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7. Friendship Evangelism, Part 1

Marshall McKenzie




  • June 17, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you again for your many blessings we thank you for your leading and guiding and Lord I just pray again for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit we thank you for his presence and me he truly lead our study in our thoughts that you may be glorified we may be challenged and encouraged to to do friendship evangelism in Jesus' name we pray him in so I'm going to start here with friendship evangelism and I'm going to start with a passage it's a key passage actually. It's in Luke Chapter 2 verse 49 later we'll deal with the rest of the verses to this passage but it's when Jesus was 12 years old OK And as you know have you ever lost a child you know sometimes I remember having 3 and then all of a sudden there's only one and I wonder where the other 2 went OK We almost lost one of our sons in a Paris airport because he went off. In his own direction but anyway I wasn't there my wife was or traveling with the 3 overseas but anyway this is when Jesus when it he's in the temple and his parents go off OK and for how long remember how long was he missing 3 days he wasn't though missing they were missing OK which is interesting and this is the answer to them when they're talking to him in the temple and this is what he's 12 he said and he said to them why did you seek me now now that's an interesting question right why are you seeking me we would think OK I'm seeking you because you're my. Son you're my child OK but he had more to this question than just that he said did you not know that I must be about my father's business OK Everything Jesus did was very intentional friendship evangelism is not just talking about the weather friendship a vandal ism is a very intentional process and we have to be very intentional about the friendships we make because there is a goal we want those friendships for eternity not just for now OK And so what Jesus does is very intentional matter of fact it says here in desire of ages page 151 Jesus saw and every soul one to whom must be given the call to his kingdom how many souls every soul must be given the what call to his kingdom now we just got done with Christ methods right what was the last method of Christ's he bid them follow me now this as Jesus saw and every saw this what I need for this call so every soul must go through Christ method OK. He says he reached the hearts of the people by going on among them as one who desired their good he sought them in the public streets it's almost like you're hearing ministry of healing again OK going among them as one who desired their god he sought them in the public streets in private houses on boats in the synagogue by the shores of the lake and at the marriage feast I mean Jesus is meeting people everywhere and he's doing it intentionally OK Sometimes the reason we can't get past the weather in our conversations with people is because we're not thinking about this friendship as beginning with a very specific purpose and a very specific goal and I want to go somewhere with this OK Jesus did this everywhere he met them at their daily vocations and manifested an interest in their secular of fares he carried his instruction into the household bringing families in their homes under the influence of his divine presence his strong personal sympathy helped to win hearts Jesus is very intentional even at the age of 12 years old he says I must be about my father's business do you seek me because I'm your child or do you seek me because you want to know what the father's business is Why do we seek Him matter of fact when James and John run after G.'s. James and John I think it is anyway are 2 of the disciples of John the Baptist OK they run after Jesus after they find out he's the Messiah and Jesus asked him a very important question right from the beginning says What do you seek because Jesus is Jesus knows why he's there. He knows what he needs to accomplish and that's what he's all about in our Christian walk what are we about and isn't intentional least spoken of when we are developing friendships you know I remember and I learned this a lot in canvassing because you know when you go to the door you're there to make friends and by the way you take a general interest in them at the door but you have to make friends within about a 5 minute period to get to the place to where they're going to buy a spiritual book and in your conversation you can converse about things and you find a little hook and you bring it back to the books and then you listen and you talk and then you bring it back to the books and you listen and you talk and you bring it I was very intentional but I learned it's not just about selling books that we need to be intentional we did need to be intentional just like Christ is everywhere we go with a very specific purpose to go somewhere and this is what drives our prayer life this is what drives what we do this is what drives where we go JESUS is very intentional in his friendships wherever Christ went he was intentional taking his instruction verree where everywhere Jesus was a master of reaching the human heart he reached the human heart because he knew why he was there he knew what he needed to share OK this will play into some other things a little bit later regardless of his or her background every person walked away feeling respected loved and valued by him OK. They felt respected loved and valued as he sought to call them to repentance while he gave them the truth bringing them to a point of decision it's one thing to walk away feeling respected loved and valued but nobody ever makes the call nobody ever bids them to follow Him Do you understand him saying it's like we go we go half way but we never finish OK You know I like running races I ran a couple marathons a few years back I'm just starting to get back into running because I was