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9. How to Reach the Atheistic Mind, Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 18, 2018
    9:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to be here together we're thankful Lord for the promise that you'll be in our midst and Lord we want to understand that our message is. It's powerful and it's life changing its light transforming and it is the answer to every belief system in the world today and lot of people that understand this even if our own people to understand it it would revolutionize our lives and we keep looking everywhere else to try to find something else to reach all these different belief systems but Lord what we have and what we've always had is what is will reach the world and so we ask your special blessing to be with us now as we die than to this precious subject we pray in Jesus' name amen I don't know I know some of you I don't know all of you and I don't know if some of you know me but it's not important that you know me but the reason I talk about this is because I used to be an atheist I did not grow up in a Christian home in fact there are my aunt my uncle my cousin his wife his wife's mother my sister and my nephew are 7th Avenue S. in our family and we are off 1st generation avenues I did not know what Nabonidus was growing up I really didn't know what a Christian was I went to church some with my grandparents as a child to Methodist and church of Nazareth but not really ever understanding what Christianity really was and and so you know I grew up in Alabama where there's not a lot of Aben us and so we had no idea what that was and my uncle who was a really harsh hard. Stone cold person you know you've heard this phrase that a person can curse so much for they make a sailor blush right and he would make a sailor blush and I say that right and I think I said it right I said OK I just thought it was 100 degrees over there so I'm still cooling down here but he he would make a sailor blush and he was drag racing every Friday and Saturday night hated Christian always used to rail against Christians and one day he got a flyer in the mail for an amazing fax process and an hour and he said well this isn't church and he really liked history and he was always intrigued by prophecy unlike things like nose for Dahmus and that kind of stuff so he decided he would go he went transform his life my aunt who had always been raised in the avenue or not Amis but in Christian faith was thrilled to death that he was going to something religious and then he came home and started telling her about the Sabbath and all these things he was learning she says What is he getting himself into he's getting into a cult she says I better go to try to persuade him away from it. And at the end of those meetings they were both baptized and both came into the church and then my cousin was baptized he was probably 19 or 20 when he was baptized then he left the church and then I came into the church while he was out of the church and I was kept visiting him and appealing him come back and by the Lord's grace he did and he became the head elder in the church so now my cousin he's 2 years older than me he's 40 I'm 38 he became the head elder and and then his wife was better ties than his mother than my sister is about times about 2 years ago and now she teaches kindergarten Sabbath school and so happy about that and in fact I just bought her some she wants to learn even more about Revelations are bothersome study guides a day at the B.C. but I'm still working my my parents are not Christians but I'm still praying for them so if you were raised in a Godly Christian home you were blessed even if it wasn't perfect you were blessed because I came into the church at a great disadvantage not having any background and but the Lord has been good to me and I'm thankful he's put a lot of good mentors in my life but when I was in high school. I my parents got divorced my mom tried to commit suicide by taking a number of sleeping pills my father found her and she had so disrupted his life because every time he had a girlfriend. She would go and find her and tell her that he left his family and all the stuff in it would make them mad because he had lied to them and so my my dad found my mom and she told him she had taken 25 sleeping pills he actually left her to die he wanted her to die I found her called The End glints and by the grace of God she live but they have not been the same since and there was a number of other things I was an I was a football player and I had an injury and I remember sitting on a die. Doctor's office having if after having already had the scan waiting for the doctor to come in and give me the results and I said God if you're real and you care about me this is a very foolish selfish prayer but the prayer prayed Please don't let me have my season end here I want to play the rest of season over cause and right as I said that prayer the doctor walked in and said your knees blown out and your season is over and so we tween that and my parents divorcing then mom going into college into secular college my 1st taste of adding acidic ation was starting the Master's Degree at Andrews so from elementary middle high school community college and 4 years State University I was always in secular schools and so I had a number of classes I had some literature classes and I read some some correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine and Thomas Paine who Mel White talks about in the book early writings she actually says he'll arise in the 2nd resurrection as she says that he will that Satan stood over his shoulder guiding his writing I read a bunch of his stuff and I became convinced that there was no God and that it was all amiss and so that plus the I had you know evolution classes in a cetera it led me to become an atheist very hard Corey thius In fact I wasn't just atheist as in I don't care about Christians or any of that I was atheists as in don't talk to me as a Christian or I'm going to just I'm going to blow you to pieces like I would just eradicate and I had all the reasons and all the thought process and then. My life took a turn and I was very much. Became depressed and I was became addicted to alcohol and had all kinds of problems and the Lord through Iraq the lists intervention saved my life and I remember that I started to study the Bible. To prove it false and because I had this thought in my mind as I was being I began to contemplate suicide and wanted to commit suicide in such a way that my family would feel guilty and responsible for that for the rest of their life I mean I went solo when my mom went through the divorce she had coworkers who were trying to get her to go to church with them to try to bring healing to a line and I told my own mother there is no God don't go to church for those people it's all a lie and that's how hard and cold I was and and so I had this thought as I was thinking about planning my suicide why don't you study the Bible and I couldn't get that fought out of my mind so finally I decided start of the Bible to try to prove false and the rest is history I realize it wasn't false and I could say more about it but that