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10. How to Reach the Atheistic Mind, Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 18, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to be here again we just pray that your special blessing be with us as we go through this last segment help us to be efficient in what I prayed all make sense in Jesus' name amen I just want to remind us again that the prophet timing establishment and message of the 7th they have Mr Rich movement was and is God's answer the movement of modern atheism Amen yes and so you're in the right place I think over that yeah and we're going to take a look now at apologetics just briefly and a number of you were asking me yesterday what exactly is apologetics is a mean or apologizing for something but no is Mark is why Ayn it literally means to defend the Bible to those who don't believe in the Bob was all it means and giving a reason for your faith using reason and logic and extra no evidence you know most people who are atheists don't believe in the Bible right so if you say well the Bible says they're like why I don't really care and so there has to be a certain level of reason that you use with them now you have to be careful with that because you can get into the circular reasoning and you can just go around and around but the goal is not that the reason and logic is our foundation or for what we believe but it it is the goal is to bring them to a place where they will have at least some kind of confidence in the Word of God as credible and valid that makes sense so when I was an atheist my whole argument was the Bible can't be trusted it's not it's not really. It's not really something that has any credibility there's no evidence for its validity it cetera et cetera and so I had no confidence in it which I find interesting because when you look at you know books of evolution and so forth you know a person who reads a book on evolution is reading a book by an author that in most cases they've never met. And the person that wrote the book is writing about things that they've never actually personally witness happening and they've never seen the process take place and so a person who is believing these books is believing by faith a process that a person believes happened but hasn't really witness or evidence. And a person that they never met so they don't even know the credibility of this person and so really they're reading a book and believing a book by face same saying I mean if you want to look at a just a fundamental level it's the same thing as a Christian believing in the Bible actually the Christian has a one step higher because the book that they're reading is written by people who were firsthand witnesses of what happened not just something that I think might have happened right all right so atheism Mark mention this I'm not going to go over too much the Greek words A and no. I'm sorry a meaning not or no and feels meaning God atheism claims that the natural matter in the universe is all that exists the universe operates by natural laws only any event that seems to happen supernational is really some sort of natural occurrence a reality of evil and so forth is the argument against God of the Seems like I'm rushing this because I am. Atheism believe that the book has a bible is a book of human invention not the Word of God of Jesus of the existed perform no miracles did not rise in the den and was not gone both atheism agnosticism claim that human reason and scientific imperious ism are the only sensible explanations for why things exist and so because no element of the existence can be measured or tested God cannot viably exist but if the original of life in the universe can be explained scientifically than God becomes unnecessary in the equation but here is a problem with that I have even heard of the scientific method right there 7 steps the scientific method and I want you to think about this who came up with the scientific method humans right and is everything that humans touch flawed and most even most atheists would agree with that correct and so. Couple of things how do we know that that system isn't flawed and B. how do we know that there's not some better system out there somewhere in the universe that we have not discovered yet to make sense so the scientific method is kind of like the all star process that people use to come to certain clue sions but even the most ardent scientists will have to agree that even though it's a good method it still has problems and every scientists I've ever talked to agrees with that statement so here's another way of looking at it the type of thinking this type of thinking uses very limited knowledge as the standard by which all things must be measured in other words we simply don't know everything even the most scientific guesses about the origin of man are simply guesses when they say 350000000 years they don't really know that and what and when you challenge them on it. In a way that is systematic they ultimately confess we don't really know this is what we think we don't have the evidence that it is this way we just think it is based upon things we see and our theory of what happened is kind of like you know it's interesting when I when they feel fine animals of fossils and so forth that died and they'll say oh it died because of this reason something attacked it or rock fell on it or whatever and it's like but that might be an idea of why one of my HAPPENED IN FACT that might have been the way it happen but you still do not know that's the reality and what what blows my mind is that books will be written and they'll say this is the history of life and it's written in such a way that it's fact and they have the timelines of billions of years and millions of years in a cetera but then something is discovered somewhere and they say oh this totally rewrites everything we once believed and so they rewrite it the way they think it happened again and they put all the textbooks and they say to the students in college and etc This is the way it happened but then a few years later they discover something else and they write the whole book again when the reality is that we need to just admit that we don't really know and not force it on people as if it's fact so think about this not everything can be measured empirically. Are you with me so in other words I can take this pulpit and I can measure make the