doing it too I was doing 50 miles a week. And and I wanted to do an ultra marathon and I was really really working at it but I read the finish line was everything you know you just wanted to finish OK sometimes we kind of have hazard Lee go about our friendship evangelism it's like we do it to feel good but we don't do it to finish OK And Christ was a finisher OK because he wanted their eternal salvation that's the goal OK So reaching the heart Acts Chapter 16 verse 16 interesting. Notice with me there are some keys and friendship evangelism that are important in this intentionality OK I want to take a look at Acts Chapter 16 OK verse 16 through 18 now this intentionally ality that we're going about friendship of vandalism there's a few points we just need to keep in mind OK we need to keep in mind OK action for 16 verse 16 through 18. This interesting story has now happened as we went to prayer that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us who brought her Masters much profit by fortune telling this girl followed Paul and us cried out saying these men are the servants of the most high God who proclaim to us the way of salvation was she not telling the truth now she's possessed by a what and he's telling the truth OK but notice verse 18 and this she did for many days but Paul greatly annoyed Paul's annoyed he's annoyed with her doing this time and time and time again OK So what does he do he turns and he said to the spirit I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out that very hour so Paul let this go on for a little while. But it was annoying it was the truth but it was what annoying you know sometimes we can communicate true in a very in annoying manner OK plain truth if not revealed in the correct way at the correct time can be damaging. OK this woman though possessed with the spirit she is sharing the truth OK The demon is sharing the truth and Paul is getting very annoyed it wasn't in the correct manner it wasn't at the correct time and Paul cast out the demon and Christ does so one point and being intentional is not to be over intentional OK Do you understand why I'm saying like for instance I keep going back to canvassing because you see this a lot in canvassing. Students will memorize a canvas OK we want them to memorize because it helps them so they don't have to think about what they're going to share about the books that they're going to share but they can be over intentional at the very beginning because they're like robots OK Oh I learned this I tell you this and they just and that's what they do there's no conversation it's just hi my name is and I'm working on a scholarship program did you did you did and they go through they learn how to say their campus in one minute. OK The problem is yeah problem is I asked my son did you get it in a minute he's like yeah I just got it in a minute the whole campus like on 5 books or whatever and so he doesn't intimate The problem is they take that one minute they go to the door and they said all in one minute and they just like. Like the floodgates are open OK The thing is when we learn truth sometimes the floodgates are open OK that's not friendship or vandalism that's like just letting it go OK so plain truth is not revealed in a correct way at the correct time it can be damaging OK from the book evangelism page 446 it says here is a lesson for all our ministers call porters a missionary workers that's all of us when you meet those who like Nathaniel are prejudice against the truth do not hurt your peculiar views too strongly. And talk with them at 1st of subjects upon which you can agree but now with them in prayer and in humble faith present your petitions at the throne of grace OK both of you and they will be brought into a closer connection with heaven notice what was at. You know and a friendship of angels ism is not for you to talk in only for them to listen you both if it's done right you're both blessed in the process you walk away going I can't believe I said that that's amazing I've never said that before and you learn from even some of the things that come out of your mouth I've done that lots will be brought into a closer connection with Evan prejudice will be the weekend and it will be easier to reach though we keep coming back to reaching the heart OK So we have this given to us OK John I'll come back to this in just a minute timing friends timing and coming across too strong are huge issues and friendship evangelism timing and coming across too strong now I'm going to get to Luke in a little bit and Jesus actually gives us a method of communication that brings all of this into mind and helps us understand often new converts can come across to strong and to them there is no such thing as timing we're not thinking we're just what we're speaking we're just out there we're just my goal is to say as much as I can is as quick as I can because I don't know if I'll ever see him again OK but remember it can be damaging because the next person they meet OK what I have to deal with the you know it's like canvassing when you go canvassing sometimes when you talk you can create objections and not even know. Rather than there to break objections down so what happens is sometimes my communication can be damaging because I'm setting up objections and then the next person later has to break them down and so it becomes us longer process so we just need to be aware so notice with me John Chapter 16 verse 12 through 14 says I still have many things to say to you even Jesus with his disciples couldn't share everything there are times when at this point in time I can't share everything oh I really want to go there I'm sure maybe you've had experiences like that or I'd really like to share this but you know what I can't Jesus said I still have many things to say to you Scuse me but you cannot bear them now however when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth and I love this Jesus is like I'm here and I'm sharing with