trains my life so I have a very deep passion for people who think they're atheists is a lot of young people today and what I find is this I've never met anyone who says thank you I'm an atheist and here's all the reasons why here's all the evidence they may have reasons but they don't have evidence they may say Well evolution this and blah blah blah and the reality is even of evolution was true which I don't believe it is but even if it was it still doesn't prove that God doesn't exist see still not evidence so there is no way to prove that God doesn't exist but there is ways to so I'm very passionate about this I've studied with a lot of the baptize a lot of the theists and. I believe today that many of God's people get become afraid or nervous when they encounter atheist because they think that these people have it all together but the reality is if you ask them a series of questions they don't have answers to those questions so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to show you how atheism came to be prophetically the reality is this that God was not surprised by atheism Let's say that together God was not surprised by atheism in fact he revealed it in scripture thousands of years before it ever became a popular thing. Revelation 11 were actually going to go through that in this in the ring this time and so God predicted the movement of modern atheism long before it began and he actually provides a solution and a remedy to that belief system and you guessed it can you guess what that solution is as a 3 angels message exactly right and that's what we're going to see today because there's all these there's all these seminars and all these people coming up with all these cool new ideas and ways to reach atheists but the truth is if we just present our message that is the deepest answer you can give those people that we pray yet let's pray again because that was just an introduction Father in heaven as we die than now we pray that your Spirit would guide and lead us and direct our thoughts in our study today in Jesus' name amen All right. All right so where did atheism come from well in the Slate 1718 hundreds you've heard of The Age of Enlightenment or the age of reason have you heard of this right very proper things taught in secular high schools and people present that as an age in which mankind kind of almost transitioned into a higher state of thought and the reality is the only the major thrust of the Age of Reason is really the removal of God from the thought process that's really what the attempt was that's what the core of that belief was and 770 Paul Bear in the whole back was the 1st open modern atheists in France and he had a number of things that he talked about and spoke about but 790227904 which was during the French Revolution which we're going to talk about today churches were turned into temples of reason and many churches were closed and the Catholic Mass was forbidden which is not necessarily a bad thing. But we do we do believe in freedom of religion Karl Marx an $844.00 said religion is the SA of the oppressed creature of the heart of a heartless world and the soul of a soulless conditions it is the opium of the people in other words people who are not strong enough or tough enough to handle the the challenges in the difficulties of this cruel life. Have to have a crutch that's essentially what he's saying and religion is nothing more than a crutch but I want to propose to you and I want to just mention this that Charles Darwin was actually studying originally to be a Presbyterian minister on the new then and here's what Charles Darwin struggle with he had 9 children I believe it was either 4 or 5 of this children actually dine from sickness which was common in those days for a lot of children to die in. People died at a premature age and so forth but Charles Darwin didn't necessarily not believe in God but what he struggled with was how God could be good in a band world right and how these how. How how God could be just in such a cruel world that we live them and so there was a lot of people going through this similar mindset deism was very popular in the late seventy's hundreds in early 800 and I'll talk more about that a little bit later many of our founding fathers were deists but it was all a result of the French Revolution and I'm not going to get into announcement into it later but Charles Darwin didn't set out to write his theory to actually reject God he was trying to find a solution to how God could be good in a bad world and he basically kind of had of slight form of the ism where he thought that God just Qana created the world in a very slow process and allowed things to take their course and God did not intervene in the world and he just kind of left the world to do its own thing and a lot more we could talk about there but I'm going to keep going but there's some good research on that now we're all familiar with 798 correct and the event that took place there and I'm just going to do a real superfast review for you. Prosthetic review down Chapter 7 for great bass came up from the sea is different from the other and what were those bees representing. The different nations right Babylon Greece meta Persia Rome there are the 10 horns that represented the modern European nations of the day then following that you have the little horn that rises up and it's different from all the others right coming up among them before whom 3 of the 1st 10 were plucked out by the roots in the horns of the eyes like that as a man mounts with pompous words and of course that is the what the papacy the Roman Catholic Church now again the Roman Church took power in 5. 38 and 1798 the rule ended which to me this is one of the I think the greatest prophecies in Scripture because when you look at this you know Daniel wrote this about a 1000 years before this time that they took power 538 and John wrote it about 400 years or so roughly before that and yet they were on the money 1260 years is not a common numbers not like 200-501-0000 it's a very odd unique number and yet when you trace this one something actually went from the time the started and when it ended in something and you see the event happening in that very year there were people before 798 who were predicting the fall of the papacy based on that prophecy is mind blowing and as an atheist I saw this and it just tore apart my belief system that the Bible is a bunch of fairy tales I said there was no way on this earth that that could happen by chance when there was a book that was written thousands of years beforehand that would basically said this is exactly what's going to happen here's what's going to start when it's going to start here's when it's going to end and this is the Ventus going to take place there is no way in the world that that is a coincidence if it is the most bizarre mind blowing coincidences that humanity has ever seen and so this was one of the prophecies that locked in my my my understanding a belief that the Bible was true and when I share this prophecy with atheists their mouths open and they say I never knew this about the Bible so the Bible says in Daniel 8 about this power of course it says he cast truth down to the want he did