dimensions and I can say it's this high and this wide and this deep and and it's made from this kind of wood and I can do all these kind of facts and figures but not everything that exists in the universe is measured that way OK if you take a look at this picture this was taken in Ukraine and. At that time I had Bell's Palsy it had all kinds of problems in my life of it cancer twice of it Bell's Palsy 3 times I've had all kinds of issues but God still keeps my body together somehow but this is my wife and she's much more nice to look at the me. But anyway can you tell by that picture that we love each other can you measure that and you can you put it in a bottle or or put a ruler on it you can't measure it but you know it's there right here so to say that God doesn't exist because it can't be measured is like saying that love for my wife and exist because it can be measured in a laboratory and the reality is that not everything that exists can be you know substantially or materially measured OK what's at Yeah I mean electricity can in the butt but there are certain things that cannot be and the reality is is that the Bible describes God as not being able to be measured by humans human systems OK So what happens is you have people who take God in the Bible and they try to find the scientific evidence for him and to measure him and put him in our human scientific method. When the Bible Artie says you can't do that and then they get upset when they can't do that when it and then they say well he must not exist because we can't do this when the book already said you wouldn't be able to do it so it makes sense and we're not what I'm not trying to say is that well God is just too big for us and we shouldn't you know the typical argument of the atheists against Christianity is anything you can explain just say that God did it because you don't know how to explain it any other way that is the biggest misconception of atheists about Christians I have a whole book full of shelves full kills shelves full of books that are creation science and etc that give great evidence all you have to do is look a whole around the entire world the greatest evidence for God's existence is you right and science when it was 1st initiated was not intended to counter the concept of God but to more deeply understand the concept of God and we are as Christians we are not anti-science we are approach true science which more deeply reveals God's nature his character and His ways to us as it makes sense. So I already mention this so C.S. Lewis which I don't promote everything it says but he says a few good things this is one he says supposing science ever became so complete that it knew every single thing in the whole universe could it also answer these questions number one why is there a universe why does it go on as it does and doesn't have any meaning since science can answer every question about technicalities or it could it doesn't but it could if it if it could it could never explain the purpose behind it all. It With me it couldn't are right every nation and every culture that has rejected God you find it being its demise you know hit. A Pole in Hitler communism and many French Revolution is another all of them. Fall when they reject God So the butt of the bible claim about itself it says that all Scripture is given by what inspiration of gone so that means every word of Scripture is God breathed Yes not some or part or most but all correct all the new testaments and what did Jesus claim about himself he said I am the son of gone so 2 things if I came into this room and I said Look God gave me a vision last night and he told me to write it down in a book and here it is for you and this is God's message to you and by the way in addition to that I am God's Son not a Son of God but the Son of God How many of you would would be troubled by that correct now we're all Christians of course we're religious people but we would be troubled by that how much more would a person who's not of the religious mindset to say here's a book that God gave to you know he gave a message to people they wrote it down and they said this is what truth is and by the way God sent His Son to this earth to do a thing for us who are in great need of it right dying for a Cinda cetera. It makes about as much sense to them as what I just said makes to you if I told you that are you with me and so there has to be some sort of reasoning that goes along with that and so where is in other words the evidence for that I love the statement it's very interesting by Josh McDowell He said Why don't the names of Buddha Mohali or Confucius offend people and he says the reason is that these other others did not claim to be God But Jesus did and when God comes into the picture when a creator and or a savior come into the picture there is a certain level of accountability that comes to my heart and my mind there's a level of conviction that takes place that there is a power that is higher than me and I need to be in some type of standing with him right and so Jesus claimed to be gone so how can I truly have confidence Well I'm going to just like go through these usually in an hour and I'm going to go through them in about 20 seconds OK but number one prophecy and we've talked about that little bit but prophecy does a how can a mere man for tell 2500 years of world history in advance with 100 percent accuracy that's the question I had to answer as an atheist and that's the question that I asked many other atheists after I share some prophecies with them and they don't have an answer for that I went to my college professors and I broke it all down for them in about 10 minutes and I said You tell me how this book conferred has for Told world history from ancient times until the very present you're reliving in and be totally accurate and I give them the best 10 minute version I could and they looked at me with a blank look and it was a dismayed look and they said we don't have time to talk to you about this it wasn't like get out of my office you're stupid we don't know which talking about it was there was a sense of conviction there and I know the Lord was doing that and so prophecy archaeology is another evidence I looked at a lot of archaeology and I have several presentations on archaeology biblical discoveries but every book in the Bible can be supported by archaeological evidence. You know that there's never been