you but I can't share everything with you but I'm going to send a comforter and he's going to pick up where I left off OK Now think about it as a church if we were working that way in our community sometimes I may take a friendship so far and so somebody else may take it a step farther and so you have to be aware that as an community sometimes you are the friend that's going to take them all the way through sometimes you're only the friend that's going to take them partway through but you have to look at it as we're working together Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the father they work together and everything and where Jesus couldn't take them the Holy Spirit was going to take them OK And so there is a cooperation that takes place this is why we should communicate to our church friends what friends we have in the community where they are what they're doing what they're not doing so that everybody is aware because I might just run into your friend. And the Lord may take that to another step let me give you an example I told you yesterday I will throw a picture up on the screen when I get my computer back working I'll throw up a picture on the screen of the state of Michigan right now we as amazing facts have 2000 interests that we are working with but guess who's going to have to take it over you are so we want to prepare them to a certain place so that now we can train you how to take it from there and finish it off and that's how the church should be working that's how God works OK and so he says he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority but whatever he hears he will speak and he will tell you things to come He will glorify me for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you I love this is like the Holy Spirit he's not speaking his own thing by the way either OK Notice I want to go back I want you to catch this it's really important however when he the Spirit of truth will come he will guide you into all truth he will not speak on his word on his own authority Now listen but whatever he hears he will speak so in other words you may have one friendship that you're developing and you may come along and be the person to take it but you both need to be speaking the same thing what happens is is that when you're not speaking the same thing OK and you feel like I am going to do this with it and you're like what we decided we were like to this point do you get what I'm saying OK but when it comes to the Godhead the Spirit of God This is a cognitive process that he's going through. OK And so he's processing this through the Father Son and are as likely as passing is disciples along OK and sometimes we do that in the church so this is why Paul says there should be no divisions among you but that you should all speak the same thing in 1st Corinthians Chapter one Verse 10 OK because it affects friendship of vandalism OK now unselfish service so speaking the right thing at the right time speaking the same thing among ourselves as we're doing friendship evangelism then there is also unselfish service OK and it happened when he was in a certain city let me hold a man who was full of leprosy saw Jesus and he fell on his face and implored him saying Lord if you are willing you can make me clean then he put out his hand and touched him saying I am willing we cleansed immediately the leper see what the leprosy left him Jesus didn't have to touch this man now this is interesting about this Jesus DID YOU KNOW Jesus all you have to do speak the word it's done everybody else wants to avoid this man he's got leprosy who wants to run the chance of getting leprosy when I was in northern India I had never seen leprosy before but when I was in northern India full the train stations were full of people with leprosy I had never seen people missing parts of their hands parts of an ear just sitting on the sidewalk when you walk by that seriously and it's shame on us for this but we're it's like they're there and I'm like who I'm working over here OK I didn't mean that intentionally when I was 1st there. But as Christ started working in my heart in a very specific way it was like I wanted to go up and touch them there's a difference and Jesus everybody else wants to avoid this man but Jesus what he only has to do speak to him but he touches it he does something that friend this is friendship of Angela's and sometimes people just need you to put your arm around him OK they need to be touched they need to know OK that they can be cleansed that was his desire more than anything Lord if you notice followed if you are what when everybody else isn't willing to Lord are you willing if you're willing everybody else I have leprosy they're not willing but how many of us are willing how many of us would take the time like Jesus to reach out a hand to touch somebody that needs to be touched that needs to know now I agree we're living in a day and age when touching can be very misconstrued and we have to be careful and I want to preface we have to be careful but when the Spirit of God is leading and he's moving you to reach out and give a hug or to shake a hand or to show that they have the support don't say no. OK Be the friend that Jesus would be reach out just like here and touch that man Jesus OK And this man by the way was healed OK And this is what Jesus was all about on selfish service friendship evangelism speaking the right thing at the right time being cognizant not saying too much too fast understanding that your friendship may go all the way but at the same time it may not you may have to take it to a certain point and somebody else is going to follow up and take it beyond that and at the same time you want to be unselfish in your friendships you know I remember when I was pastoring in Waterford and. For Rosemary NY Our home was always open OK And one time we have a small group that always came our house it was small got to about 16 sometimes and we'd have them all in our house after