all of this and. Prosperous which caste true to the ground a new a 12 become the papacy and we're just going to list here some of the false teachings of the papacy that are still evident obviously in Christianity today but here are several salvation by grace and works confession of sins to priests image worship and praying to that say the State of Man Death purgatory false doctrine of the mortality the soul eternally burning hell Christ coming is a secret the 10 Commandments are important and for Sunday worship now question for you what do all of these doctrines or belief systems or teachings haven't come and there's one common thread that goes through every one of them binding them together very different doctrines but one common theme going through them what is it figured out OK I'm hearing different things OK substitution of the truth deception but all of these have to do with. One's perception of the character of God yes or no are you with me so as the papacy during the Dark Ages was changing doctrinal truth they weren't just changing what the Bible said they were also changing the way people perceived understood and viewed God and His character and who he was as a person makes sense and as they did that naturally the the nature of how people viewed God became last divine and more human and other words you know the Bible says that when we deviate from the truth the perception of God becomes replaced with. The tainted traditions of men right and we begin to view God as we view ourselves selfish and cruel and etc. And so this is what was happening now naturally God's truth was lost during the Dark Ages and something happened in the late 17 hundreds the French Revolution what was the basis of the French Revolution it was an open rejection and rebellion of the Bible and of God right so have you ever wondered to yourself why is it that the French Revolution took place the movement of modern atheism it's because a postulate Christianity people had had enough of it. Is it makes sense and so the reality is this Don't miss this point that it was a POS state Christianity that actually gave birth to modern atheism that's what caused it because people said if God is like this like this meaning how the medieval church was presenting God all these different things that were not just error but they were Hannah's I mean they were just evil if God is like this we want nothing to do with him and there was an open rejection of God because of that so the truth was lost God was misrepresented there was a wrong concept of the character of a god that was formed in the hearts of minds of the people and as a result they rejected God and embraced want. Human reason you find a pattern all the way through Scripture and in every culture every time a culture or a people reject God reject the Bible reject truth they embrace their own line of thinking and human reason which is really who's reasoning and who's thinking is really Satan's thinking they think they're liberating themselves that rally they come into slavery so again I'm not repeating this because I don't know that I said I'm repeating it because I want to instill it in your minds the character of God there in the Dark Ages was grossly misrepresented to the false teaching of the Roman Catholic Church Well what happened as a result hears from the great controversy pages to it he wanted to eat to the only god they knew was the god of Rome her teaching was their only religion they regarded her greed and cruelty as the legitimate fruit of the Bible and they would had none of it so rather than actually reading the Bible for themselves which they didn't have until late they just rejected the whole thing they threw away the baby with the bathwater today and watch this this is everything I just told you Rome had misrepresented the character of God and perverted his requirements and now men rejected both the Bible and its author should require the blind faith and her dog most of the pretended St sion of the Scriptures Rome had ground down the people under her iron heel and now the masses degraded and brutalized in their recoil from her tyranny cast off all restraint so they said we want nothing to do with this religion anymore because it has basically it had basically abused them and had stolen all their money and abused them at war on their emotions it just ground them down as she says the best phrase to use so they just decided we're done we're done. And the French Revolution was a product of that build up of more than a 1000 years of false Christianity and rage at the glittering cheek to which they had so long paid homage they rejected truth and falsity together and mistaking a license for liberty the slaves of vice exulted in their imagine freedom so here's what they fought they fought this this sounds familiar doesn't it because this is exactly what Satan did in heaven he said if you will just overthrow God's authority his truth and his governments you will find exalted liberating freedom is that true and that's exactly what happened he used his own lies in heaven and he used in heaven and used corrupt Christianity on earth to accomplish the same purpose with me so far makes sense now we're doing all this is a foundation to get somewhere so what happened as a result it led to that rejection of the gods of the Age of Enlightenment and reason during the French Revolution which led to the birth of modern atheism so once again God was not surprised by this and we'll see this from the Bible here soon now watch this this is so interesting you remember of course in 798 was the papacy brought to that deadly womb what happen birth the A which was deposed general March in Rome an arrest of the pope correct but wants this this is very interesting a letter that was written to Napoleon by the French president's OK Watch this. He says the Roman So this is a letter to Napoleon the Roman religion will always be the bitter enemy of the Republic it must be struck in France it must be struck in Rome that is to destroy if possible the center of the unity of the Roman Church and notice what he says here it is for you to unite in your person the most distinguished qualities of the general to realize this 18 so the French president said Roll must be brought down and it's up to you to do it now listen to this friends don't miss this point even when people are attempts to defy and destroy the cause and the will of God they find themselves fulfilling his will that makes sense so they thought that they could destroy Christianity when in fact they were fulfilling one of the greatest prophecies in the Bible that gave evidence of his validity so you know I tell young people this I say look you're going to leave that if you leave the church you're going to think you're going to go out and do your own thing but in reality you're just proving what the Bible says and the same thing here the most ardent attempt to deceive to rip themselves of God actually fulfilled a major prophecy there mind blowing so go with me to Revelation Chapter 11 Revelation Chapter 11 and we're going to look at this prophecy that actually reveals modern atheism Revelation 11 verse 2 through Aids I'm just going to start in verse 3 actually. Well will read verse 2 I'm