an artifact recovered or archaeological finding discovered that disproves any biblical account now when I say that I don't mean like bones that people say are 4000000000 years old or whatever that's now I'm talking about I'm talking about biblical finds every biblical piece of archaeology has always confirmed what the Bible already said and we don't have time to go through all those although it's a fun fun thing but every biblical archaeological find is always supported accurate account of course science there's been a scientific statements in the Bible job 267 he hangs the earth upon nothing he sits on the circle of the earth the Bible describes the the earth as a circle long before Christopher Columbus came along to make weights for the winds I mean there's many things and weak I could we could get into that but one of the things of the most fascinating to me or the health principles that were given in the Old Testament where the clean and food clean foods the original die in the Garden of Eden all these things you know covering up the waste after you make waste all of these things societies and cultures struggled with for centuries of getting sick and having problems and the Bible said what to do with all this stuff and it told you how to eat and science today has confirmed that all these things are true how did those people have that knowledge then. Except that God gave it to them makes sense and so the very the very diet that the Bible says is best when when smart and secularism says that man was so primitive and all you know eating like Woody mammals draw flesh and all this kind of stuff they say that they all day was meat yet the Bible says mammals vegetarian the beginning and science is now proven that the Terran ism is the best diet for you right and so just all lines up very beautifully the Bible is unity I'm not going to go into this but how the Bible came together very powerful chain and of course changed lives is one of the greatest evidences I don't hear of people's lives just radically changing and being amazingly transformed through Islam or Buddhism or I mean people claim it but reality is it doesn't last long or Hinduism or any other thing and then plain reason I mean. People that deny Christianity believe most of them that a person named Jesus actually existed but they say he was just a good man and a good teacher nothing more however a good teacher will not deceive a person in the believing something about him that isn't true he won't lie and then teach others to lie Jesus said I'm the son of God and He taught others to believe that and to tell others to believe that and so it can't be feasibly possible that he's a good moral man when he's telling a big fat lie right or he's nuts so either as that is true either he is the Son of God or he's the greatest receiver and fraud that has ever existed and then there is the evidence of thousands of eye witnesses and you know what's powerful to me is that most people throughout history don't write about their faults. But one of the greatest evidences of the Bible's validity is that it describes both the faults and the victories of men make sense and all their victories King after all their faults have exhausted them of their own strength than they lift the rise to heaven and so it's very powerful evidence I think so that you know men did not die for something they don't believe then unless they think can get them some kind of personal gain in most cases but here you have the disciples being poor persecuted and martyred and they even wrote about their own mistakes and why would they do that what did they have to gain they had nothing to gain except persecution and men just don't do that it's not in our natural nature to do that right. So let's go quickly can we do it's 533 can you go till 545 I mean you can do that. Brother I know you're hungry but I'll buy you a free ice cream How about that all right so here's one I because I'm going after to get some myself so we just go together have a. So there's some arguments that many atheists make and I just want to bring out some of those and some answers to those what argument is that truth is relative there are no absolutes how many of her there needs is a very common circular reasoning morality is relative to one's personal perspective or cultural background since for ral he doesn't resent a with God it did with human beings and good or moral as defined by society as what is best for the largest number of people in other words the majority decides morality if we don't have a concept of God is the majority that decides right and Ernest Hemingway said what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral as what you feel bad after another words Experience is experience and experience will be havior is the definition of what truth is is how we define truth right so the words I have to do it in order to determine it right but here's the reality saying that truth is Riyadh relative is an absolute statement which contradicts the whole idea so when people say truth is relative I say I say and there are no absolutes then I asked them Are you absolutely sure. On these very simple because you can't make you can't believe the truth is relative if you think that. It's absolutely I mean you can't if there are no absolutes truth you can't make the statement that truth is relative because that's an absolute statement so morality also goes against the very idea of evolution and survival of the fittest let me explain this to you so when you think about survival of the fittest What's the basic fundamental teaching of survival the fittest What sat so strong this will survive in fact Adolf Hitler read was reading. Nietzsche and Charles Darwin and he believed in the element of survival of the fittest and he thought to himself Well the Jews are a very weak race of people of Ventura Lee they're going to die off anyway so why not just speed up the process and that's what he did so he just said I'm just kind of helping speed up the thing of evolution so that as the week die off the strong who are US can become more supreme quicker and I don't want to die waiting for that so why not help the process right so the idea of survive the fittest is if there is one piece of bread and there's both of us a say Diane and I down and I are good friends you think I'd win all right maybe when I don't know but there's one piece of bread and it takes that one piece of