that you always seen going into the grocery store you might have just walked right on by to go about your business but with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit you cannot just walk by and go about your business there is a desire for people's good that that never existed before there is this idea of showing sympathy to people's problems like you've never had before this is what Peter and John are experiencing this is what the disciples are experiencing they're following Christ method without making it a method do you understand I'm saying they're doing it naturally OK it's not something they have to memorize or something they have to think twice about and so they they give this man something name they didn't even have before OK so the Peter said silver and gold I do not have but what I do I give you and then he says in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth will rise up and walk man I read those passages and I think I can't wait for the day OK and people just following in their shadow OK because of what God is doing because Christ was gaining all the glory when we follow Christ method by the way with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we will follow Christ method and when we follow that method great success true success. Attends our efforts the next one is what he ministered to their needs notice with me in Acts Chapter 4 verse 3235 kind of going through here chronologically Matthew acceptor for verse 32 through 35 Notice it says now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own but they had all things in common and with great power the Apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and great grace was upon them all nor was there any one among them who lacked for all who are possessors of lands and houses sold them and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold and lay them at the Apostles feet and they distributed to each as anyone had to up need what were they doing they were minister ing to their needs there was ministry taking place in relationship to the needs of the church members and ultimately to the needs of the people around them so they mingled with the people they desired their good they showed sympathy for their problems and they what they minister to their needs. OK By the way we need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit if we're going to really accomplish OK this. The last one has finally they what OK they won their confidence and then they call them to follow him OK they won their confidence notice with me Acts Chapter 6 verse 5 and 7 I mention this a little bit earlier but I want you to notice something I thought this is a really good Acts Chapter 6 verse 5 and 7 it says and saying in the saying please the whole multitude now. This is interesting and they chose Stephen a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit and Philip Procrustes Nicanor timin per mean yes Nicholas proselyte of any UK and says whom they said before the Apostles and when they had prayed they laid hands on them so there was a problem that arose in the church I was talking about earlier what's interesting is that everybody agreed with the solution how many of you have been part of a church that has had problems and everybody agreed on the solution OK in the book of Acts they all agreed on the solution OK to the problem in other words at this point the apostles had won their what their confidence this is the decision that you're making we're all there we need to win the confidence of people where they can what they can trust us they know they can trust us they can talk to us they can tell us things OK that maybe they're not comfortable telling somebody else their won their confidence and in that process then they finally what they call him to follow him if you look at X. just give you one example for the sake of time here Acts chapter 2 verse 38 Acts chapter 2 verse 38. OK it says and Peter said to them repent and let one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for the promises to you and to your children remember no age limits and to those who are far off as many as a Lord our God will call constantly you see through the book of Acts them consistently calling people to follow Jesus they didn't start that way but that was always the end result of everything they said was they were going to call people to follow Jesus there comes a point in our friendships and we'll talk about this more in the 2nd session where we have to call for decision and that's probably the hardest thing you know when you go canvassing and you go door to door or you can show people the books you could talk to people about the books but when you actually have to ask for money and you have to come to a point of decision and you're drawing that person as you're talking about it to this point of decision it's one of the most challenging things that people find is how do I get them to decide OK but nonetheless this is one of Christ's methods at the very end he says Ellen why right then call them to follow him so decision making so a part of this process we notice a few things in Christ method a few key principles we'll just take a look at quickly you know regarding Christ and His method you know Christ always saw the heart. OK United we struggle with that we don't see the heart sometimes we're so busy we don't take time to see the heart OK we're in a rush we've got too much going on run a time frame OK. But Christ saw the heart OK in fact turning our Bibles to Matthew Chapter 9 versus one through 8 there is a paralyzed man who was brought to Jesus and paralyzed man who was brought to Jesus this paralytic and Jesus has some words for the paralytic OK verse one says so he got into a boat Matthew Chapter 9 verse one so he got into a boat crossed over and came to his own city then behold they brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic he saw whose faith who's there by the way his friends so his friends are exhibiting this face to bring this paralytic to Jesus OK that's like someone exhibiting faith to bring someone here who can't meaning as you know what I want