sorry but leave out the court which is outside the temple do not measure it for has been given to the Gentiles and they will tread the holy city underfoot for 42 months what time period is this describing 1260 days right verse 3 and I will give power to my 2 witnesses and they will prophesied 1260 days close in sackcloth these are the 2 out of trees the 2 lamp stand standing before the God of the earth and if anyone wants to harm them fire proceeds from out of their mouth into bars or enemies and if anyone wants to harm them he must be killed in this manner they have the power to shut heaven so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy and that's talking about the Holy Spirit right and the Holy Spirit falling and they have power to over or over waters to turn into blood and to strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire so this is this time period of course as the Dark Ages and the 2 witnesses is the power of God's word on earth through the church in the wilderness right and I mean most of us understand that it says. So that verse 3 and on are talking about that time period and God's word being the 2 witnesses the 2 all of trees that stand before. The trees the 2 lamp stands standing before the God of the Earth that's the old the new one that cements most of us know that and so it says here when they finish their testimony verse 7 the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them overcome them and why kill them so the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit is that the Roman Papacy as you know know is that the United States no because the. The papacy at the time of $79.00 he is not rising up it's doing what it's going down the United States is not rising up to attack the Word of God but it rises as a lamb right and it doesn't arise from the bottomless pit arises out of the Earth so this has to be a different nation that would rise up and attack the Word of God Some time around $78.00 when they finish their prophecy when the Word of God is doing that so it cannot be either one of those so verse 7 again when they finish their testimony they will overcome them and kill them here's what happened November 24th now mark down this date very important November 24th 7933 the French Assembly passed a law that abolished Christianity as the national religion and cast aside the Bible as the word of gone and so this was the beginning of this rejection during the French Revolution so as an entire nation would be the equivalent would be our U.S. Congress meeting House of Representatives in the Senate meeting together and passing a law saying there is no God there is no. The Bible is outlawed and there can be no religion in this nation that's essentially what they did as a nation they voted to reject God openly make sense OK Again don't forget Mark that date down Nov 24793 because we're going to come back to that OK All right. Here's a from Christianity in the French Revolution page $109.00 it says on the request of show met it was decreed that all churches and chapels of every religion and sect which exist in Paris shall be closed forthwith and any one who asked for the reopening should be arrested as a suspicious person no magine if the law was passed that every Aben a search was to be closed and if you said anything about it you'd be arrested as a suspicious person how many of us would be in jail that night I hope all of us but I fear not many of us would we fall into fear with the masses or would we stand up it depends on what your relationship with God is today doesn't it to know how much you value the living Christ that you serve and how much you value his truth is that right is not how strong you are and how brave you are but it's how fully Christ lives in your hearts that's what's going to manner and so this is what happened $7903.00 now in there's a magazine Blackwood's Magazine November 8 $170.00 that describes the events that were happening notice this is says France is the only entity in the modern history of the world that as a nation lifted her handed open rebellion against the author of the universe and that interesting. Plenty of blasphemers infidels there have been and still continue to be in England Germany Spain and elsewhere but France stands apart and world's history as the single state or a nation which by the decree of her legislative assembly pronounced that there was no God and of which the entire population of the capital and a vast majority outs where women as well as men danced and sang with joy and accepting the announcement now I want you to look at your Bibles again Revelation 11 and it says there in verse 7 that that beast would ascend and would make war against them overcome them and kill them now look down in verse 10 and that happened what what when did that happen again remember 2473 and look at verse 10 it says and those who dwell in the earth will walk out rejoice over them make a Mary and send gifts to one another because these 2 prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth and look what happened here as a fulfillment of that it's almost the same wording as what's in the Bible Yes Now why did the 2 witnesses torment those who dwell upon the earth what was a doing it was green conviction to their sins Wasn't it and they didn't like that and so they basically rose up and did away with them is it possible for us in the administration to do away to do the same thing to do way with the conviction of the 2 witnesses what he thing is very possible isn't it Now watch this great Conover's it pays to 65 the nation was left to reap the results of the course which he had chosen the restraint of God's Spirit was what. So what does that mean when it says The restrain what was what was the Spirit of God restraining our freedom. Or what evil it was restraining. The most wicked passion and vileness of the human heart correct even in the most wicked person on earth who rejects God God still until the Spirit of God is fully withdrawn will restrain them from the greatest wickedness of they can do is that interesting but when the people voted to fully reject God He pulled back his hand of restraint and allowed the fullness of Satan to have full reign over the human heart and the most unimaginable events took place the reign of terror and all these other things or people's heads rolling left and why I mean people by the 10s of thousands were lined up of the chopping block and the most gruesome massacres some of the most gruesome massacres of history took place during that time so he was restrained the hand of restraint was pulled the way evil was permitted to come to maturity and all the world saw the fruits of willful rejection of the lines is that interesting so everybody saw the French don't miss this the French Revolution was a mini snapshot of what will take place when probation close in the Spirit of God is withdrawn. It was a mini snapshot some of the most vile things that took place took place through that time and it will be repeated again and God was giving a glimpse of what happens when he pulls back him his spirit Revelation 11 verse 8 says and their bodies will lie in the street of the great city which is spirits we called Sodom and Egypt also World War