bread to keep us alive we can't break it in half and share it we both die so one of us has to have the whole piece of bread to live right so one of us has to eliminate the other or at least push her down and out of the way to get the bread right so according survive the fittest if I do that if I say if I eliminate Diane so that I can get the bread and live how should I feel about that. I should feel good because now I'm going to live right. But she's gone but I feel good about it because survive the fittest says I do whatever is necessary for me to survive. But morality says and Christianity says that I need to do want self-sacrifice and in our hearts when we act on survival of the fittest we do that which will benefit myself at the expense of others how does that make us feel now listen somebody might say Well that depends on how you view your life but the reality is that our culture and our society is the most miserable it's ever been because we've been living that way for the last 25 to 50 years are you with me we've asked and that and so morality says that if I self sacrifice for the sake of others I'll have peace and that's the reality that when I give up something of my own good for someone else how do I usually feel I feel good about that. So this issue that is the reality of the human life goes against the concept of that philosophically OK. As society also said in the previous side that society as a whole decides what is good and what is not good morality but the truth is decide the society decides what is moral Who decides which society is moral or right if truth is relative and everyone can do whatever they want then who's to say that cannibalism is wrong who's to say that Nazi the concepts of Nazi Germany are wrong and who what society and what people group is qualified to be the describers and the establish years of morality in the world makes sense like there is no people group who could rise one I mean many could claim that they are but the reality is every society every individual has their own lack and shortage of morality and I mean we could go so far as to say you know child molesters who would say that that that is wrong of truth is relative right all right the concept of God is not supported by science Number 2 there is no science the argument is there is no scientific evidence for the viable existence of God scientific evidence goes against the existence of God and macroevolution is evidence that the creation story is not viable and thus God doesn't exists Richard Dawkins made the statement it is absolutely safe to say that if you meet someone who claims not to believe in evolution that person is ignorant stupid or insane that's what he said that's what he said and so here's here's the here's the reality. The concept of God is supported by science to say that there is no scientific evidence for God is unfairly closing the door to the idea so in other words to be truly scientific You must consider every option until it's proven faults and to not do so is unscientific are you with me and so the truth is that there is no evidence that suggests that God doesn't exist as specially in the evolution world now the reality is there's no evidence to support evolution there's one question I've never gotten an answer to and I've always asked people who believe in evolution it's very simple I say Can you name for me one species of animal either in the fossil record or living today that a successfully transition from one species to another through macroevolution and the answer is no in the fossil record there is no there's all kinds of animals but there's no evidence that they have transitioned. Now every animal has the ability to micro evolve which means to adapt to their sounds in other words if you have deer in Alaska they have thick fur you bring them to Florida they're going to lose that hair and over generations they're going to generate regenerate and reproduce deer with thinner hair correct but there is no evidence of one species translating to another and then they will give out these evidence there's these fish that exists in caves and different things and and there's different evidence of these things changing and adapting to the surroundings but the reality is that whatever it was if it was a fish and a micro adapts at the end of that adapting it's still a fish it does not change species there's not one single evidence of that and that's why evolution is still a theory now people talk about also things like. Carbon dating How have you heard of carbon dating. And carbon dating is basically taking a sample of of something that's found and measuring the rate at which the carbon has broken down and they believe carbon breaks down at a certain rate so if you see how much carbon is there and how much has already broken down you can measure the amount of time but it's a relatively short measuring time when I say short I mean like up to like 500000 years but here's the reality that they don't know that carbon has always broken down at the same rate then as it does today and in fact they've actually taken samples of live animals like dogs and cats and they've sampled those and run the tests and show that the the atom Well that was alive in front of them wagging its tail was 250000 years old. And so the evidence is very nebulous that makes sense and so really these things are know now again friends I don't want you to to have the concept in your mind that because of these things we should go out and and just like harass people OK we're not using them 10 tag honest people but I'm just sharing this with you now I want to get past this because we've already kind of covered this. But I do find this interesting that. An answer that I give to people when they say well I can't believe in a god that would allow starving children to exist in Africa there were people say that you know you look on T.V. and there's these Bag of Bones people but look at this here's a young man it's like a little mean here's a young man sitting on a park bench with Jesus and the young man says so why do you allow things like famine war suffering disease crime homelessness despair to exist in our world and Jesus responds by saying it's interesting that you should bring up that up as I was about to ask you the very same question the reality is there while there are famines in the world there is actually a nuff food to feed every mouth it's not that there's a