to bring you here OK so it's in their faith that Christ has these words for this man he knows what he needs the most he sees as heart and notice what he says he says son be of what good cheer your sins are forgiven you and I thought this is always interesting he's a paralytic he can't walk but what's Jesus 1st words out of his mouth be of good cheer something's about to take place that I know you need. OK more than even the physical healing he says Your sins are forgiven you Jesus saw it right through to the real issue the heart of the issue concerning this individual and he goes right there and says sons your sins are forgiving you now later we read from the Ministry of healing concerning this paralytic so is the paralytic found in Christ healing for both body and bought for both the soul and the body he needed health of soul before he could appreciate health of body before the physical malady could be healed Christ must bring relief to the what mind and cleanse the saw from sin you know I'll tell you we have so many people in our world today that struggle mentally so much depression so much anxiety solo much hurt so much pain mentally people are struggling in Jesus that's the heart of the issue when we talk about the heart we're talking about the mind OK and this parallel Dick he's there sure he has the physical ailment but that physical element took its toll on his work his mind OK because in those days if you were paralytic according to the Jew You must have done what you must have sinned along the way you must have been raised this way you were born into this sin and you've done something really horrible for this to you know be the case for you and you think of years of that and then Jesus says Your sins are forgiven you he goes right to the heart of the real issue and he says Your sins are forgiven you and there is relief for this man and what follows that relief. Physical healing now you're ready to be physically healed OK So you see this example you know God is the only one who knows the heart notice with me in Jeremiah OK Jeremiah Chapter 17 but this is this is what we need to be after OK when we're working with people as we're following Christ method we have to see the heart and that takes a little bit of time now Jesus could see it instantly we don't see it instantly so that's why later we'll talk about friendship evangelism in friendship of vandalism what's the real goal we want to get to the heart of the matter in friendship of vandalism we want to reach the heart OK we want to by the grace of God bring healing to the heart OK of that individual but Jesus is the only one who sees Jeremiah Chapter 17 verse 10 says I the Lord he searches the what he searches the heart he tests the mind OK In other words it's a repeat he searches the heart he tests the mind even to give every man according to his ways according to the fruit of his doing God is the one who searches the heart God is the one that knows the mind OK and will get more into this as we talk about friendship evangelism but I want you to notice Christ also Christ not only saw the heart but Christ nurtured faith OK in his method he saw the heart he nurtured faith and there are few bible illustrations of this Jarius OK Remember he came to Jesus my daughter is dead. And I want you to come and razor from the dead OK Along the way as he's on his way to Gerry says House OK he's crowded it's not going very quickly OK Jarius wants him to get to the house he's moving slowly because he has this group of individuals that are surrounding him and who touches him by the way on that journey this woman with an issue free year she had gone everywhere she had looked for hope she had looked for healing she had looked for help and finally Jesus is right there and so she has the courage and the face to go forth and what touches garment OK now did Jesus just let that go on unknown know nothing about it Jarius is sitting there and he's wanting to get to his daughter he wants God to do something for his daughter but his faith needs to grow just as much as everybody else's face OK in Christ and Christ ability and so here all of a sudden Christ turns to this woman and says You're what your faith has made your whole Ok it's your face and so Christ is nurturing in each of these situations Christ nurtures faith when we follow through with his methods we go to the heart where our goal is to get to the heart as we're going through those methods and it's to nurture faith. And then finally the man at the pool of Bethesda OK Jesus just says Take up your bed and walk OK And this man literally is like but Lord I've tried to get to the pool OK And but he didn't need the pool all you needed was Jesus all you needed was Jesus and sometimes people just need to know that all you need is Jesus believe it or not. OK nurture faith you know the Bible says for I say through the grace given to me to everyone who is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think so girly as God has dealt to each one a what measure of faith believe it or not everybody has a measure of faith OK Everybody has a measure of faith and what Christ does is he continue to nurture you know it gets wearing after a while when you hear negative after negative afternoon after negative and you the goal is turning those negatives into positives OK that's what Christ did share we have the situation the paralytic sure you're on your back going to turn that into a positive take the woman with the issue of blood I'm going to turn that into a positive Christ came and he nurtured face so that people could see the positive rather than constantly dwelling on the negative many of your friendships start at the negative level but the goal is to nurture faith through that friendship so that they can get out of that hole of negativeness and see where Christ can actually do for them and has the ability to help them overcome so everyone is given a measure of faith you know I was talking to my son I love this in canvassing with young people men affected experience a couple summers ago when I was running teams in Montana and there was a young lady that was in our