was crucified so I thought about this and I said was the connection between Saddam and Egypt one Exodus 52 says this Pharaoh of Egypt rejected God when he said who is just hold the that I should listen to him and let Israel go and notice these next 4 words 5 words 123 forward I don't know who to Jehovah and I will not let Israel go he was basically making his claim of want atheism right now here's from great controversy page 269 she says of all the nations presented in Bible history Egypt most boldly denied the existence of the Living God and resisted his commands no monarch ever ventured upon more open and high handed rebellion against the authority of heaven than to the king of Egypt and then she says this This is what atheism and the nation represented by Egypt would give a sense voice to a similar denial of the claims of the Living God and would manifest a like spirit of unbelief and defiance and knows the sentence this prophecy has received a most exact and striking fulfillment in the history of who grants so in the ancient world the nation that most openly rebelled against God and had ancient atheism was to each other in the modern world was to was friends make sense and she's making the parallel here now verse $9.10 says this. For Revelation 11 then those from the People's tribes tongues or nations will see their dead bodies 3 and a half days and not allow their dead bodies to be put in the graves and those who dwell in the earth will rejoice over the make merits and give to another I mentioned that So here is some of the things that were happening during the French Revolution but Bibles were gathered in piles and burn those that had been transcribed in the short time been printed worship of God for headbutted marriage unions were dissolved in other words anything that could be remotely tied to religion or Christianity was eradicated or attempted to eradicate they even took once so in other words everybody was free I mean if you were married that union was dissolved and you were free to have whatever relations with anyone you could take MIL My wife and I could take your wife men with men women with women would ever they were doing all kinds of wickedness was the Bible describes and that's why it says it's like spiritually Saddam because on bridal passions were happening OK then they did something very interesting they took the 7 day weekly cycle because when you look at the way that we measure time how do we measure a year or in $65.00 days you know the sun goes on sorry the earth goes completely around the Sun How do you measure a month for the lunar cycle right the lunar cycle 30 days the lunar cycle how do you measure a. A Day the Earth spinning upon its axis right through to 65 through to 60 degrees makes a day but where do you find the week. There's no astrological process or cycle that describes the week the only place you find the week is in the story of creation 6 days and then the 7th day right so somebody recognized that and they said you know what we need to get rid of this too so they made a 10 day week and they decided to redo their calendar the Make a 10 day week and guess what started happening everything started falling apart animals started getting sick they sort of having all kinds of problems the whole biorhythm of humanity and earth was just kind of thrown off not Earth but France and things just started going haywire and they couldn't understand why now watch this this is interesting from Allison page volume one chapter 10 they repeat tempted to replace the God of the Bible with the God of reason. So they had this thing they called the goddess of reason so when it says the goddess that's what it's referring to what they did is they got a prostitute and they dressed her up like a goddess and they did this thing with her which for about 3 so the goddess after being embraced by the president was mounted on a magnificent car which was just a big part of the pull horses in those days and conducted amid an immense crowd to the cathedral Notre Dame to take the place of the itty there she was elevated on the high altar and received the adoration of all present so don't miss this this is the heart of humanity when God when they attempted to rid themselves of God What did they do they immediately began worshipping something else the very thing that they attempted to be free from they found themselves in slave to a false version of it. With me now notice all the worshipful words here will give this embrace saying goddess. Deity elevated on the altar after receiving adoration so they were essentially worshipping a god of their own hands and this was the greatest attempt of humanity in history to say we are above this religion business we are above this worshipping we have the age of reason where men actually think and when we think we realize that we don't need a god and so in the greatest attempt in the history of humanity to do away with God immediately they embrace another false god it's just history repeating itself again as it makes sense and so the greatest attempt to escape they found themselves in slave to a false version of it mind blowing. Statement from the start what Allison similar same writer different book he said God if you exist avenge your injured name I bid you defiance you remain silent you dare not launch your thunders who after this will believe and your existence I will white writes about this in the great controversy and she says it was Popery that had begun the work which atheism was completing the policy of Rome had wrought out those conditions social political religious that were hurrying France to ruin now I don't want you to miss this friends that statement by starch about Alice and God I bid you defiance I dear are you to respond that God respond or was God silent What do you think all my friends he was anything but silent. And the heat of all that thing God says the very thing that drove you to this I also disagree with so so think about this for just a minute and don't misunderstand I'm going to say God in a sense was more on the side of those who rejected him because a false religion than he was of those who were in the false religion bringing the rejection because an OF of an abuse of religion that makes sense because God was essential he saying to those rejecting I also reject this apostate religion and in 798 God gave in the midst the French Revolution one of the greatest evidences of his existence that he ever possibly could by fulfilling that prophecy that makes sense and so they were saying God where are you where is your existence and he said here I'm I'm going to show you my existence if you study this prophecy you'll understand it and you'll understand that I will use those who reject me to fulfill my will but a powerful thought so the devil was trying to distract people's minds from the truth of Bible prophecy during the Age of Enlightenment right when major end time prophecy was being revealed to the world powerful him amen God is good and the Bible is incredible Now their bodies will lie in the street which the spirits of called Sodom Egypt where of the waters crucified again Pharaoh said I don't know Jehovah and I will not let Israel go so I want you to notice this it makes