shortage is that there is a district distribution problem that God has made us stewards of this world and we have greatly and viciously abused that stewardship that makes sense so I'll run across an atheist and you know I visited with him I have friends that are atheists and I've and I've we've we've laughed at this because they know that I'm right and they say why I can't believe in God because of those things and I say look I'll be in their house I've been in their house I sit right over there in the corner of your living room you have 3 video game systems that if we sold those we could probably get a $1000.00 for all 3 of them and all your games we could get a couple 100 dollars from your big screen T.V. right there we could have you not drink beer for a month and get another couple $100.00 so we could get $1500.00 right now I'll tell you what if you'll sell all those things. And you will not drink for a month and get that $1500.00 I'll take $1500.00 of my money I'll sell something or do something and we'll take $3000.00 down to the local humanitarian. Ministry and we'll buy food for an entire village for a year and we'll solve the problem of hunger together for that village and you know what they say oh no I'm not going to do that. I say wait a minute like you can't believe in God because He won't do something but you have it in the power of your own hand it is something and you won't what if it is that God whom you think isn't doing anything is actually wanting to do something through you so that those people will be blessed and you will have a joy in your heart that you can't even explain you know what I hear every single time same thing as when last rose from the dead in John Chapter 11 silence and so friends I don't go for this foolishness that God doesn't exist because he allows evil much of the suffering in this world can be alleviated by humanity but we refuse to do it we refuse to do it now quickly in this is what will just wrap up here just a few statements I want to share with you Charles Darwin made the statement he said I'm quite conscious that my speculations his theories run beyond the bounds of true science. It is a rear rag of hypothesis with as many flaws and holes as sound parts that's what he actually came to the conclusion of when he was a boy he was well known for being able to tell really great. Wildly imaginative stories and when he got big. His stories got as he got bigger his stories got bigger right now again he was trying to figure out than answer to the pain in his own heart and that's what I finals every case is with every evolutionist to improve a living organism by random mutation is like saying you could improve a Swiss watch by dropping it and bending one of its wheels or axis improving like by Rand I'm sorry Proving life by random mutations has a probability of 0 as by ever he already George Yes Richard Leakey world famous paleoanthropologist said this If pressed about man's ancestry I would have to say that we all we have to all we have is a huge question mark to date there has been nothing found to truthfully support a transitional species to man this is what I just told you if further pressed I would have to state that there is a more there is more evidence to suggest an abrupt arrival of man rather than a gradual process of evolving is that interesting and then one more Dr Hare during who is a chemist he says all of us who study the origin of life and find that them find that the more we look into it the more we feel that is too complex to have evolved anywhere we believe as an article of faith that life evolved from dead matter on this planet it is just that its complexity is so great it is hard for us to imagine that it did that amazing. Bear with me I just want to wrap up with this OK here's what I ask people when they say I'm an atheist I'll ask them this question How do you know for sure that there is no god. And they'll say well it's just what I believe and I say look if if of all that there is to know how much do you think you know like give me a percentage so of all there is to know in the university think you know 50 percent. And I'll say probably not so than I usually go up and say what about 90 percent of the SAY NO NO NO much less I say one percent of all the risks and no and they say yeah we could say one percent which is really greatly overexaggerated right but suppose as one percent of all the Rissa know we know one percent that means how much there is that we don't know 9 percent so let's suppose that in the 99 percent of all that you don't know is it possible that God could exist there the god is existing in the 19 percent that you don't know I'm not asking you to say he is I'm just asking you say is it possible and they cannot say what you know right cannot say no and so but if I know one percent of all there is to know Could God reveal Himself to me in the one percent is that possible yes so I could know even less than one percent and still know that God exists the bluejay just hit the wall that's our alarm clock so then I'll say look how why is it that you don't believe in God and they usually tell me well because you know of the pain in their life or because of I don't believe in eternally burning hell whatever and usually all the answers they give me are misconceptions about God's character so I say look this is actually the character of the of the God that the Bible reveals in L. share with them some some things and I'll say if that's the kind of god you believe in the nominate the is to write OK so I don't believe in that kind of god either. And then I'll say So suppose that there there was a God who wasn't like the god you don't believe in but he was a personal loving God He cared about you individually he wanted to he wanted to help you he wanted to be your friend and he had the ability to help you and the ability to you know guide your life and keep you on a path that's good and true if that was true and you could spend literally eternity with that God would you want to do that and most people ask that question to they say I'd be a fool not to but I don't believe it's true right so here's what happens in the course of 5 minutes I say look you can't really claim to be an atheist because you can't really know for sure so that moves you to Ignaz to quit means God may or may not exist but then the fact that you'd be willing to believe in a God like that if you thought he existed