church we'd all like this go to our house and we'd study until like 7 o'clock at night or whatever and but one time Rosemarie and I really tired and we went upstairs we thought OK Everybody's not here yet let's go upstairs and let's lay down for a minute bad thing to do lay down close my eyes and the whole groups all in our front living room they're all sitting down they go in our kitchen they get stuff by the refrigerator they're like where's Marshall in Rosemary and they're waiting like 45 minutes and then hour wait let's call and they call me on my phone sitting right next to me and I'm like hello and they're like again Marshall Like where are you oh sorry and they heard us come running down the stairs to this is going OK let's go and but the thing is unselfish open up your own names open up your hearts OK this is what we invest your home is not yours. OK if we're a disciple of God It's Gods and it should be there for friendship of vandalism that's why God gives it to us go to your neighbors one by one or have your neighbors come to you one by one and come close to them till their hearts are why armed by your unselfish interest and love one other experience when we're in Montana Rosemary was getting. To know this lady next door her husband and she was in the Mary Kay and my wife's really isn't much in America but she's I guess Come on over and I'll see what you've gotten open it all up on the table drop around and she made her all up and she did different stuff and and they were just chatting and talking and then we come to find out they've been watching amazing facts. I didn't even know they were watching amazing fact they had been watching him and she lived right across the street I could walk out of my house 20 yards that way and enter their house and then she finds out so she's like and then later we find out all they're watching amazing facts and then she comes your husband and she says I can't believe it she knew we were 7 they haven't us because we told ISSUES ask in through the friendship and she's like we realise the Badgers a 7 day evidence he's like you and then it just encourage more conversation it was just so cool to see how you know there are people literally right across the street you have no clue how the Spirit of God is working with them but there's friendship of angles if you're into it they're all around you. They're all around here it's incredible OK so some of the things for friendship evangelism that we can do OK. Bake bread or cookies visit the sick Now remember these things get the friendship going but remember you're getting the friendship going because you want to finish that's the goal now you may not be the one you may be the reaper you may not be the SO or you may be the SO are but you may not be the reaper you understand what you're doing all of this with the end goal in mind even though you may not be the one to finish it do you understand what you have to think of the others who will as you're making that friendship OK big bread or cookies visit the sick invest invite a guest at church to your home ask questions which will reveal now these 2 I'm going to spend a little time with ask questions which will reveal your genuine interest in the person listen listen listen and then what listen again you know what I'll be honest my objective is not to put you in the tank but that's part of the process so I know we're going to get there but my goal is to see you in heaven and I realize and beyond that it's too and I'll break this down in just a minute it's to expand your understanding of where you already are and where God wants you to be the thing is is that our objective though is to make them of a member of the family of God but that doesn't mean I don't take a genuine interest in them as a person where they're going what they're doing I mean Rosemary and I still have contacts from years ago we're still keep up with why because we have genuine friendships. And I think that's that's the key thing but it doesn't avoid where we're going to go in there but you're right we have to just be genuinely interested in the person you're right so so we do these things like I said to gain friendships Jesus did this was we were just reading everywhere he went you know Christ was very intentional about what he was doing people don't mind you being intentional as long as you take a genuine genuine interest in them OK And so that doesn't mean I tell you what all my intentions are the 1st day I meet you oh by the way I want you to do this in you're going to do that and then you're going in a preaching and then you're going to come some of the evidence and then you're going to I don't you know I don't share all that but up here that's where we're going Well here's the thing we right now obviously we're in a church where most people are members and not disciples because they've never been taught to teach or they never had the expectation from the very beginning that they would teach if you study the Bible and you understand the disciples were individuals who knew they were going to teach what they were taught but we have a lot of people that don't understand that they come in and that's great but they don't understand there's more to this than you know in my discipleship groups when we get to a certain point I'm talking about church how the church operates I'm talking about all that in the process so I'm training them how to then function in the church you know so I think there's a balance of both there's that balance of both that we need to have their talking about so listen listen and that comes to this listen listen and listen again share what God has done for you now I'm going to break this down this listen listen listen go to Luke Chapter 2 whole notice with me Luke Chapter 2 now we read I started with the 1st verse in verse 49 OK. And this is what Jesus' intentions were very clear Remember he said I must be about my what father's business and then he says What do you seek do you seek just