group and she was in our group she was she just was negative that day we got done with lunch and she says I just don't know about doing this it's just not it's not coming out right you know she had gone to door after door and it was one rejection after another rejection after another rejection and she's like I just don't know about this and she got out of the car and I said listen you have to believe that Christ wants to bless you. And I said when you know students carry radios around and the purpose for carrying those radios is not only so that they the leader knows where they are but I said God uses that radio as a blessing to you because when you start hearing on the radio students asking for bread colored bread OK the books the message books OK Hey I need bread OK and they tell us real quick I need a G.C. I need a GA and they just we all these you know acronyms you know God answers and great controversy I said when you start hearing that over the radio just know it's coming around to you just know it's coming around to you your radio soon you're going to be the one on that radio and so she got out of the car and she didn't believe me so you know what I had to have faith for her so I was praying in faith to nurture her face and so I'm like Lord I'm like pulleys just pull asked her and she goes to the door and she gets a book out her face remembers about like this right about now. OK and she comes to the car she gets red I come by and I said I told you it's coming around you I said you need to believe that Christ is going to bless you it's coming around to you next door I leave him I'm not gone but 3 minutes I'm like Lord thank you and then I hear on the radio again need another book I'm like oh this is good so I drove back around I said I told you it is coming around to you we're not done yet and she goes to the next door and another book finally I give her the 3rd book I said and she looked at me I didn't say anything this time she looked at me and she said I believe. Now she has enough faith to move forward but it started with my faith needing to nurture her faith. Just like the guys who brought the paralytic remember the guys that break down the house to lower their friend OK So what happens so then this done then yes so then she goes across the street get this and the lady vice 2 books now because she believes she's given more then when I believe for her and then we find out the lady by the way who answers the door says you guys were here last night I totally forgot we're on a street we did the night before. Yeah and so she said I've got 2 books last night but what do you have. And she bought more books I'm like listen Christ nurtured faith it's time we start nurturing people's faith every man has been given a measure of faith so nurture the faith of the people around you that's what Christ did in his method OK and it brought truth success she was on cloud 9 the rest of the day and she did she saw more and more I think she ended up with a 175 day or so on them just all the books and I was like Lord thank you my son like I told you I want to see God's faith and I had to remind him I said listen just the day before he was out he prayed with a an older gentleman he started crying the older gentleman made sounds like I don't know if. He said no and then he was praying for 3 books that he's like oh Lord and so he goes in and he's telling me the story he's like and then he goes to the next door and and the guys they were no no real interest in my son things in his head oh lord maybe this isn't the door but then the guy says well you need to talk to my son and his son by 3 books and answers his prayer doesn't know when I had to tell my son now you're asking for evidence is the other day God just gave you evidences Why do you need to ask. OK the little things make all the difference when you're working with people little evidences and nurture friends nurture their faith this is what Jesus did OK What is God calling these people to experience what is the results of that experience in their lives you know Ellen White tells us talk and act as if your faith is invincible The Lord is rich in resources he owns the world look at inward face OK we live in a world that is lacking great faith and they need a church and they need people who are willing to nurture that faith OK so what is the result of that experience in their lives when they're living by faith what is that experience like anybody Oh you think on the only one going to be talking OK there is gratitude there is peace what else comes with great faith there's joy there's patients expectations hey you have great expectations because you know God is great you have hope that's right there's praise that's right the fruit of the Spirit is now to where it's being manifested in and people can see it this is what happens as we nurture phase OK notice from this passage in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 131416 these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them a far off they were assured of them they embraced them they confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth notice what faith does they all died and what faith faith sees a far off when you nurture faith and your desires to continue to nurture faith in God helps to show you the heart if you're not there to nurture faith why do you need to know the heart do you understand. OK they could see a far off it's amazing what faith can see. OK Abraham soft through the grave when he had to take his son up to the mountain he saw that if need be God can resurrect my son to bring forth his seed OK but that was developed that safe was nurtured OK there was assurance there's assurance that comes with a nurtured faith OK there's With that assurance you have stability and you have security it's kind of like Paul Paul says I know in whom I believe OK and therefore he could be whipped and he could be benign and he could be stoned and he can go through all of that why because he knew in whom he believed OK They embraced you know an embrace means there it means actually in the Greek to enfold in the arms of. OK describing