means you're not even an agnostic but you're actually a seeker because if he was there you'd want to know him so in 5 minutes you go from atheistic to Seeker makes sense OK now here's something that one and then I'll end with this the reality is that you have to have more faith to be an atheist and you do to believe in God. And here's why limit a 6 if you want to illustrate some of this when you're a freshman in a secular university you typically take in your freshman year biology one a one in biology 10 to direct you come in biology want to one and they will say the Bay one of the basic laws of thermodynamics dynamics is that anything living can never come from anything one non-living. In other words you have a rock and you can melt that rock you can blow it up you can glue it back together you can you can crush it you can do whatever you want to that rock you can microwave it you can shoot electricity into it and the matter WHAT you do to that rock for how long you do it it's always going to be a what rockets never going to come alive it's never going to produce anything it's never going to sprout shoots it's always going to be a rock because nothing living could come from anything non-living correct that's what you and biology want to one you go home for Christmas break you of whatever and you come back in the spring semester you have biology one and 2 and then they say I mean I had this is literally happened to me and that's one of the things that made me start thinking that hey this doesn't really make much sense you come back and they say everything living came from non-living you have a lot of stardust and a lot of a lot of chemicals and different things floating around they compress together over time and basically. The reality is that the Big Bang theory goes something like this is virtually impossible that the explosion could take place it's like one in almost impossible chances but enough time passed and the earth and the universe sat still long enough that over the course of a long enough period of time that chance that is virtually impossible eventually came along right and everything compress it gather and then it exploded and everything spun and things took their course in the stars and planets began to form and then somehow electricity something happened and it struck something and the 1st cell was formed. But it was formed from everything wasn't non-living And so that's one of the most blatant contradictions that there are in that theory today and if you've ever seen the video expelled him have ever seen that video at the very end Ben Stein interviews Richard Dawkins and he asked him how is it that 1st cell came to be on planet Earth that began to reproduce and split osmosis enough cetera and eventually became what we are today and the ultimate conclusion is I don't know but one of the theories he gave was that another advanced civilization that had evolved came to this planet and deposited a single cell and then left aliens and eventually that cell became everything we have today but then naturally How did that take place right so the reason I tell you this stuff is not so that you can leave here and go out and bash people with this information OK it's just common sense but it's not that you can bash them and argue with them because no one says you'll never win a single argument but what I want to to know is that the reason I want to know this is that you're not intimidated by people who make these arguments and that the answer to their argument is a Christ like life. And using Christ method to draw close to them and I have a whole section on that that we don't have time to draw close to the and be there for them like no one else is and when they have a crisis in their life that is your opportunity to move in and minister to them and they see Christ living in you then as they begin to soften and open up you have the opportunity to give them answers about our faith in men and help them understand the themes that we understand and give them intelligent reasonable answers for the faith I'm not saying you can't share this information but do it in a wind some loving way I presented it to you a little bit antagonistic because I want you to see the significance of it but when you present it to them you're not doing at the same way you understand and a very when some way and the Lord will begin to begin to. Work upon their hearts and then and so friends don't be intimidated by these things but also don't be combative and foolish either use Christ method because Christ method works on the hindu buddhist the Methodist the Baptists and the atheists and agnostics and then it reaches every heart because every human heart and out of what the belief system wants to be loved ones to be known by others and they want to have that affection and truly there's only one love that can fill the hole in their hearts and that's Christ love and if they see that love in you their hearts will begin to open up and then I'll have to tell you another time. But anyway let's let's stand for prayer and if you have any questions I'll be glad to stay by but thank you for your patience and. But I hope you gain something from it all right let's pray Father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege of understanding that it is our prophet message that is the answer to this world's cry from the results the devastating results of sin upon both individual lives and nations and the people of the earth and I prayed today that Christ would be living in us the hope of glory and that our faith would be in Him and Him alone and bore them as that face lives within us as we live and walk a day by day in the resurrection power of Christ that your light would shine through us to this lost world and it would be a light that points to the greatest light which is Jesus and Lord that we would use reason and logic but only to get our foot in the door of the word but ultimately it's the Word of God that brings true conviction and change to life and so Lord help us not to argue but to just. Live such a life that no one can argue against and that can only happen in the word as you're living with an OS So Lord if we go forth they will be equipped and they we understand and have wisdom from heaven as we speak to the lost souls of this earth we pray Lord Jesus we. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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