a child or are you seeking to know what the father's business is OK This is why it says later you know Mary pondered in her heart and all the things that were said OK So Luke Chapter 2 because even the parents needed to be brought back to what his mission was it wasn't just their child OK So Luke Chapter 2 notice with me verse 45 it says so when they did not find him they returned to Jerusalem seeking Him Now it says now so it was that after 3 days they found him in the one temple sitting in the midst of the teachers both what listening to them and what asking them questions now this is really interesting start with the last verse 1st Jesus knew what his father's business was therefore he knew how to listen it guided his listening skills OK 2nd of all because he knew how to listen he knew what questions to ask OK Listening is not just have an open air did you hear what they said he's listening intentionally he's asking questions intentionally but these are all based on his father's business we need to know what our father's business is in friendship of vandalism if we are going to listen correctly and asked then the right questions that we need to ask OK Now notice it goes on now this is what happens when this takes place so then it says what it says and all who heard him were what. Astonished at his what understanding and what else answers now get this think about it he was listening and asking questions now he's giving understanding and answers what does that imply if he goes from asking questions to giving answers what does that imply they're asking questions. So this is the key it says all who heard Him Not everybody there had heard what he was asking so therefore they never reciprocated by asking questions but those who ask questions space sickleave then gave him permission to give a greater understanding see what we're friendship of vandalism is not I want you just to know what I know friendship of insulin is about I want as a Christian as God's last day people with his last day message I'm going to take you where you are in your understanding and I'm going to expound upon your understanding OK So Jesus it's like the fair season the Sajid sees when they came to him in Matthew chapter 22 OK And what happens there is he says they're talking about the resurrection because they had an understanding that there was no resurrection the Sadducees because in the Old Testament it doesn't mention resurrection Jesus says How do you read what is he doing he's not he's showing them that there's a greater understanding that they don't have that's what leads to baptism that's what leads to church growth that's what leads to all these things it's in friendship of angels and it's about expanding people's understanding but you don't get there until they start asking you the questions. But you start to get there by listening and asking them the questions let me give you an example I had a lady that came into our church one Sabbath then Waterford and and a church member and given her the book the great controversy she came up to me after church and she said I disagree with this book now the church member who had given it to or was standing behind her and I see the look on his face but here's the problem we would think automatically from the very beginning the problem is the book I need to deal with the issue of the great the book so we would think when you hear I have a problem with the book you would automatically think what Brooks The problem is the book The problem no it's not the problem OK it's what's the problem. Is the understanding it's understanding OK so what we did was I said Well and I started asking questions OK so I listen to her and then I started asking questions and I was listening more so I'm like OK so give me an example I was like Could you give me an example of one issue that you have a question she's like OK the state of man and death I said Oh OK So what is your understanding of what is your understanding of that I want to hear you 1st before I give you my understanding because if I don't you're not going to care what my understanding is OK so then it's like oh well what's your understanding of that she's like well what do you do and then she comes to the Bible what do you do with it now she's after me a notice she started to kind of ask me questions what you do with the verse in Revelation I'm like then I didn't answer right away as to what do you do with the verse you know the souls underneath the altar can Revelation 6 there I said What do you do with the verse and Hebrews So I asked her not a question she's like verse and Hebrews she's like what verses that. I was like oh no other question now she's asking me for an understanding so then I went to Hebrews and I showed her the verse you know how able and his blood and how it still speaks to this day and she looked at that and she said she never said and we're not even talking about the great controversy we're totally off the topic of the book because I didn't want her to become discouraged because the issues not the book I don't want to get into the spirit of prophecy with her OK So then she is like she never saw that verse before but by the way she kept telling me over and over I've been a Bible student for 35 years I've been studying the Bible for 35 years and we went through this and then she's like the next question out of her mouth was do you have a Bible Study Group that meets during the week. Why because she's ready she realizes I need to 1st hear what her understanding is then from there when she starts asking me questions after I ask her questions OK then she's open she's responding now she's opening her heart saying I'm ready for an understanding that's what friendship is of and what we want to get to the place we can expand biblically on people's understanding yes sir. But what I don't want to do is I don't want to assume that that's the case I want to know but you're right that's exactly right I just want to make sure I don't