their faith they took the promises and they made them there are OK they unfolded them in their arms and which led to a confession right and led to a confession what was the confession that they were strangers and pilgrims in the world OK It led to that confession and it goes on for they who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland but now they desire a better that is a heavenly country therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he is prepared for what he's prepared a city for them Christ then just give this to his new chest I'm a church you know Christ method wasn't just from the gospels on God's method his true method for success he gave to Israel of all but Israel struggled with that method because they were they kept everything to themselves OK matter of fact talking about this method notice in Isaiah Chapter 58 verse 6 or 11 and going back to the Old Testament just for a minute OK Isaiah Chapter 58. OK as a chapter 58 verse 6 through 11 he says is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the old pressed go free and that you break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked that you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh then your light shall break forth like the morning your healing shells spring forth speedily and your righteousness shall go before you and the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard then you shall call the Lord and the Lord will answer you shall cry and he shall say Here am I If you take away the yoke from your midst the pointing of the finger and the speaking of wickedness so if you extend your saw to the hungry notice and satisfy the afflicted saw then your light showed dawn in the darkness and your darkness shall be as the noonday the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and strength in your bones you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail OK crisis of method that he gave to us in Matthew Mark Luke and John was the same method he gave to Israel of all but they struggled with the method OK they struggled with the method but he said if you'd follow it what would break forth OK your light would break forth people you know light is a powerful thing. Matter of fact if you're familiar with oh boy name just excuse me again. Albert Einstein. Had a fascination with light OK love the light but his study on light really was due to Michael Farraday Michael Farraday studied electromagnetic waves and he realized that light is actually electromagnetic waves that are moving at a very specific rate of speed so the point is light is always moving forward OK So who is God is equated with the light in him right there is no darkness there is light and that light is the life of men OK So God is always moving forward when we follow Christ method our light breaks forth we're always in following his method we're always moving forward OK And so you see this now I want to show you something that's really interesting I want to actually go back to this healing I want to go back notice Isaiah 58 forget the 1st King's real quick I want you to notice something here Isaiah Chapter 58 verse and then we'll look at 1st kings as a chapter 58 verse 8 it says then your light show break forth like the morning and your what shall spring forth speedily your healing you realize when we follow Christ's method not only are the people we're reaching gaining a blessing but we in the same turn are also being healed OK when I was sharing with that young lady about faith nurturing her faith man I'll tell you what what do you think was happening with my faith OK my faith was just growing even greater by leaps and bounds and I just you can't contain that I had to share that with the other young people OK that listen. My faith is growing in this process crisis listen if you're following my method not only will the others be healed around you but you also will experience a healing and it will be speedily It's not like it has to be a long period of time OK it can happen speedily think about the woman here's this is the widow of Zara fast and 1st King 70 and we will need to read the verse because time wise but the thing is is that she was on her last right bit of bread an oil she was on I mean for her and her son this was it for them this was everything and then he lied you comes along and what does a lie just say make some for me 1st so she's going to have to what exhibit faith and she is going to serve a lie Jer and in the process of serving him what does God do for her creases and she is fed OK so her blessing comes out of her service our blessings come out of service OK God can bless us and he does but you want to be blessed even more serve follow Christ method and he will literally you cannot give him you can't there is just no way OK so in service as we follow Christ method we also are healed notice this is interesting this is from Psychology Today so is volunteer ing is associated with a lower depression increased wellbeing and a 22 percent reduction in the risk of an early death. OK just from volunteering OK just from saying I want to serve Lord help me follow your method help me serve and in the process I'm healed if Israel would have followed Christ math that is given to us here in Isaiah 5800 there are still wailing at the wall the day OK there's still wailing at the wall today OK I'm telling you we go you know I'm going to experience all the great I was struggling in college 1st year I recent 70 habits became a 7 day evidence went to 17 and it was just a couple years after and I heard different people saying different things and it was like Lord I just want to know for myself and I was just going through this wrestling period and I was like Lord I just want to know you know what he did you know you answered me he said you're going overseas you want to know me I'm putting you in India and northern India and your only way back is a year later that was one of my ticket otherwise if I want to come back earlier I'm swimmin my parents and their money so then he drops me off in the middle of northern India where people worshipping trees and rocks in and they