all these references to Egypt in Sodom and cetera so I went back and I trace this journey of the children of Israel in Egypt and when. Israel went into Egypt they were there for several 100 years they lost the truth they got had with them the name I mean they just totally lost it and when they lost it they saw all these gross representations of the false Egyptian gods correct and they began to develop a wrong concept of God's character and thus ultimately they rejected God and embrace the the Egyptian religion correct same thing happened in the French Revolution these people thought that they were so clever so intelligent so beyond all this primitive religious stuff but you know what they were just repeating exactly what had happened previously the truth was lost during the Dark Ages God was misrepresented to the Catholic Church a wrong concept of his character was formed through false doctrines and rejection of God took place and the embracing of human reason the exact same pattern repeated again by people who thought they were so far beyond that that mind blowing but watch this in verse 11 now after 3 and a half years or 3 have days the breath of life from God entered them entered who. The 2 witnesses the old New Testament and they stood on their feet and great fear fell on those who solved them know let me just make something clear here even though it says the 2 witnesses were dead during the 3 and a half years of the 12 and 60 years right or the I'm sorry they were given a witness during that time the Word of God was dead in the established church but it was not dead in the wilderness church a man it was being discovered more and more fully but watch this remember what was the day give it to me again November 241793 the Bible says 3 and a half days later they would raise again right so they were killed 3 nap days one day and Bible prophecy was one literal years in the spring April of 7097 the voted to create by France that had been voted to abolish God the concept of God abolish the Bible was actually reverse as a nation as men solve the terrible effects that a rejection of God had created was that interesting so the same people that rejected him said you know what our nation can't really exist without him. And they reversed that the creed how long was that from the ember 17 any 3 to April $77.00 that is 3 and a half years and so this event those 2 events are of the exact fulfillment of Revelation Chapter 11 what do you say Amen is the Bible specific yes or no is it modern relevant for or is it relevant for modern times it's very relevant for modern times L.-Y. it says in great conversely men recognize the necessity of faith in God and His Word as the foundation of virtue and morality so after the terrible effects of the French Revolution the great awakening began to take place in the 8 hundreds today and so Notice it says they stood on their feet and great fear fell on those who solve them so in 1904 the British Bible Society was formed in $816.00 The American Bible Society and then shortly after great amount of Foreign Missions began to be launched by all denominations and later on our own denomination sold again the truth was lost but then it would begin to be was only going to be restored How many can say Amen So how did that take place well as that great awakening happened you all know the story and they are late 8817 and early 18 hundreds of people began to study their Bibles and what exactly specifically were they studying they were studying Daniel and Revelation and people of all the dominations were coming together to study and of course that began ultimately the miller right movement correct Now remember all these false teachings that lead people to reject God what do they all have in common. The character of God right and it led to a false image Well let me help you understand this that when the Dark Ages lead people through that false doctrine to reject God in the French Revolution then God gave evidence of his existence God then answered the argument of those false doctrines with guess what message the 3 of those messages so every argument or every argument that was made by those who weren't believing in God during the Dark Ages was answered by God through the ad that movement and the 300 messages are you with me so look good I put number one up there never fix that always for always remember to do it then I forgive their ego number one of 30 of the church and Pope supreme Avonex smacks it says the authority of the Scriptures supreme these are just basic things so they should by grace and works the everlasting Gospel salvation by grace confession of sins to a priest Christ priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary the image of image worship faith in Christ alone praying to dead saints the hope in the resurrection of the 2nd Coming state of man in death with through purgatory Aben A Smith says the state of man and death through sleeping in Christ immortality of the soul God will make an end to the evil of sin eternally burning hell the beauty of God's love and character through hell fire the secret rapture the glorious 2nd coming the 10 Commandments are important the agonist masses the Claires the commandments reveal God's character and ideal for my life in the last days and Sunday worship giving honor to the church who instituted it verse of the Sabbath which enhances and revitalizes my relationship with Christ each week reminding me of his creative and redemptive power in my life so all these things. Were declared to the admin a smack on the back of their so here's the basic point that the timing and rise of the 7th Day Adventist Church movement was and is God's answer to the movement of modern atheism the make sense so every argument that people made in the rejection of God because of his character big due to the apostasy of the Roman Church God answered through the ad than a Smoove meant and message and he said here's the answer to the problems of my character Here's the answer to these false doctrines that has led you to have a mis understanding of my character are you with me and so God was responding to those people who had rejected him and giving them a truth now remember what I talked about deism earlier on the remember that this is fascinating because again many people in the late seventies hundreds and early to mid 1000 hundreds were Deists How have you know what Deists is a movie don't know what it is deism simply means this basically that we don't necessarily not a similar somewhat to ignosticism little it's a little step better than a gnosticism but that God I believe in a God I believe is there but he's super impersonal he does not intervene in the world he basically created the world wild it up like a clock and said let it go let it run its course and whatever happens happens and this is the result of all that's happened OK I met a man about a month ago who is a Deist I had no idea you don't meet very many of them anymore but many of our founding fathers were deists why the secular world today will tell you it's because they did not believe in God but that's not true here's what they were wrestling with. They they had not they would not go as far as to say like the French people the