assume that and I'm going to work out where you're at to bring you to the place and I shared with her I said Listen I said to I said you know the Bible has foundational beliefs that it's important for us to grasp 1st and I encourage I said I would put the great controversy down for right now and I would just study the Bible on these beliefs are 20 fundamentals right or 20 and then I'll encourage you to go back and pick up that book and I'll bet you won't have any disagreements with it. OK So this is this is asking questions and listening Jesus is doing this and 12 years old OK he's giving us the clues how that we can get to the place the goal in friendship of vandalism is to expound on people's understanding but here's the thing we don't often listen anough to understand how they understand we never really get to that place you know we're so quick to move on OK And you know my dad was right God gave us 2 years and one mouth for a reason OK so here's some other keys in this process OK Quickly Forte I'm sure you've all heard of 4 how many of you have heard of Fort OK in our conversations just our general conversations these are some things we can remember family occupation religion and testimony OK family are you originally from this these are some questions that you can ask and by the way you know a good way to practice is I'll tell you this right now a good way to practice this is within your church you know my mice I have to be careful my sisters here to my sister my wife were having a conversation one day when we were in Michigan and my sister was like I really don't know anybody in the church now she's a 7 day I'm going to she's going to the 7th Day Adventist Church but she doesn't really know many people by the way we don't know many people that sit next to us in our congregations OK And you can actually practice this in church to get to know your own church members this is where I would start matter of fact I just had someone call my wife on the phone and we have been in the church for 2 years they have been in the church for much longer and they said you know more about the members than I do. She's I and she said to her and I'm jealous of you. My wife like you she's so honest meiosis like. I don't know I just sit down and this is actually what she does in church and she told my sister one day find 5 people and do this and you will actually learn about your membership and as you practice among yourselves God will enable you to practice outside yourselves OK so for asked somebody in your church by the way you're going to have a challenge this week to do this with somebody you don't know but there's still a 7 they have an assertion be scary right. Right OK welcome after oh anyway you are you originally from this area where I can't maybe it's like none or no of course not you you may ask him something else in what area were you raised does most of your family live nearby These are just general it starts general your intention Oh you know that but you start with the generalities OK but you're going somewhere then you have occupation what kind of work do you do what type of training is required for this occupation How long have you worked there you know I had one day I went out canvassing and this was when I was a leader not a student and I was like Lord I really want to understand this and my goal that day was just to go out make friends I don't even care of any books went out or not by the way that was my highest day in getting out books and all I was out to do was just make friends and when I go to the door literally in 5 minutes I go through all of this OK and learn how to go through this and make friends it's exciting when you when you're there to listen and you're looking for a little evidence is to move to the next step and ask another question other question and then when they start asking you questions it's open. OK So occupation if he's retired you can ask what type of work did you do if he's unemployed ask What hobbies do you have religion do you have a spiritual background do you find much time to attend a church in this area have you been Catholic Baptist Muslim Excedrin all your life and sometimes before you get like the religion questions sometimes you sprinkle in a little of your own religious experience and that softens it because now it's not just me focused on your religion but I'll share with some of my religious experience Yeah I was in the Lutheran church for a mile my mom was raised Catholic and and I went to the Baptist church for 4 years and and I sprinkle that in along the way genuinely so that they're not as uncomfortable so we're talking about the same thing we're on the same page OK and then testimony OK You now have the opportunity the last one is kind of that testimony at some point you want to get to the place where you can share about your testimony you now have the opportunity to bridge this conversation into a deeper more personal spiritual conversation now I want to talk to you really quickly about testimony in like 3 minutes because I'm actually draw this to an end but testimony notice with me Revelation Chapter 12 for a 2nd I want to go to Revelation because oftentimes we talk about testimony and we'll talk more about it here in the next hour but oftentimes when we talk about testimony we tend to just think about our lives OK in terms of our and we tend to emphasize more the past because that's like the testimony we think but it's really interesting in Scripture there's some interesting things here like in Revelation Chapter 12 versus 11 OK So 2 ways in which they overcame How do they overcome. One of the Lamb and either one of their testimony now when you hear this what do you think word of their testimony I can tell you what I think you're. OK They're sharing their experience with Jesus OK Good somebody else OK the word of their testimony I appreciated that let's go to Hebrews for just a minute I want you to I'm going to basically come out on that a little more notice