sacrifice children 12 miles from where we lived on altars and they and I'm like Lord I want to get close to you he said Now you're going to but you're going to serve 1st and as I served I grew man I depended on God like I never depended on him before OK I sat there studied my Bible 3 hours every morning read from the great controversy every evening there were nights literally I cried for hours. Because the family that I was with they all left and said You're in charge of the project now one had to go to school the other had to have a baby they're having a baby and so they had to go up to Missouri you're in charge I had to turn into a translator and I had to do all these other kinds of things and I'm just like Lord but he's like listen and it was healing I'll say after that a year I know in whom I believe OK volunteer associate no notice from the Spirit of Prophecy you who are suffering with poor health there is a remedy for you if you called The Naked and bring the poor that are cast out to the house and deal they bred to the hungry then shall the highlight break forth as the morning and then hell shall spring for speedily doing good is an excellent remedy for disease OK Christ encouraged people to share OK And remember Andrew. Yeah well is that said out or he found Peter he learned Jesus is the Messiah he couldn't contain himself and he shared with Peter and brought Peter the woman at the well couldn't contain herself after spending time with Jesus by the way that's how we learn Christ's message you know when I was in India I spent 8 months reading Matthew Mark Luke and John over and over and over and over and over again OK the woman at the well couldn't contain herself she had to go and by the way everybody came back OK think about it a woman you know it's interesting in that passage by the way she had an issue with men right we know that so the Bible tells us she runs off and tells all the men apparently after meeting Jesus there was no nervousness there's no shyness she felt healed she was forgiven and she was and for to tell everybody even the men. Come see a man that told me all things about my life how many of us are willing to say that all the bad things I'll share he told me everything so Jesus encourages sharing and believe it or not he always has divine appointments for us I want I want to share something and Mark talked about Philip OK we don't need to read the passage he talked a little bit yesterday about Philip and that's actually after 8 and how Philip is moved to share dramatically I want to share you another canvassing story there's a young man carrying his bag down the road and he heard a voice drop your bag and run OK talking about divine appointments drop your bag and run He's so you keep walking What am I hearing here is it again drop your bag and run this time it's a little louder keeps walking but he's picking up his pace and then he hears it again true story young man told us that happened him one summer he hears it again drop your bag and around this time it's really lousy drops his bag and he you know he's got books in his hands so he drops his bag and he takes off running and he's running down the sidewalk I mean you imagine you're watering your lawn you're see this kid is run by a book says. OK takes off and he's running down the sidewalk and he comes to this and all of a sudden what stops him from running is a car backing out of the garage OK and he runs and he stops right at the car and of course if you're sitting in the car you're like. Roll down the window and he's got these books and he's like Man I don't know why but I was just encouraged to run and now I'm talking to you and she like gets a God's answer is a great controversy and she's been doing some studying and she's been praying for answers and it just so happened he had the answers in his hands all he needed to do was run. OK and she bought the books. God has divine appointments for every single one of us if we're willing to follow his methods praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit God has divine appointments just like he had for fill up tools you can use Jesus knew how to effectively meet the needs of people give you some tools Jesus met a social need Jesus met a spiritual need Jesus met an emotional need Jesus metaphysical need some people sometimes people just need a shoulder to cry on you know my my wife is really blessed in this area it's kind of funny actually. We're going to church and she'll sit down and the next minute I know she'll be like she'll come over and she'll tell me so and so gentle me all the details but she's like so and so just open up and started sharing all their life story as it really is I guess just as a way were people meeting people emotionally as I remember in college one time we were sitting down and we were a group of people I was just getting to know her at the time and I said to I said hey let's go play basketball we all want to go play basketball and she's like no no no I got schoolwork to do and I remember a young lady coming in a dorm she was Ari of the dorm and she was crying and she left her studies to go attend to that person and it was like she had her priorities right you know so you meet emotional needs Jesus met physical needs you know Jesus met people in all of these areas and God wants to empower us and give us wisdom to do the exact same Ok so I'm going to end here with that and let's have a word of prayer I'm going to give you a break and we'll jump right into the next one I know it's a lot there and I tried to fly through so let's have a word of prayer. Father in heaven thank you so much for your many blessings Lord we thank you so much for your method Lord to give true success to our work and I pray that will just draw closer to you and closer to you and closer to you and we will understand better your method to have true success in reaching your children around us the souls for whom you died around. Give us success in this for your honor and glory in Jesus name we pray payment this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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