French Revolution we totally reject God but they they were finking people they were very intelligent people and they thought to themselves we don't reject God but we don't understand how he can be good when there's so much wickedness and evil in the world there has to be a reason that we just can't put our finger on are you with me so far and so they formed this idea of deism well maybe this is why God did this but there was this period of about 40 to 50 years where it was super popular but guess what also came to answer the question of the ISM so the Evan movement the understanding of a certain theme that we know quite well which is why the great controversy the great controversy answered the question of the ism it answered the question of Charles Darwin when he was trying to figure out why. So many bad things could happen and God could still be good are you with me and so these people were reasoning through that and they had not the understanding and then it came to the advent movement and I'm a crystal clear sense and so I'm telling you friends people are not atheists because they think there's all this evidence that God doesn't exist people are usually atheists because they've had negative experiences in their life painful experiences and they cannot answer the question why and guess what we as a movement of people have the answer so we don't need to do all this crazy stuff we just need to solidly boldly and lovingly proclaim our core message and answers the questions that make sense. So the children of Israel again in Egypt they lost the truth God misrepresented wrong concept of his character and rejection of God and embracing that same thing happen again oh how about when Israel came out of Egypt what did they do the truth of God of who he was restored where and how was it restored by giving them the 10 Commandments correct and he said this is a declaration of who I am if you want to know God this is this is me right and you know so many people do the 10 commandments is a list of 10 don'ts but the really a list of 10 dues when God says don't commit adultery what's he really saying be what be faithful when God says don't. Bear false witness what's he really saying Be truthful right when he says don't steal he's really saying be honest right and so really it's a declaration of the qualities of God's character and that God wants to put in office and so his image was revealed through the 10 Commandments but you notice you remember what happens when a short while later that Satan twists and leads Israel into false worship by worshipping the golden calf correct and they did that but then what does God do when Moses comes down what does he do he draws a what a line in the sand and he says whoever is on the Lord's side do won't come on this side and wherever is not still with their who came over the Levites right. And so as a result of that what did God do with the Levites when he put them in charge of. It put him in charge of the sanctuary didn't he put them in charge of the sanctuary put him in charge of music because the people had all this wrong music and he said These people are going to be in charge of the music in my temple because I want to hold the music and then he put them in charge of a lot of things but there was a remnant who was faithful and it was the Levites right see that pattern there well look at the time of the end the truth began to restored by God through the once the Reformation God's image was restored through the Great Awakening Satan Kalmar fits that truth of God through false spiritual movements and revivals but what is good and I'm going to list those here in just a minute for you but what does God do as a result he draws out a Watts a run then 10 who is his run that's the administers and those are the people that he puts in charge of the message of his heavenly sanctuary in the last days a man I mean it's a man I mean how many think for the day to be a something Avonex if you ever wondered I'm I in the right church is this the right church you know we have all these problems in the church there hasn't been a time in the history of humanity when God's church didn't have some kind of problems I mean if you to look at the 12 disciples before the cross you just said my goodness that's the last church on earth I want to join right and even one of them betrayed betrayed Jesus people say well there's hypocrites in the Church Well the reality is that if you leave the church. Knowing the truth because of hypocrites then you're a greater hypocrite than them because you know the truth that they're not living and if you know the truth and you don't live it then the definition of you is it what as a hypocrite so Jesus told us that there would be hypocrites in the church in the Book of Revelation and other places so when I see hypocrites in the church on nodding her age by hypocrisy but I'm encouraged that the Word of God told me ahead of time and it's even more evidence that it's true or he say so God raises up to run the at the end so look at these movements look at this I mean this is mind blowing so God gave one of the greatest revelations of his existence in 798 correct what did he do in 844 he repeated it again didn't he repeated it after these false revivals begin to take place now watch this you have atheism the 79 days spiritualism I'm in 844 Mormonism Joseph Smith died in 1904 but that was a big thing Mormonism is a big fat Connor fit of Adventism that's all it is they have a health message have a sanctuary message they have a profit they have all the many of the things similar to what we have they are more dedicated not reach than Mossad been a star and it's a bits a big counterfeit it's all it is Darwinism Darwin published his book The Origin of Species an $853.00 but he started writing it in 1904 Karl Marx met with I forget always forget the gentleman's name but he met with them in Paris in 1904 to discuss what is it I have you know I think so an 844 they met the California gold rush was taking place in the 840 S. and then you have later on the Jehovah Witnesses and the 870 S. which the Charles knowns something I forget his name Russell thats it. You know that he used to be associate with ADD than us that's why that's why they have the truth about the state of the dead and hell he used to associate with that that is but he didn't like Alawite so he left and he started his own thing there's all witnesses now you look at all these things most of them in the 840 S. And I want you to notice this you have an appeal to the intelligent secular minded person reasonable thinking person you have all kinds of people that are always attracted to the supernatural people who are drak to to kind of religious fanaticism people who are addicted to science people who are addicted to power people who are addicted to money you basically have something for everyone some kind of distraction for everybody and Satan was seeking and the 840 is to draw people's minds away from a truth that was being preached that Christ was coming soon and the and then and then afterwards the understanding of the heavenly sanctuary and many of the truths of course but a question for you Do you suppose that all these things were happening by coincidence