with me here Bruce OK Hebrews chapter 11 verse 5 OK here is chapter 11 verse 5 so it's by faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death and was not found because God had taken him for before he was taken he had this what testimony here this testimony by the word of the testimony they overcame he had this testimony that he what pleased God Now let me ask you what is pleasing to God OK without face very good and faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the All right so notice what pleased God OK his testimony would be was based upon something notice Isaiah Chapter 55. Notice Isaiah Chapter 55 verses will go with verse 89 OK And then verse 11 will just jump down the verse 11 So Isaiah Chapter 55 Verse 89 and 11. All right says from my thoughts can I have somebody read 89 and 11 I like readers Now notice what does the word accomplish just read it there what does the word accomplish. What it was sent out to do but he says specifically it accomplishes what I please Enoch had this testimony that he was please God So what was the basis of Enoch's testimony the Word of God the Word of God is what was central and what made up in acts testimony it's the Word of God that pleases God and when we have this testimony then God prospers us OK So this is the thing when it comes to the point of testimony and we get to that place where we're sharing our testimony it's our testimony that is based upon the Word of God what has been your experience with the Word of God What has this is face and when we nurture faith remember we're talking about nurturing faith what you're nurturing is people understanding the word of God can be trusted it can be stood on there are truths in the Word of God the Word of God a central By the way Jesus essential in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God but it's in your communication it's not like you're saying OK well we need to obey God it's their seeing and you're talking about obedience in this life relationship with Christ. To follow him talking about so you're sprinkling that testimony now there are other things will come to testimony a little bit some other areas but the central theme of our testimony is the Word of God And so what we share is our work and walk in the Word of God OK that's what pleases God and God blesses in the process so of the fearful witness notice with me really quick I'm going to close with this OK while Matthew because I need to give you a break Matthew chapter 28 the passage we're very familiar with notice verse 16 OK it says then the 11 disciples went away. Because I hear more pages of Peter. Says then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them when they saw him they worshiped him but somewhat. Doubted Now that's interesting before Jesus gets into this great commission he's dealing with some that are dealing with doubt OK one thing in friendship a vandalism that you don't want to go about 4th in friendship events and it takes time but in doubt so Jesus gives us these encouraging words in our friendship of vandalism he says all of Thora he has been given to me in heaven and on earth go there for and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you how often hallways in your friendship of vandalism how often is God with you always you can always depend on him you can always cry out to him you can always and he is right there he is right there and so we don't have to go forward in doubt we can go forward in faith and we can move forward and we can use the principles and we can pray that God give us wisdom in using them so that our friendships are free turn 80 that our friendships are eternal You know Paul gave young Timothy some words of counsel he says for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind so in our friendship evangelism it's without fear. But it's in the power and the love and a sound mind that we go forth to make friends so tools you can use the harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few bridging of vents by the way in your premium and you'll that you have some of the things we're talking about in your pre-work manual bridging a vents are one of them this just helps us in our friendship of angels and things we do so we can make friends cooking schools give quick easy healthy recipes family life we can strengthen marriage and parents this is just to get us among the people or bring in the people to us this is why we do them but the goal of these is not the event in and of itself it's to have friendships it's to develop friendships that's why we do bridging events OK sacred music concerts provide a suggested form for each attendee to indicate what they enjoyed what could be improved and if they like special prayer or a visit dinner with a doctor popular way of connecting with the community offering free health lectures by physicians so we have all these different types of bridging events there in your pre-work manual and some other ones as well OK notice a statement steps to Christ 115 Jesus do welling in you desires to speak to the hearts of those who are not acquainted with him and with Jesus in our hearts Now here's the weekly challenge this week meet 2 families in your neighborhood or deep in preexisting relationships with families on your streets bake them a loaf of bread bring them cookies do something here can't meaning out of the ordinary. We would do this if we're doing this in front of a church we're here campaigning find a couple people go through for family occupation religion testimony OK share what God is doing maybe share a bible promise with somebody something based on Scripture Father in heaven thank you so much for your many blessings so much to digest but I pray you'll give us a grace so that we can truly pick it out we can understand it and we can follow through for your honor and glory we can train others to do the same in Jesus' name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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