now if you add add than tism to this which one makes the absolute most sense are you with me and so I meet friends like. There's overwhelming evidence that this is the truth or the suppose and Satan was to seeking to draw away every personality from what God was really trying to do through prophesy. That's why as a movement we can never abandon our prophet it faith we can never abandon our prophet message you have all these people today saying well prophecy is not that big of a deal prophecy is a huge deal is a revelation of Jesus and it gives us confirmation of our identity and our purpose as a people I mean you look at Revelation Chapter 10 the very rise of the admin as movement is predicted in prophecy the rise of of the Methodist church isn't in prophecy the Baptist church not in prophecy I mean you have 2 churches I mean look like the Roman Catholic Church is a prophet movement there's no there it's just not a says. It's a prophet a movement but it's just not the right one. But understand this and many ways the Roman Catholic Church is fulfilling its prophet destiny more so than God's own run the church they are I mean in fact I think the Spirit of God of restraining them restraining them once again similar to 7 A The devil was attempting to divert the world's attention away from the truth that the bible prophecy was about to be fulfilled as a result most of these false movements have in some way crept into the Christian churches that have rejected the Bible since that time and so friends the greatest message you can bear to the atheists is a prophet a message to the administers it shows the evidence that answers the questions and it reaches the heart and I'm living proof of that and many others as well and the administers So how about what 844 and a half from this is where we're winding down here the in time truth is restored by God through the movement right. God's character is revealed in the last days not through tablets of stone but through tablets of flesh the heart and your life amen because the reality is this if you look at Psalm 19 it gives 3 revelations of the glory of God Let's quickly quickly look at that I want to show you this. Some 19 so my teen the 1st revelation of God's glory is so many said earlier through creation and through nature the heavens the clear to glory of God in the firmament shows his handiwork but in these last days the Bible says the earth will grow old as a garment and people live in the cities and they don't see God's nature and most people who do see the beauty of it worship nature itself rather than the God of nature and so nature even though it still effective is not the most effective. Then the 2nd revelation of God school Henri is the law or his word right for 7 the law the Lord is perfect converting the soul and then it goes on and talks about it there but more and more every year the secular world is doing what with Gods were they rejecting it right but the 3rd revelation of God's glory is verse 12 and on who can understand his errors cleanse me from want secret faults and to hold back your servant from presumptuous sins and all shall be blameless and then verse 14 let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in your side so God is going to reveal his glory in the last days through his want his people his word living within his people. And the people of God will resist these false movements and deceptions in the end and as a result they will be sealed and prepared for the return of Christ on the other hand by the rest the truth is rejected by the churches of Babylon the truth is twisted by Satan in a massive car if it the wisdom is of men as accepted over the truth of God and the final rejection of God takes place of probation closes and so history is going to be repeated exactly what happens to Israel exactly what happened to in the French Revolution it's all going to be want repeated begin with God's people in the last days so don't miss this again atheism is not something that surprised guys not something that God didn't plan for the way he planned for it is by raising up his final movement a man this is one of Satan's last thrust through false religion the Roman Church and secular atheism he's striving to bring the world to the place where you know they're all going to be surrendered to him but God answer to that is the administration and the administration and if we preach this message we don't have to come up with any other thing we don't have to be worried that what we're going to say is not good enough we don't have to come up with coffee shop a vandalism and and rock music to draw people because I'm telling you the world's going to do it a whole lot better than we are at our best attempts you know sad to say but that may not always be true light somewhere people do it better than the people in the world that's a shameful thing to say but it's true. But it's our message that's going to reach the world Amen Isaiah 31 verse one of 3 woe to those who go down to Egypt again Egypt is always a symbol of human reason and rejection of God for help and rely upon horses who trust in chariots because they are many and horsemen because they are very strong but who do not look to the Holy One of Israel nor seek the Lord yet he is also wise and will bring disaster will not call back as words but will rise against the house of evil doers and against those the help of those who work iniquity now the a jump ship INS human reasoning remember our men and not who Rod and their horses are flesh and not spirit when the Lord stretches out his hand both you hopes will follow and he was help will fall down they will all perish together the Word of God has endured every movement against it and clued in atheism and it's going to outlast everything that's thrown against it and then and it's not enough to believe the Word of God but you must have it living in you and let me tell you what friends in these last days with with the atheistic mindset it's not just telling them about the Word of God it's going to be the Word of God living in you that's going to draw their hearts to the Savior and it's going to be through your life that God does it amen. Please do not be ashamed of our prosthetic message because it is the message of life to the world today Amen it is the answer to the heart's cry of the atheists of the agnostic of the Buddhists of the Hindu of the Muslim. And we ought not to be shamed because we have what the rest of the world is looking for and doesn't know it I we are thankful today to be a sum they haven't they Many a man let's have prayer Father we thank you so much for this prosthetic movement it was the answer it is the answer to modern atheism and God You have proven over and over again that your truth and your message is sure and a matter WHAT the belief system Lord gives the answers to the deep questions of life that people are seeking to find answers for so please Lord put the words in our mouths and help us to be witnesses of this message both in word and deed and life and practice that others will be drawn to you and your truth would shine forth in your church and with out of your church into the world grain Jesus. 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